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World Missions The Salvation Army USA Central Territory World Missions Bureau Meeting our Partners in Mission by Megan Polsley This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the Summer Mission Team to Chile. When I found out that I was going to Chile I was very excited because my corps, St. Louis Gateway Citadel, is partnering with a corps right outside of Santiago, Chile, through an initiative called Partners in Mission Next-Steps. (For more information about Partners in Mission Next-Steps, see the article on page 2.) I had heard so much about the Nueva Extremadura Corps in Chile and I was hoping that I would be able to see it in person. Fortunately, it worked out so that I was able to represent Gateway and actually see firsthand God’s work in the Nueva Extremadura Corps. Nueva Extremadura has a childcare program that is run during the week for kids from birth to school age. My team and I were able to spend time with the children

Volume 3, Issue 1 4th quarter 2009 World Missions Bureau Staff Chris Shay, Director Kristin Caddy, Asst. Director Sarah Kincaid, Sponsorship & Mission Support Coordinator Contact us! Phone: 847-294-2108

Megan visits with the corps officers of the Nueva Extremadura Corps in Chile

while we were there. They were absolutely beautiful! Parents are able to go to work or look for work while their children are being taken care of very well at the corps. The corps officers of the Nueva Extremadura Corps are amazing people of God who are selfless in their ministry. They live within the compound of the corps in a small apartment. The officers shared with us that they often hear gunshots at night, and that there is even a hole in a window from a gunshot. Although their situation isn’t ideal, they don’t let it hinder their ministry in the corps and the community. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

says, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Seeing these officers live joyfully, giving thanks to God for the opportunity they have in Nueva Extremadura, and continually praying for the community challenged me to do the same. I believe that I should live out 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 so that I may be a Christ-like example for others to follow, just as the officers of Nueva Extremadura were for me. I am thankful for the opportunity I had to meet our partners in mission and am grateful for the continued partnership our corps has with Nueva Extremadura.

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Partners in Mission Next-Steps What is Partners in Mission NextSteps? Partners in Mission Next-Steps is a pilot program in which a corps raises their world services money as always, but the funds are applied directly to specific project needs of their Partner in Mission Territory. The purpose is to glorify God by establishing a healthy, on-going relationship between a USA Central Territory corps and a Partner in Mission country. The program fosters a true partnership, which goes beyond the giving and receiving of funds, as both partners become knowledgeable about the other’s culture and work of The Salvation Army in their location through exchanging pictures, sharing project information, and building relationships, resulting in a mutual sharing of prayer and ideas. Who is participating in the Partners in Mission Next-Steps program? Currently, four corps have been approved for participation in this three year pilot program. These include: • Dearborn Heights Corps, Eastern Michigan Division partnered with Peru, South America West Territory • Kalamazoo Corps, WMNI Division partnered with Peru, South America West Territory • Pekin Corps, Heartland Division partnered with the Zimbabwe Territory • St. Louis Gateway Corps, Midland Division partnered with Chile, South America West Territory How can our corps get involved with this program? Partners in Mission Next-Steps is still currently a pilot program limited to the four corps. However, you are encouraged to give faithfully to world services as these funds help

to support the work of The Salvation Army in our Partner in Mission locations. Also, each division has been partnered with two or three of our Partners in Mission locations to encourage the forming of relationships. Eastern Michigan Division—Peru/ Bolivia, Austria Heartland Division—Philippines, India Central Indiana Division—Congo Brazzaville, Malawi Kansas/Western Missouri Division— Ecuador/Chile, Philippines Metropolitan Division—Russia / Republic of Georgia Midland Division—Ecuador / Chile, Zimbabwe Northern Division—Zimbabwe, India Central Western Division—Moldova/Ukraine/ Romania WMNI Division—Congo Brazzaville, Malawi Wisconsin/Upper Michigan Division— Peru/Bolivia, Austria

