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Cicio signs

Day in the life Senior interns for Calif.based wakeboard company — SEE News, A2

Nick Cicio finds a home in the MLB, signs with Twins — SEE Sports, A8 Robbery • Monday, June 13, 2011

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Breaking the cycle of abuse


A professor and student tell their stories

Police say masked and armed men in Cape Cod thought they were nabbing a bag of dough.They did — just not the kind they wanted. Three Hyannis men are facing armed robbery while masked charges after police say they robbed a Dunkin' Donuts with knives and a hatchet and only ended up with a bag of doughnuts.




Officers at a Seattle-area police department have found themselves in a flap with some unusual suspects:an angry flock of birds. Crows have been attacking police in the parking lot of an Everett Police Department precinct station.They've been swooping down and divebombing the officers as they walk to and from their cars.

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SUMMER READING PROGRAM AT SATELLITE CAMPUSES UCF will host a summer reading program through July at its Palm Bay and Cocoa Beach campuses. There will be programs that cater to kindergarten through 12th grade,college and adults.


DOZENS JOCKEY FOR COVETED ANTHONY TRIAL SEATS Spectators trying to get one of the 60 courtroom seats available to the public in the Casey Anthony trial have created scenes reminiscent of the running of the bulls in Spain or a Walmart on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

ADRIAN WEAKENS TO A TROPICAL DEPRESSION IN PACIFIC Forecasters say Adrian has weakened to a tropical depression in the open Pacific and the oncepowerful storm is expected to continue to lose strength.

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KAITLYN TEABO Contributing Writer

Terry Thaxton ducks to avoid a piece of glass, thrown over her head as she falls to the ground after being pushed against the wall by her husband. She takes a punch to the chest. And another one. And then a few kicks to the rest of her body. There is name-calling

and bruising. There are really bad cramps and blood dripping down her leg. She knows what this means; she’s in labor before even confirming with a doctor that she is pregnant. One urge to push, and there it is; a dead fetus lying on the ground. Her husband puts the fetus in a plastic bag and places it on the coffee

To comment on this story visit: table to snap a shot of it with his camera and says, “This way I can remind you what a pathetic woman you are. You can’t even carry a baby.” He then shoots their dog as punishment for losing his



Terry Thaxton is a published poet and creative writing professor at UCF.Her book of poems,Getaway Girl,published in March 2011,chronicles her abusive past.

Bin there, recycled that ITEMS DONATED The Housekeeping and Recycling Services at Facilities Operations released the daily inventory from this week’s Student Move-Out Program. On the first truck, they sorted and delivered 2,604 lbs. of clothing, shoes, bed linens and towels. The second truck contained the following inventory: 3 kitchen sets 2 microwaves 4 picture prints 1 keyboard 2 veggie holders 3 boxes of unopened food items 4 shower rods 2 sets of bed stands 5 cooking pots/pans 1 water filter system 3 bathroom cleansers 2 clothes hampers 6 table and floor lamps 1 toaster 4 shower shelves 1 large box of shoes 1 dish drainer basket 10 bags of mixed household items 1 iPod stand 10 backpacks 1 bike helmet 3 bags of women’s clothing 1 dart board 1 box of plastic cups 1 box of Christmas decorations 17 trash cans 1 ironing board 2 boxes of books 4 boxes plates and silverware 1 plastic coke bank 1 large bag of kitchen glassware Estimated weight of this load about 600 pounds .

Hornstein says he’ll keep job after DUI Associate athletic director apologizes KATIE KUSTURA Editor-in-Chief

“Sometimes students leave food behind; if it’s not opened we give it to a family,” Atkinson said. “If they have big ticket items such as a microwave, a fridge or a bed frame — call us. We will find a way to get if from their dorm to the warehouse. If we can steer stuff where it is needed, then that’s even better than recycling.” According to the UCF Recycles

The UCF associate athletic director who was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence early Friday will not lose his job. Joe Hornstein said he was assured by members of the athletics department that he will be retained after being arrested on campus by UCF police for a DUI. According to the Hornstein arrest report, Hornstein was driving his girlfriend to her car following the Katy Perry concert. The arresting officer observed that he was unable to stay in one lane. After pulling over, he stumbled when he got out of the car and placed his left hand on it to steady himself. Hornstein then proceeded to fail the three DUI tests the officer gave him. The two breathalyzer tests he took resulted in blood alcohol levels of 0.137 and 0.130, more than 1.5 times the legal limit in Florida. Hornstein was released from the Orange County Jail after posting $500 bail. “This is has been a very difficult few days and [I] have spent a great deal of time reflecting on the situation,” Hornstein said. “I do not condone this sort of action and I sincerely apologize to everyone who




Don Atkinson,UCF’s senior superintendent of solid waste,stands next to a pile of items donated by students. Housekeeping & Recycling Services places boxes in the hallways of student dorms twice annually to donate.

Trash turns into treasure “The ultimate person at Recycling Center who uses the product ANDREA KEATING Contributing Writer decides its future. As students continue to head Sometimes it is a case home for the summer, the trash of being lazy rather they’ve left behind are becoming treasures for the needy. The Student than recycling. Why? Move-Out Recycling Program is well into its ninth year at UCF; focusing on Because the trash can recycling items beyond the trash can. Twice annually during move-out was nearer, and we’re week, the staff at Housekeeping & Recycling Services places boxes in the all guilty of that.” hallways of student dorms. Students are encouraged to donate unneeded items in the containers. The contents are evaluated before being taken to the Bithlo/Christmas Neighborhood Center for Families. Don Atkinson, senior superintendent of solid waste, explains how Facilities Operations coordinates with students to do more than just collect waste products. Atkinson said students are too busy to separate what not to keep from what they can shove in their cars. The intent is to have students reevaluate what they don’t need, and donate it.


Professor collaborates with Tom Clancy EMON REISER Staff Writer

When asked to collaborate with well-known American novelist Tom Clancy, UCF professor Peter Telep accepted after he “pried himself down off the ceiling.” Telep wrote military thrillers for publishers G. P. Putnam’s Sons and Berkley Books, also Clancy’s publisher. The two share the same editor, who teamed them up for their new action novel, Against All Enemies. Telep teaches screen-

writing, creative writing and fiction writing, and his repertoire includes scripts for the hit television show The Sopranos and nearly 40 novels. Telep told the Central Florida Future what it was like to work with Clancy and his professional plans for the future. Central Florida Future: Tell me about Against All Enemies. Peter Telep: The novel introduces readers to CIA operative Maxwell Moore, a former Navy SEAL who has become an expert on Middle East terrorists and is following up a link between the Taliban and a Mexican drug car-



UCF professor Peter Telep teamed up with Tom Clancy for their novel Against All Enemies.


