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Volume 38 Issu e 2 SUMMER 2013

Volume 38, Issue 1



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Volume 38, Issue 2

MINISTER’S MESSAGE Rev. Dr. Christine Jerrett


All God’s People are Ministers

One of my favourite scripture passages is Ephesians 4: 1-16. Nestled at the centre of Paul’s letter to the Christian church in Ephesus, it provides a radical description of the Church. Paul begins describing the church not by what it does, nor by its governance structure. Paul begins by describing the environment or culture of the Church:

That’s who we are: blessed with every spiritual blessing, chosen, adopted, lavished with the riches of God’s grace. Wow! Is that how you think of the Church? Paul goes on to say that each person whom God draws into the Church, into Christ’s Body, is a gift. And, each of you, a gift from God, has been given gifts for ministry so that the Body of Christ is built up. I, therefore, the prisoner in the Lord, Somewhere along the road of Christian history, the beg you to lead a life worthy of the calling church began to draw a distinction between Christians to which you have been called, who are set apart for ‘paid professional ministry’ (as with all humility and gentleness, we call it in the United Church of Canada), and those with patience, bearing with one another in love, who are the ‘laity’. Somehow, the notion took hold that the ‘paid ministers’ were the real ministers. All the making every effort to maintain the unity other people in the church were volunteers, helpers, of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (potential) committee members. (Ephesians 1: 1-3) The early church knew no such distinction. All The “therefore” refers to the first three chapters of the disciples of Jesus are ministers. They are given the Holy Spirit in their baptism and the Spirit gives gifts for letter in which Paul tells us who we are: ministry. For many people, that ministry takes place We are... outside the congregation’s building and structures and blessed by the God and Father committees – in the places where they live and work and play. They are called by God to share in Christ’s of our Lord Jesus Christ, ministry of healing and reconciliation in the world. who has blessed us in Christ According to Paul, the work of the with every spiritual blessing congregation’s leadership is to ‘equip the saints for in the heavenly places, ministry’. The leadership is to nurture, train, just as he chose us in Christ support all the people of the congregation as they live before the foundation of the world as Christ’s representatives out in the world. to be holy and blameless before him in love. Over the next few months, I invite you to ‘host’ He destined us for adoption this passage of scripture. What do you wonder as you read and pray and ‘stand under’ it? In what ways would as his children through Jesus Christ, the church change if we took this scripture seriously? according to the good pleasure of his will, I look forward to hearing your reflections. to the praise of his glorious grace

that he freely bestowed on us in the Beloved... according to the riches of his grace that he lavished on us.


(Ephesians 3: 3-8)

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Volume 38, Issue 2


It’s hard to believe that summer will soon be here. I’m already into the routine of saying good-bye to folks who are heading off to their cottages for the next few months. And the signs of life, commitment and activity at Central continue to be many. Here are a few activities which have inspired me in the last few months. The Sunday School was a lively place again this year. The teachers, Leslie Fraleigh, Lauren Kilbreath, Kathleen McIntosh, Elizabeth McDonald, and Brooke Penner, provided the children with a variety of Bible stories and activities. The Rice Krispie fund-raiser for Widel was a huge success. Thanks go to Kathleen McIntosh, the organizer, and to all those who provided and those who enthusiastically purchased the gooey treats. The children’s wonderful Easter artwork has been photographed and will be used to make cheery greeting cards for Seniors. The Sunday School programme came to an end on May 26th. During worship, teachers were recognized and thanked for their work during the year. From now until the start-up of Sunday School in the Fall, children are encouraged to participate in worship with their parents. Children’s bulletins, stories and drawing materials are available for them to use in the sanctuary and in the chapel. The Nursery was bursting at the seams some Sundays, and comfortably full on others. Kathy Owens continued to organize and coordinate the work there. I had fun purchasing many new story books and puppets over the past few months, and am still on the lookout for some more giant Bible story puzzles. The Nursery will be open to welcome children all summer. The air conditioner installed by the Property Committee makes that possible. Thanks to the large group of volunteers that make the Nursery a wonderful place for young children - Kathy Owens, Viv Scott, Jocelyn Moberly, Paula McLean, Kathleen McIntosh, Roxie Jean, Brooke Penner, Lauren Kilbreath, Jeannette Patterson, Jamie Bell, Leslie Fraleigh, Jamie Hutchinson, Carrie Jibb, Sarah Luttrell, Genevieve McLaughlin, and Rebecca (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Park. What an amazing group of people! The art show which accompanied Psalmfest was a huge success. Central has a large number of people who are involved in and who appreciate visual arts. The thirteen artists, most from Central, and two from our neighbouring church, St Andrews, were all enthusiastic about participating. Their varied and amazing work (watercolours, acrylics, oils, collage, and photography) inspired all who saw it and helped them to appreciate the amazing images in the Psalms. Thanks go to all of them for participating and generously showing their artwork. Several artists, including myself, had artwork for sale, and were successful in selling. Shifting gears entirely - moving into the new organizational structure has brought together committees who previously worked separately and reported on their work at Session. Outreach and Pastoral Care, for example, is now one committee. I have noticed that the members are beginning to make rich connections between these two areas of work, and possibilities for new projects are emerging. The same thing is happening with Worship and Spiritual Formation (previously called Christian Education). Soon a sheet showing the new structure and who the members of each committee are will be available for all of us to look at and learn from. Great things are in process at Central - and there is much more to come.

