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Calf Coats ....................................................................7p Direct-Fed Microbials .................................................4p Electrolytes .................................................................5p Housing .......................................................................6p Milk Replacers ............................................................5p Supplements .........................................................4p-5p


Animal Assistance ...................................................10p Dip Cups ....................................................................10p Direct-Fed Microbials ..................................................8p Fresh Cow ...................................................................9p Inoculant .....................................................................9p Sanitizer ....................................................................11p Udder Health ...............................................................11p


Testing Supplies ........................................................16p Test Kits & Shippers....................................................16p


Breeding Supplies .............................................12p-13p Heat Detection .........................................................12p Nitrogen Tanks ............................................................13p Reproduction Tools .................................................12p


Dewormer ................................................................14p Fly & Insect Control...........................................14p-15p


RFID Tags .................................................................17p RFID Stick Readers ..................................................18p Sheep & Goat Tags ..................................................18p Swine Tags ...............................................................18p Taggers and Accessories ........................................18p Visual Tags ........................................................17p-18p


UTREsept ....................................................................9p Evergreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate ......................15p

Products listed below can potentially be used in organic production. Verify with your certifier prior to use.

Prices are subject to change without notice. To confirm current prices and promotions call 800.631.3510.Shipping charges may apply. Products listed are merely distributed by CentralStar Cooperative and manufactured or processed by the company indicated. We make no warranties of any kind whatsoever, expressed or implied, which extend beyond all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In the unlikely event that any of the products or services shall be proven to be defective, damages from their use shall exclude consequential damages and be limited to their purchase price. Complete product and trademark information available at https://mycentralstar.com/product-information.

4XLA® .........................................................................10p Accel RS ......................................................................5p AZTEC GOLD™ ..........................................................10p BioFresh® Bolus .........................................................9p BioFresh® Plus Soluble ..............................................9p Bovine Accellyte II ......................................................9p Calf Accellyte................................................................5p Select BioCycle Plus™ .................................................8p Select BioCycle™ .........................................................8p Select DTX™ ................................................................8p Tri-Mic WD ...................................................................4p Tri-Purify – Blue Bolus ...............................................4p Tri-Start Bolus .............................................................9p Tri-Start Jr. – Maroon Bolus .....................................4p Uddermint® ................................................................11p


Calf Care Calf Direct-Fed Microbials

Select BioCycle Showcase Formula™


Contains a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms, L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars, enzymes, and specialized proteins. No antibiotics. Use when calves are lethargic, not eating and doing poorly. AC9057 - Day One Calf Gel Single Dose 15cc AC9006 - Day One Calf Gel Multi Dose 60cc AC9049 - Ranch Pack 200 dose AC9008 - Ranch Pack 1,000 dose AC9041 - Day One Calf Bolus 40ct AC11007 - Day One Calf Bolus 10ct AC11009 - Calving Season Bolus 10ct

$7.50 $18.00 $103.00 $463.00 $172.00 $48.50 $29.50

Use during periods of stress to optimize calf health and immunity. Feed to calves in addition to milk replacer. Includes functional proteins, chelated minerals, essential oils, vitamins and other key nutraceuticals, which support overall calf health and performance. A0081 - First Life Formula 5lb A0082 - First Life Formula 25lb $20.00 $170.00

Tri-Purify - Blue Bolus

Dietary feed supplement that provides pure, natural essential oils that have a strong antibacterial effect to improve the natural immune system. Combines live, naturally-occurring microorganisms to enhance the environment of the digestive tract. Tri-Purify also contains nutraceuticals, intestinal bacteria and live cell yeast; all of which can attribute to a reduction in the severity and occurrence of scours. A0051 - Tri-Purify 36ct $81.00

Tri-Start Jr. - Maroon Bolus

A direct-fed microbial bolus that benefits both the rumen and intestinal tract of calves. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable (live) count of 20 billion colony forming units of naturally occurring microorganisms. Helps to stimulate feed intake during periods of change. Contains beneficial microbes to jump-start a calf’s stalled digestive system. A0052 - Tri-Start Jr. 36ct $43.00


Supplements First Life Formula

Tri-Mic WD

A probiotic source to improve digestive microflora. Promotes the early establishment of beneficial digestive bacteria necessary for proper digestion of milk and grain diets. Aids in rumen development when transitioning to a dry feed diet. Reduces the occurrence and severity of scours and helps re-establish digestive bacteria following antibiotic treatment, illness or environmental stress. A0048 - Tri-Mic WD 500gram A0049 - Tri-Mic WD 5kg

Concentrated form of BioCycle supplemented with increased enzyme levels and Bacillus, which is shown to improve calf growth. Contains two separate L-form bacteria that enhance the function and population of the microflora in the lower gut. Contains both yeast culture and live cell yeast that produce a range of metabolites including B-vitamins, broadbased enzyme package, specialized proteins, microbial sugars and potassium iodide. AC9300 - Showcase 12.5lb $155.00 - 4+ Pails $151.00

$45.50 $211.00

First 21™

Unique combination of bioactive feed ingredients to bridge the immunity gap during the first three weeks of life. Available as a complete milk replacer or nutritional supplement. Incorporates three natural sources of antibodies (plasma, egg yolk, and colostrum) to promote gut health and immune support. A0080 - Complete Milk Replacer 50lb $80.00 A0084 - Supplement 8lb $80.00 A0083 - Supplement 20lb $180.00

Accel Whole Milk Protein Pivot

A pasteurized whole milk (PWM) balancer to be added to PWM and fed to pre-weaned calves. Protein Pivot allows for optimizing PWM by increasing the solids percent to achieve dry matter intake target goals, shifts the protein:fat ratio in favor of optimal performance to meet heifer development goals, and extends supply to meet daily calf feeding needs. Contains 28% protein; 8% fat. A0064 - Protein Pivot 50lb

CentralStar Cooperative


Calf Starter


A daily add-pack, used with whole milk or milk replacer. Diflubenzuron, the active ingredient, is an insect growth regulator that stops the development of fly larvae in manure from treated calves, preventing the formation of the fly larvaes’ exoskeletons. A0453 - Pail 8lb A0454 - Bag 22.05lb

Ideal feed for rapid and early rumen development, highly palatable and easily digestible. Premium 19% protein contains Bovatec® and Apex® to improve feed efficiency and starter intake. Available only in Wisconsin. A0033 - Calf Starter 19% 50lb $13.50

$30.00 $68.00

Electrolytes Calf Accellyte

Accel Energy

An energy supplement containing 60% fat and 7% protein with added vitamins and minerals. Add to milk replacer or whole milk during cold weather stress. Provides readily utilizable energy via spray-dried animal fat to increase the calorie content in a calf’s diet. A0035 - Accel Energy 25lb

