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May 21, 2011

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Indestructible Noise Command is Back! After a 20 year hiatus, I.N.C. is back and Nicole Marie sits down with guitarist Tony Fabrizi for an exclusive interview! Inside This Issue Impact:Tony Fabrizi of Indestructible Noise Command, On Tour: Drew and Craig of Evergreen Terrance, Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey, J.X.M.X is only 3 weeks away. Find out all the details for this Kick Ass Metal Show and Charity Motorcycle Event inside and online now!

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Impact: Tony Fabrizi of Indestructible Noise Command Interview by Nicole Marie After a 20 year hiatus, Indestructible Noise Command is back in the studio, back on the stage, and better than ever. With their EP Bleed the Line breaking CMJ's top 20 loud charts, and the release of their newest album Heaven Sent… Hellbound dropping in stores on May 24th, INC definitely proves they are not easily forgotten. Last week I had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Tony Fabrizi a guitarist in INC. Tony let me in on his feelings about the band's past, present and what to expect from them in the near future. Here’s what Tony had to say…N.M PI: Tony, after 20 years what brought you guys back together? TF: Well over 20 years ago, when the band broke up, I think we always felt like we had unfinished business, and we still had a lot of things we wanted to accomplish, that we never got to. We were pretty young at the time, and a little bit naïve. Taking that step back and deciding to take a break from the band, I think was a smart move at the time, but once again, we felt like, we still had something more to accomplish. So now we finally decided to resurrect this thing and make it even better than it was. And that’s exactly what we feel we have done at this time. PI: Do you think that older fans that liked you back during “Razorback” (1987) and “The Visitor” (1988) expected something new and completely different from the band? Or they wanted you to be similar to how you sounded before? TF: Well you know in the initial feedback we are getting, we’re getting both, we’re getting a lot of new fans, which is exactly what we want, and yet we still have plenty of old fans that have contacted us over the years. And that was one of the factors in reuniting, the support we received from old fans and the questions and the emails, saying when are you guys going to do something again, or I’d love to hear something again. So that was one of the definite motivating factor of us getting back together and creating new music. Do the old fans still look for that older sound, yea absolutely, and one thing we wanted to convey to everyone is we, even though we haven’t been steadily writing over the past 20 years, we have evolved, and not only as people, but as musicians. And so obviously we’re going to sound quite different than we did 20 years ago, and if the fans like the new stuff and I think the old fans will also like the new stuff, but if they’re looking for the Razorback, Visitor sound, obviously its not going to be exactly the same because we’ve evolved as musicians.

Wayne Lozinak

PI: You’re newest album “Hellbound… Heaven Sent” is coming out on may 24 th, what are your personal feelings on this? TF: Well you know it’s a really solid album, and there is a lot of heart and soul that went into the writing of it. Its over 20 years of just, you know, pent up aggression. Erik Barath, the other guitar player, is the main song writer and I know that once he started writing, it was just one song after another, and it's 20 plus years of music he had stored in his head, and I think it really reflects on this album. It caters to old school and it caters to new school metal, and everything in between. But anybody in that genre can definitely relate to this album, I think it has something to offer for fans across that whole spectrum. PI: Can you tell me who thought of the name for the new album and what does it mean? TF: Haha, that was quite a subject between the guys in the band. We sat down and we really tried to put our heads