AROUND CAMPUS News and notices for the UCF community

Summer reading program will be held once a week at Palm Bay and Cocoa Beach campuses UCF has partnered with the Institute of Reading Development to put on a summer program. There will be eight different programs designed for various grade levels and age groups. Classroom instruction by an experienced teacher and materials for in-class and at-home use will be included with each program. The program will focus on teaching a love for reading, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, study skills and speed reading. Cost of tuition and material fees vary by program level. Some applicants may be eligible for a family discount. For additional information on the locations and times of each program, visit or contact the Institute of Reading Development at 800-978-3532 or visit

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Dozens jockey for coveted Anthony trial seats ORLANDO — Spectators trying to get one of the 60 courtroom seats available to the public in the Casey Anthony trial have created scenes reminiscent of the running of the bulls in Spain or a Walmart on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Those who have arrived as early as 1 a.m. to wait for a seat in the trial of the Florida mother charged with killing her 2year-old daughter Caylee have been jostled, elbowed and pushed aside by fellow spectators while running from the sidewalk to the Orange County Courthouse entrance before dawn. They aren't allowed to camp out on courthouse property, so they hang out on the sidewalk in front of the 23-story building until they are allowed to line up at the entrance at 5:30 a.m.

Adrian weakens to a tropical depression in Pacific MIAMI — Forecasters say Adrian has weakened to a tropical depression in the open Pacific and the oncepowerful storm is expected to continue to lose strength. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Sunday the storm is moving over colder water and will dissipate within the next few days. Adrian has top sustained winds of about 35 mph (56 kph). Adrian was the 2011 season’s first hurricane. The storm was a Category 4 with winds of 140 mph (225 kph) a couple of days ago. — ASSOCIATED PRESS

June 13, 2011 •


California Dreaming Student’s internship is just a day at the beach BRANDI BROXSON

June 13, 2011 Vol 43, Issue 39 • 12 Pages

News Editor

Senior UCF student Kelsey Herrett packed up and moved across the country this summer to intern with a company located just steps from the Pacific Ocean. Herrett, an interpersonal/organizational communications major, interns with Liquid Force Boarding Company in southern California. Herrett spends her day as an intern working on social media sites, shipping stickers and rubbing elbows with the biggest names in the wakeboarding community. The Central Florida Future had the opportunity to interview Herrett about her internship in the Golden State.

The Central Florida Future is the independent, studentwritten newspaper at the University of Central Florida. Opinions in the Future are those of the individual columnist and not necessarily those of the editorial staff or the University administration. All content is property of the Central Florida Future and may not be reprinted in part or in whole without permission from the publisher.

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Editor-in-Chief Katie Kustura x213

News Editor Brandi Broxson x213 COURTESY KELSEY HERRETT

Kelsey Herrett,a senior interpersonal/organizational communications major,is interning this summer with Liquid Force in Southern California.Herrett loves the laid-back atmosphere.

Online News Editor Adrienne Cutway x213

Central Florida Future: What do you want to do with your major once you graduate? Kelsey Herrett: I would love to be able to combine my three passions into one job: action/outdoor sports, philanthropic work and children. [I’d like to] possibly work in community relations for a sporting company, working to get the riders out to different charity events in the community. But I also want to start my own magazine, open an orphanage and have my own show on the Travel Channel. CFF: How did you get the internship with Liquid Force? Herrett: I scoped out the email address of a few big names I’d like to intern with this summer and got a hold of Matt Gleason, the marketing director at Liquid Force. I sent him over my résumé and inquired about the possibility of an internship. He got back to me right away, set up a Skype interview and the rest is history! CFF: Why did you want to do this internship? Herrett: Besides an awesome excuse to spend the summer in Cali? Definitely this company! If you are a fan of water sports, you know the name Liquid Force. They have been around since the sport of wakeboarding was a sport! They make anything and everything one would need for a fun day on the lake: wakeskates, wakeboards, wakesurfs, bags, helmets, tubes, hats…if you can name it and need it on the lake, Liquid Force makes it! Not to mention kiteboarding gear too! So you give me the chance to work for a company that makes gear for two of my favorite sports, sponsor some of the best riders in the industry, put on amazing events and whose office is two blocks from the ocean? Um yeah…I’m down! CFF: Do you wakeboard/kiteboard? Herrett: Yes! Although I’m far from anything impressive to watch on the water; I love both wakeboarding and kiteboarding. CFF: What did you have to do to move to California? Herrett: Well, It wasn’t easy…or cheap. My lease in my apartment in

Got a cool job? Let us know. Orlando wasn’t up until the end of July, so I had to find someone to sublease my apartment, had to find a place out here in California, had to find another job in Cali to help me pay rent and had to figure out how i was getting out there. After searching multiple roommate sites, contacting people who knew people, and of course the beloved Craigslist, two weeks before I planned to move, I found an awesome place to live with an awesome roommate! I tossed around the idea of flying out, shipping my clothes and taking public transportation, but everyone warned me against not having my own car here. So i decided what the heck, I’ll just road trip out there! So I talked my brother into joining me, packing my VEEDUBB [Volkswagen] and hitting the road. Three days and 2,436 miles later, here I am! CFF: Tell me about how you furnished your apartment. I heard it had something to do with Craigslist? Herrett: Well, I couldn’t afford to pay much more than I pay in Orlando for a place out here. So for the same price I pay down south, I found an unfurnished room here. After two nights sleeping on a blowup mattress and living out of a suitcase, I was over it. Anyone who knows me knows I’m addicted to Craigslist, and I tend to find some insane deals. I spent a few days browsing the goods and, on my brother’s last day out here with me, we found a full bed, basically new mattress and dresser/desk all for $50, which I plan to re-sell before I leave and get all my money back! CFF: What do you do at your internship? Herrett: Anything and everything! I work on social media, updating the LF girls blog and Straight Line product blog/Twitter/Facebook, ship things, answer sticker requests, input warranty info, spreadsheets, send people replacement parts, paint, build shelves…I pretty much do whatever needs to be done! CFF: Have you met any big

names in the wakeboarding and kiteboarding industries? Herrett: Yes! I got to meet Amber Wing the other day when she came into the office to tweak her new 2012 line of bindings! She’s one of the best, if not THE best female wakeboarder in the world; super nice too! And of course, I get to work alongside the pioneer of wakeboarding, Tony Finn, every day! Tony invented the Skurfer, a hybrid of a water ski and a surfboard, in the late ‘80s and joined up with Jimmy Redmond to found Liquid Force and create the gear we know today! Pretty cool to be working with the legends! CFF: What is a typical day in your life when you are interning? Herrett: On the days I intern, I drive from my condo in Pacific Beach to Encinitas, where the office is. I get to work around [10 a.m.] and check in with my boss. He gives me the low-down of what needs to be done that day, and I get to work! I typically come in with a pile of the mail sitting on my desk. I go through it, mail people stickers and deliver it to the other people around the office. Its a super laid-back atmosphere and everyone is super nice! CFF: Do you have any interesting stories of your time so far in California? Herrett: Yeah! There have been a lot of random, interesting little things that have happened; nothing super huge yet, though. I went surfing the other morning, and a big crew of dolphins was right there with me! SO amazing! And tonight, I’m headed to a house party right down from where they are filming the new Real World: San Diego! Pretty sweet! CFF: How have your courses at UCF helped at your internship? Herrett: I feel marketing/advertising is definitely one of those industries that experience in the field takes precedence over years of study, but my courses have definitely given me the basic knowledge of the importance of communication techniques in the workplace, and ways to market effectively! I also understand the workings of an organization/business, and how all the players in a company are important to its success.