A complete electrolyte treatment for calves experiencing scours or dehydration. Contains potassium and sodium to replenish electrolytes and restore proper fluid balance. Blended with glycine and citrate to improve electrolyte and water absorption. Added dextrose provides nutritional energy and buffers to help minimize metabolic acidosis. Easily mixes with water. A0053 - Calf Accellyte 3.6lb $26.00 A0054 - Calf Accellyte 10lb $61.00 A0055 - Calf Accellyte 25lb $149.00 A0056 - Calf Accellyte Single Dose 90.7gram $2.75


ucer Prod k Pic

First Day Formula®

A colostrum replacer or supplement for newborn calves. Fortified with essential vitamins and chelated trace minerals. High quality whey protein concentrate from select Grade A dairies, free of organisms causing colostrum-transmissible diseases, like Johne’s disease. First Day Formula Deluxe features the great benefits of First Day Formula CR with the addition of First Defense Technology™. A0043 - CR (replacer) 500gram $36.75 A0044 - CR (replacer) 20lb $605.00 A0045 - CR Deluxe 500gram $43.25 A0046 - CR Deluxe 20lb $720.00 A0047 - CS (supplement) 200gram $15.25

Accel RS

A recovery solution aiding in hydration and digestive health for calves. Contains Tri-Mic WD as a source of live, viable, naturally occurring microorganisms. Accel RS works to restore, re-energize, recolonize, and rehydrate calves. A0596 - Accel RS Single Dose 4oz A0599 - Accel RS 6lb A0597 - Accel RS 25lb

$2.75 $55.00 $125.00

Milk Replacers Stocked Milk Replacer

Unique manufacturing technology results in a 100% instantized product. Powder combines consistently with minimal mixing. Mos* is included in each formulation at research levels to promote gut and intestinal health. Chelated (organic) trace minerals are used to support growth and immune function. Tri-Mic WD in all formulas, optimizes feed intakes and utilization, digestive health, and immune system response. Bovatec® is available for control of coccidiosis. Available only in Wisconsin. Call for pricing. *Mos increases appetite, normalizes gut microflora, ans reinforces the digestive tract.



Protein Source

% % Fat Protein

Guaranteed Analysis


IU/lb Vit A

IU/lb Vit D3

IU/lb Vit E




APL Calf Accelerator*








Bovatec®-43 grams/ton


Performance Plus










Performance Plus








Bovatec®-90 grams/ton


Performance Plus*








Bovatec®-90 grams/ton


Hi-Performance Plus










Hi-Performance Plus








Bovatec®-90 grams/ton


Hi-Performance Plus*








Bovatec®-90 grams/ton


Calf Accelerator








Bovatec®-43 grams/ton


28-26 Jersey*








Bovatec®-72 grams/ton

*Formulated with Clarifly® and available seasonally.

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Calf Housing Calf-Tel® Group Housing

Calf-Tel® “O” Series (Outdoor)

Hutches designed specifically for outdoor use. No matter the size or scope of your operation, Calf-Tel products can help improve labor efficiency, calf health, and overall profitability. A0366 - Compact $229.00 Small size, big performance. Ideal for smaller calves and short-term housing. A0367 - Eco 20|64 $269.00 Eighteen percent smaller than Pro/Deluxe hutches, allowing farmers to reduce footprint and scale. A0370 - Pro II w/Offset Front 24|74 $289.00 A0371 - Pro II w/Open Front 24|74 $289.00 Sixteen percent more space than competitive models and one-of-a-kind rear ventilation and bedding door. A0368 - Deluxe II Left Opening 24|74 $289.00 A0369 - Deluxe II Right Opening 24|74 $289.00 Same features as the Pro II, but with an inside feed station protecting feed from the elements. A0372 - XXL Left Opening 35|85 $329.00 A0373 - XXL Right Opening 35|85 $329.00 A0374 - XXL Pro 35|85 $329.00 Ideal for long-term housing and harsh conditions. XXL is 26% larger than competitive models.

Weaned calves placed in large groups can face growth and health setbacks. Placing 4-5 similarly sized weaned calves in group housing is the best way to ease the transition. A0375 - MultiMax 54|84 $750.00

Calf-Tel® “I” Series (Indoor)

Easy to configure indoor calf pens to make the most of your space and time. Ultra-durable with a wide range of available accessories, effective and economical solution for raising calves indoors. A0376 - Calf Pen Back Airmax $80.00 A0377 - Calf Pen Back Vented $75.00 A0380 - Calf Pen Front Generation 3 $170.00 A0382 - Calf Pen Side 4.5’ & 2 rods $90.00 A0383 - Calf Pen Side 6’ & 2 rods $120.00 A0384 - Calf Pen Side 7’ & 2 rods $125.00






A0368 A0372

Complete Pen System

Calf-Tel® Accessories

Broad range of accessories designed for ease-of-use, operational efficiency and years of reliable performance. Access Door Rod A0392

Calf Nipple Super A0407


Calf Pail - Fence Mounted A0598 - Black $10.00 A0600 - Grey $10.00

Bottle Holder - Hutch Mounted A0393 - 2qt $12.50 A0394 - Wide 3qt $22.00 A0395 - 3 & 4qt $13.75

Calf Pail A0409 - Black A0410 - White

$4.50 $4.50

Feed Opening Restrictors A0614 $7.00

Bottle Holder - Pen Mounted A0398 - 2qt $8.50 A0399 - 3 & 4qt $9.00

Hay Feeder - Fence Mounted A042 $22.00

Bottle/Nipple Set A0400 - 2qt A0401 - 3qt A0402 - 4qt


$7.00 $9.00 $11.00

Bottle Chute - Fence Mounted A0590 - 2qt $15.00 Learn more. To order call 800.631.3510.


CentralStar Cooperative

Calf Coats



High performance blankets to help keep animals warm and dry, allowing nutrients to be used for growth. Made of 70% wool and 30% polyester. Small will fit calves 7799lbs. Medium will fit calves 99-121lbs. Large will fit calves 121lbs and up. Ultra Woolover has a waterproof Emphatex™ outer-shell with original Woolover material underneath. Buy 4, get 1 FREE! Offer ends 4/1/2021. UM3602 - w/o Buckle Small $42.00 UM3605 - w/o Buckle Medium $42.00 UM3603 - w/o Buckle Large $42.00 UM3683 - w/ Buckle Medium $44.00 UM3684 - w/ Buckle Large $44.00 UM3667 - Ultra w/o Buckle Small $45.00 UM3668 - Ultra w/o Buckle Medium $45.00 UM3686 - Ultra Lite w/ Buckle Medium $48.00

Lamb & Goat Woolover®

High performance blankets to help keep animals warm and dry, allowing nutrients to be used for growth. Made of 70% wool and 30% polyester. Smaller size designed specifically for lambs and goats. Buy 4, get 1 FREE! Offer ends 4/1/2021. UM3691 - Woolover Goat $7.00 UM3607 - Woolover Lamb $7.00

Adequate transfer of maternal immunoglobulins is associated with health advantages by reducing pre- and postweaning mortality due to infectious disease and increasing daily gain, feed efficiency, fertility, and milk production in first and second lactation. Achieving adequate transfer of maternal immunoglobulins (IgG) occurs with successful passive transfer, which is when enough antibodies from quality maternal colostrum or colostrum replacer are absorbed into the calf’s bloodstream. Quality, timing and quantity are three key factors when feeding colostrum. •

Calves should receive 150 to 200 grams IgG in the first meal.

