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Hello Welcome to our Summer edition of Your Centrestage. This has been a wonderful season at Centrestage, seeing the launch of Eat And Train (EAT) on the Road, our Catalyst Voices, The White Cube Gallery as well as a wonderful range of performances all leading to our season finale, the spectacular classic musical, “Singing in the Rain”, staged over 6 performances during the final week of June by our CS performers, all of whom are now “Fit as a Fiddle” after all of the tap dance rehearsals leading up to this wonderful show. In this edition, please enjoy reading about some of the great times we have enjoyed over the past three months as we now all look forward to our Summer festival of fun, food and folk. A great series of events, activities and performances for all ages will be taking place and we really hope to see you often through the months ahead. Look out for full details on social media and our website very soon. Our Autumn season will begin on August 20th but before that, we will celebrate the end of summer at our Festival of #funfoodfolk Open Day on Sunday 19th August! We will hope to see as many of you as possible for a day of fun and fundraising at our new home at Kilmarnock Academy, where we will have guided tours of the building, share our plans and hear more of your ideas and thoughts prior to the regeneration work beginning that will transform the site into an area accessible to the entire community of Ayrshire and beyond. We are so excited to share our vision with you. Here’s to a wonderful summer.

Let’s make it happen.

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Wired For Sound @ Centrestage ‘Allo ‘Allo! 13 - The Musical Connecting with The Addams Family

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Eat ‘On The Road’ Dignified Food ‘On The Road’ Recipe by David Watson

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Everyone’s Aunt Moira Gie It Laldy Spotlight on ‘Catalyst’ WorkingRite at Centrestage Connect 2 The Burns Mall! Centrestage Tartan Centrestage Wandering for ‘OOR Bus’ Zoe McIIwraith shares her story! Keep you up to date: Kilmarnock Academy! We’ve been selected! More CS News Summer Gospel & Soul Blast to the Past

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Contributions by... Fiona McKenzie Frank Gormanley Kim Black Kate McKenzie Sheena Boyd Nina Russell Stuart Bird Jonny Griffen Eoghann MacColl Elaine Convery Kirsty Collins David Watson Courtney Woods Zoe McIlwraith Design: Robert Baird


We’ve added #payitforward to When taking a paper copy, we would appreciate any #payitforward donation that you can give. This will go straight back into supporting our projects across Centrestage! 03.


Wired for Sound @ Centrestage Where to start!? “Wired for Sound� was a smash hit featuring songs great songs including Bat out of Hell, Come on Eileen and of course, Wired for Sound! It certainly

was the biggest party in town. We absolutely loved seeing our audience dressed in their finest 80s and 90s rock outfits; they nailed it! Our incredibly talented cast and live Centrestage band had the audience on their on feet from the very first song and we saw some of the best dance moves Kilmarnock

has to offer! Even our hospitality team got involved creating a special American-style food and cocktail menu for everyone to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more nights like this!


‘Allo ‘Allo! “Listen very carefully – I shall say this only once”….. On May 26th, the CS Actors Company brought the house down with their hilarious production of “Allo Allo”. The stage play is an adaptation of the wellloved 1980s TV sitcom of the same name, featuring

well known characters including Yvette, Michelle of the Resistance, Herr Flick of the Gestapo and Helga. The audience laughed out loud from start to finish as they watched the bungling café owner Rene try to appease his battle-axe of a wife, the Resistance, the Gestapo and the Nazi soldiers who occupy his small town all while keeping his affairs and the

hidden portrait of the Fallen Madonna a secret. The talented cast, fabulous costumes and authentic props, along with the wonderful set created by the Centrestage Technical Team

ensured this was an outstanding production that left the audience wanting more. A great night was had by all. CS Actors rehearse every Tuesday from 7.30-9pm in the studio at Centrestage. Why not come along and tread the boards with us. We would love to see you there. All abilities and experience welcome.

Get involved!


