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COMMUNIQUÉ Publication for Members of Central OEA/NEA

June 2012

Scott DiMauro, President

Grade My Rep By Russell Hughlock Coordinator of Communication & Organizing When the state legislature passed the budget (HB 153) in 2011, it didn’t just contain a list of draconian cuts to education or local government. It also contained a prescriptive mandate that all teachers be evaluated annually on the basis of growth in student test scores, including, for many teachers, “value-added data,” observations, and other measures. “We want this to be a process where, frankly, teachers can be helped because evaluation involves, definitely involves giving teachers a chance to improve” ~ Governor John Kasich. “In any given building, they know who the teachers are that are doing a great job and they know the teachers who maybe need some help. So all this does is help identify those individuals, learn from the best practices of the teachers who are doing well, and provide some assistance to the teachers who are struggling.” ~ Senate President Tom Niehaus.

At Join the Future, this got us thinking. What if we created a value-add evaluation tool for state legislators? What if we took measures that legislators were responsible for improving, such as the economy, employment, schools and crime, and measured them on their annual yearly progress - then gave them a grade? Well, we have done just that. We’re pleased and excited to announce the launch of This is the first attempt in Ohio to use objective statistical performance measures to grade Ohio’s legislators. It is based upon a similar value add methodology the General Assembly recently mandated to measure teachers. If a legislator supported HB153 we’re going

to create an evaluation grade based on that individual’s performance. Furthermore, just as the legislature anticipated educators having part of their evaluations based upon observation and parent/ student feedback, we’re also going to let visitors to give their state representatives a thumbs-up or down for the job they are doing.

We think it’s a small step toward a big goal: knowing which legislators are the most and least effective at helping their districts, so that citizens can keep and reward the best legislators, help the middling improve, and get the weakest out of office. Head on over to www. right now and start evaluating Ohio’s lawmakers for yourself, and when you’re done, be sure to tell all your colleagues, friends, and family to join in.

Action-Packed Assembly Chooses Leaders, Sets Course for Association Nearly two hundred teachers, education support professionals, retirees and guests gathered at Thomas Worthington High School on April 14 for the 41st annual Central OEA/NEA Representative Assembly. Delegates had a full agenda throughout the day as they elected leaders, paid tribute to exceptional members, and made important policy decisions for the coming year.


After a spirited monthslong campaign, delegates elected Adrienne Bowden (Pickerington EA) as the new Central Vice President for a three-year term. She will join newly re-elected President Scott DiMauro (Worthington EA) on Central’s officer team beginning September 1. Also elected to leadership positions were Mary Kennedy (Hilliard EA) and Mike Covey (Plain Local EA) as Central Area 5 representatives serving Franklin County, and Wil Vickery (Chillicothe EA) and Kevin Griffin (Dublin EA) as members of the OEA Board of Directors.

Diana Ball (AmandaClearcreek EA) lost her bid for re-election as Vice President but expressed appreciation to Central members afterward for the opportunity to serve in this role for the past three years. “As I serve you in a different role, I will continue the dedication and commitment to help OEA members in whatever capacity I can. To keep our association strong and help new leaders emerge is a passion we all need to embrace.” The Central Executive Board voted at its May meeting to appoint Diana to the OEA Board seat being vacated as a result of Ms. Bowden’s election.

Innovation Ohio, a prominent policy think tank formed in 2011, was honored as Central’s 2012 Friend of Education for its research and advocacy on education issues. On behalf of the Central Executive Board, President Scott DiMauro presented several Central members with awards honoring their service to the Association. Award winners included Carla Fultz (Pickerington EA), Jim Templeton (Northeastern Local EA), Dona Givens (Dublin EA), and Mary Giardina (Ohio State University). The Assembly also recognized departing Executive Board members Steve Colahan (Upper Arlington EA), Jeff Kraner (Fairfield Union EA), Rick Strater (Hilliard EA) and Pam Sturiano (Worthington ESP).