Larger breed calves should receive four quarts colostrum, and smaller breeds three quarts, within 1-2 hours of birth.

The calf’s ability to transfer immunoglobulins from the digestive tract to the bloodstream reduces drastically in mere hours.

Colostrum with mastitis, blood, bedding, manure, or from Johne’s-positive cows should not be fed. All milk contains some bacteria, but dangerous levels can grow rapidly in colostrum from dirty udders or unsanitary equipment.

If the antibody level in the colostrum has been tested with a Brix refractometer and is found to be inadequate, adding a colostrum supplement/replacer can improve antibody supply.

When high quality colostrum is not available, use a commercial colostrum replacer. Use of a colostrum replacer guarantees the same amount of IgG is fed to each calf every time, proving an effective and convenient method of providing passive immunity to calves.

UdderTech Calf Blanket

Constructed from 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation. Performance remains virtually unchanged after repeated cleanings. Designed to stay on the calf, easy to put on and remove; machine washable and dryable. Offering quickrelease buckles and a durable water-resistant nylon. Embroidered with the Select Sires Logo. Small fits Jersey calves and regular fits Holstein calves. UM3709 - Calf Blanket Small $40.00 UM3710 - Calf Blanket Regular $40.00


Provides additional protection to calves during cold weather. Made with our exclusive insulation which wicks moisture away from the calf and provides superior thermal capabilities. The outer shell is made of high-strength polyester with a urethane back, making it water resistant. Machine washable and durable against the harshest conditions. A smooth, quilted liner provides warmth and comfort for the calf. Small fits Jersey calves and large fits Holstein calves. Embroidered with the Select Sires Logo. A0605 - Single Insulated Small $36.00 A0606 - Single Insulated Large $36.00

A healthy calf will produce milk sooner due to increased average daily gain and an earlier age at first calving. Research shows heifers that receive four quarts of quality colostrum produce 11% more milk in the first lactation than those fed two quarts. The most expensive part of raising cattle is from weaning to parturition, so the faster they are bred and enter the milking herd, the faster you can start to see a profit from her.

800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com

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Cow CARE Cow Direct-Fed Microbials Select DTX™

Select BioCycle™ ucer Prod k Pic

Proven effective in neutralizing damaging effects of mold related challenges. Feed when ingredients are moldy, or mycotoxins are suspect; when symptoms of mycotoxicosis are present and when feed assays show the presence of multiple toxins or when one toxin in particular is high. Contains specific L-form Lactobacillus. More shelf-life stable than other products. Proprietary technology allows activation once consumed. Use when symptoms are present and feed assays show problems. AC9004 - Select DTX 50lb $258.00 - 4 to 9 boxes $254.00 - 10+ boxes $250.00 AC9009 - DTX concentrate 50lb $338.00 - 10 to 39 bags $330.00 - 40+ bags Call for pricing

Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate™

Select BioCycle Plus™

The most often chosen product, offering the benefits of both DTX and BioCycle in one convenient, less costly package. Producers feeding BioCycle Plus report reduced SCC, improved reproductive performance, increased digestive capacity and improved general health. More shelf-life stable than other products. Proprietary technology allows activation once consumed. Use when metabolic diseases and toxin challenges are present. AC9005 - BioCycle Plus 50lb $342.00 - 4 to 9 boxes $338.00 - 10+ boxes $334.00 AC9027 - BioCycle Plus Concentrate 50lb $439.00 - 10 to 39 bags $431.00 - 40+ bags Call for pricing AC9199 - Concentrate Non-GMO 50lb $466.00 - 10 to 39 bags $457.00 - 40+ bags Call for pricing


Designed for herds feeding a high energy, highprotein ration. Ultimate improves rumen efficiency by targeting rumen microbes to convert available proteins to production. Producers using Ultimate have experienced improved milk production, herd health and reproduction. AC9094 - BioCycle Plus Ultimate 50lb $447.00 - 4 to 9 boxes $443.00 - 10+ boxes $439.00 AC9299 - Ultimate Concentrate 50lb $575.00 - 10 to 39 bags $567.00 - 40+ bags Call for pricing

Minerals Mineral Premixes

Premixes are formulated to meet all the mineral and vitamin needs of your herd. Can be conveniently added to any ration or added along with supplemental protein-grain mix. A0016 - ES-Green 1:1 Mineral 50lb A0017 - ES-Yellow 2:1 Mineral 50lb A0015 - Beef Gestation 50lb

Accel MXL 600

Combats feed quality challenges and enhances liver function. MXL 600 is a combination of beneficial micronutrients designed to assist animal performance during periods of feed quality challenges. Use when toxins are present. A0008 - Accel MXL 600 50lb

Aids in boosting immune function, digestion, and fights environmental challenges. Producers report increased estrus expression and improved feed intake. Contains two types of L-form Lactobacillus, two sources of yeast, four digestive enzymes, microbial sugars and specialized proteins. Recommended when performance improvements are needed in reproduction, and overall herd health. Not appropriate when mold-related challenges are the major problem. AC9003 - BioCycle 50lb $208.00 - 4 to 9 boxes $204.00 - 10+ boxes $200.00 AC9091 - BioCycle Concentrate 50lb $407.00 - 10 to 39 bags $399.00 - 40+ bags Call for pricing

$66.00 CentralStar Cooperative

$44.00 $34.00 $29.00

Accel Fortifier 1:50

Accel Fortifier 1:50 is a concentrated source of chelated and inorganic trace minerals and vitamins intended to be mixed into premixes, minerals, supplements and total mixed rations (TMR). Accel Fortifier 1:50 can be added to diets for beef and dairy cattle during periods when added nutrients are required, such as; calving, high production, breeding or during environmental challenges. A0019 - Accel Fortifier 25lb $55.00

Inoculant Accel Ensile+ forage inoculants contain an enzyme package of three to aid in fiber break down, increase nutrient absorption. Ensile+ bacteria have been field, university and laboratory researched. The expected benefits are reduced dry matter losses, improved digestibility, improved forage quality and an expedited pH decline to stabilize feed. Available in either wet or dry application. A0611 - 100W - Wet Applied 100gram $74.00 A0612 - 500W - Wet Applied 500gram $345.00 A0613 - 100D - Dry Applied 50lb $88.00