13 - The Musical Where “A Little More Homework”…..makes for great creative learning! Back in May we delivered the brilliant pop rock Broadway musical ‘13’ featuring our 12-14 yrs Musical Theatre companies. The production had a fantastic contemporary pop/rock score by celebrated Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown and a

hilarious book by Dan Elish. This production marked the second time this show has been stage at CS, having previously been presented back in 2013. The story tells the tale of Evan, who moves from New York to

sleepy Indiana following the divorce of his parents. We follow his struggle to fit in at his new school and his desire to be popular. It’s something we can all relate to at some point! 13 started its life in LA in 2007 before some rewrites and a

Broadway transfer in 2008. It received further revisions again to make its ‘West End’ premiere in 2012 and it’s this version that we presented last month. Cast member Courtney Woods said “’13’ was my first show at Centrestage, I played Molly, it was such a great experience, I made new friends, had so much fun learning new songs and dances for the show. The show was just superb, it has really helped me become more confident because of getting involved. There was so much support surrounding the show, at any time if I wasn’t sure of anything everyone came together to help and provide advice. I really enjoyed singing ‘It can’t be true’ and my favourite dance was ‘Opportunity’. I’m looking forward to being

involved in future performances at Centrestage.”

Courtney takes the stage!

Director Stuart Bird said “Finding suitable productions for this age group can be a challenge. Material is sometimes too childlike or too adult in nature and vocal complexity but 13 is a show that really engages the performers….and of course the audience. It’s a gift of a show and I’m so proud of the team and the 12-14 companies. The whole production was a brilliant success!”

The only question is of course….what next!? 07.

Connecting with

The Addams Family The Addams Family provided several great opportunities for Team Connect to get involved. Over 30 unique costumes were needed for “The Ancestors� with the brief that all costumes had to be in various shades of grey. They could reflect the eccentric ancestors of the Addams Family from any background and from any period in history. There was

no shortage of suggestions as to how the costumes should look. Several items of grey clothing were donated to the cause, others were bought from second hand shops and

more still taken from the theatre’s existing wardrobe. We also dyed lengths of pre used white fabric, mainly old curtain linings, using traditional soaking methods or by applying the dye with a diffuser. The principal idea was

to alter used garments and partner them with others to create complete outfits, and some garments were designed and made from scratch. The pieces evolved over a number of weeks with many small details being added at the last minute. Skills such as hand sewing, pattern cutting and machining were all learned and practiced. A range of hats and headbands were also made using different approaches and these complemented the costumes created. A group from Connect were also given the chance to work onstage on some scenery details, and others were able to learn about the construction of some difficult to source props. The efforts of team Connect had a great impact on the overall look of the finished show and it was wonderful to see the young actors bringing it all to life.

Nina Russell - Enterprise 08.


EAT ‘On The Road’ 21st April saw the exciting launch of our latest

project, EAT - Eat and Train - On The Road and it has already gone from strength to strength! Covering 12 areas, over 12 weeks, with up to 8 candidates on each course, 1 chef, 1 leader and

who knows how many ingredients, the candidates have enjoyed new skills, new recipes and lots of new ideas! So far, we have made soups, chicken dishes, fish dishes and home-

baking and we are only half way through the course! We were also delighted to be visited by Gary McLean, Scotland’s National Chef and

Professional MasterChef winner 2016 to demonstrate our course and meet some of our talented candidates from across our communities.

We are all looking forward to week 12 where there will be a presentation of the level 2 hygiene certificate, along with the Centrestage certificate and our ‘Cook Off’ where candidates will make their own starter, main course and pudding for their friends and family to enjoy!!

It’s just fun food & folk

all the way!


Dignified Food ‘On The Road’ Centrestage ‘On The Road’ uses fun and food to bring people together to catalyse the energy of communities. Strategically redistributing surplus food, wrapping each area in support that has fun at the heart of every activity, allows communities to come together for informal support

whilst building cross-generational relationships. Partner agencies are also able to come along to share wider support with anyone attending. Dignified food provision created by our wonderful team of chefs in

Centrestage Dundonald is available for anyone who requires it. Everyone is welcome to take what they need and pay what they can #payitforward. Our first ‘On The Road’ project was launched in Ardeer in

April 2014, followed by Pennyburn, Fullarton, Drongan and Rankinston and has developed into ‘Eat And Train’ On The Road in a further 7 communities.

January - March 2018 Statistics


Smoked Sausage and Guinness Stew (with Cheesy Baked Mash) Recipe by David Watson “I’ve been part of Catalyst since April 2017 and I love it! I love cooking and helping others and I feel full of life and positivity. This is my recipe for Smoked Sausage and Guinness Stew with Cheesy Baked Mash and I’m really proud that the Centrestage chefs chose to feature it in this magazine. Feel free to add your own twist to my recipe, a table spoon of gravy browning and Lea & Perrins sauce

are optional!” Ingredient List: 2lbs Potatoes, 1 Mattessons Smoked Sausage, 1 Tin Chopped Tomatoes, 1 Onion, 2 Grated Carrots,

1 Tin Sweetcorn, 1 Beef Stock Cube, 1 Can Guinness Draught Method: 1. Peel potatoes and boil (keep starchy water for later). Mash the boiled potatoes and add butter and cheese (to taste). Grate cheese over the top and place in oven proof dish and place at bottom of oven @ 150°C or Gas Mark 3. 2. Slice full smoked sausage and full onion. 3. Add beef stock cube to starchy water. 4. Add sliced sausage, sliced onion, tin of tomatoes, tin of sweetcorn, grated carrots (2) and a can of draught Guinness to stock. 5. Bring to boil and simmer for 30-40 mins. 6. Serve and enjoy!




