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BUNDARA A magazine of the Central Coast Grammar School Community Issue 39 2012

Spotlight on NEW Performing Arts Centre

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B U N D A R A Issue 39


From the Headmaster What is most satisfying about being part of a learning environment is witnessing the tremendous enthusiasm of our entire community to nurture and encourage our girls and boys in every aspect of their educational journey and to support the school in its many endeavours.

“Put there just a spark…” - Anatole France

Nowhere is the level of involvement in an aspect of school life so plainly visible than in the creative arena of the performing arts. Each year huge numbers of budding actors, singers and musicians with diverse personalities and varying degrees of talent are involved in school productions, drama nights and music concerts. These events attract huge audiences who eagerly take their seats to see the polished products of the year-long efforts by so many. When the curtain goes up the “striving for excellence” is over, and the show is on!

The Chairman and I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of our senior and junior productions this year. We saw crew adding the finishing touches to make-up, and costumes being ironed alongside actors who were trying to rehearse their lines. Watching entire production crews gather in the cramped space for last-minute briefs certainly brought home the need for the school to provide professional, spacious surroundings, both back stage and front of house. Like our students who grow year by year, we, as a school, have grown up too. Our new Performing Arts Centre is an exciting project, a new spark to inspire the next generation of performers in addition to providing a much needed gathering place for our vibrant community. William Low Headmaster


[Above] The Seven Dancing Dwarves from Snow White get into character for a photo with the Headmaster [Left] Chairman Ken Jolly went behind the scenes to chat to members of the cast of Man of Steel


B U N D A R A Issue 39


From the School Board Spotlight on new Performing Arts Centre Central Coast Grammar is delighted to announce that it has received approval from Gosford City Council to build a new Performing Arts Centre [PAC]. With the assistance of a capital campaign, construction will commence in April 2013. The broad spectrum of performing arts offers a dynamic platform for creativity and self- expression and as such plays a central role in our provision of holistic education. Performing arts education not only has intrinsic value, but it is also well accepted that access to high level opportunities in the performing arts through good program design, excellence in teaching and first class facilities, has a significant impact on achievement across the academic curriculum and on student social and emotional wellbeing. Our aim in building a new PAC is to enable all our students to fulfil their potential in music performance, recording, voice, public speaking, dance, drama and stage craft. The venue will include a 750 seat tiered theatre and associated specialist facilities in addition to allowing all of K-6 or all of 7-12 to be accommodated at one time. Extensive foyers will complete

an outstanding venue for both school and community gatherings, providing a sophisticated and spacious environment for families to meet and mingle at the range of events we share through each school year. It’s been 16 years since the Erina Heights Motel was bought to create the current PAC. While the space continues to pulse with creative energy, our community has outgrown this cramped facility, inadequate by today’s standards. The new PAC will allow our students, staff and community to learn, teach and gather in a space worthy of their talents and enthusiasm. The PAC project is the most significant building development in the history of Central Coast Grammar School. It is crucial to the aspiration of the School Board to position CCGS among the top schools in Australia. With the help of our community, we look forward to making the dream of performing in professional surroundings a reality for this and future generations. ¦¦



B U N D A R A Issue 39








B U N D A R A Issue 39


School Productions 1985 The rich tradition of music and performance at Central Coast Grammar School began in 1985, our Foundation year, with our first production, ‘Ebenezer’. What followed was a series of themed extravaganzas and House musicals, and every student of the school was involved on stage. Due to the enormous amount of work involved, these were abandoned in 1990 in favour of a whole-school musical production. Below is an extract from A Short History of Central Coast Grammar School by Anna Doukakis 1999.

“We had nothing: no costumes, stage flats, equipment, we had nowhere to rehearse, but we managed, and managed with very little, and built on people’s enthusiasm and commitment.” [McMaster]. Rehearsals took

“The establishment of whole school productions was the result of a 1990 meeting in M1 between Lindsey McMaster [director], Ingrid Horton [music], Laura Williams [director], Monica Mayer [director, dance], Betty Hanna and a few others.

place on the bitumen basketball courts, with the director standing on

These early productions took place even before drama was offered as a subject at the school… An “enormity of opportunity” is opened up, a creative outlet as part of a team. It is one more pathway or rite of passage for a whole group of students…”

and also involving 56 infants students. There was also trouble with an

a chair, and the backdrop was painted by Year 9 Art on the grass next to the pool… The following year, the challenges were even greater: the school was doing a Shakespeare [A Midsummer Night’s Dream], overenthusiastic fog machine... Rehearsals had to fit between rugby training [and, for ‘The Boyfriend [1992] and ‘Jungle Fantasy’ [1994], rugby boys had to learn how to dance].”

