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Mar, 12, 2010

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Inside this Issue: Dreamland Park pulls double duty when we profile them and review their new CD. On Tour Interview w/ Brian Fair of Shadows Fall Plug’d In inside the Reading Tattoo Company

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Plug’d In with the Reading Tattoo Co. We got a chance to sit down with Tracy, the owner of Reading Tattoo Company, and we got Plug’d In on what’s happening in Reading, Pa’s most successful tattoo shop. From left to right: Mark, Rueben, Tracy (owner) PI: How long have you been in business and how did you get your start? RT: I’ve been in business 20 years and I got my start with an old man named Skip. He was one of the earliest shops in the city. I worked for him for about 8 years and eventually he sold the shop over to me and my business partner Brian Ulrich. The shop was originally called Skip’s Tattoo. PI: Are you affiliated with any other tattoo shops? RT: Yes, between my partner and me we have 3 other studios besides this one. We have The Pottstown Tattoo Co., The Norristown Tattoo Co., and Living Arts in New Hope. PI: What type of tattoo work do you offer? RT: We do everything from traditional and tribal, to new-school, color, black and grey. We have multiple skilled artists who are more than capable of fulfilling any tattoo need. I currently focus on custom work now. I don’t do flash work too much anymore, but I do have guys here that cant take care of any flash work that needs to be done. PI: Has your shop ever tattooed any celebrities? RT: Its funny, we used to tattoo a lot of the headlining Porn Stars that used to dance down the road at Al’s Diamond Cabaret. We’ve done a lot of the local bands here. We’ve tattooed Throdl who was featured in your last issue. Those are cool guys. PI: Do you have any tattoo horror stories? RT: In this business, unfortunately for as many good artists there are, there are also plenty of bad ones. There are so many horror stories that walk through this door. Everything from people with names spelled wrong to just plain butcher jobs. PI: How about funny stories? RT: It depends on what you consider funny. I guess the funniest thing for me was we had a guy pass out and then he shit himself. He then wakes up and thought he was all sweaty and I told “no dude, you shit yourself”. So he then asks his friend to go and get him clean clothes and they left and never came back. He had to finish getting his tattoo with pant full of crap.

PI: What makes the Reading Tattoo Co. stand out? RT: We are, at this point, the longest running studio in the city. There are no studios here in the city of Reading that have been here longer. I would also say because I’m still here. A lot of other studios change owners or artists, but I have staff that has been here a long time. I do have some newer guys as well, but I also have guys like Reuben who have been here for 10 years. We are like family here. PI: are there any upcoming tattoo events or conventions that you’re involved in? RT: Yes, we do promote the Forged In Ink convention. We’ve skipped it the last 2 years, but its coming back in 2011 bigger and better. We will be holding it in the Crowne Plaza in Reading. It’s an all weekend events that runs from Thursday thru Sunday and we bring in top-notch artists from all over the Country. We have bands, contests, sideshow acts, and more. Its just a full weekend of tattooing, music, and fun. PI: Do you have any personal hobbies? RT: Yea, I do amateur Muay-Thai kickboxing for a hobby. That’s what keeps me busy when I’m not at work. I work, workout, and fight. PI: Thanks Tracy for sitting down with us. RT: thank you guys, you guys are doing an awesome thing. (Editors Note) We also got a chance to talk to tattoo artists Rueben and Mark and their interviews will be featured in an upcoming issue.

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Plug’d In Band of the Week

You’ve got to see these play kids live! Plug’d In has been a fan of Dreamland Park ever since they we known as The Last Tempest. Line-Up changes and a new musical direction gave way to Dreamland Park. One thing hasn't changed though, and that’s their impressive live show. Dreamland park has shared the stage with a slew of Local bands and have opened up for some impressive National acts like Malevolent Creation, Winds of Plague, and Bury your Dead. This has given them the chance to feel comfortable on the stage and display their unique chemistry as a band.

Upcoming Dreamland Park Shows: Mar, 19 @ the Silo w/ Broken Silence, Oh Rabbit, & Dead by Wednesday Mar, 26 @ the Silo w/ No Remorse for the Fallen, & Set the Siege Apr, 17 @ the Roller Roost 2 w/ Days of Waste, & more T.B.A. You can now read Plug’d In online @

Profile Following the departure of two hardcore bands in Reading, PA, Dreamland Park (formerly The Last Tempest) was molded from five boys who wished to take their love for music to the next level, maturing it to a sound created by only the most passionate of adults. Greatly inspired by a heavy style known so well around the world and the environment provided by the Pennsylvania local scene, Ian McKinney, Zach Sauer, Cody Frain, Tyler Skelding, and Tim Burkhart build their music from searching deep within their everyday lives and reaching out to the support of their fans. Bringing floating melodic riffs to the depths of rhythmic breakdowns, Dreamland Park (formerly The Last Tempest) does their best to convey the joys and struggles of life onto a music staff, connecting to people rather than just giving them something to listen to. Thank you to all of the people who come to the shows to support our music, or even bang your head to one of our songs on your computer at home, we appreciate every bit of support, and we hope we are doing our job of fulfilling your musical needs.


our own way home 2009) Self-released

Plug’d In Vol. 1 Coming soon! We are releasing a compilation CD in an upcoming issue. This CD will be distributed throughout Central Pa, online, @ Live shows, and will be submitted to Music Labels. Bands that are interested in appearing on this compilation please contact:

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March 22nd @ the Croc Rock

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Al’s Diamond Girl of the Week Name: Tali De' Mar Location/Hometown: Lititz, PA Age: 25 Measurements: 36D-25-36 Interests: Burlesque, Modeling, Designing Costumes Things you look for in a Guy: Tattoos, Tall, Sense of humor, Honesty. Goals: To many to list. Best thing about working @ Als: THE MONEY !!

