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Headmaster’s Ce n t r a l Report C oa s t G r a m m a r Sc h o o l

Newsletter No.33 Summer 09

A new era beckons The 2008 Founders’ Day Service was an important occasion in the history of the School. Students and staff who gathered to pay tribute to our Founders were witness to the passing of the baton of leadership from Richard Lornie, Headmaster 1988-2008, to William Low who becomes the 3rd Headmaster of Central Coast Grammar School. Retiring Headmaster Richard Lornie welcomes William Low, 3rd Headmaster of CCGS

As Thursday 30 October was also Mr Lornie’s final day at school, the Service was tinged with a mixture of sadness and deep appreciation for the role he had played over the past 20 years. Founding staff member and former Director of Welfare, Kevin Reddie led the many tributes from colleagues. Some paid homage to Mr Lornie’s inspirational leadership while others remembered times past and the many challenges the School faced in its earlier years. Extracts from the speeches appear elsewhere, but perhaps the most fitting message was delivered by the Headmaster as he recalled his first address to the P&F Welcome gathering in February 1988. “The School is a community and I am anxious to promote strong links between the different sectors of the community. That process of promoting links – building bridges if you like – I see as one of my foremost tasks for 1988 – my own bicentennial project. Not as grandiose a

project as Darling Harbour but then I do intend to complete what I start! … It is an exciting prospect taking over such a vigorous and vibrant institution blessed as it is with committed parents, talented teachers, a supportive council and a spirited and enthusiastic student body. We all owe a great debt to Dr Chambers for his work in establishing and founding the School and in literally getting it off the ground. I have every intention of following the course set by our Foundation Head – we may visit different ports, but the destination remains the same – the goal of the school is to encourage excellence, to allow individuals to succeed and achieve their potential and to offer each student a helping, caring hand in times of trouble.” … “I love the stories of Captain Jack Aubrey as told by Patrick O’Brien, and have a weakness for metaphors from the great

days of sail so excuse me as I go ashore at the end of my voyage, if I report to the Admirals, without bragging – “mission accomplished”. I have achieved what I set out to achieve.” There is no doubt Richard Lornie completed what he started and achieved what he had set out to achieve. In a fitting tribute on his final day at school, Mr Lornie received another fine accolade; the Ralph Bryant OAM Award. Issued by the Australian College of Educators, the award was in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the wider education community in the “establishment of the foundations of CCGS with the wonderful hospitality of himself and his staff.”

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Scholarships 2010 Scholarships for Year 7 and Year 11 now open. Register on line at Closing date: Thursday 9 April 2009

School Certificate 2008 Year 10 has performed brilliantly, coming through with flying colours. The number of Bands 6 and 5 were exemplary. Our students performed well above the State average in all tests with exceptional results in Science. Data for 93 students is included in the chart. Approximately 19% of students (18) who participated in the Student Exchange Programme did not sit the School Certificate and have been excluded from the data.

In the past few months I have witnessed some great events in our School Community. The essential character of the School shone through on Foundation Day, at the Spring Fair, during the Vision Splendid planting day and on Speech Night. The cohesiveness of our community and the depth of spirit and trust shared by parents, teachers and students are testimony to the legacy established by Richard Lornie over the past 20 years. The Class of 2008 can be proud of the honours that have come their way through dedication to the pursuit of academic excellence. A significant number of students achieved exceptional results in both the HSC and IB examinations. Congratulations to these students, to all Year 12, and to their teachers and parents for their hard work and commitment. School Certificate results for 2008 were also very encouraging with students doing well across the board. CCGS has produced consistently outstanding results over the past five years. We are not complacent, however, and will continue to look at quality systems and teaching outcomes that ensure each student reaches their academic potential. This focus will occur without diminishing our excellent endeavours in other areas including music, sport, public speaking, debating and outdoor education. Our focus on the individual and a robust welfare and House system will continue.

It is a privilege for me to work in a community that joins together to get things done. I pay tribute to our parent body and in particular to Warren Wilson and Robert Hunter, whose initiative has led to two exceptional facilities, the Multipurpose Synthetic Turf and the Vision Splendid Memorial Garden, both of which will benefit the entire community. The Multipurpose Field adds significantly to the best set of sporting facilities in the region. Stage 1 of Vision Splendid was completed in December and all the plants are doing exceptionally well. The P&F has agreed to fund the earthworks for establishment of another oval and significant clearing of scrub and weed in the area. These works are currently underway. I encourage you to visit the gardens, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful settings on the Central Coast. As we move deeper into the strategic planning process, we will fine tune our plans for the future. It is my intention to continue to lift the profile of our school within the wider Central Coast Community so that even more people will come to appreciate our excellent school and to enable CCGS to be an influence on the social and economic development of the region. I look forward to working with you to ensure CCGS continually strengthens its position as the leading education provider in the region.

