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Good News for a Great City • Daily News at •September 22, 2011

Republicans Face Off 16 Candidates Speak at Republican Women of Central Forum

Senate District 6

Mike Mannino

State Representative Bodi White

House District 64 Barry Elkins

Central Republican Women’s Club Hosts Candidate Forum By Dave Freneaux

Senate District 13

Challenger Derek Babcock

Incumbent Senator Dale Erdey

Valarie Hodges

Monday evening all area Republican candidates seeking election on October 22nd were invited to speak at a forum held at Pit Crew Steak House & BBQ here in Central. After a meal and informal conversation each candidate was given four minutes to share their qualifications, their platform and their vision for the office they seek. In races most closely affecting Central, six candidates (above and left) all spoke. See page 4 for a

summary of their statements. Also speaking were Lt. Governor challenger Billy Nungesser, Secretary of State Tom Schedler, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, State Representative Clif Richardson, State Representative Dist. 63 candidate Barbara Thomas, BESE Board incumbent Chas Roemer, EBRP Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, EBRP Coroner incumbent Dr. Shannon Cooper and challenger Dr. Beau Clark and Zachary Police Chief Candidate candidate David McDavid.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

THIS WEEK IN CENTRAL Central Speaks with the Mayor An Interview with Mayor Mac Watts by Dave Freneaux

Next Tuesday’s City Council agenda includes consideration of an ordinance to change the way in which Council Members are elected. In your opinion, how important is this decision? This is one of the most important issues that our City Council has ever considered. The decision they come to will affect the way Central is governed and the cost of that government for generations. We owe it to our grandchildren to come to a sound decision in this matter. Decisions like this are not easily reversed, so I am depending on this City Council to consider the impact it will have on Central not in 4 years , but in 40 years. Do you have any preference as to which election method is decided on or whether additional Council Seats are created? I am personally opposed to bigger government. All across our nation there are people regretting having let government grow uncontrolled. People are working hard to find ways to reduce government all the way to Washington, and it is difficult, if not impossible. Here in Central we started with small government, we privatized City Services, and have only two city employees. Central does not need to reduce the size and cost of government, because we already have small government. If the Council acts to increase the size and cost of Central’s government I will have a difficult time supporting that decision. As to how the City Council is elected, whether by Districts, Divisions or At-Large, I can support whatever the Council feels best serves the citizens of Central, as long as we protect the tax dollars the people have entrusted to us. Over the past few months it has become evident that the Council seems split over how this issue should be resolved. As our Mayor, what do you see as the best resolution to this matter? The Council is empowered by the Lawrason Act to make this decision. I am hopeful that the decision is based on good research and that it reflects the will of the citizens. I would like for the Council to respond to any concerns raised by the people because I want them to know that they have been heard. Finally, I am personally committed to protecting the taxpayers’ dollars and to keeping Central’s government small, streamlined and efficient. I can support any decision the Council reaches which keeps government in check. However, if the City Council votes to increase the size and cost of government, that decision needs to be on a 4-1 or 5-0 vote. If it is, I will accept that the elected representatives of the citizens have spoken clearly and I will put aside my personal desire for small government and respect that decision.

CONTACT Central SpeakS Email: Phone: (225) 262-3730 Fax: (888) 220-8396

Published Weekly 51 weeks a year Deadline 5 P.M. Tuesdays Article submission is free of charge.

P.O. Box 78137 City of Central, LA 70837

12023 Sullivan Road City of Central, LA 70818

Publisher: Beth Fussell

Editor: Dave Freneaux

Sales: Mia Freneaux

CITY 3 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 Ton Weight Limit Posted Chamber of Commerce Announces “A Night on Two Central Bridges on the Bayou” Featuring Troy Landry From the Chamber of Commerce newsletter

The City of Central Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present "A Night on The Bayou" featuring Mr. Troy Landry, celebrity from the popular television series "Swamp People". The event is scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 5:30 PM in the Central High School Gym. The evening events will include Cajun music, a meal prepared by local chef Spencer Smith from Kristenwood (beginning at 6 PM), and then Mr. Landry will address the crowd and afterwards be available to sign autographs. This spectacular event will take place on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Seating capacity will be limited so ticket sales will be advance sales only. General Admission is $35 per person and includes the meal. For tickets, event sponsorships and special chamber discounts call the chamber office, 261-5818.

Magnolia Bridge Update Submitted by Rep. Richardson’s Office

From the City of Central

The following bridges have recently been inspected by DOTD which noted critical deficiencies. They are being posted with a 5-ton weight limit. No vehicles over 5 tons are to travel over these bridges. The map above shows the bridge locations. 800445: Hubbs Road over Beaver Bayou 800444: Devall Road over Drainage Canal

Crews continue to set forms and install reinforcing steel for the next deck pour. This should take place the week of 9/26. Also, crews continue to set girders, forms, and cast caps to prepare for future pours. The contractor has completed driving all piles. They have cast 22 of the 28 caps. They just completed the 2nd of 12 concrete pours for the bridge deck. For questions or comments, contact DOTD’s Customer Service Center at 1-877-4LA-DOTD (1877-452-3683) or e-mail The center is open 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can also visit the project’s Web page by going to and clicking on "Projects" from the Programs & Projects section of the main menu on the left-hand side of the page and selecting the LA 64 Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project link. You can also follow the La. 64 Magnolia Bridge Replacement Project on Facebook. Again, we thank you for your feedback and patience during this construction. Additionally, at your convenience, please let us know how we are doing by filling out our Customer Service Survey.


Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

Summary of Candidates’ Comments - Story on Page 1 Derek Babcock

Derek Babcock has spent the last eight years serving at the state and local level. He is the vice chair of the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Family Forum, supporting pro-life and pro-family legislation. Mr. Babcock has served on the board of the National Association of Insurers and Financial Advisors and is the treasurer of the Republican Parish Executive Committee in Livingston Parish. He serves as the chairman of the Livingston Parish Citizens for Highways and Infrastructure, lobbying for improvements in the parish. Mr. Babcock owns a health insurance agency, was raised by parents who were small business owners, and understands the concerns of small businesses.