1995 In 1995 the Erina Heights Motel was bought so that a Performing Arts Centre could be developed. The PAC opened its doors in 1996 and in September that year ‘Bugsy Malone’ was staged, over 6 nights. In 2006, the decision was made to hold two performances each year – one for the Senior School and one for Year 6 students, known as JSPA [Junior School Performing Arts]. The pictures that line the PAC walls are testament to the variety of music and drama productions staged in the PAC, which have allowed so many students to develop a variety of creative skills both on and off stage.

Preserved with loving care School Production Director and Year 7 teacher Lindsey McMaster delved into the hat collection to retrieve the headdress that was originally made for the role of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Queen Hatshepsut for the 1990 production, Abracadaver. Maddy Rogers [far right] was thrilled to wear this precious piece of history during a classroom activity. Pictured [right] is the original wearer, Skye Craig 1991. Lindsay said, “Abracadaver was great fun and involved a K-11 cast of approx. 180 students, and 30 staff and parents. It was fabulous!” [Visit Skye’s website ]


B U N D A R A Issue 39


2012 Sixteen years on and the tradition continues with this year’s senior production, ‘Man of Steel’, a lighthearted musical comedy based on the Superman story. Our JSPA students delighted audiences with their talented performances in the fairy tale classic with a modern twist, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dancing Dwarves.’


B U N D A R A Issue 39


Musicians in Year 3 rehearse for their concert

Performing at the opening of the Art Show is Senior Choir Captain Heather Sillince Y12 [right] and Taryn Henry Y11 who played a lead role in Man of Steel

Music At CCGS we are privileged to have music permeating the entire school community. Music forms an integral part of the curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 8. Our approach is based on the development of practical musical skills, so Years 3 and 4 students are involved in the study of a musical instrument. Elective music is offered from Years 9-12. Students can pursue music studies outside the formal classroom through individual private tuition and/or involvement in the extensive cocurricular music program comprising 20 ensembles. There are over 300 students who receive private tuition on a variety of instruments and have the opportunity to showcase their ongoing development to family and friends at the cocurricular music concerts. Students can perform in choirs, symphony and string orchestras, concert and jazz bands as well as smaller ensembles.

‘When words fail, music is what speaks’ Robyn Crowley Head of Music Our musicians have the opportunity to perform at assemblies, Service and Speech Night, and at community events such as Grandparents Day, the Spring Fair, Gosford Show and the Five Lands Walk. In addition, our musicians participate in school music festivals, eisteddfods and the annual HICES Music Camp. Many students are inspired to create their own musical responses and form contemporary rock and jazz bands which perform at musical events across the Coast and beyond. ¦¦

Head of Music Robyn Crowley with the Infants Choir who sang at the Year 12 Leavers Service

Debating and Public Speaking Interest in Debating and Public Speaking is strong and growing at CCGS. The level of participation increased in the past year with over 100 students from Years 5-12 joining squads that competed in a range of competitions, with many successes recorded. The Year 11 team of Christian Whitfield, Jessica Redmond, Natasha Naidu and Georgia Vishney won the Rotary Inter-Schools Debating Competition. We were also successful in the Probus Shield Debating Competition with


B U N D A R A Issue 39

Garren Robbins, Amelia Fist, Jack Stocker and Georgia Vishney [Year 11] placing 1st. In the Josie Mitchell Public Speaking Competition, Anabelle Keaney Year 10 and Anthony Gray Year 11 both won their divisions. Five schools across the Central Coast Region participate in the Josie Mitchell Debating Competition. CCGS had a team in every age division progress to the Grand Final, with the Year 8 team of Luke English, Tom Jenkins, Yeji Kim and Federica Lannan taking out top honours.

Anthony Gray

Anabelle Keaney

Of the 33 schools across NSW who participate in the prestigious HICES Debating Competition, CCGS was the only school to have a team in every age division progress to the finals series. With so many enthusiastic young debaters involved, the future of Debating at CCGS looks very promising. ¦¦



Drama Drama creates opportunities for students to understand and appreciate the world around them in a physical and social form that helps build holistic students. The learning process develops empathy, confidence, and collaborative skills - crucial attributes for all students. In the Junior School Drama is embedded in the curriculum with learning and performance opportunities extended by extracurricular drama classes for Years 1-6 and the annual Junior Production for Year 6. The Year 8 Drama Showcase within the English Curriculum prepares the ground for Drama as an elective in Years 9 and/or 10 and HSC Drama in Years 11 and 12. The senior

curriculum is complemented by: a Drama club in Year 7; Shakespeare Youth Festival; 2 EDEN [Elective Drama Entertainment Night] performances and an annual Senior Production.

