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May 21, 2010

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Inside this Issue: On Tour w/Brook of Impending Doom Metal band of the Month: Divination Spotlight: Belly Busters Plug’d In w/ Reading Tattoo Co. Halestorm rocks! CD review of the Week: Throdl 2010 Jalopy Showdown Review

From the Throne of the Rock God Rants, Raves, and News for the Minions Wow, I am behind schedule. Its Thursday and I'm just writing this now. I've been miserable the last couple of days. I just don't like the rain. Well the weather is getting better and warmer. Its time for car shows, bike shows, girls in skimpy clothes, and of course Mayhem Fest. I'm totally stoked about Mayhem this year. Plug’d in will be covering the entire Camden NJ event. That’s right! Korn, Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Five Finger Death Punch, Atreyu, Shadows Fall, and boatloads more! We will be bringing you plenty of exclusive pictures and interviews….so stay tuned! For those that have been asking about my weight loss, I'm kind of stuck around 13 pounds lost. The last 2 weeks I've had no change, but I'm going to ramp up the cardio and continue to change my diet. Thanks for everyone's support! Your feedback is very important to us and we aim to please you. Where do you want us to come? What shows should we review? What bands are killing the scene? Who’s your favorite, or who can’t you stand? We want to know! Send all Inquiry's, Opinions, Advertisements, CD’s, Hacked Software, and Contraband to:

Driving-Metal Entertainment Booking May 30th - IRON ROOTS TOUR WITH T.O.N.E.Z CD Release show! Saint Luke, DKB, K4AC, Liggett The Demon, Sniper and more tba! June 4th - OYSTER SHELL!!, East Coast Wild Cards, Chasing The Unknown, Crimson Kiss, Cerebrial Static, Transcendence, The Elephant, The Panoramic!! All Ages, doors at 6:30, $10 at the door!! June 11th - MIDNIGHT DECADENCE, Lake June, Lead Fly, Seventh Corvus, Eighth Arcana, The Echo Base, Metrix!! June 12th - DRIVING VEGAS, Mindspine, Leaving Midnight, Choose Your Weapons, Owning Tuesday, Stuck On High, The Darksides, Pete Kranz and the WEMB Band!! June 25th - BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE!! DEM KORRUPT BOYZ, D'RANGD AND K4AC!! TICKETS 15 PRESALE AND 18 AT THE DOOR!! TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED ON TICKETMASTER! ALL AGES! FIRST TIME BLAZE HAS BEEN IN THE AREA IN 1 1/2 YEARS! BE THERE!! (show is closed to additional acts) July 16th - ACE AUGUSTINE EP RELEASE SHOW!! Free The Fallen, Leviath and ??


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Top 10 Hard Rock Albums on 1) Godsmack-The Oracle 2) Deftones-Diamond Eyes 3) ACDC-Ironman 2 Soundtrack 4) Bullet For My Valentine-Fever 5) Nickelback-Dark Horse 6) Nonpoint-Miracle 7) Jimi Hendrix-Valleys of Neptune 8) Slash-Slash 9) Drowning Pool-Drowning Pool 10) Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony

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The Breakdown w/ Bandi I arrived at The Silo on Friday, May 14, just in time to see Days of Waste take the stage. I saw people around the mosh pit area stretching, and as the first song started I saw why. It was crazy! It was a good show, a lot of crowd involvement, but I thought the drums overpowered some incredible guitar pieces. In Reference to Airplanes was the second band I saw play. They had a wonderful blend of screaming and melodic singing. The lead guitar had very distinct parts, which I loved the most about this band. Von Kull had by far the largest turn out of the night. It was a very high energy show. They had two singers and they were all over the stage wowing the crowd. No Remorse for the Fallen took the stage after Von Kull’s fans thinned out. They definitely had something for everyone. It was a great show, great sound and great vocals. I just wish the crowd had stayed around a little longer. They were well worth it