Bodi White

Bodi White graduated from Southeastern where he studied Criminal Justice and the law, he then served in law enforcement and now has spent the last two terms in the House of Representatives writing the laws. Working closely with the Attorney General, he has helped 500 families in this area recover their retirements lost in the Stanford Group scam. Representative White is a lifelong resident of Central and has always been a community activist but never ran for any political office until his successful election to the House in 2003. He was instrumental in the effort to create the City of Central and in passing the legislation to create the Central Community School District. Both the City and the School System now have budget surpluses and Central has set the standard for saving taxpayer dollars through privatization.

Dale Erdey

Dale Erdey is the incumbent in Senate District 13. He attended LSU and has a Degree in Business Administration and is the President of Erdey Insurance Agency. Senator Erdey is the former Mayor of Livingston Parish and served as a State Representative for two terms. Erdey Serves on Senate Committees for Revenue & Fiscal Affairs, Health & Welfare, and Environmental Quality, and is the Vice Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee. In that capacity he has, and will continue to, fight to improve the roads in District 13. Senator Erdey worked with Representatives Bodi White and Donald Ray Kennard to help create the Central School District and is supportive of teacher pay raises. He is pro-business and has been instrumental in creating many jobs in his District. Finally, Erdey is anti-loop and led the charge to block Senate funding for the loop.

Mike Mannino

Mike Mannino shares that he is not a career politician and that he is a citizen’s advocate, fighting for citizen’s rights. He is a 33 year employee of Exxon. He states that he is a life-long anti-tax, small government, Christian conservative and a founding member of Tax Busters. He seeks to get government back into the boundaries of limited powers, and feels that government has strayed beyond its legitimate powers. Mr. Mannino opposes increased taxes and government waste, and supports the right to bear arms and integrity in government. He feels that his work experience at Exxon qualifies him to manage the tax dollars of the State of Louisiana. He pledges never to vote for increased taxes and never to vote for a pay raise.

Barry Elkins

Barry Elkins graduated from LSU and taught school for three years, then spent 15 years selling high end medical equipment to hospitals throughout the southeast. In 1991 he enrolled in law School at Southern University and graduated in 1994. Since then he and his wife have operated Magnolia Title, closing residential and commercial transactions. Mr. Elkins has volunteered with the Boy Scouts in this area for the last 15 years and served on the Board of Directors of the Istrouma Area Council. He was one of the founding members of the Governor’s Sporting Clay Shoot, and as Chairman of this group for two years raised over $100,000 for the Boy Scouts and Camp Avondale. Mr. Elkins is very involved in the housing industry and is acutely aware of the problems of falling property values and high property taxes. He also is committed to improving education and roads in the District but opposes the loop.

Valarie Hodges

Valarie Hodges stated that she has spent 28 years dedicating her life to being active in the community and serving others. She is on the Executive Board of the Republican Party of Louisiana. She is a founder and past president of the Livingston Parish Republican Women’s Club. Ms. Hodges has volunteered for Senators Vitter and Cassidy and Governor Jindal. Ms. Hodges is very involved with CASA and the WOW organization (Women Outreaching Women) and works with the Coroner in a suicide prevention program she helped to start. She and her husband, a pastor and homebuilder, also run an international nonprofit organization. She was a missionary for 18 years and thus understands working with those who are disadvantaged. Ms. Hodges shared that she is tired of seeing jobs go overseas and is committed to infracsructure improvements in the District.

Tuesday’s Council Meeting Items

New Business  Report from Doug Browning, City of Central Chief of Police concerning deputy patrolling within the city.  Transportation Planner Committee—Each Councilman appoint one person to this committee by no later than Friday September 30, 2011. The purpose of the committee will go over the RFP’s and decide on the Transportation Element Plan Consultant for the City of Central Public Hearing and action regarding the following instrument(s):  An Ordinance to amend the 2011-2012 Annual Budget to appropriate $104,268.04 of the City of Central’s One Half-Cent Sales and Use Tax for Revised Right-of-Way Maps, Roadway Final Plans, and Sewer Final Plans in Compliance with Phase II, Part 5, (Final Right-of-Way Map) and Phase III (Final Plans) in connection with the Hooper-Sullivan Intersection Improvements and the Hooper Road Improvements

 An Ordinance to amend the 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Budget for the One-Half Cent Sales and Use Tax Dedicated for Road Improvements to Appropriate $5,000 to Soil Testing for Frenchtown Road and to Provide for related matters.  An Ordinance to establish a seven-member Council with five members to be elected from single-member Districts and two members to be eleted at-large and to provide for related matters. Zoning Cases - Discussion and Action regarding the following case:  RZ-10-08 Rev Site Plan Revision (Deferred from July 28th Meeting) – This property is located on the south side of Wax Road between Willowbrook Dr. and W. Brookside Dr. on Lot Y of the Brian Tract, being in Sections 8 & 9, T-6-S, R-2-E, GLD, EBR, LA. The applicant is proposing to increase the square footage of the shopping center from 21,360 sq. ft. to 25,908 sq. ft. (Applicant: Kimble-Development of Central) Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011


Lee Rome Professional Plaza Dedicated on Sullivan Road

Above: Lee Rome Left: Mayor Watts, Rep. Bodi White, Joan Lansing, Lee Rome, Russell & Jennifer Starns, Wyndi Bonvillain, Jonathan Starns, Councilman Louis DeJohn, Debbie Dougherty, and Betsy Hooper

The History of the Lee (Sullivan) Rome Family

Lee Rome’s Great, Great Grandfather Daniel Sullivan immigrated from Ireland in 1837. He purchased the Sullivan property in 1847, which extended from just north of Lovett Road on the south to Hooper Road on the north. This property of approximately 1,290 acres was located on both sides of Settlement road which is now Sullivan road. Ms. Rome’s Great Grandfather, William A.