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• June 13, 2011


Against All Enemies hits bookshelves June 14 FROM A1 tel. It’s an action-adventure thriller novel with lots of clandestine operations and hardcore military battles. CFF: What was it like working with Tom Clancy? Telep: Tom is the acknowledged master and inventor of the “technothriller” genre as we know it today. Having an opportunity to collaborate with him was thrilling. He is a generous and decisive writer who has shown what a keen eye he has for connecting the dots between world events, thereby making intelligent guesses about future political and military events. CFF: What’s your favorite Clancy work? Telep: For me I think it’s a tie between The Hunt for Red October and Without Remorse. CFF: Do you prefer collaborations like Against All Enemies or working independently? Telep: I think collaborations are terrific. Writing is a very lonely profession, and it’s valuable to get immediate feedback from someone else with a vested interest in the work. Hell, two heads are always better than one. I do, however, prefer to write my first draft scenes alone, then share when I’m finished. I think two writers in one room together can result in very low productivity, as each one over-edits the other! CFF: How does your experience writing The Squire Series, your first series, compare to your experience with Against All Enemies? Telep: Believe it or not, the research required for my first series was rather significant, so in that respect the


UCF professor Peter Telep is a New York Times bestselling author of nearly 40 novels that range in genre from science fiction to military action and adventure such as Critical Action and Direct Action.

books are similar in that they required huge amounts of time to research technical aspects prior to the writing.

In our case, Against All Enemies fits the theme of the book and evokes a sense of conflict.

CFF: What goes into creating a title for a novel? Telep: Titles, if they don’t come to you immediately, can become a tremendous burden, and you can drive yourself mad trying to come up with the exact one.

CFF: What does teaching at UCF bring to your writing? Telep: I find a remarkable reciprocity between writing and teaching. I take my writing challenges with me into the classroom and

share them with my students. I don’t ask my students to tackle anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. When students face challenges in their own writing, I can often cite an example from my own work and say, ‘Hey, I know what you are facing here; I tried to do the same thing in a book I wrote last year.’ So, yes, I absolutely love teaching. I

think it’s the best job in the world. It’s incredibly rewarding, and I’m able to pay forward what I can. CFF: What are your plans professionally for the future? Telep: I’m hoping to write another book with Tom Clancy. We’ll see if that comes to pass. Meanwhile, I have several other novel

ideas and quite a few ideas for new classes I would like to develop. I’m hoping to teach a class about writing for video games very soon. Against All Enemies will be released June 14. To check out the book’s trailer and more on the novel’s hero, ex-Navy SEAL Maxwell Moore, go to


June 13, 2011 •

Heston: University to take ‘appropriate action’ FROM A1 expects more from me. I am smarter and better than this.” The University of South Florida alumnus, who will be entering his fifth year with the Knights, is doing his best to turn the negative situation into a positive one. “I will turn this around, learn from it, continue to better myself and work hard each and every day to be a positive influence as I have done my entire life.” He has been able to stay

positive largely in part to the wealth of support he has received from the community, which he said he appreciates was overwhelmed by. “They let me know I was not alone, and I cannot thank them enough for the compassion they have displayed,” Hornstein said. According to an emailed statement from Grant Heston, associate vice president of UCF News and Information, the university is aware of the incident and “will take the appropriate action at the appropriate time.”

Recycling rests with individual FROM A1 website, 1,367,320 pounds of material were recycled, although 6,655,360 pounds of material were thrown away and put into the landfill in 2008-09. According to the website, 60 to 70 percent of all trash is most likely recyclable material. Brian Wormwood, the associate director of Facilities Operations, supports the donating-beyond-recycling concept. After the Facilities Operations staff salvages what it can from the dorm rooms, items are transported down the road to the center where items that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill find cherished homes. “Once I witnessed a woman who showed up with no shoes; she asked if she could skip to the front of the line and go through the items first. She had nothing, nothing but the clothes on her back,” Wormwood said.

Do you recycle or donate regularly?: According to Wormwood, Florida mandates that all government and state buildings recycle 30 percent of waste material; UCF currently stands at 25 percent. Wormwood has high hopes for both recycling and donating in the future. He understands that additional education is warranted. He’d like students to give a little more thought to such programs, because that mandated number will only increase in the future. “We don’t have the manpower to sort items for recycling; we don’t,” Wormwood said. “That is why recycling rests on the individual on campus. If you don’t want it, don’t need it, your parents don’t know you have it, give it to us. We know there are people who are living in dire straits.”


Top:Groundskeeper Hugh Infinger of Facilities Operations loads donated clothes to be sent to Bithlo Christmas Neighborhood Center for Families.Above:A donated microwave from a student dorm is a “big ticket item.”

• June 13, 2011


Writing, therapy serve as outlets for victims FROM A1 baby. “I didn’t call it abuse for at least 10 years later. He raped me, but I didn’t say that for 20 years,” said Thaxton, who has been divorced from her husband for more than 20 years. “That is our selfpreservation. We don’t want to think that is what it was, and he was my husband, and there is this whole [belief of], ‘Don’t I owe it to him?’ I was raised to believe that that is what I was for.” Thaxton, who is now a published poet and creative writing professor at UCF, lost her baby 30 years ago and still has difficulty admitting some of her past, and she is not alone. She is one of many females in Central Florida who have experienced or are currently experiencing abusive relationships. Now, more than ever, Central Florida is stepping up to help females escape violent relationships. According to Taylor Ulman, development officer of Harbor House of Central Florida, a shelter for women escaping domestic violence situations, domestic violence in Central Florida is rising quickly. “The economy is a big contributing factor. When people lose jobs, it leads to anxiety and anger,” Ulman said. Between 2009 and 2010, 759 women and children stayed at the shelter and 7,212 safety plans were completed with clients. There was also a 20 percent increase in domestic violence incidents, which almost always start with emotional abuse. For Thaxton, and many other women, the emotional abuse led to physical abuse in just a few months. By this point, the cycle of abuse outlined by Lenore Walker, researcher and feminist, had already begun. Walker identified three phases that abusive relationships tend to cycle through. The relationship often starts with the honeymoon phase, where the abuser is caring, gentle, and affectionate and may present gifts or go out of their way to make the other person feel loved. This phase transitions into the tension-building phase. According to Walker, acts of violence are generally preceded by

periods of growing unrest within the relationship and the abuser may start to become short-tempered. This will then transition into the acting-out phase, where the abuser will become violent. This cycle can last up to five years or as little as one hour before cycling back to the honeymoon phase. While being caught up in the cycle of abuse, Thaxton became isolated from family and friends and had nowhere to go. She and her boyfriend moved in together, got married and suffered through a miscarriage in their first attempt at having a child. They tried again and had a baby boy, Adam, who was born premature. “During an explosion, my husband was chasing me, and I left; got out of the house. And he got in the car and was chasing me, and I just ran behind some woods where he couldn’t get to. And the next day I went into labor, six weeks early,” Thaxton said. It wasn’t until her husband spent the little bit of change left on the counter, which had been saved up for Adam’s baby formula, when Thaxton realized what kind of situation she was in. “And at that point, something clicked, and I just thought, ‘This isn’t going to stop with me.’ I realized at that moment that it wasn’t just me in danger — it was my son,” Thaxton said. Thaxton gathered her belongings and the baby and left for her parents’ house. She knew leaving could be a dangerous situation, but she also knew staying would be worse. “Leaving is not only hard to do, but it is the most dangerous time. Most homicides happen after leaving,” Ulman said. “They are afraid to leave because they could be putting themselves or their family in great danger.” Thaxton had local police, who were also friends of her mother, patrol around her parents’ house to ensure safety during this critical time. She also had a strong support system, but what helped her in the long term was therapy. The moments of realization that she was not in a safe relationship did not come to Thaxton immediately, only when she was