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State Band 6 or 5

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William Low CCGS Headmaster

CCGS Band 6 or 5


From the Headmaster

English Literacy



Australian History

Australian Geography

Computing Skills Test

Headmaster’s Academic Results Report 2008

Consistently outstanding Higher School Certificate & International Baccalaureate

23% 33% 44%

of CCGS students achieved a UAI over 90 of CCGS students achieved a UAI over 85 of CCGS students achieved a UAI above 80

38% 46

of CCGS students achieved Band 6 HSC / IB (equivalent) in one or more subjects

CCGS received 46 mentions on the Honour Roll of Distinguished Achievers

Kristin Grogan

Dux of the School for 2008 having achieved a UAI of 99.8

Christopher Medlicott

1st in the State in Information Processes and Technology

Adrienne Turnell

Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence

The hard work of the students and their teachers in Senior College has once again produced some impressive results in external examinations in 2008. Kristin Grogan

While our Higher School Certificate students celebrated their excellent results before Christmas, the International Baccalaureate (IB) students, representing 20% of the Year 12 cohort, had the long wait until 4 January before their results were released. Denise McDonough, Head of Senior College said, “We can finally celebrate all the achievements of the Class of 2008. Despite being a non-selective school, with nearly one in four students achieving a UAI over 90 these results place the School well within the top 200 schools in NSW. As CCGS is the only school in the region to offer the choice of studying for the HSC or the IB, it is pleasing to note that the combined results for the top 10% were equally shared between both HSC and IB students.” Kristin Grogan gained a UAI of 99.8 and was named Dux of the School for 2008. “I was really surprised to do so well,” said Kristin. “The necessity to get a top mark wasn’t there as I only required 80 to get into the course I’d

Christopher Medlicott

chosen. It was a personal challenge to do my best in every subject. I didn’t want to specialise and the IB gave me a broad range of subjects to study.” Janine Noy, Head of the IB Programme said, “IB results reflect excellence on a world scale. Kristin’s result is an outstanding personal achievement and very well deserved.” Christopher Medlicott placed first in the State in Information and Processes Technology in the HSC. 5249 students were enrolled in this course and Christopher topped them all. “I congratulate Christopher on his fantastic achievement,” said Janine Comber, Head of Computing. “Our students have a wonderful opportunity to excel in the wide range of ICT courses we offer. The School has adopted an early and long term strategy to invest in an information technology infrastructure that provides the best possible learning environment.” Adrienne Turnell is also very proud of her place on the All Round Excellent List having achieved Band 6 in all

Adrienne Turnell

of her HSC subjects. Adrienne was Captain of Netball and Softball in 2008 and she received School Colours at this year’s Speech Night for her contribution to Public Speaking and Service to School. Kristin joined the School in Year 7 and both Adrienne and Christopher joined in Kindergarten. Ms McDonough added, “Many students have reported that they are now in the enviable position of having more post school options than originally planned. While the list of university offers is still awaited, in the last five years, approximately 75% of our students received first round offers to the course of their choice. These consistently outstanding outcomes for Year 12 students are testimony to the first-class education they have received.” 85 CCGS students received their Higher School Certificate and 18 students received their International Baccalaureate Diploma



From the School Board

Planning for the future John Taylor Chairman of the School Board

Central Coast Grammar School celebrates 25 years at the forefront of education on the Central Coast. During the past 25 years CCGS has grown from humble beginnings into the outstanding educational establishment it is today. In celebrating the achievement of the past, we must also plan for the future to ensure that the School continues to build on its reputation as a school which delivers not only first class education but produces worldly, compassionate adults who can step forward with pride and confidence to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. In November I announced that the School Board had engaged Erebus International to undertake a Strategic Review. This Review will provide the base data to allow the Board to formulate future direction and provide the basis for the development of the School’s Strategic Plan for the next 3-5 years. Information is being gathered from past, present and future parents, past and presents students and staff. Interviews/focus groups, document analysis and surveys will be used to gain a better understanding of how CCGS can best respond to the achievements and opportunities identified and to plan for the future in an informed and consultative manner. The first round of data gathering, the “Learning Culture Survey”, has been completed and phase 2 will commence in Term 1. We received many thought provoking and insightful responses to this initial survey of parents, teachers and students as to where we should be headed as an educational establishment. The Review is scheduled to complete in April 2009 and the Strategic Plan will be launched mid 2009. On Speech Night we honoured many students who had achieved high academic standards in their particular course of study. For every student that