Here are some ideas for creating a partnering relationship with your country: • Your division could sponsor a young person or young officer couple to come to any number of events: Youth Councils, CBLI, CMI, Commissioning weekend, etc. Such a trip would be a once in a lifetime experience for them. • Men’s clubs, Corps Cadets or

other groups could raise money and travel to the Partner country for a short term missions trip. While this is expensive, people are willing to work toward a worthwhile goal, and the benefits that would result by increasing our soldiers’ global awareness would be seen for years. Sunday School classes, Sunbeams, or Adventure Corps could sponsor a child or children’s home in their partner country. Divisional camps might hire a young adult from a Partner country, and pay their airfare to the U.S.A. Contact the World Missions Bureau for additional information. The World Missions Bureau offers a Project 24/29* kit to be used with youth to raise money for their partner countries while spending 24 hours without food. This is a program that encourages our youth to increase their world awareness through fasting, Bible study, local service projects, and learning about the countries they are raising money to support. Project 24/29* could be the foundation for youth councils weekend.

The World Missions Bureau is here to assist you as you partner with our fellow Salvationists. Contact us with any Partners in Mission questions or concerns.

Cameron’s Cookies for World Services This past summer, threeand-a-half-year old Cameron Mowers did his part to raise money for World Services. With the help of his mother, Captain Marcie Mowers, he baked cookies and sold them for a donation at a garage sale. He raised just over $17 which he proudly Cameron sells his cookies

presented at his corps on World Services Sunday!

How are you or your corps raising money for World Services? Let us know by sending an email to Missions@

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Love in Action: Raising School Uniform Funds at CBLI The World Missions Bureau’s Love In Action project, with a special emphasis on raising funds for school uniforms, was the fund raising focus at The Salvation Army’s Central Bible and Leadership Institute (CBLI) 2009. There is a great need overseas for funds to purchase school uniforms as in many locations children are not allowed to attend school without the proper uniform. Through the combined efforts of the Jr. CBLI track (made up of children ages 6-10) and 3 offering collections

taken, the grand total raised for Love in Action at CBLI was $4,218! Territorial Headquarters generously matched that donation bringing the total to $8,436 raised to provide school uniforms for children over-

seas. At a cost of $30 a uniform, this amount will provide 281 uniforms, enough for a whole school of children! What an inspiration knowing children around the world are receiving an opportunity to attend school and have a chance at a hopeful, successful future! To learn how to show your Love in Action, please visit today!

Share Your Christmas Joy

Matching Gifts

You can help bring Christmas joy into the life of a child in need. You can help them experience the excitement of a Christmas morning that we in the U.S. often take for granted. Each year The Salvation Army in the Midwest (Central Territory) collects money to be divided equally among the over 100 institutions around the world where people living in our territory sponsor children.

Does you employer or company ‘match gifts?’

The funds are to be used to provide a special Christmas celebration for the children living in a Salvation Army children’s home or those who are a part of a Salvation Army children’s program. Generous donations from people like you have allowed children living in the Bethany Home in Haiti to wake-up to presents under the tree and kids from a home in South America to enjoy Happy Meals and play time at McDonald’s.

You may be eligible through your company or employer to have your 2009 Sponsorship donation matched, at no cost to you!

The donations have also made it possible for Santa to make a special visit to a children’s home in Bolivia and for the girls at Dehiwala Girls’ Home in Sri Lanka to receive new clothes and a delicious Christmas breakfast. To ensure the funds reach the locations around the world in time to create a special Christmas celebration for the children, all donations must be received by October 31, 2009. Donations can be sent to: The Salvation Army, Sponsorship Program – Share Your Christmas Joy, 10 W. Algonquin Rd., Des Plaines, IL 60016.

Contact your employer's human resources office and ask if your company matches charitable contributions made by employees. If your company does not currently match employee donations, request that they start. We’ll direct the matched gift funds towards the Love In Action project which supplies school uniforms, food, mosquito nets, farm animals and more to children in need worldwide. Your matched Sponsorship donation can change lives!