Rachel Miranda,a junior creative writing major,says she uses writing as an outlet to cope with her abusive past.

emotionally ready to deal with them. Even now, she has difficulty admitting that the same man who gave her a child has also raped her. This is largely because she was reared in a conservative, religious home and was taught that her body belonged to the man. “After I left him, I divorced him. Step one,” said Thaxton. “Then step two: I went to one therapist, one time, shortly after I left him.” It then took about 10 years for Thaxton to go to long-term therapy, regularly. “That is what has really helped me,” she said. Being in a comfortable setting and talking about past experiences has shown to help recovery among other abuse survivors as well. Rachel Miranda, a junior creative writing major at UCF, is a 24-year-old woman who just recently escaped an

abusive relationship. She also believes in recovery through therapy. However, for Miranda, her therapy sessions were nothing more than long talks with close friends. “Even though after a while my friends stopped pressing me to get out of the relationship, it was just the fact that they were there. There was always someone to talk to and flush out my thoughts and who would listen,” Miranda said. Miranda, who learned about the cycle of abuse from a friend, said she did not realize evidence of the cycle in her relationship. “I’ve been choked out many times and have had bruises everywhere on my body. Mostly on my neck, which I could hide by putting my hair down,” Miranda said. “He would, of course, apologize and make me feel better, and I kept going back. I don’t know why.”

Miranda, unlike Thaxton, hasn’t had much time to process and analyze everything that happened in her relationship, but she is able to talk about a few moments that made her realize she was in a bad situation. “There was time when he threw a couch at me at one point. He’s a 5-[foot]9 white boy with a lot of anger. He picked it up and threw it right at me. I thankfully dodged that one,” Miranda said. “Now, I just laugh at how he could pick up a whole couch.” But most of time, Miranda was not so lucky. For three years she suffered from verbal and emotional abuse that quickly escalated to physical abuse, which happened frequently. She said she remembers the night she ended the relationship. Her boyfriend at the time had described everything he hated about her.

“It all started because I put chips in his chili, and he didn’t like that,” Miranda said. “It got really bad, and he tried to apologize, but when I asked him why he was with me he said ‘because I don’t want you to be with anyone else.’ I’m sure he said and did a lot worse, but that is what stays in my mind. That’s the reason he was with me.” As many domestic violence researchers suggest, most survivors would agree that leaving these types of situations is hard to do and extremely dangerous. Miranda said leaving was hard, because she got stuck in the cycle, waiting for it to get better. “You believe their words. You think that nothing better is waiting for you. You’re most comfortable in the abuse, because it takes over you; it’s all you know,” Miranda said. “It was hard to go through and harder to get out of because he is the sperm donor, I call it, of my beautiful, almost-4year-old daughter.” About three years into the relationship, with a child who was about to turn one, Miranda left for the safety of her and her daughter. Although the baby was never put in a dangerous situation, Miranda wanted to leave before there was a chance of that happening. “He was just never the type to really care about her. He was never a father to her,” Miranda said. “Leaving was the best thing I ever did.” In Central Florida, women can get help during anytime time of their struggle with an abusive relationship by visiting shelters, going to therapy or counseling, but writing helps Miranda the most. After a break from school to have her baby, Miranda is continuing with her creative writing degree at UCF and has had the opportunity to write about her experiences in many classes. “Writing is what I do. It’s my outlet. Its how I am getting on with my life,” Miranda said. Whether through writing or therapy, Thaxton and Miranda have found their own way of dealing with their past abusive relationships. Although they both agree they will not be able to completely forget about what has happened in their life, their goal is to forgive and move on.


June 13, 2011 •

Corporate tax repeal brings back memories BILL KACZOR Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE — Voters let Florida tax corporate income in 1971 after their new governor stumped the state with a pair of Sears shirts, one bought in the state and the other in neighboring Georgia, which already had that tax. Then-Gov. Reubin Askew, a Democrat, pointed out the Georgia shirt cost slightly less as he argued against claims that companies would simply raise their prices to pass the tax on to consumers. Now, another new governor, Republican Rick Scott, wants to phase out Florida’s corporate income tax, saying it would create jobs and boost the economy. “If you don’t fix the economy in the state, then you are going to have less money for important things like education,” said Scott spokesman Lane Wright. “As our economy improves, the more money we’ll have to take care of them.” But his opponents are using some of the same arguments Askew did 40 years ago to support their contention that repealing the corporate tax would have little or no effect on jobs but would hurt the state’s long-term economy. “It would make Florida’s tax system even less fair and reduce the amount of money available for investing in infrastructure,” said Alan Stonecipher, an analyst with the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a liberal think tank based in Tallahassee. Stonecipher said states that do well economically generally are those that invest in schools, universities, vocational training, roads,

bridges and even water and sewer. The state’s corporate income tax is 5.5 percent, generating about $2 billion annually — approximately 9 percent of the state’s general revenue and second only to sales taxes, which generate about $17 billion. The state has no personal income tax. General revenue accounts for about a third of Florida’s $69.1 billion budget and pays for most of the state’s operating expenses including education, prisons, courts and health and human services. Only about 30,000 mostly large corporations — less than 1 percent of Florida’s business entities — are taxed. That number is expected to be halved to about 15,000 by a bill (HB 7185) awaiting Scott’s signature. It will increase the amount exempted from the tax from the first $5,000 of instate net income to $25,000 — that will cost the state about $30 million. The average corporation that pays the tax will save $1,100. As a first step toward repeal, Scott proposed cutting the tax rate to 3 percent this year. Lawmakers, who were facing a potential $3.7 billion budget deficit, balked at the $458 million price tag. As a compromise, the exemption bill was passed — but Scott promises to push the issue again next year. Scott, a former corporate CEO, campaigned last year on a platform of creating 700,000 new jobs in seven years. Those would be above the 1 million jobs expected to be added even if the state does nothing as Florida’s economy recovers from the Great Recession. It left the state with one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates — 10.8 percent in April.


Gov.Rick Scott applauds as 55 Take Stock in Children graduates take the stage for their commencement ceremony at Marathon High School in Marathon,in the Florida Keys.Scott wants to phase out Florida’s corporate income tax,saying it would create jobs and boost the economy.

