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cENtRAl SPEAKS cENtRAl Loop Resolution Premature


January 13, 2012 • Daily News at


Messina, Washington, LoBue Ignore Call for Research CHS Football Coach Dotson Leaving for Erath By Dave Freneaux

The Central City Council has passed yet another non-binding resolution. Central citizens spoke out 2 to 1 asking the City Council to do their homework before making decisions. Most of those pleading with the Council not to act without first researching the issue were Central’s young voters who are becoming increasingly aware and involved. When this resolution to disapprove of the Loop was introduced by Council Member Messina in November he was unaware that Central will eventually have the legal right to accept or reject any proposed toll road through any part of Central. Since Central Speaks made the Council and the public aware of this protection in State Law, many citizens are now asking the Council to do better research before taking a stance on this issue. Almost all of the citizens who urged the Council to table the motion until they fully understood the issue also

stated that they were neither for nor against a toll road through some part of Central. They did, however, send a very strong message to the Council that they were opposed to decisions being made with insufficient research. Council Members Louis DeJohn and Aaron Moak seemed to hear that message and opposed the resolution. Council Members Messina, Washington and LoBue voted for the resolution in spite of the call for better research. This Loop resolution was similar to November’s non-binding resolution to dictate a new seating arrangement for Council meetings. Neither resolution carries any force of law. The seating arrangement resolution was also introduced by Council Member Messina and was passed by the same 3-2 vote of the Council with the support of Council Members Washington and LoBue. The seating arrangement called for in the resolution was never implemented.

In an announcement to the team today, Coach Doug Dotson shared that he has accepted the Head Football Coach position at Erath High School near Lafayette. The Vermillion Parish School Board was to meet Thursday evening to confirm the appointment. He shared that he looks forward to going home to the Lafayette area where his oldest daughter and mother already live. His daughter Bailey, a senior at CHS is considering attending ULL. Coach Dotson looks forward to having all of his family close by as he moves on to coach at Erath. Coach Dotson shared with Central Speaks, "I value the time I have spent in Central. It has been a great stay, five good years with many magical moments. I have made many good friends here, we will just have to get together in Lafayette in the future. Most of all, I appreciate my players and my coaches. They all worked hard to achieve the success we have had together." Central School System Athletic Director Sid Edwards had this to say about Coach Dotson: "Doug has been at Central five years, and that is a long time in the coaching profession. He has made a positive difference and was a catalyst for much of the success we have had while he was here. I wish him and his family the best. Erath will be getting one heck of a football coach."

Citizens of the Year & Lifetime Citizenship Loop Resolution Does Award Winners Honored at Reception Not Protect Central Photos: Michael Spangler The recipients of the Lifetime Citizenship Award, Central Food Bank’s Pete and Anna Marie Grissom (left), and the 2011 Citizens of the Year, Wayne Leader (right) and the members of the Amite River Preservation Association (below), were honored at a reception Tuesday evening at Kristenwood. Mayor Watts presented the award recipients with plaques, and many Central residents attended the ceremony to congratulate these deserving citizens.

Just the Facts

By Dave Freneaux

Tuesday night Central Council Members Messina, LoBue and Washington passed a non-binding resolution disapproving the Loop. In an effort to separate fact from misinformation, here are some verifiable truths about the resolution. You may have heard that this resolution is Central exercising its option to say “No” to the loop. UNTRUE. FACT: After the Loop Authority selects proposed routes for a toll road, and after they hold a public meeting on the See Just the Facts, Page 2



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*************ECRWSS**** Pictured are ARPA members Grant Venable, Matthew Venable, Grace DeLee, Kaylee Tassin, Cole Sevario, Cade Sevario, and Jacob Venable.

Local Postal Customer

2 cItY

Friday, January 13, 2012 • Print Edition

Let’s All Get Mad!

Commentary by Dave Freneaux

I am neither for nor against a toll road in or near Central. I am, however, against higher taxes, against underfunding schools, against increased traffic problems and for solutions which solve such issues while protecting the Central Community. Tuesday night’s Council Meeting will likely rank as one of the biggest wastes of the time and resources of the people of Central in the past 18 months. (Passing a resolution in November to try to control who sits where at Council meetings takes a close second in that it was just as useless, but at least it did not involve much publicity and debate.) It has been clearly established that Louisiana State Law says that no toll road can be built through the City of Central without Central’s prior written consent, and after a public meeting is held on the issue. Yet, Council Member Messina insisted on sponsoring a resolution expressing the Central City Council’s disapproval of the Baton Rouge Loop Project. With the support of Council Members Washington and LoBue the resolution passed, and it will accomplish nothing. But let’s not consider the facts, let’s just get MAD. Want to get MAD? Let someone tell you they are going to destroy your community by cutting the city in half with a 1,500 foot wide walled toll road. Want to get MADDER? Do a little research and find out that the proposed toll road would instead look more like the four-lane section of Joor Road. Want to get REALLY MAD? Find out that you got mad for nothing, because no toll road can be built without Central’s prior written permission. Then realize that Central’s City Council should be spending its time understanding the laws already on the books to protect Central rather than creating a meaningless resolution to complain about something that can’t happen anyway. Want to get MAD? Let some Council Members and a newspaper tell you that you need to give up your Tuesday to come tell the City Council to support a vote for a resolution to stop the Loop. Want to get MADDER? Come to the meeting and spend two hours listening to neighbors argue with each other and further divide this community, only to find out that the Resolution you are arguing about has NO force of law and is only the opinion of the three Council Members needed to pass it. Want to get REALLY MAD? Watch the Council pass the resolution by the same 3-2 margin that has prevailed in almost every controversial issue in Central since this Council took office in 2010. Understand also that when the REAL