Congratulations go to Harry Burgess on his highly commendable achievement in being nominated for possible inclusion in the ENCORE concert for his guitar performance in the HSC music examination. The ENCORE concert is held annually at the Sydney Opera House and showcases exemplary performances and compositions from the HSC music examinations. Harry is also a composer and a recording of his HSC Music 1 composition, ‘Lucid Dreaming’ was played at the Year 12 Leavers Service. ¦¦

Head of Drama Natalie Parsons-Clair said, “Whether it is a performance in front of hundreds or a short improvisation in front of a small group, it is the energy that Drama students bring to a performance that makes it so exciting – and so rewarding.” ¦¦

Harry is pictured accompanying Lucy Gahan at the Senior House Colours Assembly.


B U N D A R A Issue 39


English Extension We are the dreamers of dreams In August, the English Major Work Showcase was held in the Lecture Theatre to celebrate the outstanding literary achievements of our Extension 2 students. Our students introduced their works and read sections from them to a diverse and interested audience including peers, aspiring students and staff from across the school. Their original, insightful and often highly emotional works not only celebrate some inspiring students, but also showcase the very pinnacle of student achievement. • Drew Anderson’s short story An Assortment of Personal Papers follows the emotional and intellectual collapse of an academic as he desperately searches for meaning and structure in the social world. The way in which Drew controls the experience of the reader is fascinating. •

Ella Bickley’s drama script Pursuit of the Elusive draws on the Ukrainian Great Famine of the 1930s to explore control, purpose and meaning in our world and manipulates the experience of the audience to ensure they are fully incorporated into the action of the play.

Ella McDougall’s short story Caught in the Wave recounts a single day in the life of a man who, with his partner, has lost a child during pregnancy. Her highly internalised, deeply emotional and desperate narrative is a wonderful and horrific tour de force.

Drew Anderson, Ella McDougall, Ms Connie Russo, Claire Wilson, Ella Bickley, Courtney Thompson, Mr Damon Cooper •

Courtney Thompson’s critical essay The Space in Between: An analysis of the way purposeful silences play a significant role in Shakespeare’s works to shape audience understanding of gender, love and politics offers an original and thoughtful response to the narrative and dramatic use of silence in Shakespeare through detailed research and a synthesis of literature review and close analysis.

Claire Wilson’s short story The Shadowless Hour presents five vignettes that respond to Roland Barthes’ critical-philosophical essay Death of the Author to explore the ongoing ‘life’ of an author through his or her compositions. Each vignette offers a different perspective on the moment of death through an allegorical appropriation and extension of an existing work of literature. “We are the dreamers of dreams” Arthur O’Shaughnessy Music and Moonlight (1874)

From Russia with Love In November, students from the HSC English Extension 1 course were joined by teachers from the English Department and Head of Senior College Ms Denise McDonough in the Library for a 1960s dinner party. The students are studying literature and film from the historical period between the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Their study focuses on how a climate of Cold War anxiety shaped ways of thinking during this period, and the ways this is reflected in and through literature and film. Students and staff dressed the part, ate a themed meal of food from the 1960s specially designed for the evening, exercised their contextual knowledge through trivia, and watched a selection of films from the decade. Damon Cooper Director of Teaching and Learning


B U N D A R A Issue 39


Photography & Digital Media Cameras in hand, the Year 9 Elective Photography & Digital Media class headed off to Sydney to put into practice skills learnt throughout the course. Their destination was one of the most popular stretches of coastline Australia has to offer, the spectacular Bondi to Tamarama coastal walk. Students spent the day capturing their favourite pieces from over 100 items at the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. Angus McQueen took this photograph of the sculpture by Ron RobertsonSwann OAM and manipulated the image to create the contrasting colour/mono effect. ¦¦

HICES Maths Tournament Budding young mathematicians Charles Sun and Jemma Smith [Y7], and Kiran Gupta and Luke English [Y8] were pleased to earn a place in the top 10 in this tough competition, with CCGS ranking 7th in this age group out of 22 schools