Throughout the day, the importance of supporting and strengthening local associations was repeated as a fundamental element of Central’s programs and services. It was fitting, therefore, that one of the day’s highlights was celebrating the successes of two of its most successful locals. Local presidents Juliet Litzel of Marysville and Joy Bock of GroveportMadison accepted “LEAD” (Leading Effective Association Development) awards on behalf of their members. Outstanding Local Grassroots Activist Awards were presented to Barbara Summers (Lancaster EA); Tim Rice and Amy Rodenmeyer (Reynoldsburg EA); and Mary Alice Backiewicz and Greg Mitchell (Westerville EA).

The Richard J Hensler Meritorious Award Winner, Carla Fultz from Pickerington EA, with President Scott DiMauro and Vice President Diana Ball.

COMMUNIQUÉ Volume 40, Number 6

June 2012

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June 2012

The delegates, representing members in all five of Central’s geographic areas, also took the following actions: • Approved a $640,500 budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year and moved $75,000 generated from the sale of its former office building to a new fund to assist locals facing crisis situations. • Voted to support the OEA proposal to organize charter school employees and to endorse a one-time statewide dues assessment to support the “Voters First” initiative to end partisan gerrymandering in the drawing

of legislative district boundaries.

SEUSS Member Donates 1,500 Books to Reach Out and Read/Rocking Horse Center By Janice Vaughn, OEA Director

• Endorsed Tim Myers for OEA Secretary-Treasurer, Robin Jeffries for an AtLarge seat on the OEA Board of Directors, and Jerry Oberhaus and Andre Taylor for NEA Director positions. All of Central’s endorsed candidates were subsequently elected. • Voted to make an early endorsement of Bill Leibensperger in the 2013 race for OEA President. • Collected over $3,500 for the OEA Fund for Children and Public Education.

Each of the 108 local associations that make up Central OEA/NEA is entitled to at least one delegate to the Representative Assembly, which is the highest policymaking body of the Association. The next Representative Assembly is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2013 at Worthington Kilbourne High School.

Ken Tilford with the 1,500 books he donated.

Ken Tilford (Springfield ESP-SEUSS) donated books in memory of his wife, Angel, a second grade teacher in Springfield City Schools. Because of her love of teaching, tremendous generosity, and love of Springfield, Ken wanted Angel’s collection of books to benefit area children. Angel’s collection of more than 1,500 books was donated to the Rocking Horse Center, a participant in the Reach Out and Read program. The 1,500 books donated to the Rocking Horse Center were among 48,000 books donated by members and students from 22 local associations to the Reach Out and Read program this year. Janice Vaughn (Springfield EA) coordinated the donation between SEUSS and the Rocking Horse Center. Ken and J. R. Herring, also a SEUSS member, delivered the books to the Center. Kim Bishop-Gnau of the Rocking Horse Center said, “The books could not have come at a better time, as the center’s shelves were nearly empty. Now, children who receive check-ups at the Center will be able to leave with a book.”

Stephen Dyer and Janetta King, President of Innovation Ohio, accept the Friend of Education Award from Central President Scott DiMauro and Vice President Diana Ball.

June 2012

Central OEA/NEA, through its local associations, has been a part of the Reach Out and Read program for the past seven years. Strengthening family literacy is the foundation of the Reach Out and Read Program.


