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Good News for a Great City • Daily News at • July 21, 2011

Cooking in Central: 30 More Years

Louis DeJohn, President of the Board of Cooking in Central, and Bill Parsons, pastor of Central Worship Center, sign a "no money lease" on twelve acres of the church's property on Blackwater Road. The lease, signed at Tuesday's Cooking membership meeting, gives Central's largest charity event a home for the next 30 years. Photo by Expressions Photography

A New Place for Steaks in Central

A few months ago Central Speaks' "Question of the Day" on Facebook was, "What other restaurants does Central need?" The number one answer was a "Steak House". Pit Crew on Hooper near Blackwater has answered the call. Pit Crew's Thursday night steak special has been a well kept secret. Their Ribeyes and Filets are Pecan/Mesquite smoked then grilled to order, and will now be available from Thursday at 5pm through Saturday night. Pit Crew has been open just over a year serving BBQ and will continue its original menu and add steaks to become Pit Crew Steak House & BBQ, located on Hooper Road near Blackwater.

Central Area Students’ Prayer Rally- Wednesday at 7:30 AM in the CHS Gym See Page 14 for Full Details

Barry Elkins of Central Running for State Representative

Press Release

Barry Elkins of Greenwell Springs is running for State Representative in House District 64 in the October 22, 2011 primary. This position is an open seat left vacant by Mack “Bodi” White. White has announced he is running for Louisiana State Senate in District 6. House District 64 crosses parish lines and includes parts of Central, Zachary and Watson. Elkins’ platform will concentrate

on economic growth and crime prevention. “I want to ensure the citizens of District 64 have a say in the most important issues that affect them today. Issues such as taxes, education of our children, continued improvements of our roads and highways, and of course, the most important concern on everyone’s minds today is that of jobs and business expansion,” said Elkins. “As the Representative of District 64, I pledge to be accessible and open to the ideas of those who live in my district. I have the time and the experience to confront the challenges that we face today and into the future.” An attorney for 17 years, Elkins is co-owner of Magnolia Title of Baton Rouge, LLC. Prior to founding Magnolia Title, he served as a Biology teacher in both Webster and St. Tammany Parishes. Elkins also worked 15 years as a medical equipment salesperson for several national medical companies. Elkins is a member of many as-

sociations including the Land Title Association, Livingston Board of Realtors, Central Chamber of Commerce, Livingston Chamber of Commerce, Zachary Chamber of Commerce, and Krewe of Tucumcari. He is also a past board member of the Istrouma Area Council, Boy Scouts of America. Family is very important in Elkin’s life. Elkins is married to Angela LeBlanc, co-owner of Magnolia Title and Associate of Crawford Lewis, PLLC. He has four children and two grandchildren. The Elkins’ attend St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Zachary. Due to robust population growth along the I-12 and I-10 corridors, five new House seats were created in the area near District 64. This also meant that many of the existing districts in the area had to shrink in size. District 64 was 20% over the population of an “ideal” district and was compacted in both the East Baton Rouge and Livingston portions of the district.

School Board to Consider Seniors’ Schedules

At next Monday's School Board meeting a decision is expected on how many hours seniors will be required to take to graduate. Under consideration is a new "classification system" which places each student in an Academic, Technical, Industry or General classification. The classifications are based on test scores and ACT, with each classification setting out the requirements of what course work must be completed in order to attend less than a full day of school. Parents and students interested in how this will affect them are encouraged to attend Monday night's School Board meeting at 6 PM at Kristenwood, or to contact the School Board office at 262-1919.



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Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

THIS WEEK IN CENTRAL THURSDAY. 7/21: Central Speaks Hits the Streets and Post Office Burn Ban Lifted Scale Down Orientation, 11:30 AM & 7 PM at Lane RMC Tight Knit Group, 4 PM at Central Library Sid Edwards Show, 5-6 PM at Fox’s Pizza & on 1550 AM FRIDAY 7/22: Portion of Lovett Road Closed Beginning Today Paint-In, 9:30 AM at Magnolia Methodist SATURDAY 7/23: SUNDAY 7/24: See You in Church! MONDAY 7/25: CHS Senior Orientation, 11:30 AM- 2:30 PM CCSS School Board Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood Pickleball, 6-9 PM at Lovett Road Park TUESDAY 7/26: CHS Junior Orientation, 7:30-10:30 AM Sewing/Quilting Group, 10 AM at Magnolia Methodist CHS Sophomore Orientation, 12-3 PM City Council Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood WEDNESDAY, 7/27: Central Student Prayer Rally, 7:30 AM in the CHS Gym THURSDAY. 7/28: Central Speaks Hits the Streets and Post Office Scale Down Orientation, 11:30 AM & 7 PM at Lane RMC Tight Knit Group, 4 PM at Central Library Sid Edwards Show, 5-6 PM at Fox’s Pizza & on 1550 AM Board of Adjustments Meeting, 5 PM at Kristenwood Planning & Zoning Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood

Do We Want Economic Development? An Editorial by Dave Freneaux

When my daughter was six years old I had every intention that she would eventually grow up to be a mature, well educated woman…but I did not give my six year old the car keys and tell her to go out and get a job. My goal was to help guide her development, growth and education so that she was prepared at each age to handle the challenges she would face. At times, I felt she was growing up too fast, and I could gently apply the brakes, but I could not stop her from growing up. At other times, I felt she was not growing up fast enough, and I had to gently push her so that she was prepared for the next stage of her life, often against her will, but for her own good. That, in a simple analogy, is Economic Development. It is simply not possible for Central to survive with zero Economic Development. I see lines being drawn in Central, and on one side people are loudly proclaiming a desire to stay a quiet rural community with plenty of farm land and oak trees. On the other side the call is to build a tax base that can support the school system and the resulting growth and infrastructure demands. I have friends on both sides of the line and I hear both arguments, and they are both right. The question, as I see it, is not WHETHER to encourage Economic Development, it is HOW QUICKLY and IN WHAT WAYS. Regardless of WHAT will be done, the process of intentionally planning Central’s Economic Development needs to move forward. If those who are willing to pitch in and assist with the process will come to the table with an open mind, hear differing viewpoints, and seek consensus, Central has a good chance at making sound

decisions. As those decisions are made, we have the opportunity to look beyond our own desires and build a community that meets the needs of our children and grandchildren. Part of me wanted my six year old to stay Daddy’s little girl forever, but now she is grown and I am glad I did not interfere with that unstoppable progression. Central’s first schoolhouse was a slice of 1900’s Americana, but could never have prepared our children for the technological and educational demands of 2011. Central’s eight roads and 100 family farms of 1920 are the roots of a great city, but could not support the conveniences and leisure activities we enjoy today. The Central community made a decision to create an independent school system and city. That decision set economic wheels in motion that cannot be stopped, but the course and speed of those wheels can be influenced. Central’s schools will grow. People will build more houses. New businesses will open. Our ordinances will provide guidance and government agencies may facilitate discussion, but the direction of this community will ultimately be determined by our citizens. The cost of education, lifestyle and convenience will ultimately be paid through Economic Development or through taxes. The challenge is to come to the table with our preferences pencilled in, and a willingness to hear other ideas and find the Economic Development solutions that are right for the community as a whole. Like my daughter years ago, our Central is only a six year old, and we CAN have an influence on her as she grows, but we can’t stop her from growing up.