Central’s Sunday School teachers and children were honoured during the worship service, May 26. The children were given certificates and gifts. Teachers were presented with flowering plants by the Sunday School children.


Volume 38, Issue 2


My St*r Word

FROM THE EDITOR Margaret Selassie

They say that there are only two certainties in life – death and taxes. I believe there are a lot of other certainties as well. One that is facing me right now is change. No matter what our stage of life changes are occurring continually. I am sitting at a computer writing this article. I don’t believe I touched a computer until I was in my thirties and now I spend a good deal of my time every day working, searching, communicating, and playing on my computer. I suppose there were a few visionaries around who saw early on the effect that the computer would have on our lives. However, I was not one of them. Like all change, the introduction of the computer into my life has been both positive and negative. I am in the process of revising the program that I facilitate at my workplace. I have spent six years complacently following a comfortable format, delivering a valuable service to the women who come to my group. Now, our funding agency has changed the mandate and I am reworking, discarding and adding new material to a package that I thought worked exceptionally well. I have no idea at this point how successful this transition will be. I am excited by the challenge and yet apprehensive at the same time. I know there will be “bumps” in the road ahead, but that happened in the early days of our former program. Change is good, isn’t it? I have my concerns, however… With each edition of Wheels, for sometime now, I have been focussing on my Star Word. If you are a regular reader and can recall the recent reflections,

my Star Word this year is STABILITY. I wasn’t going to write about stability this time around. I felt that there was too much instability in my life right now. I was looking for another topic. I put off this task until everything else for Wheels was finished. I began to examine why I couldn’t think of what to write. I felt off-balance. Well, what is the opposite of being off-balance – it is stability. So I went back to the Psalms that we had been reading for Lent. There is a great deal of chaos and instability depicted throughout these passages. However, the Psalmist continually comes back to the image of the rock. This is a perfect mental model for stability. “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer” Psalm 18:2 “He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” Psalm 40:2 “The Lord is upright; he is my Rock.” Psalm 92:15 The changes that we all face in our daily lives can seem daunting; however, they can also bring new insights and personal growth and new ways to serve our communities. Holding onto that image of the rock of and of stability and of groundedness, will help to still the anxiety that uncertainty brings. Change is all around us – it is a certainty and deserves mention along with death and taxes. But underneath all of this there is the certainty that we do have a rock to support us throughout the changes that we experience. God bless you and may you have a wonderful summer.