$330.00 $174.00 $20.00

Gets fresh cows on feed faster reducing potential metabolic disorders and DAs. Proven effective in reducing SCC by boosting immune function of cows affected with environmental challenges. Contains 8x’s dose of BioCycle with added vitamins and minerals. Ideal for fresh cows, supplies critical vitamins and minerals. AC11011 - BioFresh Bolus 50ct $111.00 AC11012 - BioFresh Bolus 400ct $774.00


Fresh Cow Care Tri-Start Bolus

An encapsulated, highly concentrated source of rumen-specific microbes in bolus form. Each capsule has a guaranteed viable count of 100 billion colony forming units (CFU). Tri-Start enhances the rumen environment to improve digestive performance and repopulate rumen microflora after periods of stress. Contains lactic acid bacteria, live cell yeast and fungal extracts. A0003 - Tri-Start Bolus 25ct $43.50 A0004 - Tri-Start Bolus 100ct $160.00

Tri-Mic 1:50

Freshen Up

Ideal for use at freshening and when there are metabolic problems. Same base ingredients as BioFresh Bolus and fortified with 54 grams of calcium propionate and 12 grams of niacin. Water dispersible powder. For use with cattle at freshening. AC9050 - BioFresh Plus Soluble 100 dose AC9052 - BioFresh Plus Soluble 50 dose ACDBEDX - Easy Doser

BioFresh® Bolus

Accel Ensile+

Improve feed intake and feed utilization for maximum production and reproductive performance. Uses patented methods of stabilization and packaging to ensure live, viable and fast-acting microbes for maximum performance. A0000 - Tri-Mic 1:50 4lb $28.00 A0001 - Tri-Mic 1:50 20lb

BioFresh® Plus Soluble


Fresh cow protocol to be administered immediately after calving to reduce the incidence of milk fever, retained placenta and ketosis. Contains a proactive combination of multiple sources of calcium, electrolytes and energy. Unlike other products, Freshen Up contains palatable ingredients so it can be used as a drench or offered free choice. Contains four different sources of calcium to give fresh cows the boost they need right away, as well as a timed-release of calcium. A0012 - Freshen Up 10lb $53.00 A0013 - Freshen Up 35lb $175.00

Calcium supplement provides fast, extended support for blood calcium levels in freshening dairy cows. Bolus disintegrates quickly in the rumen. Calcium chloride is available immediately and calcium sulfate provides sustained release. BV005 - Bovikalc 48ct $329.00

Bovine Accellyte II

A specialized electrolyte for periods of stress, rehydration and prehydration. Contains electrolytes to replace those lost during stress, energy to provide an added boost when needed most, minerals needed to compensate for deficiencies from reduced feed intakes and vitamins necessary for life. Can be used as a drench, added directly into stock tanks or individual water feedings. It can also be dry-mixed into feeds for group or herd application. A0009 - Accellyte II 10lb A0010 - Accellyte II 25lb

$44.50 $73.00


Intra Uterine Flush - use in a prophylactic program. Has a prolonged residual effect, requires no rinsing. Will not irritate the uterine lining, no milk withdrawal, nontoxic, food safe, hypoallergenic, and noncorrosive. All-natural of organic origin. IN9092 - UTREsept 500mL $80.00

800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com


Animal Assistance

Teat Dip Cups

Vink Cowlift

Helps save cows that can’t stand. With proper use it will not cause bruising around the hipbone and is easily adjusted. S255 - Complete Cowlift S278 - Handle replacement S279 - Screw replacement

$186.00 $24.64 $62.53

$11.43 $4.76 $11.25 $10.50 $10.00 $10.88 $4.72

Teat Dips 4XLA®

Vink Double Action Calf Puller

Makes difficult deliveries easy. Double action puller with unique rump frame encircles the rear of the cow making it impossible for the frame to slip away. Constructed of stainless steel to ensure long, trouble-free service. S028 - Complete Calf Puller S026 - Rope replacement S029 - Mechanism replacement S030 - Bar replacement S031 - Yolk replacement

UM3629 - RJB Dip Cup Blue UM3633 - RJB Bottle Replacement UM3630 - Teat Dip Cup Upright Green UM3681 - Teat Dip Cup Upright Blue UM3634 - Side Dip Cup Blue UM3635 - Side Dip Cup Yellow UM3642 - Dip Cup Bottle Replacement

$345.00 $15.04 $190.73 $150.00 $100.00

Designed as a pre and post dip with excellent teatconditioning power. 4XLA is the ideal dip if you want the killing power of UDDERgold 5-Star (15-20 seconds) but don’t need the barrier. Proven effective against environmental and contagious organisms, including Staph aureus. Replenishes the cow’s natural defenses for fighting mastitis. Very effective against hyperkeratosis. UM3617/UM3618 - Base & Activator Set 5gal $134.00 UM3619/UM3620 - Base & Activator Set 15gal $340.00 UM3621/UM3622 - Base & Activator Set 55gal $1,100.00

Cow Cuff Links

Fastens to a cows ankle with a positive lock buckle system - no velcro. Constructed of 6,000 pounds of tensile strength nylon webbing with stainless steel components. Therapeutic benefits, as well as anti-kicking protection. AC9026 - Cow Cuff Links Non-Adjustable $24.50 AC9047 - Cow Cuff Links Adjustable $28.00

UDDERgold® 5-Star

Barrier film, improves environmental mastitis protection. Controls a broad spectrum of bacteria including Mycoplasma species. Glycerin and emollient polymers help improve skin health. UM3661/UM3662 - Base & Activator Set 5gal $180.00 UM3663/UM3664 - Base & Activator Set 15gal $520.00 UM3665/UM3666 - Base & Activator Set 55gal $1,637.60

Flagger Leg Band

Easy to apply and remove. Can be reused. Available in red, yellow, and orange. AC2804 - Flagger Leg Band 10pk $14.90

Dip Cups


Increased mastitis protection. Offers long-lasting color marking, up to five hours. Thicker viscosity dip clings to teats longer, exposing them to the extended killing power. UM3674/UM3675 - Base & Activator Set 5gal UM3678/UM3679 - Base & Activator Set 55gal

$140.00 $1,070.00

Thrifty Dipper

Patented wiper system ensures complete teat coverage and a guaranteed 50-70% reduction in dip usage. One-year warranty. ACTD1001 - Thrifty Dipper 30-40 cows $105.00 ACTD1007 - Pre-Dip Cup 150 cows $100.00 ACTD1008 - Post-Dip Cup 150 cows $100.00 ACTD1002 - Wiper replacement $30.00 ACTD1003 - Snap Ring replacement $4.00 ACTD1004 - Upright Bottle replacement $5.00 ACTD1005 - Handle replacement $9.00 ACTD1006 - Cleaning Tool Thrifty Dipper $3.50


