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Centreline Design Client Guide 1st Birthday and Cake Smash Portraits 2017

Welcome One of the things we forget is how quickly life changes. Your family is the most important thing in your life, capturing a moment in time with loved ones is priceless. As your photographer it is my goal to ensure that you love every aspect of your photography experience from booking your session to sharing the final products with your loved ones. I look forward to working with you and your family. This guide has been created to help you plan and prepare for our session together. Our studio is located in Lindsay Ontario, where the cake smash photo sessions take place. This makes it easier to set up the decor and be ready for when you arrive and I will clean up the cake mess afterwards. I can’t wait to meet your precious little one and create some art featuring your very own baby. All the best,


A year of smiles, laughs and so much fun! Your little one is turning


At Centreline Design we want to make this part easy for you.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3,

Step 1, choose your type of session. Newborn, Cake Smash etc.

Step 2, choose a collection that will fit your needs best!

Step 3, choose any additional products you would like.

Planning Your Session When we are scheduling your session, we will discuss what you envision from your child’s portrait session. I will consult with you to plan your session based around your personal style, colour perfences and how you plan to use your images as art for your home. We will discuss details for the session, preparation and answer any questions you have. Let me know when your child is their happiest, this is key to a successful cake smash. All decorations, props and banners for your session will be based on your colour preference and be provided for you. There is a few rompers, and diaper covers that can be used but feel free to bring an outfit of your choice for your session.

What to expect Cake smash sessions typically last 30-60 minutes, depending on how your child. Anytime around your child’s first birthday is perfect. Your baby sets the pace, allowing all the time needed for each stage of the session. A cake smash session has three distinct parts; 1) We start with some portraits without the cake, letting your child get used to the surroundings and lights in the studio. 2) Following this with be the cake smash. We can change into the cake smash outfit and to the cake setting. Cake and balloons are not provided so please bring a cake, and balloons if you wish. 3) Finally, we will clean it all up with a bubble bath for the fun and adorable splash portraits. We would be happy to provide a professional custom cake for $30. Please let me know when booking the session and I will arrange for the cake to be delivered so there is less stress on you! Please bring a change of clothes for your child, as the icing can quite literally get everywhere. A few of your child’s favourite toys may also be a good idea for comforting and distracting at the beginning of the session.

Investment The creative session fee covers the pre-session consultation in person or by phone, your portrait session in studio, post session editing and a reveal viewing/ordering appointment at our studio or your home. It does not include any prints or products including digital images. The pre-consultation is to plan your session, and get you thinking about the products we offer. A reveal night is where you can first view your images and choose your photos and products you would like to order. All bookings are secured with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the session fee. The session fee balance is due at or before the session date.

Cake Smash Session Fee $50 - Pre-session consultation via phone, e-mail or in person - 1/2 -1 hour in studio session (depending on how your child does with his/her cake) - Use of our collections of props and decorations - 5-30+ handcrafted proofs - Reveal viewing/ordering appointment - Online gallery of purchased images to share with loved ones

Rescheduling/Canceling If the client cancels a session for any reason, the client will lose the deposit. Photographer may reschedule the session due to illness or inclement weather and will work with client’s schedule to reschedule as soon as possible. If the client needs to re-book due to illness of anyone involved in the session, client will do his/her best to notify photographer at least 48 hours prior to the session. The rescheduled session must take place within 4 weeks of the original session date, otherwise deposit will be forfeited.

Cake Smash Collections

You are welcome to create your own collection using the A La Carte products on the following page.

Bronze Collection $50 20 minutes (Mini birthday session) 1 set, no cake smash 5 Digital Files Online Gallery Print credit $20

Gold Collection $350

1 hour session, 2-3 sets 30+ All Digital Files Online Gallery 5x7 Prints of all Images 1 - 11x14 Display Mount or Canvas Gallery Wrap 1 - Brag Book (Small or Large) *Bonus Slide Show

Silver Collection $150 1 hour session, 2-3 sets 15 Digital Files Online Gallery Proof Book of 4x6 prints Additional prints 2 - 8x10 1 - 11x14

Platinum Collection $550 1 hour session, 2-3 sets 30+ All Digital Files Online Gallery 1 Digital Collage 5x7 Prints of all Images 1 - Centreline’s Deluxe Mini Album 2 - 8x10 Mounted Prints Print credit $100 *Bonus Slide Show

A La Carte Products You are welcome to add products to any collection. Minimum purchase $150 without purchasing a collection. Product details on following pages.

