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May 7, 2010

PLUG’D IN The Hard-Rock'n Bi-Weekly Magazine Our Sponsors can kick your Sponsors Ass!

Inside this Issue: On Tour w/Jimmy G. of Murphy's Law and Arthur A. of Arsonists get All the Girls We get Hot w/ Miss Nude 2009 Keira Riley! CD review of the Week: Bodies in the Lake Rock band of the Month: After 3 Am Daisy De La Hoya, Star of VH-1s Daisy of Love, Live on stage May 14 & 15 @ Als Diamond Cabaret

From the Throne of the Rock God Rants, Raves, and News for the Minions Well, the weather is finally heating up and so is Plug’d In. We are starting up some of our adult feature interviews and we are kicking it off this week with Miss Nude 2009 Keira Riley. There will be lots more to come. Make sure you get your butts over to Al’s Diamond Cabaret next weekend for the Daisy De La Hoya Feature. Its gonna be crazy! We have all kinds of things coming for you. We have exclusive interviews with Cattle Decapitation, Megadeth, After the Burial, and Impending Doom coming up plus a whole lot more. Nobody keeps you Plug’d in like we do. Every week we’ve been expanding. We are giving you more content and features and our distribution is growing in leaps and bounds. Make sure you tell your local bar or business that you want to see Plug’d In there! All it takes is a phone call and we will make it happen! Your feedback is very important to us and we aim to please you. Where do you want us to come? What shows should we review? What bands are killing the scene? Who’s your favorite, or who can’t you stand? We want to know! Send all Inquiry's, Opinions, Advertisements, CD’s, Hacked Software, and Contraband to:

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Top 10 Hard Rock Albums on 1) Iron Man 2 Soundtrack 2) Circa Survive-Blue Sky Noise 3) Sevendust-Cold Day Memory 4) Ratt-Infestation 5) Slash-Slash 6) Coheed and Cambria-Year of the Black Rainbow 7)Nickelback-Dark Horse 8) Jimi Hendrix-Valleys of Neptune 9) Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony 10) Airborne-No Guts. No Glory

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Cyanide and Happiness Toon of the Week

Disclaimer: Cyanide and Happiness is property of We are just supporting them cause they’re funny as crap. Want to see more? Check out:

On Tour

w/ Arthur A. of Arsonists Get All the Girls

PI: Arthur, how is touring going so far? AA.: It’s going great. We just played New England Metal Fest; we’re meeting a lot of cool people, and getting to see a lot of awesome bands. PI: How is it playing with Impending Doom? AA.: Great. We toured with them a few years ago. They are awesome guys. It’s awesome to be able to tour with them again. PI: What was your favorite place to play, like out of the venues you’ve played so far? AA.: Um there are a lot of awesome places. New England Metal Fest is definitely always fun. We’ve played there for a couple years now. So yea, I’d say Massachusetts is one of our favorite places to play. PI: If you could put a tour together, and you had the choice of ANY bands to put on it, who would you pick? AA.: Um, well there are so many bands to choose from… PI: Top 5… AA.: Oh man I hate this question haha, um probably Poison the Well, Dream Theatre, umm let me think, Deftones, Dredge, um, yea that’s all I got right now. There are just so many awesome bands out there its hard to choose. PI: You guys are with Century Media. How is it having label support? AA.: It’s really good. We don’t have anything bad to say about them, like a lot of the other labels out there. They have a great relationship with us. They really take good care of us. They give a lot of support. PI: So how did you start, where did you get your break? AA.: Well, someone heard our CD, then they shared it with someone from Century Media. And then they got in contact with us. We actually didn’t send them any press kit or anything because we didn’t think they would be interested. They actually hit us up and we were so excited to start working with them. PI: So they were the one’s who contacted you? AA: Yea. It was a big deal for us. Haha. We were like crapping our pants. It’s a legendary Label and we’re very lucky to be working with them.