Aunt Moira Audience members for our productions have come to expect a cheery welcome

from Aunt Moira who has been part of Centrestage since the very beginning, back in 2006.

As well as spending most weekends with us, this amazing lady is the founding member of our

wonderful “Team Tea” who provide- and wash up- thousands of cups of tea and coffee for our guests at Gie It Laldy and Musical Generations over every season! Aunt Moira is a legendary baker and is also responsible for the delicious home-baked shortbread and traybakes available in our café. We are so lucky to have her as part of our Centrestage family and we

hope that she never retires!

Thank you so much for everything, Aunt Moira.


Gie It Laldy in May, Elaine Convery, Matt Allison and Rebecca Swanson travelled to the Concert Hall in Perth to represent our wonderful Gie It Laldy project at the Life Changes Trust

National Dementia Conference. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn more about the other incredible dementia friendly projects going on across Scotland and to enhance their understanding of the challenges a dementia diagnosis can bring but more importantly

ways of helping those diagnosed and their carers to find solutions to these difficulties and improve their well being and quality of life. At lunch time the Centrestage team entertained the delegates with a sample of a

Gie It Laldy session. It was not long till they had people dancing and singing in the foyer to their rousing music. They were privileged to be joined by a dear

friend of Gie it Laldy – Betty Bennet and her daughter Elsie. Betty sang to the delegates in the enormous concert hall and brought many to tears with her sublime soprano voice. Betty’s singing gave hope to many who have been recently

diagnosed, and proved that there is life beyond diagnosis. Every week at Gie It Laldy friendships are formed, relationships rekindled, skills and talents uncovered and new happy memories created. The simple formula of music, conversation, fun and friendship at Gie it laldy has been improving lives for those living with dementia and their carers for three years now.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our hugely successful project why not pop down on a Tuesday between 2pm and 3.30pm and experience the joy that is Gie It Laldy.


Spotlight on ‘Catalyst’ After 8 years of working within HMP Kilmarnock, we were delighted to welcome newly appointed officers from HMP Kilmarnock to Centrestage as part of their induction training.

Our visitors spent the day learning more about Musical Generations, Connect, Catalyst and Dignified Food Provision before touring the Kilmarnock Academy site and hearing more about our plans there.

We look forward to meeting the next intake of officers during our Autumn season. At Catalyst we deliver relationship-based throughcare within HMP Kilmarnock and post liberation to break the cycle of reoffending. Our participants can access daily a full range of supports, helping to break the cycle of debt, homelessness, addictions, mental health challenges and reoffending whilst being able to participate in a wide

range of social, recreational, artistic and creative activities from the Catalyst Kilmarnock base in John Finnie Street.



Catalyst Catalyst is a supportive, encouraging and aspirational environment, allowing participants to thrive and flourish by identifying their individual skills and strengths. A wide range of purposeful recreational, artistic, social and creative activities are delivered every day including cookery, Catalyst Voices, Ukulele group, instrumental tuition and band practice, mindfulness, creative writing, employability skills, volunteering opportunities. Catalyst also supports participants into employment and education and we are proud to partner with ENGIE who have recently interviewed and employed two of our participants

into full time positions.

Catalyst Voices The recently formed Catalyst Voices have had a wonderful month of performing after only

starting singing together at the end of March. They meet every Thursday to sing together and gave their first performance as part of the East Ayrshire 50th Anniversary Conference recently held at Centrestage. This was followed by their first public performance as guests of our Gospel and Soul choir before they sang to delegates at the Annual ALLIANCE Health and Social Care Conference in Glasgow in June. Together with the Catalyst band, we are very proud of the achievements of our newest performance groups and we are very excited for all that the future holds. #artsatthe


Jack 18.