together and ask what are we going to title this album. We have a great logo and a great name here going so we wanted to make sure whatever we picked for the album. We kept throwing around different ideas and we said, let’s not really over complicate it and so we picked one of our songs that had that lyric Heaven sent, Hellbound is from one of the new tracks, and we thought that was appropriate, you know, being heaven sent, and the music is definitely hell bound, its very aggressive and the rest of it kinda reflects the attitude and the music of the band, it was an appropriate fit. PI: Can you actually tell me what the meaning behind your bands name is? TF: Well let me reflect back to the years of the mid 80’s when we originally got together as musicians and decided to become an original project. We really started as a cover band, like most other bands do and when started writing our own original material and figured we needed an original name. Firstly, we thought of the name Genocide, but… PI: Yea I heard about that, but Genocide was alright a band then right? TF: Yes, correct, so we asked ourselves what can we do? Eventually we figured we’d put and INC after Genocide and just be Genocide INC. Then as we progressed and had more interest in the band we said that names just not working so we kept trying to think of a new names and we thought to take INC off the name and put some words to it and I remember Dennis the singer who was immediately like “indestructible noise command”, he just like rolled it off his tongue, and we said yeah that sounds great, and it stuck ever since. PI: I know you are filming your new music video for “Swallowed” this weekend in NYC. Can you tell me how do you prepare yourself for something like this? How does the band prepare? TF: Well just coming fresh out of the studio from recording the album, I think we’re all prepared on the musical end of it, now on the performance end of it we, well I think it’s a personal thing, you really have to express yourself not only as a band but as an individual in the band as well, and there’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes for a video shoot. We hired a director to assist us with the filming process and in the production of the video, so there are a lot of satellite people working around us in order to make this video happen and I think that’s something fans don’t usually see, and we are going to shoot a little behind the scenes documentary on that actually. So you can pull it together with the right people and make it happen. So the preparation really wasn’t that bad, musically we are ready so it’s just a matter of getting in front of the camera and just doing your thing. PI: I’ve read that the song “Swallowed’” describes the idea of fame often leading to addiction, and this is what the video will center around. Can you tell me if you yourself, or anyone else in that band has a problem with drugs or addiction? TF: No, the funny thing is we are all pretty level headed guys and are pretty straight ahead. You know, fame and fortune is something that definitely has consumed many people and you can just look over the course of history and see how many actors and musicians have fallen prey to success and fortune. And that was the whole basis for the song is that you maintain a certain identity for yourself and what you strive for, and along with that comes the excesses of the business, meaning like drugs, alcohol, sex and I think that that’s what this video reflects, just being swallowed up by that fame and those drugs. PI: Oh, yea I understand. PI: I heard the video is being produced by Fredrik Nordström, who also produced videos for At the Gates, and In Flames. Can you tell me how you came in contact with him and how you feel about him being the one who produced your video?

TF: Yeah, we were pretty psyched to have him on board with us, with the production of the album. You just got to look at his resume and the bands he’s worked with, Soilwork, The Haunted, and these are bands right up our alley, and we’re fans of that music and as a band when you set out and write an album and you want to work with someone, naturally you are going to gravitate towards a producer who has had his hands in some projects that you respect and you admire. And Fredrik was the guy for us. And we were really pleased to have him work with us and I think he really nailed it in the album and he really helped us out with the sound we were looking for. PI: I know, you’ve had problems in the past with your video for God Loves Violence. Do you think what happened with that video will effect how you will make videos in the future? Or how do you feel about the problems you encountered with that video? TF: Well the initial video for God Loves Violence was just a concept we came up with just to reflect the nature of the song. We weren’t necessarily out to offend anyone, the song basically caters to the fact that you have the Muslim extremists who practice, well, obviously terrorism, and its not like we condone that behavior in any shape of form, we were looking at it from their point of view, like what goes on in the head of a person like that. Obviously in the video we wanted to reflect what their actions are and doing so, it wasn’t meant to offend anyone. I really didn’t think it was all that offensive, if you actually watch the video. We had problems with record label and so we ended up making another video for it and that one was received very well. PI: When are you going to be touring for this album, do you have any idea? TF: There are no tour dates set as of yet. We are actually looking at time slots now, for a tour, and I think you’ll be able to see something at the end of summer. We’ll have some tour dates posted up. Right now we are focusing on the actual release of the album, which is May 24th, so that’s coming up very soon. We are doing tons of PR with press right now. And we’re also shooting that music video this weekend. So these are pretty key elements that we need to have set in stone and out of the way before we can hit the road and start touring. PI: So how do you think touring now, is going to be different from touring 20 years ago? TF: Well a long time ago we caught the scene very early on. We were gigging with bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Overkill, and the thrash metal scene was really in it’s infant stages. So it was really neat to be part of that, and evolve along with that scene. This time around I think the face of the business has changed quite a bit, meaning record sales are down because of digital file sharing, so there’s a whole host of challenges that we face as a band. But I think it doesn’t change the fact that when you talk about touring, you go out there, you hit the stage, you do the job you do, and you give those people that came to see you the best performance you can possible give. So in that respect, I don’t think anything has changed, because we always went out there with that mentality. PI: I’m sure people have asked you before, what can fans expect from you at a live show. But what exactly do you expect from your fans at a show? TF: Oh wow! We expect fans just to have the greatest time possible. Our goal is to entertain them and bring them in and make them feel like they are part of that show and we want them to know that we are there for them, to give them a memorable audience seen experience. Come out, support the band, and we are going to give you a 110%. (PI) Great! That’s awesome.