Summer Mission Team - Page 4

Volume 3, Issue 1

SMT 2009: Seeing God at work around the world I saw God at work in Moldova through the leadership roles held by young adults in various corps. My team and I had a lot of opportunities to attend and assist with youth programs, Vacation Bible Schools, and at the end of the summer we spent a week ministering at a kids’ camp. Throughout the summer I did not jump right in and lead, but I first observed to see what I could learn. There were lots of children from all over Moldova who came to camp and were hungry for compassion and needed some attention. The leaders at camp were young adults from different corps settings around the country. Each and every leader was waiting for the children with open arms, ready to help the hungry in any way possible. I saw God working through the young adult leaders because they were willing and eager to serve and to guide their campers in their Christian walk. The children’s lives changed every day because of the work that God was doing through the faithfulness of our new friends. God has great plans for both the children and the youth leaders in Moldova. He’s already been working in Moldova and will continue to work. Please support our brothers and sisters in prayer. —Submitted by Brenna Logan I saw the Lord at work in the Detroit Harbor Light Center and it was awesome how God used the SMT Central Blue Team which was made up of Erica Johnson, Lindsay Hall, and

Steve Rivero from the USA Central Territory; Jelina Patzi from Argentina; and Titus Ofori Arko and Jerry Anane from Ghana, Africa to transform the lives of people, especially about 20 kids living in the family shelter in Detroit. A lot of people in the shelter have neither a permanent home nor food to eat. They do not have money and some do not even have families. It was obvious on the faces of some of the women that they have given up in life because they thought there was no hope for them and their families. But before the team left, we shared the

Word of God with them, assuring them of God’s unconditional, unfailing and eternal love for them which is evident in His son Jesus Christ. No matter where they find themselves now, God will surely bless them exceedingly, abundantly above what they can ever think or ask because He is Jehovah Jireh, the provider and supplier of all our needs. They just need to give their lives to Christ and accept Him as their Savior and Lord. We assured them that the best house they could have is the house of God where

Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father and the best food is the Word of God. VBS was organized for the kids and we taught them about the Fruit of the Spirit, Armor of God, and the love of God. The kids loved us so much that it was all tears of joy when the team was leaving. Through God’s power we have brought hope to the hopeless, rest to the restless, strength for the weak, happiness to the sorrowful, joy and peace to those who had none. God has turned their mourning into dancing again. Hallelujah! -Submitted by Jerry Anane, Ghana Imagine a place where public transportation is composed of motorcycles with covered “sidecars” (called tricycles), busses, some taxis, and hundreds of uniquely decorated old army vehicles known as jeepnies— a place where you are guaranteed to have both a warm bed and a warm welcome! And, of course, who can forget to mention the scenery, the amazing people, and the abundance of fresh delicious fruit? Well, there is such a place… and it is called the Philippines! This past summer I was on SMT on the Philippines team. Through this mission trip I definitely saw God at work

Summer Mission Team - Page 5

Volume 3, Issue 1

SMT 2009 (continued) in the Philippines in many ways. One of the many ways that I saw God at work in the Philippines is actually still evident even up to today through ongoing relationships that I have with some of my new friends in the Philippines. The people I met in the Philippines serve the Lord wholeheartedly. This was evident in the stories they told us as well as how they lived their lives. A few people who showed this very well were the officers who hosted our team – Major Joy Flores (Visayas Island Division D.C.), and Captain Flor Cuartero (DHQ officer). Both of these women had just moved to this area only weeks before we arrived, yet we probably wouldn’t have realized this if we hadn’t been told because they just seemed so happy there and served like it was the place they have always known and the place they

were meant to be at this time. Also, the officers of one of the corps we visited had too just moved weeks before our arrival (Captain Wilson & Captain Minzhi Gregorio). After talking with these officers, I know that they have had a challenging transition (because of being far from “home” and even having a new dialect they have to master); yet they welcomed us with open arms and we could tell they are enjoying and loving their new corps, corps family, and community! Again, these are just a few examples of how I see God working through the lives of the people in His beloved country of the Philippines! -Submitted by Breann Massey I saw God at work in Eleuthera, Bahamas when the kids just kept coming to VBS everyday. Though we weren't perfect, they still loved attending and still wanted to be there with us. -Submitted by Melissa Pascoe


