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The Knightline is published three times a year. This newsletter is a publication of Ontario Christian Schools at 931 W. Philadelphia Street in Ontario, California. Ontario Christian Schools is a member of Christian Schools International (CSI) and the high school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The mission of Ontario Christian Schools is to provide a Biblically-based, quality education for the children of Christian parents that nurtures students to grow in knowledge, conviction, and maturity; therefore, our focus is to equip students with the vision and skills to engage all relationships and culture under the authority of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this publication is to foster strong ties between Ontario Christian Schools and its alumni, supporters, and association members to nurture Christian education in the school and in the family, and to better inform its readers of the activities of Ontario Christian Schools. Alumni are encouraged to submit news and photos. We reserve the right to edit.

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We Are God’s Workmanship:

What Is God Calling You to Do?


by Ryan Groen, Superintendent What does God have planned for you to do? What does God have planned for your child/student to do? As believers, the Bible tells us in Ephesians 2:10 that “we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” In other words, we were created by a God of good actions to be people of good actions. God’s creativity in making the world around us inspires our creativity in interacting with our world and the people in it. God calls us to do good works, which will be a blessing to others and will ultimately build His Kingdom. When God created the world, He created raw materials that human beings, who are made in His image, can discover, explore, and develop. God created all of the raw materials of language, music, and art so that human beings, God’s image-bearers, can compose music, write stories, paint landscapes, and preach sermons. God created all of the raw materials of the physical world so that human beings, made in His image, can build buildings, design machines, develop natural resources, invent new technologies, and create a more livable world. Most importantly, as believers we can pursue all of these endeavors in a manner that shares our faith in Christ Jesus and seeks to build God’s eternal Kingdom one heart and mind at a time.

Ryan Groen

Our theme this year is God’s Workmanship or God’s Handiwork, and it is interesting that the word “work” is such an integral part of this theme. As Christians, we know that work has been twisted by humankind’s fall into sin when Adam and Eve disobeyed in the garden. We know, both from the Bible and from our direct experience that supporting a family became more toilsome, and raising children became more painful since the Fall. But at the same time, we recognize that there is an intrinsic goodness to work as well. For we know that, before the fall into sin, Adam was told to tend the garden and to name the animals. God’s command to tend the garden shows us the intrinsic goodness of physical labor, and His command to name the animals shows us the same about intellectual labors. Our culture often tells us that work is only for pragmatic, utilitarian functions. People say that they work to pay the bills, or they say they work to make enough money so that they won’t have to work anymore. Yet, we know that God worked when He created the world, and God continues to work as He sustains creation. We know from our theme verse this year, that we are God’s Workmanship. In other words, God worked to create each of us in His image. If God works this much and He only does that which is good, then there must be many things about work that are very good. At Ontario Christian, we often think about this good side of work as our calling or our task. So, what is God calling you to do with your life? What is God calling your children to do with their lives? We encourage you to explore these questions with your children/students. We know that God can use all of our talents and abilities to His honor and glory whether we work with our hands, with our heads, or most often, with both. May God bless the Ontario Christian community as our faculty, staff, parents, and students pursue our various callings, and seek to do the good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. q



FALL 2013



We Asked OC Students:


What Does it Mean to Be God’s Workmanship? by Regina Wang, Marketing Coordinator As 2013 comes to an end, OC students are reflecting on what it means to be God’s workmanship. Some say that God has prepared them for good work by refining them through trials and suffering, while others, such as 5-year-old Rylee Offringa, it simply means being the people God created them to be. The Knightline interviewed nine students from kindergarten to high school, asking how they have understood their identity and calling in God’s kingdom. Jenna de Falkenberg, 9, likes to tell others about God, and she also delights in sharing God’s resources with others. She reads Bible stories to her non-Christian friends when they come over. Once, when her friend was running late and had to arrive at school without a lunch, she readily gave away her money so that the friend could have a hot meal. Marc Quintanilla, 11, shares Jenna’s joy in evangelism. He teamed up with another friend to share the Good News with one friend who had never heard about God.

“At first he was like, ‘What?’” Marc said of his friend’s response. “Later on he started becoming a Christian.” Some students see their future careers as a way to build God’s kingdom. As he has been learning addition and subtraction, Niko Crespo, 6, said he would like to teach math one day. “I want to be a teacher because you get to tell other kids what to do,” he said. An ardent fan of Jeff Gordon, Mark Ard, who is turning 12 on Christmas Day, said he dreams of becoming a professional NASCAR driver. He thanks God for giving him strong athletic abilities as well as a keen interest in reading. Others, such as 8-year-old Case Van Leeuwen, say that caring for others is a way to serve God. When his friends seem upset, he asks them what happened. He wants to make sure one of his favorite people in the world – his mother – is well taken care of. “I love my mom,” he said. “When my brother leaves next year I’ll keep her company.” Rylee Offringa, 5, knows her calling is to bring joy to people

From left to right: Rylee Offringa, Jenna de Falkenberg, Case Van Leeuwen, Niko Crespo



by using her creativity. A prolific author, she has created and illustrated 29 books so far. “I make any kind of books – small, short and medium,” she said. “When they did something for me, then I make a book for them like I promised.” Though much older than Rylee, Collin Hardy, 15, also finds joy in serving others through artistic expression. Self-taught and persistent, Collin has practiced piano for six years. In two months he will have the opportunity to play keyboard for the main services at Inland Hills Church, where people have watched him grow up. He’s thrilled. “You experience worship different when you’re on the stage,” he said. “I can see God moving through the lyrics and rhythms of the songs.” Gifted with public speaking skills, Brenden Conrad, 15, enjoys telling a good story to touch people’s hearts. One of his many stories is about his trip to Lesotho, a landlocked country near South Africa. Lesotho has one of the world’s highest rates of HIV/AIDS, which has affected 23.6 percent of its 2 million population. In March Brenden traveled to an orphanage there with his father and sister, Bailie, who is a junior at OC, as part of a group with their church, CrossPoint.

Brenden plans to return to Lesotho after he graduates. For now, he tells people this story to show the power of love that is beyond the geographical and ethnic boundaries. He hopes to one day become a lawyer, where he can use his gift of public speaking. “I want to fight for the truth, fight for what’s right,” he said. “There’s a lot of injustice in the court system.” As she gets older, senior Alex Paez sees God using difficulties in her life to build character, in order to prepare her for His work. The most recent example is when she applied for college. It was exhausting to tackle tasks like writing a personal statement and choosing a school on top of a busy schedule as a varsity volleyball and soccer player. “God is working in my life,” she said. “He puts struggles in my life and gives me the strength to overcome them.”