PI: I know you’ve played shows with huge bands in the past such as Exodus, Megadeth, King Diamond, But if you were to pick your own tour, who would you want to play with? TF: Oh damn, any bands? (PI)Yea any band, new or old. (TF) Oh there are so many good ones. But right off the bat I’d say Lamb Of God. They are a great band and we respect them very much. There are so many bands that we admire and that we respect and that we’d love to share a stage with on the road, but yea, Lamb Of God would definitely be one of my top choices. PI: I know your Line up has changed a little bit, as in different people playing in different positions with different instruments. Have you ever thought of doing any other position in the band? What would you do? TF: That’s a good question; I’ve never got asked that before. Being a guitar player is my passion, I don’t know if I ever want to change that, everybody in the band is good at what they do. We consider ourselves professionals, but if I had to try something differently, I would love to front the band, I think that would be interesting. PI: Can you explain to me how the band became aware of the interviews with German computer programmer and admitted cannibal Armin Meiwes, and why you decided to talk about it in one of your songs? TF: Haha! That story with the German cannibal Armin Meiwes, what happened there was, Eric wrote the song Bleed the Line because of him. The storyline was, somebody interviewed a man who cannibalized another human being. I thought that dark macabre side of that story very interesting, and Eric wrote a song about it, and I think if you just follow along with the lyrics, it pretty much tells the story of what went on there. I thought the story was interesting, I didn’t know too much about it till he brought it to the table. Once you starting scratching below the surface of it, it’s pretty deep, macabre and violent, definitely peeked my interest, I did a little on-line searching about it and learned the whole story behind it which I found pretty incredible. PI: So I have to ask, what are your thoughts on the death of Osama Bin Laden? TF: I think that’s very plain and simple, the world is a much better place without him. He was a very evil and demented man. My opinion was he lived ten years longer than he should have. Even before he attacked 911, that guy didn’t deserve to live. The fact that what he did, the travesty he imposed on America was just devastating. We lost so many innocent people, and lets just say he got what he deserved and unfortunately is was ten years too late. PI: I totally agree. PI: Last question, what can fans expect next from INC? TF: The new album is coming out May 24th, the video premier we’re shooting this Saturday, doing lots of press, and you will also see some tour dates popping up in the very near future, we plan to hit the road and get the show out to the people, I think ultimately that’s what they’re looking for. We’re very excited to get out on the road bring the show to the stage again. PI: Alright thank you so much for sitting down and talking with me and giving us the chance to get Plug'd in, Tony! TF: No, thank you. It was a pleasure, and thanks so much for your interest in us and we hope to give you more to write about in the near future. Check out INC's upcoming full-length release hitting stores on May 24th, 2011, Heaven Sent… Hellbound.

