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Good News for a Great City • Daily News at • May 19, 2011

Good News for a Great City Mayor’s Committee Selects IBTS

By Dave Freneaux

Over the next few weeks Mayor Mac Watts will be negotiating a new City Services Contract with IBTS, The Institute for Building Technology and Safety. The Mayor’s decision to request proposals for a new City Services contract in very competitive economic times will likely result in trimming Central’s 2011/2012 budget by $500,000. Mayor Watts shared that he will be assembling a small negotiating team to finalize the contract with IBTS over the next several weeks. In late 2010 twenty-one citizens from varying fields of experience came together and spent hundreds of hours drafting a new Contract for Central’s City Services. Nine highly qualified citizens then spent untold hours preparing for and reviewing proposals submitted by four quality companies vying to be awarded Central’s City Services Contract. Tuesday night all of these efforts came to a focal point when the Selection Committee voted unanimously to recommend to Mayor Watts that IBTS be awarded the contract. Many following this process probably had chosen a favorite, but the committee was charged with impartially identifying which company provided the best value for the City of Central. When the scoring was completed, that company was IBTS. IBTS is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing services such as these to governmental entities. If the contract negotiations between Mayor Watts and IBTS go as expected, IBTS will be transitioning in to take over Central’s City Services effective July 1, 2011. The Mayor states that he will be submitting a budget to the City Council tonight which will include sufficient funding to support this contract. The City Council will be approving the City’s 2011/2012 budget by the end of June.

School Construction Photos by Mia Freneaux

Passers-by can now see the structure of the school buildings as the new Central schools steadily become a reality.

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Thank You for a Job Well Done

By Dave Freneaux

They did not serve for recognition. They did not serve for personal gain. They served because they saw an opportunity to make a difference in Central. Committee members, look at this the same way you do at a Sunday dinner when the family brings in the birthday cake blazing brightly with more candles than you wish were there, singing out of tune and making you the center of attention. They don't do it because they think you want or expect it. They do it to show you that they appreciate you. So, settle back in your chair and let us point out that you gave up family time, ball games, sleep, hobbies and even work, to spend many hours crafting a comprehensive contract for Central's City Services, then carefully selecting the company who will give the people of Central the best value and provide the best services for our tax dollars. With a nod to Mayor and Committee Chair Mac Watts for assembling this capable and dedicated group, we offer heartfelt thanks on behalf of so many here in Central to the members of the City Services Committee and the Selection Committee: Ti Barnes, Jeanie Barnett, Rodney Bonvillain, Paul Burns, Keith Cranfield, Louis DeJohn, Jay Dykes, Pete Firmin, Michael Hooper, Rusty Jacobs, Tara Landry, Wayne Leader, Mike Mannino, Gil Matherne, David Medlin, Mark Miley, Neal Paul Miller, Buddy Ragland, Fred Raiford, R.J. Saucier, Mike Stephens, and Ralph Washington., as a service to our readers, is going to experiment with free classified ads. We will start with the paper on June 2nd and see how it goes. Here are the rules: A total of 90 characters, including spaces. Merchandise, Garage Sales, Vehicles, & Free Stuff. No businesses, no real estate, no recurring yard sales (businesses). All free ads received will run for one week but can be resubmitted weekly. All free ads must be submitted to FreeClassifieds@CentralSpeaks. com or mailed to P.O. Box 78137, Central, LA 70837, no phone calls for free ads please. We hope this serves as a welcomed community service. Because space is limited in a community newspaper, we are doing this on a trial basis.




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Thursday, May 19, 2011 • Print Edition

THIS WEEK IN CENTRAL THURSDAY. 5/19: Hits the Streets and Post Office Kitchen Corner Book Club Meeting, 10 AM at G.S. Road Library Bead Crochet Class, 3:30 PM at G.S. Road Library Tight Knit Group, 4 PM at Central Library Children’s Knitting, 5 PM at Central Library Sid Edwards Show, 5-6 PM at Fox’s Pizza and on 1550 AM City Council Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood Career & Technical Education Meeting, 6 PM at Central High School CHS 2011 Spring Football Game, 6:30 PM at Wildcat Stadium FRIDAY 5/20: Wildcat Scramble Golf Tournament at The Oaks at Sherwood Paint-In, 9:30 AM at Magnolia Methodist SATURDAY 5/21: ARMED FORCES DAY Parade of Homes Kids’ Time with the Mayor, 10 AM- 2 PM at Magnolia Square St. Pius X Annual Spring Fair Wildcat Backers Crawfish Boil, 11 AM- 2 PM at CHS CHS Class of 1976 Reunion, 7-11 PM at Courtland’s Catering SUNDAY 5/22: Parade of Homes St. Pius X Annual Spring Fair

Good News for a Great City

An Editorial by Dave Freneaux

You may have noticed the new masthead which includes the tag line “Good News for a Great City”. You will be seeing this every week in CentralSpeaks. com. You will also see this theme reflected in articles we print each week. Let me explain: GOOD NEWS: All of us at CentralSpeaks. com are committed to bringing quality, honest, unbiased news to our readers, and we call a commitment to journalistic integrity “Good News”. We also understand that not everything newsworthy that happens in Central is pleasant, and we will continue to report burglaries, hardship, and other unfortunate news items. The “Good News” in those instances is almost always the spirit of the people of Central as they rise up and work together to meet the difficult times. Finally, after publishing over 3,000 articles since 2008, recognizes that the overwhelming majority of what happens in Central is truly GOOD news. Our schools, service organizations, businesses, and our City leaders are consistently going about the

business of doing GOOD things, and that is the “Good News” we all want to read about every week. A Great City: I have said and written many times that I believe Central is the greatest place on earth to live and raise a family. I believe that, because my family has seen it first hand for five generations in Central. This IS a Great City. It is not a perfect City, nor has this community solved all of the issues involved in creating a city from scratch. We disagree, and then find common ground. We want different things for this community, and then find fair compromise. We argue, then remember that we are first friends and neighbors and we learn to accept our differences. The measure of a Great City is not what we do when everything is settled and we all agree, the measure of a Great City is how we act toward one another when there is disagreement and conflicting ideas. I believe Central IS a “Great City”. Pick up each week, read all of the “Good News for a Great City” and see if you agree.

April 2011 Building Permits of $328,697; two in Burlington Lakes with Building permits continued at a normal an average valuation of $195,939; two in pace in April in the city of Central. A total Wisteria Lakes with an average valuation of of 10 new residential permits were issued. $312,256, and one in Hampton Village valThe total valuation of these permits was ued at $321.932 . There were two permits issued on private parcels of land around the $3,021,208. Within these permits, one was issued in city with an average valuation of $372,854. So far this year, a total of 52 new residenVillage Lakes with a valuation of $279,784; two in Woodstock with an average valuation tial building permits have been issued. From the City of Central

MONDAY 5/23: Pickleball, 6-9 PM at Lovett Road Park Central High School Graduation, 6:30 PM at Bethany TUESDAY 5/24: Sewing/Quilting Group, 10 AM at Magnolia Methodist CCSS School Board Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood WEDNESDAY, 5/25: THURSDAY. 5/26: Hits the Streets and Post Office Tight Knit Group, 4 PM at Central Library Children’s Knitting, 5 PM at Central Library Sid Edwards Show, 5-6 PM at Fox’s Pizza and on 1550 AM Board of Adjustments Meeting, 5 PM at Kristenwood Planning & Zoning Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood

Kids/Teens of all ages are welcome!