walks on the stage there is a teacher who has given encouragement, extra tutorials and sacrificed many extra hours. It is widely recognised that the quality of children’s education is directly related to the quality of the teaching staff. At CCGS we have always been proud of our standard of teaching and the School Board believes there should be recognition for these dedicated teachers. Commencing this year, a new set of awards, the Chairman’s Awards, will honour teachers that have demonstrated excellence in the classroom. Also on Speech Night we said our last good bye to Mr Richard Lornie who has been the leader of our wonderful school for the past 20 years. He has set a solid foundation upon which we can confidently grow. During his tenure the School has constantly embarked upon new ways of providing our education offerings. It is testament to how innovative we have been to see the Australian Government adopting a Notebook programme many years after CCGS had integrated IT into the curriculum. Another initiative of Mr Lornie will come to fruition this year with the addition of Mandarin to the co-curricular teaching programme being offered in the Junior

School. Having just visited China I am more enthusiastic than ever about future links for Australian business with this up and coming economic powerhouse.

As we usher in the future under the headship of William Low, the Strategic Review will ensure a strengthening of our competitive position as the flagship educational provider in this region. I look forward to the challenges this year will present knowing that with the enduring legacy left by Richard Lornie and the School Community working together we can achieve anything we set our minds to. Above: The School Board Planning Day in September. Back Row: Richard Lornie and William Low with Alan Williams, John Taylor (Chairman), David Purkiss and Professor Stephen Crump Front Row: Heather Irvine-Rundle, Anne Garlick and Christian Hobbs with Wal Hopkins (Business Manager)

Headmaster’s Facilities and Report Environment

Synthetic turf closer to completion

A sight to behold

The fourth “Evening with the Stars” fundraiser held in the Crown Plaza Grand Ballroom on 6 September brought the dream of a multipurpose synthetic field closer to completion.

School Community completes Stage 1 of the Vision Splendid Environmental Regeneration Project.

Over 200 members of the School Community enjoyed a wonderful evening in an excellent setting with entertainment provided by Daryl Braithwaite, Jon Stevens and Jenny Morris. Two former students, Gemma Coats (98) and James Bracey (02) who currently work on Sky News, were MCs on the night. Warren Wilson, a key organiser of the event, said the feedback from the night was extremely positive and he explained how the idea for the facility came about. “The reason behind the [synthetic] turf is twofold. Back in the late 90s a group was formed to raise funds for the RLC. The group determined that the School should have a Master Plan so facilities such as school buildings, playing fields,

Ad space available High profile banner advertising on the fences surrounding the field is available to members of the School Community. If you would like to take

The second Vision Splendid planting on the area adjacent to the Multipurpose Field



Richard Lornie and Warren Wilson

athletic tracks, etc could be laid out on a map to establish where everything belonged. Additionally, we could tick off those items that the School has achieved and move on to the next facility. Secondly, on a CCGS hockey road trip, my daughters, Georgia and Tilly said on the way home, “How come Barker has the only Turf and we play on grass everywhere else?” The simple answer was, “Money and drive and the desire to build a turf.” My daughters responded, “Why don’t you do something like you did with the RLC?” My reply: “OK I will.” The project commenced with the Board agreeing to allowing advertising, we received direct donations and “Evening with the Stars IV” was reborn.” We are hopeful the sunshine over the Christmas break has been sufficient to finally dry the surface so the facility can be completed. advantage of this limited opportunity, please contact the Business Manager Wal Hopkins on 9365 8410. Your support for this project is greatly appreciated.

On Saturday 6 December the second community planting day marked the completion of Stage 1 of the 10-year generational plan to provide a unique physical environment which encapsulates the natural beauty of the School’s extensive grounds for future generations. After an 18 month period of consultation and design process and two planting days, the landscape design of the Vision Splendid Memorial Garden has been realised as the last 1200 plants were bedded by over 100 parents, students and staff. In preparation for the planting day, over 100 Year 10 students cleared the area and spread mulch, as part of their two days of community service before the summer break. Year 9 boys researched the most suitable native species for the habitat and sketched plans, working with Michael Cook, parent and landscape architect. This wildlife sanctuary and area of natural beauty and tranquillity has created a focus for the entire School Community. Robert Hunter, parent and the mastermind of Vision Splendid said,” There are so many activities that can grow from it, with a myriad of benefits for past, present and future students, parents and staff.”