“God is working in my life, He puts struggles in my life and gives me the strength to overcome them.” – Alex Paez

One day, during a steady downpour, Brenden and his teammates were invited to play soccer with a group of local teenagers. After three hours of games, everyone was bathed in mud as well as laughter.

Alex is hoping to go to San Diego for college. It will be first time for her to be without her mother, through whom she has learned God’s love and faithfulness. It might also be her first time to attend a public school. She wants to face these new challenges with hope and courage.

“It was bonding and fellowship,” he said. “Even though we were from two totally different places, we could still play sports and bond with each other.”

“I need God to give me the strength to never give up and to keep going, not following the crowd and staying who I am,” she said. q

Top left , Marc Quintanilla; bottom left, Mark Ard; at piano: Collin Hardy; top right, Brenden Conrad; bottom right, Alex Paez.



FALL 2013



Thank You for Making a Difference!


by Dianne De Groot, Director of Admissions & Development

Whenever a new family takes a tour of the campus we ask them to fill out an information form that asks them how they heard about Ontario Christian School and one option is friend/family. We are so excited and blessed to list those names below and let them know how thankful we are for their passion and willingness to promote and share the OC opportunity with others! We realize there are many more that we don’t know about and we want you to know that you are all making a difference at Ontario Christian Schools! Theresa Baidoo Biby Family X2 Pat Birkett Dana Bourque Bouwman Family Faithe Briley Mia Cohen X2 Matt & Ria Crockwell Cupp Family Teri Darney Deshazo Family Salvadora Dhillon Evaro Family Kim Fikse Jim Fisher Ryan Fuqua Gaudy Family


Irene Gishwiller Samantha Goosby Julie Graves X2 Roy & Tamara Griffith Linda Gutierrez Jackie Hall Katie Halma Tony Han X2 Debbie Hauptman Frank Jauregui Kaylee Johnson Emmanuel Kwame Lori Kyle X2 Randall Long John & Sandy Love Deirdre Magill Manning Family X2


Martha Martinez Martinez Family Mason Family X2 Jay McGuire Mejan Family Robert Mendez X2 Joe & Shawna Morin Mulder Family Keri Perez Mr. & Mrs. Prada Ramos Family Kimberly Redd X3 Ridley Family Jeannie Roberts Dr. Daryll Rodriguez Donna Schelling Serrano Family X2

Trisha Sherman X3 Kendra Shook Becky Sims Stevens Family Michelle Sullivant X2 Hennessey Sullivan Dave & Wendy Tazelaar Mr. & Mrs. Tejada Jacqueline Thomas Nicole Tomashek X2 Paul Tufano Vanden Berge Family Kelsey Villa Bob Weaver Gina Wheeler Kim Xu Edward & Chanin Zaragoza



Shakespeare’s House

Summer 2013 Trip to England & Ireland by Jonathan Schaap To travel abroad or not to travel abroad – that is the question to which 10 seniors, 2 moms, and 2 teachers suffered the slings and arrows of price, foggy weather, and strange accents to our native tongue. But “Cheers”; all’s well that ends well in our tale of two cities – Dublin and London (and a lot of the countryside in between). Any prior skepticism to this trip, equivalent to that of a Jane Austen suitor, quickly faded like Old English spellings from our vernacular. Our experience abroad ended up being more loved than W.B. Yeats to his native Ireland and more fantastic than the sprites that dance through his lyrics. If any of the aforementioned analogies, anecdotes, allusions, and now alliterations are at all albeit arbitrary – do not despair, I will start at the beginning in a less muddied and more chronological synopsis of our summer quest to England and Ireland. Our Christian school summer trip started out at the ungodly hour of waking up at 3:30 a.m. in order to catch our flight from LAX to London. Equipped with pounds and passports, we made the short trek across the creek arriving about midnight Pacific Standard Time and 8 a.m. London time. It was truly a Midsummer Knights’ Dream when we finally arrived, but there was no rest for the weary as we immediately met Seville, our tour guide, and began our “vacation”. Seville knew exactly where to go, thankfully, because we would be lost without her. Literally. One of the great de-

lights of this trip was the opportunity to visit actual sites, cities, and workplaces of British authors that these seniors had studied and I had taught in class. The textbook was rapidly becoming reality as we entered London, a great hub of history and literature. Seville, our tour guide, catered our trip to match many of the units that we studied in British Literature class. The morning of the first day we spent touring the Tower of London and witnessing the changing of the guard among other things as we acclimated to the city. Running on fumes that afternoon, the 24 hours without sleep made us eager to check into our beautiful hotel downtown for some much needed rest. The next couple days in London were a blur of visiting libraries, cathedrals, and birthplaces. We did a Charles Dickens walking tour, visited the magnificent Westminster Abbey (burial place of many famous leaders, writers, artists, and scientists), and the world-famous Globe Theatre (pun and spelling intended). We saw a hobbit one afternoon as we witnessed the rehearsal for Macbeth, starring Billy Boyd as Banquo, at The Globe. We also attended an incredible performance of The Taming of the Shrew at a midnight showing at The Globe as well – an all-female cast who played double roles and even played instruments with minimal props and no mics. Some of our group even stood up next to the stage as official groundlings. We visited Oxford University and its many campuses and even the dining room of Hogwarts. We dined at The Eagle and continued on next page



FALL 2013


Conway Castle


Summer 2013 Trip - continued from previous page


The Child (favorite pub of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien). We took a bullet train (travelling well over 100mph) from London to Canterbury one day and immersed ourselves in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. We became very accustomed to “The Tube”, London’s subway system, taking it to nearly every location in the city, and were amazed at how clean the subway and city in general were – there was not a scrap of garbage to be seen, and trash cans were rare as well. London dwarfed any city in the States that I have visited, and it was a marvel to behold all the hundreds-of-yearsold buildings juxtaposed with the new. There seemed to be construction on every building or a new skyscraper going up with thousands of people milling about everywhere in the multiple districts of the city – London is truly a primary hub of the world today. The city was booming. We also had a huge train station (Paddington Station) on the back of our hotel. We soon acquainted ourselves with local dishes such as bangers and mash, and fish and chips for supper and, of course, English breakfast every morning. We dined like kings! And souvenirs were purchased in mass quantities. Every day we started touring around 8 or 9 a.m. and didn’t get back to our hotel until 8 p.m. – it was nonstop tourism and learning from Seville about all the history and local attractions. We felt we had quite the immersion process in the short time we were there. Truth be told, every museum and cathedral seemed to meld together after a while, and it became difficult to keep them all straight since we visited so many. We walked many, many miles. We were saddened to leave London but excited as well to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and finally see the country side. On the way out of London, we stopped at Stonehenge and then continued on to Stratford-UponAvon for a couple days to see Shakespeare’s birthplace and hometown – a beautiful town right on the river – I want to retire there! After Stratford-Upon-Avon, we trekked on to the beautiful town of Bath, and visited the Roman ruins and went