Are you interested in applying for Summer Mission Team 2010? Summer Mission Team (SMT) is a leadership development program that invites Salvationist young adults into a deeper relationship with the Lord through participation in an eight-week team missions experience. Team members may be involved in VBS, Day Camp, adult evangelistic programming, basic work projects, and feeding programs. While the teams minister with The Salvation Army overseas and throughout locations in the Midwest, they are given the opportunity to discover God’s plan for all people to be part of His Kingdom. Summer Mission Team members also benefit from gaining a broader perspective of The Salvation Army. Applicants must be active Salvationists and at least 18 years old by June 1, 2010. A complete list of requirements can be viewed at: To request an application, send an email to Applications must be completed and at THQ by January 17, 2010.

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Updates from our Missionaries in the Caribbean Serving God in Haiti Submitted by Major Violet Ezeh The Ezehs are now in their ninth year at The Salvation Army Bethel Clinic in Fond-des-Negres, a rural area about 75 miles west of Portau-Prince, Haiti. Captain (Dr.) Felix Ezeh is the administrator of the clinic, which is a full-service medical facility serving more than 150 patients each day. In the midst of continued economic pressures, the clinic is managing to generate just enough funds to continue to pay the staff of over 100 and to meet the other operational costs of running the clinic. For this we praise God. Major Violet Ezeh is the Assistant Administrator/Financial Manager and helps keep track of the finances, payroll and reporting requirements in the clinic. One major responsibility is the management of Violet shops for shoes in the AIDS Haiti Relief Program grant, which is part of the United States grant under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). This funding enables us to provide antiretroviral therapy (ART) to over 650 patients and palliative care to another 400 patients who are not yet eligible for ART. It is very rewarding to see the difference in the lives of our AIDS patients when they are able to regain their strength and health with the medication.

Our son, Matthew, is now seven and has entered the 3rd grade at The Salvation Army Matthew Primary School here in Fond-des-Negres. His class work is done in French and Creole and we work on his English skills at home. He likes mathematics and his handwriting is improving. He attends Jr. Soldier classes on Saturdays and then stays on to play with the corps officers' two sons. With their help he learned how to ride a bike and now is even more excited about the chances to visit and play on Saturdays and after church on Sundays. Last December, Violet’s brother Major Bob Doliber, was able to come down to Haiti for about 10 days. We put him to work preaching in the corps on Sunday with Felix translating, doing the staff devotions during the week and going with Violet to the nearby Felix and Violet with Bob town of Miragoane to shop for the staff Christmas gifts. It was fun sharing Haiti with a member of the family, the first time this has been possible during our stay here. This year was Violet's homeland furlough year which corresponded with her 25th session reunion. It was wonderful to have the chance to participate in the commissioning activities and reconnect with so many friends

and family members. It was also her 30th class reunion at Asbury College so she was able to include that on her travels. Matthew traveled with her, while Felix stayed at home to keep things going. Haiti is preparing to receive General Shaw Clifton and his wife this coming November. Big plans are in the works, with all the musical forces preparing special numbers for the event. Pray that the meetings will go well and that many will grow in their knowledge and experience with the Lord. Notes of Praise: • That 2009 marks 25 years of officership service for Major Violet: 11 years in the Central and now 14 years in the Caribbean. • That Major Violet and Matthew were able to participate in the PowerPoint congress and commissioning weekend, first time for Matthew and first time for Major Violet since going overseas in 1995. • That things went smoothly at the clinic for Captain Felix during Major Violet’s 6 week absence. • That the services being rendered by Bethel Clinic continue to meet the desperate needs of the people in the southern region of Haiti. • That God has been a very present source of help in the midst of some very difficult times concerning the management of the clinic. • That this hurricane season has been very mild after last year’s busy season that saw four hurricanes pass over Haiti resulting in many lost lives and damaged crops and housing. Prayer Requests: • That God will provide the right

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Updates from our Missionaries (continued) • •

staff to work in the clinic: those with a heart of service and selfsacrifice and a life committed to Jesus Christ. For wisdom in handling the management of the clinic. That we will find a means to replace the Toyota truck which is now 10 years old and is the backMajor Violet and a friend bone of transportation for the clinic: taking teams on mobile clinic, transferring seriously ill patients to other facilities and carrying medicines and supplies from Port-au-Prince. That we find the help we need to get the clinic books put on QuickBooks.