PI: Who would you say that are some of your inspirations? Yours or the bands? AA.: Um well everyone listens to different music. So, yea, I don’t know. We all listen to different kinds of music, ska, death metal, punk, you know, hardcore. Whatever, you name it, we probably like it. I mean, I listen to Lady Gaga, so I could say she’s one of my inspirations or whatever haha. PI: With the CD era coming to an end, how do you make money? AA.: Merch! PI: What about touring? AA.: No, it’s mainly all merch, I’m not going to lie. I mean how much we sell depends on where we are, it always varies. But merch is mainly how bands are making their money these days. PI: Where do you think a lot of people hear about you? AA.: Probably Myspace. It’s probably the biggest way these days. I think it’s done a lot for the music industry, and getting your name out there. I mean anyone can start a band and put their stuff up there, and everyone can hear it. I could definitely say a lot of people heard about us from Myspace. PI: So what’s next for you guys? AA.: Well after this tour we’re taking some time off and we got some big stuff coming up. We’re going to be headlining a tour this year. We’re going to write a new record by next June. PI: Can you tell us what the new record is going to be about? AA.: It’s definitely going to be a lot heavier, and dark. We are just going to combine the elements of all our past albums and just build the best CD we can. PI: Well thank you for sitting down with us Arthur. AA.: Oh anytime, you’re awesome. Thank you!


Love your Neighbor...I mean get in there and really get the Love going. Love Em’ Hard, Love Em’ Fast, and Love Em’ Deep. Get the Love all over the place. Make the cops come cause you’re Loving Em’ so loud. And don't forget to Love Yourself once in a while too...Go ahead, do it now.

May 8th @ the Croc.

You just got to respect Chuck Norris. Seriously, if you don't, its your ass. Here’s some funny reasons why Chuck Norris is the “Man”.

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These People Got Plug’d In

Plug’d In Rock Band of the Month

After 3am is a collection of four characters with completely different personalities and musical inspirations that come together to create an industrial neo-pop rock sound with heavy beats, loud guitars, and dark roaring synths. They are true to their roots and passionate about their message, After 3am’s edgy lyrics deliver a deep, introspective look into the mind of the over consuming, greed driven American. Formed in 2007 in Birdsboro , Pa. , the band drew lyrical inspiration from bands such as Tool and Radiohead, the pop sensibility of The Killers, and the attitude of Rage Against the Machine. The band is currently recording their first full length CD with Multiplatinum selling producer Rich Gavalis (Bloodhound Gang), and playing shows in south eastern PA.

Upcoming Shows May 28 2010 6:00P Crocodile Rock Allentown, Pennsylvania Jun 1 2010 8:00P Maple Grove Pub Birdsboro Aug 7 2010 7:00P The Laserdome Manheim

Local CD Of the Week The Economy Sucks, but you should still drop a couple bucks on this. Recently I was handed an untitled demo from a few of my friends who played a show with a band called Bodies in the Lake. It took me a while before I actually listened to it but when I did, I was impressed. With their untitled five song demo recorded at Atrium Audio studio in Lancaster Pennsylvania, Bodies in the Lake bring the best of local progressive hardcore that I can honestly say I haven’t heard anywhere else in the local scene. When you label your band experimental hardcore, you have a lot to live up to especially with the current progressive scene with bands such as Veil of Maya and Animals as Leaders. The demo begins with a three minute ambient sound track which isn’t the best way to start a demo however you’ll be thankful that there is at least some calm before a heavy storm. Jumping into the second song “Ohh, Sorry for the Confusion,” mixes between breakdowns, blast beats, sweeps and double bass all before the two minute mark of the song. Even sticking to their hardcore roots, chord progressions of the 80’s punk days can be heard throughout this demo (with the exception of the two ambient songs). The band even closes the demo up nicely with “Ashley’s Song” which is five minutes of calming techno/ambience and two minutes of calming instrumental which is a nice calm piece after a storm of fury. While my only complaint is the mixture of too much ambience, I understand that this demo was made as a benefit demo for a family and there had to be family friendly parts on it. It has also come to my understanding that the band does not play the techno/ambient tracks live, which gives you even more of a reason to see some kick ass metal. I do particularly enjoy the second song on the demo “Oh Sorry for the Confusion,” seeing as it best expresses what the band has to offer in my opinion. I’m giving this band wishful thinking and am expecting their next release to have more shredding and more breakdowns, however for a debut demo this is some of the best in the local genre. The band is currently working on a new four song demo that will not have the ambient driven tracks as well as two new songs. They are playing shows around PA and will take part of the “2010 Lights and Fights Tour.” This is definitely a band to look out for in the future. To find this band, go to

