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Issue 154 10/1/2010


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Issue 154


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elcome to the 154rd Issue of Afro/Latino Bi -Weekly Magazine. Here you will find your source for Entertainment, Local Business, and other areas of interest in the Reading, Harrisburg, Lebanon Lancaster Pa area. Afro/Latino welcomes all your Advertising needs. We offer custom Advertising and Graphic work. We offer product placement and helpful ideas to make your business grow. Utilizing our Extensive Network of Websites, Print Publication, Promotional Tools and Events is a great way to increase your exposure and drive traffic to your business.

Afro/Latino is also a great way to make all of your Personal Announcements such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, Weddings, Birth Announcements and much more! We are much more than an Advertising Magazine. We publish helpful and knowledgeable information to empower our communities. So, when it comes to making the choice for your Advertising...Stick with the Magazine that is in your Community and about your Community

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Wanda Jackson Harrisburg Coordinator

Jillian SineadAlgarin Youth Outreach Reporter

Lynn Travillion Reyes Internet Researcher

“To see what’s in front of ones face requires a constant struggle”

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Just Jokes A Jewish man walks into a bar and sits down. He has a few drinks, then he sees a Chinese man and punches him in the face. “Owch!” the Chinese man says. “What was that for?” “That was for Pearl Harbor,” the Jewish man says. “But I’m Chinese!” “Chinese, Japanese, what’s the difference?” And the Jewish man sits back down. Then, the Chinese man walks up to the Jewish man and punches “Ouch!” the Jewish man says. “What was that for?” “That was for the Titanic,” the Chinese man says. “But that was an iceberg!” “Ice berg, Goldberg, what’s the difference?” Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 01 Yo mama’s so dirty she has to creep up on the bath water. Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 02 Yo mama’s so dirty she lost 2 stone after taking a shower Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 03 Yo mama’s so dirty that even the Swamp Thing insisted she showered. Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 04 Yo mama’s so dirty that her house is so dirty I gotta wipe my feet before I go back outside. Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 05 Yo mama’s so dirty that Saddam Hussain tried to import her bath water to use as chemical weapons. Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 06 Yo mama’s so dirty that standin next to a tramp, she make the tramp look like a butler. Yo Mama’s So Dirty Joke 07 Yo mama’s so dirty, the U.S. Army wants to use her bath water as a biological weapon. Yo momma so fat that she puts on lip stick wif a paint roller

You Know You Are a Mexican When...

        

You share the same social security number with all your amigos Your last name is Gonzalez-Rodriguez-Jesus You smell like BO all the time You don't know what BO is You have at least thirty cousins You can't imagine anyone not liking spicy food There is at least one member in your family name Maria, Guadalupe, Juan, Jose, or Jesus You run and hide when you see the border patrol You see a fence and want to hop over it Afro/Latino


Real Men Living with AIDS Living positive Hi I am 39 years old ,male, and have been positive for going on ten years, my story pretty much involves warnings to all walks of life, who dont think it could happen to them.... u the handsome one with no regrets, or you the insecure one that thinks if you dont give it up, no one will love you, or the sexually active one that just puts on a condom at all times... the cycle goes around and around till it reaches you. im talking about men sleeping with other men who sleep with other men who are hiv positive, and the irresponsible ones who just forgot in the heat of passion to put a condom story is somewhere in the mix... but you have to do this....respect your one else will. Raise your standards, Raise your values, and above all raise awareness.. Fortutantly for me i am still healthy, my immune system is still strong I thank God, and medicine, scientists, and Drs who monitor my Hiv status. Here is my story...i trusted a man‌ whom i had slept with, pushing condoms and wearing them was what i did, i didnt sleep around, i was careful, but i got involved for about 3 months, he was handsome, had a good job, treated me well, but as time went on I started questioning his where abouts, and his storys just did not make any sense to me, i would catch him in little white lies, but thought it was just innocent, as time went on i decided not to see him anymore because his actions in public were a bit to wierd for me, he would check out other men in front of me, and would litterally gawk at them up and down, but there raised a light bulb in my head that was it for me. WE are all humans..its only naturall to stare right?..but after i called it off he got a little violent on me...but at least i moved on...a few months past and one of his friends called me and told me i deserved to know the truth about him...well as luck would have it He was HIV positive.. and he just happened to forget that small detail about himself..even though i had asked him for labs on his hiv tests...Its the logical think to do...Since he was a nurse he said he had them and would show them to me soon... I found out he was a pathological liar, lied about his career, lied about pretty much everything, i introduced him to my family and my mother!! I trusted him.... needless to say i got tested and tested Positive... This did screw me up pathological liar but it took me years to Put myself back together..dont get me wrong it takes time to heal your spirit, your soul and your trust in people.But i did and What it boils down that this is my fault..I made that choice that one choice to not wear a condom..that is the choice i have to live with for the rest of my life...Hiv does not control my life...i control it...I have to live as healthy as possible i bike ride,exercise occasionally, and i take my one pill every night...Please if you are positive Take your pills everyday...That i the number one rule to surviving this son of a Bitch virus... i leave this with you.... laugh...other people with other illnesses arent so lucky..Be strong and be tough..take the bull by the horns and beat the bitch!! I think i will be ok..and so will you...Life is not over...its just the beginning of another chapter in your the Way i have a partner and we are celebrating our eleven anniversary...i couldnt be happier... Good luck to all of you..and remember ...just breath..youll be ok.