Burn Ban Lifted Submitted by Chief Porche, CFD

As a result of the recent hot, dry weather, Central Fire Chief Bill Porche ordered an advisory limiting all private burning. That advisory is hereby lifted, effective Thursday July 21, 2011 at 8:00am. Chief Porche thanks the citizens of Central for taking the necessary steps to ensure safety, as the refraining of burning over the past few weeks has prevented many dangerous fires. Citizens who choose to burn are reminded to follow all State and Local laws and regulations. For a complete list of information you can go to our website at Contact Information 12023 Sullivan Road City of Central, LA 70818 P.O. Box 78137 City of Central, LA 70837

Email: Phone: (225) 262-3730 Fax: (888) 220-8396

Publisher: Beth Fussell Editor: Dave Freneaux Sales: Kandi Jones

Published Weekly 51 weeks a year Deadline 9 A.M. Wednesdays Article submission is free of charge. Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011


Part of Lovett State Sales Tax Holiday in Time July 28 Road to Close for Back to School Shopping Planning & This Friday Zoning Agenda The majority of consumer purchases are exempt from From Rep. Clif Richardson’s Office

From the City of Central

Lovett Rd between Joor Rd and Prairie Drive will be closed starting Friday, July 22 to replace the bridge over Shoe Creek. This will be a complete road closure for approximately 8 weeks. The contractor advised us this morning that all utilities have been moved, and they have been given the notice to proceed with the project. This closure date is weather permitting.

Building Permits Slow During June From the City of Central

Building permits slowed during the month of June 2011 within the city of Central. Only 7 new residential permits were issued. The total valuation of these permits was $1,695,104. Within these permits, three were issued in Burlington Lakes with an average valuation of $196,335 and four were issued in Wisteria Lakes with an average valuation of $276,524. So far this year, a total of 72 new residential building permits have been issued. Effective July 1, the new residential building permit fee schedule approved by the City Council went into effect. This new fee schedule will result in a reduction of approximately 25% on the value of a building permit when compared to the previous schedule.

state sales taxes during the 2011 Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday on Friday, August 5, and Saturday, August 6. The sales tax holiday exempts the first $2,500 of the purchase price of each eligible item from the four percent state sales tax. The law describes eligible items as “individual items of tangible personal property for nonbusiness use.” The Louisiana Department of Revenue encourages shoppers to retain receipts for school supplies, uniforms, and educational equipment required by schools. Expenses paid this year are eligible for tax deductions on 2011 Louisiana Individual Income Tax Returns due May 15, 2012. In order to claim the deductions, you must be able to claim the student as a dependent on your state individual income tax return, and you must be able to provide documentation for the expenses. Visit for more information. Purchases are eligible for the sales tax exemption under the following conditions: • The customer buys and accepts delivery of eligible property; • The customer places property on layaway; • The customer acquires property that was previously placed on layaway; or • The customer places an order for immediate delivery, even if delivery must be delayed, provided that the customer has not requested delayed shipment. The Louisiana Annual Sales Tax Holiday exemption does not apply to: • Vehicles subject to license and title • Meals prepared for consumption on premises or to-go • Taxable services such as hotel occupancy, laundry services, printing services, telecommunication services, the furnishing of cold storage space, leases or rentals of tangible personal property, repairs to tangible personal property, and admission to athletic, amusement, or recreational facilities or events For retailers, a $25-per register tax credit is available for the reprogramming of cash registers in preparation for the sales tax holiday. Visit for more information.

AGENDA CITY OF CENTRAL ZONING COMMISSION Thursday, July 28, 2011 6:00pm Kristenwood Meeting Facility 14025 Greenwell Springs Road Central, LA 70739 1. Roll Call 2. Recitation of Rules 3. Approval of Minutes (June 23, 2011 Zoning Meeting) 4. Amendments & Consent Agenda PUBLIC HEARING CASES (NEW BUSINESS): 5. CUP-2-11 Conditional Use Permit This property is located on the at 10305 Blackwater Road between Loudon Ln. and Monhegan Ave. on Lot 3-C-1 of the William Carmena Property, being in Sections 78 & 79, T-6-S, R-1-E, GLD, EBR, LA (City of Central). The applicant is proposing a 9,584 sq. ft. church as a conditional use in the Rural Zoning District. (Applicant: Central Worship Center) PUBLIC HEARING CASES (OLD BUSINESS): 6. RZ-10-08 Rev Site Plan Revision This property is located on the south side of Wax Road between Willowbrook Dr. and W. Brookside Dr. on Lot Y of the Brian Tract, being in Sections 8 & 9, T-6-S, R-2-E, GLD, EBR, LA (City of Central). The applicant is proposing to increase the square footage of the shopping center from 21,360 sq. ft. to 25,908 sq. ft. (Applicant: Kimble Development of Central) 7. Announcements 8. Adjourn


By DeeDee Dupree

Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

Pastors Jay & Stacey Coleman- Their Journey Through Life

The Pastors of Journey Church, Jay and Stacey Coleman, are undeniably a couple that share a divine connection. Alongside their three sons, they are a family of ministry. “We are a team- We are in it together,” Stacey stated with a charming smile. Journey is a Life Giving, nondenominational church that offers an endearing, small church warmth hosted in a large facility to accommodate the Central community. Journey Church found its new home in the Central Community in 2008. The first day of church service in the new building brought in 535 people. Journey has now grown to over 1100 members. The quick growth has exceeded Pastor Jay’s expectations. He is in awe watching God’s work in the community.