You’re invited to participate in Sarnia’s


The Mission -- To grow healthier communities, one tomato at a time. The One Tomato Project wants you to plant a tomato plant, or any vegetable, this year. Grow whatever you like to eat, eat as much of it as you can, and donate the rest to a local food bank. It’s as simple as that! Be really excited that you grew, and ate, one tomato from a plant that you’ve nurtured. On June 2nd, tomato plants were made available at Central United for everyone to take home and plant. The instructions were simple: When you have surplus tomatoes or vegetables, bring them to the Inn of the Good Shepherd or bring them to the worship service and we’ll make sure they get there. If you are able to help take tomatoes to the Inn in the summer, please speak to Rev. Christine. They would need to be taken on Monday. (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Volume 38, Issue 2


And a Wonderful Time Was Had by All… Rev. Dr. Mary Anne MacFarlane’s 40th Year in the Ministry Celebration

by Mary Purves

Sunday, June 2nd, saw the congregation of Central United Church and invited guests celebrate Mary Anne MacFarlane’s 40th Anniversary in Ministry. Lower Turner Hall was festive, decked out in Mary Anne’s favorite colour – purple. Tablecloths, in bright spring shades of pink, yellow, green, lilac and blue featured centrepieces of potted African violets. Arrangements of lilacs and purple irises were displayed about the room. Attendees enjoyed delicious sandwiches, relishes and selections of fruit. Anniversary cake, both chocolate and white completed the lunch. Special thanks to our efficient ‘church ladies’ for their help in organizing and serving the lunch. Fred Abma was our official shutterbug, taking lots of photos to document the occasion. The Accidentals, Val and Ted Stewart, Dave Butler and Dick Foubister played a number of songs, specifically requested by the guest of honour. Lots of clapping, toe-tapping and singing along to the familiar songs. Mary Anne shared a number of amusing stories from her 40 years of ministry including the ‘fainting Saskatchewan Roughrider’, who while he contended he was ok prior to his wedding, (Mary Anne’s third wedding to perform) keeled over in a dead faint, directly onto Mary Anne. Mary Anne quoted a line from Professor Kelly, one of her teachers at Emmanuel College, ‘Ministry is a dangerous and dignified profession’. Mary Anne was presented with a gift certificate to Olive’s Restaurant from the congregation. This congregational luncheon provided us with a lovely opportunity to congratulate Mary Anne on her 40 years in Ministry and to thank her for her dedication, compassion and commitment to the congregation of Central United. Center photo: Rev. MacFarlane with her brother, Bill. This photo: “The Accidentals” performs in Rev. MacFarlane’s 40th Year in Ministry celebration.

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Volume 38, Issue 2

News from Tony Wellington Many of you will remember that a few years ago we hosted three visitors from Jamaica for a week: Rev. Folkes, Rev. Mark Stewart, and Tony Wellington. Tony and his family moved to New York State two or three years ago. Rev. Folkes has kept in touch regularly and always sends his greetings to the congregation at Central. On May 30th, I received a phone call from Tony Wellington who sends his greetings to all of you. Some of you will remember that last fall Tony was trying to get his driver's licence in order to be able to get more work (jobs that required him to be able to drive). Some of us sent some money to him to help pay for the lessons that are required in the state of New York. The good news is that he now has his licence. He is grateful for our help. Alice continues to work as a PSW, getting home care assignments a few days a week. Denmar, their youngest son, graduates from grade 8 this June and is getting ready to go into high school. He doesn't run like he used to --- now he plays football! In February, their oldest son, Anthony, was diagnosed with leukemia. He was in hospital for a little over a month. He now gets monthly chemotherapy treatments. However, the chemo will only keep the disease in check. He needs a bone marrow transplant. The family has been tested but none of them was a match. Tony is in the process of contacting his extended family and encouraging them to get tested. They are also waiting to see if a match can be found through the Bone Marrow Registry. Tony has asked all of us to keep them in your prayers, asking God to provide someone for the bone marrow transplant and for healing for Anthony. Please pass this message along to anyone else who met Tony while he was here in Canada and asking for their prayers as well. ***

Congratulations, Rev. Geiger!

Reverend Gordon Geiger was among those honoured during the annual meeting of London Conference in London on May 24-26. Rev. Geiger, a former minister at Central United Church, did not attend the event honouring those retiring and those who had served the church for 50 plus years. Reverend Geiger was ordained 65 years ago. Reverend Geiger sent a message, thanking the London Conference, but saying that he thought since he was 91 it was best he stayed home. Congratulations, Reverend Geiger. Central United appreciates your sharing of your gifts and faith with us over the years.