Highlights of the OEA Representative Assembly By Tim Skamfer, OEA Director


Delegates adopted the policy following a report of the OEA Charter School Task Force. The report noted that Ohio’s 350 charter The Ohio Education Associa- schools received $715 million in state public funding in tion held its spring Representative Assembly on May the 2009-2010 school year. 11-12 at Veterans Memorial All Ohio charter schools are publicly funded and all must Auditorium with 1044 delbe sponsored by non-profit egates in attendance. entities. However, some are managed by for-profit corSenator Sherrod Brown porations. The new policy addressed the enthusiastic gives OEA the opportunity delegates on Friday mornto possibly recoup members ing. He reminded everyone who have lost their jobs due how critical the upcoming to reductions in force, and November election is and how educators must follow who may now be working in charter schools. through and elect friends of public education and not Following considerable politicians who wish to do debate, as well as a presenus harm by defunding and tation by OSU law professor dismantling public educaDan Tokaji, the delegates tion through the creation of also voted by a strong mavoucher programs and by jority to approve a one-time expanding ineffective chardues assessment of $22 per ter schools. active educator member and $11 per active education During the Representative support member to support Assembly, delegates took an enormous step and voted the Voters First initiative to launch a new effort to recruit employees of Ohio charter schools as members of the OEA. In part, the new policy says: “All employees have the right to be organized; therefore, the OEA shall organize and represent education professionals in non-traditional institutions and settings, such as in community schools [Ohio law calls charter schools community schools], both publicly and privately operated.”

that would amend the Ohio Constitution on redistricting and reapportionment. What is redistricting and reapportionment? Simply stated, this is the process by which Ohio’s Senate, House, and Congressional districts are drawn — every ten years — following each new census. What is wrong with how these lines are currently drawn? Whatever politicians are in power following each new census are the ones to determine the new boundaries of the new districts. Basically the process has been “to the victors belong the spoils.” The current anti-public education legislators are the most recent politicians to re-draw Ohio’s districts – and greatly to their favor – to the point that they may hold their current seats during reelection with little or no competition.

Can these anti-public education legislators be stopped? An organization called Voters First has been established in an attempt to change the way redistricting happens in Ohio. It is led by a coalition of nonpartisan groups and people from across Ohio. It was created to take the power over drawing our congressional and legislative districts out of the hands of the politicians and put it in the hands of the people. The Voters First proposal would create an Independent Citizens Commission. Politicians, lobbyists and political insiders are prohibited from serving on the commission. The Commission’s work will be open and it will be accountable to the public. The Commission will empower voters to choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters. Please visit for much more information.


Outstanding Local Association Grassroots Activist Award winners Tim Rice (Reynoldsburg EA), Amy Rodenmayer (Reynoldsburg EA), and Mary Alice Backiewicz (Westerville EA) with Vice President Diana Ball and President Scott DiMauro. Not pictured, Greg Mitchell (Westerville EA) and Barbara Summers (Lancaster EA)

June 2012

Reynoldsburg Education Association Building An Effective Local By David Schottner, President Reynoldsburg Education Association REA has a 94% membership rate, but continues to realize the importance of strong membership recruitment and involvement. Facing similar challenges as our fellow locals, including staff reductions and political challenges, the Reynoldsburg Education Association is working hard to build an effective local through increased participation and communication. During the Senate Bill 5/ Issue 2 fight to retain our collective bargaining rights, Reynoldsburg EA found itself unable to use school e-mail to communicate about political issues. We collected 305 personal email addresses, 95% of our members, and use the personal e-mails along with our blog (http://raiderreaction., to communicate often with members.

Thanks to a grant we recently received from Central OEA/NEA, we are reviving our new teacher welcome lunch to recruit new members this fall. We are also restructuring our Teacher of the Year program to the REA Educator of the Month recognition, in which members will be able to recognize their peers for outstanding contributions in and out of the classroom. We will announce these wonderful accomplishments to our community by means of the local newspaper and our blog. Reynoldsburg EA also is focusing on leadership by recognizing the importance

of strong leaders including officers and building representatives. • We boast of the fact that all of our 14 buildings/academies have been represented at 10 of our 11 Executive Board meetings this school year. • We have recognized the talents and passions of several individuals, and are showcasing their abilities to improve our areas of need, including Human Relations, Elections, and Grievances. • Recognizing the power of networking, our officers are focusing on attending as many OEA and Central events as possible, including RAs, Area 5 meetings, leadership trainings and retreats, Local Presidents and Treasurers meetings, and the Fund for Children and Public Education events.