WorkingRite at Centrestage Centrestage is delighted to partner with Working Rite who work with us to prepare many of our young people for employment opportunities, through one to one

sessions and group workshops over a number of weeks, before continuing to support them for the duration of any work placement. They are building links with local employers who can offer placements, and further projects across Centrestage create even more opportunities.

If you feel that you could offer an opportunity for a young person please contact Andrew Swanson at andrew.swanson@centrestagemt.org.uk | 07393019962 or Maureen Merrick at maureen@workingrite.co.uk | 07900742015. Charlotte is one of our many Connect success stories and has progressed to her

placement in CS Enterprise. In a very short time, she has already learned many new skills, including preparing screens and independently carrying out screen-printing jobs. She also has full understanding and practical experience of sublimation transfer techniques. Her help has been invaluable in preparing large volumes of uniform for the Centrestage team. An important aspect of working in Enterprise is the ability to relate to others who come to learn or volunteer with us and Charlotte is quickly getting to know everyone and fits in really well.

Two of Charlotte’s strengths are Achieving and Empathy. This is a perfect fit for Enterprise….the motivation to get the job done while keeping an awareness of the needs of others. She is also extremely creative so we’re looking forward to more fun times with Connect over the summer months!


Connect 2 The Burns Mall! In May, Connect launched their ‘White Cube’ exhibition in the heart of Kilmarnock’s Burns Mall after their successful presentation at the Celebrate Kilmarnock participatory budgeting event. This allowed them to take forward their concept of a pop-up art gallery based in the town centre filled with art created by the young people themselves. Over the past few months, the young people have been worked incredibly hard to pull together this collection, including paintings, fashion attire, short story books and several digital pieces. Connect project manager Eoghann MacColl said, “We underestimate the power and strength of our young people’s creative imaginations and the ‘White Cube’ concept provides a great platform to showcase what our young people across Ayrshire can create.” James Whyte, one of our young participants who has written a series of short stories that will be published and available to purchase shares his excitement, “I helped promote the ‘White Cube’ project and it’s great to see it all happening, I can’t wait for people to read my stories.” The opening event was a great success with those attending genuinely impressed by the range and quality of the work on display. ‘White Cube’ normal opening times are Tuesday – Saturdays from 3:30pm – 5pm. Last opportunity to visit will be ‘insert date’ #whitecube #artsattheheart #funfoodfolk #YOYP18

Our ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ company also go involved in the fun at the Burns Mall when they gave a preview of the big Summer production to the delight of shoppers.

We look forward to more fun in the town centre very soon! 20.

Centrestage Tartan According to the Tartan Authority of Scotland, Tartan has been associated with the Scots for over 3000 years (a long time) and it is something with which we all feel an association. At this year’s Glasgow Kiltwalk for the ‘Wee Wander’, there was a stunning array of Scottish tartans on display, but there was

one missing, so it felt only right that we created our very own Centrestage #funfoodfolk tartan to use across the entire organisation. Since then, we’ve been working hard with the Tartan Authority Scotland to design, create and protect our very own Centrestage #funfoodfolk tartan. We are delighted to be able to announce that our in-house

design has been approved and recognised as a unique Scottish Tartan that can now be fully manufactured. The four colours have been selected to represent our Centrestage brand identity covering blue, black, white and grey. Keep an eye out for tartan products appearing soon.

What do you think?

Let us know!

Centrestage Wandering for ‘OOR Bus’

On Sunday 29th April 350 people from across our Centrestage community descended on the sunny shores of Loch Lomond at Balloch Park for the Wee Wander at the Glasgow Kiltwalk. Over 10,000 walkers passed the

Centrestage pitstop 3 times and enjoyed entertainment from Centrestage performers of all ages including our very own ‘Unlikely Lads’, some ambassadors from Aspire as well as the legend that is Watt Nicol!

Centrestage were also supported on the walk by Ruth Maguire MSP for Cunninghame South and Alan Brown MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun. Funds are still coming in and our final total will be able to be announced after more hardy Centrestage walkers take part in the Mighty Stride and Big Stroll at the Edinburgh Kiltwalk in September. Every penny raised from the Kiltwalk will go towards a Centrestage Bus which will allow us to bring folks to

Musical Generations, Gie It Laldy Aspire and our shows helping combat the growing issue of social isolation and loneliness across the community.


