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DIGITAL REGIONAL ADVERTISING Dear Field I hope this email finds you well. Please see below information on the new screen install at High Chelmer shopping centre in Chelmsford. If this is of interest, please book an appointment for me to come and see you and discuss and demonstrate this fantastic opportunity. High Chelmer shopping centre joins the trend of digital entertainment and advertising. Positioned within the highest footfall areas of the centre, Walkway Media screens will feature news, sports, weather, mall messages, and local, regional and national brand advertising.

What does the installation of the new Chelmsford TV at the High Chelmer shopping centre mean for your business?


here else in Chelmsford can you target an average of 170,000 potential • Wcustomers per week? ee your company and brand on our screens 10 hours per day, 7 days a • Sweek for a minimum visibility of 1100 plays per week.

our business can broadcast television quality advertising to display on 4 • Ylarge format NEC LCD screens every 15 minutes, every day for duration of your subscription.

alkway Media does not charge extra for advert creation, we also give you • Wa copy of your finished advertisement for your own marketing strategy and website use.

o thrust your advertising campaign into the public eye, Walkway Media will • TDOUBLE your weekly plays for the first two months at a minimum of 2000 plays. Demand for this opportunity is high and first-come-first-served options • are filling fast!

For a limited time we can offer 20 second broadcasts 4 times an hour on the High Chelmer screens for an exclusive rate of just £30 a week. (Quote WMCHELMSFORD) for this offer. The advertisement is purely visual but we can change the feature 4 times per annum at no extra cost, which can include new products, special offers, sales and other promotional material. Personally we would love to see your company on the channel, it is the perfect place for exposure for your company. The usual rate card for this opportunity is £600-£1200 per week for national advertisers, so it is genuinely a great deal.

I will personally be in the local area this Thursday and Friday and maybe next week. I would love the chance to come down and visit you. This will give me the chance to present to you how the system works and how we can expose your business to the huge audience at The High Chelmer Shopping centre Tony Hague, CEO +44(0)7590 554410

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