Kylemore Abbey on a Jane Austen tour. This may be one of the most beautiful towns we visited – gorgeous architecture and countryside. When we left Bath, we made our way to the western shore of England and Wales – Conwy Castle was a highlight of the trip as we climbed the parapets and explored the dungeons in this magnificent castle of Edward Longshanks. We then boarded the world’s largest ferry from England to Ireland – our accommodations resembled that of a cruise ship, complete with a movie theatre and mall on board. It took approximately three hours to arrive on the Emerald Isle of Ireland. Dublin was our port, and we soon began drawing comparisons between here and London, and the difference in accents. Dublin definitely seemed to be struggling more financially. Although Dublin was probably our least favorite stop on the trip, it had some wonderful museums and sites as well – we visited St. Patrick’s cathedral and learned much more about Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, and W.B. Yeats – all Irish poets and authors. We also learned that British Literature should really be called British and Irish Literature since many of the iconic authors in our textbook were Irish. The national pride was tangible. On our first night in Dublin, we even ate in a cathedral that had been transformed into a restaurant. Speaking of cathedrals, these ancient buildings still inspire awe today – the construction and skill of the often unnamed builders is truly remarkable, and in my opinion, superseded any of the royalty or celebrities buried within these magnificent structures. Dublin may not have been a great first impression of Ireland, but when we left the city and entered the countryside, we fell in love with the scenery and land – it truly is a magical place. Beautiful. Stacked-stone fences, hundreds of years old, outline the countryside with free-range sheep grazing everywhere. The mist, the green, and the pastoral setting refreshed our sun-soaked, smog-filled bodies. We visited a waterfall, hiked a couple parks/gardens, and toured the Isle of Innisfree, learning much more about W.B. Yeats and other

Stratford Upon Avon

Irish Waterfall

Riding the Tube

prominent authors and the inspiration for their writing. Many of the roads in Ireland are extremely narrow (especially for our tour bus), and the saying in Ireland is “if you can drive Irish roads, you can drive just about anywhere.” We stayed at a gorgeous hotel, the Clarion I believe, in Galway that used to be an insane asylum – it made for an eventful night. In my biased opinion, we visited one of the most beautiful places on Earth at Kylemore Abbey, and later The Cliffs of Moher. After viewing the landscape, one could see why fantastical imaginings of leprechauns came to be and why the backdrop for The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara is so beloved. And as we flew back to the States, we were reminded of the old Irish proverb: “As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters always be pointed in the right direction!” In our brief glimpse of both countries, I, at least, was intrigued by the seeming lack of churches per capita. We constantly hear of the decline of Christianity in some of these European countries and the warnings of the U.S. following in those footsteps. These thoughts were always on my heart throughout the trip. England and Ireland were exquisitely beautiful and

Royal Palace

refined countries. We marveled daily at the beauty and history and civility. Cathedrals were present everywhere it seemed, but they were attached to tour guides and souvenir shops. One church we visited was now a pub and another a banquet hall. Where was the Holy Spirit at work? Is he evident in our lives and communities? Or are our churches, too, becoming museums and relics of just a “previous and misinformed time”? Even our tour guides this summer politely listened and respected our faith and prayer time before meals; however, did they believe? Is Christianity history? Is a country and a people truly beautiful if they don’t have a heart for the Lord? Does Jesus Christ matter? Do we even really care? My answer may have come in the form of a whisper as I reflected on the trip and remembered that on Sunday, as we entered Bath city in England amidst the droves of tourists and architecture, the sounds of a praise song echoed above the Roman ruins and the stone-cherubim-encrusted-locked-door-monolith cathedral next to it, from a very small local congregation in a nearby, open-air park of all places, singing glory to the one and only true God. q



FALL 2013



Meet the New Kids…… Œ

When we toured the high school, we were very impressed, and we felt that we also needed to tour the elementary school to see what it had to offer for our daughter. Our family absolutely fell in love with both schools. It’s undeniable that all the programs, education, and opportunities are centered around a Christian environment. We knew in our hearts that this was where God wanted our family. We ended up switching both kids to Ontario Christian.

“Our family is new to Ontario Christian, and we have never been happier.” “We are the Tomashek family—Bobby Tomashek, dad; Nicole Tomashek, mom; Ian Ulloa, freshman son and Hailey Tomashek, 6th grade daughter. We knew for high school that we wanted our kids to attend a private, Christian school. We had heard about Ontario Christian from friends and neighbors, and we knew they had an excellent reputation.

Our family is thriving at Ontario Christian. Ian is excelling in academics and has made incredible friends. Ian also plays on the football teams. Hailey has already developed wonderful friendships and is on the junior cheer team. I jumped right in and hold the treasurer position on the OCPA Board. I was on the Harvest Festival Committee, and also volunteer at many school and football events. Bobby has been volunteering at the school as needed and has gotten to know a lot of great people. It is such a blessing for our kids to be able to get an excellent education while growing spiritually with the Lord. Our family feels so blessed to be a part of the Ontario Christian family. Everyone has welcomed us with open arms, and we have already made such great friendships.” q

Thank you, Tomashek family, for sharing your story. We would like to Javier & Ana Alcala Michael & Marie Ann Angeles Joseph & Sandra Antonelli Michael & Tommie Archuleta Anton & Patricia Bercich Paul & Kat Blasetti Deanna Boersma Mark & Kimberly Burdick Roxanne Camping Ryan Camping John & Lissette Carlin Erick & Lakesha Carpenter Rachel Clancy David & Monica Cockrell Tim & Jennifer Cook Adrian & Mary Cortez Matt & Ria Crockwell Lloyd & Precious Crosby


Andrew & Marie Croulet Rosa Cruz August & April Culver Christian & Brandy DaCosta Jurgen & Denise De Blieck Patrick & Avigail De Claro Primitivo & Isabel De Jesus Damien & Michelle Deocales Alma Diaz Melissa Diaz Steven & Adrianna Douma Juan & Yadira Esparza David & Janice Sy Espinoza Frank & Kerrie Evaro Jim & Stacey Fenwrick Eric & Millicent Fromm Yajaida Gastanaga Aaron & Rebecca Genzink


Carolyn Gibson Ashley Green Nico & Lorena Grooters Chris & Angela Haddad Thomas & Amy Haley Tawny Hamada Anthony & Ana Hankins Ron & Julie Haringa Nate & Kelly Harris Jon & Lois Henley Chris & Amy Hughes Young & Jennie Huh Catherine Iglesias Thomas Iglesias Oscar & Laura Inclan Shane & Andrea Ito Eric & Andrea Jensen Pedro & Autumn Jimenez