Jay met Stacey shortly after his 18th birthday. He had recently dedicated his life to the Lord and prayed for a Christian friend and companion. “Proverbs 18:22 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing. And I certainly did,” Jay stated, winking at his wife. “It’s great working side by side with your spouse. I love that she leads the worship service at church and we get to spend so much time together. There isn’t another person I’d rather spend my time with.” At the heart of Journey's mission statement is that people Connect with Christ, Grow in their faith and to Serve those around them no matter where they are. The members of this church certainly exemplify this motto. Hearing story after story of how members of the church give their time and energy, it is truly

quite inspiring. Team Hope is an example of people striving to make a difference, not only here in the United States but in Nicaragua as well. The Gaudin’s, a couple in the church, lead the missions and have dedicated their lives to helping those that have nothing. Q & A: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment since starting Journey church? A: Watching people respond to the Gospel. It is an accomplishment to simply watch families transform and begin to serve God together. Q: What is your biggest disappointment? A: We have not experienced much disappointment as far as the church is concerned. However, my best friend passed away the week of Easter. I was completely devastated. But let me say I can't express how wonderful the people of this church were. They rallied together, had church services and supported my family. Each of them are true warriors of prayer and selflessness. Q: What are your thoughts on the Central Community and the spirit of volunteerism that seems to resonate with its resident? A: We call it Servolution and it's amazing. People giving of their time, going out into the community and being the hands and feet of Jesus. We have so many families that are a part of our Serve team and I would love to thank them for the way that they represent Christ to our community. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and as a part of Journey. Q: Do the pastors of all local Central churches get together with a common goal for the community? A: Yes, the Mayor hosts a breakfast once a month where we fellowship

with one another. There are many great churches in the area led by some wonderful pastors. Q: Stacey, can you tell me about the worship services? A: Our music is contemporary. We do play a few hymns sporadically, but overall we try to keep the music current and relatable to our growing church. Q: Your approach to ministering differs from a lot of churches I’ve attended. It definitely has a laid back, small community atmosphere. A: What led you to this approach? I started off many years ago teaching children’s church. I soon realized kids and adults like story telling. People in general do not want to be preached at. They enjoy hearing stories they can relate to. This, in turn, opens their hearts and minds to God’s word. We present the gospel in a way to help people deal with real life issues they face everyday. I often tell the congregation, We don’t just go to church, we ARE the church— wherever we are. I truly believe that. Q: Does it take a large staff to run this size church? A: Our staff is actually quite small. It consists of some truly remarkable people. We are blessed to have a really creative team. We brain storm together and they just make it happen. They constantly amaze and impress me. We are always thinking of new ways to serve the community. Our Journey Girls will be hosting “Summer Pink-Nic” July 24th 6 – 8 pm. For more information on this event and our service times, check out our website @ COME TAKE THE JOURNEY WITH US. Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011

CAPA Corner

Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association

In our society, we value control. We like it when the outcome of a situation comes under our leadership. In many cases this is just fine. For example, I am just fine with a police officer being in control of a gun because he has had training and has proven to be a protector of the people. In other words, he will use the control he has in the proper way. However, there are times when someone has control over something that they have no experience to handle. For instance, if you bought a brand new car, who would you trust to drive it? Would it be my precious two-year-old son? Probably not! Why? Because he is not yet capable or experienced to be able to properly handle the machine. No one in their right mind would dream of letting my two-year-old drive. You would only end up with a wrecked car! This brings up a question in my mind: Who are you letting control your life? Think about it for a moment. Are you allowing the influence of others to direct your decisions? Are you making the choices yourself and doing what you want? Or is God the one who is guiding your life? Though we hate to admit it, we are not the best choice for operating our lives on our own. No one has ever experienced living a life before. We only have one shot. No one can truly know the future or be able to see the outcome of decisions. Further, even with good intentions, we can often make mistakes. No, a better candidate for control of your life is Jesus Christ. Think about it. He created the earth and everything in it. He knows all things: past, present, and future. He loves us and cares about the outcome of our life. Isn’t Jesus the perfect operator? The choice is yours. Who is going to be in the driver seat of your life? Romans 8:6 says, “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.” I don’t know about you, but life and peace sounds much better than death. Don’t make a go of this life on your own. There is a God who loves you and wants to walk with you, if you will let him. If you do things your way, you will end up with a wrecked life, but if you allow God to be in control, you will have a life of purpose, fulfillment, and peace. Think about it! Jason Allen First Baptist Church Central


You’re Invited to Comite VBS

We would like to invite YOU to our 2011 Vacation Bible School: Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was a Kid. It will be held in the Comite Baptist Church Gym Sunday–Friday, July 24–29 from 6:15 – 8:30 p.m. Ages are 3 years old – 6th Grade (2010–11 school year). We are looking forward to stepping back in time to visit Jesus’ hometown! We will be exploring what it was like to live in Nazareth, the town where Jesus grew up. We hope you will come share the adventure with us! Each night we will enjoy music, small group time, fun, games and snacks. (There is no charge for VBS.) VBS is open to boys and girls three years old through sixth grade (2010–11 school year – the grade just completed). Please also invite your family, friends and neighbors. VBS drop-off and pick-up location is the Comite Gym. You may preregister by downloading a form from our website: www. Completed forms may be brought to the Church Office or mailed to: Comite Baptist Church; Attention: VBS 12250 Greenwell Springs Road Baton Rouge, LA 70814 Comite Baptist Church is located on the corner of Greenwell Springs and Flannery Road. Sincerely, The Staff & Congregation of Comite Baptist Church

Zoar Baptist Student Ministry Parents Open House

On Wednesday, August 3 from 6:30-8 PM, Zoar Student Ministry will host an open house for parents who have a child or children in grades 7-12. The purpose of this event is to give parents the opportunity to gather information on what Zoar Student Ministry is all about. We’ll have information on upcoming events as well as what we’re doing right now to live out our purpose as a ministry. Zoar Student Ministry exists to reach teenagers with the love of Christ, teaching them His truth, leading them to exalt God while serving and enjoying the company of others. We want to see teenagers meet Jesus and live their lives for Him. We’re here to minister and to serve not only the

teens of our community, but their entire family. We would love for you to join us on August 3. We’ll have finger foods for all who attend. We’ll also be giving away door prizes throughout the night, including an iPad 2, gift cards to Wal Mart, Bravo! Restaurant, the Mall of Louisiana and more. Our ministry team and myself would love the opportunity to meet you and share with you about the wonderful things that are happening at Zoar. If you have any questions about the open house feel free to contact Brian Marbury at In His Service, Brian Marbury Associate Pastor to Students


Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

Nominations Now Being CCSS Free/Reduced Meal Policy Accepted for CHS Hall of Fame

Submitted by CHS Athletic Director Sid Edwards

Anyone who wants to nominate someone for the Central High School Hall Of Fame for the 201112 year, please send in Nominations as soon as possible to Coach Sid Edwards, Athletic Director Central High School, 10200 East Brookside Drive, Baton Rouge , Louisiana or E-Mail to Last year’s inductee was Nathaniel "Doc" Johnson. The 2011-12 Inductee or inductees will be honored at the Central vs. Zachary football game on October 7th at Wildcat Stadium. This Hall of Fame is not just

limited to Athletes nor graduates of Central High School, Anyone who has made a significant impact on Central High School in any way can be a candidate. If the candidate does indeed fall under the category of "Athlete," then that individual would have to have graduated from Central High School 10 or more years ago. Candidates who played sports would not be eligible if they graduated after May 2001. The deadline for nominations is Friday, August 19th. at 3 pm. Simply send in your nominee with all pertinent information and a letter stating why you feel this person deserves to be in the Central Hall of Fame.