Welcome Bandi to the Plug’d In Family

On Tour

w/ Brook Reeves Of Impending Doom

PI: Brook I wanted to ask you, what is Impending Doom? What does it mean to you? BR:: Ah, Impending Doom is just a heavy metal Christian band that started up like 5 years back and the name pretty much just came from umm, well I like the word doom and I was just thinking for like six months what I can do with the word doom, and impending came into my mind for some reason and it pretty much just stuck. PI: Can you tell us what exactly is gorship? BR: Haha umm that was a word I made up really early on, its like for worship, but gore, just like gore sounding music and then I was worshiping through it. I was basically just a 17 year old kid just making words up haha. PI: There was a little controversy with that, where some fans like got the wrong idea.. BR: Yeeaa they thought it was like worshipping gore or something like that. Or at least that’s what I heard. But no it’s nothing like that. It was just a simple dumb little name, or word that I came up with. PI:: You guys debuted at number 46 for Nailed. Dead. Risen. and number 3 for Serpent Servant on Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. How does that feel to have that type of recognition? BR: Oh it’s a blessing man. Honestly I’m like so grateful that we can just write music and tour and do interviews and stuff. This is like really cool. We are just blessed man; I don’t even know how to explain it. We did not just start this band to be known, we didn’t expect anything. We just play loud music, so, I mean its cool to be heard and known in Pennsylvania, or California, or anywhere. PI: Where would you say is your favorite place to play? BR: Well Pa was great, like we honestly expected a low turn out for this show, like really small. But it turned out real good, Pennsylvania really came through. But shoot, the south is really cool. Oh, man, it’s hard to really pick one spot. The south and our home town of course California, Midwest, East coast haha, honest we have like really good shows in a bunch of spots in the US, I couldn’t pick just one place. Nicolle: Who has the craziest pits? BR: Craziest pits? umm maybe Mexico. Yea! Those kids really like metal down there. Haha yea I like Mexico a lot! PI:: If you could put together your ultimate tour, that you would play on, who would you play with? BR: Oh God…Ah well I would have to be on it with Deftones, and with my dudes in Whitechapel, I love those guys they are my friends, umm Korn, Slipknot for sure. Haha you’re really going to hate me for this but I really like Otep a lot. PI: Haha no, thats awesome, they were just in one of our previous issues. BR: Ok, good. I like Otep a lot. But I’ll just go on tour with Slipknot and Deftones. There. Lets make this answer short and simple. Haha.


PI: Who would you say are your musical influences, yours, or the bands? BR: Our musical influences come from a variety of different music. Like, we don’t just listen to heavy music. We listen to like Death Cab For Cutie. I mean I love heavy music of course but we also like real good song writing you know. Like, we’re more aggressive dudes, so we definitely take the good song writing into aggressive music, so like, we listen to everything from classical to some soft, Deftones to Slipknot, extreme death metal, anything man, we listen to it all. Anything with good structure, we like to get creative and do our own thing with differently structured music.

PI: You guys are currently signed to Facedown. How is it having label support behind you? BR: Facedown is awesome! They are a legit good label. They have all good people working there. They have never done us wrong, I mean there are record labels cheating bands left and right, but they stay true to us and are really committed to us. They help us out so much. I’m totally grateful to Facedown. They do a great job. PI: How have they made your lives a little bit easier? BR: Distribution of CD’s for sure. Its just cool that they… I mean I didn’t even know this... number 3 on the billboards? Wow. They are just getting our CD’s around America. It just helps out A LOT! With putting our name out and stuff, and just being good people that encourage us, I have nothing but good things to say about them. All around they have helped our band soo much. When we were just incomplete, at first when we put out a little demo, and you couldn’t even understand what we were doing, they had faith in us, and that’s how we’re here today, because of them. PI: So what’s next for Impending Doom? BR: Well we’re releasing a new album, July 20th. It’s called “There Will Be Violence”. So yea we’ll just put out a new CD and then tour constantly on it. For the whole rest of the year and we might have some stuff planned for early next year as well. It’s just when a new record comes out its just nonstop touring. So that’s pretty much what’s next for us. PI: You guys have video support for the next album? BR: Yea I’m sure, haha, well I hope so. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure we will. PI: Well I want to say thanks for sitting down with us and giving us a chance to get plugged in. BR: Yea man. Thanks you so much!

Love your Neighbor...I mean get in there and really get the Love going. Love Em’ Hard, Love Em’ Fast, and Love Em’ Deep. Get the Love all over the place. Make the cops come cause you’re Loving Em’ so loud. And don't forget to Love Yourself once in a while too...Go ahead, do it now.

You just got to respect Chuck Norris. Seriously, if you don't, its your ass. Here’s some funny reasons why Chuck Norris is the “Man”.