Year 7 History Students in Year 7 have been studying the cultural practices and features of Ancient Egypt this semester in History. As part of their study of Mummification and the Afterlife, the students were able to role-play the embalming process by dressing up and re-enacting this ancient ritual. ¦¦

Missions possible in Atlantis Year 6 Technology This year we have introduced a unique cutting edge opportunity to trial with a group of our Year 6 students. Quest Atlantis is an immersive learning environment hosted by Arizona State University as part of the Atlantis Remixed Project. This is an international teaching and learning project that incorporates a 3D immersive learning world aimed at engaging children between 9-16 years old in

transformational play. This multi-user environment is based on extensive research into effective learning and teaching and each quest, in Quest Atlantis, is based on an educational task which is socially and academically meaningful. The students travel to virtual places as part of their quests, talking with others in the Atlantis Civilization and working through various activities whilst learning about environmental issues, social responsibilities, science, mathematics and social studies where their own actions can have a significant impact within planet Atlantis. All the students completed a consent form which allows the university and the teacher to closely monitor the activities of the students to ensure appropriate and safe conduct is maintained in this environment.


Our Year 6 students had two missions assigned to them. The first was “Crypto Jungle” where they learned mapping skills and coordinates. The second mission “Bullies versus Bystanders” focused on social responsibilities in a school environment. Our students really enjoyed this inquiry-based learning environment, helping each other to work through the various quests. Sharon Byrnes Head of Computing 2012

B U N D A R A Issue 39


Watch it glow! A team of 9 Year 5 students were the first CCGS representatives to participate in the NATA Young Scientist of the Year Competition. Students investigated the 2012 theme of Energy and the Environment by performing an experiment and presenting their results creatively as a Science rap and videoed children’s show. They also submitted an

illuminating written report that gave a detailed explanation of factors affecting the brightness of glow sticks and how this can be applied to the environment.

we hadn’t used before while learning about how glow sticks work. I really enjoyed it.” William also said how he loved learning more about Science topics.

Students loved using our new Science laboratories under the supervision of senior Science teacher Michele Hockey and Year 5 teacher and competition coordinator Annette McPherson. Isabelle commented, “It was pretty cool. We got to use high tech equipment that

Judging was finalised in October and students were acknowledged for their considerable effort, excellent presentation, detailed knowledge and enthusiasm for scientific investigation. ¦¦

Learning In Motion The PE and Learning Support departments have been collaborating on the Learning in Motion (LIM) program across K-6. The program which operates before school aims to assists the development of physical skills that can assist academic learning, develop social coping skills, improve coordination and increase selfconfidence. The students work on a sequence of gross motor and motor planning activities that include rolling, gliding, crawling and cross

pattern crawling, fun and dynamic gross motor movement circuits and core stability activities. Head of Learning Support Jenny Fleetwood said, “The benefits of the program are enormous. The physical coordination skills developed through the program have a significant impact on eye-hand coordination, fine motor control and concentration. Each LIM session has the immediate effect of setting the students up for a productive day.” ¦¦

‘The Battle’ wins on many fronts The Paralympic Games may be over, but the courage and spirit of the athletes lives on in the words of Mitchell Battersby’s poem, “The Battle”, which won 1st in the Australia-wide Write4Fun “Far Out” competition. Mitchell loves sport and says his inspiration for the poem came from watching the 2012 Paralympic Games. “I was amazed how the Paralympians were able to overcome the loss of their limbs and achieve incredible feats,” he said. Mitchell was “extremely excited” to have won the competition. He received a Nintendo Wii and $500 in prize money. “I’ll buy a new cricket bat and put the rest into savings,” he said. The school also received $500 which Mitchell says he hopes will be spent in the art department. Mitchell’s teacher Annette McPherson said, “Mitchell is a talented student who considers situations from different perspectives. His poem reflects his insight and positive outlook towards life.” ¦¦ 12

B U N D A R A Issue 39

The Battle [by Mitchell Battersby]

Loss, you drag me to the dark depths of the sea, A place where pain and sadness must be, With you reside grief, pity and fear, And the death of my spirit feels ever so near, The choice is mine, to give up or to fight, But, to leave this place I must see the light, With the weight on my shoulders, the battle begins, laborious and long, before anyone wins, With my legs removed, an amputee I must be, But my disability’s well in the wake of me, I wheel out of the blocks, after the gun, As a Paralympian, I have already won.


CCGS in China Central Coast Grammar School was the only school in NSW and one of only 4 in Australia, to join students from 24 countries at the 2012 International Student Summer Camp in Beijing.

opportunities for students to mix and mingle.