Lekan Taofik has finished his studies at Lambton College. He has moved to Edmonton, Alberta and has a desktop support contract position at Stream-flo Industries in Edmonton. He sends his greetings to the congregation.

Congratulations, Lekan!

Terry’s Song The current issue of The Gathering (Pentecost 1, 2013) has one of Terry Fletcher’s hymns. Terry Fletcher, a former active member of Central United Church, is preparing for ordination. His song, "God of All Blessings", on Page 40 of The Gathering, is sung to the traditional Irish tune Bunessan, which is familiar to us as we use it for "Morning Has Broken" (VU 409). Terry wrote that after a thoroughly enjoyable course on Church Music taught by Dr. John Derksen at the Atlantic School of Theology last summer. He was inspired and wrote several hymns which have been sung by local choirs and congregations. He has invited us to give it a try.

Brain Injury Association Request

The Brain Injury Association has asked for our assistance with their spring 2014 Alice in Wonderland theme tea. They are looking for donations for decorating their venue, such as cups and saucers, tea pots and wind-up clocks. Please contact Gloria Finch if you would like to donate any of these items. (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Volume 38, Issue 2


A Modern Reflection on Romans 8:18-25

Given the recent news release from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, (CERN) confirming the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, this reflection seemed quite topical and appropriate. Slant by Maren Tirabassi Time suffers – time folds and warps, lags and weighs and bends in the heart and in the galaxies, and the creation is waiting and longing; the creation is trying to pull itself up by its ferns and eels and aardvarks out of the futility of oil slick and extinction, out of genetically modified and globally warmed,

hoping maybe, maybe, maybe -the children will grab hold of what is not really a revelation to a beetle -you can’t just piss and poison it all. And the creation has groaned all these eons of sacred evolving from a bondage of stardust and muon, through Higgs Boson in wild collision and a decay of hadron and electron

Theological Reflection for Retirees Theological Reflections was given by Dan Benson during the London Conference Annual Meeting May 24 – 26, 2013. Rev. Gordon R. Geiger of London was one of the seven jubilands honored during a special service. He is a past minister at Central United Church. His photograph is on the wall with the other former ministers. In Gratitude to the Retirees and Jubilands. It's a wonderful, blessed event when we celebrate and honour the lives and ministry of our colleagues. These are people who have served Christ's church and God's mission faithfully, diligently, and honourably for a long time. They are blessed and have been a blessing in London Conference. But, more than that, they have been a servant of the church in the broadest sense of the word. We celebrate 9 retirees and 7 jubilands. On the one hand, I'm at a bit of a disadvantage to speak about their work -- I don't believe I've had the pleasure or honour of knowing any of them as well as many of you have But, as head of communications, I do have an insider information about them, that might be interesting, through the Year Book. Although many of our colleagues were ordained (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741

into the Spirit stuff of freedom and glory. We, too, are groaning because what we see of creation seems to be our terrible undoing of the world. But hope seen is never really hope, so underneath, children and creation together wait for a quantum of redemption that was and is and will be always enough.

right here in London Conference, and possibly very close to the spot we're standing, others were ordained in other conferences across the country, and as far away as the Church of South India. Many have spent much of the ministry in London Conference and as far afield as Bermuda, United States, Scotland, and Australia. They have also served the church across this vast country in every Conference. Well, almost every conference. A notable exception is that I couldn't find a record of any of you going to Newfoundland and Labrador. And, as a Newfie on my Mother's side, we have to have a talk. Friends, the colleagues we recognize this evening have, together, served the United Church of Canada for more than 640 years, at over 150 calls and appointments. Roughly speaking, that 31,756 services and about 8,216 hours of preaching. Sort of makes your head swim, doesn't it? And God alone knows, how many baptisms, weddings, funerals, bible-studies, cream-teas and bake-sales, painting bees and counselling sessions. And it may be best not to think about how many presbytery meetings, church board meetings, and 'visioning' retreats. On behalf of the United Church of Canada and God's people across this nation, we give thanks and say. Well done, good and faithful servants. *** 8