Mayor Mac Watts wants to meet the future of Central!!

Hot Dogs and refreshments provided. Music, games, spacewalks and lots of activities! EBR Sheriff’s office l Central Fire Department l EBR Clerk of Court – Kids ID * Bring your lawn chairs and bring your camera for a picture with Mayor Mac Watts! Saturday, May 21, 2011 Village @ Magnolia Square 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Contact Information 12023 Sullivan Road City of Central, LA 70818 P.O. Box 78137 City of Central, LA 70837

Email: Phone: (225) 262-3730 Fax: (888) 220-8396

Publisher: Beth Fussell Editor: Dave Freneaux Sales: Kandi Jones

Published Weekly 52 weeks a year Deadline 9 A.M. Wednesdays Article submission is free of charge. Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

Congratulations, Bethany Class of 2011!

Emily Goodroe

Mikki McLendon

Brandon Tumey


Dyslexia Class Celebrates 2011 Graduation

Bailey Zito

Blackwater Methodist Recognizes Graduates

Submitted by Robert Lee

Submitted by Lynn Yvonne Wicker

Recognition of graduating seniors from Blackwater Methodist Church was held Sunday, May 8th at Blackwater. Graduates include, left to right: Rebecca Conrad ~ Central High School; Ty DeLee ~ Live Oak High School; Elizabeth DeLee ~ St. Joseph's Academy; Erin Landry ~ Zachary High School; Brandon Turner ~ Central High School; and Adrienne Crumholt ~ Central High School.

On Friday May 6, 2011, Central Masonic Lodge #442 F&AM, Trinity Union Masonic Lodge and Blackwater United Methodist Church held a Graduation Exercise for our Dyslexia students, Class of 2011. Graduating are Seth May, Julianne Martin and Taylor Lantier. Ms. Patty Riche is the teacher. After a talk was given by Guy Jenkins, Central Lodge Chaplin and Grand Marshal of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana, each student was given Graduation Certificates from both the Grand Lodge of Louisiana and Central Lodge. These certificates were presented by Ted Powell, Chairman of Central’s Dyslexic Committee and Walter Freeman, WM of Trinity Union Lodge. Rev. Marie Williams, pastor of Blackwater United Methodist Church gave both our opening and closing prayers. Pictured above from left to right: Julianna Martin, Taylor Lantier, Ms. Patty Riche, and in front: Seth May


Schools Taking Shape

Zoar Baptist Aids Alabama

The “Disaster Relief Chain Saw Team” at Zoar Baptist Church has been on the road lending aid to many in need this month. 2 weeks ago, after the tornado that wrought such devastation hit Alabama, the team hitched up their equipment trailer and, along with Galilee Baptist, Florida Boulevard Baptist, and Live Oak Baptist, travelled to DeKalb and Jackson Counties in north Alabama. While there they removed trees from 17 houses in Guntersville and other nearby towns. 4 days after they returned from Alabama, they were called out to Prayer Lake Retreat Center in Lettsworth to help evacuate machinery and equipment. Charles Watson, Zoar’s disaster relief chairperson, shared, “It’s a great ministry. The Lord put us here to serve. We feel like this is what we are called to do – it’s our part to help others.” The team is now gearing up to be ready to help when the floodwaters abate. Call Zoar’s church office – 261-3434 to find out how you can help.

Thursday, May 19, 2011 • Print Edition

Tonight’s City Council Agenda

I. Preliminary Business (1) Call to Order (2) Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance (3) Roll Call (4) Approval of minutes from the May 10, 2011 council meetings. II. Unfinished Business None III. New Business 1) Mayor’s report and presentations. 2) Report from CH2MHill on services provided to the City of Central. 3) Introduction of the following item (with public hearing to be held at the June 14, 2011council meeting) a) An ordinance amending the Annual Budget of the City of Central for Fiscal Year 2010-2011. (By Councilman Washington) b) An ordinance adopting the Annual Budget of the City of Central for Fiscal Year 2011-2012. (By Councilman Washington) 4) Public Hearing and action regarding the following instrument(s): a) A resolution urging and requesting the Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish to allow the Sheriff to sign the Homeland Security Urban Area Security Initiative Grant and to reserve the legal issues for resolution after the grant has been executed by the Sheriff. (By Councilman Messina) b) An ordinance amending the Unified Development Code of the City of Central Section 13.6 (I) (4) relating to private servitudes of passage construction standards. (By Councilman Moak) Zoning Commission Action: A motion to recommend approval with the following stipulation was made by Mr. Walker and seconded by Mr. Johnson – Line 4 on page 2 shall be changed to “with a paved six (6) inch concrete or asphalt apron at

least…” Motion passed with five (5) Yeas (Johnson, Rauls, Reado, Walker & Bonvillain), zero (0) Nays, and two (2) absent (Burns & Giles). 5) Other items for discussion by council: a) Recommendation to Mayor Watts by City Services Committee concerning the City Services Contract. IV. Zoning Cases (1) Introduction of the following item(s) (with Public Hearing to be held at the June 14, 2011 council meeting): a) PUD-2-11 PUD Concept Plan Twin Lake Estates This property is located on the north side of Denham Road between the White Oak Run Drive and Hidden Creek Drive intersections. The applicant is proposing a Planned Unit Development Concept Plan consisting of low-density (maximum of 2 units per acre) single family residential land use according to the city of Central Master Plan. (Applicant: Jim Clark) b) RV-2-11 Revocation of Public Right of Way This property is located on Magnolia Square Drive on Tract C-2-A of Village of Magnolia Square Subdivision. The applicant is proposing to revoke an alley for a commercial use in a traditional neighborhood development. (Applicant: James H. Nunnally) (2) Discussion and Action regarding the following case(s): None V. Other Business (1) Public Comment * Restricted to items not on the agenda. A Public Comment Request to Speak Card must be turned in to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting in order to be considered. Public comment is limited to 10 speakers with three minutes each. (2) Announcements (3) Adjournment Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kay Rawls Selected for High School All-American Team

CHS Maroon & White Spring Football Game TONIGHT at 6:30 PM at Wildcat Stadium - Tickets $5

CHS Strength & Conditioning Summer Camp Starts June 6th Submitted by Coach Mike Gardner

Central High School is hosting a summer weightlifting and conditioning camp for all CHS athletes. The first day will be June 6th. All sessions will take place at Central High in the weight room and on the practice fields. The cost is $100 per athlete. Payments will be accepted from now until the first day of workouts. Registration begins 30 minutes before each session. Make all checks payable to Central Weightlifting Camp. Weight Room Schedule: 7:30 AM- 9:30 AM: Varsity Football (10th- 12th grades) 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM: All Male Freshman Athletes 12:00 PM- 1:30 PM: Jr. Wildcats (10 year olds- 8th grade) 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM: All Female Athletes (9th- 12th grades) Submitted by Phil Godley Photo by Expressions Photography