School Supplies Available for Central Students in Need

Submitted by Janet Stevens

Book sacks filled with school supplies are ready for distribution for any Central students whose families have been impacted by economic hardships. Central residents and churches have donated these supplies. Other items are also available to those in need (i.e., uniforms and other basic need clothing, electric fans, food). The families in need of assistance must complete a Request Form and Financial Information Form to be submitted to the Central Community Assistance Foun-

dation. These forms are available at the Central Library, the Central Community School Main Office and Central Intermediate School. The Central Community Assistance Foundation is also taking uniform donations at this time. Please leave your uniforms, in good condition, at the Walgreens on the corner of Sullivan and Greenwell Springs or the Central Community School Main Office. Thanks to all who have contributed to the Central Community Assistance Foundation. A GREAT Community Who Cares!

Know More. Save More. Free Gallon of Windshield Washer Fluid

The Central Community School System today announced its policy for free and reduced price meals served under the National School Lunch and/or School Breakfast Program(s). All schools and the central office have a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed by any interested party. Application forms are being sent to all homes, along with a letter to households. To apply for free or reduced price meals, households should fill out one application for the household and return it to the school. Additional copies are available at the principal's office in each school. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. The information provided by the household is confidential; it will be used for the purpose of determining eligibility. Information may be verified at any time during the school year by school or other program officials. For the school officials to determine eligibility, each household that is now receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly the Food Stamp Program) or that is on the Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program (FITAP) must provide its SNAP or FITAP case number as well as the signature of an adult household member. All other households must provide the following information on the application: names of all household members; the social security number of either the parent/guardian who is the primary wage earner, or the adult household member who signs the application, or a statement that the household member does not possess one; the amount of income (before deductions for taxes, Social Security, etc.) each household member receives; how often the person receives the income; where it is from, such as wages, retirement, or welfare; and the signature of an adult household member certifying that the information provided is correct. If a household member becomes unemployed or if the household size increases, the household should contact the school. Such changes may make the children of the household eligible for meal benefits. Foster children who are the legal responsibility of a welfare agency or court may be eligible for benefits. If a household has foster children and wishes to apply for such meals for them, the household should contact the school for more information. Households that receive SNAP or FITAP benefits are not required to complete an application. School officials will determine eligibility for free meals based on documentation obtained directly from the SNAP/FITAP office, which will certify that a child is a member of a household currently receiving SNAP or an assistance unit receiving FITAP benefits. School officials will notify households of their eligibility. Households who are notified of their eligibility but do not want their children to receive free meals must contact the school. SNAP and FITAP households should complete an application if they are not notified of their eligibility by 8/26/2011. FREE/REDUCED 1A PRICING: H:IMy DocumentslFree, Reduced, Paid12011-12 Public Re/ease.docx Under the provisions of the free and reduced price policy, Kathy Hattaway, Child Nutrition Program Director, will review applications and determine eligibility. If a parent or guardian is dissatisfied with the ruling of the official, he may wish to discuss the decision with the determining official on an informal basis. If the parent wishes to make a formal appeal, he may make either an oral or written response to the following: Name: Mr. Robert Williams, Director of Student Services Address: 13421 Hooper Rd., Suite 6, Baton Rouge, LA 70818 Phone Number: 225-650-2910 The policy contains an outline of the hearing procedures.

Bringing Smiles to Central for Over 30 Years!


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923-2060 HarbourOr Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday’s CCSS School Board Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order 2. Prayer 3. Pledge 4. Roll Call 5. To consider approval of the minutes of the Special School Board Meeting held on July 6, 2011 and the Regular School Board Meeting held on July 11, 2011. 6. To consider the Superintendent’s recommendation for administrative, instructional and support staff positions. (Mr. Faulk) 7. To consider the staff’s recommendation regarding the Employee Benefits Package and take appropriate action. (Mr. Faulk) 8. To receive a report from the Student Services and HR/Policies Committee meetings held on July 13, 2011 and take appropriate action relative to the following: a. The proposed approval of Policies H-2.2 Admission of Students, Revisions to H-3.5e Use of Cell Phones or Other Electronic Devices, H-3.5h Language Policy, H-3.7a Corporal Punishment, H-3.7b Request for Non use of Corporal Punishment, H-3.8 Student Health Services, H-3.8a Hearing and Vision Screening, H-3.8b Immunizations, H-3.8e Student Physical Examinations, H-3.9 Student Safety, H-3.9a Supervision of Students, H-3.9b Dismissal Precautions, H-3.9c Automobile Use, H-3.9d Accidents and First Aid, H-6 Student Activities, H-6.1 Student Activity Fees, H-6.2 Funds Management, H-9 Solicitations at Schools, H-14 Student Fees, Fines and Charges, H-19 Hazing Prohibited and incorporation of polices into the Student Handbook for the 2011-2012 School Year. b. The proposed revisions to the StuAIR CONDITIONING

Alpha Air

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dent Handbook for the 2011-2012 School Year. 9. To receive a report from the Curriculum/Instruction/Accountability Committee Meeting held on July 14, 2011 and take appropriate action relative to the following: a. Ms. Nancy Beben of the State Department of Education presented an update on High School Requirements. b. The proposed plan for Seniors at Central High School to be classified into one of four levels for the purpose of scheduling classes: Academic, Technical, Industry and General and if the students do not fall into one of these categories then they will fall in to existing categories. 10. To consider a resolution to negotiate a contract with Capital Area Human Services District. (Mr. Faulk)

11. To receive and consider appropriate action regarding the Employee Handbook for the 2011-2012 School Year. (Mr. Faulk) 12. To consider engaging the services of a consultant from the Georgia School Boards Association to develop a Strategic Plan for the Central Community School System. (Mr. Faulk) 13. To consider granting permission for the use of the Central High School Gym for a Town Hall Meeting. (Mr. Faulk) 14. To receive a report on the results of the Superintendent’s Evaluation. (Mrs. Browning) 15. Construction Coordinator’s Report (Mr. Bogan) 16. Superintendent’s Report (Mr. Faulk) 17. Announcements 18. Adjourn

