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Blast from the Past Aladdin Jr. Everybody’s Talking About 15-21 MT Mary’s Back in Killie Little Shop of Horrors


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Find out more about our ‘Yes to Summer’ activities


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TO SUMME R We’ve added #payitforward to When taking a paper copy, we would appreciate any

#payitforward donation that you can give. This will go straight back into supporting our projects across Centrestage!

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Hello Here Comes The Sun..! It seems like no time at all since we were “Singing in the Rain” and here we are getting ready to be “All Shook Up” this Summer! This fabulous musical is full of the greatest hits of Elvis Presley including “C’Mon Everybody”, “It’s Now or Never”

“Don’t Be Cruel” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” so let the CS Performers take you on a journey to “Heartbreak Hotel” from June 25th to June 29th! This summer will be packed full of events for everyone to enjoy and you will find out about many of them in this edition of “Your Centrestage” but there will be many special surprises taking place too. Keep in touch with us via

social media or just call in anytime to find out more. We are always delighted to see you! As we get closer to moving to the Centrestage Village in 2020, this year’s “Open Day” will be the very last one to take place at James Little Street so save Sunday 18th August as the date where we will all come together for a day of Fun, Food and Folk, to share the exciting news of the year ahead and to enjoy some wonderful performances, smash our Terramundi pots and enjoy the famous Centrestage Summer Barbeque in the sunshine (hopefully!) Here’s to a wonderful Summer and to an exciting year ahead. It’s going to be Hot, Hot, Hot..!


Connect with me on Twitter @fionacs

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In April our Centrestage Performers got ready to rock the

On returning for Act Three, the girls entertained with classic

theatre in a fun-fueled Wired For Sound showcase,

disco hits ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Will Survive’ before a

Blast From The Past!

grand finale of ‘Highway to Hell’ and ‘500 miles’, during

As the audience filled our auditorium, the excitement was tangible and guests were thrilled with the Wired For Sound

which both performers and guests danced their way through the theatre.

themed food and drinks menu. Our ‘Text The Bar’ service

Our Wired For Sound cabarets are always great live music

was also available on the night and, as always, went down a

nights and Blast From The Past was no exception. Look out

treat with our audience!

for the next one coming up in August!

Act One consisted of some classic rock tunes ranging from an energetic rendition of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ to an air guitar provoking cover of ‘Summer of 69’. Ending the set was ‘We

Built This City’, during which the audience flocked to the front of the stage to join in the singing and dancing with our Centrestage Performers. Jump and dance along to the lively ‘Baggy Trousers.’ Then, in a throwback to the reigning boybands and girlbands of the







‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ followed by the girls rendition of The Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’. Both were a massive hit with the audience, getting a fantastic response of people leaping from their seats dancing along.

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In March, our theatre saw Agrabah come to Centrestage over two weekends as our 8-11yrs Musical Theatre companies wowed the audience with their production of ‘Aladdin.’ From our magical flying carpet, to the set design and costumes, many of which were made at Enterprise, by our learners from Connect, not one stone was left unturned to transform the Centrestage theatre into ‘a whole new world’. The audience were bowled over by the talents of the young performers as they showcased their acting, singing and dancing skills. Beginning on the dusty streets of Agrabah,

Aladdin attempts to impress Princess Jasmine by pretending to be a prince, all while keeping the pesky Genie under control! “The kids were brilliant and the set was just fantastic! Only at a Centrestage show would you see a flying carpet!” Emma told us. The Genie was a highlight for every audience, as was every production number and when the magic carpet was revealed to gasps from audience, this quickly transitioned into a theatre-wide sing along to ‘A Whole New World’ with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Jill told us; “To see a Disney classic brought to life on stage was a treat. Aladdin was a favourite film of mine growing up, and now it’s a favourite of my daughters. It was fantastic to be able to share the experience with my girls.” After performing an amazing ‘Arabian Night’, what’s next in store for our 8-11yrs Musical Theatre Company?