05/29/10 Chuck Norris once ate an entire ream of rice paper and crapped out origami swans and Mister Miyagi from Karate Kid. Chuck Norris is ten feet tall, weighs two-tons, breathes fire, and could eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing. Chuck Norris is a man of few words. Chuck Norris is not a man of few roundhouse kicks to the face. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse actually live in Chuck Norris's nut sack. Chuck Norris put humpty dumpty back together again, only to roundhouse kick him in the face. Later Chuck dined on scrambled eggs. Chuck Norris made Ellen DeGeneres straight. Chuck Norris kicked Neo out of Zion , now Neo is "The Two" Chuck Norris' iPod came with a real charger instead of just a USB cord Chuck Norris knows where Carmen Sandiego is. Rudolph has a red nose because he got lippy and Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him across the face several times Chuck Norris reads Plug’d In Magazine and will kick your ass if you don't.

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Plug’d In Metal Band of the Month Divination was formed in 1994 in Reading, PA. Divination was originally conceived as a death metal band influenced by early Death Metal acts such as Deicide, Suffocation, and Malevolent Creation, but massive turnover and lineup changes eventually introduced unexpected influences from outside the strict Death Metal confines. The most recent guitar duo brought with them an arsenal of riffing ranging from more diverse styles including hardcore, thrash and progressive metal. Breaking out of their own self -imposed mold allowed them trim the fat from the “cookie cutter” death metal traditions. While keeping the speed and brutality of death metal, Divination was free to explore such things as melodic phrasing as well as sprinkles of hardcore breakdowns and black metal ferocity. 1999 saw the release of the self-produced Obsessed EP which met with limited local success and paved the way for opening spots with acts such as Pro Pain and Six Feet Under. Appearing on the Gimme the Medicine compilation CD and constantly pummeling audiences in the local club scene eventually attracted the attention of fledgling label DRP Records who signed the band in 2003. The new relationship provided the means to record and release the band’s first full length album, Three Nails of Fate, later in the same year. DRP Records later developed a relationship with Sky Records and inked a deal to include two tracks from Three Nails of Fate on From the Shadows...Metal for the Modern Era featuring Anthrax, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Mastodon. Since the release of Three Nails of Fate, Divination has shared the stage with a throng of national acts including the likes of Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, God Forbid, Into Eternity, and most recently the legendary Exodus and Testament. Applying the lessons learned from the previous releases, and having a fresh vocal perspective provided a rebirth for the band allowing them to approach songwriting open to any and all ideas. The new material represented a risk for the band, unsure if their core fan base would embrace the new direction. Performing the new songs live before they were recorded proved that the risk was worth taking. Fans and peers alike expressed resounding enthusiasm for the band pushing themselves to the next level which fueled the band’s ambition to record The Age of Man. The freedom this album provides exposes the mere tip of the iceberg of what Divination has in store for their fans and future fans.

Local CD Of the Week The Economy Sucks, but you should still drop a couple bucks on this. THRODL “No Honor in Exile” Review Just as quick as it came and made a name for itself, deathcore has become a dying genre and bands who once labeled themselves in such a manner are slowly gravitating towards either death metal or hardcore. Although labeled a deathcore act, THRODL’s latest 13 song album, “No Honor in Exile” leans a little more toward the hardcore side, with more breakdowns than speed within the songs. Although there are a few blast parts, the CD seems to be saturated in breakdowns. This is coming from someone who likes nothing more than the mixture of blast beats and breakdowns. I wouldn’t be complaining if they had one song with only one breakdown, but you can’t escape the breakdown in this CD which may or may not be a good thing depending on your taste. While my only complaint with “No Honor in Exile” is the amount of breakdowns, there are many things that as a musician myself I can appreciate about the album. To begin I should mention the time signatures particularly in the song “Gaz’r Delay” where the drummer, Justin Skipper seems to be keeping his own time opposite of the guitars making for a more interesting listen as opposed to hearing the same4/4 timing that many bands stick to just to be safe. I must also compliment Brad Roche on the vocals on this album. He keeps the lyrics with whatever rhythm is going and doesn’t stray from the pattern to confuse listeners. Although a hardcore album, there is no random shouting in between guitar and drum notes, which is something hardcore bands seem to enjoy doing. All together not a bad album; there is definitely room for improvement but it all depends on what your into. If you like the traditional tough guy hardcore displayed by bands such as Kingdom of Sorrow and Hatebreed, than you’ll enjoy “No Honor in Exile,” if your less into breakdowns and more into quick melodies, you may still like this, however it’s not the selling point of this album. I give it a solid 4/5, the audio quality is amazing, and the guitar parts are technical and fun to listen to, my only complaint being the amount of breakdowns.