Central Coast Grammar School leads in Digital Education Revolution Michael Lowbridge ICT Manager

Right: HP Thin Client computers are a significant space saver, and with no moving parts, use less power and produce less heat

As many schools grapple with the challenge of providing flexible and cost effective infrastructure for the flood of computers resulting from the government’s Digital Education Revolution, CCGS showcases its leading solutions to local, interstate and international educators. CCGS has so far hosted visits from schools from the Central Coast, Sydney and Queensland who wanted first-hand information on our network infrastructure. In August, the IT Department welcomed a party of 20 Indonesian visitors who sought information on why HP’s Thin Client Solutions have made such a difference at the School. Included in the party were CIOs/CEOs from the finance, manufacturing and education sectors and their visit coincided with HP’s launch of this innovative technology in Indonesia. CCGS has adopted an early and long term strategy of significant investment

Above: Michael Lowbridge (right) shows the centralised data centre to Indonesian visitors



Students from all year groups use the Thin Clients available in the Library for research and regular lessons

in information technology infrastructure that provides the best possible learning environment for our 1200 students.

Spread throughout the School, covered by a wireless network, notebooks are used by teachers and all students in Years 5-9. Desktops are also used in the Library, 20 specialist digital classrooms, the LOTE lab and administration. Instead of individually maintaining and supporting 150 desktops at numerous locations, the School elected to deploy HP Thin Client computers when replacing hardware after lease expiry. The phased approach to implementation means that desktops are replaced with Thin Clients that connect virtually to HP Blade PCs located in a centralised data centre. Students and staff log on to the system in the normal way and HP’s Session Allocation Manager (SAM) software then allocates them to a particular Blade PC, based on

the activity they want to carry out. Users are not necessarily aware that the applications they are using are not running locally on their Thin Client terminal. The Thin Clients are standard so users log in to the same machine no matter where they are around the School. Reduced power consumption contributes to the School’s Sustainability Management Plan and its goal to become ‘greener’. Problem solving is carried out centrally, streamlining maintenance and saving visits to locations around the campus. Hardware lasts longer and can be leased over a five year rather than a three year period, which also helps to lower costs. There is no doubt that the digital education revolution will continue to transform learning environments and the School’s move to Blade technology not only offers flexibility and value but positions the School well to meet future demands.


Trade Fair New businesses begin with brilliant ideas and there were plenty of innovative concepts presented to the local business community by the young entrepreneurs from our Year 9 Elective Commerce class at the School’s annual Trade Fair in October. The students had spent 12 weeks shaping their ideas into full scale business plans. They had done the market research; prepared their business plans and now they were ready to launch their businesses into the marketplace. Even the most confident wondered if their idea would capture a market and, more important, who would believe in their ability to run a business and provide finance for the venture? The concepts were presented to members of the local business community who were viewed as prospective investors. Set up as a mini expo, fourteen business groups represented by 39 students each gave a 15 minute presentation of their business plans to the judges. They had to convince the judges that they had a good understanding of their product and

Stephanie Hayes, Rose Carr and Lauren Holz

National win for debaters in MUNA CCGS debaters recorded several significant wins in Semester 2. Communicating their point of view convincingly led to joint first place honours for Rose Carr, Stephanie Hayes and Lauren Holz at the National Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) competition. In the final held in Canberra, CCGS competed against 32 teams from NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. Representing The United Arab Emirates, our team



their responsibilities in the business, and had done sufficient research to ensure its success. They were also judged on their overall presentation and how well they communicated their ideas. After lengthy deliberation, the tick of approval from the judges went to Sasha and Jasmine Frankel and James Gornall, 1st (Pass Voyager), Declan Carrier 2nd (‘TOG’ Totally Organic Grip) and Matthew Williams 3rd (Four Suits). One of the judges Mr Graham Black commented, “This business management project is an eye opening experience for these enthusiastic young students. They gain an insight into the depth and knowledge required to run a business successfully. Their achievements and presentations were

studied the country’s history, politics, customs, geography, alliances and achievements. They debated topics which had come before the UN including the death penalty, defamation of religion and renewable energy. All team members agreed that trying to find solutions to world issues from the point of view of another country was a challenging and fascinating experience. While in Canberra, the team attended a formal dinner at the Australian National University, where they mingled with representatives from the embassies of Afghanistan, India, Mexico, Myanmar (Burma) and Nigeria, as well as teachers and students of International Law from the University. The Rotary Inter-Schools Debating Competition brought a new style of preparation and speaking. The debates were held during Wyong Rotary meetings, with both teams preparing at adjacent tables while they ate dinner. Arguing that “We