The 10-day camp at the end of July was organised by the Beijing Municipal Educational Commission (BMEC), with the aim of expanding communication among Chinese and overseas students. CCGS was the largest Australian school participant with 18 students and 2 staff.

visits to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City,

The Camp provided an amazing opportunity for our students to experience Chinese culture as well as socialise with a diverse mix of young people from all over the world. The spacious Beijing University campus provided plenty of

Australian contingent to represent the nation

Students had lessons in Mandarin, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and traditional handcrafts such as Chinese knots, painting and mask making. There were

I’m sure the students will look back on this opportunity to connect with Chinese and international cultures as an unforgettable experience that has increased their empathy and respect for diversity. While our students can gain global perspective through participation in the Student Exchange program and international tours, this was the first time CCGS had attended this camp in China, so it was pretty special.

the Summer Palace and the iconic National Stadium. The group had fun haggling over the price of exotic starfish and scorpion skewers at the night markets and tasting the signature dish, Peking Duck. Grace Dennis Year 10 was chosen from the at the Opening Ceremony and Liam Loader Year 9 successfully auditioned for the role of hosting the Closing Ceremony; a great honour for our school and Australia. Liam commented,

A night of Indonesian culture

“The camp offered so many new experiences, this was just another opportunity to try something different. I was totally overwhelmed to have been chosen.”

Belinda Ho Accompanying teacher

Student Exchange

Ella and her exchange buddies nurse a sturgeon

Year 4 students performing the Ratoh Duek, an Acehnese body percussion sitting dance The Indonesian Night in November provided an opportunity for Years 3-4 students to demonstrate their learning, in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. On the night, Senior language students acted as MCs delivering all the speeches in both English and Indonesian. They welcomed our special guest Mr Nicholas Manoppo, Consul for Social and Cultural Affairs, from the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney. The night was entertaining for both students and families who experienced aspects of Indonesian culture not seen before. Junior School Indonesian Teacher Sue-Ann Douglas said, “Children love singing, dancing and dressing up. Add to the mix the opportunity to ‘show off’ skills learnt to family and you have a happy outcome.” ¦¦


This year we have had 21 Year 10 students on Exchange and we have hosted 20 students as a part of the reciprocal Exchange Program. Currently on exchange is Ella Hide, one of 4 students at Southridge School, Canada. She writes of one day she will never forget when their group took part in a sturgeon fishing conservation trip. “We had to catch the sturgeons and check if they were micro-chipped and measure them - the largest fish we caught was 5”2 [157.48cm]. If they were micro chipped we let them free and if they weren’t we inserted a chip before setting them free.” ¦¦

B U N D A R A Issue 39



Hockey hat-trick In the ISA competition, CCGS Open As achieved great success ending the seasons with a 3-1 win over Chevalier College to take out the premiership, making it 3 wins in a row for CCGS. Special mention goes to 5 members of the Hockey Firsts who have played in all 3 winning season–Samantha Danckert, Caitlin Egan, Jaimee Greenwood, Sophie Meere and Georgina Woods. Well done to all the team and their coach Allyson McNally.

Robert Stott was congratulated by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Local Member for Robertson Deborah O’Neill on being selected for the Junior National Special Olympics

Outstanding performances from athletes Our Senior and Prep athletes gave some outstanding performances to place in the top 3 at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Athletics Carnivals held in September. Robert Dredge - 1st 18yr Boys 800m* Robert Stott - 1st 15yr Multi Class 100m* Alexander Ford - 1st in the 15yrs 100m, 2nd 15yr Boys 200m* Mackenzie Holden - 1st 11yr Discus, 2nd T/F38 100m 2nd 200m, 2nd Shot Put Tom Curtis - 2nd 18yr Shot Put* Sophie Meere - 2nd 17yr Girls 400m Elana Medlicott - 3rd in 18yrs High Jump Samantha Danckert - 3rd 17yr Girls 800m, 3rd 17yr Girls 1500m Matthew Scarr - 3rd 14yr 1500m* Alexander Herford - 3rd 13yr Long Jump* *These students, along with Benjamin Killen, Georgia Wassall and Jason Dredge represented CIS at the NSW All School Athletics Carnival. The placegetters were: Robert Stott Georgia Wassall Robert Dredge Jason Dredge Alexander Ford

– 1st Boys AWD 800m, 3rd Boys AWD Long Jump – 1st Girls 16yrs 400m, 1st 800m events – 2nd Boys 19yrs 800m – 3rd Boys 16yrs 5000m walk – 3rd Boys 15yr 100m