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On Tour: Drew and Craig of Evergreen Terrace Interview and Photos by Liana Marie I saw Evergreen Terrace for my first time Saturday March 12th on this very same tour, at a different venue. I was impressed with their performance, and decided I needed to set something up with them! So I did just that, and I’m glad I did. They were great company and a pleasure to speak with. Drew’s love and interest for “Space” has me convinced they will jam on the moon some day. Brace yourself, world. Evergreen’s got big things coming your way! Here’s what the guys had to share with us...L.M. PI: What’s the story behind the name Evergreen Terrace? What made you decide on this name for your band? D: I don’t know. It was our old bass player that came up with it, like our first one. He just said it would be a cool name, and we couldn’t think of any names, so we were like, “yea, that’s fine.” It’s the street the Simpsons live on, and he and I are Simpson’s fans. Yea, that’s about it. PI: What instrument are you responsible for in this band? (D) I scream. (PI) Have you always been into screaming? Have you ever played any other instruments? (D) No, but I was in a punk band were I kind of sang, even though it was more of a screaming. That was when I was like fifteen. So I guess I’ve always been the screamer. I can’t play the guitar or any other instruments and I can’t even sing, so I’ve always just done this. (PI) You can’t sing? I don’t believe that. (D) No, I can’t sing at all. Nope, nope, nope. PI: At what point did you decide that you wanted to do this for the rest of your life? D: I honestly don’t know if I want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t know. I didn’t really even have a plan; I just started and kept going because I had nothing better to do. So, I’m doing this still. We’ll see how long this lasts...I guess until I realize that there’s no money in hardcore, and try to get a real job or join the real world. But that’ll probably never happen. PI: Well, if you weren’t doing what you are doing today, what else could you see yourself doing? D: I don’t know. I guess that’s the problem. I guess that’s why I just keep on doing it. I can’t see myself doing anything else. But I guess probably going to school, and getting myself in debt. I don’t know. I would be a river boat gambler. A professional gambler on the Mississippi River, or maybe make boots because people like boots. (PI) I’m wearing some right now. (D) I could have made those boots, if I wasn’t doing this. PI: So, if you did go to school, what would you go for? Are there any specific subjects that you are interested in? D: I don’t know, probably space. Space. (PI):Just space, or like science? (D) Space in general. Yeah, science, maybe, or history. Stuff where you wouldn’t make money, well, I guess you would make money if you were an astronaut or a space engineer. (PI) You could jam on the moon! (D) Yeah, I hope I’m alive for that, for when the first band plays on the moon. Who will be the first band to play on the moon? (PI) It could be you... (D) It could be us. We’d be like 50 or like 80 years old playing on the moon.

PI: So, you have been on a number of tours, correct? Which one would you say was your most memorable and why? D: The most memorable tour would be Sound Wave in Australia, and that would be because every band I ever liked was on that tour, besides Paul Simon and the Beatles, and stuff like that. All the bands I grew up listening to were on that tour and it was just fun. They flew us from city to city and treated us like gold. All the shows were thousands of people and it was awesome. It was a lot of fun. PI: So, what’s an example of a couple of those bands? D: There was Alkaline Trio, Saves the Day, and Lamb of God. And then for us, we played the hardcore stage with Poison the Well, and Every Time I Die. Then Nine Inch Nails headlined and then a grunge band from the 90s played. It was a lot of good bands. There were lots of other bands that I can’t remember the names of right now. It was awesome. PI: So, what does the typical day on tour look like for Evergreen Terrace, and how about off the road? D: The typical day would be showing up at the show, loading in, drinking, drinking more, playing the show, loading out, and then drinking, passing out, and then repeating. At home it’s just smoking a lot of pot, watching TV, writing lyrics, and riding my bike or going to the beach, that’s about it. It’s a pretty hard life. PI: So, you guys like to drink then I guess? D: Well, we have two straight edge members, but everybody else drinks, so there are six of us. But Craig and I will probably be the ones dying from alcohol poisoning at some point in our lives. Probably not, I don’t know because I don’t really drink when I’m home. But yeah, I drink a lot. PI: So, speaking of touring, how’s the Reckless and Relentless tour treating you guys? D: It’s awesome. I love this tour. All of the bands have been awesome. It was awesome that Asking Alexandria was able to take us out, and we’ve been out with Emmure before. We’ve never been out with Chiodos, but the shows are awesome. It’s cool because there are so many young kids that are just now getting into this music and we’re exposing ourselves to these kids. ...That sounded wrong. You know, we’re exposing our MUSIC to these kids. Our music is getting out to these kids that have never heard us before. It’s great exposure and it’s refreshing to have new fans, instead of just our old ones. Not that I dislike our old, hardcore fans. I love them and I’m glad that they’re still with us, but it’s good to grab new fans. It’s awesome. It’s been fun! PI: So, what specific bands would you say have the most influence on Evergreen Terrace’s sound as a whole? D: Oooh. Shoot, I don’t even know because everybody comes from different backgrounds. And everybody writes their own little parts pretty much. Craig loves Helmet and New wave music. Josh and I grew up listening to punk rock and it’s just a whole array of stuff. I can’t even name a specific band that we wanted to sound like. I would say that Poison the Well’s “Opposite of December” had a big influence on us eleven years ago when we started, but that’s all changed. PI: What about some specifics in your opinion, for yourself? D: For myself, I don’t know. I guess for myself I’m really big into lyrics. I get a lot of joy and inspiration from Saves the Day’s lyrics. I just like the way that he writes. If not Saves the Day, it would be the Beatles.