WALL ART Prices Prints 4x6 $1.25 5x7 $2.50 8x10 $12 8x12 $15 10x10 $18 11x14 $25 12x12 $30 12x18 $35 Following sizes comes dry mounted ready for framing

16x20 $65 20x30 $100 24x36 $170 30x40 $230

ALBUM Prices

Display Mounts

Canvas Gallery Wrap

5x7 $60 8x10 $70 8x12 $85 11x14 $130 10x30 $190 16x20 $200 20x30 $325 24x36 $425

5x7 $90 8x10 $125 10x10 $130 11x14 $150 12x12 $150 12x18 $175 16x16 $220 16x20 $235 20x30 $350 24x36 $450

Black Framed Print 8x10 $125 8x12 $140 10x10 $130 11x14 $150 12x12 $150 12x18 $200 16x16 $220 16x20 $235 20x30 $350 24x36 $450 30x40 $800

Centreline’s Deluxe Album 8x8 Starting at $450 8x10 Starting at $600 10x10 Starting at $700

The Standard Album 8x10 Starting at $250 10x10 Starting at $300 Canvas & Photo Suede Cover $65

Metal Print 4x6 $35 5x7 $55 8x10 $85 8x12 $105 10x10 $125 11x14 $150 12x18 $165 16x20 $250 20x30 $400

Centreline’s Deluxe Mini Album 4x5 Starting at $250 4x5 (Set of 2) Starting at $350

SPECIALITY ITEMS Prices Digital Files 1 File $25 5 Files $100 10 Files $160 20 Files $250 30 Files $350

Slideshow 1 slideshow $150

Mounted Prints

24 Announement Cards

5x7 $20 8x10 $30 11x14 $50 12x12 $65 16x20 $100 20x30 $150

Flat 2-sided Cards 4x5.5 $45 5x7 $55 5x7 $75 di-cut

Matted Prints 5x7 (3.5x5 Print) $15 8x10 (5x7 Print) $20 11x14 (8x10 Print) $35 12x12 (10x10 Print) $40 16x20 (11x14 Print & thick backing) $60 20x24 (16x20 Print & thick backing) $85

Folded 2 sided cards 4x5.5 $70 5x7 $85 Deluxe Envelopes available for $15/pack of 24

Brag Books 2.5x3.5 Mini $45 (12 Panels)

3.5x5 Large $50 (8 Panels)


Presentation Box

Standard Image Box

5x7 $180 8x10 $200 11x14 $250 12x12 $250

4x6 Slim $70 4x6 Deep $75 5x7 $75 8x10 $85

Set of 15 Mounted Prints

Set of 15 Matted Prints

Set of 15 Presentation Prints

15 - 5x7 $200 15 - 8x10 $225 15 - 11x14 $315 15 - 12x12 $350

15 - 5x7 $300 15 - 8x10 $400 15 - 11x14 $600 15 - 12x12 $750


15 - 5x7 $250 15 - 8x10 $350 15 - 11x14 $500 15 - 12x12 $550

Wall Art for Your Home There are many ways to display your new beautiful portraits of your family and many things to consider while finding the right art for you. It is important to find what style suits your home best and I can help you choose the best photographs and products for you. It can be bold or calm, abstract or traditional but whatever your choose, it should be something you are exciting and proud to share with family and friends. Consider what you have to spend as we create your wall gallery, I will do my best to work within your budget. I can also provide a payment plan if you would to make a gallery you love and pay for it over time. Every wall gallery is different as the scale can be as large or small as you’d like. By taking a photo of your space I can digitally show you different gallery examples before anything is ordered. Let’s work together to create beautiful art work for your home. Below is a example of 3 - 20x30 Canvases.

Gallery Examples




These are simple gallery examples to get you thinking about your space. Please ask about any other product prices you are interested in. Prices listed below are for Canvas Gallery Wrap.



Play Room $950 1 - 20x30 and 4 -11x14

Bedroom $820 1 - 20x30 and 2 - 16x20

Living Room $920 20x30


1 - 24x36 and 2 - 16x20

16x20 16x20



Nursery $820 1 - 20x30 and 2 - 16x20

Fireplace $1050 1 - 24x36 and 4 - 11x14

Staircase $835 1 - 16x20 and 4 11x14

Rec Room $1150




1 - 24x36 and 2 - 20x30






Other Gallery Ideas Option A $475 1 - 12x18 and 2 - 12x12 Option B $650 2 - 12x18 and 2 - 12x12 Option C $1170 9 - 10x10 11x14

Option D $705 3 - 16x20


16x20 11x14 11x14












C 10x10

D 16x20




Product Details At Centreline Design we strive to offer a large selection of products you will love. With the highest quality materials for all of our products we are sure you will not be disappointed. All products are made here in Canada keeping the price and timeline reasonable. Shipping may be applied to your order if you are unable to pick up your order at the studio.