Jeff & Elizabeth Johnson Ron & Patti Jones Sherman & Quanisha Jones Pius & Gloria Kiefel Michael & Kimberly Kiledjians Michael & Tracy Lammers Ronald & Mylani Lao Gilbert & Tina Lee Josh & Donna Hsieh Liu Michael & Yved Lopez Richard & KimBerlee Martinez Thomas & Mariela Mathis David & Patricia Mbugua Henry & LiLiana Melendez David & Julie Mercadel Pat & Lynette Monaco Armando & Yadira Montano Joe & Shawna Morin

A “Thank You” from Jesus Llanas Early in 2012, a young man named Jesus Llanas joined our church and became a professing member. All of his life, Jesus attended public schools. After becoming a member of First Chino he was given the opportunity, because of our church’s Tuition Assistance Fund, to attend Ontario Christian School for his senior year. Below is a brief letter of thanks that Jesus wanted to share with our congregation. Jesus plans to go on and attend Providence Christian College this fall. – Dianne De Groot. On behalf of my family, to the great congregation of the Lord Almighty, I give my tremendous gratitude for such an awesome gift/opportunity in being able to actually attend a great Christian school. Now I use the term “great” in the sense that Ontario Christian High School is no different than any other school out there; it’s no paradise, but compared to where I Jesus Llanas use to attend, it’s far better! It was free from a reefer odor in the air and filled with the love of Christ in the hearts of the assembly. There are great things about the school and there are some small faults, but rather than glancing at those faults, I want to point out the unique, if not perfect, attribute of OC - that is the “Truth”. This was brought to me when Mr. Schaap held a chapel service on truth, and he had me thinking; he had my mind thinking

about how this school operated. Sure, it has the main identical characteristics of a school at first glance, but after spending time in class after class with wise teachers, it hit me. These teachers and this school are totally Christ-centered, meaning that the way teachers taught, spoke, and presented information before us was nothing more than the truth. Nothing was sugarcoated nor was anything vague. Everything was crystal clear and it was beautiful. After just one school year at a real Christian school, being shaped and molded by God’s hands, in being challenged at times broken down only to be built back up even better than before, I was blessed to have been cared for in such a big way. We all know something like this is very expensive and that’s the hard truth, but I thank you all for investing so much in me and continuing to help me at Providence as well. Something such as this will not be wasted nor ever forgotten. Thank you again, and I continue to give thanks and praise to the Lord for bringing me here. In Christ, Jesus. q

welcome all the 2013-2014 new families to the Ontario Christian family. Jonahtan & Tamara Moyers Michael & Mercy Mulder Dean & Soo Munemitsu Larry & Sara Myers Angelo & Teresa Campa Narvaez Mark & Lirio Escobar Nickerson Isaac & Olubukola Ajay Obidi Armando & Cortney Carr Ochoa Jason & Kristina Scarpa Odegaard Darrin & Jennifer Offringa Ted & Tamrin Olden Robert & Susan Ortiz Keith & Joey Padgett Oswald & Esther Mende Parada Daniel & Karen Paul Marlene Perry Frank & Shannon Peters Kimberly Peters

Mark & Laura Veltman Peterson Alfred & Alma Pina Gerard & Magali Pudlik Feroz & Karla Rahiman Hector & Yolanda Ramirez Brett & Melissa Rennegarbe Eric & Jamie Resch Alejandro & Michelle Reyes Jason & Lauren Riley Shelley Robinson Angel & Veronica Perry Rodriguez Ricardo & Christina Rodriguez Mauricio & Zoraida Torres Romero Shawn & Erica Rumenapp Clint & Lori Sadler Archie Salas Yvette Salazar Fred & Pattie Montejano Salce

Michael & Stephanie Sampson Vanessa Scatamacchia Rob & Cara Schelling Alfonso & Dena Serrano Roland & Dorine Smith Leobardo & Catalina Solis Daniel and Mariela Spear Frank & Doerte Spors Erick & Maricel Sumner Narendra & Sunaina Talreja Steven & Sheila Tatgenhorst Radames & Maria Tejada David & Sunny Tenerelli Anthony & Ryan Thompson Alisa Toalson Jeff Toalson Bobby & Nicole Tomashek Michael & Laura Lozoya Tomelloso


Stephen & Jeanette Torres Chris & Angie Turton Troy & Erika Ulloa Tim & Julie VanHorssen Luis & Sandra Vargas Thomas & Sarah Visser Jonathan & Karen Weaver Marla Williams Mitchel & Laura Windsor Joe & Wenli Dong Yang Ken & Marian Yeh Mike & Maria Yslava Jerry & Ana Zaragoza Michael & Melinda Zeman Jose & Glenda Zuniga


FALL 2013


Annual Fund Drive – 2013-14: ANNUAL DRIVE

Please... Give Until it Helps!!


by Dianne De Groot, Director of Admissions and Development

We want to thank those of you who have already given to our Annual Fund and we want to encourage those who have not yet participated to please “Give Until it Helps”! We all benefit from a growing, thriving, and financially healthy Christian school. A successful drive will help our families, our churches, our community and our country as we continue our vision of partnering with parents in “Growing Christian Leaders”! WE need your help to make our goal of: $175,000! Please consider……“Giving Until it Helps”!! q

Look Who Has Joined Us at OC Preschool! Triple scoop!! That is what their parents, Chris and Corrine Stevens, refer to their 4 year old triplets. Chris Stevens is a teacher and football coach at our high school. Along with joining them, we have eleven other staff of OCS that have their children in OC Preschool. God has blessed us with these wonderful children and many others that are here! Ontario Christian Preschool offers ½ Day, School Day hours and Extended daycare schedules for 2, 3, or 5 days a week. The program is for preschool age children 2 years-5 years old and fully potty trained. Contact the preschool at 909-983-2420 for more information if you are interested in enrolling your child. q



A note of gratitude from a parent:

“A Blessing That Will Last Into Eternity” Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above the heavenly host, Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost – Thomas Ken. We praise God for his blessings. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the believers that have been used to provide those blessings. Ontario Christian has been much more than a school to my son and me. It has been a place that has provided comfort, encouragement and growth. He has attended OC since pre-school. Many teachers and staff have poured their time and love into the heart of my child. The Word of God is placed in his heart and soul, which was the very reason for my selecting OC for his education. But as often happens, circumstances change and what once was a privilege was no longer feasible. Due to financial hardship, OC became a privilege we could no longer afford. However, the Christian foundation that was established in my son kept him strong as we took a new path to a public school for his freshman year. “And we know that in all things God works

for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28). This was the scripture we embraced while our faith was being tested and our lives were being reshaped. We were very happy the day we received the news that a donor wanted to bless our lives by paying my son’s tuition. After spending a year away from OC, he was able to come back to his home. We are grateful to those who gave generously to bless our lives. This is a blessing that will last into eternity. As a senior football player, he was asked what he was thankful for. His response was for the people who made it possible for him to be there today. I, too, say thank you. I encourage those who are blessed financially to consider doing for someone else what someone generously did for us. It will greatly impact the heart of a child and the parents who love them. q



