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sharing and learning about food security and healthy food choices. After years of consultation and construction, a greenhouse, community bake oven, gardening plots and an orchard of fruit trees have now been built and planted, literally setting the table not only for growing food but for growing relationships between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Now that the table has been set, it is very exciting to see

the number of local residents and agencies bringing their best to the party, including the folks at CSI Regent Park who are spearheading a Community Potluck program. It is also thrilling to see so many others making plans to use the new physical infrastructure to teach and to learn, to bake bread and break bread together, to use food as a foundation on which to grow a healthy new community. Let the growing begin.

CSI’s Turnout Toronto hosted 500 people for a civic engagement fair at CSI Regent Park. Photo by Chris DePaul

Foodie Members LOLIWARE CSI NYC alumni LOLIWARE is flipping the disposable cup industry on its head with its biodegradable and edible cups designed to complement a variety of beverages. Imagine sipping on a drink while snacking on your cup! Not hungry? You can always compost it. Made entirely of vegan, biodegradable ingredients, LOLIWARE is a tasty alternative to disposable cups destined for the landfill. LOLIWARE has been featured in TIME, WIRED, Entrepreneur, The Oprah Magazine, and others.

Iroquois Valley Farms Offering a uniquely corporate and indefinitely scalable opportunity to benefit from the production of healthy and nutritious foods, Iroquois Valley Farms makes impact investments in

local and organic agriculture, supporting sustainable food production and the mid-size family farmer. They’ve purchased over 2,500 acres of farmland, all of which is certified organic, or in transition to organic production. The farmland is leased through long-term tenancies to farmers independently operating their own family-farm businesses, earning investors a return while making a difference.

Cultivate Toronto Formed in 2009, Cultivate Toronto reconnects communities with local food by turning Toronto’s backyards into a sustainable source of fresh, organic food. Fuelled by a passion for healthy living, local organic produce and environmental responsibility, their Community Shared Agriculture Program contributes to sustainable urban living through providing the freshest, tastiest, urban-grown produce to GTA residents.


The Collider - Volume 2. Issue 2.  

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