Robert Dredge and Georgia Wassall will compete at the All Schools Nationals Carnival in Hobart in December. Mackenzie Holden won silver at the PSSA Athletics Carnival, placing 2nd in the Senior Boys AWD discus with a PB of 17.2M and will compete at the nationals in Adelaide. We wish our athletes every success in preparation for these top level events. Robert Stott went on to represent NSW at the Australian Underage AWD Athletics Championships at the AIS in Canberra. He gained a Silver in Javelin and Bronze in the 400m, and placed 4th in long Lump and the 800m and 5th in discus. Robert will compete at the State Open Championships in South Australia in March 2013. ¦¦


B U N D A R A Issue 39

In representative Hockey, Jaimee, Sophie and Georgina were selected for the Open ISA team. Samantha represented both ISA and CIS teams, and was selected in the 2012 NSW U18 Indoor side and the U18 State squad for 2013. Our younger players making representative teams were Millie-Rose Green in the ISA U16 team, and Georgia Radcliffe in the U13 State Squad. ¦¦

Top placings for Dressage trio

Hannah, Emma and Shilo gave a Dressage display at school Equestrian Captain Hannah Simmons Year 11, Emma Farncomb Year 6 and Shilo Harvey Year 5 were among the 60 riders representing NSW who competed at the National Interschool Championships at Toowoomba in October. Hannah riding Beltana La Contessa was awarded Champion Advance Dressage Rider - 1st in 5C, Reserve Champion Medium Dressage Rider 1st in 4C and Champion Overall State Intermediate Dressage Rider. She tied for Supreme Dressage Rider and placed 2nd in Advance Freestyle. Emma riding Springmead Lewis was named Supreme Champion Junior Interschool Rider, while Shilo on Corvan Park Miss Attitude placed 1st in Primary Junior Dressage Preliminary 1C and is Champion Overall State Junior Team for Showman. We invited our elite riders to bring their horses to school to enable the girls to showcase their talents to fellow students. Riding their well-mannered horses and wearing formal competition attire, the girls presented an elegant display of show ring etiquette which the sport of Dressage dictates. ¦¦


Pavilion attracts ‘Best School Garden’ award

The outdoor setting of the Pavilion with its surrounding circular gardens

and provides a picturesque setting for community gatherings including

and seating is the latest addition to our winning the Best School Garden

Orientation events, the Spring Fair and the Fathers & Children Breakfast.

[Secondary/Tertiary] in the 2012 Gosford City Garden Competition.

Well done to our grounds staff [inset: Ben, Matt, Peter, James and

The Pavilion, funded by the P&F, has been built on the site which was

Timothy], grounds designer Michael Cooke and parent Rob Hunter, who

once occupied by the maintenance shed. Situated between the Canteen

designed Vision Splendid and to our gardening bee helpers. CCGS also

and the P&F Café, and overlooking the multi-purpose sports field, the

won this award in 2011 which recognised the pond surrounds and the

Pavilion is used as an outdoor learning area and a lunch-time venue,

work done on to rehabilitate Erina Creek. ¦¦

New era for Chess Club Chess Club has had a facelift in 2012 with new face, David Soede, our ICT Manager, revealing a passion for the ancient Persian board game and taking on the junior and senior chess clubs. David used to play in local chess clubs and tournaments as well as online occasionally, and enjoyed it a lot, but says his game really improved when he was teaching English in Japan for a couple of years and studied under an International Master in an online course. David said, “I am trying to use some of those materials and concepts to develop the games of our students. Chess is a great game for improving logical thinking, structured analysis, concentration and memory skills. It’s also a completely level battleground for both genders. We have students from Year 3 to 12 with a wide range of skill levels including absolute beginners – everyone is welcome. In 2013, we hope to run House tournaments and to take our winners to a chess tournament run between local schools.” ¦¦

Soup for Sunrise The delicious aroma of home-made soup filled the staff common room one lunch-time in August. The steaming batches of Pumpkin and Minestrone soup were prepared by the Year 11 Hospitality students to support the 2013 Cambodia-Vietnam Humanitarian and Adventure Tour. The money raised from this fundraising effort will be presented to the Sunrise Children’s Village, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, when our students visit Cambodia next year. The chefs are pictured with Food Technology teacher, Jane Taragel and tour organisers Michele Hockey and Sandra Peebles. ¦¦