Kay Rawls, a soon-to-be Central High School graduate, has been selected to the 2010/11 Dexter/USBC High School All-American Team. Only five girls and five boys throughout the nation get this honor every year. She will receive a $1000 scholarship and an All-American Team award during a presentation/dinner on July 15th in Las Vegas (while she competes in the Junior Gold Tournament). In the last month alone, Kay has been selected as the Advocate’s 2011 Star of Stars for Girls’ High School Bowling, named District 5A/4A MVP (2nd time), 5A/4A All District 1st Team (4th time), Central High School Scholastic Award (highest GPA among Senior female athletes at Central High, 4.3) and most importantly signed a National Letter of Intent to become a member of the LA Tech Women’s Bowling Team for the 2011-12 Season. Other notable awards this year: 2011 Walt Hilborn Memorial Scholarship Award ($750), state record holder for LHSAA Girls’ Bowling single game (289), ESPN Radio High School Girls’ Athlete of the Week, 4-time Team Captain of the Central High Wildcats Girls’ Bowling Team, 2-year Drum Major of the Central High Marching Band, TOPS Honors recipient and was accepted to both Tulane University and LA Tech University (with academic scholarships to both). Her highest sanctioned game is (also a) 289 and 723 series. She bowled a 736 in LHSAA competition, including being the 1st LHSAA State Individual Girls’ Champion (2010). Lastly, she maintained an average in the mid-190s in every league and high school for the 2010-11 Season. Congratulations, Kay!

CHS Volleyball Tryouts Date Change for Incoming Freshmen Submitted by Coach Heather Blanchard

Incoming 9th grade tryout dates have been moved to May 25 from 4:30-6:30 and May 26th from 3-5.


Wildcat Golf Scramble This Friday This Friday, May 20th is the annual Wildcat Scramble at the Oaks at Sherwood. Flights tee off at 8 AM and 1 PM. The cost is $500 per team, or $125 per individual. Entry fee includes cart, meal, beverages, and range balls. For more information, please contact Wyndi Bonvillain (603-6732), Russell Starns (4135702), or Coach Frank Fresina (261-3438). All proceeds benefit Central High Athletics.


Thursday, May 19, 2011 • Print Edition

Lake After Hours - 10 Years of Serving Central

Pictured: Heidi, Dr. Hodges, Joseph, Heather, & Amanda By Mia Freneaux

Last year, Lake After Hours moved into their new state of the art facility on Sullivan Road. The facility was designed by the architect to yield the best patient flow for the urgent care setting. Doctors at the medical center have access to a triage area, where critical patients are given immediate attention, a trauma room for suturing lacerations or giving cardiac care, 6 different examination rooms, and a specially equipped obstetrics room. All of these circle a nurses’ station, much like one would find in a hospital ward. In addition,

Lake After Hours boasts a state of the art electronic medical records system, where all medical records are processed. The center also has in-house digital x-ray and lab capabilities, to allow tests to be performed. Lake After Hours utilizes an in-house courier system to deliver more complicated lab specimens to Our Lady of the Lake Regional Hospital. “We have tremendous resources available for our doctors,” asserted Joseph Halphen, PA-C. “We have access to all of the physicians and other medical resources within the OLOL system at our disposal, cover-

Moreau Physical Therapy Providing Services for Opelousas General Health Care System Submitted by Sarah Hess, Moreau Physical Therapy Marketing Director

Moreau Physical Therapy has been contracted by Opelousas General Health System to provide and manage therapy services for both outpatient and inpatient units. Moreau Physical Therapy will administer and manage Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy services for acute care, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation clients. The team of therapists at Moreau Physical Therapy has many years of experience managing and providing Physical and Occupational therapy services. Moreau Physical Therapy currently manages seven locations throughout South Louisiana with concentrations in outpatient, inpatient and industrial

therapy. Moreau Physical Therapy provides outpatient rehabilitation in Baton Rouge, Central, Zachary, Port Barre and Opelousas Louisiana. Moreau Physical Therapy is also contracted to provide therapy services for Louisiana Specialty Institute in Lafayette, Louisiana and Georgia Pacific Mill in Zachary, Louisiana. “Therapy and Rehabilitation services play a key role in improving the function of our patients and returning them to higher levels of independence. Moreau Physical Therapy is excited about our association with Opelousas General Health System and will provide the same excellence in therapy services that we have at our other locations”, said Al C Moreau, III, PT, President of Moreau Physical Therapy.

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ing most every subspecialty. All of our staff members here at the center are well trained and experienced, offering our patients the best care possible. We are also certified by the Urgent Care Association of America.” Halphen went through a graduate program at the LSU Shreveport Health Science Center to become a Physician’s Assistant, or PA. He trained alongside physicians and had to pass a stiff National Certification Exam upon graduation. LSU only accepts 35 students out of hundreds of applicants a year into this program. Halphen shared, “A Physician’s Assistant is trained in the Physician’s model of care delivery and must undergo re-certification every 6 years to stay current with the latest medical advances.” After graduation, Halphen worked for 3 years with Dr. Alan Schroeder at the Bone and Joint Clinic, working in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Trauma. Halphen joined the Lake After Hours team fulltime in 2008 and serves as one of the primary providers at the Central location. “It’s so good to be back in my hometown,” Halphen said. “These are my people. This is more than just a job for me, it’s personal.” Halphen does more than work at Lake After Hours he was born and raised in Central, he and his wife live in Central, and they are very involved at Central Private School, where Halphen serves on the Board of Directors.

Lake After Hours is the offshoot of the region’s largest healthcare system, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Their mission is to “provide an excellent patient care experience through convenient, quality, cost-effective healthcare services.” Halphen shared that they often see patients at the center who have no primary care physician. “We try to get them to our local providers like Dr. Dean and Dr. Dial if they have no primary care physician. We keep in contact with the local doctors, letting them know when we’ve seen their patients after hours, to provide seamless health care for their patients.” Dr. Joanne Pine is another regular provider at the Central location with a support staff that includes Heidi Esquivel, X-ray Technician (7 years of service at the Central location), Heather Cockerham, Registered Nurse (5 years of service), and Amanda Rutland, Lead Clerk (4 years of service). Having a highly trained staff is critical to meet patient needs. The average waiting time is 10 to 15 minutes in most cases. “Experience is what makes the difference,” Cockerham said. “We offer fast, friendly, sincere medical care.” Lake After Hours is open Monday – Friday 9 am to 9 pm, and Saturday – Sunday 9 am to 6 pm. They are located at 8751 Sullivan Road. Phone 262-8377. No appointment necessary.

Central’s Karla Miller Receives Celebrate Nursing Honor

Submitted by Julie Madere McLin, Lane RMC Director of Marketing

Karla Miller, RN of Lane Regional Medical Center is one of 23 registered nurses who was honored at Baton Rouge Dis-

trict Nurses Association’s annual ‘Celebrate Nursing” banquet held earlier this month. The event recognizes 23 registered nurses for their commitment to their clients, patients, students, community and the profession in the many nursing specialties. These honorees were selected from a larger number of registered nurses nominated by their nursing peers or administrators in recognition of their dedication and loyalty to the profession. The “Celebrate Nursing Honor” can only be awarded once. Miller is a native and resident of Central with more than 14 years of healthcare experience. She and her husband, Greg, have two children, Luke and Ava.