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Everybody’s Talking About 15-21 MT and they certainly were after their performance in April! Our 15-21 yrs Musical Theatre company entertained the audience with not one, not two, but three sets from current West End shows. Presented first was ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’, where the audience sympathised, laughed and sang along with our performers. The musical tells the story of a sixteen year old schoolboy whose dream is to become a drag queen, despite the ridicule of his classmates. Our 15-21yrs performers portrayed the tale beautifully and, at the finale, received a standing ovation. The second performance of the night was hit musical ‘9 to 5’, featuring music from Dolly Parton. It documents three women’s ambition and ability to break through the glass ceiling. The 15-21yrs performers excelled in making the audience cry with laughter through their wonderful interpretation of the show. Lastly, highlights from the new hit musical ‘Six’ featured, a modern retelling of the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives

presented as a pop concert. The all girl company rocked the stage and had the audience up on their feet. Andrea told us; ‘To have not just one, but three performances of different shows in one night was so impressive, the energy level of the performers was through the roof!’ We’re all looking forward to ‘Chicago’ the next production to be staged by this talented company!

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In April, both our 4-7yrs Easter Camp and 8-11yrs Easter

talent and excitement the kids displayed on stage and how

Camp combined their talents to bring Mary Poppins to the

it was a fantastic way for them to spend a few days of the

Centrestage theatre!

Easter holidays.

After two days of singing, dancing and acting (and plenty of

Family member Gillian told us; “We were here to watch my

fun!) our Easter Camp performers entertained family and

niece perform and after seeing how much fun they all had I’ll

friends with their own version of Mary Poppins visiting

definitely be considering bringing my daughter along to the

Kilmarnock, loosely based on the recent hit film ‘Mary

Easter Camp next year!”

Poppins Returns.’ Performing some of the popular songs from the soundtrack such as ‘Can You Imagine That?’ and ‘Trip A Little Light Fantastic’, the audience were amazed at the extent of the talent and dedication on stage.

Overall, the 4-7yrs and 8-11yrs Easter Camps were supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next Easter!

‘It’s amazing how well-rehearsed the kids were with only a couple of days to practice and, most of all, they looked like they were having a blast!’ Angela told us. As our Easter Camps waved their balloons in the air and entertained their audience there, were smiles and applause

all round as families and friends alike joined in to bring a little bit of magic and music to Centrestage. On leaving the performance, many commented on the

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In May, we went ‘Downtown’ to Skid Row as our 12-14yrs Musical Theatre companies performed Little Shop of Horrors! With four performance over the weekend, there was plenty of opportunity to come along and witness the horrors in Mr Mushnik’s Flower Shop. Our 12-14yrs performers seamlessly told the tale of Seymour, Audrey, Orin the evil dentist and Audrey II, the overgrown plant with a taste for human blood. The audience laughed

along at the hilariously dark production, with both companies interpretation of the ‘The Dentist’ scene proving to be an audience favourite. Joan said; ‘The film is one of my favourites so of course I had to come along and see the performance. The Dentist was so hilarious, I couldn't stop crying with laughter!’ The musical numbers were a big hit with the audience as they sang along with Audrey to ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ and to ‘Suddenly Seymour’ with both Seymour and Audrey. There was also plenty of hilarity in the Dentist’s rendition of ‘It’s Just The Gas.’ The big reveal of the monstrous version of Audrey II also went down a treat, with audible gasps as the plant devoured’ performer after performer. There were even a few children in the audience who managed a photo with Audrey II after the show’s finale! Both 12-14yrs Musical Theatre companies performances of Little Shop of Horrors were certainly anything but a horror,!

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Gavin from our #oneteam preparing Dignified Food Provision #centrestagefood

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How Centrestage prevents hunger and food insecurity across communities

Where and when you will find our On The Road #oneteam Mondays

Heart & Soul HUB Cumnock 10.00am - 5.00pm (Drop in only) Galston (BB Hall) - 1.00pm - 3.00pm


Heart & Soul HUB Cumnock 10.00am - 8.00pm (Drop in only) Logan Primary School - 10.00am - 12.00pm Drongan (Community Centre) - 11.00am - 12.00pm Rankinston (Community Centre) - 11.15am - 11.45am Dalmellington (Community Centre) 3.00pm - 5.00pm Bellsbank (Bellsbank Primary School) 3.30pm - 4.00pm Earlier this year, we supported Chris Baraniuk, a U.K. journalist who was writing an article for Mosaic about the impact of food poverty and malnutrition on public health. Chris reached out to Centrestage to find out more about our unique ‘Centrestage Food’ approach through