• We are also using our resources by inviting Central and OEA friends to attend future Executive Board meetings to assist us with our Fund for Children and Public Education fund drive and to train us to educate our members about how to use NEA Member Benefits to get the most out of their membership dues dollars. Reynoldsburg EA has had a busy year, including contract negotiations, a successful arbitration decision, all four officers beginning new roles, a pending MOU to revise our supplemental contract structure, several Race to the Top initiatives, and a Constitution and Bylaws revision recently approved by the OEA Board of Directors. We know that sticking together and believing in the power of strong unions, REA will continue to prosper and learn as professionals for years to come.


tral Representative Assembly President Scott DiMauro addresses delegates at the Central Representative Assembly in April

June 2012

Local Presidents Juliet Litzel (Marysville EA) and Joy Bock (Groveport-Madison Local EA) accept the Leading Effective Association Development (LEAD) Awards on behalf of their members.

Jim Templeton, Northeastern EA, was presented with the President’s Award at the Central RA

Central Ohio Regional Coordinating Counciland Central OEA/NEA Present

Building Dynamic Leadership Teams By Carla Fultz, President of Pickerington EA and Central Leadership Development Coordinator

Monday, July 23 - Tuesday, July 24, 2012 The Lodge and Conference Center at Deer Creek State Park


The Central OEA/NEA Leadership Development Committee would like to encourage local association leaders, bargaining team members, and Labor Relations Consultants to take this opportunity to build their leadership teams for 2012-13.

Leadership Development Coordinator Carla Fultz said, “Association leaders who attended last year’s conference gave positive feedback about the team planning time provided for in the schedule. We will offer that planning time and support again this year.”

Participants will engage in team-building activities, and will have time to develop their local association goals for the new school year. Locals will receive information outlining the current issues impacting collective bargaining, including legislative updates, the latest information on the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System and other education reform initiatives. Locals will also receive an analysis of their local general fund (GFA).

Registration is available on Central’s Web site for your entire team to register. The deadline for registration is June 30. All local associations who meet the registration deadline will be entered into a special drawing. We look forward to working with you this summer! Questions? Please contact Central Leadership Development Coordinator Carla Fultz at

Hotel Accommodations A block of rooms is being held at Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center for the July 23-24 Conference. The special rate for a double room is $109 per night. Individuals are encouraged to double-up for overnight accommodations. IMPORTANT You must make your own room reservations using your personal credit card. Central will REIMBURSE EACH INDIVIDUAL $50 FOR THE COST OF OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS FOR MONDAY JULY 23 ONLY. If you share the room, the individual cost of a room would be $4.50 plus ½ of the taxes. Those who do not room with another conference participant will be responsible for the full cost of the room minus the $50 reimbursement. To secure your room, call Deer Creek at 740-869-2020, and tell them you are with the Central OEA/NEA Conference that begins on Monday, July 23. The deadline for registration is June 30. All local associations that meet the registration deadline will be entered into a special drawing.

Carla Fultz addresses the participants at the Winter Leadership Conference in March.

In Case You Missed It If you’re not one of the thousands reading Join the Future, Central OEA/NEA’s public education social media network, here is a sample of just some of the popular articles you might have missed this spring: Tea Partiers Threaten Public Education Blind Eyes And Cruel Intentions - Parents *Still* Choose Public Schools Crisis And Recovery In Chardon - Merit Pay And The Candle Problem

June 2012

Central OEA/NEA Teams with LTC Financial Partners to Create an Opportunity for All Members and Their Families Central OEA/NEA, in cooperation with LTC Financial Partners, announces its own long-term care insurance program. Starting this summer, all members and their families will have the opportunity to purchase comprehensive long-term care insurance through Central. Many of our members are concerned about their financial security as they get older. Did you know that three out of four people who reach the age of 65 will need long-term care services at some point in their lives? With the average Ohio nursing home costing more than $75,000 per year, this is the single biggest financial risk an individual or family faces. Many may also want more information about a new state law which enables seniors to protect their assets against the Medicaid spend-down requirement.