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These People Got Plug’d In

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Plug’d In’s Certified Blast From the Past

Master of Puppets 1 Battery 2.Master of Puppets 3.The Thing That Should Not Be 4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5.Disposable Heroes 6.Leper Messiah 7.Orion 8.Damage, Inc.

Metallica’s Master of puppets, released in 1986, is considered by many to be one of the best metal albums of all time. Its has sold over 6 million copies in the U.S. alone. In 1986 it reached #29 on billboard with out any radio airplay or the release of a single or video. We love it for its crushing metal riffs and thunderous chants. What do you remember listening to? Hit us up with your favorites! To Advertise with Plug’d In Please Call 610-468-8808 Or email us @

On Tour w/ Brian Fair of Shadows Fall PI: Brian, how has the tour been going so far? BF: It’s been amazing and most shows have been sold out. We have been joined @ the hip with Five Finger Death Punch for a while now. PI: What your favorite city you’ve played so far? BF: Worcester Ma, which is our hometown so that’s always a blast. The Atlanta show @ the Masquerade was fucking amazing! New Orleans was amazing too cause it was a week before the super bowl.

Brian Fair/Vocalist Shadows Fall

PI: What is your favorite city altogether to play? BF: I love London and I love Osaka, Japan. The best bar on Earth is the Rock Rock bar! PI: Brian, How did it feel to be a Grammy Nominee for Best Metal performance in 2006 for “What drives the week” and in 2008 for “Redemption”? BF: It was amazing! When we started the band getting nominated for a Grammy was the last thing on our checklist. It was an honor and great to see that the Industry is nominating “real” metal bands, instead of just bands on commercial radio or mainstream success. They’re nominating bands like King Diamond, As I lay Dying, us, and others. Slayer, Judas Priest, and Slipknot all won recently so they’re giving it to real metal bands. No more Jethro Toll. Plus you get to go to the parties and see people like Gwen Stephani walk around and shit. PI: Did you guys go to the Grammy’s? BF: We went to everything, it was out of hand! PI: How has the response to the last album (Retribution) been? BF: It’s been great. Retribution has been doing really well. The new songs have been going over great live, which is the ultimate test! Record sales don’t really reflect how many people have it these days because so many people get it for free from downloads and such. To see the response live is really what gauges it. Its been going over amazingly well. Its killer! PI: Are you guys working on any new material? BF: Not really, we are in full tour mode right now. We are working on getting the live show nice and tight, but we always have little ideas floating around. We do record riffs on the bus and shit like that.

PI: How does your progress come along? Do you play a part in the song writing? BF: I do a lot with arrangement. We work together a lot more like on the last album. Before, we just used to send a CD back and forth. I get a lot into vocal lines and lyrics when it gets time to final recordings. Usually the vibe of the song inspires what its going to be about. If it’s brutal, the lyrics have to reflect that. If it’s epic and crazy, then it’s got to be on some serious story-telling shit.

PI: What upcoming tours after this one do you guys have? BF: We are going to be doing a big head-lining run with Goat Whore, Bison B.C., and Baptized in Blood. After that we have a few European festivals and then it’s on to Mayhem this summer! Mayhem is sick! We will be back with our boys in Lamb of God, Hatebreed, and Chimaira. We will be with Rob Zombie, Korn, and we will be back with Five Finger Death Punch! PI: What direction do you see your music going in? BF: We just always want to balance all of our influences. We always want to have the brutal, aggressive stuff and mix it with the melodies and push our boundaries playing wise. We always want to step up our game playing-wise and performance-wise! We try to bring in everything we do and make it more cohesive. PI: What influences did you have growing up? BF: I grew up on a lot of old-school metal like Iron maiden and Judas Priest. I loved the thrash era of Death Angel, Testament, and Metallica. I grew up going to hardcore shows when I was 13. I used to go see Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, and all that shit. Boston was such a great scene in the early 90’s. PI: Thanks for taking the time to stop by and talk to Plug’d In. BF: thanks to you guys and keep kicking ass!

Shadows Fall Contact Info:

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Top 10 Hard Rock Albums on 1) Breaking Benjamin-Dear Agony 2) Nickelback-Dark Horse 3)Them Crooked Vultures-Self Titled 4) Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe 2 5) High On Fire-Snakes For the Divine 6) Shinedown-The Sound Of Madness 7) Alice in Chains-Black Gives Way to Blue 8) Five Finger Death Punch-War Is The Answer 9) Three Days Grace-Life Starts Now 10) Flyleaf-Memento Mori

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Let me guess, you picked out yet another colorful box with a crank that I'm expected to turn and turn until OOP! big shock, a jack pops out and you laugh and the kids laugh and the dog laughs and I die a little inside Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but you're a total bitch Oh yea, I read Plug’d In. If you haven’t then you’re an ass. Cyanide and Happiness Toon of the Week

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Issue 2 final  

The Hard-Rock'n Bi-Weekly Magazine Our Sponsors can kick your Sponsors Ass! On Tour Interview w/ Brian Fair of Shadows Fall But you thought...