time comes for Central’s City Council to vote on whether to approve a toll road, these five men may not even be serving on that Council. Want to get MAD? Do some research and understand that if our School System paid its pension liabilities each year it would be losing over $1 Million a year. Want to get MADDER? Realize that the loss will grow every year and eventually that pension liability, currently about $6 Million and growing by over $1 million a year, will have to be paid. Want to get REALLY MAD? Look back in 10 years when our property taxes rise or our schools suffer financially and remember that a road skirting the north edge of Central could have brought much needed sales tax revenues to support our Children’s education and keep our property taxes down. Want to get MAD? Watch every year as traffic congestion gets worse in Central. Want to get MADDER? Understand that most of Central’s traffic problems are caused not by cars IN Central, but by cars driving THROUGH Central. Want to get REALLY MAD? Understand that wider roads and more roads in Central are the only solutions to traffic congestion, and that such roads are expensive, and that a toll road constructed where Central wants it built could mean traffic relief as well as $250 million in infrastructure at no cost to the taxpayers. Want to get MAD? Go through the minutes of the Council meetings since July 1, 2011 and see how much of our City’s time and resources have been wasted on infighting and needless grandstanding on issues that have no legislative merit. Want to get MADDER? Consider all of the work that does not get done while the bickering continues, work like planning for infrastructure, solving traffic issues, setting a direction for police protection, fixing the sign ordinance, or any number of things that actually ARE the Council’s job. Want to get REALLY MAD? Come to the Council Meetings like Tuesday’s to watch Central’s City Council argue and grandstand for two hours about legislation that has no force of law and is really no more than opinion. Let’s all find the next politically charged and meaningless resolution to fight about and start the whole divisive process over again. Let’s All Get Mad! Actually, I have a better idea. Let’s all ask our Council Members and the news media to stop grandstanding and sensationalizing and start working together, doing real research, solving real problems and finding common ground and productive ways to help Central grow.

December Permit Summary From the City of Central

Building permits slowed during the month of December 2011 within the city of Central. A total of 7 new residential permits were issued. The total building valuation of these permits was $1,826,074. Within these permits, two were issued in Burlington Lakes with an average valuation of $158,998; three in Village at Magnolia Square with an average valuation of $300,292; one in Indian Mound with a valuation of $251,262; and one in Bellingrath Lakes with a valuation of $355,940. For the year 2011, a total of 136 new residential building permits were issued. As a comparison, in 2009, there were 90 new residential permits issued, and in 2010, there were 138 new residential permits issued. Building valuation is the price based upon the square footage of the home used for permitting purposes. The actual selling price of the home is usually higher than the valuation and depends upon amenities installed by the builder.

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Just the Facts Continued from Page 1 issue, Central can THEN accept or reject the building of a toll road through any part of Central. This resolution is premature and DOES NOT protect Central. You may have heard that the resolution was only against a toll road through the middle of Central. UNTRUE AGAIN. FACT: There are two proposed toll road routes that touch Central. The northern route skirts the north boundary of the city and would cross the very north end of Blackwater and Joor Roads just several thousand feet inside Central’s City limits. Many in Central are encouraging the Council to consider this as possibly good for Central. The resolution passed by Council Members Messina, Washington and LoBue opposes the northern route as well. The resolution itself makes the claim that the project is “overwhelmingly disfavored by the citizens of Central.” COMPLETELY UNSUPPORTABLE. FACT: No vote or poll has been taken to support that claim. It is further not possible that the public could reasonably be asked for an informed opinion on the Loop when Council Member Messina himself did not know the state law behind the Loop when he introduced the resolution. The resolution makes the claim that the Loop “will likely transect the City of Central”. UNTRUE ONCE MORE. FACT: The only way the Loop can cut through the middle of Central is if the City Council approves such a plan. The only way that can happen is if three Council Members vote to make it happen. You may have heard that passing this resolution was necessary to protect Central from the loop. UNTRUE ONE LAST TIME. FACT: Central is protected by State Law. The Law firm of Jones Walker represents the Loop Authority and is in agreement with Central’s City Attorney that Central will, in due time, have the right to accept or reject any toll road construction in Central.

cItY 3 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

Tragic Drowning in Local Pond Women Veterans of LA President to

Speak at Wednesday’s RWC Meeting

Submitted by Republican Women of Central

Report from the Central Fire Department

The Central Fire Department responded to a drowning at 14848 Bon Dickey 1:23pm on Saturday, January 7. Several juveniles were playing around the pond when the 14 year old went into the water and never surfaced. The Central Fire Department Dive Team was dispatched and made the recovery at 1:45pm. EMS crew and Central Firefighters were staged on the edge of the pond and immediately started life saving measures on the patient. The Fire Department sent in two EMT’s to assist the EMS crew in route to a local hospital. The boy passed away later that day.