Sullivan, inherited 255 acres of the original Daniel Sullivan tract in 1878. Then Ms. Rome’s Grandfather, William P. Sullivan inherited the property and purchased an additional 133 acres that extended to Lovett Road. Ms. Rome’s Father, John Harry Sullivan inherited the property and was married to Margaret Mary Remahl. They had three children; William A. Sullivan, Helen (Sullivan) Wiltz and Em-

maLee (Sullivan) Rome, born April 30th 1927. EmmaLee moved with her parents from Baton Rouge to “The Homestead” in 1947. She acquired five acres from her father 1951 to build the home that is located behind the Sullivan Hardware complex. She helped start Sullivan Hardware with her parents in 1957 and managed it until it was sold in 1995. She then went into real estate.


Chamber’s Business After Hours Next Thursday at Sweet Impressions

From the Chamber of Commerce newsletter

Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

JBS Companies Is Central Bloomers’ Featured Landscape of the Month

The next Chamber Business After Hours is next Thursday, September 29th at 6 PM. Sweet Impressions at 17661 Greenwell Springs Road is hosting the event. Sweet Impressions is a cafe and bakery located at 17661 Greenwell Springs Road across the street from Bellingrath Lakes Subdivision. They offer a menu that includes chef prepared breakfast and lunch items, a bakery that offers many delectable treats and custom made cakes, and they also serve a wide variety of gourmet coffees. Come out for a great time of networking with other business owners and see what great things Sweet Impressions has to offer.

JB James Construction LLC Low Bidder in Latest Central Thruway Paving Project From the City of Central

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development opened bids on August 31, 2011 for the Central Thruway Paving Project (N. end of Sullivan Bridge to Frenchtown Rd.) This project begins at the Sullivan Bridge just north of S. Choctaw and ends at Frenchtown Rd. The bridges along this section as well as an overpass over the railroad have already been completed with a total length of 1.141 miles. This paving project has a length of 1.022 miles. The low bidder was JB James Construction LLC in the amount of $4,594,094.50. This amount was less than the estimated $4,940,232 cost. There were seven bidders on this project. This project also involves the reconstruction of the Frenchtown Rd intersection at Central Thruway. Approximately 770 feet of Frenchtown Rd will be improved and elevated on the approaches to the intersection as well as a traffic signal being installed. Frenchtown Rd will not be closed during

this period. Temporary detour lanes will be constructed during this process. Work is scheduled to get started before the end of the year and be completed by the end of Summer 2012. The paving of the portion of Central Thruway from Frenchtown Rd to Greenwell Springs Rd was awarded to Gilchrist Construction Co. LLC in June. Work will start soon on that portion now that the bridges are complete. The contract for the Greenwell Springs Rd / Central Thruway intersection is scheduled to be let out for bids later this year. This work will include the widening of the Beaver Bayou bridge on Greenwell Springs Rd as well. In a separate project, the City-Parish will be constructing a new bridge on Frenchtown Rd over Beaver Bayou. This project does not have a set timetable for the start of construction and has not been advertised for bids yet. Frenchtown Rd will have to be closed when this project gets started.

Submitted by Mike & Bren Truett

Above: Central Bloomers Garden Club presents the Jackie Brewer Memorial Award for the "featured landscape" of the month. Presenting the award to Blake Seguin, president of JBS Companies (18233 Greenwell Springs Road), are Dot Easley and Bren Truett.


t, SM e S , y d a e R

iles in eautiful Sm Creating B Years! r Over 30 Central fo


923-206 our0rtho b ar .H w w w

Dr. John Harbour

BUSINESS 7 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Requirements for Peoples Bank and Trust Verifying Worker’s Status Receives Fiserve Financial a contract with a public entity on Proven Performer Award Past Louisiana legislation re- or after January 1, 2012. A sworn

By Suzonne Vicknair Cowart, CPA

quired that all employers confirm the citizenship or work authorization status on all of their employees. On August 15, 2011, two new laws went in to effect in Louisiana. These lay out specific types of identification or specific means to properly confirm the status of employees’ US citizenship or legal authorization to work in the United States. Fines and penalties are imposed on those employers that do not properly confirm and are found in violation. In order to comply, it is recommended that employees complete Form I-9 which is available at the following link: files/form/i-9.pdf. The Louisiana Act 402 now requires that employees provide employers with a picture ID and one of the following: US birth certificate or certified birth card, a naturalization certificate, certificate of citizenship, alien registration receipt card, or US immigration form I-94 that includes an employment authorized stamp. Employers are required to maintain copies of these documents in their files. Employers may also elect to use the E-Verify® system. This is a free, internet based system that is operated by the US Department of Homeland Security. Employers utilizing the E-Verify system are not subject to civil penalties if an E-verified employee is later found to be working illegally in Louisiana. This option obviously provides some security for employers and would strongly recommend using it. Act 376 of the Louisiana Law applies to private employers who bid on public projects or enter into

affidavit is required that the contractor/private employer uses the E-Verify® system to confirm the status for all employees. New employees hired during the contract term are to be E-verified. This applies to all general contractors and subcontractors. In Act 402, penalties are imposed for those who choose to not comply with the law and can be quite costly. The first violation imposes a $500 penalty for each alien employed, hired, recruited, or referred and the second violation imposes a $1000 penalty for each alien. The third violation imposes a $2500 penalty for each alien and the suspension of the violator’s permit or license to do business in the state of Louisiana for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 6 months. Act 376 now subjects any contractor found to be in violation to cancellation of any public contract and will no longer be eligible to participate in any public projects for up to three years from the discovery date of the violation. For those employers interested in enrolling in E-Verify®, simply type in the following web http:// and click on the link on the right hand side. Simply follow the instructions for enrollment. Suzonne Vicknair Cowart, CPA 225-261-7484

Disclaimer: This article is intended to educate and provide information. In no way does the article give complete tax advice nor does it guarantee a specific outcome. Professional tax advice should be sought related to individual and specific tax circumstances.

Submitted by Peoples Bank and Trust

Peoples Bank and Trust has been chosen as a recipient of the 2011 Fiserve Financial Proven Performers Award. Of the over 8000 banks nationwide, only 167 banks were chosen for this prestigious award. The award was given to Peoples Bank in recognition of sustained outstanding performance and exemplary achievements in managing profitability, growth, and risk during the past five years. Banks were rated on their performance on these three hurdles. For Capitalization, banks had to meet or exceed risk based capital ratios that meet FDICs well capitalized clas-

sification. The chosen proven performers also had to meet or exceed the 85th percentile for Profitability in 2010 and also exceed the 70th percentile for profitability each of the four preceding years. The last hurdle, Growth meant qualifying banks had to have a compound annual asset growth rate of three percent over the preceding five years. Peoples Bank is a locally owned and operated financial institution with $160 million in assets, with locations in New Roads, Livonia, and Central. Peoples Bank’s Directors would like to thank their employees and customers for making this achievement possible.