He says eliminating the corporate income tax is an important part of his jobgeneration plan by making the state friendlier to business. But in a recent report, Stonecipher’s organization contended repealing the tax would do little, if anything, to improve Florida’s business climate, already ranked as one of the nation’s best. The report cited Askew’s shirt example to argue the repeal also would be unfair because it would force low- and moderateincome Floridians to pay a larger share of state government expenses while giving tax breaks to wealthy corporations. Askew had concluded that by charging essentially the same price everywhere, multistate corporations made a greater profit from

their customers in Florida than in states where they then paid corporate income taxes. Askew’s plan won overwhelmingly with 70 percent of the vote and the Legislature enacted the tax. Through an aide at Florida State University’s Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, the former governor declined comment on Scott’s proposed repeal. Scott’s spokesman dismissed the shirt argument as “too simple.” “We’re not talking about the price of goods and services by giving the companies tax relief,” Wright said. “Having no corporate tax in Florida would provide an incentive to businesses to do more business in Florida.” But that may not work. Jacksonville-based rail

giant CSX, one of the largest corporations headquartered in Florida, wouldn’t use its savings to expand in the state, acknowledged company spokesman Gary Sease. “Our investment plans are set in Florida and the repeal would not make a difference in those established plans,” Sease wrote in an email. Still, he said, CSX supports the repeal because it “could further expansion among our customers.” The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, another liberal think tank based in Washington, D.C., said in a report last year that repealing state corporate income taxes would have little effect on job creation for another reason — they represent a very small part of a company’s overall costs.

The center cited an Ernst & Young study showing corporate income taxes made up less that 19 percent of overall state and local business taxes in any state in 2009. Florida’s corporate tax, already one of the nation’s lowest, accounted for only 5.3 percent of overall businesses taxes in the state. The center also estimated state and local taxes on average represent only 2 to 3 percent of a corporation’s total expenses. The estimate is based on state and local tax deductions corporations take on their federal income tax returns. “Florida’s corporate tax rate is not much,” conceded Mike Meidel, Pinellas County’s economic development director, although he supports repeal. “Every little bit helps.” Meidel’s support, though, comes with a caveat shared by many in the economic development field. “If it comes on the back of education, it’s a false choice,” said Frank Nero, president of The Beacon Council, Miami-Dade County’s public-private economic development partnership. “You can’t create knowledge-based industries without the knowledge.” In floor debate on the exemption bill, Rep. Michelle Rehwinkle-Vasilina, D-Tallahassee, argued that cutting the corporate tax is the wrong approach because various business tax breaks already passed over the last 16 years haven’t created many jobs. “We need to pay for good universities, pay for good education,” she said. “We need to pay for good services and that’s what will bring people into this state to make it competitive.”

• June 13, 2011

How much do you know about famous fathers and their celebrity children? Find out by taking our trivia test this Father’s Day, then check where you rate on our scoring scale.


Who’s Emilio Estevez’s (right) dad? A. Antonio Banderas (above) B. Julio Iglesias (above right) C. Martin Sheen (left) D. None of the above

— Liz Doup, Sun Sentinel; Wendy Zang, MCT

4 The son of rapper/


entrepreneur P. Miller (below), formerly Master P, goes by what name? A. Lil Wayne B. Romeo C. Silkk the Shocker D. C-Murder



What award(s) have Donald Sutherland (above) and son Kiefer (right) both won? A. An Oscar B. An Oscar and a Golden

Which of Johnny Cash’s children wrote for the New York Time’s music blog, Measure for Measure? A. Kathy B. Cindy C. John D. Roseanne


2 On what TV show did

Rob Reiner, son of comedy writer Carl Reiner, play “Meathead?” A. “All My Children” B. “7th Heaven” C. “All in the Family” D. “Full House”


Liv Rundgren Tyler (below left), daughter of Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler (below), appeared in which movie(s)? A. “The Lord of the Rings”

trilogy B. “That Thing You Do!” C. “The Incredible Hulk” D. All of the above

5 Lloyd Bridges and sons

Jeff and Beau appear together in what actionadventure TV series? A. “Sea Hunt” B. “The Dukes of Hazzard” C. “Mission Impossible” D. “MacGyver”

C. A Golden Globe and

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President” C. “It Runs in the Family” D. “Wall Street”



Jennifer Aniston’s father, John, is a long-time star of what soap opera? A. “Days of Our Lives” B. “As the World Turns” C. “General Hospital” D. “Guiding Light”


TV dad Alan Thicke is father to award-winning son Robin. What award has Robin scored? A. Grammy B. Oscar C. Emmy D. All of the above

Kirk Douglas (left) and son Michael appeared together in what movie? A. “Fatal Attraction” B. “The American


Rashida Jones (right), daughter of music legend Quincy Jones (far right), starred in what TV series? A. “The Office” B. “Grey’s Anatomy” C. “Parks and Recreation” D. Both A and C

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Actress Bryce Dallas Howard, recently from the “Twilight” series, was allowed to be an extra in which of dad Ron Howard’s movies? A. “Parenthood” B. “Splash” C. “Changeling” D. “Far and Away”

D. None of

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What movie starred Will Smith (above) and son Jaden (above right)? A. “Bad Boys” B. “The Pursuit of Happyness” D. “Men in Black” C. “I Am Legend”

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Archie Manning (below), father of quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning, was an NFL quarterback himself. Which team did he NOT play for? A. New Orleans Saints B. Houston Oilers C. Indianapolis Colts D. Minnesota Vikings

What name did Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife give daughter Miley at birth? A. Selena Maria B. River Anonda C. Destiny Hope D. Faith Rose

ANSWERS: 1. D; 2. C; 3. D; 4. B; 5. A; 6. B; 7. B; 8. C; 9. C; 10. A; 11. C; 12. C; 13. C; 14. D; 15. D; 16. C; 17. A; 18. A; 19. B; 20. D

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Actor Ben Stiller’s (below right) comedian dad Jerry (above) appeared on what ’90s sitcom? A. “Friends” B. “Seinfeld” C. “Cheers” D. “Coach”


Which of Donald Trump’s (above) children is an executive vice president of The Trump Organization? A. Donald Jr. B. Eric C. Ivanka D. All of the above


Sports A lasting bond The Student Newspaper at UCF since 1968



WRAP SOCCER • Monday, June 13, 2011


Best friends Griffin, Luciano continue to play together JESSICA GILLESPIE Baseball beat writer

PANAMA SHOCKS U.S.IN GOLD CUP QUARTERFINALS TAMPA — A slow start doomed the United States against Panama, slowing the Americans’usual march to the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup. Instead, the surprising Panamanians guaranteed themselves a spot in the next round of the tournament with a 2-1 victory over the favored U.S. on Saturday night. “Sometimes you just come out flat for whatever reason. At this level, and against a good team, you can’t do that,” U.S. star Landon Donovan said, reflecting on the Americans falling behind by two goals in the opening half. “Some nights you come out flat and you don’t get punished, but other nights you do. We learned a valuable lesson.” Luis Tejada scored in the 19th minute and Gabriel Gomez converted a penalty kick later in the first half for Panama, which won for the first time in nine meetings with the Americans, who had never lost a match in the group stage of any Gold Cup. “First of all, give Panama a lot of credit. They started the game well. They put us on our heels at times,” Donovan said. “It took us a while to get into the game. Our second half was very good, but when you dig yourself a hole that huge, sometimes you can’t get out.” Despite the loss, the U.S. can clinch a spot in the quarterfinals of the tournament that determines the champion for North and Central America and the Caribbean by beating Guadaloupe in its final Group C stage match Tuesday night in Kansas City. Tejada finished a sequence that began with Nelson Barahona’s free kick, tapping in a rebound after U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard lunged to get on a hand on Armando Cooper’s header from left of the net. American Tim Ream’s foul set up Gomez’s penalty kick, which the Panamanian lifted over the diving Howard for a 2-0 lead in the 36th minute. Clarence Goodson gave the U.S. hope for a dramatic comeback, scoring in the 68th minute. The Americans had a couple of opportunities pull even, but Chris Wondolowski missed a wideopen net in the 80th minute and Jaime Penedo made two of his six saves in injury time to help Panama hang on before a crowd of 27,731. “In the first half as the game was developing, we had the ball a lot but we weren’t able to take advantage of some situations,” U.S. coach Bob Bradley said. “What you don’t want to do in that situation is go down a goal. You just want to keep doing a good job controlling the ball, controlling the game with the idea that opportunities will come. You put yourself behind, you make it much more difficult.” The loss was just the second for the Americans in their past 21 Gold Cup games. They had been 6-0-2 against Panama, with all the meetings coming in Gold Cup or World Cup qualifying.