Anna Sanders, known to many in Central and nationally as the president of Women Veterans of Louisiana, will be the guest speaker at the Republican Women of Central’s Annual Meeting and Luncheon to be held Wednesday, January 18th at Sammy’s Grill in Central. This meeting will be the annual kickoff to the 2012 club year and the federal and municipal elections. Doors open at 11:30a.m., meeting and luncheon begin promptly at 12p.m. All registered Republicans are invited to attend and join RWC’s efforts to promote involvement, education, empowerment and increased participation of voters in the political process. RWC is a chartered club of the Louisiana Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women. Membership renewals for 2012 are due before January 31. Renewals are $35 per year for ladies who are active voting members and $25 for associate (non-voting) members who are men or ladies who are primary members of another LFRW club. The 2012 Executive Committee and Committee Chairwomen will also be introduced. Each renewing and new member will receive a 2012 RWC Guidebook and have the opportunity to meet many new people in all branches of government, community and state leaders, and those who champion various causes. Women Veterans of Louisiana has received many “salutes’ for all they do for women and men in the armed services, offering generous support globally for active duty and veterans. They seek to be involved and support all issues that face women in the armed services. Among these are providing care packages

specifically to female soldiers who are deployed in Afghanistan, assist military units in their family day events, and make presentations to schools, churches and organizations. The group was the recipient the "Women Veterans of the Year Award for 2010" by the Governor’s Office and the Veterans Administration Office at the Women Veterans Conference in Alexandria that year. Locally, the group was given the "Hand It On" Award from WAFB for their continuing programs to assist, honor and remember women veterans. Since 2008, these courageous women have participated in 115 funerals for women veterans in the state. “We teach a class at LSU twice a year on Women in the Military during WWII,” says Sanders. “We flew with WWII veterans to Washington DC with Louisiana Honor Air, bringing these veterans to see the WWII Monument along with all the other monuments in DC,” she added. They also take part in all the Veterans Day Parades in Port Allen, Gonzales and Livingston. Donations to the Women Veterans of Louisiana will be accepted the meeting. More information can be found on their Facebook page. RWC will support their efforts as well as the ongoing efforts for Blue Star Moms of Louisiana in 2012. Cost to attend the meeting including lunch and door prize drawing are $15 for members, $20 for guests and non-members. To become a member, sponsor or for upcoming event information, please email republicanwomenofcentral@yahoo. com, visit our website at RepublicanWomenofCentral, LIKE our Facebook fan page at Republican Women of Central, Louisiana or contact Betsy Barnes, RWC First Vice President (225)333-0018.

ZUMBA BREC’s Jackson Park, 12250 Sullivan Road Monday and Wednesday 6-7 p.m. or 7-8 p.m. 16 and older $24 per month (two classes per week*) $30 per month (three classes per week*) $36 per month (all days and times) *Must select day and times; no switching allowed. Zumba classes fuse hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow aerobic moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that is calorie-burning and body energizing. For more information, call 225-261-2161 or visit


Friday, January 13, 2012 • Print Edition

New Year, New Look: Wall Decor and More Interiors A Paid Business Spotlight by Mia Freneaux

Newly opened in Central, Wall Decor and More Interiors is offering beautiful custom window treatments to fit any budget. With 25 years of combined experience, owner Mia Townsend and manager Susan Rabalais have expanded from their location on Perkins Road to their new store, located at Magnolia Square. Specializing in custom designed draperies, Wall Decor and More Interiors displays many elegant examples of their lovely window treatments. In rich silks and brocades, ruched and trimmed with delicate prisms and fringes, the drapery graces the windows with elegance. Wall Decor and More Interiors can create unique window treatments for any interior, using not only drapery but custom blinds and shutters as well. Design Consultant Susan gives consultations: going to a client’s home, evaluating their decorating style, and talking with the client about personal tastes in color. The results speak for themselves.

The shop is filled with bronze statuary, ceramics, porcelains, original oil paintings, lamps, mirrors, clocks, wrought iron, and gorgeous silk flowers. Also on display are dressers, cabinets, tables, and other pieces perfect for becoming that focal point or filling that empty nook. Wall Decor and More Interiors handles all aspects of installation. Come in and get inspired, then make your appointment with Susan to turn that tired living space into a unique and beautiful haven. Call Susan at 261-0635, or visit her at 13440 Magnolia Square Drive (off Lovett Road), Suite D. Wall Decor and More Interiors, open 10-5 Monday through Saturday.