Email to ($10 for three lines, $3 per extra line)

Gatlinburg, Tenn. 3 BR Log Cabin for Rent. $550/week special. Call for details. 261-9192

Long term lease furnished + utilities in Central School district. Spouse has long term assignment with Major US Corporation. Call Percy @ 225-271-5002 (WAC & background check)


90 characters or less; 3 lines or less. Merchandise, vehicles, garage sales, & free items only. No businesses or real estate. Free ads run for 1 week but may be resubmitted weekly. Email to

Garage Sale in Gym, Grace Family Church, 13268 Denham Rd., Saturday, Sept 24, 7am-1pm, Free coffee & soft drinks, Everyone Welcome Plant Sale 9/22, 23 & 24. 5168 Thibodeaux Rd, Central. 261-5652. Blooming Bromeliads, Palm Trees & Other Rare Plants. 2001 White Cadillac Deville, clean black leather int. Exterior is in good condition, runs great, 109k, AC, clean title $ 4,500 call $225-235-2530 2003 Silver Cadillac CTS, Manual 5 spd transmission, 99k, AC, good int/ext. runs great, clean title $6,000 OBO call $225-235-2530 Teeter Inversion Table; Hardly Ever Used $175.00 OBO. 225-620-2031. Large Card Table, Approx 4 ft x 7 ft. $25 OBO, 571-7956 Mounted Mallard Duck in flight, $50 OBO, 571-7956

Bridlewood Subdivision Garage Sales Sept 23 & 24, 3 or more sales. Follow signs. Cash Only, 7-til Garage Sale Sat, 6-2. 10617 Joor Rd, Next to Zoar. Tools & DVD’s 1999 Honda Accord Sedan EX 4D, Good Condition, 164,000 miles, New brakes. $3500. 261-1868 / 337-4282 2000 Pearl White Deville, Excellent Black Vinyl top, Clean int. and ext., Runs great, 105k, AC, $6000 OBO call 225-235-2530 2001 Dodge Caravan SportOne Owner, New Tires, 164,000 Miles, Book Value $3,350 Asking $2,395 OBO (225 )572-4563 Moonlight Mermaid Wedding dress Sz 12. Fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystal glass & bugle beads. Make offer; 225-328-8687 Gorgeous strapless Tulle dress with Caviar beading Size 8 Make offer: 225-328-8687

Paid for by Mack “Bodi” White Campaign

Our people need more high-paying jobs.

The No. 1 way to grow job opportunities is to cut regulation and taxes

Endorsed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Tea Party of Louisiana and the Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry

Mack “Bodi” White is a champion for creating new jobs. He has consistently voted to lower taxes and downsize government.

As our Senator in District 6, Bodi will continue to fight against taxes and to seek incentives for business development

Bodi has supported more than $1 billion in tax cuts over the past 6 years. He secured $400 million for road and bridge improvements to enhance local commerce. He has fought against wasteful government spending.

Vote for Bodi White. He’ll get the job done. Experience to Do the Job for Us!


Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

Time for Tea To Help a Local Family

We have a family in Central who lost their home due to a fire in July. They have a 5 yr old daughter, Aaulora, and new born son, Noah. The first question always is” did they have insurance?” They did but that never covers everything. Allison was put to bed rest for 75% of her pregnancy. Noah was born July 11th and hospitalized July 17th at OLOL with a virus. When he was released the Doctor wanted the home disinfected so the family went to their grandmothers to stay while this was done. Their second night there they received word their home was engulfed in flames. They lost everything on July 22nd A Tea Party/benefit is being thrown for Aaulora. The proceeds will be used to furnish her new bedroom and any other needs she has. Aaulora lost all her clothes, toys, bed etc. in the fire. When: October 16, 2011 from 1pm to 4pm Where:12221 Blackwater Rd, Central, La. 70714 Cost: $25 (includes child and 1 chaperone) Age: There is no age limit, though suggestion is 3-12 Each little girl will have their own tea cup and saucer to take home, a wrist corsage, a party favor and they will each get to make their own hair fascinators. They will play a game with one prize per table (6 tables). Finger foods and beverages will be served. You can follow our progress on Aaulora's FB pg, Aaulora’s Tea Party.!/pages/Aauloras-TeaParty/272973562728221. This is more than just a fund raiser it will also be a bright spot in a little girl’s life that has been darkened by this tragedy. The family is Jason, Allison (Kirby), Aaulora & Noah Kesner. For ticket purchase contact Donna Dufour at 225 324-0851 or Gloria Chiek at 261-4844. Tickets are limited and can be bought on a first come, first served basis.

Christmas in Central Planning Meeting Tuesday, Sponsorships Still Available Magnolia UMC Homecoming October 2 At

From the Chamber newsletter

The 25TH Christmas Festival and Parade is just a few months away. The committee is finalizing many of the details as we are planning to really make this event special! This year we will have a Beauty Pageant in November, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Special Outdoor Concert, Tree Lighting and Lighting Display Contests, Parade, Talent Show, Crafts Fair and Business Exhibition, Carnival, and Pole Banner Decorations. All Christmas Festival Forms are available on the website,

the bottom of the home page, click on the word “downloads” and you will be taken to the downloads page. If you are interested in sponsoring a pole banner this year, call the office for details. Banners will go up the last week of November and stay up till January 1st and will cost $100. Central Chamber Office Phone #: 261-5818. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the past, and we look forward to your participation this year!

Submitted by Lane RMC

screened for prostate cancer in the past year, are encouraged to take advantage of this free screening for early detection of prostate cancer. Appointments are required and space is limited. Call 654-LANE (654-5263) to schedule your appointment today.