FALL 2013



De Vries, Dzhandzhapanyan Crowned at Homecoming


by Kristin Santana

2013 Homecoming Court consisted of (back, l-r) : Justin Tazelaar, Jake Landreth, Nick DeVries, Chasse’ Sodemann, Noah Ghotbi. Seated, L-R: Kaylee de Falkenberg, Taylor Holcomb, Natalie Dzhandzhapanyan, Lexi Mills, Ashley Vidaurri. OCHS celebrated Homecoming 2013 on October 18 to a packed stadium filled with current students, families and past alumni. The theme for the night was A Red Carpet Affair inspired by vintage Hollywood. Our five princes were introduced at the Kings Rally the day before. These handsome men are Nick De Vries, son of Tony and Nicole De Vries; Noah Ghotbi, son of Nasser and Debbie Ghotbi; Jake Landreth, son of Rob and Krystal Landreth; Chasse’ Sodemann, son of Sven and Lu’Wana Sodemann, Justin Tazelaar, son of Dave and Wendy Tazelaar. As the five princes were standing in front of their classmates, teachers, family and friends in the decorated gym, the giant star on the back wall was unveiled revealing Nick De Vries as the 2013 Homecoming King.

Our five beautiful princesses were driven into the ceremony in convertibles with their personal biographies playing in the background. They were Kaylee de Falkenberg, daughter of Mark and Tera de Falkenberg; Natalie Dzhandzhapanyan, daughter of Norik and Diana Dzhandzhapanyan; Taylor Holcomb, daughter of Phil and Cyndi Holcomb; Lexi Mills, daughter of Greg and Dianne Mills; Ashley Vidaurri, daughter of David and Carolyn Vidaurri. After the princesses got out of the car, each of their dads had a black box containing the results of who was to be named queen. On the count of 3, the lids were lifted and balloons were released. The red and gold balloons announced Natalie Dzhandzhapanyan as the 2013 Homecoming Queen. Congratulations to all of you. q

Save the Date! March 28, 2014 We are currently accepting donation of items for the Silent Auction and Live Auction. If you or a business associate would like to donate an item(s) or donate money and have the auction committee purchase some items, please contact Nicole DeVries at 909-983-4644 ext. 135 or email her at ndevries@ by March 7. Check out our website by clicking on the Auction logo above on the OC website or go to Proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit our continued investment in new technology and equipment for our teachers and staff. q



Harvest Festival Highlights by Nicole DeVries First, we give thanks and glory to our amazing God for being with us every step of the way! Second, many thanks to all the amazing servants who worked very hard and gave their time, talent and resources to help make this year’s annual Harvest Festival a huge success: Heidi Englebrecht, Desiree Ferrazzano, Abbey Haagsma, Christine Koontz, Glenda Lubben, Sandy Mooneyhan, Yvonne Rowley, as well as Randy Dejong and the whole maintenance crew. Mr. Rivera made the football throw and the candy dart board. Mr. Huisken recruited art students for the Henna booth. Mrs. West found student volunteers and put on an amazing pep rally. Our student emcees were Jake Landreth and Charity Waddy, and our student audio tech was Gabby Segura. Many thanks to all the awesome student volunteers and parent volunteers; Beth Verhoeven for Dutch Cafe, The Paintball Shop for donating the paintball inflatable, Michael & Monique Murga, Kavitha & Bob Herrington, Don Ritz, Denice Riezebos, Wendy Tazelaar, and last but certainly not least, the husbands of all the OCPA board members who gave their whole day to help make this event possible. We had more than 1,000 people attend our day of festivities and raised about $6,000 that will help pay for special classroom supplies and special events that are not covered in the annual school budget, including Colonial Chesterfield Riley’s Farm trip, Accelerated Reading skate party and Walk thru California. There was a great school spirit present this year with our junior cheer along with our OC cheerleaders who did a great job honoring our football players with their mini pep rally, which they performed over by the band stand. Also our Elementary Principal Mike Wiersma, teachers Mike Fischer, Nathan Kok, Jeremy Zuidema, Billy Thompson, High School Homecoming King Nick DeVries, and Prince Justin Tazelaar sacrificed themselves in the Dunk Tank this year. We welcomed back food vendors Juan’s Tacos, Juice It Up, CYAA, Papi Corn Roast, OCHS Cheer Team and some new ones, such as Mamae’s Cooking, Funnel Cakes and Kettle Corn, along with 23 different vendors. Our 50/50 drawing raised $1,065, and we would like to congratulate the Crockwell family for being the lucky winners of the 50/50 drawing. q



FALL 2013




the country to join an accounting firm to which I had absolutely no connection. But the Lord picked up in Sioux Falls where he left off in Sioux Center and Ontario. We were quickly enveloped into another loving, God-fearing community. The accounting firm was a good fit, and I was blessed to be brought on as a partner in 2008. We joined an Evangelical Free church where the Lord continued to secure His grip on both Cara’s and my hearts. Our second son, Luke, was born shortly after our move to Sioux Falls. Our third son, Ezra, joined the family about two years later.

Two Decades Later by Eric De Haan, Class of 1993 It has been 20 years since I graduated from Ontario Christian. The years have gone by quickly. As I reflect on our journey, I can certainly see God’s hand in each step. Among the many people and life events I experienced at OC, it was an accounting class during my senior year, taught by Mr. Schwarz, that provided the initial compass for my professional career. The idea of debits equaling credits seemed easy enough, so I made up my mind that accounting would be my profession. Not the most ambitious of beginnings, but God used my logic to bring me to Dordt College to earn my accounting degree. While in Iowa, I fell in love with both the wide open spaces of the Midwest and Cara DeWit. God has blessed me with many godly influences, but he was especially gracious by introducing Cara to me. Unfortunately, I was two years older than her. So after I graduated from Dordt, I moved back to Ontario, where I began my career at a local accounting firm. There I learned the ropes of public accounting. Meanwhile, Cara stayed at Dordt. With the help of a surprise proposal, Cara eventually followed me to Ontario as my bride. She was able to teach 4th grade at OC for four years until our first son, Gerrit, was born. It was a great joy, yet slightly surreal, to be a part of the OC teaching community along with teachers who taught me, such as Ms. Bestemen and Mr. Jasper. When Gerrit was almost two, Cara and I decided to move our small family to the romanticized, “wide-open spaces” of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was hard to say goodbye to the people with whom I had grown up, who showed my family and me so much love and encouragement. Between my family, church, and the OC community, we were well cared for. It was scary to move halfway across