CHS Orientation Next Week Submitted by Central High School

Students reporting for orientation must be prepared for their ID pictures just as they would when school is in session. Students must take their photos in a school uniform shirt. Boys must be clean shaven. Girls cannot have any unnatural hair colors. Students need to bring $20 for their student fee. This money pays for their ID badge and lanyard, a locker and a planner. Students that do not have any obligations will be allowed to pick up their schedule and check out their textbooks. Students that have obligations must clear their obligations prior to orientation. The deadline for clearing obligations is July 21, 2011. Summer hours are 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Juniors and seniors that are purchasing parking permits need to make sure they have their drug testing forms signed, a copy of their car registration paper and their parking permit information filled out when they get here. Orientation Schedule: Monday July 25, 2011 Senior Orientation 11:30 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. Tuesday July 26, 2011 Junior Orientation 7:30 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. Soph Orientation 12:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. Friday July, 29, 2011 Freshman Orientation Last name beginning with letter A-J 8-11 a.m. Last name beginning with letter K-Z 12-3 p.m.

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House for Rent- 3 bed/2 bath Bellingrath Hills $1,200/month, $1,000 deposit. Central Schools. 261-6929 PLANTATION WAY SUBDIVISION - Well established neighborhood with 4 bedroom, 2 full baths, 2112 living area, 1.3 acres, formal dining room, covered patio with 16X18 workshop and separate detached shed. Central School Dist . Call Becky 225-328-6866 2+acre tract in Central School District includes 3BR 3BA Main House as well as 2BR/1.5BA Guest House. Above Ground Pool Fruge Realty LLC 612-8880, Lorie 936-1058 Great Home in the heart of Central 3BR 2BA Large Den with fireplace separate living rm Fruge Realty LLC 612-8880, Lorie 936-1058 1993 MOBILE HOME FOR SALE ! 3 bedrooms / 2 full baths in Central. Excellent condition. Recently painted and updated on the inside. Call 337-581-3543 or 225 936- 5031 If interested Leave message... Can rent in spot in Clean Trailer Park in Central or can be moved


90 characters or less; 3 lines or less. Merchandise, vehicles, garage sales, & free items only. No businesses or real estate. Free ads run for 1 week but may be resubmitted weekly. Email to

GARAGE SALE - Sat. July 23rd. 8:00AM. 10512 Ribbonwood Ave. Willowwood Acres S/D. Pickup Truck, 2008 F150XLT, One Owner, Mint Condition. Call 261-4890 or 663-2358. Weight bench, leg extension, bench press and curl bar, 300 lbs of weights. $45. SOLD DeWalt DC411 cordless angle grinder with charger 18V NEW. $90. 225-261-0594 Want to buy Handicap Accessible Van, Good Cond. Need ASAP. Call 261-8771.


Central Lawn Pro, LLC

Lawn Maintenance, New installation or renovation, Landscape, Hardscape Licensed and Insured 413-5028


Hooper Road Notary Cindy L. Hawkins WE HAVE MOVED! 13366 Hooper Road #A1 993-4298


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Pamper your feet with an O.P.I. Summer Pedicure! By appointment only. Call Melinda 281-9314


Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

$15,000 in School Supplies Donated Anonymously to Central Community through Stuff The Bus Program

Photo by Dave Freneaux

An anonymous donation of over $15,000 of school supplies came to Central through the Streams of Life Ministry of River of Life Church, represented by Pastor Steve Adcox. The supplies support classroom needs as well as at risk students in the Central community through CCAF (Central Community Assistance Foundation). Gerald Vince of the RV Shop donated the transportation, and WBRZ and Raising Canes, represented by local manager Brad Pine, serve as the sponsors for the Stuff The Bus program.

Learn to Spin on August 4th Scale Down Sessions at Lane Submitted by Sarah Crawford, EBRPL

Spinning is as old as clothing and the techniques have not changed through the centuries. Join us as we make thread from wool and cotton fibers at the Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch Library, 11300 Greenwell Springs Road, on Thursday, Aug. 4, at 2 p.m.

This will be limited to spindle spinning only, but as participants learn the process, they will begin to practice with spinning wheels. All equipment and fiber will be provided. Registration is required. For more information or to register, call (225) 274-4450.

Submitted by Delores Sutton

Say goodbye to those unwanted pounds! Get started today with Scale Down, an HMR program for weight management at Lane Regional Medical Center. Want to find out how this life-style

and weight loss program can benefit you? Call 658-4463 to schedule your free, no-obligation information session. These sessions are held on Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. August dates will be the 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th. Registration is required and space is limited.

COMMUNITY 9 Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011

Local Boy Scouts Serving One of Their Own

Submitted by Central Scouts

Boy Scouts are generally known for their service to the community but this service project was different. Late last year one of the boys in Troop 13 was tragically killed in what was first called a case of ‘Russian Roulette’ but later classified as murder. Tyler was a scout that was always glad to be doing anything related to scouts. He wore his uniform to every event even when we told him it was ok to wear work clothes. He was also one of those boys who didn’t think through his actions but always had a big heart and would do anything for one of his fellow scouts (‘You’re sleeping bag got wet, you can use mine…’, never worrying that he would be without a dry warm sleeping bag). His smile was always a welcome addition to any scouting trip. The boys took special pride and worked harder than normal without a single word of complaint about the heat or how hard the ground was. The work they did on their fallen scout’s grave was something amazing to watch. The leaders shared with them the ideas they had to straighten up the dirt and when the boys were finished the whole family plot had been reworked and they were looking for something else to do. You could see the cheerful hearts at work, serving one of their own.


Join us at the Central Community Sports Park for a ground breaking ceremony of Phase One construction. This event is open to the public. All are welcome. July 27, 9-10 a.m. 10501 Lovett Road Central, LA 70818


Central Speaks About Fitness

Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

“I Don’t Have Time to Workout”

10 tips and techniques for the busy individual By Lacey Sprouse NASM CPT, Spectrum Fitness in Central