EfferCept SG®

An alternative to Iodine that is cost effective at any milk price. This tablet contains all the great properties of EfferCept and SoftGuard in one tablet. Proven effective as a pre/post dip or spray. Kills 99.99% of E. Coli, Staph aureus and other mastitis-causing organisms on contact. Conditions, soothes and protects udder and teats. NPE free. Mix two tablets to one gallon of water. S291 - Makes 10 Gallons 20ct S289 - Makes 55 Gallons 110ct S288 - Makes 275 Gallons 550ct

CentralStar Cooperative

$52.80 $200.00 $785.00


Economical pre/post dip. Maximizes killing power while eliminating corrosive effects found in iodine-based products. Pill form mixes with water to be a spray or pre-dip wash. Mix four tablets to one gallon of water. S240 - Makes 12.5 Gallons 50ct $65.00 S242 - Makes 55 Gallons 220ct $220.00 S280 - Makes 385 Gallons 20lb $1,025.00 S290 - Makes 667 Gallons 1,000ct $1,192.10

EfferCept® Foam Additive

Creates a foaming solution when added to Effercept SG Pre/Post teat dip. Mix ½ ounce to 1 gallon of Effercept. Can adjust mixing rate of foam for a consistency that is suitable for your farm. Can be used in a teat dip cup or automatic foamer. S293 - Foam Additive 1gal $28.00 S294 - Foam Additive 55gal $975.00

Udder Health

Protects dry cows against mastitis at dry-off and pre-calving. Antiseptic formula sanitizes, and seals teat ends with a single dip. Proven barrier against mastitis causing organisms. Bright blue color makes it easy to see. HEXXB132 - T-Hexx 1qt



A non-antibiotic intramammary teat sealant for use through the dry period to aid in the prevention of infections. Visible blue, smooth paste composed of 60% bismuth subnitrate forms a malleable barrier in the teat canal. Creates a sterile barrier against harmful bacteria between the udder and environment. Singledose syringes with short tip designed for hygienic insertion. UM3694 - Lockout 144ct pail


VetOne® BoviBlock™

Milk Check Teat Wipes

One-step udder preparation wipes are durable, yet gentle. Contain lanolin and glycerin to keep skin soft, preventing teat chapping. Contains germicide to effectively kill bacteria and reduce cross-contamination. UM3708 - Teat Wipes refill bag


Approved Organic. Improves overall udder health by reducing udder edema. All-natural, antibiotic free, peppermint oil based liniment. Dairy producers report improvements in udder quality and pliability within 12 to 24 hours. For use after freshening, or apply to quarters on cows that show signs of mastitis. UM3608 - White 500mL UM3673 - Green 500mL *while supplies last UM3670 - White 2.5L UM3680 - Green 2.5L UM3671 - Dispenser 2.5L

Non-antibiotic teat sealant aids in preventing new intramammary infections. Off-white, smooth paste composed of 65% bismuth subnitrate to create a malleable barrier in the teat canal. Creates sterile blockade against harmful bacteria. Unique two-stage tip, allowing full or partial insertion into the teat orifice. UM3702 - BoviBlock 144ct pail $325.00



EfferSan™ Sanitizer $29.00 $29.00 $130.00 $130.00 $30.54


Broad-spectrum control against harmful organisms that cause mastitis. Effective in treatment of mastitis in dry cows, when caused by Strep. agalactiae and Staph. aureus including penicillin-resistant strains. Unique Opti-Sert® tip helps prevent pushing harmful surface bacteria into the teat canal. UM3699 - Tomorrow 12ct UM3700 - Tomorrow 144ct

T-Hexx® Dry™

An EPA registered, concentrated multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitizer that offers 100 times more killing power and effectiveness, while being safer than traditional bleach. Contains hydrochlorous acid, which penetrates cell walls and deactivates organisms primary energy-producing function. Dissolves in water. Non-irritating. Use to wash down parlor and milking equipment, or as a bio-security feature for washing in and out of the farm. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. EfferSan kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Norovirus (Feline Calicivirus as surrogate) (ATCC VR-782) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC or OIE website for additional information. S270 - EfferSan 24ct $24.58 S271 - EfferSan 100ct $77.00 S272 - EfferSan spray bottle $6.67 S273 - Sprayer 2gal $20.30

$34.44 $397.10

UDDERgold® Dry

Teat sealant provides a physical barrier that aids in prevention of mastitis in dry cows. Sanitizes with ethyl alcohol and the antimicrobial Triclosan. Dries in two minutes into a persistent coating that remains on the teat surface for 3-7 days. Proven barrier against mastitis causing organisms, Coliform and Mycoplasma. UM3711 - UDDERgold Dry 1qt $78.00 800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com


RepRoduction tools Heat Detection

Detect-Her™ Tailpaint


No more messy glue. Scratches off exposing brilliant color when cows are mounted. The precision-designed Breeding Bullseye™ takes the guess work out of your breeding program. When the Bullseye, or equivalent amount, is rubbed off it’s time to breed! Available in orange, lime green, fuchsia, blue, and yellow. ID3229 - Estrotect 50ct $63.00 ID3232 - Estrotect rubber brush $5.00

Rubs off with several mounts. Has BITTERGUARD® to deter licking. Water soluble for easy clean-up, will not stain hands. Available in wipe-on or aerosol in blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, and red (wipe on only). DT202 - Wipe-on 6ct box DT208 - Aerosol 12ct box

$49.50 $96.00

Reproduction Tools Barn Desk

Kamar® HeatMount™ Detectors

Advanced heat detection aid that helps identify standing heat occurring between visual observations. Apply with adhesive over sacrum of cow. Detector turns red when activated by mounting. ID3220 - Kamar 25ct w/adhesive $33.00 ID3230 - Kamar 100ct w/adhesive $132.00 ID3223 - Kamar adhesive $5.00

Eazi-Breed™ CIDR®

Produces tighter estrous synchronization, which means more animals in heat in an insemination window. The insert is easily administered into the vagina, continuously releasing progesterone, allowing breeding programs to start at any stage of the estrous cycle. AC21274 - CIDR 10ct $146.30 AC21285 - CIDR Applicator individual $16.00


Slow-dry formula marks skin, hide, and pelts. Convenient plastic dispenser with cover prevents waste and mess. Faderesistant, weather-resistant, and nontoxic. ID61029 - Regular 12ct box ID61030 - Fluorescent 12ct box

$21.00 $24.00



D-Y Herd Monitor

Use for keeping accurate records of your herd’s breeding and freshening. Available in red, pink, green, blue, and yellow. AC2802 - Herd Monitor $211.00 AC2803 - Monitor Labels 30/sheet $0.47

A.I. Training

SS100 - A.I. Training Manual SS145 - Supplemental A.I. Training Manual Spanish SS170 - Basic A.I. Training DVD English SS171 - Basic A.I. Training DVD Spanish SS180 - Basic A.I. Training Video English SS183 - Basic A.I. Training Video Spanish SS184 - Heat Detection & Timed A.I. Video English SS185 - Heat Detection & Timed A.I. Video Spanish

$25.00 $3.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $20.00 $15.00 $15.00