It is to your advantage to purchase long-term care insurance through Central OEA/NEA. Central members and their families will be offered a discounted premium. Coverage includes at-home care, assisted living, adult day care, and nursing home services. In addition, there will be a special Central committee formed to monitor all policies purchased to make sure that all members and their families get the best service available. Long-term care insurance offers members the opportunity to maintain their dignity and freedom of choice while, at the same time, protecting financial independence. To get more information, please call our office or Jack Zweig, Partner, LTC Financial Partners at 614-361-5572 or e-mail jack.zweig@ltcfp. net., or visit http://www. b2b_CentralOEA/

2012 – 2013

Growth & Development Grants By Andre Prenoveau, Central Projects Manager Growth and Development Grants are awarded to locals that wish to improve the effectiveness of their local. Grants are reviewed by the Central Finance Committee and recommendations for the awards are made to the Executive Board.

Twelve local associations have been awarded over $18,000 in Growth and Development Grants for the 20122013 school year following the spring application period. A special congratulations goes to Canal Winchester EA, Heath SSA, and Reynoldsburg EA, first time Growth and Development Grant recipients, for making this initial effort to improve their association. Other locals receiving a grant were Amanda-Clearcreek EA, Columbus State EA, Dublin SSA, Fairbanks EA, Northwestern TA, Plain Local EA, Southeastern Local EA, Southeastern Local ESP, and Tolles EA. Growth and Development Grant activities for the 20112012 fiscal year addressed many of the characteristics of effective locals.

• Hamilton Local EA conducted monthly general membership meetings and a recognition dinner for member accomplishments and retirees.

• Ridgedale TA developed a contract trivia contest aimed at improving contract awareness.

• Delaware TA designed a two-tiered incentive program to improve association involvement.

• The goal of Washington EA’s pre-bargaining art work-

shop, for both association members and administration, was to improve communication between the groups. The next application period is from September 1, 2012 through October 19, 2012. More information is available on the Central OEA/NEA Web site (www.centraloeanea. org) or by contacting Andre Prenoveau, Central OEA/NEA Projects Manager ( Finance Committee members are Chairperson Sandra Duckworth (Westerville EA), Mary Binegar (Urbana ACT), Kevin Griffin (Dublin EA), David Jardot (Tolles EA), Tim Skamfer (Gahanna-Jefferson EA), Randy Turner (Delaware TA), and John Utsunomiya (Westerville ESSA).

June 2012




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Action-Packed Assembly Chooses Leaders, Sets Course for Association


SEUSS Member donates 1,500 Books to Reach Out and Read/Rocking Horse Center


Highlights of the OEA Representative Assembly


Reynoldsburg Education Association Building an Effective Local


Building Dynamic Leadership Teams


In Case You Missed It

7 Central OEA/NEA Teams with LTC Financial Partners to Create an Opportunity for All Members and Their Families 7

Growth and Development Grants

SEUSS Member Donates 1,500 Books to Reach Out & Read


July 23 -24, 2012

Building Dynamic Leadership Teams Training – Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center, 22300 State Park Road #20, Mt. Sterling, 43143

August 6-8

OEA Summer Leadership Academy, Hyatt Regency, Columbus

September 11

OEA Treasurers’ Workshop, OEA Headquarters – Local Treasurers, please hold this date. Additional information will be posted on Central’s Web site soon.

Reynoldsburg Education Association Building an Effective Local


Building Dynamic Leadership Teams

Central Teams with LTC Financial to Create Opportunity for Members



June 2012 Communique  

The Central OEA/NEA June 2012 Communique

June 2012 Communique  

The Central OEA/NEA June 2012 Communique