Dignified Food Provision. Thanks must go to our On The


Heart & Soul HUB Cumnock 10.00am - 5.00pm (Drop in only) Shortlees (Community Centre) - 10.00am - 12.00pm Kilbirnie (Bridgend Community Centre) 10.00am - 12.00pm Ardrossan (Whitlees Centre) - 2.00pm - 4.00pm Ardeer (Community Centre) - 4.30pm - 5.00pm (Drop in only)

Road and EAT team members for working with Chris and demonstrating how Dignified Food Provision is provided across Ayrshire. The article was published in The Independent and can

be read at -


Heart & Soul HUB Cumnock 10.00am - 5.00pm (Drop in only) Castlepark (Community Church) - 10.00am - 12.00pm Onthank (WEA, Hill St Kilmarnock) - 10.00am - 12.00pm Fullarton (Connexions) - 3.00pm - 5.00pm

mosaicscience.com/story/food-poverty-nutrition-healthausterity-child-development-diet-benefits/#funfoodfolk Please








‘Centrestage Food’, where anyone can take what they need and pay what they can.


Heart & Soul HUB Cumnock 10.00am - 4.00pm (Drop in only) Pennyburn (Cranberry Moss Community Centre) 12.00pm - 2.00pm


Shortlees (Community Centre) - 11.00am - 1.00pm

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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CENTRESTAGE FOOD AT EASTER How going hungry affects children for their whole lives

Over the Easter school holidays we worked along side

The Galston Grapes, Dalmellington Donuts, Kilbirnie Kiwis,

Vibrant Communities to provide Dignified Food Provision

Ardossan Apples, Ardeer Artichokes, Fullarton Fancies,

alongside their programme of Easter activities. Vibrant

Pennyburn Pears and the Shortlees Shortcakes groups

communities provided all children participating with a

have all been working hard to learn making food on a

packed lunch but dignified food provision was available

budget, creating tasty new meals, learning about food

to be accessed by any family requiring support across 8

hygiene and healthy eating and making new friends


along the way!

Kevin Alexander and the Dundonald team took the

Graduation took place on the Easter week of 1st April with

challenge on and a staggering additional 6,114 portions

60 candidates receiving their Level 2 Food Hygiene

were created, on top of the 12,512 portions which were

Certificate and Centrestage Cooking Certificate in the

created for our usual stops on the ‘On The Road’ route.

presence of their friends and family at our celebration!

All in all, over these two weeks, 1,479 people benefited from this extra support, with 674 being children. Along side this, our EAT team started the next phase of the popular cookery and food hygiene course delivered across Ayrshire.

We are so proud of what all our candidates from all the courses have achieved whether it has been going into work placement, college, volunteering or mentoring and more importantly watching everyone’s confidence grow each week.

Update by our very own Sheena Boyd

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We’ve only gone and won ‘Scotland’s Best Theatre’ at the Scottish Hospitality Awards 2019 To say we are ‘over the moon’ is an understatement as

generation Centrestage Theatre. Scheduled to open in

we picked up ‘Scotland’s Best Theatre’ at the Scottish

Spring 2020, this will allow us to bring people together to

Hospitality Awards 2019 on Tuesday 21st May at the

enjoy a far broader range of performances, productions

annual awards ceremony, held at the Crown Plaza in

and events than ever before.


The 300+ seat theatre will be fully accessible, with

Nominated by our incredible customers, the annual

advanced technology that will provide greatly increased

awards recognise the businesses and individuals within

and aspirational training and performance opportunities,

the Scottish Hospitality sector that go above and beyond

and across the site, there are additional areas that will

to give their customers a truly unique service. Craig

allow performances to take place ever day at times that

Hunter, Centrestage Operations Manager, Arts and

suit our diverse audiences. Fiona McKenzie, Centrestage

Venue who attended the ceremony said, “We are so

CEO shares her delight on the award and excitement for

delighted that our wonderful Centrestage customers

the future. “I could not be more proud that our wee

made this possible by taking the time to share their

theatre has been recognised at this year’s Scottish

Centrestage experiences. We can’t wait to share this news

Hospitality Awards. Centrestage is not the place; It’s the

with them.

people. But we needed a place to come together and our

”Our theatre is at the heart of all we do at Centrestage. Built in 2006 we now present over 80 productions each year, by the community for the community and welcome thousands of folks from far and wide to enjoy performances from small scale showcases to spectacular Musical Theatre productions from ‘Phantom of the Opera to ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ with every ticket purchased enabling us to deliver our wider work across Ayrshire. Construction on the Centrestage Village is due to begin at the end on May on the former site of Kilmarnock Academy and, in the heart of the village will be the next

theatre is where it all began. I have so much gratitude for everyone who has worked so hard-seen and unseen, past, present and


make this possible..”