Volume 38, Issue 2

Mercy Ships

About four years ago, a young area doctor and his family volunteered for two years aboard this ship and sparked the interest of many of us in the congregation. Here is an update of the services provided by this program: • Performed more than 67,000 life-changing operations such as cleft lip and palate, cataract removal, straightening of crossed eyes, orthopaedic and facial reconstruction. The operations are free to patients. • Treated more than 572,000 patients in village medical and dental clinics. Educated more than 5,800 local health care workers, who have in turn trained multiple thousands in primary health care. • Trained more than 32,100 local professionals in their areas of expertise (anaesthesiology, midwifery, instrument sterilization, orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery, leadership). • Completed more than 1,100 community development projects focusing on water and sanitation, education, infrastructure development and agriculture.


Worship and Christian Education The newly amalgamated Committee of Worship and Christian Education has a new chair. Gloria Finch has agreed to chair the meetings. Jeannette Paterson will be the secretary for the group. The committee discussed names for the new group, but agreed to discuss this further at the next meeting. Gloria Finch and Fred Abma agreed to represent the committee at the Church Board. The dinner meeting was held on May 23 at the home of Christine Jerrett. Attending were: Rev. Christine Jerrett, Linda Crooks, Gloria Finch, Rebecca Park, Bob Towers, Nancy Andrews, Jeannette Paterson, Joyce and Fred Abma. The committee discussed the new format for the beginning of the service. Concern was expressed that members of the congregation may not know what to do during the musical prelude that follows the announcements. It was suggested that the congregation might be encouraged to pray and a printed prayer could be provided. The need to plan for the Sunday School program for the fall was discussed. A planning team was discussed and volunteers will be sought to meet together with Mary Anne MacFarlane to develop the program. The Worship schedule was reviewed. Joyce and Fred Abma agreed to lead worship on July 14 and the Community Garden group will lead worship on July 21. Worship leaders are being sought for a number of other dates, including Anniversary Sunday. The Outreach Committee will be invited to lead worship for one Sunday in the fall. Bob Towers, the music director, discussed some ideas for future musical events, including a performance by the Dofasco Choir. He will contact the Dofasco Choir as to their availability in the spring of 2014. Committee members said they were disappointed that they did not feel they were able to accept the Choir’s offer to come in the spring of 2013, due to previous commitments. Bob Towers was encouraged to develop a team to help him promote and plan for special events in the church. Committee members said that it was difficult to get the volunteers to organize these events. Rev. Christine Jerrett was asked about the development of the people in the congregation as lay readers and worship leaders. Rev. Jerrett said she was pleased that the congregation was signing up to read scripture on a schedule posted in the hall outside the sanctuary. Gloria Finch suggested that a learning event might be considered for the fall for further development of these skills. The next meeting will be held in August.

(519) 344—4561 / 344—9741

*** 9

Volume 38, Issue 2

Outreach and Pastoral Care Our participation in the Give-Away project held at Temple Baptist this spring was appreciated and we voted $500 to be given to help with the expenses of the next event in August. Approximately 80 spring potted plants were delivered (co-ordinated by David and Cathy Hockin) to shut-ins and for other special needs in April. Happy Cookers They have filled the freezer for Pastoral Care needs during the summer. Phone callers Nancy Andrews is coordinating this and hopes to make it a small group. Historic Roll Carol Keller and Janet Mountain are assisting Mary Anne and Mary Purves updating the roll. Vouchers Jamie and Mary Pole coordinated the project. 450 vouchers were given out and there are 350 available for next year. The Poles will co-ordinate again. Computers 140 people used the lab in April. IT volunteers Jim LaPlante, Norm Lamoureux and Jim Savage are invaluable to the success of the lab. There are 15 computers and some bring laptops; all access the printers and WiFi. The One Tomato Project is underway. Community Garden Fred Abma, Gloria Finch and Nancy Andrews are leading this project and operating it as a small group.