Central Dental Reopens After Fire Mike Anderson’s Breaks Ground in Central WE'RE BACK! Dr. Jacob Henderson and Dr. Jimmy Hebert of Central Dental Care announce the reopening of their facility at 11424 Sullivan Road. After suffering extensive damage from an electrical fire several months ago, the offices have been completely overhauled and gleam like new. Fresh paint, new carpeting, new electronics and equipment are all there to welcome their patients back. "Everything has been repaired and we are completely up to speed again," said Dr. Henderson. "We are fully operational to meet all of our patients' dental needs." The doctors would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Dr. Stephen Sherman and Dr. David Balhoff for graciously allowing them to use their orthodontic facility at 14465 Wax Road. Due to Sherman & Balhoff's generosity, Central Dental Care was able to handle patient emergencies without delay. Central Dental Care has resumed holding its regular office hours of 8:005:00 Monday through Thursday and 8:00-12:00 on Fridays. Give them a call and let their skilled staff set up your next appointment. 261-6645.

Bank of Zachary’s Central Branch Manager Promoted to Assistant Vice President Submitted by Bank of Zachary

Kimberly McDonald, manager of Bank of Zachary's Central Branch, has been promoted to Assistant Vice President! She began her banking career in 1991, and has been Central's manager since 2008. Congratulations Kim!

Photo by Dave Freneaux

Mike Anderson’s Restaurant is officially on its way to Central! A groundbreaking was held this week with Mike Anderson (holding center shovel), members of his family, and representatives from the City of Central.

HEAltH 5 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

CLASSIFIEDS NURSERY WORKER NEEDED: Part-time during service times, First Baptist Central, 9676 Sullivan Rd, BR. Call 2613722 or come in and fill out an application

Regular Screenings Can Catch Cervical Cancer at a Curable Stage By Keith Elbourne, M.D., Bayou Regional Women’s Clinic

Central Area 3 bedroom/1 bath home. Refrigerator, New Stove, garbage disposal, washer/dryer. Fenced backyard. References required. $800 deposit/$800 monthly. 225-454-0616. Full blooded male Chihuahua- born Sept. 26I’m asking $35 to cover shots. 225-288-7119 Free female kittens- born January 4- will be available around Valentine’s Day. 225-288-7119 Honda Scooter 80 cc Street Legal $500. 261-2434 Road bike for sale, TREK 2120, carbon ZX series, 52cm, new tires, recent tune-up, $500. Call 225-262-6336 for photo Mini Bike 6 1/2 hp Motor $400. 261-2434 Lawn Mower Gravely 14hp 40” cut $600. 261-2434 Rear Step Bumper for Full Size Chevy Truck 04- Model $75. 261-2434 Turning Plow for 3 Point Hitch $50. 261-2434 Moving! Excellent condition furniture items for sale. Please call (225) 328-6980 immediately if interested. Leave message & call back number. For Sale: Howard Miller Model # 620-182 Chiming Wall Clock, brand new in box. Usually sells about $800. Now just $450. Call 261-6177 For Sale: Epson Workforce 500 All in One Printer -- $50 Call 261-6177 Central Interm. Sch. uniforms. Maroon shirts, khaki pants, skirts. sz. 8-10 Girls and boys. $1 ea. 225-328-9940

To place a classified ad, email

If you are a woman between 35 and 55 years of age, you are at the prime time to develop cervical cancer. Once a major cause of death for women in their child-bearing years, cervical cancer deaths have decreased significantly with early diagnosis and treatment. January marks Cervical Health Awareness Month to educate women about early detection and the virus that causes this disease. “About 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer annually,” says Dr. Keith Elbourne. “Although cervical cancer is one of the easiest gynecological cancers to detect, the mortality rate is still high with more than 4,000 deaths each year. Getting regular exams is imperative to protect yourself against this disease.” The cervix is the lower, narrow end of the uterus. It connects the vagina – or birth canal – to the upper part of the uterus – or womb – where a baby

grows during pregnancy. Cancer can occur in any of these areas. Abnormal bleeding and discharge is the primary symptom of cervical cancer, which is the 14th most frequent cancer among American women, according to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health. The test used to screen for cervical cancer and suspicious changes in cervical cells is called a Pap smear or Pap test, named for Dr. George Papanicolaou, who first proposed using this simple yet effective screening procedure. Death rate declined significantly The National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) credits the test with reducing the death rate from cervical cancer by 70 percent since the 1940s. The advocacy group calls the Pap test the “single most effective cancer screen in the history of medicine.” It is recommended that young women begin getting regular Pap tests at 21 or within three years of starting sexual activity, whichever comes first. At age 30, your doctor may recommend waiting up to three years for your next test if your results have been consistently normal. By age 65, if you have had normal Pap tests for several years, your doctor may suggest you can stop getting screened. Pap tests also may be suspended if you’ve had your cervix removed during a hysterectomy for reasons other than cancer. The human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a confirmed culprit in causing the majority of all cervical cancers. Your doctor may suggest that you have an HPV test to detect the virus, which can cause precancerous cell changes and