For more information on the progress with the Centrestage Village or to purchase your ticket for a forthcoming production at ‘Scotland’s Best Theatre’ please visit www.centrestagemt.org.uk

Grab yourself a ticket for our Summer production of All Shook Up and enjoy Scotland’s Best Theatre 2019. Page 15. | Your Centrestage

View our

Village guide

Centrestage Village updates

online now!

We’ve Started!

There’s a new Village in Town!

Over the coming weeks, our awarded contractor

In February 2019, we officially took ownership of the

‘Brick and Steel Construction’ will commence Phase one

former Kilmarnock Academy site, the largest asset

work at Centrestage Village.

transfer in Scotland to date.

Restricted access to the site and car park are already in

The historic landmark has formed part of the towns

place in preparations for the forthcoming programme of

skyline since 1898 and we are privileged to take it

works. Conversations will be taking place with our

forward to deliver our vision of ‘building energetic and

neighbours around the site to keep everyone updated

inclusive communities with the arts at the heart.’ Not

on what to expect throughout the duration of

only will ‘the Centrestage Village’ become our new home

construction. It is not anticipated that any of this work

for all our #funfoodfolk activities to grow and develop, it

will impact our activities outside the village.

will also see use sharing the site with a wide variety of ‘neighbours’ who will offer even more opportunities across the Village. #bepartofit and have a look at our guide online www.centrestagemt.org.uk/centrestage-village for more


As we commence phase one construction work at ‘Centrestage Village’ we’re keen to keep you all updated on how were progressing, and bring you all on this incredibly exciting journey with us. In order to engage with as many people from across the community as possible we’ve created several ways to remain updated on everything ‘Centrestage







www.centrestagemt.org.uk/centrestage-village, We’ve Started’ notice board located within James Little St, our social media outputs from Facebook to Instagram and also our seasonal ‘Your Centrestage’ magazine packed full of everything #funfoodfolk. These will all be populated with information, plans and pictures as we start making things happen at the former Kilmarnock Academy.

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Centrestage was delighted to host a visit of 40 international delegates attending the International Forum on Quality and Safety and Healthcare in April as an example of best practice in community based approaches to health and wellbeing. Delegates attended presentations at the Centrestage theatre before visiting Dundonald to view our Dignified Food Provision operation, then the Catalyst and Connect projects in John Finnie Street.

This was followed the next day by a further visit to the Centrestage Village by Sir Harry Burns, Professor of Global Public Health, who is also following the influence of our model of delivery in addressing health inequalities through our work with the Social Innovation Partnership. Sincere thanks to everyone involved in making these visits such a wonderful success.

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‘THERE’S A NEW HUB IN TOWN!’ Heart and Soul was officially launched im July 2017.

On April 1st 2019, Heart and Soul Hub was relaunched as

Funded by The Robertson Trust, the aim of the project

The Heart and Soul HUB. We are now working with

was to focus on women and girls within the local

Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), NHS Addiction

community, promoting a community led approach to

Services, East Ayrshire Council Housing, Police Scotland

engage and support women and girls and in particular

and Mind Over Matter Support Group.

those experiencing challenges within their lives. The café

provided a friendly, safe place for the ladies to meet with the aim being for the café to grow in order to sustain the project allowing the ladies to take ownership and provide support to others locally. The last two years have been a source of learning for all

involved. It was identified that that while the café was valued by many of our ladies and the local community, it was also felt that by transforming the space into a more flexible hub, more people would feel that they could easily access the space, without feeling that a purchase

had to be made.

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These support services are offered alongside Dignified Food Provision, our own Catalyst service and the many fun and social activities that are available for all ages to enjoy. Drop in anytime, we’d love to welcome you!

