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APHA Tryouts Welcome back everyone to another year of hockey and great fun. As each season starts with registration it quickly follows with tryouts. Since the end of the last hockey season the 6 hockey directors from each of the Assiniboine Park Hockey Association (APHA) community clubs have spent many hours reviewing the tryout and evaluation process for the upcoming year. The tryouts this year may not seem much different on the surface, but the hockey directors feel that they have made improvements to the process so that the tryouts will successfully meet the various needs of the community clubs while following the rules set out by Hockey Winnipeg. This year the APHA has hired a group to perform the evaluations instead of volunteers. By hiring a group of dedicated and knowledgeable hockey staff the APHA is hoping to take another step at improving tryouts and player evaluations. The paid independent evaluators will be used for every age group from 8 to 14 years old. As you prepare your hockey players for another season the hockey directors wish everyone the best and hope you have a positive experience during tryouts. The purpose of the try-outs is to create the appropriate number of teams at each level of an age group (A1/A2/A3) based upon Hockey Winnipeg rules for the number of try-out participants in a given area (APHA). Skaters will receive a minimum of 3 hours of evaluation, with a maximum of 4 hours. All players have been divided into 4 groups alphabetically (some age groups have less groups). After 1 hour of evaluation players will NOT be selected for any level and each player must participate in the skates on Day 1 and Day 2. Groups 1 & 2 will skate together on Day 1 while Groups 3 & 4 will skate together. On Day 2 groups 1 & 3 will skate together and Groups 2 & 4 will skate together. IMPORTANT: Players must wear the same pinnie, both color and number, for Day 1 and 2. After the second ice time on Day 2 the players will be placed into 1 of 3 new groups. The first group that will skate on Day 3 will be the A2/A3 group. The 2nd group will be the A1/A2 group. The third group selected will be assigned to A1 and will skate next on Day 4. The players will receive new pinnies for their Day 3 ice time. Players will be notified by your community clubs hockey convener of their group and ice time for Day 3. After the skate for the A2/A3 players on Day 3 they will receive an envelope that indicates which level they have been selected, A2 or A3. After the A1/A2 skate each player will receive an envelope that indicates that they have been selected for 1 of 2 new groups. The first group will be players selected for A2, with no further skates. The 2nd group will be players that will participate in an additional A1/A2 skate. There will be one final skate for those player selected to A1 after the first 2 skates. This is called the A1 ranking skate on day 4. Pinnies will handed out to each player as they enter the arena; please return them after each ice time. Please also make every effort to assist the many volunteers with this try-out process. It is an arduous & time consuming task for all involved, so your support as we work through each day is appreciated. Any questions can be directed to C4 Male Hockey Director Paul Krestanowich at

Team Formation and Amalgamation When you register your son or daughter for hockey you do so as part of the APHA. While you may register at your home community centre, your player could end up playing on a team hosted by another community centre. After registration, but prior to tryouts, the member community centres of the APHA meet to determine how many teams there will be at each age group. This decision is based upon rules set by Hockey Winnipeg and by the number of children registered at each age group across the entire APHA. During this process it is also decided which community centre will host each team, as all community centres want to host teams. The hosting community centre does not have to have the majority of the players on the team. Please see attached for your tryout ice times, these times are subject to change. You will be notified of your ice times prior to the first skate. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please contact your hockey director or fill out the attached volunteer form.