Free Prostate Cancer Screenings Next Thursday at Lane RMC

Lane Regional Medical Center and urologist Dr. Robert Grissom will host a free prostate cancer screening Thursday, September 29, at 6:00 PM. Men over age 40, who do not have a primary care physician or urologist and have not been

The Magnolia United Methodist Church on Greenwell Springs Road will celebrate its annual Homecoming Sunday, October 2. Services will begin at 11 a.m. and will be followed by a pot luck luncheon. The Rev. Tommy Bergeron, former pastor of the Magnolia United Methodist Church, and currently on staff at the Live Oak United Methodist Church, will be the guest speaker for the service. During the service a memorial recognition will be held for the late Margie Norton who passed away in November, 2010. Her husband, Henry Norton, and other family members will light a memorial candle during the service in her memory. All former members and friends of the church are invited to attend.

COMMUNITY 9 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011

Future Nurses Club at CMS & CHS Central Kiwanis Bowling This club is sponsored by nurses living Nurse Club is available at Cen- in the Central community and members Fundraiser Open for Registration tralFuture Middle and Central High School for of the Baton Rouge #1904 Chapter of Submitted by Kristy Simmons

The City of Central Kiwanis is having a fundraiser on Saturday, October 15, from 1-4 PM at Circle Bowl. The cost is $15 per person for 2 hours bowling and shoes. 100% of net proceeds go toward the purchase two new AED's (Automatic External Defibrillators). Call Karla Feigley at 342-5055 ext 2224 for information or for tickets.

any student interested becoming a nurse or working in the medical field. The meeting will be the second Wednesday of every month right after school for students at Central Middle School and on club day at Central High.

AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses). Please contact Kristy Simmons BSN RN CNOR at for additional information or if you are interested in joining either club.

Lane Auxiliary Donates $20K to Hospital Walk the Red Carpet to Good Health arship recipient, also attended the lun-

Submitted by Lane RMC

The Lane Regional Medical Center Auxiliary recently donated $20,000 to the hospital which will be used to purchase a digital scale. Auxiliary president Gladys Sims presented the check to Randy Olson, chief executive officer, at the Auxiliary’s Annual Luncheon held at The Bennett House in Zachary on Tuesday, August 9. Olson thanked the group for their support and service to the hospital. Jennifer Johnson, chief nursing officer; Mike Zimmerman, chief financial officer, and Corban Barnes, 2011 Auxiliary schol-

cheon. Annual fund-raising events such as sweet sales, book sales and jewelry sales contribute to the Auxiliary’s donation each year. Also, proceeds from the hospital Gift Shop, which is operated by the Auxiliary, are donated to the hospital. The Auxiliary has been in existence since 1960, providing support to the hospital both financially and through volunteer service. There are approximately 50 active members. For information about how you can become a volunteer, contact the hospital Gift Shop at 658-4309.

Submitted by St. Alphonsus

St. Alphonsus will hold their annual health fair “Walk the Red Carpet to Good Health” on October 4, 2011 from 9AM-12N at the church. There will be over 30 vendors with health information as well as free screenings including cholesterol, EKG’s and Cardiovascular screenings. Doctors will be available for questions and concerns. Flu and Pneumonia shots will be available. Refreshments and door prizes will be part of this premier event. Everyone welcomed.

Home Remedies

By DeeDee Dupree

Bee Stings? Try this to soothe away the OUCH!: First, remove the embedded stinger. Suggestions to do that: Draw a moist bar of soap across the sting, it will usually pull stinger right out or scrape out stinger with the side of a credit card. Once removed, remember, baking soda soothes. Dr. DerMarderosian, explains that baking soda can neutralize things that are acidic, such as the irritating venom of an insect sting. (other tips – Meat tenderizer, or if you are outside an unable to get immediate attention, use MUD. That’s right, mud. It will provide temporary relief of pain. Bladder Infections? Flush out the bacteria: Many people know about this but for those who don’t, try this. Cranberry Juice. Some doctors recommend drinking three ounces of cranberry juice daily as a preventive and upping that amount t to between 12 and 32 ounces if infection occurs. Another option, grab that old faithful box of baking soda. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink the contents once a day for three days. Remember, I didn’t

say it would taste good, but it is a home remedy many women swear by. Another tip is non-fat yogurt and Vitamin C (the second most popular choice among women surveyed for beating bladder infections). Breast Tenderness? Suggestions to remove the ache: Our hormones stimulate fluid retention and sometimes the slightest bounce or bump can cause real discomfort in the breast area. Many women agree that cutting out caffeine can significantly reduce swelling and tenderness. There is also belief that the LOW-SALT solution works magic. Salty foods such as potato chips, pretzels, fries and popcorn make it harder for your body to counteract the hormone-induced fluid retention that occurs during the two weeks leading up to menstruation. Several studies suggest that cutting back on fat and increasing fiber can reduce your blood levels of breast stimulating estrogen (another tip - try the Vitamin E ease). Tips and suggestions given here are meant to help you as home remedies and are not intended as a substitute for treatments prescribed by your doctor.


Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition Constable Don Thompson, a member of the Board of Directors of the Amite River Basin Commission and citizen of the City of Central, brought to the attention of the Commission the hard work all this past summer of the Amite River Preservation Association in keeping the Amite River cleared of trash. The ARBC, composed of citizens from 6 different parishes, adopted Resolution 1087 unanimously. The Resolution states: “...Whereas, there are young citizens in the Amite River Basin with a far-reaching vision that has created an environmental awareness in the citizenship of the Amite River Basin of the value and preservation of this natural resource, and, Whereas, these young citizens have founded the Amite River Preservation Association for the purpose of keeping the Amite River clean and void of trash and debris, Now, Therefore, the Board of Commissioners of the Amite River Basin Drainage and Water Conservation District hereby recognize these young citizens, namely: Grant Venable, Jacob Venable, Matthew Venable, Cade Sevario, Cole Sevario, Elizabeth DeLee, Grace DeLee, Kaylee Tassin, Blake Ashford, Kyle Leblanc, and Taylor Scrantz for their work and effort to keep the Amite River free from trash and debris for the benefit and enjoyment of all people in the Amite River Basin. Declared adopted this 20th day of September, 2011.” Central is blessed to have such stellar representation in the Front row: Don Thompson. 2nd row: Jacob Venable, Kaylee Tassin, Cade Sevario, Grace DeLee, Matthew form of these students who exemplify personal responsibilVenable, Cole Sevario. 3rd row: RJ Saucier, President Lawrence Callender, Russell Cornette, Joel Louque, John ity, great work ethic, appreciation for their environment, and Brass, Willie George Lee, ARBC Vice President Jerry Thibeau, Terry Louque, and Al Bargas. Back row: Anthony “Tony” Rouchon and Dale Zuelke. Not shown: ARPA members Grant Venable, Elizabeth sense of citizenship. As Constable Thompson stated, “These young people are a wonderful asset to our state.” DeLee, Blake Ashford, Kyle Leblanc, and Taylor Scrantz, and ARBC member Larry Thomas