Terms of Reference SPRING for the Committee F LOWER These have been discussed and will be finalized in the fall. PROJECT St Clair Child and Youth 2013 We donated $500 to their Doula program for mothers of babies. This year, 70 kalanchoe plants were Outreach/Pastoral Care delivered, using a list created by Mary Sunday in the fall: Anne, to members of our Central The last 2 years we have family who are shut-ins, bereaved, had a speaker from the Inn of the new parents, or ill. Good Shepherd. We discussed the They were delivered in midpossibility of having a couple of April by a group of willing, cheerful other speakers from local agencies volunteers. It was decided to wait that we support financially speak until after Easter this year. The plants this year. came in many different colours with Pastoral Care Visits matching wrappers on the pots. The We discussed the ongoing plants were accompanied by a card problem of how to ease the over- which included verses from Romans whelming aspect of this ministry chapter 8, “Who then can separate us from Mary Anne MacFarlane. A from the love of Christ…” meeting will be held in September. Many, many thank you Small Group notes were received. The plants Our committee will operate were complimented, and so were as a small group each month as the delivery people—everyone it meets. What this means is that enjoyed the visit, and felt glad to be we will get to know one another remembered by their church family! better, spend time in prayer, have a devotional time and hold one another up in prayer between Below photo: Central’s Ebenezer social group had a great time bowling at Marcin meetings. Bowl in Point Edward in May with lots

(519) 344—4561 / 344—9741

of laughter and fun. Cheryl and Grant Mackenzie with the help of Viv and Wayne Scott organized the evening this month.


Volume 38, Issue 2


Spring Rummage and Garage Sale Central United Church’s Spring Rummage and Garage Sale was a great success, raising $2,923.45 for the Mission and Service Fund and Central United Church general fund. Other items collected were sent to the following organizations: Goodwill Industries, Rayjon, Inn of the Good Shepherd - Genesis Program, Women’s Interval Home, Humane Society and the Brain Injury Association, Sarnia. Gloria Finch and Nancy Andrews, this spring’s co-ordinators, were particularly gratified by the response of the congregation as the future of the sale was in jeopardy this year after the United Church Women, UCW, ended their co-ordination of the project. The UCW relinquished their role due to their dwindling and aging leadership. Jean Gordon, the longtime co-ordinator, met with the new co-ordinators early in the planning stage to pass on her knowledge. Gloria Finch and Nancy Andrews met with the past table conveners to discuss the upcoming event and found that many of those involved wanted to continue this project. Gloria Finch said that she saw the Rummage Sale/Garage Sale as part of the mission of the church, promoting the values of recycling and reuse. It also promotes a great spirit of community. She said she was pleased that the publicity reached the people in most need of the service in our community. The small group concept was introduced in that a brief time of prayer was held at the meetings and each day of the sale. Nancy Andrews said that this was a good way to remind us of why we are doing this. Thanks must go to all the conveners of the tables:

At a wrap-up meeting following the sale, organizers discussed what worked well, the changes introduced this year and mentioned some ideas about future sales. Gloria Finch gave a special thanks to Pat Phillips for her continuing support throughout the sale. A number of the members agreed to convene tables in the fall should someone volunteer to co-ordinate the project in the fall. Gloria said that the co-ordination was not onerous, with all the support she got, but once a year was all she wanted to do. Since that meeting, Pat Phillips has volunteered to co-ordinate the fall sale. So, hurray! We can start collecting for the next sale. See announcement for Fall Sale on page 15.

Attic Treasures - Lorraine Butler; Books - Ada Shaw; Check out - Pat Phillips; Children - Eileen Wilson; Garage Sale - Tony d'Arne; Jewelry - Margaret Matson; Linen/Drapes - Betty Jones; Plants - Joyce Abma; Shoes/Belts - Midge Foubister; Float - Dorothy Arton; Publicity - Nancy Andrews and Lorraine Butler; Also thanks to the Dunlop Scouts who set up our tables. (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Volume 38, Issue 2

On April 28, 2013, Central’s building was filled with art and music and artists and musicians and people who enjoyed a wonderful afternoon. Psalm and Art Fest was a part of a project by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship whose aim was to promote the use of the psalms in Christian worship and spiritual growth. At Central, we began engaging the psalms during the seasons of Lent and Easter. Worship services included a focus on the psalms that were in the lectionary. Individual and groups in the congregation were encouraged to pray the psalms throughout the seasons -- in words, in silence, through art.