Derek Luciano wasn’t watching’s DraftTracker. Instead, his roommates, Jonathan Griffin and Chase Bradford, were looking out for the UCF third baseman’s name. Griffin had been drafted on Day 2 in the 21st round, and Bradford was selected on Day 3 in the 35th round. The pair hoped to see their other roommate get drafted for the first time. Then, in round 44, Griffin and Bradford finally saw Luciano’s name run across their respective computer screens. “Once we all found out, we just went nuts,” Griffin said. It wasn’t until later that Griffin and Luciano realized that they were both drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks. “Honestly, we didn’t even realize it was Arizona until after. We just saw his name and didn’t think twice about it but,” Griffin laughed, “he’s on the same team as me.” Luciano, who had congratulated Griffin and Bradford when they KATIE DEES / CENTRAL FLORIDA FUTURE

For more sports: Twitter: @CFFsports were drafted, finally had his time to celebrate. “I was very excited, very happy; and especially to be drafted to the Diamondbacks with Jonathan Griffin,” Luciano said. The corner infielders met in high school as rivals in Manatee County, but now it seems as if the two are destined to be teammates forever. “I’ve played against him in high school and with him for the past four years and we’ve become pretty good friends,” Luciano said. “It just helps out a lot because it makes you more comfortable wherever you are as long as you’ve got a good friend with you.” Griffin signed at the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota after Luciano had signed. Two years later, the duo played in the Florida Collegiate Summer League for the DeLand Suns during the summer of 2009. After Luciano signed at UCF as part of head coach Terry Rooney’s top-4 nationally ranked recruiting class, Griffin did, too. The two have been roommates for the past two years. Through the years, Griffin and

COLLEGE AGGIES ARE TRACK CHAMPS DES MOINES, Iowa — Texas A&M’s dream of becoming the first school with three straight men’s and women’s team titles came down to the final two races of the NCAA championships. The Aggie men needed to take first in the 1,600-meter relay outright to claim a third straight crown. The women needed to beat Oregon in the 1,600 and finish in the top three to overtake LSU. Texas A&M won both relays and the national titles in thrilling style Saturday, proving once again that the Aggies are the powerhouse program in outdoor track and field. “You don’t ever want it to come down to the relay, but it has for us for the last three years,” said Texas A&M coach Pat Henry, who has won 33 national titles dating to his time coaching at LSU. “It’s a great, great feeling, especially when you know you have a pretty good group when fixing the lineup.” Men’s anchor Tabarie Henry, no relation to the coach, held off LSU’s Riker Hylton in the 1,600 relay to clinch the victory in 3 minutes, 0.62 seconds. Jessica Beard anchored the women’s foursome with a meet-record split of 49:14 seconds that gave the A&M women the win and the team crown over Oregon. Texas A&M’s men won their third straight title with 55 points, one ahead of Florida State and two ahead of Florida.



Jonathan Griffin and Derek Luciano have been teammates and best friends since Junior College and will continue to play together for the Diamondbacks.


Track & field

Knights run away with five honors ERIKA ESOLA Sports Editor

UCF now has another top-25 athletic program to brag about. Improving from a 46th-place finish last year, the outdoor track & field team finished 17th in the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, with four athletes earning All-American honors in five events. “All season we talked about teamwork and making sacrifices, so mentally we were solid," head coach Caryl Smith Gilbert said in a release. “It has been a season packed full of ups and downs, good days and bad days; but in the end, our consistent hard work landed us among the top 20 programs in the U.S., and I am very proud of the

black and gold.” Jackie Coward became the Knights’ first outdoor track athlete to earn First Team All-American honors more than once. Coward placed third in the 100meter hurdles after clocking in at 12.78 seconds, a new UCF record. Along with Coward, members of the 4x100meter relay team also earned All-American honors. Coward, who took over for the injured Dominique Booker, led off the relay. Coward was followed by Aurieyall Scott, Lynne Layne and Sheila Paul, who combined for a fourth-place time of 43.67 seconds. Paul and Scott also earned All-American honors in the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash,


Jackie Coward,Aurieyall Scott,Lynne Layne and Sheila Paul earned All-American honors at the NCAA Championships.

respectively. “What an exciting day for these young women and our program,” Smith

Gilbert said. “Jackie [Coward] and the 4x100 ran very well today and that is a credit to hard work and

perseverance. I am positive this meet is another step to building a championship program.”

• June 13, 2011



Reliever Cicio strikes deal with Minnesota JESSICA GILLESPIE Baseball beat writer

After UCF’s last NCAA regional game, a 12-5 loss to Alabama, left-hander Nick Cicio sat down next to catcher Beau Taylor and became emotional. “I said, ‘Listen. This might be the last chance I get to pitch. This might be my last time on the mound,’” said Cicio, who was tagged with the loss, despite pitching five innings of one-run ball and striking out six. When the southpaw wasn’t drafted in last week’s MLB Draft, he started packing and planned to head home to Maryland. He thought his baseball career was over. On Saturday, a fateful call from the Minnesota Twins changed everything. Cicio signed a free-agent contract with the Twins, and now, the former UCF reliever is moving to Fort Myers, home of Minnesota’s spring training facility and the Class A-Advanced Fort Myers Miracle. He will stay

at the team hotel and find out more details upon his arrival. “I had no idea that I was being looked at or anything,” Cicio said. “I was planning on heading home on Saturday and as I was packing up my apartment, I got a call, and the Twins said they were interested in me, not to do anything, not to go home, not to go to the tryout but to just wait here, we’re interested in you and we’d like to sign you.” Cicio became the eighth Knight to be drafted or sign a free-agent deal this season; the 104th since the program’s inception in 1973. After making nine starts as a junior-transfer, Cicio was given a new role for the 2011 season. Head coach Terry Rooney stressed the importance of needing a lefty out of the bullpen. Cicio became that guy. He made a team-high 28 appearances and finished his senior season with a 4-3 record, a 2.23 ERA and four saves; he never gave up more than two earned runs


Southpaw Nick Cicio made a team-high 28 appearances this season and never gave up more than two earned runs in a game.Cicio signed with the Twins Saturday.

in a game. “This year was my first year coming out of the bullpen and, at first at the start of the season, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like

it,” Cicio said. “I’ve always started, so I did enjoy that role. But when it came down to coming out of the bullpen, I just felt real comfortable in how I came into