Check out more of Dan and Into the Pit reviews @

Plug’d In’s Certified Blast From the Past Nirvana-Nevermind 1."Smells Like Teen Spirit" 2."In Bloom" 3."Come as You Are" 4."Breed" 5."Lithium" 6."Polly" 7."Territorial Pissings" 8."Drain You" 9."Lounge Act" 10."Stay Away" 11."On a Plain" 12."Something in the Way" "Endless, Nameless

“Fighting Solves Everything” Hooligan Athletic Club 8537 Allentown Pike Blandon, Pa


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On Tour w/ Jimmy G. of Murphy’s Law PI: Jimmy, you’ve been doing this forever. What keeps you going? JG: Drugs Money, and Sex! Seriously, I like doing it. During the day I do carpentry work and I also have the tattoo shop. The past couple of years we were touring steadily and it became a bit too much for the fist time in my life and my girlfriend got on my case to stay home. But you know, I was missing it so we are back out on the road and we are releasing our whole back catalog of music. It cool because we’re playing Bogotá, Columbia on July 24th. PI: How long do you see yourself doing this for? JG: I don’t know…If Charlie Harper can do it @ 65 and Vinnie can do it @ 892 I can do it. Just kidding, I guess he 50 now, I guess I can keep doing it. I just have to take better care of myself. I party a lot harder than those guys. They take care of themselves and I get fucked up everyday. I drink a lot and do some other things. PI: What’s up with today’s hardcore scene? JG: Its different. It used to be hard-core punk rock. All the hardcore stuff turned into metal from my stand point. That’s where I come from. We try to be different from everybody else and it seems like a lot of people are just following each other. Who’s following Sick of it All? Who’s following Agnostic Front? Who’s following what band and making the same exact sound? It should be you learn from the sound you look up to, and then you completely change it. Like me...I love Agnostic Front. We are a very eclectic band. Don’t do the same thing, change it. There’s no evolution in something that doesn’t change, that’s keeps rotating. PI: How do you feel about the kid’s reactions here in Central Pa or other places vs. the kids in NY? JG: It’s different. We play all the major markets in Japan. Sometimes we even go out to the country and play tiny shows. But, it’s always cool. We are trying to get to Indonesia. I think Sick of it All’s been there. The hardcore scene is big there. Everything Murphy’s Law does is grassroots. We just took on an agent again to help us book shows. We are trying to play all these places that most people don’t play. We are in Reading Pa playing @ the Silo. How cool is that? The place has been here since the late 1800’s. It was rebuilt in 1975. Its like this ancient place, that’s still ancient, and all the kids are from around here. I don’t expect anything, but I always get amazed. We do different sets for different places. And its always cool.

PI: You got anything new coming up? JG: We are working on a new record now and I’m working with Ice Cream records to put out our back catalog. We are working on a DVD. I was cleaning out 2 storage spaces and I found boxes and boxes of tapes of stuff. Half of it I don’t even know how I’m gonna copy it. All kids of old formats. This is my life. Its not my business or my job. I do this because I love it. Some of my friends have requested a new record. Touring is a lot of work and had taken control of my life. So, now that I’ve been home and the bands been practicing now and then, now we can work on some new stuff. We’ve got some younger guys coming from some other bands, this band is a stepping stone for other things, but its also a good time for everyone. Let’s see where it goes. Its gonna make the people who have been waiting for new shit happier. PI: Thanks for sitting down with us and giving us a chance to get Plug’d In with you. JG: Thanks to you guys! Its awesome what you are doing. You don’t see a printed book anymore. Everybody does it online now, so that really separates you guys and that’s fucking cool!