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Plug’d In’s Certified Blast From the Past 1.Bombtrack 2.Killing in the Name 3.Take the Power Back 4.Settle for Nothing 5.Bullet in the Head 6.Know Your Enemy 7.Wake Up 8.Fistful of Steel 9.Township Rebellion 10.Freedom

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Spotlight on: Belly Busters We got a chance to sit down with Joe and Janelle Glendye, the owners of Belly Buster’s Subs and Sandwiches. After filling us up on the best Turkey subs we’ve ever had, Joe and Janelle told us why Belly Buster’s works. PI: How did you get your start in the food business? Joe: About 28 years ago I worked for my father’s business, grocery store. When he and his second wife separated, she got one place and he got the other. He ended up moving to Florida, so I brought the place from him when I was 18. I started out making food in there then. PI: Where did the idea for Belly Buster’s come about? When did you make the transition to just making sandwiches and pizza? Janelle: In the 90’s. That’s when we got rid of the groceries and focused on the sandwiches. It was more profitable that way. PI: Where did the name “Belly Buster’s” come from? Janelle: I came up with that name. We were looking for something unique. All of our other businesses have had something to do with our names. I wanted to stay away from that and have something near the beginning of the alphabet. PI: How long has Belly Buster’s itself been established and where was your first locations at? Joe: We are celebrating our 5th year anniversary in July. Our first store was located at 8th and Windsor St. in Reading, Pa. We are now located at the corner or Rockland and Kutztown Rd in Reading. PI: How do you guys like the new store? Janelle: We love it! We have much more room for customers and a lot more room to cook. It’s a much better location with a lot more parking. PI: Do you guys offer free delivery? Joe: We do deliver, but there’s a $25.00 minimum. PI: When you enter your store you are surrounded by pigs statues and figurines. Is the pig related to Belly Busters? Janelle: When we came up with the name, Joe said it’s the place where Berks County comes to pig out. So the pig became our mascot. We started with one pig. We now have over 200 thatnks to customers, employees and friends.

PI: What’s the one thing on your menu that everyone must try? Joe: Our Cheese steak. We use real Sirloin. We don’t use Steak Ums or anything. It’s a real good sandwich and we pile it high. PI: Does Belly Buster’s cater events? Is the store available for events? Joe: We do lots of catering. We’ve done wakes, weddings, parties, concerts, ect.We’ve done pretty much everything. Our store is available and seats up to 40 people. We can also rent the place out after store hours. We just need advance notice. We also do fundraising events for Churches, Schools, and different groups. We will work with and group as long as they are Non-profit. We do it a couple of way with ticket sales or sub sales. We will even deliver the subs to their location. PI: Any chance of opening up a second location in the future? Janelle: That’s what our Son would like to see us do. He’s been bugging us for a while to do that. We have also been talking about expanding here at this location and getting our liquor license. PI: Thanks for giving a chance to get Plug’d In Both: Thank you!

Belly Buster’s 2001Kutztown Rd, Reading, Pa

Tel: 610-373-6350 Fax: 610-685-0557 (We Deliver)

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Plug’d In with The Reading Tattoo Co. We got a chance to sit down with Tracy, the owner of Reading Tattoo Company, and we got Plug’d In on what’s happening in Reading, Pa’s most successful tattoo shop. PI: How long have you been in business and how did you get your start? RT: I’ve been in business 20 years and I got my start with an old man named Skip. He was one of the earliest shops in the city. I worked for him for about 8 years and eventually he sold the shop over to me and my business partner Brian Ulrich. The shop was originally called Skip’s Tattoo. PI: Are you affiliated with any other tattoo shops? RT: Yes, between my partner and me,, we have 3 other studios besides this one. We have The Pottstown Tattoo Co., The Norristown Tattoo Co., and Living Arts in New Hope. PI: What type of tattoo work do you offer? RT: We do everything from traditional and tribal, to new-school, color, and black and grey. We have multiple skilled artists who are more than capable of fulfilling any tattoo need. I currently focus on custom work now. I don’t do flash work too much anymore, but I do have guys here that cant take care of any flash work that needs to be done. PI: Has your shop ever tattooed any celebrities? RT: Its funny, we used to tattoo a lot of the headlining Porn Stars that used to dance down the road at Al’s Diamond Cabaret. We’ve done a lot of the local bands here. We’ve tattooed Throdl who was featured in your last issue. Those are cool guys. PI: Do you have any tattoo horror stories? RT: In this business, unfortunately for as many good artists there are, there are also plenty of bad ones. There are so many horror stories that walk through this door. Everything from people with names spelled wrong to just plain butcher jobs. PI: How about funny stories? RT: It depends on what you consider funny. I guess the funniest thing for me was when we had a guy pass out and then he shit himself. He then wakes up and thought he was all sweaty and I told him “no dude, you shit yourself”. So he then asks his friends to go and get him clean clothes and they left and never came back. He had to finish getting his tattoo with pants full of crap.