Every day, the Lord continues to show His great love for me in ways that I never expected when I was a student at OC. Backtrack with me to our newlywed days. On our way home from church, Cara turned to me and said, “Eric, I think I’d really like to adopt a child.” The idea scared me. I responded with the appropriate, but probably insincere, reply, “Well, we should pray about this.” I prayed halfheartedly about the subject, but Cara started praying fervently and never stopped. Twelve years later, the Lord answered her prayers favorably as the Holy Spirit finally laid that same calling on my heart. On September 11th of this year, Cara and I brought our 4-year-old daughter, Naomi, home from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Once again, God was gracious to me. This joyful girl has gone through life experiences I cannot even wrap my mind around. Yet, she is happy. She shows a genuine love for Cara, her brothers, and me. Through the adoption of our precious daughter, God is teaching me much about His love for me. He loved me before I could possibly love Him. Even with this knowledge, I am prone to reject Him, yet His love remains. I’m 38 years old now. Considering that I attended OC from K-12, 25% of my life has been heavily influenced by my experiences as a student. Looking back on these years, I am reminded that I initially learned what it meant to be a part of the family of God at OC. I was blessed by many teachers who encouraged me as I went through the various crises we all go through as students. My initial worldview was heavily shaped by the teachers at OC; I was able to see the order of God’s creation in science and math. As a student, I was also blessed with godly friends, many of whom continue to provide encouragement to me and my family. I also see my experience at OC as a financial sacrifice through which my parents blessed me. In sending me to OC, my parents communicated to me the importance of understanding that Christ is active in all areas of life. God uses us in ways we cannot dare imagine. My story isn’t exactly amazing, but it is surely different than I could have predicted 20 years ago. May God continue to use OC to equip His children to go into every corner of His world to further the kingdom. q



Class of 1988

Class of 1993

Back Row: James Noonan, Jim Riezebos, Carla Vande Steeg. Middle Row: Jill Wiersma-Cole, Christy Cornell-Delaney, Christopher Nott, Brenda Wind-Thompson, Kathleen Van Vliet-Haagsma. Front Row: Nancy Douma-Andeel, Lisa Worley, Fred Fisher, Scott Keough, Cathy Terpstra-Hough, Kim Andringa-Stodart.

Philip Troost, David Lower, Donnie De Vries, Eric Vander Broek, Matthew Rossman, Michael van Leeuwen, Jimmy te Velde, Crystal Rossman, Erin Rardin-Griffin, Nicole Staal-Garcia, David Nelissen, Vickie Miersma, John Hoyme, Yolanda Westyn-Drew, Joe Hinostroza, Jeremy Craig, Shelly Werner-Costello, Lisa Tillema-Vander Meulen, Shannon Westra, Melissa Thornburg-Nation, Julie Rincon-Conrad, Heather Van Diest- Shernaman, Heather Borcherding-Ignacio, Jamie Jorritsma-Wiersma.

Weddings Justin Zuidema (‘10) married Tara DeVries on October 5, 2013 at the Home Stead in Oak Glen California.

Not pictured but in attendance: Heidi Draayer-Grinceri, Amy WrightPayne, Lloyd Wicker, & Charlene Hoekstra-James.


What’s Your Story? Email your story to Nicole DeVries at

Justin Lee Named Commended Student in 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program Congratulations to Justin Lee who has been named Commended Student in the 2014 National Merit Scholarship Program. About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation are being recognized for their exceptional academic promise and our very own Justin Lee is one of them. Commended Students placed among the top five percent of more than 1.5 million students who entered the 2014 competition by taking the 2012 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). Justin has received a Letter of Commendation from Ontario Christian and National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). q



FALL 2013




2013 Tennis Team Earns Ambassador League Championship The Ontario Christian tennis program can be easily overlooked – without courts on campus, players aren’t readily visible and crowds of cheering fans are not a given. It takes a handful of dedicated girls, committed to travel time to/from practice courts and willing to play without the glory that comes with a football stadium or crowded gym, to make up the OC varsity girls’ tennis team. Few players come to the team with years of experience. There is no CYAA tennis, no middle school team, just Venus and Serena to inspire, older siblings to pass along their hobbies, and afternoons spent messing around on public courts. This is the story of the 2013 varsity team: four years ago, they were a gaggle of 8th grade girls who carried their rackets to school and hit balls back and forth in the middle school walkways. Today, they are a line-up of seniors and proudly deserving of their title as Ambassador League champions. With an overall record of 14-3 and an undefeated league record, the Knights had an outstanding season. And while the world may measure success in trophies and patches, ask any OC tennis player and she would tell you: Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. – 1 Corinthians 9:25 It was team picture time, girls crowding close after the official league victory. A parent hollered for the girls to hold up their fingers – “Who’s number one?” “Jesus!” they yelled back, with sincerity and laughter all rolling into one. And that’s a team who represents Ontario Christian proudly and well. q


Gr. Ht.

Diana Cardenas


5’ 5”

Lauren Feather


5’ 6”

Kayla Dennis


5’ 3”

Taliah Hightower


5’ 4”

Tiara Luis


5’ 2”

Maddie Madewell


5’ 7”

Mariah Moore


5’ 3”

Amanda Castro


5’ 1”

Kaylee Howard


5’ 2”

Savannah Perez-Perez


5’ 5”

Naomi Orantes


5’ 1”

Ashley Vidaurri


5’ 3”

Head Coach: Megan Zuidema Assistant Coaches: Breanne Lamphere Chelsea Albers.



Ontario Christian Parents Association (OCPA) Serve them sincerely because of your reverent fear of the Lord. Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. — Colossians 3:22b-23 Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! You are invited to join other members of the OC family and participate in a variety of fundraising and service based activities this year. If you are a parent or guardian of an Ontario Christian student you are already a member of the Parent Association. We are blessed to have you as a part of this organization. The OCPA has a long history of supporting OC’s faculty and students. Funds that are raised during the school year are used to pay for classroom supplies and special events which are not covered in the annual school budget. .

FAMILY DINE OUT NIGHTS - OCPA works with local restaurants who offer 15-25% of all proceeds, spent by OC families on a particular day, back to our OC schools. These are a great way to connect with other OC families, and for parents to enjoy a night off from cooking. Family Dine Out Nights are held every month or every other month, look for the dates in the CamSAVE THE DATE! pus Connection.