For more Murphy’s Law Please check out our good friend Curt Ridall’s music blog with news and photos @

It’s starting to get hot. Keira Riley is amazingly Hot. What better way for us to help kick up the temperature in the magazine than to feature our interview with Miss Nude 2009 Keira Riley. We caught up with Ms Riley after her performance @ Berks County’s premiere gentleman's club, Al’s Diamond Cabaret. PI: What has been your impression of Al’s Diamond Cabaret and dancing here in Central Pa? KR: I really like Al’s. It really reminds me of an 80’s style club. It’s kind of like striptease back in the Flash dance era. I love it. It brings back the roots of our industry. PI: Have you ever been to Al’s before? KR: No I haven’t. I’ve heard of it for years because I’m kind of a local, but I’ve known of Reading, Pa, and Als thru my competitors agencies and all the girls I’m friends with. All the hot girls come here. They book a feature here every week, but this is my first time. PI: You say you’re a local. Can you explain that? KR: I’ve lived all over Pa. I currently live in State College, so I’m not too far away. I used to work @ Delilah’s in Philly when I was 18. I’m currently 23. PI: How has winning Miss Nude World changed your career? KR: Its changed it a lot. I was runner up in 2008 and I was the youngest girl to compete out of 24 features. For a newcomer and someone so young to place that high, and the following year to win, its unheard of. My career has really progressed. You don’t hear of a feature being 19 years old and that’s when I started. I wasn’t the norm in feature entertainment. I’ve had more house girl’s than anyone and I’ve brought a lot of younger girls into the feature aspect and now they are very successful. PI: What does your traveling schedule look like? KR: I’m currently talking to my agency about going to Puerto Rico. Right now I only go out once a month. I was on the road for over 3 years. I was out 48 weeks of 52. It’s a very boring hotel life. You are very sheltered. So I wanted to live out my youth. As much as I love dancing, I still needed my life back. I stopped dancing around 6 months ago and started to miss it, so I came back out on the road. Its very exclusive. I just announced that I was coming back and already have 6 months of clubs booked. PI: What are your plans for the future? KR: I’m not actually sure. I just moved back home from L.A. I would like to teach the root of dancing to younger kid. Not the Adult aspect, but the roots of dance itself. I’m thinking about opening up my own studio eventually. I’m also an aerialist and nobody in our area teaches that. It’s more of a West Coast thing. I’d like to take what I’ve learned as a self taught aerialist and teach it to other girls. I’m considering a lot of things in the future.

PI: How would you describe your stage show? KR: Its very high energy. I do a lot of fire, a lot of aerials, and I use a lot of props. I use more props when I’m at competitions. I’ve done the Penthouse G-string Awards. I was a 2 time Silver G-string Award winner and I’ve been featured in the magazine 6 times. When I go on the road and do my big completions, that’s when I bring it all out. I bring a big concert feel to it. It all depends on where I’m at. PI: Thank you so much Keira for getting us Plug’d In. KR: Thank you so much guys. You are so awesome! To learn more about Keira , check out her MySpace @


We apologize if you found any of the jokes to be crude or offensive. We also apologize for you not having any sense of humor and for being so damn uptight. Jeez, they’re