outstanding and I believe the skills learned can be applied to assist in everyday life management.” The winners’ insight into the world of business was further enhanced when they were guests at a business breakfast run by the Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre. The School thanks Mr Laurie O’Brien for providing this opportunity which the students found invaluable. Above: CCGS Trade Fair winners with the judges Left to Right: Stephen Webber (Australian Business Ltd), Trish Cotteral (Fortunity), Laurie O’Brien (Bridgecoast Finance Group), Matthew Williams, Declan Carrier, Sasha and Jasmine Frankel (front) and James Gornall, Graham Black (Real Estate and business adviser), Jessica O’Neil, Past CCGS student, Ross Thickett (Head of Economics), Kath Margieson (business owner), William Low, (CCGS Headmaster 2009), Lyn Jelfs (Commerce teacher), Ron Margieson (business owner)

ought to be very sceptical about global warming”, the CCGS Open Team was declared the winner, receiving a cheque for $500. Our junior debaters also had their share of success. The Year 7 team of Jessica Redmond, Dallas Youles, Natasha Naidu and Georgia Curtis won the Josie Mitchell Debating Competition arguing that “sports people do not deserve the rewards they receive’. This was a highly relevant topic in the lead up to the Olympics. In the HICES Debating Competition, Year 8 won both the Hunter and the Sydney regional finals, losing the grand final by a narrow margin. However, they finished the year on a high note with Drew Anderson, Courtney Thompson, Grace Fowles and Katina Selveraj taking top honours at the annual University of Newcastle Debating Day where they competed against schools in our region.­



Community Spring Fair The annual P&F Spring Fair is not just about raising money but rather a day when the School opens its doors to the wider community. While the early morning rain saw the Fair begin slowly, numbers increased as the day progressed and thousands of visitors flocked to the School to enjoy a fun day of entertainment for the entire family.




Full orchestra lifts the rafters TOP OF PAGE 7

474 mm TOP OF PAGE 8





Christopher Hunt Head of Instrumental Music

Each Speech Night, the tradition has been to invite the current Year 12 students to play for the last time at school. This year, as a farewell to Richard Lornie, the Music Department extended the invitation to ex students. 116mm

Past students who performed with the Senior Orchestra were: Jessica Sommerlad (06) (cello), Julian Singer (04) and Iain Thomas (07) (double bass), Catherine Arndt (02) (flute), Melissa Davidson (02) (French horn), Anna Doukakis (99) (trumpet), Liz Arndt (04), Felicity Doukakis (06) and Jessica Southeren (06) (violin) and Jeff Doukakis (03) percussion. The 2008 Year 12 musicians included: Sophie Goldsmith

(flute) and Jenny McCullagh and Rachel Hopkins (violin). There were a number of our instrumental tutors: Hillary Day and Christina Polimos (cello), Peter Salkeld (clarinet), Jess Foy (flute), Andrew Swan (keyboard), Rowen McBride (trombone), Amanda Elkington (violin), Paul Latham (voice), Elizabeth Blajet (viola) and Mikaela Prout (percussion). Staff members included Jillian MacAlpine (violin), Alan Caulfield (tuba) and Sue-Ann Douglas, percussion. The orchestra was joined by parent Ann Cala (French horn) and two guests, both friends/associates of current students; Matt Bub (oboe) and Gabrielle Steele (viola). 118mm


Apart from providing a fitting tribute to our retiring Headmaster, the event gave our students an opportunity to play with experienced musicians in a large orchestra. The Senior Orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ was met with rapturous applause. Possibly the first time, or at least the only time any of the exstudents could recall, the orchestra had every instrument represented – quite a feat for a school orchestra!


celebration! double CD set now on sale This new double CD set presents a broad selection of music performed by all co-curricular ensembles and select senior soloists in 2008. The recording gives the listener an appreciation of the breadth and quality of the music created by our students. Our first music CD was recorded in 1995 to celebrate “A decade of excellence”. Listeners to “celebration!” will gain an appreciation of how music has flourished at the School over the past 15 years. “celebration!” is dedicated to Mr Richard Lornie who has been the strongest advocate of music at the School, and to our past and present music students and their teachers. To purchase a CD, please contact the School on 4367 6766. Cost: $29.