BUSINESS 7 Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Summer, Make Skin Cancer Awareness & Prevention a Priority

By Ashley Record, MD; Provided courtesy of Lane Regional Medical Center

Ashley Record, MD

National Skin Cancer Awareness Month is observed nationwide each May in an effort to educate the public about the dangers of skin cancer. Despite widespread warnings of the risks associated with unprotected sun exposure, approximately two million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. About 68,000 of these cases will be melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. “The annual rates of all forms of skin cancer are increasing each year, representing a growing public health concern,” says Ashley Record, MD. AIR CONDITIONING

Alpha Air

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261-5843 or 658-4811

“It has been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age 65 will develop skin cancer at least once in their lives.” There are three main types of skin cancer: non-melanoma basal cell carcinoma, non-melanoma squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Non-melanoma basal cell carcinoma and non-melanoma squamous cell carcinoma are usually found on sunexposed areas of the body, such as the face, ears, neck, lips and back of the hands. They typically don’t spread to other parts of the body and have a high likelihood of being cured if detected and treated early. Melanoma is much more serious and is the most common type of skin cancer among young adults. Originating in the melanocytes – the cells that produce skin coloring and pigmentation – melanoma is often below the surface and, therefore, more difficult to detect and diagnose. Malignant melanoma accounts for about 8,700 of the 11,790 skin cancer-related deaths each year. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is often curable, if caught and treated in its early stages. Its symptoms include: lAny change in size or color of a mole or other dark growth or spot;

lAny new skin growth; lScaliness, oozing, bleeding or change in the overall appearance of a bump or nodule; lSpread of pigmentation beyond a growth’s border, such as dark coloring that spread the edge of a mole or mark; lA change in sensation, itchiness, tenderness or pain of a growth or spot. Although unprotected sun exposure has been strongly linked to skin cancer, the American Cancer Society suggests these other skin cancer risk factors: lUnprotected and/or excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, such as that used in a tanning bed; lOccupational exposures to coal tar, pitch, creosote, arsenic compounds or radium; lFair complexion; lFamily history; lMultiple or atypical moles; and lA history of severe sunburns. “An awareness of risk factors, coupled with regular skin exams, can greatly reduce your chances of developing skin cancer,” says Dr. Record. “And if you have a suspicious-looking mark or mole, talk to your doctor sooner rather than later. It’s better to be overly cautious than to ignore a po-

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tential problem.” Dr. Record suggests these tips for helping prevent skin cancer: lAvoid prolonged sun exposure, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. lUse SPF 15+ sunscreen every day. lWhen going outside for extended periods, reapply sunscreen every two hours and cover up, including a broad-rimmed hat and UV-blocking clothing and sunglasses, whenever possible. lKeep newborns out of the sun. Sunscreens should only be used on babies over the age of six months. lExamine your skin from head-totoe every month, and see your physician for a professional skin exam every year. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Record, call Advanced Dermatology at 654-1124.

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8 SCHOOLS Thursday, May 19, 2011 Print Edition

CHS Now a Certified School in Tanglewood Students Treated to Cane’s after Cookin’ Fundraising Effort Career & Technical Education

By Mia Freneaux

Central High School teachers Jeff Jones (Drafting and Woodworking), Roger Ball (2011 Welding Instructor of the Year for District 9), Principal Bob Wales, Shawn Kennedy (Power Mechanics and Welding), and Diane Malison-Hardin (Supervisor for Career and Technical Education District 9) are shown holding the National Center for Construction Education and Research sign showing Central High School has met all the criteria to be declared a Certified School in Career and Technical Education (CTE). Louisiana's Department of Education is encouraging all schools to go electronic with their documentation, and are providing software for this process. Jeff Jones has taken the necessary Continuing Education Classes to qualifiy as the Site Representative in this program, helping to streamline the process with the State. He and Mr. Ball and Mr. Kennedy all credit the School Board's focus on Vocational Education in helping to achieve this goal. Congratulations to Central High School on another terrific recognition!

Submitted by Tanglewood Principal Sandy Davis

Did You Know? Central High School seniors who have completed the curriculum in Draftsmanship graduate as "Certified Apprentice Draftsmen" and are qualified to immediately get jobs in draftsmanship upon graduation. Some have acquired jobs that pay in the double digits while they attend college! Those who complete the Welding Program graduate as "Certified Apprentice Welders" and are qualified to hold jobs paying from $25-30/hour UPON GRADUATION! Many Kudos to our fine Vocational staff at Central High School for their excellent instruction and to the young people with the intelligence to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Two classes from Tanglewood Elementary enjoyed a very special field trip to Raising Cane’s Restaurant in Central, Thursday, May 12th. This field trip was the result of a competition held at the school between classes earlier this spring to raise money for the “Cooking In Central” event. Cane’s store manager, Brad Pine contacted school principal, Sandy Davis to offer this field trip (free of charge to the winning classes) as an incentive to help with the fund raising efforts. The competition grew fierce as the top fund raising classes changed almost daily until the final day before the event in April. Placing first in the competition was Mrs. Lewis and Ms. Ragus’ second grade class raising $2,480.00. Placing second in the competition was Mrs. McQuiston’s second grade class, raising $1,890.00. This competition helped generate more than $16,000.00 in funds for the Cooking In Central event. Not only were students treated to a delicious lunch at the restaurant, store manager Brad Pine shared with all the students the history of how “Raising Cane’s” began. Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011


Career & Technical CHS Receives Awards at School Board Meeting CHS A.R. Awards Education Meeting Tonight at CHS Submitted by Carmen Evans

There will be a CTE (Career and Technical Education) Committee Meeting tonight, May 19, at 6:00 p.m. at Central High School. This meeting is open to the public and we welcome anyone interested. This meeting is designed to let employers and those in the workforce help CHS students to become more job ready and workforce ready. We really need community input for our students and how we can better our students for the real world. We would greatly appreciate it!

Remember: The second regular CCSS School Board meeting for May has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 24th at Kristenwood beginning at 6 PM. The meeting was moved because of CHS graduation.

Two Central Schools Collecting Used Printer Cartridges

Submitted by Suzonne Cowart

Central High School will take used laser printer toner cartridges from individuals and/or businesses and send them in to be recycled. The school gets a rebate check for this. According to Mr. Faulk, he believes that CHS is the only public school that does this. This is an easy opportunity for businesses especially to help the school. St. Alphonsus School also participates in a recycle/rebate program for ink jet printer cartridges. All you have to do is drop them off in the school offices and they handle the rest. If you know of a similar program at one of our local schools, email the information to Beth@

Photos by Michael Spangler for Expressions Photography

CHS received the Spring Invitational Golden Achievement Award from LSU. Principal Bob Wales is pictured at the top receiving the award on behalf of Central High School. Roger Ball, pictured above with Superintendent Faulk, is a welding teacher at the Central High. He received the Region 9 Welding Teacher of the Year.