Amite River Preservation Association Recognized by ARBC

Catholics and the Bible Presentation Tonight Time Change to Grace UPC Special Come and hear Deacon Ronnie's conServices Beginnning This Friday Deacon Ronnie Hebert of (St. Al- version story and how his study of the phonsus Church) and Deacon Ricky Bible brought him back to the Catholic Submitted by Deacon Ronnie Hebert

Patterson (St. Louis King of France Church) will explore topics such as : What came first, the Church or the Bible? / What the Church teaches on how to study and interpret the Bible / Sola Scriptura: Does the bible support the belief of the Bible alone? / Are we saved by Faith Alone? / What about the believe of “Once saved always saved?”.

Church. Also, there will be an opportunity to have your questions answered during the presentation. Date, time and location: Thursday, September 22nd, from (7 – 8:30pm) @ St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, 14040 Greenwell Springs Rd. / For more information, call Olga Johnson at 2614644.

Submitted by Grace UPC

Special Services at Grace United Pentecostal Church Please join us for a series of special services at Grace United Pentecostal Church as Evangelist Jerry Holland ministers and lives are changed by the power of Jesus' name! The services will be held Sept. 23 – 25 and Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. The service times for these three dynamic weekends are: Friday and Saturday services at 7:30 PM, Sunday school at 10AM, and Bro. Holland will begin preaching at 11AM.

COMMUNITY 11 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011

CAPA Corner Wal Mart Helps Bellingrath Teachers through Rewards Program Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

COMPETITION In his book, “Searching for Success”, Bill Arcement, MD writes about how we live in a competitive society. He says that competitiveness begins at a very young age and continues throughout our lives. At this time of the year football season is in full swing and we watch players and teams in competition. Dr. Arcement wrote about a different type of competition - the one we practice against ourselves. As we begin a new school year we focus on our goals for our children and families. It would serve us all well to reflect on the competitive part of our lives and if competing is helping us to improves our life style, relationships, school, church and community. Each of us feels good when we have done our best and each of us benefits from reflecting on what it took to do so. I was touched by a story Dr. Arcement shared about Benjamin Franklin, “That as a young man, he (Ben Franklin) had great difficulty relating to people. Fortunately he was perceptive enough to know that he had to change. How did he change? He identified thirteen qualities that he had to acquire in order to improve. He began a little selfcompetition. His formula was relatively simple. He practiced one new habit each week. With thirteen characteristics, he was able to practice one per week and repeat the exercise four times a year. In time, by evaluating his effectiveness and improving his process he was able to transform himself into a world leader. His self-competition made a difference.” Until I read this I never gave much thought to the concept. When you stop and think about it, when we are in self-competition we have less anger, less frustration, less stress and we become more in tune with our own inner self. For each of us the challenge is to step back and see our own gifts and spend less or no time finding fault with the gifts of others. Much of life is spent on trying to make ourselves look good at the expense of someone else. Dr. Arcement gives us a new way of looking at life, but so do the scriptures. God said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, listen to Him.” Blessings Fr. Michael Moroney, St. Alphonsus Liguori Church

Photo by Mia Freneaux

These lucky teachers at Bellingrath Hills Elementary were recipients of $100 gift cards from Wal-Mart. Through their Teacher Rewards Program, Wal-Mart distributes $4.5 million dollars to teachers across the nation, helping to alleviate the $1.33 billion teachers annually spend out of their own pockets on school supplies. Pictured are (front row) Shannon Nijoka, Casey Wells, Tanya Ballard, Ronda Ricketts (back row) David Landry, Wal-Mart Co Manager, Michelle Robertson, Kelley Jones, Shelley Scott, Heather Blanchard, Dana Russell, Georgia Truax, Wal-Mart Community Coordinator, and Laura Gehling, Principal. Congratulations!

Central’s Urgent Care for Over 11 Years

We’ve mOved!

We treat: • Allergies

8751 Sullivan Rd. (225) 262-8377

• Ear or eye infection • Fever • Minor cuts that may need stitches

HOURS: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 9 pm Saturday – Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm

• Simple fractures • Severe sore throat • Sprains and strains • Vomiting/diarrhea

 Brand new, state of the art facility

Lake After Hours is not intended for major emergencies.

 Advanced technology  Affiliated with Our Lady of the Lake and Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group

For a full list of locations, visit


Photos by Expressions Photography

Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

Wildcats’ Rally Falls Short against Woodlawn By Josh Walker

Central made a game of it after trailing 27-6 in the third quarter. They fought back to make the score 27-20 before giving up two more touchdowns to end the game with a 41-27 loss. Woodlawn got the ball on the Wildcat 29 yard line in the first quarter after a Zach Evans fumble and scored on a ten yard touchdown pass. Central’s offense came right back and marched down the field on runs by Lamonte Janeau and Brett Courville and a 32 yard catch by Devon Gales to set up a one yard touchdown run by Courville. Those would be the only points the Wildcats would score in the first half while Woodlawn scored twice more on 80 and 39 yard touchdown passes. The Panthers would also score to open up the second half on a 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. Gary Tripplet answered that return with one of his own, this time a 98-yard return, cutting the lead to 14 points. Central would score again on a one-yard Courville run to make it a one-possession game. After a Panther touchdown, Courville connected with Jeremy Anderson for a 13 yard touchdown pass. On their next offensive drive, the Wildcats got down to the Woodlawn 12 yard line after a 53

