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Enrich OUR FAMILY OF Communities Waymon Armstrong CEO Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) Graduate, Leadership Orlando Class 80 Chair, Leadership Orlando Class 92

The Central Florida Region boasts the highest concentration of Modeling, Simulation and Training-related activities in the nation. To be effective, regional leaders must gain a keen understanding of the economic impact this industry cluster, and others like the Medical City, Aerospace, and Hospitality, brings to our region. Through relevant, focused instruction by top-notch faculty, Leadership Orlando participants discover innovative business sectors, gain access to the experts guiding these efforts, experience firsthand cutting-edge technology, and explore their business relationship to, and future advocacy of, Central Florida’s high-tech corridor. Ignite your leadership instincts!

Expand PERSONAL AND Professional Networks Yolanda LondoĂąo Vice President Global Social Responsibility Tupperware Brands Corporation Chair, Leadership Orlando Class 93

The ever-changing demographics and trends that are shaping the Central Florida Region reveal the important role of contemporary research and strategic prioritization. The approach that leaders take in turning uncharted, challenging situations into successful solutions is the result of analytical examination and fine-tuned problem-solving skills. Leadership Orlando focuses on Central Florida’s standing as a global competitor, as well as the potential advantages of coast-to-coast connectivity for Florida’s Super Region – from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast – in the areas of transportation, land use, workforce development, environmental sustainability and quality of life. Join in the journey!

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Michael D. Armbruster, Ed.D. Senior Executive Director, Career and Technical Education Orange Technical College | Orange County Public Schools Graduate, Leadership Orlando Class 90 Chair, Leadership Orlando Class 94

An important aspect of becoming a strong leader is having the courage, foresight and humility to realize what you don’t know, and take appropriate steps toward acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish your professional and personal goals. Participation in Leadership Orlando is an excellent first step in moving beyond the artificial boundaries that may have stalled your progress in the past and transforming from student to teacher on the issues so important to our collective future success. Lifelong learning enhances our talent pipeline!

Explore REGIONAL Issues AND Assets Reginald B. Riley, Ph.D. Community Relations Manager Orlando Health Graduate, Leadership Orlando Class 86 Chair, Leadership Orlando Class 95

Although some are born leaders, most men and women of accomplishment are quick to acknowledge that they reached their full potential because of the valuable insight and inspiration of proven leaders. To be the best in your chosen profession – whether in the military, government, healthcare, public service, entertainment or private sector – it’s essential to witness firsthand the powerful examples set by established experts for those who follow. Leadership Orlando, America’s largest community leadership program, creates opportunities to observe, interact and learn from public, private and independent sector leaders throughout Central Florida. Build healthy communities!

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Emerging Leaders Angela M. Alban President & CEO SIMETRI, Inc. Graduate, Leadership Orlando Class 87 Chair, Leadership Orlando Class 96

Are you on the outside looking in? Are you ready to use your expertise and passion to advance a cause that will change and strengthen our region? Do you want to step inside the circle of decision-making that is shaping the future? Since 1975, Leadership Orlando recruits, cultivates and encourages established and emerging leaders to better serve the Central Florida Region. Through this one-of-a-kind experiential curriculum, you will learn the most important aspect of leadership – You can follow a leader or BE ONE!

Enroll Today! Contact Danielle Permenter, Director of Business Development, at 407.835.2444 or visit to reserve your space!

@LeadershipORL #LeadershipOrlando Candid photography courtesy of Ruth Mustian, President, Leadership Orlando

Why is Regional Leadership Important? Developing regional leaders is important to the future success of the Central Florida Region. That is why regional leadership is a primary line of business for the Central Florida Partnership. With more than forty years of proven success, Leadership Orlando, America’s largest community leadership program, continues to encourage, cultivate and recruit emerging and established leaders to better serve the Central Florida Region. Working together with Orlando, Inc. (Regional Entrepreneurship), BusinessForce (Public Policy Advocacy), and (Regional Research & Resolves), the Central Florida Partnership is moving “Ideas to Results.”

75 South Ivanhoe Boulevard | P.O. Box 1234, Orlando, Florida 32802-1234 T: 407.835.2444 F: 407.835.2500

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Developing regional leaders is important to the future success of the Central Florida Region. That is why regional leadership is a primary l...

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