Foundation Day 2008

Left: Peter Chudleigh, Kevin Reddie, John Boesenberg, Di Paton, Richard Lornie, Keryl Smith and Gary Glen Below: Denise McDonough (Head of Senior College), Di Paton (Deputy Head of Junior School), Stephen Bennett (Head of Middle School), Kevin Reddie, Lindy Bracey, Trish Burne (PA to HM), William Low (HM Elect)

Extracts from an address by Kevin Reddie, former CCGS Director of Welfare

I regard it as a great honour to be speaking here on this day on which we remember and celebrate the foundation of Central Coast Grammar School 24 years ago. I like to think of Foundation Day as celebrating foundations in two different ways: firstly as the foundation of the School and secondly as the forging of solid life foundations of many thousands of young students. I also wish to pay special tribute to Mr Lornie for all his efforts on behalf of the School both as Deputy and as Headmaster… When the School was founded in 1985, Dr Ron Chambers was the Headmaster and Mr Richard Lornie was the Deputy and Mr Lornie played a big part in helping to establish the foundations. Mr Lornie became the Headmaster in 1988. Being Headmaster is not an easy job. Mr Lornie has had to make many



difficult decisions and has worked very hard over many years to build on the foundations that were laid down in the early years of the School. As a result, Central Coast Grammar School has had more than its fair share of successes in so many areas including being listed as one of the top 10 schools in Australia. At a recent Past Students get together I attended it was truly heart-warming to hear them talk so positively about their years at CCGS and to express their thanks and appreciation for the School and for the role played by Mr Lornie. Even students who had been disciplined by Mr Lornie for misbehaviour spoke appreciatively of those ‘lessons’ learned outside the classroom… How can we say thanks for the tremendous efforts of Mr Lornie and his staff? Firstly we can take time to appreciate and savour all that Central Coast Grammar is. Begin to really appreciate that all that we enjoy has come about through a whole lot of hard work over many years. Secondly we can say thanks by making the most of all the opportunities that are available. Make up your mind to get involved in as many activities as you can. Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and try something different. Thirdly, as many of our past students have already done, go on to make the world a better place. Determine that you will

do all you can to do things that will be personally rewarding and enriching and will make our country and the wider world a better and a happier place for all. On behalf of the CCGS Community I would like to thank Mr Lornie for being the type of person he is and for investing the tremendous amounts of time, effort and warm-heartedness over nearly a quarter of a century. It has been a long but a very satisfying journey and the results are all around us in the buildings, in the grounds and in the culture which is best described as caring and sharing. For Mr Low, our new Headmaster, for the staff, the students and the wider CCGS community the challenge is to continue to build on the foundations and the structures that have been put in place so that CCGS will go on to even greater heights. Future challenges and opportunities will no doubt be different to those encountered back in 1985 but how those challenges are met will determine what Foundation Day 2020 will be like. The underlying goal, however, will always be the same – striving for excellence in all endeavours in a happy, caring and supportive environment.

Foundation staff recall‌ I was looking through some old school photos of our early assemblies and services. These used to be held in front of the J1 classroom in our original basketball court. It was amazing how we managed to fit so many musicians on that tiny veranda. It was a cosy setting but the school eventually got too big for the area and so we built a special stage in front of J6 which gave us more room, but was still outdoors. In summer it was often too hot to have students sitting out in the sun for the hour it took for our assemblies and services so we built the shade area that now exists in the JS playground. The design of that shade area was inspired by an arrangement of pizza shape biscuits we noticed on a plate while having afternoon tea. The threat of rain was also a problem and there were often tense moments trying to decide whether to go ahead or cancel. One day we tested fate. Of course the heavens opened and it started to pour in the middle of one of the hymns. Mrs Hanna was playing the accompaniment on the piano and she played on relentlessly while the whole school got wet. Finally common sense prevailed and the students were dismissed from the drenching assembly! We dreamt of the day when we could hold our assemblies and services indoors and look at the wonderful facility we have now. Peter Chudleigh

Above: A standing ovation for Mr Lornie

As a founding teacher I have had the privilege of seeing Richard in action as a Deputy Principal. He enjoyed standing just behind the shorter framed founding Headmaster Dr Chambers and played the part of the young, steely eyed disciplinarian very well. His fidgeting and furrowed brow at Grevillea Services comes from the very first time Mr Reddie allowed me to deputise for him on the microphone. Fortunately it was his birthday that day and a chorus of Happy Birthday followed by three cheers led by Mr Boesenberg saw Richard begin to soften. Over the last five years or more Richard has been a true statesman and I take the credit for starting that transition! Ken Gross

