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WELCOMING Y O U R FA M I LY INTO OURS When your son or daughter starts school at CCGS, they are joining a leading independent school with a reputation for more than just academic excellence. Your family also becomes an integral part of a united, supportive and welcoming community – one that embraces diversity, fosters individuality and cultivates the talents unique to every child. Our inclusive, co-educational learning environment allows siblings to reap the rewards of sharing the same school from Kindergarten to Year 12. A living testament to our strong family spirit are conďŹ dent students who truly stand out as responsible and caring young individuals. Home to our school is 17 undulating, tree-studded hectares on the NSW Central Coast. A spacious, peaceful

learning environment, our campus inspires creative thinking, emotional wellbeing and an active, healthy lifestyle. The CCGS school motto is Vita et Scientia – Life & Knowledge. It embodies a belief that education begins with the seeds sown in the formative years and encompasses an entwining of life skills with academic knowledge. Exceptional teachers encourage all students to develop an intrinsic desire for a lifetime of learning and an ability to adapt to change with energy and enthusiasm. The result is graduates branching out into the world as forward thinking, mature and articulate young adults who celebrate their niche in life and are motivated to contribute to society and the community in which they live.

“CCGS offers my family such a strong sense of community. As a mother I am very thankful that my children have such a wonderful place to grow and learn.” Jennifer (Parent)


W H A T W E VA L U E , PROMOTE AND CHERISH Central Coast Grammar School’s founding Charter, when the doors first opened in 1985, was ‘to be a school of honest endeavour striving to meet the individual needs of its pupils and drawing out from them their best efforts in the varied fields in which their talents lie.’ Today we offer a broad education that promotes the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development of each child. A nondenominational school with a Christian ethos, CCGS encourages students to reflect on spiritual matters, ethical issues and human values. In this way we see our role as helping your child gradually discover his or her own pathway in life. True to our founding Charter, our Aspiration, Mission and Value statements reflect the attitudes we continue to celebrate, encourage and cherish.



Our graduates will be mature and articulate global citizens. They will have been encouraged to maximise their academic potential and have been exposed to a wide variety of cocurricular activities. They will have developed into confident, caring and well balanced young adults. Our graduates will be able to thrive in a rapidly changing world through their collaborative skills, technological competence, enterprising spirit and capacity for innovation.

Our values reflect the school’s culture and the personal attributes we teach, and expect all students to aspire to:

OUR MISSION Striving for excellence in all endeavours in a happy, caring and supportive environment.

• • • • • • • • •

The care of others Generosity and selflessness Personal integrity Love and loyalty Respect and forgiveness Responsibility and self-discipline Compassion and friendship Courage and perseverance Truthfulness and honesty

FROM THE HEADMASTER At Central Coast Grammar School learning and relationships are at the heart of everything we do. Nurturing a child’s potential is a serious business. Our commitment to teaching excellence and maximised academic achievement aims for every student to achieve their personal best within a culture where effort and excellence are rewarded and success is viewed as normal. Learning has many dimensions. Effective academic programs, stimulating cocurricular activities and nurtured student wellbeing provide an all round education that extends the diverse gifts and abilities of each child. CCGS

is organised into 3 dynamic schools dedicated to each stage of your child’s emotional, physical and intellectual development. Our single campus ensures a consistent and secure transition from one stage of learning to the next.

opportunities. Ultimately though, it is the student who defines how they engage in the life of the school and who they will become. In partnership with parents, we aim to be a memorable and guiding force as they grow and build their lives.

We are a friendly school that values and includes parents. Open and honest communication between students, teachers and parents ensures we provide the best possible education to meet your child’s needs.

If you believe that CCGS may be the right school for your son or daughter, come and meet the students and staff in person and experience for yourselves the thriving, purposeful atmosphere pervading the everyday life of our school. You will receive a very warm welcome.