Attention 1965 CHS Graduates

1965 CHS grads will meet again for lunch on Friday, June 10th at Sammy’s in Central at 11:00 a.m. Lunch will be Dutch treat. We have been having a lot of good conversation and laughter. Please plan to attend, bring your spouse or a guest. If you are planning to attend or need more information please call or e-mail, Norman Schlatre at 2617558 – or Wanda at 261-3570. Hope to see you there.

Submitted by Patricia Bordelon On Wednesday, May 18, the following students received these honors at Central High School: Sophomore Sydnie Landry won the "Best Reader of Central High School" award and $200 in gift cards for her Kindle electronic book. She had the highest yearly score in the Accelerated Reader program. Senior Grant Clinkingbeard won $50 for the semester award of earning the most points in Accelerated Reader.


Thursday, May 19, 2011 • Print Edition

Mr. Graydon Walker - Years of Experience & Wisdom

By Mia Freneaux

As anyone who meets Mr. Graydon Walker knows, one’s first impression upon meeting him is that he exudes a calm wisdom. The second impression is one of a lost era, as his courtly manners bring back memories of a more considerate and slower paced life. Mr. Walker, who moved here at a young age, has memories of his first home in Central on Peairs Lane (the present Joor Road) near Mr. D.D. Smith’s store, which used to be located on the corner of Greenwell Springs Road. His mother was a first grade teacher in the old wood framed schoolhouse. That school held 11 grades but had no cafeteria. Some still remember going to Edwards’ Store to get lunches, sitting at a table on the long front porch. Favorite lunch: RC Cola and a moon pie! Edwards’ had a pitcher pump at the store that had to be primed before one could get a drink. Mr. Graydon remembers playing basketball in the old gym (now the girls’ gym at Central Middle). There were 2 pot belly stoves in the gym used to heat the whole building. It would get cold in the gym, and basketball players could look forward to a cold shower after a game since there was no hot water! “It’s the way life was then, we didn’t know any differently,” Mr. Graydon said with his gentle smile. Mr. Graydon’s father helped to build Harding Airfield. During the Depression, times were hard, and he had to walk from Central. Anyone driving back then would give you a lift. Almost everyone knew you. Mr. Graydon remembers going to the grocery with his mother. Often they’d have to put items back because they didn’t have enough money to pay for everything. Yet, when hoboes from the rail road tracks came knocking at the back door, Mrs. Walker always fed them. Nowadays people don’t appreciate that they live in the Land of Plenty. Mrs. Walker was a great influence on the young Graydon, influencing even his choice of career. “She loved kids,” he shared, “There were many lives she affected as a teacher. She did the same with her family. She

taught us the value of education and what to value in life.” Mr. Graydon graduated in 1946. Many of Central’s students had joined the military or dropped out to tend to family farms, so the graduating class of 1946 had 22 girls and only 3 boys! He and Miss Iris Shaffett had dated throughout high school. They went together to LSU, and together majored in mathematics and science. Miss Iris graduated a year ahead of Mr. Graydon, but her father informed him “No one is marrying my daughter till he has a job!” so they had to wait till Mr. Graydon graduated to get married. They didn’t waste time, though, they were married the day after he received his diploma! They were the second couple to be married in the then “new” Zoar Sanctuary, now the education building. Mr. Graydon started teaching under Mr. Norman Day, the principal of Istrouma Junior High School. The Korean War had just begun, and Mr. Graydon was drafted. He received a deferral, however, due to his teaching in the mathematics field. The day that first year of school let out, he was told to report to Fort Sam Houston for his induction. He received his basic training at Fort Ord in California. The United States had been suffering heavy losses in Korea at the time, so he was flown to Korea immediately after basic training. He hit Korea’s shores as a Private First Class, by the time he was finished with the military, he was a Staff Sergeant. He feels himself fortunate in that he was trained to be in the infantry, but when they noticed his education in mathematics he was put with the artillery. He was flown to Pusan, Korea, to train up to the front. He spent 2 winters over there, saying the soldiers counted time by the winters because they were so cold. He spent a great deal of time above the 38th parallel above Seoul. “We would take a hill at night, and back off in the daytime,” Mr. Graydon remembers, “It was a crazy, crazy, war.” Mr. Graydon was reluctant to share any more memories of that time, though it is hoped he can be persuaded later to do so. He shared he would love to return to Korea. He remembers when he went to Disney World, he was sitting at a show next to a couple with a young child. He asked where they were from. They said, “Puson, Korea.” They asked if he had been in the war, and when he answered in the affirmative, they stood up and shook his hand and thanked him for what he had done for their country. They insisted on sharing their food with him. Mr. Graydon’s eyes grew moist at the memory. “The Lord has blessed Old Graydon in

so many ways, so many experiences,” he said, “Every one has been a good one.” Upon his discharge from the military, Mr. Graydon returned to Istrouma Junior High School. The area was growing so quickly that the school could no longer hold all the students, so they built Prescott Junior High School. Norman Day moved to Prescott when they split Istrouma’s faculty between the two, and he brought Mr. Graydon and Miss Iris with him. The Director of Instruction for East Baton Rouge Parish chose a child to follow throughout the day, and selected one of Mr. Graydon’s students. He was so impressed with the way Mr. Graydon handled his class that he called him the next day and asked him to move to the School Board Office and oversee the Mathematics Program throughout the parish. So in 1957, at the age of 25, he began work at the School Board Office. He didn’t realize at that time that he would shortly be making history. He gradually moved up to Associate Superintendant of East Baton Rouge Parish. That was when the Desegregation Suit hit the school system. Mr. Graydon was made the “point person” to meet with Judge Parker. “No one can ever tell you what I went through at that time,” Mr. Graydon said, “By doing what he did, Judge Parker destroyed the education system in Baton Rouge. We were trying to integrate and maintain the quality of education that we had before. Education was not the issue with the Department of Justice, however, just numbers. At the time we had a 65/35 ratio with 60,000 children in the system. The Department of Justice wouldn’t listen to us and the whites continued to leave. “ The Justice Department representative out of Washington refused to meet with Mr. Graydon unless attorneys for the School Board and the Department of Justice were present. Mr. Graydon was written up in all the official documents as “the appropriate staff member”, never by name. During this difficult time, Mr. Graydon said there were quite a few times when Miss Iris was uneasy, but he never really had a concern for his safety. After 38 years in the school system, Mr. Graydon retired. He thought he was done with work, but one year later he received a call from the East Feliciana Parish School Board. They asked him to come and superintend their system. He refused. 4 phone calls later, he relented, and so began one of the best times of his life. The E. Feliciana School System could not operate with their budget deficits. One of the first things Mr. Graydon did