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Our Community


5 3





1 Wearing distinctive sashes, it was easy to spot the happy helpers from the thousands of visitors who attended the Spring Fair

6 Ken Gross calls, “On yer marks” as Dads line up for a race at the Infants Athletics Carnival

2 Students planting trees along Central Coast Highway to celebrate World Tree Day

7 Sporting the moustaches they grew for ‘Movember’ are teachers Phil Eades and Richard Thomas with boys from Year 11

3 Kindergarten parents flocked to the school for the Fairytale Day parade and joined their children in their classrooms for fun activities

8 Teacher Luke McLoughlin receives a badge, a thank you note and a big cheer from Year 4 on World Teachers Day

4 P&F President Sue Williamz welcomes artist Jocelyn Maughan who was guest speaker at this year’s Art Show

9 The Library was chock-a-block as Grandparents gathered to view the book displays on Grandparents Day

5 Past student Harrison Shipp 2009 had a chat with teachers Maree Gross and John Boesenberg at the Spring Fair 16

B U N D A R A Issue 39



Singer. Actor. Coach. Since leaving school, Erica has juggled commitments to study, work and performing. After securing a place in the Media and Communications course at UNSW, Erica took a year off to learn about the entertainment industry and secure an agent, before commencing tertiary studies in 2004. She balanced studies and auditions, and the occasional job on a commercial or guest role on television shows. In 2008, Erica played a lead role in the musical Little Women [under the musical direction of former Grammarian, Peter Rutherford 2000], playing bratty youngest sister Amy March, and a supporting role the feature film Cedar Boys playing Brigit, alongside

English and Drama. She will graduate from the diploma in 2013.

Erica put her studies on hold and went on to work with Opera Australia playing Fredrika in Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music in Melbourne in 2009, and then reprised the role in Sydney in 2010. She was privileged to work with Sigrid Thornton and Anthony Warlow in the production. Between the seasons, she played Martha in the rock musical Spring Awakening for Sydney Theatre Company.

Erica premiered the role of Deb in Adam

In 2011, Erica graduated from her BA Media [English] with distinction and commenced a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education in

The Ensemble Theatre and is planning to spend

Timothy Lynar 2003 Congratulations go to Timothy Lynar on receiving a PhD [Information Technology] from the University of Newcastle. Timothy’s thesis, “Energy conservation in distributed heterogeneous computing environments using economic resource allocation mechanisms” explores the use of resource allocation to conserve energy in heterogeneous distributed computing environments, such as cloud and grid computing environments. Timothy finished his PhD back in June 2011 and began working for IBM in July 2011 as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at their Melbourne research lab. He holds a Bachelor of Information Technology Honours (Honours Class 1) and is the recipient of numerous prestigious scholarships. At IBM, his current research interests include energy efficient distributed computing, resource allocation, and agent-based modelling. ¦¦

Gwon’s musical theatre song cycle Ordinary Days at the Darlinghurst Theatre. She went on to be cast as Natalie in the much anticipated Sydney production of Next to Normal, also directed by Peter Rutherford. Tragically the production was cancelled when the nonconventional show lost a key investor. Devastated but not deterred, Erica landed a recurring guest role on upcoming Seven Network television series A Place to Call Home. This year Erica launched her tuition business, Footnotes Coaching, specialising in humanities and performing arts. In 2013 Erica will play the role of ‘Bitch’ in Lee Blessing’s Great Falls for some time in LA to continue pursuing her performing career.


de Groot Photography

Erica Lovell 2002

Rachel Taylor in the lead.

Nate Henry 2011 Nate is an elite Ice Racer and was recently selected to represent Australia at four Short Track Speed Skating World Cup events. The first event was held at Calgary Olympic Oval in October where Nate competed in the 1000m, 1500m individual races and the 5000m four man relay. He puts this first event down to a learning experience, and despite some collisions, he was pleased to keep pace with the fastest skaters in the world. Unfortunately, in the 5000m relay where the Australians beat Great Britain, Nate reinjured his wrist, the same one he broke last year. He is hoping to be fit to compete in the World Cup events taking place in Montreal, Nagoya, and Shanghai in November and December. In February 2013 he will be skating in the Junior World Championships in Warsaw. Nate is currently studying first year Engineering at UNSW. ¦¦