Anon I have been HIV pos for 5yrs now and it has not been easy but im making it though prayer and GOD. When i found out i was so angry at myself how could i have did this to myself and my wife and family. I didn't know how i was going to tell her this but i know i have to,the first thing came to mind she's going to leave but i know i had to do the right thing and tell her so i did. She look at me and burst into tears and I told her everthing, that i was having sex uprotected at sex parties and that i thought that i was fine and could get anybody do anything and STDs and HIV couldn't touch me. The one thing that keep me was my wife unconditional love for she didn't left me, it wasn't easy but she still with me and i love her for that. I hope my story help someone when you have sex with people you don't know anything about think twice cause your life you save will be your self put on a condom Afro/Latino


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The Hair Rooms

Lil Kim Enters Beauty Business With New Salon Extending Her Brand Hip-hop blogger Necole

Lil Kim has done a

Bitchie has a great story on her site about Lil Kim entering the beauty business. The self-proclaimed queen bee of rap has opened a salon with her cousin that promises to keep getting pretty affordable for the masses. The details:

great job of staying on the radar though, and has not fallen into complete irrelevance, as often happens to rappers as soon as that luster from their first hit starts to fade. Unlike other more financially successful artists like Queen Latifah and Common, Lil Kim never attempted to parlay her household name into diverse business endeavors, which always seemed strange to me. Hip-hop artists, more than any other group of celebrities, are usually known for fearlessly branching out into a dizzying array of business ventures to keep the checks coming even when their music royalties die down. But despite being well known and connected to some of the biggest hip-hop names, Kim never did the same -- until now.

On Saturday, Lil Kim, her cousin Katrise Jones and Meagan Good gathered in Charlotte for the grand opening of new Salon Se Swa By Queen Bee. The Salon is owned by Lil Kim and her cousin Katrise and they plan to open one in Atlanta soon. The prices are suppose to be affordable with $10 wash and sets, $10 haircuts, & $35 and up perms. See great exclusive pictures of Lil Kim's salon opening on Now, I have to admit, I am happy for Lil Kim. My friends and I have adored her ever since her first album, 'Hard Core,' re-established the female emcee as an important creator of entertainment for popular audiences. But, since those glory days in the '90s, Lil Kim has never been able to recapture that high point as a mainstream media darling.



Some might question Lil Kim's taste in terms of style. Plastic surgery may have made a dent in her natural beauty. Others might wonder what business preparation Kim did in order to plan the opening of her salon, and insure that it runs profitably. Perhaps her business partner and cousin is taking care of the details. While there is no way to know how prepared Lil Kim is, it is still great to see her finally taking her financial security into her own hands by creating a business of her own. Ironically, her well-known if controversial sense of style is the perfect hook to get customers interested in a beauty endeavor. It might have taken Lil Kim over 15 years to parlay her name into something of her own, but perhaps she is finally confident enough in her brand to go for financial independence. I hope she is successful.