was cut everyone’s salary so they could pay their bills. “I was not very popular at first,” he smiled, “but I promised every one of them that before I left I would restore every penny we’d cut, and we did! They were good people, and I had a great time. I would probably still be there, but Tom Ed McHugh got elected Mayor President of Baton Rouge.” Mr. Graydon had been Tom Ed’s boss when he worked as Director of Transportation of EBRP. The newly elected mayor called Mr. Graydon and asked him to be “Interim Chief Administrative Officer.” Interim, of course, turned into full time. Tom Ed would handle the political aspects of the office, Mr. Graydon the administrative. “He was truly a great guy to work with,” Mr. Graydon remembers. The “interim” position ended up lasting 10 years. At that point, Central was first exploring having its own schools. Mr. Graydon decided to “retire” again, this time with no intention of going back to work! Famous last words. Zoar Baptist Church called and asked him to be their administrator. As Mr. Graydon put it, “I couldn’t fight the Lord.” Then Central Mayor Mac Watts approached him and asked if he’d serve on Planning and Zoning (he’d worked on Baton Rouge’s for over 15 years). So Mr. Graydon took up the reins again. When asked how Central has changed through the years, Mr. Graydon considered the question carefully. “Central is not the same place I grew up in,” he said thoughtfully, “People don’t react to each other like they used to. They’re not compassionate, they don’t think about people’s feelings like they should. I don’t know of any place as good to bring up children and live as here. It’s a great community and school system. It’s unbelievable how many smart kids we have here, the number of Advanced Placement courses they take and their grade point averages. They are our future! Hopefully they will stay here and make Louisiana better for the future. If they don’t do it, no one else will.” Asked what suggestions he could offer Central, he responded, “Do something for someone else, not yourself. Make your community a better community because of what you’ve contributed. Do something anonymously, that way the recipient has to be nice to everyone because they don’t know who gave.” Mr. Graydon offered this great advice, “Let’s unite our community, not divide it up. Central, pull together! Have the attitude ‘What can we do for others’!” Coming from someone with so many life experiences, words of wisdom, indeed.

COMMUNITY 11 Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

CAPA Corner

Words of Encouragement from the Central Area Pastors Association The Truth of the Matter “You want the truth?” “You can’t handle the truth.” You know those lines from the movie “A Few Good Men.” The movie takes us through the difficulties faced by a young lawyer in a military trial. He loses his star witness, confronts a hostile witness of higher rank, and contends with his lack of trial experience and the tendency to compare himself to his own father. Added to the drama was the fate of two defendants, charged with a serious crime. Separating truth from the drama associated with the issues of life can be challenging. Normally, the truth is not as sensational as movie writers make it out to be. It’s just the truth and the truth is seldom celebrated nowadays. Jesus however made a very powerful statement about truth: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Like the young lawyer, we may have to face our own weaknesses to get to the truth. Blessings to You, Pastor Bill Parsons, Central Worship Center

Southern Traditions

Submitted by Gwen Paternostro

Lisa P. Gremillion and Gwen S. Paternostro of Central, La. have recently returned from St. Louis, Mo. where they trained with Maria Everding, president and founder of The Etiquette Institute. The Etiquette Institute is an international organization whose mission is to instill confidence, self esteem and respect for others by blending the standards of traditional etiquette with contemporary manners. The Etiquette Institute has been promoting good manners for 25 years. Lisa and Gwen have fulfilled the requirements necessary to be certi-

fied by The Etiquette Institute in order to teach business and social etiquette. Both ladies are available to give presentations, dining tutorials and to customize programs in order to meet the needs or desires of businesses, universities and professional organizations as well as individual consultations. As a member of the Etiquette Institute, Gwen and Lisa join more than 125 etiquette consultants who are actively teaching Maria Everding’s business and social etiquette programs throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Mexico.

The Central Bloomers Garden Club’s annual plant sale will be held Saturday, May 21 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. in Woodland View Estates Subdivision at 16524 Quiet Oaks Avenue, Greenwell Springs, LA. Proceeds will benefit community projects.

The Art League of Central’s Tips for Commissioning a Work of Art By the Art League of Central

When commissioning an artist to create a specific work of art for you, whether it be a portrait, mural, landscape, sculpture, or any other creative endeavor, it is good to remember the following: Ask to see examples of similar works the artist has previously created. Ask for references The artist should present for your approval a draft, sketch, study, or maquette of the work they will create for you. This should be as close as possible to what the finished piece will look like, with the possible exception of size (as in the case of a mural or sculpture). Ask for a specific quote on the job, including the cost of all materials. Get a contract which specifies

the dimension of the piece, the materials and subject matter, the approximate amount of time the project will take to complete, and the total cost. Have both parties sign it. An artist will often require a “retainer fee” – a portion or percentage of the total cost which they are paid up front. This often covers the cost of materials. If for some reason you are not pleased with the finished work, the artist may keep the retainer. This should all be specified in the contract. NEVER pay the total amount up front! No professional artist will be offended if you request these things from them. In fact, it helps the artist to create a work which will be pleasing to their client and benefit their reputation.


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In Memoriam: Ivy “Wendell” Watts CHS Class of 1961 Celebrates 50 Year Reunion

Submitted by Donna Watts

Ivy “Wendell” Watts died Thursday, May 5, 2011, at Heritage Manor in Baton Rouge. He was 89,”the priest says he never really grew over the age of 25”! This was so true. A native of Central and a longtime resident of Baker, he was a retired sheet metal worker for Ethyl Corp., where he worked for 32 years. Visitation was at Charlet Funeral Home Inc., Zachary, on Friday May 6 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mass was at St. Isidore Catholic Church in Baker on Saturday, May 7, at 10:30 a.m. Interment in Resthaven Gardens of Memory, Baton Rouge. Survived by his wife of 66 years, Julia Engels Watts;

two sons, Wendell “Gerard” Watts and wife Cathy, and Michael “David” Watts and wife Donna, all of Central; daughter and son-in-law, Veronica Ann Welsh and husband James, of St. Francisville; sister, Gladys Watts Hunt, of Zachary; two brothers, Edwin Ulla "Abe" Watts and Carney Clifton Watts, both of Central; eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Numerous nieces and nephews that he spent time with and loved. Pall bearers were his grandsons Johnny Mauffray; Baton Rouge, Jerry Watts; Zachary and Michael Watts; Central, Nephews Don Nijoka; Denham Springs, Al Nijoka; Baton Rouge, Mark Watts; Central and Son in law James Welsh. He was a longtime member of St. Isidore Catholic Church choir. He served in the Navy during World War II in the South Pacific Theater and graduated from Central High School in 1939. He sold many cords of firewood each winter on Lavey Lane in Baker and enjoyed every minute of it. Preceded in death by his parents, Ulla Ava Watts and Mary Robinson Watts; and brothers, Vivian and Warren Watts. The family would like to thank all of his caregivers in the last few years.

Submitted by Loretta Watts, CHS Class of 1961

The Central High School Class of 1961 had its 50 year class reunion Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Elegant Memories. They had 35 classmates attend the reunion, including one who now lives in Spain.

Owen Prestridge Celebrates 80th Birthday with Reunion of Family & Friends

Remembering Charles W. Karney, Jr.

Charlie, a loving husband, father, son, brother and a friend, passed a w a y Tu e s d a y, May 3, 2011 at the age of 45. He was born in Baton Rouge on Dec. 17, 1965, and was a resident of Central. He was a journeyman carpenter and a valued employee at Fontenot Construction Company. Charlie enjoyed hunting and fishing and was an avid LSU and Central Wildcat fan. Charlie’s greatest joy in life was spending time with his family and friends. Visitation was held at Rabenhorst Funeral Home East, 11000 Florida Blvd., Friday, May 6 and resumed Saturday, May 7 at St.