PI: What makes the Reading Tattoo Co. stand out? RT: We are, at this point, the longest running studio in the city. There are no other studios here in the city of Reading that have been here longer. I would also say because I’m still here. A lot of other studios change owners or artists, but I have staff that has been here a long time. I do have some newer guys as well, but I also have guys like Reuben who have been here for 10 years. We are like family here. PI: are there any upcoming tattoo events or conventions that you’re involved in? RT: Yes, we do promote the Forged In Ink convention. We’ve skipped it the last 2 years, but its coming back in 2011 bigger and better. We will be holding it in the Crowne Plaza in Reading. It’s an all weekend events that runs from Thursday thru Sunday and we bring in top-notch artists from all over the Country. We have bands, contests, sideshow acts, and more. Its just a full weekend of tattooing, music, and fun. PI: Do you have any personal hobbies? RT: Yea, I do amateur Muay-Thai kickboxing for a hobby. That’s what keeps me busy when I’m not at work. I work, workout, and fight. PI: Thanks Tracy for sitting down with us. RT: thank you guys, you guys are doing an awesome thing.

Reading Tattoo Company

On Saturday, May 15th we headed out to the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds for the 8th Annual Jalopy Showdown. Latimore is located between Carlisle and York and is easily accessible throughout Central Pa. It took us a little over an hour to get there and the drive was a breeze. The Jalopy Showdown is a 3 day event with the races taking place on Saturday. Camping is free which is really cool for those looking to spend the weekend. It was just a day trip for us, so we didn’t get to experience that. The Latimore Fairgrounds are very big and there is plenty of room for everyone. We showed up around 12:30 and the place was packed. I can’t give you an accurate amount, but from what I heard about 10,000 visit the event over the weekend. The place is packed with all kinds of cars. You’ve got every type of hotrod, rat rod, and even some “Frankenstein” creations. There are also lots of old style motorcycles and bicycles. There were lots of bands scheduled for the weekend. We walked in on Diamondhead and really liked their rockabilly style and sound. If you’re looking for that rare or hard to find part, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it at the Showdown. Lots of vendors set up for swaps and sales. You can find everything from hood and emblems, to transmissions and even whole cars. Both of my sons came to the event and they had a great time. They loved seeing the cars race up the dirt track and they were amazed by all the different types of cars. They loved it when they ran through the mud puddle.

In summary the 8th annual Jalopy Showdown was a huge success and a good time for all. You definitely want to be at next year’s event. For more information please check out their website or contact their promoter. Cyanide and Happiness Toon of the Week

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Every once and a while everything comes together. I just recently had the pleasure of witnessing such an act. I got to experience what can only be described as Halestorm. Back recently from a tour overseas with Theory of a Dead Man and coming off an awesome year since their record has been released. This modern day Partridge family exemplifies how to build a successful career in the music industry. Being a native of their hometown, I have had the pleasure of seeing them over the years. The progression is amazing. Just to think that Lzzy wrote such a beautiful song as “Rose in December” at such a young age was a clear sign of things to come. Don’t get it twisted, they have only been mainstream for a short while, but have been booking hundreds of shows a year before they became a band that everyone falls in love with. Now, if you’ve never been to a Halestorm show, your life should feel incomplete. The group has come a Long way since the keytar and rotating drum kit days. They have grown into an experience that fills even the largest festival venue. First off, Arejay (drums) is an animal. He recently got his just do in a recent article in Modern Drummer. You definitely won’t find him hiding behind his kit. Joe (guitar) is technically sound every time I see these guys. I have a feeling he could probably play anything you asked him to and play it flawlessly. Joe was a brilliant choice when he was added to the line up. Lzzy (Lead Vocals/guitar) described in one word would be genius. Her writing habits even at a young age were phenomenal. Now that she’s all grown up, with a voice that can give goose bumps the chills, her sheer talent and artistry rival the very best of the business. She can tell a story like no one else. Lzzy has also been an inspiration and healing force for so many fans that have turned to Halestorm’s music and her lyrics for support. She truly is in a league of her own. Last but certainly not least is Josh (bass). Everything just seems to come naturally to him. His mellow on stage persona is a perfect compliment to everyone else’s performance in the group. Seemingly the most under-rated instrument in most bands, Josh never ceases to amaze me. Every time I have seen him, he has gotten better and better. He is clearly not a shadow in this brightly lit cluster of stars. The entire night at this event was being filmed for the Halestorm tour DVD. As impossible as it sounds, everyone seemed to be bringing even a little bit more enthusiasm on this evening. All the Haleraiser and Stormchaser fans were eating it up as always. Which leads me to another big part of their success, Fan interaction. Other than putting on a killer live show, they also make plenty of time to keep in touch with their fans. They always have something special going on for their fans. Whether it’s searching for Lzzy’s pick at each venue or entering a contest to sing on stage with them; they are Always looking to get their fans involved whenever they can. They recently set up a chat room for everyone to go and converse in a fun, free flowing environment. Everyone associated with the band is a close, tight nit family. The band members, techs and even their merch queen all frequent the chat and are very active.