APRIL 12, 2014

BOX TOP for EDUCATION We also collect box tops from FATHER-DAUGHTER all General Mills products. Each DINNER & DANCE (K-8TH) box top collected earns 10 cents for OC. These box tops Come on out and have can also be turned into the a great time! school office or to your child’s teacher. For questions or to volunteer please contact Lori Kyle: 909-969-8864 or Sign up to receive discounts, coupons and enter contests at the Box Top website SPRING FUNDRAISER - In Spring 2014, we will be hosting a fundraiser. Participating students will receive prizes and treats. OC receives 40% of all sales from this fundraiser.

Pitctured (L-R): Nicole Tomashek, Lori Kyle, Cristina Gurney, Marina Reed, Cyndi Holcomb.

The Board Members for the 2013-2014 year: Cyndi Holcomb Cristina Gurney Nicole Tomashek Lori Kyle Marina Reed

President Vice-President Treasurer Vicar Secretary

909-772-5726 951-830-3189 909-996-5971 909-969-8864 909-730-6985

Members serve a two-year term of service and are installed each July. Please call a board member if you are interested in serving or for more information. FOR THIS YEAR OUR FUNDRAISERS WILL INCLUDE: SCRIP - An ongoing fund-raising program that provides an opportunity for you to earn money toward your tuition bill and raise funds for OC. Scrip is another word for gift cards. These gift cards can be used to pay for gas, groceries, entertainment, restaurants! The best part of this program is that you pay nothing extra for these cards and they are used for items you already buy. Everyone who participates in this program receives two coupons annually to put toward their tuition. This means the tuition paying parent saves money! To learn more about this program, go to

Montclair Plaza EARNING 4 LEARNING Program - Bring your original receipts to the Earning 4 Learning collection box located at the schools offices and our school earns five (5) points for each dollar spent at any of the participating stores, restaurants and services at Montclair Plaza. For questions please contact Lori Kyle: 909-969-8864 or ELEMENTARY HOT LUNCH PROGRAM - Manna Foods serves hot lunch daily to our preschool-8th grade students. Menus and order forms are distributed each month and must be returned with your payment promptly to ensure proper processing of all the orders. Please refer to the hot lunch order form for more information. As a result of all of this fundraising your students are able to receive many opportunities and benefits. On behalf of the OCPA Board we thank you in advance for all the time and effort you give to continue “Growing Christian Leaders” at Ontario Christian. This year the OCPA has approved teacher grants for the following non-budgeted items: Items for the Colonial Fair and Walk thru California. They also provided funding for: electronic devices for the elementary and middle school physical education department, classroom supplies, magnetic white board for class lessons, new computers for the high school library, student rewards and incentives, snow for Preschool Snow Day, the OC Harvest Festival, and partial funding for playground shades at the elementary campus and much, much, more. Later this year, the OCPA will be funding a holiday staff luncheon, a Father-Daughter Dinner & Dance, as well as Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you parents! q



FALL 2013



Meet Ontario Christian’s Newest Employees


Thea Dodge

Carleen Maurer MARRIAGE/FAMILY: Yes! Hub-


by Bryan and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary this year. We have 2 very fun, slightly zany, definitely amazing girls Breanna (6th grade) and Lindsey (4th grade). I’m praying that if I’m weird enough, they’ll rebel against me and be normal!

Todd and together we have 3 beautiful daughters: Logyn, 13; Hayden, 5; and Brenna, 4.

Upland, CA. I went to Upland Elementary, Upland Jr. High, and Upland High School (if there’d been an Upland College I probably would have gone there, too!) Since there wasn’t I’ve been going to Chaffey and Crafton Colleges of and on taking whatever classes looked fun (mostly dance and sports!), avoiding math, and eventually getting my Early Childhood Development units. BORN/RAISED:

PAST EXPERIENCE: For the last 5 years I’ve been a sub-

stitute bus driver for OC. I spent 3 years teaching the Musical Kids class here and for other preschools in the area. During the last 2 years I’ve been substituting at our preschool and I’m so excited that it’s turned into a regular job for this year. SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME: I’ve traveled the

BORN/RAISED: I was born and

raised in Arcadia, California. Our family moved to Chino six years ago. OCS POSITION: 3rd grade

teacher’s assistant. EDUCATION: I have a BA in Behavioral Science from

Cal Poly Pomona, an MA in Special Education from Azusa Pacific University, and a Level II Education Specialist Credential for K-12 grades. PAST EXPERIENCE: I feel especially blessed to have

worked in many different learning environments!! I have taught math and language arts to struggling 6th8th graders in LA Unified, and Junior level English as an instructional co-teacher in Covina Valley U.S.D. SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME: When we retire,

my husband and I hope to become international missionaries. Until then, if the Lord allows, our goal is to go on at least one mission trip per year.

world but never lived outside of San Bernardino County.

Ana Hankins

Kristin Santana Married for 10 years, 3 kids all attend OC; 5th, 3rd and 1st grade.





younger sister who’s a Junior at Ontario Christian.

Bogota, Colombia.

OCS POSITION: Foods/Textiles

teacher, 9th Grade Girls PE, and ASB Advisor and Varsity Assistant Softball Coach.


Spanish Teacher. EDUCATION: BA in arts, from

the National teaching University in Bogota, working now on my teaching credential and bilingual authorization.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science from Dordt in K-12 PE, Health, Coaching (graduated 2010). Currently obtaining Master of Science in PE from APU (planning to graduate December 2013).

PAST EXPERIENCE: I have been a teacher for about 10

years, I have taught from Spanish AP, to Kindergarten.


Substitute teacher at OC for the past 3 years. SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT ME: I have practic-

es judo all my life and I became a World Judo Master Champion in 2009.




I love to read books!

Billy Thompson

Regina Wang MARRIAGE/FAMILY: Parents - Bill


and Janet; Brother - Johnny; Sister - Erin .

Parents - Peter and Leah; brother - Jason.

BORN/RAISED: Born in Hunting-

BORN/RAISED: Born in Tucson,

ton Beach. Raised in Temecula.

AZ, and raised in Taipei, Taiwan.

OCS POSITION: Teacher - Math


11, Economics, Government, US History.

Marketing Coordinator.

‘11. Teaching Credential Vanguard University ‘12.

EDUCATION: BA in Sociology & East Asian Studies from the University of California, Davis; MA in Journalism from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Substitute Teacher in Huntington

PAST EXPERIENCE: Worked at Time Magazine as well as

EDUCATION: Vanguard University

Beach Unified High School District .

newspapers in California, Missouri, and North Carolina.



at Vanguard University. Coaching the JV basketball team at OCHS. Traveled to Bhutan in the Himalayas last summer on a basketball missions trip for a month.