Alphonsus Catholic Church until the Mass of Christian Burial, conducted by the Rev. Michael Moroney. Interment followed at Green Oaks Memorial Park. Those left to cherish his memory include his wife, Virginia Leigh Karney; son, Jeauhn William Karney; mother, Florieta Karney; brother, Bobby Major; and numerous nieces, nephews, and friends. He was preceded in death by his father, Charles William Karney, Sr.; his birthmother, Ada Zachary Karney; and his brother, Edgar Major III. Pallbearers were Scotty Campbell, Casey Folmar, Bobby Major, Kirk Major, Chuck Pendarvis, David Sylvest, Floyd Tate, and Darren Vail. Honorary pallbearers were Stephen Arbour and Richard Fletcher. We were so blessed to have Charlie in our lives. Lord, thank you for sharing him with us.

Submitted by Polly Cottano

On Sunday, May 1st, Mr. Owen Prestridge of Central celebrated his 80th birthday at a party of over 100 family members and friends. The event was also a reunion, as Mr. Prestridge had all seven of his children at the party. Pictured above are Ada and Owen Prestridge in front, with their children, standing left to right, Owen Jr., Robby, Polly, Patty, Bruce, Paul, and Rich. Mr. Prestridge turned 80 on May 3rd.

ANNOUNCEMENTS 13 Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jay & Ashley Samson Welcome Ballard Taylor Jackson to Marry Joshua Kyle Mann on June 18th Daughter Abigail Brooke

Submitted by Ashley Samson

Jay and Ashley Samson of Central proudly announce the birth of their baby girl, Abigail Brooke Samson. Abigail was born at Lane Regional Medical Center on April 11, 2011 at 1:20 am. She weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. She was welcomed home by her three big brothers Drew, Josh, and Shaun Samson. Proud Grandparents are Kate Saniford of Central, Fred White of Watson, and Jack and Lauren Samson of Pride.

Courtney Lynn Jinks Marries Ryan Evan Dyer in Mandeville

Courtney Lynn Jinks of Lake Charles and Ryan Evan Dyer of Central were married in an outdoor ceremony on March 26 in Mandeville. The bride is the daughter of Teilla Noel of Lake Charles. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jinks of Johnson Bayou, Mr. Jimmy Noel of Lake Charles and Ms. Ruetta Noel of Lafayette. The groom is the son of Roger and Terry Dyer of Central. He is the grandson of Dorothy Anderson and the late Charles Anderson Jr. formerly of Sulphur and Marjorie Dyer and the late Reginald Dyer of Baton Rouge. The bride was escorted by her brother, Brent Noel. She was attended by her maids of honor, Kadey and Ashley Noel of Lake Charles; matron of honor Rachel Schlatre of Central; bridesmaids Ashlie Boteler of Slidell, Tina Rafferty of Baton Rouge and Callie Tranchina of Central. The flower girls were the bride’s niece Ava Frederick and the

groom’s niece Laurel Schlatre. The groom was attended by his best men Roger Dyer of Central and Jared Panepinto of Central; groomsmen Beau Schlatre of Central, Frank Canella of Central, Brett Poche of Dallas, and Brett Tranchina of Central. Ushers were Kevin Williams of Denver and Bryan Poche of Dallas. The ceremony and reception took place at the Fleur de Lis Event Center in Mandeville. Following a honeymoon in Mexico the couple resides in Central.

Mr. and Mrs. Colville Cameron Jackson, III of Gloster, Mississippi announce the engagement of their daughter, Ballard Taylor, to Joshua Kyle Mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kyle Mann of Central, Louisiana. The bride-elect is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Aden Ballard of Leland, Mississippi and the late Dora Harris Jackson and Colville Cameron Jackson, Jr. of Gloster, Mississippi. She is a 2004 graduate of Centreville Academy and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Louisiana State University in 2008. In May of 2011, she received her Master’s degree in Physician Associate Studies from Our Lady of the Lake College. The groom-to-be is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wayne Chapman, Sr. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Milton of Matthews, North Carolina; and Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Ray Mann of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

He is a 2004 graduate of Central High School and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2008. He is currently employed by ExxonMobil of Baton Rouge. The couple will exchange vows on June 18th at Centreville Baptist Church. Reception to follow at The Georgia Belle in Centreville, Mississippi.

Camp sessions are still available at the following locations: Lovett Road Boys and Girls (261-0126), Jackson (261-2161) and Palamino (261-0126). Parents recognize BREC’s quality activities in our diverse camp structures. Children experience games, field trips, sports, friendships and fun. Thousands of children have enjoyed our camps in the last 40 years. From recreation and theatre to animals and science, there is a camp for all ages and interests.

14 FUN

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St. Alphonsus Church & School Host Festival of Two Rivers Photos by Michael Spangler for Expressions Photography Print Edition • Thursday, May 19, 2011

Central Speaks About Our Dads

Hey Central! Here’s your chance to nominate your dad for “Central Speaks Out About Our Dads.” Send in the reasons why you think your father is the best dad ever, and he is eligible to win a fantastic prize package! Email your nomination to or mail it to P.O. Box 78137, Central, LA 70837 by Friday, June 3, and best of luck!

Blackwater Methodist Celebrates “One Great Day of Service” This past Saturday members of Blackwater United Methodist Church gathered to assemble “flood buckets” for the Sager Brown UMCOR Disaster Relief Depot. Sager Brown is used as a central location for disaster relief supplies in Louisiana. Flood Buckets are 5 gallon buckets containing disinfectants, sponges, rubber gloves, and other flood cleanup needs and will be in great demand in the coming weeks and months. Other members hit the road and canvassed

neighborhoods asking for food donations for the Central Area Food Bank. Several hundred pounds of groceries were gathered. This effort was a part of the “One Great Day of Service” opportunity over 1000 Methodist Churches in the United States participated in this past week. To donate to the purchase of flood bucket supplies and to participate in other disaster relief opportunities, please call the Blackwater Church office at 261-4646.