The Poffs’ Mission In Haiti Submitted by Bob Poff In July 2009, Bob and Vicki Poff moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti where Bob is serving at Divisional Headquarters in Public Relations and Disaster Services while Vicki is in charge of La Maison du Bonheur Children’s Home.

Recently they took in 11 new children at La Maison, taking them to their capacity of 50. Many of these new children are from an area in northern Haiti called Gonaives where there was a terrible mud-slide last year. Many peo- Bob and Vicki Poff ple died, and many children were left orphaned. Others coming from the area have serious skin issues and diseases, related to the miseries of the mud and water and disease that ravaged their town. Another child recently received at the home was coming out of a Restivick situation - in which she was required to be the 'slave' for family members. She is 11 years old, and was required to do all the cooking, cleaning, household chores. She was not allowed to attend school, and lived in worse conditions than the rest of the family, Fortunately, we were able to intervene in this situation, and she is now playing with other children her own age, attending school, eating 3 times a day, and beginning a normal childhood! We are so grateful to God for this young life. Prayer Requests from the Poffs: • Of course, money is always an issue. Prices for food and other com-

4th quarter birthdays & anniversaries October 4—Richard Herivel 5—Camie McPherson 7—Sharon Strissel 12—Timothy & Camie McPherson 27—Nancy Roberts

November 3—Timothy McPherson 7—Bramwell Carr (’05) 16—William & Nancy Roberts 22—Felix Ezeh 23—Cindy Shellenberger 26—Eliana Cristi

December 5—William DeJesus 7—Vicki Poff 17—John & Nancy Mowers 18—Alejandro DeJesus (‘98) 26—Brenda Herivel 30—William & Cassie DeJesus

modities are very high. And with much of the world in a financial crisis of their own, giving to places like Haiti has slowed a bit. God is faithful, and we trust him completely, Finances are always at the top of our concerns and prayer lists! Bob's duties at DHQ are Public Relations and Disaster Services! We do not have an Emergency Disaster Services program in Haiti, but thanks to the USA Central, we are adapting materials and going to implement them soon in Haiti! Fortunately, we have not had any hurricanes to contend with so far this year, for which we are very grateful! The General and Commissioner Clifton will be in Haiti in November! We are VERY excited about this visit, marking the 59th anniversary of the Army in Haiti! Pray for us during the Congress - November 26 - 30, that God will be glorified, and His kingdom extended!

Serving God in Jamaica Captains Patrick and Karen Holness have been serving in Jamaica Captains Holness since March 2009. Effective in July 2009 they assumed appointments as corps officers at the Havendale Corps in Kingston, Jamaica. The Havendale Corps is a vibrant intergenerational corps with many different programs. Please keep Patrick, Karen, and their young daughter, Kristen, in your prayers as they serve overseas.

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Volume 3, Issue 1 USA Central Territory Missionaries Lt. Colonels Brad & Heidi Bailey Chief Secretary / Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries Ejército de Salvación Casilla 3225 Santiago CHILE Email Brad_Bailey@ Heidi_Bailey@ Birthdays 5/4 (Brad), 7/17 (Heidi) Anniversary 8/12

Captains Jeff & Valerie Carr (Bramwell & Jonas) Corps Officers c/Benito de Castro No. 7 Apto. 5 C 28028 Madrid SPAIN Email Birthdays 3/20 (Jeff), 4/16/07 (Jonas), 8/21 (Valerie), 11/7/05 (Bram) Anniversary 8/21

Major Eliana Cristi Social Program Projects Officer 4/75 Shaftesbury Road Burwood, NSW 2134 Sydney AUSTRALIA Email Birthday 11/26