My first recollection of the school site was a hill slope covered in lantana and privet. However, within a few months it was transformed as the first school buildings were constructed. Originally, about 150 students started at the school. When Richard Lornie began as Deputy Head he was domiciled in an old cottage where the Rugby oval now stands. I remember it being so cold in winter that the photocopiers would not operate in the mornings and seemed to take an eternity to warm up. Many people have stories to tell of Richard’s achievements or some humorous anecdote. I have no funny stories, just admiration for a man who has brought CCGS from humble origins to where it is today. John Boesenberg

We crossed the line! Our traditional coin line held on Foundation Day broke all records. The Line, which began at the main entrance, snaked its way through the grounds with Prefects in charge at each point along the way. There was much excitement when the line extended far beyond that achieved in 2006, where a plaque marks the spot. Despite the few foreign coins which slipped into the line, the final amount of money raised on the day was $2,524.55! While Bank staff may not have been pleased at the sight of thousands of coins, our giving will surely put a smile on the faces of the Maprik High School students in PNG who will benefit from the generosity of our community.





Junior School

New leader for Junior School On 10 November, the Board announced the appointment of Lachlan MacKinnon as the new Head of Junior School. Lachlan was selected from a high quality field of applicants and will join the School at the commencement of Term 1. Lachlan and Felix at the Vision Splendid Memorial Garden

After completion of his Bachelor of Primary Education at Wollongong University and Master of Education Human Resource and Development at the University of Sydney, Lachlan spent 15 years in Primary education, the first two years of which were spent teaching in Scotland. He has held the position of Head of SCEGGS Redlands Junior School for the past three years. Prior to this appointment, he spent ten years at Newington College Prep Schools and a year at St Luke’s Grammar School.

Lachlan is married to Stephanie and they have three children: Elka (7), Piper (5) and Felix (4). The Board is confident that Mr MacKinnon’s excellent leadership and management skills will make a significant contribution to the Junior School, building on its strengths and working to the future. Lachlan MacKinnon, Head of Junior School

Art mural transforms Year 4 setting

Ashleigh Tyson and dad Chris

Joseph Mee and dad Paul

Fathers and Children’s Breakfast Olympic yachtsman Iain Murray was the guest speaker at the annual Fathers & Children’s Breakfast held in the RLC. Iain discussed the passion and effort it takes to train and compete in high level events, underpinning the belief that anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. His talk was well received by the dads and children present for this popular event.



Visual Art teacher, Judith Price was approached to design and paint the 40m wall outside the Year 4 classrooms. The mural is the brainchild of Year 4 teacher Fiona Grant. Fiona’s concept was a flow of environments, from underwater to the beach, the eucalpytus forests to the rainforest. The design is colourful and cheerful, whilst remaining true to the Australian environments encapsulated. Assisting Judith with the mural was her Mother-in law Jan Maljers, a grandparent to Ben Maljers in Kindergarten.

Annie Little and Charlie Hunter Annabel Hopkins

Junior Sports Stars Congratulations to Anna Little and Charlie Hunter on receiving Junior Sportsperson of the Year awards for their outstanding sporting performance during 2008. Congratulations also go to Annabel Hopkins and Jason Dredge both of whom were selected to represent NSW at the Pacific Schools games held in Canberra in November. Annabel came 4th in the finals of the 50m backstroke and was a member of the relay team that placed 2nd. Jason placed 12th in the 1500m walk.

Headmaster’s Report A touch of magic Children love dressing up and Kindergarten had a special opportunity to become their favourite character on Fairytale Day. It was an enchanting sight as our youngest students told their guests, in big, loud voices, which character they represented. Their first performance in public speaking was a huge success! A very special guest, B2, was given a warm welcome, joining Mrs Di Paton, Acting Head of Junior School and the children for a photo.