PI: If you were to describe your band in terms of personality as well as music, what would you say? D: Really? Oh man. (PI) You can start out with personality... (D) Personality, like as a whole, the band as a whole personality? (PI) Or specific personalities… (D) Probably just dirty punk rockers I guess, playing metal. (PI) And then in terms for the music, or the musical aspect? ...To someone who’s never heard your band, how would you describe it? (D) Heavy. Punk rock, hardcore, maybe. PI: So, what’s the longest amount of time that you’ve ever spent on a record? D: The longest amount of time spent on a record would have been, I don’t know, three months. (PI) And which record was that? (D) I don’t even know the last one maybe. Well recording wise we would usually do like a month to record it. Writing is really weird because we don’t really write on the road; we’ll just go home and hammer out songs in between time. I guess collectively it takes a couple of months. PI: If you were to describe your band as a sitcom or television show what would it be and why? D: Two and a half men, maybe not. (Craig): We definitely wouldn’t be Jersey Shore. (PI) That’s good to know! (C) Oh, we’d be Hookers at the Point on HBO. We’ll go with that. (PI) What color dress would you wear? (C) I wouldn’t wear a dress, or it would be see through or transparent. (D) Clear. PI: So, speaking of records, can you tell us a little bit about your latest album, “Almost Home”? D: What do you want to know about it? (PI) Did you go in any specific directions with it? (D) I think it’s our best record up to date for sure, and it was our first time working with a producer too, which was awesome and fun. (C) Yea, usually we just kind of work on our records, and no one ever tells us we suck. It was up to us to know what the right take was, but this time we actually got to work with somebody legitimate. But not for the writing process, just for the vocals and mixing. It was pretty cool. I think he got the mix better than anyone else that we’ve ever worked with, so ultimately we were happy with it because of that. But also I think that the song are just a natural progression of everything that we have been writing over the years, so I felt like it kind of represents the band more than anything else we’ve done I think. PI: So, to my knowledge, you also released a single entitled, “Everlong”, and that was in March of 2010? D: Correct. (PI) Tell is about that. (D) It’s a Foo Fighters cover song and we did it just for fun pretty much. We just wanted to put something out. We have a whole cover record and that did pretty good. And we really enjoy doing covers. (C) Originally we did a ten year anniversary show where we were playing on releasing a two song, free CD for anyone who came to the show, just specifically for the show, and then we also recorded a Johnny Cash cover that was going to be on it, but we only had time to finish one because our guitar player couldn’t be there the day of tracking. So we just kind of left with the Everlong cover, and we just put it out online for shits and giggles. (PI) That’s funny. Josh just told me about how everybody’s missed one show except for him, and then he had to miss this one and he was pretty bummed about it. (C) Now we’re even. (PI) It all evens out. (D) Well, I missed a show because I was stuck in an airport while a hurricane was blowing through Florida. (PI) That’s no excuse... (Laughter) (D) I was in Detroit and I couldn’t fly in because of a hurricane. (C) I had to go to court for my DUI charges. (PI) That’s right, all of the drinking. (C) Tonight should be funny. (PI) Why do you say that? (C) Because Josh isn’t here and the bass player from Miss May I is playing the entire set. And then our bass player is playing guitar for the entire set, and I think Tanner from Chiodos is going to come play a song on drums. So it’s just going to be funny. I don’t know how it’s going to go. We haven’t actually had a practice or anything. Ryan and Alex, our bass player, have been going through the songs and Alex is pretty okay on guitar for the songs and Ryan said he’s alright, but I guess we’ll find out. It’s just funny because we’re not actually going to have a run through of the songs before we just get up there and try it. (PI) I guess we’ll see how it works out! (C) Yepp.