Breeding Supplies Lubogel

A non-spermicidal multi-purpose lubricant for cattle. Available in pint and gallon. IN3027 - Lubogel pint $3.60 IN3029 - Lubogel gallon $15.00


Highly-visible, nontoxic identification. Applies easily wet or dry and resists fading. Available in orange, green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent green, and pink. ID61024 - Regular 12ct box ID61012 - Fluorescent 12ct box

Sturdy wall desk equipped with two pocket shelves to hold records. A sturdy chain holds desk in the writing position. ID3224 - Barn Desk

$12.00 $13.08 CentralStar Cooperative

A.I. Gun Warmer

Breeding Gloves

IN3033 - Continental Clear 100 box IN3034 - Maxi Brown 100 box IN3035 - Continental Purple 100 box IN3039 - Blue Super Sensitive 100 box IN3040 - Buff Poly Sleeve 100 box IN3049 - Red Breeder Sleeve 100 box IN3055 - Poly Sleeve Small Hand Blue 100 box

Heated, temperature controlled carrying case keeps guns at correct temperature. Includes: 12V rechargeable battery, belt/shoulder strap, 100V AC wall adapter, 12V DC auto adapter, spare liner. Oneyear warranty. IN8011 - Gun Warmer Kit $375.00 IN8012 - 14.4V Rechargeable Battery $70.00 IN8013 - 100V AC Wall Adapter $15.00

$14.41 $19.39 $12.30 $12.31 $15.62 $12.56 $22.39

Cito Thaw Cup

Breeding Sheaths

IN3003 - Straw Sheaths-Split 50pk IN3004 - Individual Sheath-Split 50pk IN3012 - Univ N/S Sheath-Blue(spiral/univ gun) 50pk IN3016 - Univ Split Indv Sheath - Green 50pk IN3017 - Univ N/S Indv Sheath - Blue 50pk IN3024 - San Sheath Covers 100 roll IN3025 - Univ N/S Sheath-Green(o-ring gun)50pk IN3028 - HD Plastic Sheath Covers 25pk IN3054 - Metallic Tip Sheath-ET 5pk IN3056 - Alpha Sheath 50pk IN3013 - Infuzee w/Connectors 25pk IN3031 - Infuzee Pipettes 25pk

Insemination Guns

IN3005 - French Straw Gun IN3006 - Spare Lock Ring IN3011 - Spiral Straw Gun 1/2cc IN3053 - ET Breeding Gun IN8010 - Deep Horn Breeding Gun

A proven thaw unit for properly thawing semen. A sensitive and accurate thermostatic control ensures a constant temperature range of 95°- 98° F. Indicator light shows when the unit is ready to use, and when it is maintaining the water bath at the proper temperature. Includes AC adapter and DC adapter. IN3058 - Dual Purpose Thaw Cup $140.00

$3.25 $8.87 $3.50 $10.00 $12.10 $13.00 $3.00 $7.20 $13.35 $9.75 $6.60 $6.40

Breeding Kit

Plastic breeding box to hold all your breeding supplies. Comes with thermos bottle (blue box comes with Cito dual purpose thaw cup), Kombicolor gun, universal sheaths, gloves, small bottle of Lubogel, tweezers, scissors, and thaw monitor. IN3015 - Breeding Kit Plastic IN3023 - Plastic Box Only IN3051 - Breeding Kit Blue IN3050 - Blue Box Only

$30.00 $1.05 $30.00 $116.27 $48.00

Breeding Extras

IN3021 - Thermos Bottle IN3026 - Thaw Monitor IN3032 - Tank Measure Stick IN3041 - Digital Thermometer IN3007 - Scissors IN3009 - Forceps stainless steel IN3008 - Fiberglass Tweezer 1/2cc IN3043 - Fiberglass Tweezer 1/4cc IN3037 - CITO Straw Cutter

Kombicolor Insemination Guns Use with 1/4 and 1/2cc sheaths. IN3044 - Kombicolor Gun white IN3045 - Kombicolor Gun yellow IN3046 - Kombicolor Gun green IN3047 - Kombicolor Gun blue IN3048 - Kombicolor Gun red IN3057 - KombiGun Plunger

$40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $15.00

$114.46 $19.98 $313.00 $79.25

$16.25 $4.00 $5.25 $21.14 $10.33 $10.33 $3.10 $4.40 $6.20

Nitrogen Tanks No. of Canisters

Capacity 1/2cc Straws

Hold Time (weeks)

2 Year Warranty

Neck Opening (inches)

Weight Filled (pounds)


Millennium XC20





2 1/ 4









2 /4



MVE XC34/18 Tank





3 1/2



Millennium II






2 /4



Artic 22RX





2 /4





800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com


Pest control Dewormer

Martins® Fly-Ban & Intersect Gold Pour On™

Ivomec® Eprinex®

A higher level parasite control that kills 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites, more than any other product. Controls adult worms and fourth stage larvae, lice, mange mites, grubs and horn flies. No milk withholding or meat withdrawal (when used according to label). MR30252 - Eprinex 2.5L $219.84 MR30253 - Eprinex 5L $314.76 MR30254 - Eprinex 10L $615.05 MR19499 - Eprinex 20L $1,148.98

$122.00 $164.86 $240.33


Pour-on formula approved for beef and dairy cattle, including lactating cows. Use for the treatment of infections and infestation of internal and external parasites. Proven to provide persistence against specific species including brown stomach worms, lungworms, barber pole worms and nodular worms. Zero milk withhold and zero slaughter withdrawal. Contains weather-proof formula with purple dye to easily identify which animals have been treated. AC2822 - CYDECTIN 5L $333.50 AC2823 - CYDECTIN 10L $680.00

Fly & Insect Control

Ready-to-use pour-on insecticide for the control of horn flies, face flies, biting and sucking lice on beef and dairy cattle. Use anytime of the year. No mixing and no withdrawal requirements. AC2825 - CyLence 6pt $102.00 AC2824 - CyLence 1pt $18.00

Grenade® ER

Premise insecticide for use in, on and around livestock buildings. Kills crickets, fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, ants, bees, flies, beetles and more. AC2815 - Grenade ER 8oz $113.53

Tempo® SC Ultra

Premise spray provides broad-spectrum control of more than 60 pests including flies, ants, spiders, darkling beetles, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and more. Can be used as a general surface, spot, mist, or crack and crevice spray for use in and around animal facilities. AC2820 - Tempo SC Ultra 240mL $50.00 AC2821 - Tempo SC Ultra 420gm $65.00


Controls lice, flies, mosquitoes and ticks on cattle. Effective horn fly control up to eight weeks. No pre-slaughter withdrawal or milk withhold. 3 mL per 100 lbs. body weight. AC2814 - ULTRABoss 1qt $40.11 AC2813 - ULTRABoss 1gal $141.00