B U N D A R A Issue 39


PAST STUDENTS Meeting the nation’s leaders in Canberra


Chris Medlicott 2008

Justin Kershaw 1991 1973 - 2012

Chris is currently completing his final year of a Combined Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney with majors in Business Management and Business Information Systems Management. In September, Chris was nominated to attend the 2012 National Student Leadership Forum on Faith and Values at Parliament House. Chris writes… Throughout the forum our group of 200 aspiring leaders met and heard from the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Police Commissioner, Chief of Defence, US Ambassador, CEO of the ABC and we had a small group meeting with the Federal Member for Mallee, John Forrest MP. Over the four days we attended Question Time, enjoyed a dinner in the Great Hall of Parliament House, with many politicians joining us for dinner, attended a service at the War Memorial, and engaged in community service. As a part of our community service we assisted families in the Rivett area [just outside of Canberra] with general yard work and household chores, as well as sharing some freshly baked cakes whilst learning a little more about the lives of those we were helping. Overall, the forum was a fantastic opportunity to meet with likeminded students from across Australia and the Pacific Region. We discussed our views on Faith and Values, and the role that they play in society today. Similarly, all of our guest speakers also shared their thoughts on the topic, allowing each individual to come away with a unique perspective as to what role they believe Faith and Values play on society’s aspiring and current leaders.” ¦¦

Justin and his brother Funky [Martin 1993] were Foundation students of Central Coast Grammar School. You won’t find their names on the starting day when the school began at Avoca Beach Surf Club because of Justin’s bad health and the fact that he and Martin had the measles that week. Justin started in Year 6 in Mr Copeland’s class. He left school at the end of Year 10 in 1989 [Class of 1991]; his declining health and many, many hospital visits made it too hard to continue. However, at his Year 10 Formal he managed to survive 40 degree heat and a flash flood to get to the dance. He then proceeded to slam dance all night. He was in hospital for two weeks after this, but he said it was worth every minute. Also there was a time that the school put on plays involving ALL the students in the school. To this day you only have to mention Batman to Mr Gill and that starts him laughing, remembering Justin playing that role. Justin had a life filled with pain but in his short 39 years never complained and was always independent and courageous.. He was our hero. Kathryn Kershaw

Class of 2002 10 Year Reunion Melanie McKean [Keats] organised the reunion for the Class of 2002 which was held at HQ Cafe at the Terrigal Trojans Rugby Club on Saturday 13 October. Guests spent a few hours catching up over drinks and canapés. Teachers Ken Gross and John Boesenberg popped in for a catch up. Ken’s son Josh was one of the guests. Adam Bowen made the trip from Canberra with his partner Suzie, and Stefanie Hunter brought her partner Ben Wong 2000. Live music was provided by Bronson Powell 2007. ¦¦


B U N D A R A Issue 39

James Bracey, Merrick Burgess, Steven Woodward, Joshua Gross

a Troy, Paul Robertson, Stefanie Hunter, Angel Ben Wong, Matt Phillips

of Community Melanie and daughter Ellie in the office gathering Relations Manager Christine Hodgkinson memorabilia for the reunion

Alenka Sansom, Ken Gross, Hayley Yager


Spotted at the

Spring Fair Maia Fung (above) selling her soft furnishings at the Fair. She has finished her first year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at UNSW majoring in Time-based Art. Maia has done some art commissions and has established a side venture, seamstressedfung,

Matthew Phillips 2002 Matthew Phillips met Denise Barras when they were both working in America in 2008. The couple married in Denise’s home town in country Ontario, Canada on 7 July 2012. All Matthew’s siblings attended CCGS, and a group of Matthew’s classmates were guests at the wedding. Matthew has a BEd [Hons] and has been teaching Social Sciences at CCGS since 2009. Above: Pictured with the couple in the bridal party are sister Jenny 2008 [far left], brother Stephen 2000 [second from left] and sister Meaghan 2005 [second from right]

Running the books stall were Elizabeth and Robert Curtis and daughter Alicia 2010

Charlotte Alexander, Head Girl and Dux of the School 2011, helped out at the strawberries & cream stall Matthew with his wedding guests from the Class of 2002: Paul Robertson, James Boettiger, Matthew Phillips, James Worrall, Elizabeth Crossman and Michael Howat

Lost Parents! We’ve lost touch with some of our past parents and we’d like to invite them back to school in the New Year for a tour and a catch up.

Past parents Please telephone Christine Hodgkinson on (02)4365 8405 or visit to update your contact details. If you know other past parents who might be interested, please let them know to get in touch.

Past students Please let your parents know we’d love to hear from them. They can telephone Christine or jump online to update their contact details.


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B U N D A R A Issue 39


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