cervical cancer. The test also is used to follow up on unclear Pap results. HPV is passed from person to person during genital contact and occurs in up to 80 percent of women by age 50, the NCCC says. However, it’s reassuring to know that most women infected with HPV will not go on to develop cervical cancer. Vaccine approved to prevent key virus In 2006 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a three-shot vaccination that protects against the two types of HPV causing about 70 percent of cervical cancers. The vaccine was initially targeted toward females who have not yet been exposed to HPV through sexual contact, specifically those aged 9 through 26. Vaccinating females against a sexually transmitted disease at such an early age has caused controversy among some parents and family values groups. However, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the vaccine, and it is now also approved and recommended for boys age 11-12 to reduce their chance of acquiring genital warts. Even if women receive the HPV vaccine at an early age, they still need regular Pap tests and HPV screening as recommended by their physicians once they become sexually active. The vaccine is not effective against all types of HPV viruses, so the Pap test is needed to detect and treat cell changes caused by those before they develop into cervical cancer. To schedule a woman’s wellness visit or prenatal care appointment with Dr. Elbourne at either location in Zachary or Central, call Bayou Regional Women’s Clinic at (225) 658-1303.


Friday, January 13, 2012 • Print Edition

cAlENDAR 7 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

FRIDAY 1/13:

Paint-In, 9:30 AM at Magnolia Methodist CHS Boys’ Soccer v. Zachary, 6 PM at Zachary CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Zachary, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at CHS

SAtURDAY 1/14:

Benefit for Joseph Kyzar in Memory of Tyler Kyzar, 10 AM-11 PM at Extra Innings at the Corner of Wax & Sullivan Rd. Women Veterans of LA Meeting, 11:30 AM at Picadilly Cafeteria on Sherwood

SUNDAY 1/15:

LHSOA Meeting, 6 PM at Jefferson Highway Park We welcome all Veteran, Rookie Umpires as well as umpires from River City to attend to discuss the transition into the LHSOA, our contract sta tus, current membership status and Elections for the Board and By-Laws. Members will also be able to register for the 2012 season. Please contact Paul Dufour for more information or directions at 225-505-1287 or email him at

MONDAY 1/16:

Pickleball, 6-9 PM at Lovett Road Park

tUESDAY 1/17:

Sewing/Quilting Group, 10-11 AM at Magnolia Methodist CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Walker, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at CHS CHS Girls’ Basketball v. Zachary, 5:30 at Zachary


AARP Drivers’s Safety Course, 8:30-1:30 at Lane RMC This classroom refresher course for drivers age 50 and older will help you learn the effects of aging on driving and how to adjust and remain safe on today’s roads. Most auto insurance companies provide a multiyear dis count to course graduates. Class size is limited and registration is required. For more information, or to pre-register, call 654-LANE (654-5263).

tHURSDAY 1/19:

Central Speaks hits the streets and mailboxes Scale Down Information Session, 11:30 AM and 7 PM at Lane RMC Tight Knit Group, 4 PM at Central Branch Library Children’s Knitting Group, 5 PM at Central Branch Library Sid Edwards Show, 5-6 PM at Fox’s Pizza & on 1550 AM or on Central Now App Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union Ribbon Cutting, 5:30-7:30 PM

FRIDAY 1/20:

Paint-In, 9:30 AM at Magnolia Methodist CHS Boys’ Soccer v. Walker, 6 PM at CHS CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Denham Springs, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at Denham CHS Girls’ Basketball v. Walker, 5:30 PM at CHS

MONDAY 1/23:

CCSS School Board Meeting, 6 PM at Kristenwood

tUESDAY 1/24:

“Do you have selective hearing?” Free Lunch and Learn Session, 12-1PM at Lane RMC Join licensed audiologist Dr. J.J. Martinez for an educational seminar on recognizing and overcoming hearing loss. Selective Hearing provides hearing evaluations, custom assistive listening devices, auditory brainstem response testing, evaluation and treatment of vertigo, auditory processing disorder evaluations and the latest in Bluetooth technology. Space is lim ited and reservations are required. Reserve your seat today!! Call 1-877358-6130 or 225-243-6129. CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Scotlandville, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at Scotlandville CHS Girls’ Basketball v. Denham Springs, 5:30 PM at CHS


CHS Boys’ Soccer v. Live Oak, 6 PM at CHS

tHURSDAY 1/26:

Scale Down Information Session, 11:30 AM and 7 PM at Lane RMC Village at Magnolia Square Ribbon Cutting Ceremony/After Hours

FRIDAY 1/27:

United Blood Services Blood Drive, 7 AM-2:30 PM at Lane RMC The blood drive is open to the public and registration is not required. How ever, donors are encouraged to sign up online @ Sponsor code: LaneRegional. Donating blood is a simple, safe, life-sav ing, and selfless gift that millions of Americans can give. Lane Regional Medical Center and United Blood Services have joined to stress the impor tance of giving the gift of life through the donation of blood. CHS Boys’ Soccer v. Zachary, 6 PM at CHS CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Live Oak, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at Live Oak CHS Girls’ Basketball v. Scotlandville, 5:30 PM at CHS