Zoe McIlwraith

shares her story! Almost 3yrs ago we found

Centrestage ... a building bursting with fun, friendly people and a happy, positive atmosphere which is

paramount for my daughter to cope. Zoe has Autism and learning

Zoe and her Mum, Christine.

disabilities which can make life quite challenging for her but she also has a great knowledge and love for musicals so when I heard they had classes to suit Zoes needs I was delighted. She gets so much

enjoyment being here sharing her passion with like minded people and talking to anyone who will listen and there is always someone around who will take time to listen to her story for the 100th time! Zoe thrives in the ASN classes where the leaders (who have the patience of a saint) give her the encouragement and support she needs and have already given her the confidence to go onto the

stage this year without needing a leader beside her which is a huge achievement! Recently she has been joining in with a mainstream class where the students have accepted Zoe into the group which is lovely to see. The welcome Zoe gets from the staff and other students as soon as she walks into the building just reiterates that Centrestage is the right place for her to grow as a person and bring out the

best in her. Zoe and I are looking forward to being involved in the new chapter of the Centrestage story.

.......................................................... My name is Zoe McIlwraith I am 17yrs old

A wee bit more about Zoe‌.

I like performing in front of the audience I like finding out what our show is I like doing lots of different shows I like singing, dancing and acting

I like getting scripts to learn my lines I like trying on costumes I like to play any characters I like talking to my friends I like helping people I like being with everyone I like to share my news with everyone I like to be a part of the whole thing


Keeping you up to date: Kilmarnock Academy! In our Spring edition of ‘Your Centrestage’, we shared the incredible news about our future move to

Kilmarnock Academy. Since then the wheels have been in motion with design, planning, community consultations and ministerial visits. As we continue to progress, we have more events planned at the Academy across the next few months that will provide the opportunity for even more folks to visit the iconic site and find out more about our plans and vision for our new home. Our website has its own page dedicated to the Kilmarnock Academy project, visit www.centrestage.org.uk for more details including the latest design statement and the report created from the first neighbourhood consultation. Look out for details of our Open Day on August 19th which will take place at Kilmarnock Academy!



‘Very Important Folks

visit Kilmarnock Academy!’ We were delighted to welcome the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equality Angela Constance MSP and Scotland’s National Chef Gary McLean to Kilmarnock Academy. Ms Constance’s visit to Centrestage represented the continued vision for the Scottish Government in supporting innovative community approaches that provide services that lessen the impact of poverty, reduce social isolation, and improve the future life chances and choices of children. It was also the first ministerial visit to the historic site since Centrestage was awarded funding through the Regeneration Capital Grants Fund, which was key to the transfer of Kilmarnock Academy as a community asset. Gary MacLean in his role as National Chef is tasked with celebrating national produce and teaching communities how to make the most of locally sourced, healthy and affordable food, spent time with Centrestage’s ‘On the Road’ team. In additional to learning about their dignified food provision model, Gary took the opportunity to take part in Centrestage’s latest community initiative, Eat and Train, funded by Scottish Government through the Aspiring Communities fund. This course, teaching people across Ayrshire how to prepare and create delicious food for their families using local produce, is already oversubscribed and transforming families attitudes to home cooking and budgeting. Angela Constance said: “I was really pleased to visit Centrestage today to see first-hand the inspiring work they do to support people of all ages across Ayrshire access healthy and nutritious food as well as tackling other social issues, using music and drama as the hook to get people involved. I am delighted the Scottish Government is providing £2m from our Regeneration and Capital Grants Fund to help Centrestage realise its ambitious plan to bring all its services together on the former Kilmarnock Academy site as part of a community hub.” Centrestage CEO Fiona McKenzie said: “It has been a real privilege to welcome the Cabinet Minister and National Chef to Kilmarnock Academy today. The support of the Scottish Government has been vital to the development of our dignified food provision model and the impact of this aspect of our work on wider outcomes including reoffending and exclusions is significant. Our team takes real pride in the work they do and for them to be able to showcase their work to Gary alongside the members of our communities is a real honour.”


We’ve been selected! Our young people at Connect recently applied to the The Hunter Foundation’s ‘100 Disrupters’ campaign, an initiative to seek young Scottish talent with ideas that will help change Scotland and indeed the world. We are delighted to share that their idea has been selected and will now receive £1000 towards making the idea a reality – what an achievement. Our young people Jasmine Bater, Lewis Paton and Charlotte Ayre put together a fantastic proposal based on ‘creating a safe place to be who you are.’ Their next step is to go into schools and speak with their target audience in order to capture the market research that will support the development of their concept. Sir Tom Hunter, who’s championing this movement said, “We are looking to back young people with massive ambition and the courage to take that ambition on. Whether that’s one mighty sporting challenge, changing their communities, building the next Facebook, a nascent Rabbie Burns or promoting a charity or cause that can change the face of Scotland, we want to support their ambition.