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Obama Courts Latinos SAN DIEGO, CA -- Obama announced a tax credit to help small businesses provide health care, adopting an idea that was part of his former rival Hillary Clinton's health-care proposals. "Today, I'm announcing a new aspect of my plan to provide real relief for small business owners who are crushed by rising costs, an idea that by the way was championed by my friend Hillary Clinton, who's been leading the way in our battle to insure every American," he said to applause during his speech Sunday to the National Council of La Raza. Obama said his plan would make it easier for employers to provide health benefits rather than harder for them as McCain's would do. "My plan won't impose any new burdens on small businesses," he said. "Instead, we'll help them not just create new jobs, but good jobs -- jobs with health care; jobs that stay right here in America; the kind of jobs we need in our communities." The Small Business Health Tax Credit would provide a refundable credit of up to 50% on premiums paid by small businesses on behalf of their employees, but businesses would only be eligible for the credit if they "offer a quality health plan to all of their employees, and cover a meaningful share of the cost of employee health premiums" and it would be phased out for small firms with high-income employees, said a policy paper released by his campaign. Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said Obama and the New York senator were "fully united" around the goal of ensuring affordable quality health coverage for all Americans. "She's gratified that he is adding a proposal similar to hers for tax credits for small businesses," Elleithee said in an email. "She's long said that it is an important tool in empowering small businesses to make a voluntary choice to provide health insurance for their employees to keep them productive and their businesses competitive. Sen. Clinton believes that the inclusion of such a measure makes Sen. Obama's health plan even stronger than it was before, and she salutes him for doing so." Health care was a key part of Clinton's platform, and Obama's decision to adopt one of her proposals is part of a larger effort to help unite his supporters and hers as he fights to win the presidency. Obama said McCain's answer to the health-care crisis amounted to voting against expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program and proposing what he called a "radical plan that would shred our current system of employer-based health care and tax individual workers for their health benefits for the first time in history. A plan that would be financed by a $3.6 trillion tax increase on the middle class -- an increase of more than $1,000 for the typical family." As he has argued before, the senator said many Americans could lose their health care under McCain's plan and pay more in taxes for the health care they receive. Obama's plan would cost an estimated about $6 billion a year. He would pay for it by creating "a pathway for generic biologic drugs, which will increase market competition and lower federal spending on prescription drugs accounting for a growing share of the overall drug market," according to the policy paper. The McCain campaign released a statement in response to Obama's criticism of the Arizona senator. "Barack Obama's health-care plan has a devastating impact on job creating small businesses and this is an obvious and crude effort to spackle together a quick political fix – but it lacks specifics, lacks funding and he lacks credibility," said spokesman Tucker Bounds. "How can anyone honestly believe that Barack Obama will stick to his latest health-care proposal, when today he tried to abandon his last one, and showed once again that his policies are just words?" Obama's speech to the La Raza convention was much like the one he gave to LULAC last week and to NALEO last month. He talked about his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform and about the importance of the Latino vote. "Make no mistake about it: The Latino community holds this election in its hands. You hold this election in your hands," he said, noting the large Latino populations in crucial states like Florida, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. Obama said he was not taking a single Latino vote for granted and that he had a nationwide Hispanic media strategy, was holding Latino voter registration drives across the country, and was meeting with Latino leaders and asking for input on his policy proposals from Latino organizations

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones



Luv Coach Q&A: Pass the Sex, Please by Rebecca Brody

I am a middle-aged woman in an 18-year marriage that is seriously lacking in sexual intimacy and romance. My husband stated that whenever he is stressed or has a problem that he's trying to work out, he doesn't want to burden me about it. He relieves his stress by going to the gym. I have no problem with this. I have a problem with having sex only one to two times a month, if that. Whenever I confront him about doing something about it, like taking a sexual enhancement supplement or seeking counseling, he gets an attitude. This is telling me that he doesn't care about my needs and I wonder if staying in this marriage is doing more harm than good. We have a teenage son. This issue has come up so many times that I am ready to seek a divorce.

1. Boost his sexual ego. Since he works out then he must be looking good and you need to acknowledge how good he looks. When he comes back from the gym, react to his body. Stare at his arms, chest, abs, and tell him "Wow, baby you look amazing. Your arms are huge!" Compliment the work he has been putting into his body and tell him he looks incredibly sexy. Tell him his body is blowing you away. It's time to celebrate his manliness and share it with him. This will boost his ego and make him feel like he is capaMarie It is incredibly frustrating when your emo- ble. tional needs are not being met, especially if you feel that your husband is unwilling to 2. Creating a sexual mood is all about setting the stage. address it. His lack of desire may make you feel that you are not attractive and the Institute a date night (or day) once host of negative thoughts that build up in a week, in which the two of you have to do something fun together. your mind can become overwhelming. Likewise, his inability to face this issue tells During this time you must focus on you that he may be dealing with a lack of being present with each other, and leave the stress of daily life behind. emotional and sexual self esteem. Since you have approached him numerous times Your first date, I want you to do an to talk about it to no avail, then it's time to exercise in which you both say 3 find a new approach. It is too easy to allow things that you appreciate most life and its daily stresses to get in the way about each other. This is a date, so get dressed to impress, pick a nice of connection and contact with each other. You have to work to boost his sex- spot to have dinner, get tickets to a ual ego, create a sexual mood and build up show, go to a museum, take a hike through the woods together. It's the sexual tension necessary to rekindle you're alone time as a couple so your sexual flame. What does this all you can reconnect. mean? Afro/Latino