SUNDAY, 1/29:

Blood Drive, 9 AM-1 PM at Blackwater United Methodist Church

tUESDAY 1/31:

CHS Boys’ Basketball v. Zachary, 5 PM, 6 PM, 7 PM at Zachary CHS Girls’ Basketball v. Live Oak, 5:30 PM at CHS


Friday, January 13, 2012 • Print Edition

“Camdyn’s Mission” Reaches out to Local Kids

Camdyn with Dr Barrett and Camdyn's brother, Millen

Camdyn Fehr, 2nd grader at Tanglewood Elementary, delivered stuffed animals to the after hours clinic, Central Stat Care, to give to the children that are sick. Camdyn started "Camdyn's Mission" on her own 2 years ago and now has delivered over 1,000 stuffed animals to local hospitals and clinics. For more info, contact

Annual Krewe de Centrale’ Mardi Gras Ball The much anticipated Gala Event for the City of Central, "The Annual Krewe de Centrale' Mardi Gras Ball", sponsored by The City of Central Chamber of Commerce will be held on February 4th, 2012. This years theme "An evening In Paris" promises to make this event a night to remember. As in years past, the ball will be held at St. Alphonsus Family Center. Music will be provided by the popular Chris LeBlanc Band. Tickets are $50 each ($100 per couple). Tickets are limited and go on sale today. Your tickets can be purchased by calling the Chamber of Commerce at 2615818 or Lucky Ross at 937-7775.

Lost Dog

Female Brindle Boxer Lost Off Magnolia Bridge Rd. Please call 573-5413.

Central Lodge #442’s Paul Lawrence Receives His Past Master Apron

Submitted by Robert Lee

On Thursday, January 5, 2012, Paul Lawrence, Worshipful Master of Central Lodge #442 F&AM for the year 2011, was presented a Past Master Apron for his service as Worshipful Master. Robert Lee, Worshipful Master for the year 2012 presented the apron to Brother Lawrence at a special meeting of the lodge. From left to right: Robert Lee, WM., Paul Lawrence, PM.

cOMMUNItY 9 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

Istrouma Lodge #414 Installs 2012 Officers

Submitted by Theresa Thibodeaux

On Sunday, December 11, Istrouma Lodge #414 F&AM installed their officers for the 2012 year. A fine meal of pulled pork, brisket and pork loin with side dishes and dessert was enjoyed by everyone. The food was prepared by officers and their wives. After lunch, guests and members adjourned to the Lodge Hall for the installation of the new Lodge officers. Installing officers were William “Bill” Mollere, Grand Chaplain of Grand Lodge of

Louisiana 2011, and Installing Marshall Guy A. Jenkins, Grand Marshall of Grand Lodge of Louisiana 2011. The following members were installed: Alex W. Thornhill, Worshipful Master; Allen Dearmond, Senior Warden; Chuck Taylor, Junior Warden; Ray Leteff, Sr., Treasurer; William “Bill” Rose, Secretary; Sam Riddle, Chaplain; Elmo B. Burton, Senior Deacon; Herbert D. Russell, Junior Deacon; Sam H. Kimbrough, Senior Steward; Charles Lloyd, Junior Steward; and George Mitchell, Tyler.

Sitting: Rex W. Thornhill; Front Row: Sam Riddle, Sam H. Kimbrough, Ray Leteff Sr., William “Bill” Rose, Elmo B. Burton, Allen Dearmond, and George Mitchell; Second Row: Guy Jenkins, William “Bill” Mollere, and Chuck Taylor

Braces for Kids and Adults  Most Insurances Accepted Low Down Payment  Low Monthly Payments Convenient Locations on Greenwell Springs Rd. and Sullivan Rd. Highest Technology Used Dr. Harbour has been creating beautiful smiles in the Central Area for 29 Years! Call Now For Your Free Consultation! Dr. John P. Harbour



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A Glimpse of the Past: Alice Laura Cunningham Lee & The Bay Ridge School

Pictured Above: Top row l-r: Cunningham Lee, John McCulloch, John Stockwell, H.W. Allen Lee, Tom Brown, Mrs. Alice Laura Cunningham Lee, Homer Lee, Claudia Williams, Alice Dougherty, Katie Williams Bottom row l-r: Charlie Pulliam, Les Stockwell, Anna McCulloch, Edith Hunt, Susie Dougherty, Tennie McCulloch, Lillie Dougherty.

Images from a map are a portion of East Baton Rouge Parish, dated 1895. showing the Bay Ridge School at the intersection of Settlement Road and Blackwater Road at Mrs. C. McCullough's property. The location is marked "school". Settlement Road (now Sullivan Road) joined Joor Road at DD Puckett's property ("Puckett's Corner"). Later, this section of Settlement Road was renamed Joor Road, and continued on to Zachary Road (now Deerford). The bend to the west became McCullough Road, and connected Joor to Blackwater.