$100.00 $215.00 $215.00 $100.00

CyLence® Pour On


Highly effective against roundworms, lungworms, grubs, lice and mange mites in cattle. MR41310A - Ivomec 1L MR41311A - Ivomec 2.5L MR41350A - Ivomec 5L

Synergized pour-on controls lice and flies on lactating and non-lactating dairy and beef cattle and calves. Controls keds on sheep and lambs when applied as a pour-on. Controls flies on horses when applied as a wipeon, pour-on or a ready-to-use spray. Apply as a pour-on, mist spray or in back rubbers. AC2827 - Martins Fly-Ban 1gal AC2828 - Martins Fly-Ban 2.5gal AC2839 - Intersect Gold 2.5gal AC2840 - Intersect Gold 1gal

CentralStar Cooperative

Annihlator™ Polyzone®

Dairy Fly Bomb 55Z

Evergreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate

Sticky Roll®

Insecticide premise spray for broad spectrum control including stable flies, house flies, gnats, mosquitoes and much more. Use indoor and outdoor around cattle facilities, horse stables and other areas. Provides outdoor residual control for up to 90 days. AC2818 - Annihlator Polyzone 1pt $48.50

Water based, broad-spectrum insecticide that can be used in OMRI-certified organic facilities. Contains pyrethrum - a botanical insecticide. Use indoors in food and non-food areas, and in and around livestock facilities. Rapidly degrades in sunlight with no residual activity. Offers fast, effective control of insects including ants, cockroaches and stored product pests. AC2819 - Evergreen Organic 1gal $362.50 AC2838 - Evergreen 60-6 Fly Spray 1gal $285.00

Kills and repels stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer and house flies, mosquitoes and gnats. Use on beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, hogs, chickens and other livestock; in animal barns and storage facilities. Quick killing pyrethrin. AC2829 - Dairy Fly Bomb 25oz $15.50

Use in dairy barns, horse stables and animal premises of all kinds. USDA testing shows it captures 92% of available flies. No baits, toxins or pheromones are necessary. AC2832 - Sticky Roll hardware AC2833 - Sticky Roll 1,000ft


UDL BP-100 ®

A versatile fly control that is safe for humans and livestock. Kills flies with extremely low risk of resistance. Application will leave a residue to control flies for up to seven days. UM3703 - UDL BP-100 1gal $68.50 UM3706 - UDL BP-100 55gal $2,000.00

Research shows that cows under 90 days in milk lose 6.4 pounds per day following induced infection. Left untreated, parasites can negatively impact the immune system, suppress appetite and feed intake, decrease milk production and lower conception rates.


Controls stable flies and mosquitoes. Granular formulation larvicide, suitable for scattering, or dissolving for pouring and spraying. Can be used as a spot treatment where larvae are found developing. NOT allowed for application directly to livestock, feed or water for consumption, as residues may occur. Apply to calf hutches, slatted floors, cattle pens and spillage areas. AC2837 - Neporex 11lb

A University of Wisconsin study found that cows less than 90 days in milk lost 6.4 pounds per day following induced infection.

The higher the production potential is for an animal and the closer it is to achieving it, the greater the damage parasites inflict. Thus it takes fewer parasites to induce losses in high producing cows than it does in lower producing cows.

A study of first lactation heifers treated with IVOMEC EPRINEX® showed calving to conception took 12.9 fewer days, than those not treated. Also, 19.9% more first-calf heifers were pregnant after first service.

For effective parasite control, use a combination approach including whole-herd (cows and heifers) deworming (cows and young stock); and spring/early summer worming for cows and heifers entering the milking herd (just prior to or at time of freshening).


QuickBayt® Spot Spray

Fly spray that can be applied on any surface in and around farms and rural environments where house flies congregate. Apply to walls, posts, beams and ceilings. Contains muscalure and flavoring agent that attracts flies, as well as Bitrex®, a bittering agent to prevent ingestion by animals and children. AC2831 - Spot Spray 16oz $46.00

QuickBayt® Fly Bait

Controls nuisance flies in as little as 60 seconds. Ready to use indoors or around livestock production facilities, poultry houses and horse stables as scatter bait or in bait stations. Contains Bitrex®, a bitter substance to help prevent accidental ingestion by children and animals. AC2835 - Fly Bait 5lb AC2836 - Fly Bait 35lb *limited supply

$50.50 $30.00

Learn more.

$42.00 $174.00

800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com


Diagnostic testing supplies Testing Supplies

Test Kits & Shippers

Blood Sampling Supplies

Complete 5 Sample Kit

Supplies can be stored for use at a later date. Includes blood tubes and needles. Red-top tubes required for serum tests: Pregnancy, Johne’s disease, Leukosis, BVD, NEFA, and Neospora. Purple-top tubes required for whole blood tests: A1/A2, and BLV SS1 PCR. ABK7 - Blood Supplies $5 minimum order $1.25

Includes sample submission form, collection supplies, and prepaid shipping box addressed to laboratory. ABK5 - Complete 5 Sample Kit milk kit ABK13 - Complete 5 Sample Kit blood kit Expedited Shipping available for milk and blood kit

Milk Collection Supplies

Sample Shipper

Preservative does not expire and can be stored for use at a later date. Includes vial with milk preservative. ABK6 - Milk Supplies $5 minimum order


Fecal Collection Supplies

Supplies can be stored for use at a later date. Includes vial and glove. ABK8 - Fecal Supplies $5 minimum order

Includes sample submission form and postage paid shipping box addressed to laboratory. Collection supplies sold separately. ABK10 - Small Shipper holds up to 10 milk samples $25.00 ABK11 - Medium Shipper holds up to 30 milk samples $40.00 ABK12 - Large Shipper holds up to 60 milk samples $60.00 Call 800.631.3510 for larger milk sample submissions or any quantity of blood and tissue samples.


Tissue Collection Supplies

Supplies can be stored for use at a later date. Includes vials. ABK9 - Tissue Supplies $5 minimum order


Test for A1/A2, BLV, BVD, Johne’s disease, mastitis, NEFA, Neospora and pregnancy. See page 28-29 for details. 16p

$20.00 $20.00 $30.00

CentralStar Cooperative

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ear tags &

accessories RFID Tags

Visual Tags

Allflex Official USDA ‘840’ Ultra EID Tag


The USDA Premise ID number is required to purchase. The tag is ISO Compliant. Extended small male allows a deeper placement in the ear. Allflex ‘840’ Ultra EID tag 20pk -500+

$2.63 $2.50

Destron Fearing Official USDA ‘840’ HD Tag

Official NAIS 840 series electronic tag is ISO compliant. The USDA Premise ID number is required to purchase. Requires Destron Fearing Pro-Grip Universal Applicator. Tags are USDA, CCIA and ICAR approved. Destron Fearing 840 HD tag 25pk -500+