Majors Richard & Brenda Herivel

Bob & Vicki Poff

Territorial Secretary for Mission Resource / Russia Divisional Secretary The Salvation Army 109044, Moscow Krestiansky Tupik 16/1 RUSSIAN FEDERATION Email Richard_Herivel@, Birthdays 10/4 (Rich), 12/26 (Brenda) Anniversary 1/3

Children’s Home Directors Armee du Salut PO Box 301 Port-au-Prince HAITI Email Birthdays 8/6 (Bob), 12/7 (Vicki) Anniversary 8/10

Captains Patrick & Karen Holness (Kristen) Corps Officers 57 Mannings Hill Road #8 PO Box 2760 Kingston 8 JAMAICA, W.I. Email Birthdays 1/6 (Kristen), 4/29 (Patrick), 9/12 (Karen) Anniversary 1/28

Captain George Katchanov Corps Officer The Salvation Army 38-2nd Ave NE Dauphin, MB R7N 0Z4 CANADA Email George_Katchanov@ Birthday 8/12

Captains Sergey & Tanya Katchanov Captains William & Cassie DeJesus (Alejandro, Michael) Territorial Youth & Candidates Secretary / Corps Officer Avda, Rivadavia 3255, 5 Piso (C1203 AAE) Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Email Birthdays 2/11/01 (Michael), 9/30 (Cassie), 12/5 (William), 12/18/98 (Alejandro) Anniversary 12/30

Corps Officers Sergey and Tanya Katchanov Сергей и Таня Качановы P.O. Box 1785/ а/я 1785 Dnepropetrovsk 49027 UKRAINE Email Birthdays 1/16 (Sergey), 2/2 (Tanya) Anniversary 4/11

Captains Timothy & Camie McPherson (Zachary & Nathanael)

Major Violet (Doliber) & Captain Dr. Felix Corps Officers Die Heilsarmee Ezeh Am Martstall 25 (Matthew) Clinic Administrators Armee du Salut PO Box 301 Port-au-Prince HAITI Email Birthdays 4/20 (Violet), 4/30/02 (Matthew), 11/22 (Felix) Anniversary 5/19

Majors James & Judith Garrington Corps Officers Die Heilsarmee Reicker Strasse 89 01237 Dresden GERMANY Email, Birthdays 1/25 (Judy), 6/28 (Jim) Anniversary 1/13

30159 Hannover GERMANY Email Timothy_McPherson@, Birthdays 5/22/06 (Zachary), 8/16/07 (Nathanael), 10/5 (Camie), 11/3 (Timothy), Anniversary 10/12

Commissioners William & Nancy Roberts Territorial Commander/ Territorial Leader of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email William_Roberts@KYW., Birthdays 2/26 (William), 10/27 (Nancy) Anniversary 11/16

Justin Rose Territorial Youth Worker The Salvation Army, PO Box 660 Kakamega, KENYA 50100 Email Birthday 8/21

Major Cindy Shellenberger Corps Officer The Salvation Army 1 / 76 George St. Norwood, SA 5067 AUSTRALIA Email Birthday 11/23

Colonels Dennis & Sharon Strissel Territorial Commander/ Territorial President of Women’s Ministries The Salvation Army PO Box CT 452 Cantonments Accra, GHANA West Africa Email, Birthdays 3/4 (Dennis), 10/7 (Sharon) Anniversary 6/14

Majors John & Nancy Mowers Training Principal / Asst. Training Principal Ejercito de Salvacion / Escuela de Cadetes Avenida Tte. General Donato Alvarez Nº 467 (C1406BOC) Caballito, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires ARGENTINA Email, Birthdays 4/26 (Nancy), 9/25 (John) Anniversary 12/17

Remember our overseas officers this Christmas by sending them cards or emails to encourage them in their ministry. If small packages are sent, be sure to write “No Commercial Value” on the label.

Central Missions - 2009 Q4 Newsletter  

Newsletter from the 4th Quarter 2009 Central Missions Bureau.