We can open the door to a larger world and make a difference in a child’s life. We can offer dedicated teachers, inspirational learning spaces and a host of

William Low


INDIVIDUAL FOCUS At CCGS the focus is on your child – how they learn, how they think and how we can support them each and every day to help them reach their full potential. Every child is unique. Each has strengths and weaknesses that need to be identified and nurtured. Some respond better to certain learning styles than others. One child may need more encouragement than another in order to achieve their best. Meeting every child’s individual needs is central to our school’s mission. Our teachers get to know your child personally. Talents, abilities and challenges are recognised and teachers accommodate different rates and styles of learning.

Students are placed in classes to suit both their ability and social needs. From Kindergarten to Year 12, learning support specialists work closely with classroom teachers on a daily basis to monitor students’ core learning. They have the skills and knowledge to extend gifted and talented children and assist those needing extra help. Inclusive support and extension is offered within the classroom setting so that your child’s educational experience is both stimulating and comprehensive. As children make the transition from one developmental stage to the next, their needs may also change. A child may be

a confident learner in the Junior School, but may struggle during early adolescence. Another may find it difficult to establish a consistent study routine in Senior College. As educational landscapes broaden and greater independence and maturity are expected, students at CCGS can feel secure in the knowledge that help is always readily available. Throughout their educational journey your child will be encouraged to find their niche and be proud of their own individual achievements.


THE JOURNEY BEGINS J U N I O R S C H O O L ( K- 6 ) The adventure begins in the Junior School. Open, light filled spaces and warm, nurturing teachers welcome our youngest members to school and provide wonderful foundations for the vital early learning and developmental years. Curiosity, clear thinking and academic accomplishment are fostered from day one, encouraging your child to develop a hunger for knowledge. At the same time our skilled and experienced teachers carefully monitor the individual learning and wellbeing needs of each child within their care. Our stimulating Junior School curriculum is anchored by systematic literacy and numeracy programs and enhanced by specialist teachers in Art, Languages,

Music and Sport who are passionate about their individual areas of expertise. Kindergarten children discover the joy of learning a foreign language, Year 3 children learn to play an instrument and Year 5 children commence our integrated Notebook program. Your child is encouraged to respect others and their environment, assume responsibility and develop positive relationships with their classmates and teachers. Gradually as these values are understood and become second nature, your child develops the solid foundations that will see them enter the Middle School with conďŹ dence, resilience and determination.


EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY MIDDLE SCHOOL (7-9) At the very core of Middle School philosophy is an understanding of just how crucial it is for your child to establish and foster productive relationships while maintaining and building confidence and self-esteem. Adolescence is a time of significant change – a time when young people are discovering who they are and developing new relationships. Recognising this critical stage in your child’s development, our

focus in the Middle School is geared towards engaging, energising and challenging them while supporting their emotional wellbeing. Extensive opportunities, rich academic programs and a wide range of electives allow students to explore their talents and interests. At the same time critical thinking and academic rigour establish solid foundations for success in Senior College.


BRANCHING OUT SENIOR COLLEGE (10-12) An emerging adult, your son or daughter is beginning to clarify goals for final accreditation and life beyond school. Senior College offers a vast range of subject choices, extensive careers guidance and new possibilities for personal growth, leadership and service. It is a time when engagement in life and learning is lifted to higher levels. Senior College students are challenged to take intellectual risks, think beyond traditional constraints and become more autonomous in preparation for tertiary

study. Encouraged to be the very best they can be, your son or daughter will have every opportunity to develop the skills, knowledge and motivation for their chosen career. From start to finish CCGS offers the highest standard in education. We identify talent and support students without question in order to build confident achievers. Our goal is to capture the heart and mind of your son or daughter while guiding them at every stage of their learning journey.