3. Building the sexual tension requires that you give and take. Think about the things that make you feel sensual -- a massage, taking a bath together, long deep kisses. If you are tense, ask your husband to give you a massage in bed. If he looks stressed or tired, tell him to lay down and give him a massage. Include some long deep kisses into your daily routine. Whether you have a few stolen moments in an elevator or when you pass each other in the house, stop to kiss him and before you move on let your eyes linger on his. Sexual tension comes from connecting in the moment, and the more eye contact you make, the more connected you will be. A great exercise you can do is to share your sexual fantasy with him. Tell him about a fantasy that turned you on and then ask him about his fantasies. Think about the things that get you both in the mood. Does he respond to sexy lingerie; are you interested in trying new positions' do either of you want to introduce toys into the bedroom? It's about keeping it fresh and fun, so create a judgment free space so you both can explore new heights of sensuality. Before you decide to walk away from this marriage, you want to exhaust every choice and resource available to you. Breathe out the frustration and refocus on creating a sexually charged home by shifting the atmosphere and setting the mood

Get Fresh Faced for the Fall As the summer winds down, cool days of Fall are fast approaching. This fall, less is definitely more. This season you should focus on your best features and play them up while keeping the rest of your makeup basic, subtle and gorgeous. Here are some tips to looking your best in the upcoming months. Follow along and find your best feature. LIPS If your lips are your ticket, then find a shade that speaks to you. Plums are gorgeous, pinks are lively and reds are always a show stopper. If you decide to accentuate the lips, be very minimal with the eyes. A skin-tone shadow and mascara is just enough. Move towards satin lipsticks and away from shimmery glosses. Your lips should appear moisturized but bold. EYES Smokey eyes are always. If your eyes are your strength, work with earthy. Copper, bronze, brown, chocolate and forest green with hints of gold work great. Try matte shades as opposed to the summer shimmers. Shimmers should only be used in the inner corners of the eye to create an illusion of a rested, open eye. FACE For the face, try to use less blush and more natural colors to highlight and contour. Stick with earth tones for the hollows of your cheeks. Bring out those cheekbones and keep even looking skin all around with foundation and powder. Keep the warmth but lose the summer glow. This fall it's all about stark, minimal, natural beauty

Haircuts $12.00 Head $10.00 Kids 0-12 $15.00 Head & Face $7.00 Shape up Head $10.00 Shape up Head & Face Hours Sunday: 10am-5pm Mon-Wed: 9am-6pm Thurs-Sat: 8am-7pm Afro/Latino


Afro/Latino Magazine as a part of the community we are obligated to inform, encourage, motivate, empower and educate our citizens on the facts and de de--myth any and all misleading, negative, untrue and fraudulent information floating in our neighborhoods that are meant to disenfranchise our people..

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated every year in the United States from September 15 to October 15. One's heritage is the customs and traditions that are handed down from generation to generation through their families. A person with Latino heritage means that they are descendants of a family from Mexico, the Carribean, Central America, and South America. The term Hispanic means people who come from a country where Spanish is spoken. Harder - Because of their Latin American origins, Hispanic Americans are also called Latinos. Within this soon to be largest group of minorities in the United States, there are people of many different national and ethnic origins. They are not from one nationality or one culture, but are from many different origins. Many Latino and Hispanic people in the United States would prefer that they simply be called Americans. Others identify themselves with their cultural or national background. The three largest groups of Latinos in the United States are Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Cuban Americans. Many Puerto Ricans also call themselves Boriqua. Members of subgroups sometimes use more specialized names. For example, some Mexican Americans call themselves Chicanos, and Puerto Ricans living in New York state often refer to themselves as Nuyoricans. . Many Latinos in the U.S. are descendants of Mexican people who lived in the Southwest when it was appropriated as spoils of war or purchased in a series of land sales. In many cases, their ancestors became Americans not by their own choice. Almost all other American Latinos or their ancestors migrated here from Latin America. As a group, Latinos represent a mixture of several ethnic backgrounds, including European, American Indian, and African

NO PART OF AFRO/LATINO Magazine may be reproduced without the express written permission from the Publisher. AFRO/LATINO Magazine is a Registered Trade Mark. Thank you. Earl Lucas

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