ABC's of ex girlfriends A is for Arteries. You know, the things that your ex-girlfriend ripped out because she really didn't care for you you twit she was only after your money and could have given a shit about you. B is for Bitter. Who, me?? No way. I really hope things between them do work out. I hope they get married and have 2 children that are little devils and her hips get huge and his eyebrows finally grow completely together and they get fat and old together and then DIE!! C is for Call ya later.She won't. She never has before. D is for Dumped. Does D need to be explained? E is for Eating like a pig. Remember when you took her out and she said "I'm not hungry" so you figured you could take her to a nice place because you were able to afford a nice meal at this fine restaurant. Then she ate more than your Uncle Roy (you remember Uncle Roy the one with the mustard stains on everything). So you flip the bill and are broke for the next two weeks and she wonders why you were unable to call her that week and go see movies. F is for Friends. That is what she just wants to be. As if you can even stand to look at her. G is for Gun. And yes there is a waiting period. H is for Horny. Remember when she looked nice and even had a personality? Well, you figure it out. I stands for I still hate her. Odds are I always will, unless she calls me and offers me favors. J stands for Jim. This is her new boyfriend. Doesn't Jim have a nice car ? Doesn't Jim have a good job? Why does Jim want to date her? I think Jim could do much better. I hate Jim. Jim is my mortal enemy. K stands for Kill. L is for Love. It's a great euphoric feeling that exists between two people and is shared upon by both parties. L is also for Lunatic. Lunatics are crazy. Lunatics are the last people that actually believe in love. M stands for Mephistophiles. That is who she worked for. N stands for Necropheliac. She didn't move very much, did she? O is for On top. When on top she has another O word. P is for Pill. She said she was on it. She lied. She is now sueing you for a few hundred bucks a month. Q is for Quitter. She couldn't last. R is for Rich little Bitch. She bought my love but I paid for it. S stands for Suffer. That's what she made me do. T is for torture. Torture is what she did. She tortured you with the truth. She also tortured you with lies. U is for Understatement. Saying you hate that bitch is an understatement. V is for Voluptuous. That is the primamry reason you were dating her in the first place. W stands for Whine. She was a pro at this. X is for Xylophone. Because X is always for xylophone. Y stands for You suck! Remember when she yelled that at you. Z stands for ZIPPER. This is what you got your hair stuck in while trying to get dressed too quickly while she yelled "QUICK! They're home!" . stands for period. Which is a couple of weeks late, because she lied to you about taking what P stands for. It also means you won't get any for a week.

Special thanks to all the following for making this issue happen: Without you...well, we just would have had to work a little harder. The Reading Tattoo Co., Belly Busters, Against the Grain Barbershop, Als Diamond Cabaret, All the Super Hot girls walking around Central Pa this Summer, The Chameleon Club, The Silo Nightclub, Jesus, Metal Deb, Pottstown Tattoo Co., Bill Meis of E1, Nicolle Stella, Nicolle Marie, Shoo, Bodies in the Lake, Penn Ave Music, Hammer and Nail Tattoo, , Skip and Bizr Ent., Defiled Epidermis, Keira Riley, Hooligan Athletic Club, Mark Philips of Prospect Park, After 3 AM, Driving Metal Entertainment Booking, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Century Media, Victory Records, Facedown Records, Desiree, The stuff we stole off the Internet, D&S Images, Mark Kohl Promotions, President Obama, 105.7 The X, The Crocodile Rock, Gandhi, Tech Basement, Eddies Garage, Chuck Norris, Stewie and Family Guy, Billy Mohan, Cyanide and Happiness, Dan and Into The Pit Reviews, Curt Ridall and Wallfli, The Dungeon Music Shop, Gold’s Gym, 1800 calorie diet plans, and anyone we might have forgotten!

Our Mission is simple. We want to fill your brain with so much crap that eventually you will suffer from what we like to call “Plug’d In Overload”. Once you have been mentally disabled, we will then proceed to take over what’s left of your mushy, incapacitated brains. In essence, you will be mindless robots...answering our every command. We will then Pillage and Plunder all of Central Pa with reckless abandon. There will be no stopping this! We also want to provide effective and affordable advertising to the businesses' and people that make this community so great. We want to shine a light on the amazing rock/metal scene here in Central Pa. and give the bands a chance to get their music heard and have the opportunity to network with other bands, promoters, venues, and music labels across the Region and the

Plug’d In Vol. 1 Coming soon! We are releasing a compilation CD in an upcoming issue. This CD will be distributed throughout Central Pa, online, @ Live shows, and will be submitted to Music Labels. Bands that are interested in appearing on this compilation please contact:

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May 7th, 2010  

May 7th, 2010 Issue

May 7th, 2010  

May 7th, 2010 Issue