PI: So, are you guys working on anything currently? C: We’re always kind of writing, but right now we’re going through a lot of changes. We’re going to start hammering it out so that hopefully we’ll have a new release for late fall or early next year. PI: So, what can we expect from you guys in the future? D: Probably just the same shit, different days, and more touring. (C) We’re doing a European tour later this year with some really cool bands. They haven’t really solidified the line up yet, but hopefully it’ll be really cool. Other than that we’re just trying to figure out what our tour schedule is going to be. Asking Alexandria asked us if we wanted to go on tour with them in Europe right after this tour, but we would literally have to get on a plane in Albany at the end of this tour, but we would really like to do a tour with them again. PI: I read all types of things, here and there... Will Danny (Asking Alexandria) be performing tonight? D: Yea. Of course. (C) Yea, he should be. (D) It’s not as bad as people think. On the outside world he has a problem, but he’s a young kid and they’re in a big band now. He definitely will be performing tonight. I know that he regrets the whole Seattle incident, but then again shit happens, especially when you’re young and in a popular band. And I think some personal stuff happened and that kind of fueled him to drink more that night, it’s whatever. (C) It’s the Reckless and Relentless tour, not the Scream the Prayer tour. Ultimately, no one knows but them, what the real problems are or if there really are any problems. They are all super good guys and I know mean well. They’re just having fun. (D) Yea, they’re just having fun, just living life. (C) They’re not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings. (D) We try not to make anybody sad, that’s for sure. PI: Well, thanks so much for chatting with us and giving us the opportunity to get Plug’d In. C&D: Sure, sure! Thank you. Think About It: Insights inspired by Jack Handey If you rob a bank, and your pants fall down, it’s okay to laugh, and let your hostages laugh too, because come on, life is funny. Sometimes when I feel like killing someone, I do a little trick to calm myself down. I'll go over to the person’s house and ring the doorbell. When the person comes to the door, I'm gone, but you know what I've left on the porch? A jacko-lantern with a knife stuck in the side of its head with a note that says "You." After that I usually feel a lot better, and no harm done. When I die, I would like to go peacefully, in my sleep, like my grandfather did. Not screaming and yelling like the passenger in his car. I hope an animal never bores a hole in my head and lays its eggs there because I might think I have a good idea but it’s really just the eggs hatching. Once my friend told me that he had found Jesus. I thought to myself, "WooHoo, we're rich!" It turns out he meant something different.

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From The Throne of The Rock God Rants, Raves, Reviews, and News for the Minions As of today’s printing we are currently 3 weeks away from J.X.M.X. Man, are we excited! Belly Buster Subs just joined on for the Motorcycle show and will be selling their world famous Pulled Pork sandwiches and cold subs. Kay Lee’s Ink just joined on and will be providing all day tattoo and body piercing services at extremely affordable prices. Of course yours truly will be out on the grill cooking up some of Berk’s County’s finest hot dogs to benefit the Children’s home of Reading. Remembering that this is a charity event is the most important thing of all. Sure…we have some kick ass motorcycles coming. Sure…we handpicked some of the best bands in Central Pa to put together an amazing metal show. What really matters though is that we are coming together as a community and doing something positive to help others out. In my book, that’s the most important thing of all. Things are absolutely hectic right now for us. But one thing is sure…we will not take a break from bring you the awesome, exclusive interviews that you want. Our commitment to you is to keep being Pa’s #1 online music webzine and bring you everything you’ve come to expect from us and more. Until next time…

Need cheap J.X.M.X tickets? Call Mike @ 484-529-6298 Special thanks to all the following for making this issue happen: Without you...well, we just would have had to work a little harder.

The Reading Tattoo Co, Shoo, American Heroes, Belly Busters, 1Up Collectibles, Its All The rage Hair Designs, Vertical Pole Fitness, Pottstown Tattoo Co, Gotham City Tattoo, The Last Level, Pocket Aces Skate Shop, Crocodile Rock Café, Michael Demos, Liana Marie, David Barber, Mark Kohl, Nicole Marie, Nicolle Stella, Vikki Sin, Tyler Heckard, Bandi Budwash, Mark Kohl, David Barber, Designs By Your Arsonist, Roadrunner Records, Century Media, W.M.G., Victory Records, Facedown Records, Fearless Records, Metal Blade records, E1, Hollywood Records, Disney, Adrenaline P.R., Solid State Records, DRP Records, Strike First, and all the amazing National and Local bands we’ve had the privilege to work with.


May 21, 2011 Issue  

May 21, 2011 Issue