Thank you to Vicki Carney of the Central Historical Society for her help in assembling these photos and information.

The Bay Ridge School was a one room schoolhouse located at Settlement Road and Blackwater Road. It was taught by Alice Laura Cunningham Lee, the mother of May Lee Denham. She was the 6th daughter of Daniel A. Cunningham and Martha Ann Kenner, and was born in 1851, according to the Obadiah Moses Lee family Bible. Alice was married to Obadiah Lee, the founder of Central Schools, had 8 children (3 of whom appear in the photo), and died in 1933. The photo was taken in 1896.

HIStORY 11 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

Remember that Central Schools will be closed this Monday, January 16th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. By J.R. Dalton

Usually I write about life, relationships, and money saving tips, but I wanted to share something a little different this week that I think will be useful. For Christmas, my girlfriend’s aunt baked peanut-butter cookies each with a red M&M in the center for a nose, two chocolate chips for eyes, and two chocolate covered pretzels as antlers, to complete some Rudolph styled desserts for the kids. It didn’t take a whole lot, yet the presentation was awesome and the kids had fun chomping into Rudolph. All the aunts, moms, and my girlfriend asked where she got the idea for “such a cute dessert”. She said that her daughter-in-law in Chicago had pointed her to, that she got hooked and had been using this website to come up with creative snacks and dishes for her family. Pinterest - is a hobby themed social networking site that uses a feed-based layout sorted by genres called “pins”. It offers tips, tricks,

and walkthroughs for project ideas and creative foods. So if you want to know how to wow your friends at the next tailgate party that you host or you’re a guy who just wants to show, let’s call it surprise, your significant other with a dinner for two that looks like you brought Ruth Chris’ home, check out www. Pinterest, in a nutshell, is a place where people can collaborate experiences from their hobbies (i.e. entertaining the family at Christmas) and help others by presenting those ideas in an easy to use photo feed. This site also has an “app” in the iPhone marketplace, making it simple to upload snapshots of each step in your culinary creation up to the finish product. Pinterest is not limited to just cooking but has pins for a broad array of other topics such as: gardening, fitness, home décor, photography, travel, technology, art, and beauty. Having all those ideas in one place makes coming up with something cute and different for parties easy. So if you have an iPhone of any sort, go download Pinterest from the “Store” app today.

12 SPORtS 2012 LA Wolves 9U Tournament Baseball Tryouts This Saturday! the lA Wolves are a championship baseball team. Please come join us for a baseball experience like no other! Tryouts are this Saturday, 1/14 at 2 PM at Livingston Parks & Recreation Fields. There is no tryout fee or sign up fee. call 225-664-2313 with any questions.

Victory Student’s Petition Earns Day Off for Championship Game Submitted by Cheryl Averette

Before the Christmas holidays Will Aaron, an 8th grade Victory Academy student, approached Principal Sue Cashio about the possibility of dismissing school for the BCS Championship game. He was told that she would consider it if he were able to get a petition with at least 500 signatures requesting the day off. He actually got over 600 signatures from students, parents, and staff members. He even took his plea to Channel 9 news and was aired on T.V. As a result from this determined LSU fan the students of Victory Academy had the choice of staying home on Tuesday with an excused absence to recover from the game. Even after the loss, Will and his buddies are still behind the Tigers and are looking forward to next season!

Left to right: Luke, Anthony (gold shirt), Tanner F., Grayson (hat on backward), Will Aaron (center), Landon, Chandler (gold shirt), Chris (white), Tanner T. (purple hat)

Friday, January 13 13, 2012 • Print Edition

Listen to CHS Basketball Live January 13th This week's CHS Boys’ Varsity Basketball game will be broadcast live via the internet and on the App "BSN". Go to on your computer and hear commentators Les Beuche and Mark Curtis call the game. Pregame at 6:30 with tipoff at 6:00. Jan 13th -Zachary @ Central Boys’ Varsity Stream 2

Jan 27th -Central @ Live Oak Boys’ Varsity Stream 2

Jan 20th -Central @ Denham Boys’ Varsity Stream 1 -Denham @ Central Girls’ Varsity Stream 2

Feb 7th -Central @ Denham Girls’ Varsity Stream 1 -Denham @ Central Boys’ Varsity Stream 2

Ashton Olinde Kills First Deer

15 year old Ashton Olinde shot her first deer recently. The deer was a 155 pound, 8 point. Ashton is a Central High School student and the daughter of Michael and Beth Olinde. Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012


Central High Baseball Team Prepares for Season

Photos by Darrin Jones

The Central High School Baseball players and coaches gathered last week to prepare the field for the upcoming baseball season. They worked hard, largely on the dirt in and around the field. We wish the Wildcats luck as they look forward to a fresh season with new baseball head coach Mike Forbes. The baseball schedule will be printed as soon as it becomes available.