Centrestage Arrive in Glasgow for Kiltwalk 2019! On Sunday 28th April 2019 thousands of people took to

over Pitstop 3,positioned at the band stand in Clydebank.

the streets of Glasgow for the ever popular Kiltwalk 2019

Our Unlikely Lads, Aspire and Musical Theatre companies

and what an incredible day it was!

entertained over 10,000 passing walkers for over 4 hours,

This is the fourth year we’ve taken part in the event and it

with favourites from “Loch Lomond” to “500 Miles”!

continues to be such an important day for our #oneteam,

It was wonderful to have so many of the walkers stop and

participants and partners to come together and walk with

join in on all the Pitstop fun, with many high 5s shared

us, helping raise funds that enable us to deliver our

across the day! A massive thanks to everyone who has

Centrestage activities to more folks across Ayrshire. This

sponsored us so far. You will make so much possible for

year it was all about ‘Feeling Keen’ and walking with us in

so many folks of all ages across Ayrshire. Enjoy a browse

2019 and 246 folks did just that by taking on either the

through our pictures captured by Martin Clark on the day

Wee Wander, Big Stroll or the 23-mile Mighty Stride on

via our Facebook page.

the day. Our Centrestage Ambassadors represented all of our activities from Aspire to Connect and we thank each and every one of them for getting behind the challenge and

sharing their own personal Centrestage stories. In

Bring on 2020! #funfoodfolk #feelingkeen

See overleaf for more photos of the day!

addition to our folks-and their dogs-who walked with us on the day, we also had our Centrestage performers take

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ON YER BIKE This Summer we launch our ‘On Yer Bike’ initiative as we continue to ‘do our bit’ for the planet; reducing emissions and encouraging our #oneteam to use our new branded Centrestage bicycles, rather than cars, to commute between our sites across Kilmarnock.

CONNECT @ ARDROY In April, five Centrestage Connect learners and two Centrestage #oneteam members were invited to spend the day at Ardroy Education Centre learning how to canoe safely and correctly, with access to all appropriate equipment and clothing but most importantly having fun together throughout their trip.


St Andrews Primary took to the stage in ‘The Gathering’ at Centrestage Village to perform their Greatest Show KIDS showcase to family and friends.

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Centrestage Enterprise held a very successful stall at

the branded cushions, learning techniques of sublimation

James Little Street selling merchandise for ‘Little Shop of

transfer and sewing machine skills along the way.

Horrors’ on the 4th and 5th May. Team Catalyst were also involved in creating some very

As well as traditional branded merchandise such as fridge

unusual and decorative flowers. These were made by

magnets, mugs and cushions, we had some more unusual

bending wire into closed shapes and dipping into

offerings for sale based around the show’s theme

coloured resin similar to nail varnish. These were then

of plants.

anchored to pebbles to give them stability. They were made by a group of women who meet every Monday

Working with team Connect we potted up some basil

afternoon for a range of crafts, conversation and fun. They

seedlings in compost and by the time the show came

are always keen to support shows or events taking place

around they had grown considerably. The plants were

at Centrestage.

then wrapped in cellophane with a label stating ‘Eat The Plants’, a clever play on the production’s tagline; ‘Don’t

If you enjoyed our ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ stall, don’t miss

Feed The Plants.’.

our next stall at All Shook Up in June!


exercise prompted




sustainability and food security to costs and profit margins. Learners from Connect also helped with making

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Winner of Sunday’s Little Shop of Horrors tickets: Helen Brown & Kaiden

Winner of Saturday’s Little Shop of Horrors tickets: Carrie McLachlan

Winner of Everybody’s Talking About 15-21 MT tickets: Lesley Robinson & Jamie Littlehales

Winner of Blast From The Past tickets: Mandy Finn


So, for your chance to #experiencecentrestage, keep an eye on our Facebook page on the week of a Centrestage production, and on the Friday our #experiencecentrestage

At Centrestage we want more folks from across Ayrshire and beyond to enjoy our productions that take place

post will give you the chance to win two free tickets to the Saturday show.

within our Centrestage Theatre in James Little Street,

Simply, comment, tag who you’d like to join you and share


with your network. The winner will be announced early on







programme is packed full of shows and events with something for everyone to enjoy. With so much to look forward






‘All Shook Up’, keep a look out for your chance to win

the Saturday morning. Pictured are some of our previous #experiencecentrestage winners… o join us at the advertised production.