“There are a lot of reasons why CCGS is a brilliant school, but the quality of the staff would have to top the list.” Lauren (Dux 2009)

A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE Central Coast Grammar School is wholeheartedly committed to the pursuit of academic excellence. Students are challenged to strive for their personal best and value high achievement in themselves and others. It is a culture that gives each child permission to shine. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity and develop flexible, innovative thinkers and lifelong learners. Consistently strong results are testament to the quality of our learning and teaching practices. The majority of our students choose to further their education at a tertiary level, with most gaining entry to their first choice university courses. An independent school, CCGS is at the forefront of educational thinking and practice. We offer a broad range of programs that prepare students exceptionally well for the demands of adulthood. Our curriculum is consistently under review to enrich the options

available for students and open as many doors as possible for them. Our unifying ‘one school’ learning philosophy ensures your child’s education is both connected and cohesive at every stage of the journey. High quality teaching is the focus of continuous improvement. Dedicated to the wellbeing of every child within their care, our highly qualified teachers have practical experience of contemporary teaching methods and the essential personal qualities of warmth, dedication and integrity. Skilled at creating a sense of wonder and an increasing hunger for knowledge, our teachers inspire students to discover the joy of learning. Your child is encouraged to explore possibilities and ask searching questions. They are challenged to think critically and articulate ideas with increasing clarity.


A FAMILY OF S UP P O R T We believe the link between home and school is the key to unlocking your child’s true potential. Our Wellbeing programs and cohesive school community create an environment in which children can excel. Guiding each child’s emotional, social and academic wellbeing, our House System provides a close-knit network of support throughout their growing years. Aimed at providing each child with a strong sense of connection to the school community, House activities are woven into many aspects of school life. Recognising the vital role a family plays in the life of a child, our founders established

House Families which continue to this day. The House Family group consists of 20 or so students from Kindergarten to Year 12. On starting at our school, your child will become part of a ‘House Family’ to which they will belong until they leave school. Much like a group of brothers and sisters, older students act as mentors, while younger students have the opportunity to interact with positive role models. Wellbeing and House Coordinators work alongside our House Family groups to monitor every child’s personal development. They get to know their students very well and encourage them

to talk about any concerns they may have. These key staff also provide an important link between home and school by working closely with teachers, professional schoolbased counsellors and your family to address any matters that may arise. From time to time, students of all ages experience challenges of varying complexity. Our House System ensures that most obstacles can be turned into positive learning experiences, developing the resilience needed to cope with the ups and downs of life.


B E YO ND T H E CLASSROOM Being a student at CCGS means exploring new interests, challenging inhibitions and embracing unique experiences. A balanced education involves so much more than the pursuit of academic success and we have created an exciting choice of cocurricular opportunities to meet a wide range of interests. Your child can test their spirit in the great outdoors, try their hand at public speaking or join the debating team. They can learn to play an instrument, take to the stage or participate in a variety of sporting codes.

Our Community Service program teaches students to connect with the community at a local, national and international level and identify team projects through which they can help make the world a better place. Our Student Exchange program gives students valuable cultural experience and an understanding of their role as global citizens. They also have access to overseas sport, performing arts, cultural, humanitarian and outdoor adventure tours.

The leadership roles that result from these opportunities build optimism and courage in our students while instilling in them a greater sense of responsibility and empathy towards others. Diversity inspires adaptability and the acquisition of new skills creates greater potential for the future. The self-esteem that results from involvement in our cocurricular activities could signiďŹ cantly inuence your child’s ability to achieve in all aspects of life.


TEAMWORK AND CHALLENGE Our Sport and Outdoor Education programs promote resilience, determination and respect, so important for overall wellbeing. Whether for fun, fitness, the thrill of competition or a combination of all these factors, sport can be a key dimension of your child’s experience at CCGS. In addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle, our sporting programs will see your child learn new skills and increase their circle of friends. Many sports learned at school can become an interest for life. Students have the opportunity to represent our school in a wide variety of sports and CCGS athletes have competed at both state

and national level, many performing exceptionally well. Adventure, challenge, friendship and life skills capture the essence of our dynamic Outdoor Education program. Activities like abseiling, caving, orienteering, cooking, pitching tents, bushwalking, kayaking, and horse riding allow your child to step outside their comfort zone and test their fortitude. Students can also explore their potential through participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Active participation and the exhilaration of physical and mental challenge build teamwork and could stimulate your child’s learning on many levels.