Central Looks to Return to Winning Ways against Catholic By Josh Walker

The Wildcats (1-2) will travel to Memorial Stadium Friday night to take on the Catholic High School Bears (0-3). Catholic moved out of Central’s district this past year, so this great rivalry will have no district implications this year. Central has won the past three meetings and will look to build on an impressive offensive performance this past week. The Bears return 7 starters (2 on offense, 5 on defense). They come in with losses to Zachary, Denham, and Mandeville (all of which are unbeaten). It should be a battle to the finish if the games from previous years mean anything. Come support your Wildcats Friday night as they look to get to 2-2 on the season and get back on the right path.

yard run by Courville before being stopped on a fourth down pass. Woodlawn would put the game away on a 29-yard touchdown run with 6 minutes left in the game. Courville led the Wildcats with 165 passing yards with 11 completions in 24 attempts and one touchdown. He also led the team with 119 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Janeau ran for 44 yards and Evans ran for 18. Devon Gales led the receivers with 55 yards while Jeremy Anderson had 43 yards and one touchdown. Defensive end and tight end Zach Hetrick had one 31-yard reception. Hetrick led the Wildcat defense in tackles with 7. Paul Broussard had 5 ½ with a fumble recovery. Dalton Holdman also intercepted one pass. Coach Dotson commented on the many positive things the Wildcats did. He said, “I’m proud of you guys. This is a good football team, and good football teams fight to the end.” He also said the Wildcats played physical and hard throughout the night but did not play smart. This will come with time though. This is still a very young team that will grow before your eyes. If they continue to give the effort that they are putting forth, they will be a force to be reckoned with at the end of the season.

SPORTS 13 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011

Parklane Academy Takes a Win over Central Private

Photos by Selser Photography

Ryan Bowman fights through Parklane defenders

Austin Pierce drags down a Parkview player

Morgan Miley runs in for the tackle

Landon Boudreaux races up the field

Central Slammers Youth Basketball Looking for Players & Coaches

Come join us for fun and the most competitive youth basketball league in the area! Teams are being formed for the fall/winter 2011-2012 season. Competition begins in November. Any child ages 6-12 interested in playing in Central’s Biddy Basketball League, or adults interested in coaching a team, please contact us: Matt Ross at 225-252-2466 or Tommy Abbott at 504-722-6638 or 225-261-9580. E-mail: Website:

Syrshawn Fitch makes an impressive stop for the defense

Photos by Selser Photography The Rebels fell to Parklane last Friday, 41-0. CP is gearing up for a home game this Friday at 7 PM. Come out to cheer on the Rebels in their game against Bowling Green.


Now Open 24 Hours central location

Thursday Nights, 5pm-6pm Broadcasting Live from FOX’S PIZZA DEN WPFC Radio, 1550 AM - Baton Rouge Internet:


STAFFED 8-7 M-W 8-6 Thursday 7-2 Friday

Central’s only fitness center offering Child Care, Group


Fitness Classes & Personal Training

tanning beds, spray tans, & a full line of supplements

11424 Sullivan Road Central, LA 70818 (225) 261-8405

14 FUN

Rotary Fishing Tournament Raises Funds for CCAF

Photos submitted by Central Rotary On Saturday, the Central Rotary Club held a fishing tournament at False River to help the Central Community Assistance Foundation. Thank you to all who came out to help, to fish, or to contribute.

Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

Three Central Students Film Weekly TV Sitcom

3rd Place -5 stringer -10.33lbsTroy David and Kevin Waggenspack

Submitted by Tina Kaufman Photo by Lorri King

1st Place- 5 stringer- 10.88lbs -Rodney Higginbotham and Gene Branum

2nd Place-5 stringer-10.41lbs- & Big Bass3.68lbs- Jesse Jones & Dylan Vincent

Central Rotary members Deana Blacklock, Craig Harris, Lucky Ross, Jennifer Hinton, Jerry Lee, Doug Blacklock, Kenny Wall, Brad Pine, David Latona

God’s Helping Hands from St. Alphonsus

Three Central students have begun the process of filming a TV sitcom weekly. The INFORMER will air every Saturday on channel 10 on MPD Kids club cox channel at noon. Alexandra Johnson, a Central Intermediate student, Brock Kaufman, Central Middle School, and Chaislyn King, a Victory Academy student, are part of the Motion Picture Development program at Celtic Media Center. The TV sitcom is about a group of Middle School Students that are faced with real life issues. THE INFORMER is the name of their school paper, and these talented actors portray characters in the Middle School and solve different issues they are faced

with at school. This 10-week after school Kids Club founded by Aaron Williams introduces students to the craft of journalism, teleprompter reading, and acting for tv sitcoms, and gives them a chance to create video narratives for television, online, and festival outlets. In this 10-week program, each student is challenged with producing and acting in short narratives of increasing complexity. These classes and our student narratives, sketches, and skits will be televised weekly as a part of our Educational & Instructional (EI) television broadcast in order to highlight our students and promote their works. If you missed an episode visit the online tv station at tv/.

PUZZLES 15 Print Edition • Thursday, September 22, 2011


Confederate Heating & Air Central’s oldest & most reliable A/C co. Serving Central over 30 yrs. Quality Res. & Commercial svc. All makes & models. Licensed, Bonded, & Insured. 261-5000


Fontana Air, LLC

We Cater to Your Comfort Not a Bait and Switch Contractor Guaranteed Quality at the Best Price Jon Fontana - 938-7448


AAA Body and Paint Over 60 years of Service Collision Center 6766 Airline Hwy 357-9363 or 357-9379



SHOP CENTRAL FIRST $75/Month Up to 5 Lines


New & Used Sales, Repairs, Installation, Virus Removal 12221 Greenwell Springs Road 248-6611

Home & Small Business Free Estimates! References Upon Request 270-6453

Across the Street from Capital One 13366 Hooper Road #A1 993-4298

House Cleaning by Jane

Central City Pest Control

Tim’s Computers


General Sand & Gravel

Bayou Steam


Central Owned & Operated Pest & Termite Residential, Commercial & Industrial 261-4112