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Central High Students Earn College Credit & Certifications

AP Classes: Students take Advanced Placement classes then take the AP Exam at the end of the course. If they score a 3, 4, or 5 they receive college credit for the course. The number of hours of college credit varies with different universities. At the current time, Central High offers 10 Advanced Placement classes. There have been 104 hours earned and there are students still taking exams who could earn college hours. Joshua Walker:15 hours credit Beau Brumley:6 hours credit Tyler Wales:23 hours credit Jonathan Hooper:15 hours credit Caleb Covington:21 hours credit Daniel Holmes:9 hours credit Blake Combre:9 hours credit Grant Clinkingbeard:6 hours credit Dual Enrollment: Students from Central High can take Baton Rouge Community College Dual Enrollment classes, either at Central High or on the Baton Rouge Community College Campus. The location is determined by the number of students who sign up for the classes. This year Western Civilization was offered at Central High. Health Science, Psychology, and Sociology were taken at the Baton Rouge Community College Campus. There were 279 hours of college credit earned. Western Civilization (6 hours of college credit): Megan Alexander, Victoria Hudson, Kelby Blalock, Emily Lansing, Stephanie Bullen, Catherine Pourciau, Whitney Calamia, Jenna Noel Pourciau, Zachary Edgens, Taylor Prudhome, Kailen Esch, Meghan Saia, Ashley Estave, Austin Watts, Zachary Goodin, Joshua Walker, Kegan Hayes, and Arika Krester (3 hours of college credit) Psychology/Sociology (6 hours of college credit): Elizabeth Averette, Keely LeBlanc, Brianna Bauer, Leland Limbers, Michael Bordelon, Elaine Martin, Troy Burleson, Chet Myer, Zachary Cashio, Mallory Payton, Sarah Elliott, Nathan Petit, Jayme Foreman, Raven Ramsey, Lauren Gilbert, Jessica Slusher, Dillan Guerin, Taylor Stiles, Taylor Hardin, Tess Tranchina, Sarah Hays, Kayla Waldrop, Stephanie Hill, Melinda Watts, Lea Anna Hollier, Amanda Whitehead, Laine Hurst, Dylan Wilson, and Tremelia Kelly College Algebra (3 hours of college credit): Sarah Clark and Michael Huber

Health Science (3 hours of college credit): Austin Baroni, Ashley Hurst, and Mandi Parent Capitol Area Technical College: Central High has students attending Capitol Area Technical College and has students enrolled in automotive, welding, childcare, graphic arts, college algebra, culinary arts, and drafting. The students can earn high school credits and credits from the Technical College. A total of 77 credits were earned. Beau Averette- Welding (9 credits) Alex Baker- Auto Mechanics (5) Blake Carugi- Drafting (11) Savanaha Holcomb- Culinary (8) Aaron Mumphry- Auto Mech. (5) Ethan Simmers- Auto Mech. (5) Christine Pono- Graphic Art (5) Amber Schmolke- Childcare (6) Brandon Chaisson- Graphic Art (5) Ryan Hartwell- Welding (9) Jace Robinson- Welding (9) PM Welding Class: Evening class set up with ABC (Associated Builder & Contractors) to provide advanced welding instruction to a maximum of 20 students. Students attend evening school 3 hours per day, 3 days per week. Students are eligible to receive advanced certification. Andrew Breau: Plate Welding Certification Ross Doyle: Plate & Pipe Welding Certification Jared LaFleur: Plate Welding Certification Chandler Leiva: Plate Welding Certification Joseph Lester: Plate & Pipe Welding Certification Will Gore: Plate Welding Certification Ron Rarrick: Plate Welding Certification Raymond Svorn: Plate Welding Certification Jonathan Walker: Plate Welding Certification Trent Kitchens: Heavy Equipment Certification Industry Based Certifications: Our COE and industrial arts departments issue certifications in welding, Microsoft WORD, Microsoft EXCEL and Customer Service/Retail Professional. There were 153 Industry Based Certificates issued. Microsoft Office Specialist- WORD Aislin Foster, Alex Courtade, Allie Amond, Allie Delaney, Alora Cleere,

Berean Recreational Facility s Open6th 2 May

Largest Pool in Central

M Reno ay 28th Free Bros. Ban Hot D d ogs

Summer Family Membership $200

(Family of 5 • Additional Family Members $10) Pool Opens May 26 • Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. • Closed Sundays 6565 Morgan Road • 261-1994 One piece suits required

Alyssa Simoneaux, Alyssia Griggs, Amber Shuttleworth, Amelia Sands, Amy Coward, Andrew Breau, Anna Morgan, Ashley Travis, Ashton Estave, Aspen Jenkins, Austin Firesheets, Autumn Duchamp, Bailey Boles, Brad Hayes, Brandon Wainwright, Brenna Ferguson, Brooke Smith, Cameron Cason, Cameron Robertson, Carlton Dunn, Cassie Guilbeau, Chelsea Ancona, Colleen Branch, Corey Guercio, Darren Jenkins, David Spurlin, Devin Copeland, Douglas Raiford, Garilon Triplett, Hailey Cothern, Hanan Daas, Hunter Johns, Jordan Brooks, Karly Garrison, Katie Flowers, Kayleigh Jensen, Kelli Elliot, Kevin France, Klaire Leblanc, Kori Melancon, Kyla Bowers, Lacie Guilbeau, Layton Laird, Luke Galbo, Madelyn Borskey, Madyson Smith, Mason Robertson. Matthew Thibodeaux, Morgan Miles, Rachel Barber, Reed Williams, Shannon Scott, Taylor Harlan, Taylor Story, Te’Alicia Morton, Todd Fletcher, Victoria Mayo, Zachary Aucoin, Bayleigh Arnold, Mary Broussard, Katie Carter, Chaney Davis, Sara Ellis, Mackenzie Foreman, La’Shonda Henderson, Taylor Johnson, Alexander Kennedy, Matthew McConnell, Michael Miller, Sara Moore, Matthew Weir, Kristen Williams, Kimberly Henderson, Faith Johnlouis, Ross Lewis, Logan Beaulieu, Austin Bergeron, Darenisha Betts, Dillion Brumfield, Taylor Busbin, Sarah Dauzat, Bethany Gonzales, Stephen Green, Marissa Jarreau, Mark Mancuso, Lauren Munley, Emily Nodine, Katelyn Pulliam, Vivian Ryder, Samantha Sequin, Alexis Stewart, Daniel Vincent, Ngoc “Emily” Vo, Victoria Chenier, Jordan Guay, Matthew Guidry, Peyton Nelson, Tristan Perkins, Hannah Rabalais, Andrew Sullivan, Seth Thibodeaux, Tiffany Langlois, Rebekah Lizarraga, Cole Edgens, Brittany Givens, Carmen Tatum, Justin Lafleur, Dakota Martin, Logan Brewer, Maegan Hood, Braelen Mattox, Alyssa Rushing, and Kayla Cornelious

Microsoft Office SpecialistEXCEL Mary Broussard, Katie Carter, Chaney Davis, Sara Ellis, Mackenzie Foreman, Alexander Kennedy, Brandon LeSage, Matthew McConnell, Sara Moore, Kristen Williams, Tyler Dry, and Katelyn Pulliam Cooperative Marketing Education (DECA) Certifications: Marika Cole: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Jennifer Cottano: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Adrienne Crumholt: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Jaymi Fabre: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Austin Gueho: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Tifani Guillory: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Ashley Hurst: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Taylor Johnson: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Allen Roach: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Aaron Smith: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Baylie Trahan: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Angela White: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Gabrielle Williams: NRF Customer Service/LA Retail Pro Laine Hurst: NRF Customer Service Matthew Thibodeaux: NRF Customer Service The following students will be taking the NRF Customer Service test next week and are subject to also receive a Customer Service IBC: Lucas Hopkins, Taryn Dixon, Keely LeBlanc, Chaddley Pearson, and Brock Poydras **National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation recognizes that the above students have received “National Professional Certification in Customer Service”. The Marketing Education Retail Alliance (MERA) provides training and funding for students to receive certification in this area.


Central Speaks 05/19/11