On Sunday, April 28th, 11 artists filled the gymnasium with beautiful artwork. In the sanctuary, 4 choirs sang a diverse selection of psalms while the gathered crowd joined in a number of pieces as well. The psalms were largely drawn from the book Psalms for All Seasons. Why the psalms? The psalms teach us to pray our whole lives to God. They give us language for our joy and our sorrow, our anger and our hurt, our wonder and our gratitude. They provide us with prayers that are deep enough for our most profound experiences of living. Many thanks to all who helped make the Psalm and Art Fest the rich celebration that it was.

Men from the Central Computer Group

Jean Dunn Luncheon Women of Central United enjoy a lovely memorial luncheon for Jean Dunn at Dunlop United Church June 5th. Jean Dunn, a long-time active member of the UCW, had provided funds in her will for a luncheon for the women of the church because she felt the women rarely sat down to enjoy a meal together and socialize as they were usually serving meals. (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741

(L-R): Jim Lapointe, John Cochrane, and Norm Lamoureux


Volume 38, Issue 2


Parlour Kitchen Upgrades WonderCafe and Faith and Friendship were amazed by the new double stainless steel sink and water on demand in the parlour kitchen. Thanks you to Jamie Pole and Wayne Scott from Central's Stewards for listening and for their problem solving. Hurray!

COMMUNITY GARDEN The temperature this spring has varied from 4 degrees to 30 degrees and we have had frost which has hit some of the tomatoes leaves. We planted tomato plants from seeds donated from Fred and Joyce Abma and Margaret and Claire Chapman. The swiss chard and raddish seeds have popped their heads above ground. We haven't seen the green beans above the ground yet. Central's Community Garden Group meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Germain Park garden area. If you wish to join us for a picnic supper come earlier at 6 p.m. Bring a hoe or a lawn chair and watch Central's garden grow. If you would like to be part of this active group please speak to Nancy, Fred or myself. Keep up-to-date on the garden activity on Sarnia Facebook.

Fa it h & Fr ie n d sh ip

This late spring the Faith and Friendship group completed the study of the Book of Ruth. The study group explored Ruth's faithfulness and related it our own experience of God's faithfulness in our lives. This group continues to take prayer requests and to pray for members in our congregation. Several of the group gathered for a luncheon at the conclusion of the spring study.

(519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Volume 38, Issue 2


London Conference provided an opportunity to meet friends and make new ones, as well as do the work of the wider church. Here, from left to right are: Terry Fletcher, Dr. Mary Anne MacFarlane, Genevieve McLaughlin, Rev. Dr. Christine Jerrett, our lay representative, Elizabeth McDonald, Nancy Andrews, and Mary Fletcher. Mary and Terry, formerly of Central, are preparing for ordination next year. Photo taken at London Conference on May 24.

Rock The Bible For the whole month of June, join spiritual seekers coast to coast to rock the Bible from various perspectives and have a rockin’ time doing it. Join the “Rock The Bible” group on Facebook. Get ready to Rock The Bible! Connect with Central United Church on the web! (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741

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Transitions~ Volume 38, Issue 2



Jayden Wynne Fraleigh

Jack Alvin Kilbreath Brennen David Charles Penner

Mark your calendars. Start collecting your items.

Central United Fall Rummage/Garage Sale October 4 & 5, 2013 It’s coming. If you are willing to help, please call Pat Phillips, the coordinator, 519-542-0383. (519) 344—4561 / 344—9741


Calendar of Events June 2nd


June 2nd

Dr. Mary Anne MacFarlane’s 40 Years in Ministry Celebration

June 9th

Sarnia United Church Network - Out of Doors Worship Service

June 16th

Summer Worship Services Begins - Chapel

June 23rd

Susan Woodhouse in Central

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Fall Rummage/Garage Sale

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