Adam’s Dirt Work

Les Jumelles De Central





Simple Electric

Carpet, Upholstery, Tile & Grout Cleaning Locally Owned and Operated 225-955-6955


Hooper Road Notary Cindy L. Hawkins

Openings for Homes in Central Honest, Dependable, References Available Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly 245-4268

Hunt’s Tire & Car Care


Cleaning By April


Limestone, Gravel, Mason & Fill Sand, Riversilt, Crushed Concrete, Clay, T/S - Tractor Work VISA 261-3953 M/C

Dirt - Sand - Mulch - Gravel - Limestone 3 Yds & Up. Tractor - Dozer Trackhoe - Grading - Bush Hogging 937-4682 or 921-1346

Central-Owned by Les & Charlene Hunt 10440 Greenwell Springs Road Between Monterrey & Sherwood 272-7404

Central Lawn Pro, LLC

Lawn Maintenance, New installation or renovation, Landscape, Hardscape Licensed and Insured 413-5028


Central-owned by Randy Story Aluminum & Insulated Patio Covers Canvas, Vinyl, Retractable & Backlit Awnings For a Free Estimate, Call 445-7202



Licensed, Insured & Bonded Any Size Job - 30 Yrs Experience Central Owned Business 921-2633


LOOK LOOK LOOK Need New Upholstery In the Top of your Car? Call Headliner Replacement (225) 572-7469


Space Walks Water Slides ($175/Day) Best Prices in Town 936-2063

Besse & Sons Affordable Lawncare

Are You Paying Too Much? Free Estimates. Licensed & Insured. 221-3913 / 448-5569


Bull’s Lawn Care Full Service Lawn Care

Landscaping & Tractor Work, Iron Fences/Gates CNC Metal Art. Free Estimates. 225-261-4189 225-939-3845


We Have Moved! 13366 Hooper Road Across from Capital One 262-1234


Central’s Shopping Directory Central’s Website Directory Shop Central First


Spa Central Massage Therapy & Nail Care

Professional Massage Therapist Over 10 Years’ Experience Melinda McCarty lic# LA1564 281-9314


Lindsay Engels and James Leger to Marry in Florida

Lindsay Lea Engels of Central and James Noah Leger of Church Point, will exchange vows on Saturday October 29, 2011 in Seacrest, Florida. The bride-elect is the daughter Michael and Jami Engels of Central. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Beverly Engels of Central and the late Richard and Jean Browning of Central. Lindsay is a 2001 Graduate of Central High School. She is employed with the East Baton Rouge Sheriffs Office.

The bridegroom is the son of Brent and Janie Leger of Church Point. He is the grandson of the Maudrie Leger and the late Dewey Leger of Church Point and Clifford and Janet Dronet of New Iberia. James is a 1999 graduate of Notre Dame High School of Acadia Parish and a 2005 graduate of Louisiana State University. He is employed as an Independent Contractor for East Baton Rouge Parish and is also a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve.

Tara Kitchens and Steven Morris to Marry on October 15

Thursday, September 22, 2011 • Print Edition

Please send your announcements to Beth@ for publishing free of charge.

In Memoriam: Rev. John Newman Williams

A native of Amite and resident of Central, he died at home on Sunday, September 18, 2011. Rev. John Williams, 62, graduated from Pine Grove High School and then Southeastern Louisiana University. He received his Masters of Theology from Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University. He was ordained a Deacon in the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church in June 1972 and an Elder in June 1976. Rev. Williams served Churches throughout the Louisiana Conference including Baton Rouge, Vinton, Logansport, Shreveport, Luling, DeRidder, Calhoun and Slidell. He served on The Louisiana Conference Board of Ordained Ministry for 16 years and on the Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns for eight years. He was loved as a husband, father, pastor, mentor and friend. He had a heart for ministry and loved people, regarding everyone as a beloved child of God. He is survived by his wife, Rev. Marie Palmer Williams; son and daughter-in-law, Dr. James Newman Williams, MD and Beth Williams of Geismar; daughter and son-in-law, Rev. Sarah Williams Shoup and Brian J. Shoup of

Lake Charles; son and daughterin-law, Rev. Jared Roland Williams and Alina S. Williams of Prairieville; grandchildren, Grace Williams, Faith Williams, Elizabeth Shoup and John Brian Shoup; brothers, David M. Williams and wife Rosanne of Holden and Patrick D. Williams of Hammond; sister, Dr. Karen L. Williams and husband Davy Brooks of Hammond; seven nieces and nephews, brother-in-law, R.C. Palmer and wife Joyce and brother-in-law Don Palmer all of Ft. Myers, FL. He was preceded in death by his parents, Albert Newman Williams and Gladys Jewel Williams. Visitation will be on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 at Blackwater United Methodist Church from 5 pm until 7 pm with a prayer service at 6pm with Bishop William Hutchinson officiating. Visitation will resume on Friday at 10 am until memorial services at 11 am conducted by the Rev. Carole Cotton Winn. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Blackwater United Methodist Church, Centenary College, Perkins School of Theology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center or Louisiana United Methodist Happening. Arrangements by Rabenhorst East.

Sign Up Soon for Pride of Louisiana Pageant The Pride of Louisiana Pageant is being held on Saturday, October 1, 2011. Babies to 21 years old are welcome! You don’t want to miss this! There will be beautiful crowns and custom sashes! For more information, go to www. or contact Kellie Alford at

Tara Kitchens and Steven Morris will marry on October 15, 2011 at Greystone Country Club in Denham Springs, Louisiana. The bride elect is the daughter of Tim and Tammy Kitchens and granddaughter of Tommy and Phyllis Frazier and Jimmy and Jan Kitchens all of Central, Louisiana. The bride elect is a graduate of Central High School and a Baton Rouge

Community College. She is employed with Dr. Gerard Bossier D.D.S. Her finance is the son of Steve and Marylin Morris of Denham Springs, Louisiana and the grandson of Loise Harris and the late Clarence Harris, Arnett Morris and Barbara Miley. He is a graduate of Northeast High School and employed at Superior Steel of Baton Rouge. The couple will reside in Pride, Louisiana.


Central Speaks 09/22/11