Friendship continues out west FROM A8 Luciano had the chance to form an on-field bond to match their off-field friendship. Griffin said Luciano makes some really good plays and is great defensively. “He never short-hops me,” Griffin said. “If he does make an error, it’s because he’s throwing it too hard.” Luciano had similar sentiments about his corner-infield counterpart. “He’s my favorite first baseman I’ve ever played with,” Luciano said. “He’s a heck of a player. It’s always fun. When I’m making bad throws from third, he’s a heck of a first baseman.” During one of the last major lineup changes of the season, Griffin moved into the cleanup spot and

Luciano began batting fifth. Griffin earned a reputation as the team’s power hitter as he banged out 19 home runs, two shy of the single-season record set by Chris Duffy in 2010. “He’s also great to hit behind in the lineup because a lot of teams don’t want to pitch to him so they have to pitch to me, which makes it good for me, too,” said Luciano, who hit six home runs of his own in his senior season. And now, after spending four years on three different teams together, Griffin and Luciano head out west to join a fourth team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, where they have the chance to continue to save each other defensively and bat behind one another. Luciano reported to Phoenix on June 10, two

days after he heard his name called. From Phoenix, the third baseman will report to Yakima, Wash., where Arizona’s Class A short-season team, the Yakima Bears, plays. Griffin is still unsure of where he is headed, but on Friday he flies to Montana, home of the Missoula Osprey, Arizona’s rookie team. “I haven’t played ball west of Texas, so this is a first for me,” Griffin said. As they put in their time, they have the opportunity to move up the system, play for the same minor league teams and potentially live the big league dream together. “We just became teammates again so that’s pretty awesome that I’m going all the way across the country and my best friend’s going with me,” Griffin said.

“He’s my favorite first baseman I’ve ever played with He’s a heck of a player. It’s always fun.” — DEREK LUCIANO THIRD BASEMAN

the game. Most of the time I felt like they were crucial situations where my team needed me, and I like being in those situations where I can help the team in any way possible.” After learning a lot about the mental aspect of pitching and having the chance to start, relieve and close, the lefty looks forward to his opportunity to continue to play ball and work hard to see what happens with his professional career.

“It’s been a dream of mine. I just wanted to give the praise and glory to God for the opportunity,” Cicio said. “Ever since I was little and started playing baseball, you dream of an opportunity like this and, for a second there, I thought my baseball career was over and I was going to have to move on with my life. And God opened the door, and the Twins gave me a call and I don’t know, I was super excited.”

Opinions The Student Newspaper at UCF since 1968 • Monday, June 13, 2011


Don’t charge soldiers for bags L

ast Tuesday, Delta Air Lines charged 34 soldiers returning from Afghanistan a total of $2,800 for each having a fourth piece of luggage with them. This amounted to a $200 out-ofpocket expense for the soldiers, according to a report from the Huffington Post. The soldiers recorded the ordeal in a YouTube video. This is an absolute outrage and represents the ultimate indignity upon our armed forces. These men are returning from a dangerous war zone half a world away. Many of them, no doubt, have lost friends and acquaintances in this war. The stress that these men and women must go through is probably something that none of us can conceive. The last thing that they should be concerned with is how to pay for their bags. According to the most recent update received by the Post, Defense Department spokeswoman Cynthia O. Smith said that Delta was already providing four free bags for first and business class passengers and three free bags for those traveling in coach, both domestically and internationally. Smith also said that there are certain exceptions, but soldiers are typically not authorized to fly first or

business class. This should infuriate every last one of us. It only makes sense to allow our troops a fourth bag when traveling in coach, if they aren’t normally allowed to travel first or business class, anyway. Our government should have made sure of this when it negotiated an agreement with Delta. If anything, soldiers returning home from Afghanistan should be treated like VIPs. They should be getting the red carpet treatment, not forced to squabble with an airline over paying for luggage. Smith said that the Department of Defense does not negotiate directly with the airlines on their fees or control costs for excess baggage. If this situation teaches us anything, it’s that it’s time for Uncle Sam to put his hand on the tiller. Army Staff Sgt. Robert O’Hair said that when he showed up at the airport, he was told he had too many bags with him. He had four bags and said that Delta only allowed him to check three of them. He also said that soldiers are allowed to check four bags when returning from Afghanistan on military orders. O’Hair’s fourth bag was of particular importance to him

— his weapons case, which he said held “the tools which I use to protect myself and Afghan citizens while I was deployed in the country.” What if O’Hair did not have the $200 on hand with him? What if he simply didn’t carry around that type of disposable income? That could have meant leaving behind a critical piece of luggage for this soldier. This is a terrible welcome home for the troops. Our government needs to ensure that our troops can bring back home all of their luggage and not have to stress over paying for it at the airport. Delta airlines also happens to have the highest fee for checked bags in the airline industry, according to the Detroit Free Press, which makes one wonder why Uncle Sam is flying our soldiers trough Delta in the first place. It does not make sense to have an agreement where troops are only authorized more luggage if they fly first or business class, especially when they are generally not allowed to do so in the first place. Our soldiers have served our country with honor and distinction, and we need to make sure that we take care of them, just like they take care of us.

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Handouts shouldn’t result in handcuffs battle, an injunction on On April 16, 1963, a the ordinance was young activist sits in a removed, and this April Birmingham jail cell and the ordinance was writes a letter. In that letenforced by Orlando ter, the activist submits police. that “…an individual who Essentially, this ordibreaks a law that connance is an attack against science tells him is picnics and against the unjust, and who willingly public using public parks. accepts the penalty of I guarantee you, if this imprisonment in order to IDA ESKAMANI was a group of 25 or more arouse the conscience of Guest Columnist Girl Scouts having picnics the community over its twice a week, there injustice, is in reality wouldn’t be an ordinance. This poliexpressing the highest respect for cy discriminates against the poor law." and the working class and should be That activist was Dr. Martin removed. Public parks are places for Luther King Jr.; and almost five the public to gather, form a sense of decades later, his words continue to community and practice free speech ring true. — just as FNB does every week, Last week, 12 members of Orlantwice a week. And they have contindo Food Not Bombs were arrested ued to do so — despite the threat of for feeding the homeless. According imprisonment. to the Orlando Sentinel, they were Just as King did in that Birmingviolating an Orlando food-sharing ham jail almost fifty years ago, FNB ordinance, which states any group is arousing the conscience of the that wishes to conduct large-scale community. feeding operations of 25 people or Last Wednesday evening, I more are required to obtain a permit. watched members of FNB get arrestHowever, groups are only allowed ed by the Orlando Police Departtwo permits per year, per public ment at Lake Eola Park for feeding park. That’s a problem for FNB, which according to the Christian Sci- the homeless. As the police escorted those that fed the homeless to their ence Monitor, since 2005 has fed the police van, we marched alongside homeless twice a week, every week, them, chanting, “food is a right, not a in the same park. The Sentinel states that the penal- privilege!” As the police van doors closed, I realized that I had just witty for violating the ordinance is 60 nessed a great injustice, one we must days in jail, a $500 fine or both – address. costs that the organization is now King held that there are two facing. forms of laws: just and unjust. He Like members of FNB, I work said that we have a moral obligation with homeless people every week. to break an unjust law. Some find Through my experiences, I have this ordinance reasonable; they think gained invaluable insight on homelessness in Central Florida. However, a public park isn’t the place for homeless people to eat. In fact, there is one thing that I thought was according to the Sentinel, Orlando universal knowledge — like the rest Mayor Buddy Dyer actually labeled of us “non-homeless” people, the FNB as “food terrorists” for violating homeless need to eat. The fact that the ordinance. I think the true terrorthe city of Orlando is arresting indiists are those that criminalize comviduals for feeding the hungry sounds likes a cruel joke, but it’s not. passion and deny those their most basic liberties. I commend FNB for The Washington Post reported that after a year of feeding the home- their service and sacrifice to this less in Downtown Orlando, local res- community; and I submit that this ordinance is unjust — and like that idents began to complain, leading to letter from a Birmingham jail states a city ordinance against feeding the — “an unjust law is no law at all.” homeless in 2006. After a long court