$2.63 $2.50

Destron Fearing USDA ‘840’ e.Tag Set - Full Duplex Official NAIS 840 series electronic ear tag is ISO compliant. The USDA Premise ID number is required to purchase. Requires the Destron Fearing Pro-Grip Universal applicator. Tags are USDA, CCIA and ICAR approved. Destron Fearing 840 e.tag set 25pk -500+

Allflex USDA ‘840’ Visual Tags

$2.63 $2.50

Tags are laser-ink printed and available with custom letters and numbers. The USDA Premise ID number is required. EID button only available in white. Visual tags are available in: yellow, white, blue, green, orange, red, and pink. Also available with tissue sample units. Double matched 2 pair maxi female w/ large male $5.91 Double matched combo set $4.07 840 only double matched 2 pair maxi female w/ large male $4.15 Maxi matched pair visual set numbered $4.95 Maxi matched pair visual set blank $4.85 Large matched pair visual set numbered $4.48 Large matched pair visual set blank $4.38

Patented laser-ink marking with matching laseretched number into tag surface guarantees permanent identification for the life of the animal. Special order with custom options available. Available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Medium 1.75” x 1.5” numbered/blank $0.95/$0.85 Large 3” x 2.25” numbered/blank $1.53/$1.46 Maxi 4” x 3” numbered/blank $1.75/$1.65 Super Maxi 4.625” x 3” numbered/blank $1.98/$1.88

DuFlex by Destron Fearing

DuFlex ear tags are molded from a patented flexible polyurethane for rugged lightweight tags in bright, faderesistant colors. Self-piercing studs specifically angled to create clean, small incisions. Special order with custom options available. Available in yellow, purple, black, pink, blue, red, green, orange and white. Medium 1.875” x 1.75” numbered/blank Large 2.75” x 2.25” numbered/blank Extra Large 4” x 3” numbered/blank

$1.36/$1.26 $1.44/$1.34 $1.58/$1.48


With their unique flip-out applicator and no-snag design, Z-tags are a premium ear tag for your livestock. Available in one and two piece tags. Available in yellow, purple, black, pink, blue, red, green, orange and white. One Piece Calf 2.5” x 3.25” numbered/blank One Piece Cow 3” x 4.5” numbered/blank Two Piece Calf 2.5” x 3.25” numbered/blank Two Piece Cow 3” x 4.5” numbered/blank

800.631.3510 • www.mycentralstar.com

$1.05/$0.82 $1.36/$1.12 $1.05/$0.82 $1.36/$1.12



One-piece tag, self-piercing, pinhole tip for faster healing and reduced animal stress. Highly versatile designed for long-term identification and cost effective. Patented laser ink permanent marking, custom marking and numbering available by special order. Available in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow. A-Tag Calf 3.87” x 2.5” numbered/blank $1.12/$0.98 A-Tag Cow 4.5” x 3” numbered/blank $1.35/$1.25


Two-piece tags are made of an advanced polyurethane formulation and are engineered to prevent cracking, remain flexible and provide excellent longevity. The All-American ear tag design features a Snap-Lok® collar for superior retention, a long neck for greater visibility and ultraviolet inhibitors to resist fading. Available in orange, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, red, black, white, and grey Small 2-Star 2” x 1.25” numbered/blank $1.20/$1.10 Medium 3-Star 2.25” x 4.875” numbered/blank $1.30/$1.20 Large 4-Star 3.5” x 4.75” numbered/blank $1.40/$1.30

CowManager® Dummy RFID Tag

The dummy RFID tags are a perfect way to put in CowManager® ear tags, or use with regular RFID tags. Female tags are reusable. CowManager Dummy RFID tag female CowManager Dummy RFID tag male

$1.95 $0.53


Sheep & Goat Tags Combi E23 RFID Tag for Sheep/ Goats

Official 840 tag for goats and sheep. The USDA Premise ID number (issued by the Department of Agriculture in your state) is required to purchase. Lightweight full duplex design. Customize with management number or choose the last four digits of the EID button shown. Requires Allflex Combi Applicator for tag application. Available in orange, pink, white, and yellow. Combi E23 RFID Tag 1.5” x 1.25” numbered/blank $3.00/$2.91

FDX Lightweight Goat and Sheep Ultra 840 EID

Official 840 Swine Tag

Required for all show gilts and barrows. USDA official 840 number. 840 tags are not used for production swine (see Swine Premise tags). Premise number required to order (available through your local Department of Agriculture). Tags offer a tamper-proof button and visual panel stud. Available blank, with management number or with premise number or text. Available in blue, magenta, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. 840 Swine Tag $1.25

Official Swine Premises (PIN) Tag

These tags are required as a condition of sale for all culled breeding stock. PIN tags are only to be used for culling breeding stock: gilts, sows and boars. Premise number is required to order (available through your local Department of Agriculture). The tags come printed with your premise number. Tags offer a tamper-proof button and a visual panel stud. Available in blue, magenta, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. Swine PIN Tag $1.25

Tagging Accessories Taggers and Accessories


ProfitSOURCE is a complete program offering the expertise of CentralStar’s reproductive and genetic specialists. ProfitSOURCE can significantly impact your herd’s bottom line by increasing the revenue from your lower genetic value females. *Calves MUST meet all Select Sires requirements to qualify for the ProfitSOURCE™ program. Call for specifications. A0610 - ProfitMAX Tag 100ct

Swine Tags

Allflex Ultra Retract-O-Matic for EID Tags Allflex Retract-O-Matic for visual/global Allflex Combi Tag Applicator Z-Tag Applicator for one-piece Tags Destron Fearing Universal Tag Applicator Allflex A-Tag Applicator Allflex Total Tagger Applicator Allflex Total tag Applicator Pin Destron Fearing Pin for ProGrip Universal Applicator Allflex Blue Safety Tag Remover Knife Z-Marking Pen Allflex 2-in-1 Marking Pen Y-Tex Tagger Plus/Combination

EID Stick Readers

Tru-Test XRS2 EID Stick Reader Allflex RS420HD Pro Kit Series Stick Reader Tru-Test SRS2 EID Stick Reader Allflex RS420 Reader HD Series Stick Reader I.D. Ology LCD Lightning Rod Reader w/ Bluetooth I.D. Ology Lightning Rod Reader w/ Bluetooth Allflex Rechargeable Battery Pack Replacement

Packaged with small global males, FDX technology utilizes the lightweight EID tag. The USDA Premise ID number (issued by the Department of Agriculture in your state) is required to purchase. Apply with the Allflex universal total tagger or Allflex ultra retract-o-matic for EID tags. Withstands production and processing environments. Packaged in sets of 20 buttons per package. FDX Ultra 840 EID goat and sheep $2.47


CentralStar Cooperative

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$67.00 $56.00 $43.92 $25.00 $24.00 $22.50 $22.50 $2.60 $2.91 $3.35 $7.25 $5.00 $25.00

$1,899.00 $1,540.00 $1,399.00 $1,495.00 $1,250.00 $765.00 $38.50

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