I think that more artists should sit back and take a look at how Halestorm has been able to float to the top, in a sea drowning artists. One, they have a great mom and dad helping to run the show at ground zero. Two, they have four extremely talented artists projecting Lzzy’s music and lyrical genius into the hearts and homes of people all over the world. Three, they have a substantial web presence. Their web crew is second to none. You can also find them on their personal twitter accounts always interacting with their fans. Now, there’s even a chat room that all the diehards can hang out in. Four, they put on a Killer live performance that could give anyone a run for their money. Feeding off their addicts and engulfing any venue with the fire that is Halestorm. Fan interaction is a MUST. Finally five; their attitudes are amazing. Nicest people you’ll ever meet. Even all the behind the scenes people are great. Everyone is just genuine, down to earth with a crazy sense of humor. Watch some of their old videos and you’ll understand where I am coming from. I couldn’t be prouder to say that this is another great band that has spawned from my hometown. I look forward to watching their success for more years to come. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving group of individuals. Maybe one day I can be so honored as to do a more intimate look and behind the scenes documentary of this band. Until next time…. You can find their music at any major retailer, all upcoming tour dates are listed below as well. Make sure to catch them at Uproar this Summer. I know I will.

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We apologize if you found any of the jokes to be crude or offensive. We also apologize for you not having any sense of humor and for being so damn uptight. Jeez, they’re only jokes.

This guy wakes up out of a deep sleep and, feeling real horny, nudges his wife awake and asks, "Why don't we get it on, eh?" She replies, "I have an appointment at the gynecologist tomorrow and you know I don't like to make love the night before." So the husband agrees and rolled back over and started to go back to sleep. A few minutes later, he nudges his wife again and asks, "You don't by any chance have a dentist's appointment tomorrow, do you?" A blind man was walking down the street with his dog. They stopped at the corner to wait for the passing traffic. The dog, at this point, started pissing on the mans leg. As the dog finished the man reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a doggie treat and started waving it at the dog. A passerby saw all the events happening and was shocked. He approached the blind man and asked how he could possibly reward the dog for such a nasty deed. The blind man replied "Oh I'm not rewarding him, I'm just trying to find his head so I can kick his ass." A guy goes to a doctor and says, "Doc, you've got to help me. My penis is orange." Doctor pauses to think and asks the guy to drop his pants so he can check. Damned if the guy's penis isn't orange. Doc tells the guy, "This is very strange. Sometimes things like this are caused by a lot of stress in a person's life." Probing as to the causes of possible stress, the doc asks the guy, "How are things going at work?" The guy responds that he was fired about six weeks ago. The doctor tells him that this must be the cause of the stress. Guy responds, "No. The boss was a real asshole, I had to work 20-30 hours of overtime every week and I had no say in anything that was happening. I found a new job a couple of weeks ago where I can set my own hours, I'm getting paid double what I got on the old job and the boss is a really great guy." So the doc figures this isn't the reason. He asks the guy, "How's your home life?" The guy says, "Well, I got divorced about eight months ago." The doc figures that this has got to be the reason for all of the guys stress. Guy says, "No. For years, all I listened to was nag, nag, nag. God, am I glad to be rid of that old bitch." So the doc takes a few minutes to think a little longer. He inquires, "Do you have any hobbies or a social life?" The guy replies, "No, not really. Most nights I sit home, watch some porno flicks and munch on Cheetos." As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, "If I'm going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman." She removes all her clothing and asks, "Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?" A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, "Here, iron this!".

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