Friday, January 13, 2012 • Print Edition

Kristen Tate, Derek McKey Wed August Local Student Graduates 26 at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church Summa Cum Laude from LSU Kristen Rose Tate and Derek Scot McKey were married in an evening ceremony August 26, 2011 at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church. Fr. Mike Moroney officiated. The bride is the daughter of Jim and Kathy Tate of Central. She is the granddaughter of James and Pauline Tate of Baker and the late Howard and Rose Broussard of Pride. The bridegroom is the son of Todd and Karen McKey of Zachary. He is the grandson of Joyce and Larry Bellard of Zachary and Faye and Jack McKey of Gloster, MS. Escorted by her father, the bride wore a Casa Blanca strapless gown with crystal taffeta pleats, a ruched bodice and a layered skirt accented with crystal and rhinestone trim. She was attended by her maid of honor, Lauren Speeg. Bridesmaids were Beth Boyd, Molly DeJean, Sunni Riggleman, Amanda Speeg, and Kristin Tate. Flower girl was bride’s niece, Reagan Tate. The bridegroom was attended by his best man, Todd McKey, Jr. Groomsmen were Michael Jarreau, Wil McKowen, Ryan Moore, Matthew Tate, and Lucien Weiss. Ushers were Robert Morris and Nathan Boone. Ring bearer was Paxton Quebedeaux. Readers were Claire Speeg and Monika Weiss. Vocalist was David Aguillard, and organist was Sarah Love. A reception took place at Stage One. Following a honeymoon trip to St. Lucia, the couple will reside in Watson.

Rachelle Kusch received a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University in December 2011. She graduated summa cum laude and received numerous honors including being a member of Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society), Omega Chi Epsilon (Chemical Engineering Honor Society), and Gamma Beta Phi (Academic Honor Society). On campus, she was a member and secretary for both the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Gamma Beta Phi. Between semesters at LSU, Rachelle completed three engineering internships with Albemarle Corporation and TOTAL Petrochemicals. She was selected among numerous interns at TOTAL Petrochemicals to represent US Chemicals at the TOTAL Summer School for a week in Paris, France.

She learned about the company while meeting top executives and other students from around the world. Rachelle finished elementary and middle school from St. Alphonsus Catholic School and graduated high school from St. Joseph's Academy. While attaining her degree at LSU, she remained an active parishioner at St. Alphonsus as she was a member of the Liturgy Committee, a Eucharistic Minister and Lector at Mass, and a trainer for Altar Servers. Rachelle also became an active student at the LSU Catholic Church, Christ the King, on campus. She served as a member of the Faith, Peace, and Justice Committee, a Eucharistic Minister, and a Lector. She will begin working at ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge as a Product Development Engineer. Rachelle is the daughter of Deacon Robert and Carla Kusch of Central.

PUZZlES 15 Print Edition • Friday, January 13, 2012

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Central Private Hosts Annual 5K Rebel Run Submitted by Central Private School

The Central Private Parents' Club and the CPS Family would like to congratulate the following winners from Saturday's 5K Rebel Run: Females: Ann Middleton- overall female winner Jan Easley- age 50 & up division Dana Robertson- age 40-49 division Sherry Threeton- age 30-39 division Jillian Leverti- age 21-29 division McKaylee Glover- age 10-15 division Males: Drew Michael Louvierre- overall male winner Dave Kneiling- age 50 & up division Troy Alello- age 40-49 division Mike Vagi- age 30-39 division Mitchell Garon- age 16-20 division Chris Bolin- age 10-15 division Reese Dean- age 5-9 division Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's race!

Upcoming Ribbon Cuttings with the Central Chamber of Commerce DOW Louisiana Federal Credit Union Ribbon Cutting/Afterhours 10513 Sullivan Road January 19, 2012 5:30 - 7:30 Britton & Koontz Mortgage, Edward Jones Investments, Rabalais Homes, and Wall Decor and More Interiors located at The Village of Magnolia Square Ribbon Cutting/After Hours Social 13440 Magnolia Square Drive January 26, 2012 5:30-7:30 Door Prizes, Food, and Drinks Walton "Ti" Barnes, ABC Print Copy Scan, Bone Marketing, Wayne Clark Realty, The Looking Glass Beauty Lounge along with Central Office Park Ribbon Cutting 12628 Hooper Rd. Ribbon Cutting January 27, 2012 12:00 noon

Mark Your Calendars: The Central Chamber of Commerce is holding their 2nd Annual Awards and Installation Banquet on Febraury 15, 2012 at 7:00 P.M. at Kristenwood, 14025 Greenwell Springs Rd.

Central’s Urgent Care for Over 11 Years

We’ve mOved!

We treat: • Allergies

8751 Sullivan Rd. (225) 262-8377

• Ear or eye infection • Fever • Minor cuts that may need stitches

HOURS: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 9 pm Saturday – Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm

• Simple fractures • Severe sore throat • Sprains and strains • Vomiting/diarrhea

 Brand new, state of the art facility

Lake After Hours is not intended for major emergencies.

 Advanced technology  Affiliated with Our Lady of the Lake and Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group

For a full list of locations, visit


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