Kathy Vander Tuig MARRIAGE/FAMILY: Married al-

most 20 years to my husband, Bryan. We have 3 boys: Alex is a Junior, Andrew is in 8th grade, and Aaron is in 4th grade. All are in the Ontario Christian school system. BORN/RAISED: Born in Michigan,

but was raised in South Holland, Illinois for most of my life.

to sweets and a penchant for hot sauce.

Parent Testimonials We are so very happy we choose for our children to join OC... Wish we could have done it sooner so they could have attended longer.

OCS POSITION: Reading Para Professional. EDUCATION: I attended Calvin College and got my Bach-

elor’s degree there and then received my GATE certification from UC Riverside. PAST EXPERIENCE: I taught for 3 years at Bellflower Chris-

tian, 1 year at Calvary Christian in Ontario, and 10 years at Redlands Christian. I have taught in the regular classroom and also started the Gifted program at Redlands Christian school. I have been subbing for 3 years at Ontario Christian and Heights Christian School in Chino Hills. This year I am a para-professional working in the SIP department on the elementary campus.

We are thankful for the staff at Ontario Christian Schools. We hope and pray that we can continue to send our children here. We are blessed! Thank you O.C. for an amazing Christian education.


parents and all 4 of my siblings (as well as most of their spouses) are educators.



FALL 2013



Grandparents Day at the High School


November 21, 2013

OCS Foundation



Yes! Yes! ___________________________________ wants to be a Foundation Builder (your name here)

1. $____________ in memory of _______________________________________ 2. $____________ in celebration of _____________________________________ 3. $____________ in support of Christian education

Ontario Christian Schools thanks YOU for your support!

Foundation Builder

Thoughtful and loving friends who wish to honor either living or departed friends and family, may give gifts of remembrance to the Ontario Christian School Foundation. Those honored by such gifts at the commemoration of a wedding, birth, anniversary, retirement, or other events will be notified by an appropriate note as will the family of those honored in death. The name of the person remembered will be listed in our newsletter unless requested otherwise. The amount of the gift is kept confidential and is tax deductible.







Residential & Business – Local & Long Distance Moving – Serving All the Inland Empire

Embroidery & Screenprint - est. 1988 4852 Francis Ave. Chino, CA 91710



Sharon Morff Attorney at Law

Tax and Retirement Services (909) 467-5433

MOVE WITH A NAME YOU KNOW! Competitive Rates • Trade Show & Exhibits • Electronic Equipment • Containerized Storage Expert Packing & Crating • Special Care for Valuables & Antiques • Reliable & Timely Do-it-Yourself Containers • Ask for Felipe

CAL T-179172 • US DOT# 125563 I.C.C. No. MC2934

Serna’s Relocation Systems, Inc. 800-590-5006 Agent for Mayflower Transit, Inc.

Family owned & operated Over 25 years experience







Residential · Commercial · Landscape · AGI

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

(909) 988-9680

2508 S. Grove Ave. • Ontario, CA 91761

Flies · Spiders · Ants · Roaches Fleas · Rodents · Birds · Weeds


3350 Shelby St. Ste. 200 Ontario, CA 91761 909-944-2525 Fax: 909-945-5371

Pediatric/Adult/Geriatric & Sports Medicine Board Certified Family Medicine Providers


15944 Los Serranos Country Club Dr. Suite 110, Chino Hills, CA 91709


Guaranteed same day appointments. Accept most insurances Visit for info

Alphonso Benton, M.D. Cynthia Moreno, D.O.


Nelson, Vince, and Marty P: 909-467-0351 F: 909-391-1919 Remodeling, additions, patios, finish work, dairy buildings State License: #491698


BOUMA A/C & HEATING Jim Riezebos Service & Installation 12188 Central Ave. #343 Chino, CA 91710 (909) 673-1075

ALL*STAR DRIVING & TRAFFIC VIOLATERS SCHOOL La Verne (909) 596-6896 R. Cucamonga (909) 948-5363 Norco (951) 817-8554


PRIME TIME PAINTING Russ Fuller-owner (909) 628-7654

Len Fakkema (909) 627-2602 (909) 630-6208


BRENT WESTRA Real Estate/Mortgage Broker Property Management (909) 519-1328 Sandy DuBoise-Real Estate Agent (909) 947-2777

Ontario Christian Receives


3 Way Thrift has distributed annually an average of $120,000 in the last 5 years to Ontario Christian. The over 1.4 million dollars was made possible thanks to families & friends of OC donating their clothes and other household items to 3 Way Thrift. Please drop-off used items at either school (use the collection boxes pictured above) or at 3-Way Thrift.



FALL 2013


Growing Christian Leaders

Ontario Christian Schools


931 W. Philadelphia Street Ontario, CA 91762

Current Resident or








2 10 13 19 20 20 23-31

Boosters Meeting Preschool Christmas Program Grades 1-6 Christmas Program Jr K Christmas Program Kindergarten Christmas Program HALF DAY NO SCHOOL-Christmas Vacation

1-3 6 13 16 20 21-24 21-24 27 29-30 31

NO SCHOOL- Christmas Vacation School Resumes Boosters Meeting 7:00 pm HS Library Kindergarten Open House 7:00pm NO SCHOOL-MLK Day High School Exams HALF DAY-High School Only NO SCHOOL-Records Day Preschool Auction-a-thon OCPA Fund Raiser Begins

3 10 14 17 20 24

5th-8th Band/Choir Concert 7:00 pm HS Chapel High School Band/Choir Concert 7:00 pm HS Chapel OCPA Fund Raiser Ends NO SCHOOL- President’s Day 8th Grade Parent High School Preview Night 6:30pm HS Chapel Boosters Meeting 7:00 pm HS Library

4 5 5 11-14 12 13 21 24 28 31

Association Meeting HALF DAY-Teacher in Service Fine Arts Festival-7th-8th Grade Band Priority Registration for 2014/2015 school year Preschool Grandparents Tea 8:00am Jr K Grandparents Day Elementary Green & Gold Day Boosters Meeting 7:00 pm Annual Spring Auction & Dinner at Los Serranos Country Club High School Band/ Choir Concert 7:00 pm

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 (20) 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

7:00pm 6:00 pm Varied times 10:00am 9:00 am

HS Library Multi-Purpose Room HS Chapel Pre-school HS Chapel


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 MARCH, 2014

1 2 3 4 (5) 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

HS Library Multi-Purpose Room

HS Library HS Chapel

OC Knightline - Fall 2013  

Ontario Christian School newsletter for Fall 2013

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