Prints We are proud to provide reliable colour consistency in our photographic prints. We use professional printers and software to maintain our high quality standards. The printers and working screens are calibrated constantly to ensure the best quality of printing.

Display Mount Display Mounts are completely finished and ready to hang. Photos printed on the same beautiful photo paper with archival UV laminate and mounted 7/8” thick. With hand painted edges using up to four layers and a beveled edge for a seamless finish. Edges available in either black, white, pale grey or brown.

Canvas Gallery Wrap These 1.5” thick canvases are one of the most popular products. These are hand-stretched by professionals using the finest quality archival canvas on solid wood stretchers using real pigment inks. All canvases are coated with archival laminates for extra protection and durability. Each canvas wrap is reinforced with a front face board for extra strength. The back of the canvas has a finished cover and is ready to hang.

Metal Print Metal printing is just that – printing on Metal. We use a special high heat sublimation process to create durable images on aluminum panels that are ready to display or hang. The specially treated aluminum panels absorb the image inside the coating and not on top, resulting in images that have an amazing depth. These prints have a similar lifespan to traditional photographic prints. *Tiny imperfections will occasionally be present in the surface of the metal.

Keepsake Image Boxes ~ Standard Image Box These are an economical alternative to the Deluxe image box. Standard image boxes offer custom cover printed on photo lustre paper with a lamination coating or your choice of material. (Material samples can be seen in the studio) The inner compartment of the box is premade with black or white cardstock, finished with a satin ribbon. Box comes empty. 4x6 Slim (Holds 100 Prints White Only) 4x6 Deep (Holds 200 Prints White or Black) 5x7 Slim (Holds 50 Prints White Only) 8x10 Slim (Holds 30 Prints White Only)

Presentation Box These hand made boxes are custom made to order in 4 different sizes. Cover choices include Leatherettes, Linens and Faux Silks. Choose your interior material and ribbon colour. Presentation boxes are a unique alternative to a traditional album. Use with matted prints or Presentation prints. Box comes empty.

Presentation & Mounted Prints Presentation Prints are a stunning new alternative to traditional albums. These are double sided photo prints that have an archival laminate and are mounted onto 2mm Styrene. Mounted prints are the same quailty as presentation prints but only one sided. Presentation and mounted prints go along great with the image boxes. Use a small easel and display a mounted photo and then put in it your image box and pull a new photo to display. Sizes are approximate, up to 1/8” will be trimmed on all edges

Matted Prints

Brag Books

These acid free mats have a finished cardstock backing. Matted prints come with your photos assembled and packaged in its own archival safe resealable bag. Matted prints can also be used with the image boxes, or put them right into your favourite frame. Mats come in white only.

These adorable little accordion books make great pocket sized photo gifts for anyone! Each book is printed using premium press printed card stock with a hand made cover. Covers come in your choice of a photo, leatherette or linen. Photo covers are made with archival photo lustre print and laminated.

Mats cover 1/4” around each side of the image.

Centreline’s Deluxe Album These are beautiful albums featuring hand made covers and full double page panoramic spreads. The covers come in either a photo with a smooth suede finish to it, or your choice of a faux silk/leatherette cover. Additional pages and sizes available.

Centreline’s Deluxe Mini Album This mini album has all the same quality material as the larger album but is smaller. These are great for family/newborn photos for your parents to hold on to. The covers come in either a photo with a smooth suede finish to it, or your choice of a faux silk/leatherette cover. Additional pages and sizes available.

The Standard Album The Standard Album is an exquisite and unique book that has the pages scored to give the lay flat look. Leatherette or Linen cover is included in the cost and a photo cover option is available for $55 extra.

Press Cards We are proud to offer the highest quality cards for all occasions. These cards are printed on both sides and print using real liquid inks. The linen cardstock has a beautiful texture like finely woven cloth and yet a smooth feel to the touch. We can customize your cards for your baby’s birth announcements, save the dates, thank you cards, holiday cards and much more. There is also four options for a di-cut flat 5x7 card for a unique modern look. All cards include white envelopes and come in sets of 24. Ask about our Deluxe Envelopes that compliment your design with four bold colours to choose from. Silver, Pearl, Black, Red or Kraft. Sold in sets of 24. Di-cut examples

Digital Images 1 File = one image of your choice. Digital Images will be added to an online gallery where you can view and download from, or share with family. 705.928.8699

Cake Smash Sessions 2017