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Your Centrestage | 27.

A few pounds makes a huge difference As a registered Scottish Charity, every penny donated/gifted to us across the year goes straight back into helping us deliver our activities to more folks across Ayrshire every day.

It is easy to Text and Donate

Every pound makes a huge difference in delivering projects from Musical Generations to Aspire. Now you can text to make a direct donation to support our activities.



If you would like to know more please get in touch with our #oneteam.



“My journey with Centrestage began in 2018. I was given a

“I think Connect is a great place and being a part of

placement at Catalyst and was over the moon as I had heard so

it has given me a lot of fantastic opportunities such

many wonderful things about it. I could not wait to start getting

as participating in the Duke of Edinburgh.




I am now an expert at reading maps and

When I started I had no confidence and no knowledge, just my

orienteering, and I also enjoy cooking and baking

own personal experience but as soon as I started I felt I was one

which I get to do a lot of at Connect House. I have

of the team. I was able to write reflective accounts and this

also learned to play the piano and can now play a

resulted in me completing my SVQ in 5 months, being the

variety of tunes on the keyboard.

second person to complete the qualification out of 14 peers. It was the proudest day of my life and I could not have done it without the help of our amazing team. Centrestage has been the best experience of my life. In April I

I walked with Centrestage at Kiltwalk this year and raised over £200! The part I like most about the day is getting out and walking in the beautiful surroundings an meeting new folk. I also walked

was offered a project worker position, a dream come true!

the Kiltwalk with Centrestage in 2017 and 2018.

Words can’t describe how happy I was am that all my hard work

I would definitely recommend Connect to any

has finally payed off. My graduation at the Scottish Parliament is th

on the 12 of June, I have been asked to do a speech on the day and I can honestly say my full speech will be about Centrestage and the person it has made me today. Thank you so much Centrestage. I will be forever grateful to you for giving me a

young people who want to learn something new or continue to learn more about a hobby that they enjoy. I feel free and happy at Connect and would definitely encourage other people to come along.”

chance to be the person I am today.”

IT'S ALL ABOUT OUR FOLK! 'Your Centrestage' takes the opportunity each edition to introduce you to some of the wonderful folk across the charity, from staff and volunteers to our communities that engage with us across all our projects everyday. This months it's all about Roseanne, Lee, Ellen and Fiona... enjoy their stories! Remember if you have a Centrestage story to share, why not get in touch with our team and you could be featured in our Autumn 'Your Centrestage'.

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“I moved to Kilmarnock after my relationship at the time

“I started volunteering with Nina in October 2017 and had

broke up. I came through with women’s refuge, no

no idea it would have such a positive impact on my life.


money or anywhere to stay. I had been told I had to wait five weeks before I would get


My anxiety has improved and I feel like a new person due to the warm welcome, help and support I have received from

Universal Credit when my sister told me about the


Centrestage bus in Shortlees. It took a few weeks before I

I love that volunteering with Centrestage allows me to build

plucked up the courage to go along. Since then I have

on my passion for sewing and exploring other creative

helped out on the Centrestage bus and community centre

activities. I feel so privileged that I can contribute to this

and I have also been to Dundonald and completed the

amazing charity whilst doing something I love.

Food & Hygiene course.

I have also made a friend for life in Nina,”

Then I started in the Blue Sky Mondays group, run by Enterprise within Catalyst, and I have created lots of arts and crafts related things I had never done before. I have made so many new friends and I now look forward to every week to see what we will be doing at the Blue Sky Mondays group.”

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Your Centrestage | 42.

At Centrestage Enterprise we love to create! Not just staff uniform and

t-shirts for customers, but costumes and props for shows, bags, badges and mugs for our ever expanding Centrestage communities! We also accept orders from outwith Centrestage offering competitive

prices for personalised mugs and t-shirts.

Enquiries to nina.russell@centrestagemt.org.uk 01563 551505 ext 219 | 07902566827

Your Centrestage | 43.

Profile for centrestagemt2

Your Centrestage Summer 2019  

Your Centrestage Summer 2019