Does this sound like you? Everyone has their excuses why there are not enough hours in a day to get in a workout. Whether it be that the person has kids to take care of, a job to go to or just mismanages their time, one of these tips will work for you. 1. Train earlier in the day and get it done. I promise you will feel more energetic during the rest of the day even if that means getting up earlier to workout. 2. Schedule an appointment with yourself or a personal trainer and keep it. You must make time for you. 3. Devote half of your lunch hour to fitness (it shouldn’t take more than about 15 to 20 minutes to eat if you pack your lunch instead of going out to eat). 4. Devote your lunch hour to fitness and then grab a smoothie from your gym for a quick and healthy lunch alternative. 5. Workout more often but in shorter durations. If you only have a few minutes do something then and maybe you will find time at another point during the day. 6. Workout more intensely as opposed to a longer workout. Don’t rest as long in between sets of lifting or if you are someone who walks for a long time then add 30 seconds to a minute of either a jog or run every few minutes. 7. If you just can’t miss your favorite T.V. show then here are 2 tips for you: • Record or find out if your favorite show is on demand and watch it at a later time. • Workout in intervals during commercials. Example: Commercial 1: jog in place, Commercial 2: crunches, Commercial 3: jumping jacks and continue this way for the rest of the show. 8. If you are a stay-at home parent with young children then find a gym with a daycare. That way the kids can have fun with other children while you get healthier. 9. Get in cardio and weights quickly in a group fitness class or a boot camp that combines weight training and cardio. 10. Start off slowly and add more time as you adjust. Most people find if they don’t jump into a program but ease into it that the fitness bug will bite them and they will stick with it longer. I hope I helped you find an answer to not having time to workout. Remember T.V. shows can wait, housework can be done later, getting up 30 minutes earlier won’t kill you and your children will be ok in the nursery. Because at the end of the day T.V. shows have reruns, the housework will get done, you could always go to bed 30 minutes earlier and the kids will thank you for the years you add on to your life by getting healthier. So find time in your busy schedule to get healthier and you will then say “Everyone has time to get healthy!” *Remember: Do not start any exercise program without first consulting a health professional.*

There will be a community blood drive at Blackwater Methodist Church on Sunday, July 31st from 9 AM to 1 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Each donor will receive a free t-shirt. The drive is sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake.

St, Alphonsus Nears $100,000 from Auction & Festival of Two Rivers From the St. Alphonsus newsletter

Thanks to everyone for a very successful 2011 Auction and Fair. This year’s combined events netted $99,155.00. St. Alphonsus Church and School have each received a check in the amount of $47,500. These funds will be used as designated in their approved budget for the new fiscal year, which began on July 1st. The cash balance will be held in the Auction/Fair checking account to be used as startup funds for next year’s events. The Auction & Fair committee has begun planning for 2012. Our chairman this year will be Daniel Boullion. Auction Night will be Saturday, February 11, 2012, and our Fair will be the last weekend in April. Mark your calendars!

COMMUNITY 11 Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011

Joan Lansing Honored at Republican Women of Central First Anniversary Celebration

Submitted by Betsy Barnes, RWC Photo by Expressions Photography

Mrs. Joan Lansing, founding president of the Republican Women of Central for 2010-11, was honored during the first anniversary celebration of the club held Wednesday night at Elegant Memories. Much to her surprise, Lansing received unexpected awards of recognition for her years of commitment to conservative Christian values, volunteer public service and leadership in the community, parish and state. Among the many contributions Lansing made to her hometown has been initiating grassroots support and organizations to better the lives of families, from childcare to political activism. In the eyes of many, Lansing has made a very positive, progressive impact on the lives of Central's citizens in such a way to be an admired example of what one person on a mission can do - encouraging young women and men that their efforts and commitment to honesty and dedication can make a difference. For many who may not realize it, the formation of RWC was begun by Mrs. Joan Lansing and friends who wanted to be a strong voice to support Republicans from Central in leadership positions. Just as importantly, RWC seeks to inform and motivate apathetic citizens to vote and help support a Republican candidate for President in 2012. “I have been asked why I was

so dedicated to starting a Republican Women’s Club in Central. The answer is simple. I didn’t like the road our country was traveling down,” Lansing explained. “While visiting with State Rep. Clif Richardson in early 2009 discussing local, state and national affairs, and expressing my desire to make a difference, the topic of forming a Republican Women’s came to the forefront,” she said. Starting a Republican women’s group began by asking a few like-minded women to help: Diane Richardson, Tommie Morden, Deana Vickry, Ginger Moak, Barbra Guyon, Amber Matherne Martel, and Betsy Hooper, meeting for the first time at Richardson’s office on Joor Road. This event commemorated RWC’s first year as a chartered club May 10, 2010 in Louisiana Federation of Republican Women (LFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). When asked to help honor Lansing in some way, the following elected officials were eager to participate, offering an award from their respective offices: • State Representative Clif Richardson spoke about his longtime friendship and respect for Lansing and her history and energy to stand up for what she believed in. Richardson, State Rep. Bodi White and State Senator Dale Erdey praised Lansing for her support, encouragement and ability to enlist citizens for help when needed. Lansing was presented with a Commendation from the Louisiana House of Representatives. • City of Central Mayor Mac Watts presented Lansing with a key to the City of Central and proclamation of appreciation for years of service to the newly annexed city. He expressed his deep gratitude for the selfless time and energy she has given. • Mike Walker, Mayor Pro-Tempore and Metro Councilman of the EBRP City/Parish presented Lansing with a Proclamation and Key to the City of Baton Rouge and the parish. • EBRP Clerk of Court and Cen-

tral native Doug Welborn presented Lansing with a special designation as an honorary Clerk of Court. He also spoke of Lansing’s devotion to her community and his appreciation for her. Her story is one of a leader in the making, choosing to lead by example with a hands-on approach in church, school and family. Among her many contribution to leadership are Lansing accomplishments: • Co-founder and state Chairperson of Louisiana Professional Association of Childcare (LAPAC) now named Child Care Association of Louisiana (CCAL); • Served 3 terms as President of Central Area Business Association (CABA) which became the City of Central Chamber of Commerce and is currently a member; • Chairwoman of Senior Adult Ministry Team at Zoar Baptist Church; • Lobbied state legislature and US Congress on pro-family issues; • Appointed by Gov. Kathleen Blanco and then elected to serve a term on the City of Central City Council – the first and only woman to do so; • Currently serves on the Board of Directors for Lane Regional Medical Center • Member of Red Hatters • Active volunteer for Relay for Life in Central • 2010 and 2011 President of the Republican Women of Central chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women Growing up as the oldest of four sisters and members of Zoar Baptist Church, she often refers to the

strength and moral character she learned from the women role models in her life – her beloved mother, aunts and extended family. Lansing graduated from Central High School and Southeastern University with a Bachelor of Science degree. As a wife to the late Fred Lansing, they raised their family in Central, committed to improving family life for others. She is most proud of her three sons, Steven, Scott and Bob Lansing, their wives and her 11 grandchildren. She was always known as a devoted mother, present and involved in their many academic and sports activities. As a native to Central, she continues to be an educator in many endeavors. She taught biology at Live Oak High School. She worked as a Lab Tech at Stanocola Medical Center. She then became the Director of Child Care Center at Zoar Baptist Church which grew steadily, and later started Central Child Care Center in 1985 as owner and director. Lansing “retired” in 1997, and continued to be very active in many areas of life in Central. Mrs. Joan Lansing exemplifies “leading by example” in every endeavor, tirelessly giving of her time and energy to her hometown, the City of Central she loves so dearly. For more information on RWC, upcoming events and to be on a member, email, visit the website at or Facebook by the same name. Annual membership is $35 per year and all registered Republicans are welcomed to join.


Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

Brittany Kinsley & Bryan Elliser Jessica Chauntelle Starns to Marry Brian Chad Debetaz to Marry on November 11th

Brittany Kinsley of Central and Bryan Elliser of Mandeville will marry in a 7:00 p.m. ceremony on November 11, 2011, at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Baton Rouge. The bride-elect is the daughter of Charlie and Royeann Kinsley. She is the granddaughter of Mamie Gottschalck of Baton Rouge and Sue Don Kinsley of Baker and the late John Gottschalck and the late Charles Kinsley. Brittany is a graduate of Central High School and Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA. She is presently employed by KPMG, LLP as a Senior Tax Associate. Her fiance' is the son of Chris and Cindy Elliser. He is the grandson of the late Earl and Marilyn Elliser and the late Craig and Mary Armand. Bryan is graduate of Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville, LA and Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, LA. He is presently employed by Cintas as a Production Supervisor. An engagement party was held on Saturday, July 16, 2011, in honor of the couple at the home of John and Jan Valluzzo. The party was hosted by Chris and Debbie Dumestre, Joel Gottschalck, Steve and Sheila Hayden, Steve and Karen Langlois, Brian and Theresa Prendergast and John and Jan Valluzzo.

Jessica Chauntelle Starns and Brian Chad Debetaz, both of Central, will marry in a 6:30 p.m. ceremony September 10, 2011 at Houmas House Plantation and Gardens in Darrow, La. The bride-elect is the daughter of Russell and Jennifer Starns of Central. She is the granddaughter of Levy and Patricia Harrison of Central and Joseph and Nettie Starns of Holden. The bride-elect is a graduate of Central High School, Tulane University and Chapman University School of Law in Orange, CA. She is employed as an attorney with the State of Louisiana. Her fiance' is the son of Tommy and Becky Debetaz of Central. He is the grandson of J.B. and Rita Perkins of Baton Rouge and the late A.R. "Dooney" and Ruby Debetaz of Baker. He is a graduate of Central High School and attended William Carey College. He is a firefighter with the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

SOCIETY 13 Thursday, July 21, 2011 Print Edition

Heath & Julia Starns Announce Russell Williams & Whitney Capps Welcome Daughter Audrey Juliette Williams Birth of Son Grady James

Heath and Julia (Mott) Starns of Central are proud to announce the birth of their son, Grady James Starns. Grady was born May 17, 2011, at 11:20 am at Woman's Hospital. He weighed 7 pounds and two ounces, and was 21 inches long. Proud grandparents are Gary and Gigi Starns of Central and the late James Mott and Sandra Mott of Central. Proud great-grandparents are George and Willa Perry of Central and Joe and Nettie Starns of Holden.

In Memoriam: Raymond J. (R.J.) Morgan

Raymond J. Morgan (R.J.) went to be with the Lord on June 27, 2011, at his residence in Central. The loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather was a resident of Central for 56 years and a native of Koscuisko, Mississippi. He was employed by Harry Cash until opening his own business, Ace Plumbing and Repair Parts, in 1972. After retiring at age 80, he devoted all his time to his family. He was an avid fisherman and spent countless hours watching his grandchildren and great-grandchildren play sports. He is survived by his loving wife of 62 years, Jean Moore Morgan; four daughters, Brenda Landry and husband Jerry, Vickie Tunnard and husband Johnny, Sandra Price, and Stacie Birch and husband Brian; two sisters, Gloria Cryer and Joy Aaron; brother, Jason “Mugsy” Morgan; 10 grandchildren, Michelle Landry Durr and husband Jeffrey, Todd Landry, Brandon Landry, Rodney A. Whittington Jr., Allyson Tunnard Harris and husband Bryan, Brandi Tunnard, Sandi Tunnard, Kevin “Bubba” Dunn, Kaitlyn Birch, and Madilyn Birch; 11 great-grandchildren, Morgan Durr, Madison Durr, Alexa Landry, Skylar Landry, Carter Landry, Blacyn Harris, Braylie Harris, Dylan Joseph, Brancyn Tunnard Benoit, and Brycen Tunnard; and many friends from Chapelwood Church of God, including Bobby Durr and Henry Ouzts. He is preceded in death by his daughter, Madalyn Ann Morgan; parents Jason H. and Kathrine Morgan; sister, Bobbie Rae Morgan; and brother, Larry Morgan. The family would like to thank Dr. Freddy Abi Samra, Gilda Domingue, Jesse Walton, Dr. David Sledge, and St. Joseph Hospice for the excellent care given to Mr. Morgan. Also, special thanks to Resthaven Funeral Home for their wonderful care and services during this difficult time. His memory will be carried in the hearts of those who loved him.

Russell Williams and Whitney Capps announce the birth of their second child, Audrey Juliette Williams. Born at 10:29am on March 13,2011 at Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary,La., weighing 6lbs.. 11oz. 19 7.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Randall and Theresa Williams of Baton Rouge, Karl Ardoin and the late Deborah Capps Ardoin, of Slidell, and Glenn Savoy of Youngsville,La. Great-grandparents are Joseph and Julia Ardoin of Slidell, William Capps and the late Helen Capps of Kissimmee, Fl. Big brother Samuel welcomed her home.

Send birth & wedding announcements to for publishing free of charge.

