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Community/ At the heart of Central Station is the community: a network of thousands of creative minds interacting with each other from all corners of the world. Community is where our members can meet like-minded people, find potential collaborators, tell people about their upcoming show, seek advice and offer feedback. Here they can document their process and invite people to comment on their work. They can start a group and bring people together or initiate debate on the message boards. Central Station offers the opportunity to discover artists who you wouldn’t have otherwise come across, offering the potential for collaboration or just inspiration. Central Station doesn’t pigeon hole creativity and as a result many of our members don’t fit into traditional artistic disciplines. They might be a writer exploring visual art, a designer who’s also interested in filmmaking or a photographer experimenting with digital media. Our members display a curiosity towards cross-discipline work and relish the breadth of content on the site, expressing an interest in music, performance and writing as well as art, design and film.

Central Station began its life in Glasgow and its roots are still visible. Whilst we exist as a global network we maintain a focus on the British creative scene and many of those checking in from far-flung locations have connections to the UK and are keen to keep abreast of developments in our cultural sphere. Take a look at a handful we’ve profiled here and find out how they make the site work for them.