Voters should decide Weiner’s fate ty that have moved past There are certain their sex scandals. sound bites throughout Can Weiner do the America’s history that will same? never be forgotten. In the process of writThough there is an abuning this article, I have been dance of quotable surveying many of my libmoments, the most memeral colleagues, asking orable ones are those of them if they think Weiner elected officials denying, should resign. The results and then confessing, their have been mixed; and persexual escapades. ANNA ESKAMANI sonally, I am finding Former President Bill Guest Columnist myself extremely conflictClinton is a prime examed on multiple levels. As a ple of this; “I did not have Democrat, I know that he has always sexual relations with that woman” been a strong asset to our party — we quickly evolved into ‘Whoops — I need him. But as a woman and as a actually did.’ It’s a quote that we feminist, it is obvious that he has instantly recognize when played and taken advantage of the power strucwon’t be forgetting anytime soon. ture that exists in the patriarchal sociWith that said, we now have a ety we live in, and I definitely do not new sound bite — and image — appreciate it. stuck in our heads, and it’s from So after juggling the question of someone totally unexpected. The great Democratic Representa- resignation back and forth in my head, I’ve come to a conclusion: let tive from New York’s 9th District, the voters of his district make the Anthony Weiner. decision. Because realistically, his I say “great” because for those constituents are the ones who voted individuals who are left-leaning, Weiner is our poster boy; the bulldog him in, and they should be the ones who vote for him to leave. of the Democratic Party. His oratory Currently, the most recent skills are unmatched — no one can NY1/Marist poll has reported that 51 communicate passion quite like Weiner. He is known for speaking up percent of Weiner’s constituents for what is just and right and actually think he should not resign. That’s a promising majority. And yet, when taking action when something is asked if Weiner should run in the wrong. 2013 mayoral race like he planned, 56 Now our bulldog is showing up percent of those polled, including nearly naked on the cell phones of numerous Democrats, said that he numerous women. Our poster boy shouldn’t bother. has been completely exposed — and With that said, even for the people the image is not nice. The question at hand is, should he of New York’s 9th district, ousting resign, or not resign? If you ask Wein- Anthony Weiner is a tough decision. But there may be an even easier soluer, the answer is no. If you ask Tim tion — erase the district completely. Kaine, former Chairman of the New York state is slated to lose two Democrat National Committee, the congressional seats before the 2012 answer is yes. And if you ask other Democrats in the House of Represen- election; and by tradition one of those seats would come from a Republican tatives, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Debbie stronghold, the other a Democratic one. Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), he This could be the final conclusion should resign immediately. to our bulldog’s fight, but it is defiNo one can deny that Anthony Weiner’s actions were both irrational nitely not the end of sex escapades. For sure, Anthony Weiner’s lewd text and unethical. And yet, we have seen messages are just the beginning of a men in power constantly commit crude acts and get caught in the mid- new era of political scandal. So be wary: technology is an increasingly dle of them. public tool that can be used for good Most men seem to make it out alive — Eliot Spitzer, David Letterman and bad. You don’t want your tweet to be the next “text-bite” of American and Tiger Woods are each examples of men within different fields of socie- history.



Can’t Touch This: Utah Bans Sexy Acts Anonymous 1: Anna is not saying exposing yourself in public is okay or that child prostitution is not heinous. She's saying that this law goes too far in trying to prevent it and is far to over reaching. Anonymous 2: You realize that the majority religion in a state should play no role on the laws passed in hat state according to the Constitution, right?

tion, right?" The worldviews of the of the population should play a vital role in the laws passed in a state. If the majority population also subscribes to a particular religion or worldview, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that the religion or worldview will play a vital role in the kinds of laws that are passed. — THADDEUS

Awesome article Anna! This is a good example of some of the — MICHAEL T. crazy laws conservative legislatures all over the country are passing this legislative session. "You realize that the majority religion in a state should play no role on the laws passed in hat — MICHAEL T. state according to the Constitu-

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1 9 8 6 5 7 3 4 9

7 2

5 7 8 6 8 3 9 3 7 2 8 4 9 3 1

Fill in the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9 with no repeats. Monday puzzle: Easy level Thursday puzzle: Hard level

Solution, tips and computer program at

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 Frying pan spray 4 Fanatic’s feeling 8 Player on stage 13 Santa __: city SE of Los Angeles 14 “Joy of Cooking” writer Rombauer 15 Curvy ski race 17 Johnny Carson’s predecessor 19 “I need a hug” 20 Pong producer 21 “Misery” co-star 23 Pat of “The Karate Kid” 25 Binary code digit 26 Animal like new? 27 “Famous” cookie creator 28 Floated upward 31 Alternative to leaving a test question blank 33 Roget entry: Abbr. 34 Pulled in different directions 35 Pasty 36 “I, Robot” author 40 “Car Talk” airer 41 Front of a clock 42 LAX approximation 45 Worry persistently 48 Blue state? 49 Dab at with a towel, as a spill 50 __ Tin Tin 51 NATO part: Abbr. 53 Turn like a chair 55 Vice president involved in a historic duel 59 Justice Kagan of the Supreme Court 60 Masonry finish applied when wet 61 Common batteries, and a feature of 17-, 21-, 36- and 55Across 63 Pick up the pace 64 Vaulted recess 65 Windsor knot neckwear 66 Clam-digging area 67 Blacken on the grill 68 Gore and Hirt

By Jeff Chen

DOWN 1 Bedtime garb 2 TV’s “Grey’s __” 3 Cheese companion 4 “Not another word!” 5 Prohibition __ 6 Key with three sharps: Abbr. 7 Zhivago’s beloved 8 Pale 9 Nip and tuck contest 10 Skin-soothing powder 11 Golden years 12 Friendscountrymen link 16 Lists of computer options 18 Singer Kristofferson 22 Stooge with a bowl haircut 24 Cacophonous, as a crowd 29 “The Lord of the Rings” monster 30 Major mess 32 Spanish 25Across 34 Hoofer, so to speak

6/13/11 Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

Thursday s Puzzle Solved


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35 Candle threads 37 Commercial prefix with Cone or Ball 38 Japanese honorific 39 Kraft cheese spread 43 Polished part of a piggy? 44 Books of maps 45 Full of chutzpah 46 Rodeo gear


47 Surge 48 Cause of chills and fever 49 Tab at a bar 52 Steak selection 54 Big brand in barbecues 56 Prefix with -pus 57 Nutrient guidelines, briefly 58 Rodeo gear 62 Mex. neighbor

Solution and new puzzles in next issue’s Classifieds


June 13, 2011 •

CFF, June 13, 2011  

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