Above: Students from the CHS Sports Medicine Program held a jambalaya fundraiser last week at Winn Dixie. Photo by Dave Freneaux


Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

Ochsner Cardiology Labs Central Student Prayer Rally This Wednesday Receive ICAEL Accreditation

One of the true privileges we experience in our community is the willingness of our citizens to come together at various times throughout the year and pray. One of the greatest opportunities that can be afforded is the chance to pray with our youth. The City of Central Chamber of Commerce is working in conjunction with the Central Area Pastors Association to host the thirteenth annual Central Area Students’ Prayer Rally. This nondenominational event is dedicated to all the students that live in Central and/or attend churches in the Central community area. The goal of this prayer gathering is to allow students to come together for a time of fellowship and prayer in order to ask God’s blessings on the new school year. We want to support our students through prayer and help them lay a prayerful foundation for a successful school year. This year the Central Area Students’ Prayer Rally will be held on the morning of Wednesday, July 27th at 7:30 AM. The event will be held in the Central High School Gym, 10200 East Brookside Drive, and breakfast will be served. Our guest speaker is former NFL player Ken Ellis. During his 10 years in the NFL, Ken played for the Packers, Dolphins, Browns, Lions, and Rams. While with the Green Bay Packers, Ken was a three time All-Pro player. Ken played in two Pro Bowls and also played in the Super Bowl while with the Rams. Ken has received Hall of Fame inductions to Southern University Sports, SWAC, Green Bay Packers, and Louisiana Sports. Ken has traveled around the nation with Sports World Ministries speaking at high school and university campuses for 12 years. He has served as an associate pastor since 1983 at Bethany World Prayer Center and serves as chaplain for LSU Football & Track teams, Southern University Football team, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Department. The Central Students’ Prayer Banquet was a huge success in the past because of the many generous donations received. This year we ask that you join other business leaders, parents, teachers and community leaders in support of this very special event by simply making the decision to attend and bring some students with you. If you would like tickets, please cut out the form below and list how many tickets are needed. Please send $10 for each adult ticket and remember student tickets are free. Tickets will not be sold at the door, as a head count is needed ahead of time for cooking breakfast. Everyone must present a ticket at the door for admission, including students. Your support is greatly appreciated and, more importantly, will help impact lives. Call Keri at the Chamber of Commerce at 261-5818 if you have questions. If paying by check, please make your check out to the “City of Central Chamber of Commerce.” Tickets aree available at the Chamber of Commerce office on Hooper Road.

I Need ________ Adult Tickets. I have enclosed $___________ for the Adult Tickets. I Need ________ Student Tickets are FREE. Adult Tickets are $10 each.

Submitted by Amy Delaney

Ochsner Health System announced today that three health center Cardiology Echocardiography Labs recently received full, three year accreditation from the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL). The accreditation includes adult transthoracic and adult stress testing at Ochsner Health Center – Baton Rouge, Ochsner Health Center – Covington and Ochsner Health Center – Metairie. “We are extremely proud of our cardiology staff for achieving this level of quality,” says Richard Mi-

lani, MD, FACC, FAHA – Ochsner Health System Vice Chairman for Cardiovascular Diseases. “It is a tremendous accomplishment that these labs have earned this distinction.” Accreditation is granted to those facilities which successfully undergo an extensive quality survey from the ICAEL. The survey is voluntary and includes a comprehensive self-evaluation, a review of laboratory operations and case studies, and a peer-review by accrediting staff. In an Echocardiography Lab, technicians perform ultrasounds of the heart to gauge its overall health and function.

Central’s Top 10 Taxpaying Businesses of 2009

5 CVS Pharmacy The following businesses 6 Central Drug Store were the top ten taxpayers in 7 McDonald’s Central from January to De- 8 Murphy USA cember of 2009. 9 Sammy’s Grill 10 Pat’s Home Center 1 Wal Mart Supercenter of Central 2 Winn Dixie 3 Oak Point The top 10 taxpayers total col4 Walgreens lections were $2,883,946.45. From the City of Central


Forms and payment can be mailed to the City of Central Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 78107, Central, LA, 70837.

An Affiliate of Lane Regional Medical Center

Effec�ve Therapy, Real Results A medically supervised, intensive outpa�ent program (IOP) designed to help individuals through �mes of stress, fear, depression, anxiety, and other personal disorders. - Physician referrals are not required and anyone may contact us directly, such as yourself, family members, friends, clergy, assisted living/group home facili�es, re�rement communi�es, physicians and behavioral health professionals. - Treatment is covered by most commercial insurance plans and Medicare. Transporta�on and nourishment are available if needed. - Call (225) 658-6640 to schedule a confiden�al assessment today. Print Edition • Thursday, July 21, 2011



Thursday, July 21, 2011 • Print Edition

The Beginnings of the Central Fire Department to keep things at bay until the Baton Rouge Fire Department could or would respond. Seeing a need, a few Central citizens attended a meeting to organize a volunteer fire department that would cover a small portion of the Central area. Hooper Road Volunteer Fire Department had offered to donate an old truck, but the truck would not be available to everyone. Jim Fergerson and Grover Stephens were both struck by the same idea: if this group could organize a very small fire department, why couldn’t they get the community leaders involved, and have it for the whole Central community? They approached John Parker, then Chief Training Officer for the Baton Rouge Fire Department, and asked him if Baton Rouge would be willing to donate a truck if they could get a department organized. Two weeks later, Parker told them if they could get it organized within a certain time limit, he would get them a truck. The first fact finding meeting was held at the Jaycee Hut on Devall Road on February 8, 1972. The Central Jaycees, headed by President L.J. Bergeron, agreed to sponsor the meeting. All present voted unanimously to approve the motion. Central now had its own Volunteer Fire Department, though with no building and no trained volunteers. The very first board of directors was composed of Jim Fergerson, John Parker, Tommy Lee, Charles O’Neal, Grover Stephens, L.J. Bergeron and C.J. Watson. L.J. Robinson was the first fire

These photos were scanned from the August 13, 1973 issue of the Observer. By Mia Freneaux

A handful of Central residents saw a need. They started with nothing but a dream, and by the time they were finished a whole new organization was created that benefited everyone. Sound fa-

miliar? It’s not what you think it is, but the motivational spirit is the same. Back in 1971, the Central area was not covered by any fire department. If there was a house fire or grass fire, folks had to rely on their own garden hoses

chief. The first training session was held on February 21. Until a firehouse was built, the 750 gallon pumper truck donated by Baton Rouge was kept at Grover Stephens’ home on Lovett Road. On May 22, 1972, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on property donated by L.W. Eaton (the Fire Station’s present location), and work began on the main station building. After months of hard work on the part of volunteers, Central Volunteer Fire Department Station held its ribbon cutting on November 4. It boasted 150 volunteer firefighters. That same month the Ladies’ Auxiliary was formed. Their purpose was to supply the fire station with whatever equipment was needed. They funded it through bake sales, garage sales, and flower sales. They also walked door to door each year asking for donations. Nowadays the thought of funding a fire station armed with cupcakes would seem ludicrous, but the Ladies’ Auxiliary was determined and undaunted in the face of hard work. Because of the dedication and determination of just a few, we now have the benefit of our wonderful Central Fire Department. Isn’t it amazing what Central has accomplished over the years? Whenever we have set our eyes on a goal, no matter how unattainable it appears, we have achieved it. The handful of folks who began our Fire Department had no idea what it would become, they just saw a need, and worked to meet it. Next week: Central Fire Department continues growth and improvement.


Central Speaks 07/21/11