“Could music just be a rhythm, the beat of someone’s footsteps, a clock ticking or the rhythm of a train passing? The rhythm and the music of life is everywhere.” Andrew (Music Captain 2010)

C R E AT I V E EXPRESSION Your child will have many opportunities to explore his or her creative self through our vibrant cocurricular Music and Performing Arts programs. Music is an integral part of life at the school and from an early age every child has the chance to connect with music or extend their existing talents by learning an instrument, singing, composing or joining one of many choirs, bands or ensembles. An outstanding team of accomplished private music tutors inspire enthusiastic beginners and highly accomplished musicians alike. While developing their musical talents, your child can also experience the joy of performing for family and the community.

Performing Arts offer a dynamic platform for further creativity and self-expression. Talent and conďŹ dence are extended as junior and senior students discover the exhilaration live performance can bring through involving themselves in school musical and dramatic productions. Having the ability to speak persuasively and think critically to craft an argument builds personal capacity and our strong Debating and Public Speaking programs develop articulate and engaging speakers. Creative learners are conďŹ dent learners and creativity beyond the classroom brings pleasure and inspiration to children of all ages.


I N S P I R AT I O N A L S PA C E S Nestled on a hillside overlooking the picturesque Matcham Valley at Erina Heights on the NSW Central Coast, our 17-hectare tree-studded campus offers your child a peaceful learning environment in which to explore, study and reflect. Far away from the hustle and bustle yet close enough to transport, shopping precincts and beaches, CCGS is readily accessible by car and public transport. Our youngest students are situated in a cosy corner of the campus. Designed with a young child’s view of the world in mind, our Infants area offers active, growing children a bright, expansive and nurturing environment in which to learn and play.

At the opposite end of the school, our Year 12 students enjoy a quiet space to study and get together with their peers. Taking pride of place at the heart of the campus, our magnificent Library and Lecture Theatre is a sophisticated and vibrant learning hub for students of all ages. Staircases, covered walkways, winding pathways and art-covered walls link classroom blocks and outdoor learning areas. Trees and native gardens flourish throughout the campus and absorb the excited chatter of students as they journey through their day. A multipurpose gymnasium and sports hall, extensive ovals and a floodlit

synthetic sports field motivate physical challenge while the Performing Arts Centre pulses with creative energy. Specialist art, technology and science facilities offer a host of hands on learning experiences. Extensive software, hardware and ICT services are fully integrated throughout our wireless digital learning environment, connecting our people and learning spaces. Since our doors opened in 1985 we have strived for the constant advancement of our facilities. Our goal continues to be the development of inspirational spaces that motivate students, staff and the entire CCGS community.


JOIN OUR COMMUNITY When your child joins CCGS your entire family becomes part of a caring and diverse school community – one in which you will always find a warm welcome. Active parent groups nourish our school, reinforcing the fact that CCGS is a network of friends that care for one another throughout the schooling years and beyond. Just as we happily accept your help and involvement in our school, we support you in your parenting role through information events on a host of educational

and social issues facing families in a world of constant change. We will also welcome you and your family into the school to enjoy your child’s development through a variety of showcase performances and events. Even as your child’s career extends beyond school, they will remain connected to our Alumni network offering a range of opportunities including friendship for life. As a parent, you can make many life-long friends and develop new social and

professional networks within a community of families that share values and aspirations similar to your own. Throughout the journey we will work with your family in a spirit of open communication and mutual understanding. Call our Registrar on (02) 4367 6766 or email to arrange a visit, so that you and your child can experience our wonderful learning environment for yourselves.

Arundel Road, Erina Heights NSW 2260, Australia T: +61 2 4367 6766 F: +61 2 4365 1860 W: E: CRICOS Code: 02261G

CCGS Prospectus  
CCGS Prospectus  

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