As a fundamental, Scotland’s young people need a voice and a channel to ensure they are the next generation of leaders and importantly, that they are not just heard but their ideas embraced.”


More CS News…. We recently welcomed Social Security Minister

Jeane Freeman MSP whilst she visiting charities across Scotland that work towards reducing loneliness and social isolation. Here’s what she had to say about Centrestage… “Loneliness and social isolation can affect any one of us – whatever our age, our circumstances and whatever stage in life we’re at. And it can have serious consequences for both our mental and physical health. Many of the people attending the groups here at Centrestage are dealing with additional issues that make them feel separate, and the Catalyst programme recognises that isolating people can damage attempts at rehabilitation and reintegration into communities. I have had the chance to speak to many people who have found these feelings triggered by different things, moving home, job changes or

even parenthood. Thankfully, I have also been able to see how some people have successfully dealt with that, where they have found friendship, purpose and a sense of community.” Jeane also encouraged many of our participants to get even more involved and we look forward to her attending our first community Festival of Fun, Food and Folk performance in Cumnock in June.

East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership. We were delighted to host the ‘East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership “Celebrating 50 Years” conference at Centrestage. Over 100 of their team came along to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Social Work Scotland Act (1968). We were delighted to be invited to include performances from The Unlikely Lads and Gie It Laldy and our Catalyst Voices gave their very first public performance. A massive Happy Birthday from everyone at

Centrestage. It was wonderful to have you all with us.


Summer Gospel & Soul Our Summer Festival of #funfoodfolk was launched at our Gospel & Soul Summer Celebration. We were delighted to welcome our special guests the Young and Gifted Children’s Choir from our friends at ‘Radiant and Brighter’ along with an emotional performance from the Catalyst Voices. This was a very special night, bringing folks

from across our communities together for the very first time, sparking more conversations and ideas for the future. Nancy Mair on Facebook said, “Loved the full show, thanks to everyone.”

Kirsty Collins is Fiona’s right hand woman in the Centrestage Gospel and Soul Choir and audiences have

been thrilled by her incredible voice in her many stage appearances since 2006. Kirsty says “I entered Centrestage on its very first open day in June 2006, not realising that it was going to become a place where I could share my creativity, meet great friends and of course become somewhere where I would be proud to call my place of work.

Being part of the gospel and soul choir has got to have been the best way to spend a Friday night and CS Performers has allowed me to build up confidence, play parts I never thought I was capable of and do things outside my comfort zone – I never imagined I’d have been facing my fear of heights as I whisked down a slide the height of the stage during Avenue Q, all in the name of entertainment – and not least

meeting the wonderful people that work, take part and attend Centrestage. To see it grow and become inclusive to the wider


community has been nothing short of amazing!


It has always been exciting to be part of community


where there are no limits to the possibilities that can be achieved, some would say we could defy gravity – you just needed to have seen Witches of Eastwick, Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast to have known that!” 30.

Kirsty performs with the Centrestage Gospel & Soul Choir.

Blast to the Past In June, our ‘Wee Stars’ of the 4-7yrs MT companies took to the stage to present this

specially devised mini musical, ‘Blast to the Past’. The audience followed Sarah & Murray as they found a strange object behind a tree in their school playground, that strange object was of course… a

time machine! They all then headed on a magical adventure to Dinosaur Land, the roaring 20s, the psychedelic 60s and the neon 80s. The wee ones sang and danced their way through

their musical adventure and their three very enthusiastic audiences had ‘The Time of Their Life’ singing along to classic hits including ’Walk The Dinosaur’ and ’Never Gonna Give You Up’, we can’t wait for their festive extravaganza.


Every penny makes a difference! Can you help? Our Centrestage terramundi pots are an easy way to help raise much needed funds that go straight back into support our community of projects. Simply sign up at reception for your FREE pot. Take home or to your place of work, add your change across the months, and every August the terramundi club come together and have the annual smashathon (great fun) where we find out our fundraising total for the year.

Sound good?

For more information, speak with a member of reception team today!

We love to hear from you, keep in touch‌ Centrestage Communities Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and a Scottish Registered Charity. Scottish Company No: SC382945 Scottish Charity No: SC039611

11-13 James Little Street, Kilmarnock, KA1 4AT | 01563 551505 www.centrestagemt.org.uk

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Your Centrestage | Summer 2018  

Your Centrestage | Summer 2018