Numbers grow in Junior Basketball Junior School Basketball is growing significantly in both numbers and the development of skills. For the 2008/09 season, approximately 150 students are playing for the School. Teams are entered into the local competition which is played at Bridgecoast Stadium, Terrigal. In 2007/08 there were 14 teams in the competition and this season the number has risen to 16.  Demonstrating the strength of our Junior players, some teams have already recorded significant wins. The School entered four teams into the Central Coast Primary School Challenge in October 2008. After a full weekend of games, three teams won their respective age division resulting in CCGS being crownedChampion School. The winning teams were: Leopards Yr3/4 Girls Division 1 – coaches Kathryn Tyson and Elyse Ardley; Hot Shots Yr5/6 Girls Division 2 – coach Anne Reed; and Kings Yr5/6 Boys Division 2 – coach Lisa Wilkinson. Samuariaz, Yr5/6 Girls Division 1, coached by Kim Vernon positioned 4th. Kim commented that all teams are displaying much potential and enthusiasm. “Enjoying success at this stage in the season has boosted player confidence and we are hopeful for more wins on the board when play resumes in Term 1.” Congratulations to Bianca Innes who was selected in the NSWCIS Team and played in the PSSA State Championships. Annabel Hopkins was also named as a reserve for this team.



“It was an enchanting sight as our youngest students told their guests, in big, loud voices, which character they represented.” Public speaking success In October, Clare Thomson and Sam Bennett–Low (Year 6) and Jannah Anderson and Jesse McGrath (Year 5) competed with five other schools in Public Speaking. The aim of the day was to encourage students in their interest and aptitude for this life

long skill. Each student presented a 3 minute prepared speech on “A Life Changing Event,” and a 2 minute impromptu speech. Congratulations to Jannah Anderson who placed 1st overall in Year 5 and Jesse McGrath for his 3rd placing.

Should knights be allowed to slay dragons? Matteo Lannan 2C

I think we should not kill dragons even though they burn down houses, bash people’s bones and barbeque them. Sometimes people slay them because someone burnt down the town and the dragons are always the ones to blame. How cruel is that? Very cruel. Some dragons can be as gentle as sheep. Their homes are not yucky but very clean and healthy. Probably they are more hygienic than us!

Everyone says that when dragons invite you for dinner they eat you. That I can say is definitely not true. This is because they would rather a salad or some roast chicken. Dragons are great bodyguards and if they are well trained, they could protect really important things such as your toothbrush. In my opinion knights should not slay dragons. Authorised by the Government of Australia



Global Charities

From Shoe Box to Shipping Container CCGS 2008 Maprik High School Expedition On Monday 29 September eight students, Mr Lornie and 10 adults journeyed to Maprik High School in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. Their objectives were: to build on the success of previous visits; to unload a container of educational supplies donated by the CCGS community and sent earlier to Maprik; to buy paint and refurbish the School library and other rooms; and for Mr Lornie to continue to negotiate with Government officials his plans to establish a Community Learning Centre at Maprik High School. The day following their arrival, Maprik students joined the work parties dispatched to paint the outside and inside of the Library, the Home Economics Building and as many blackboards as possible. Later that day, to everyone’s delight the shipping container that had been despatched from CCGS on July 11 arrived. Items included photocopiers, electronic equipment, tools and gardening equipment, 2000 library books, encyclopaedias, sewing machines, rolls of material, science equipment, filing cabinets, tables and

chairs, teachers desks, whiteboards, blackboards, notice boards, TV sets, art and equipment, school bags, track suits, curtains and sports gear. The photocopiers were installed and three local teachers were trained in their use. Our House Families had purchased items and written notes to accompany their gifts which were signed by all in the Family. This relationship between CCGS and Maprik helps our students to become compassionate global citizens. Mr Lornie said, “It was wonderful to see the expressions on the faces of the staff and students as our gifts were unloaded. The library was completely transformed and now has an additional 2,000 texts including novels and reference books for most

subjects. We gave the gift of our labour and perhaps, most importantly, the gift of hope.” On Monday 20 October, CCGS was delighted to host seven delegates from the PNG Government who visited us to thank our School Community for its support of Maprik High School. The delegation included Hon Sani Rambe, Minister for Internal Security and Education and Hon Gabriel Kapris, Minister for Commerce and Industry. Footnote: Members of the 2008 Maprik Expedition Students: Maddi Fleetwood, Mitchell Greenwood, Matthew Harrison, Lauren Holz, Tori Perrow, James Ralph, Brittany Stillone, Will Thomas. Adults: Richard and Saun Lornie, Lindy Bracey, Graeme Murphy, James Brighton, Fiona Grant, Kathy Hay, Pam Johnston, Peter Ralph, Brian Rees, Marilyn Spence.

Raising awareness of health issues



Both female and male health issues were the focus of attention in Term 4 with fundraisers held to aid research.

and Prefects supported the same cause, raising $810 from their cake stall.

Year 11 spent Period 1 on Monday 27 October at The Heights Grocer Coffee Shop owned by the Petroy family, parents of the School, in support of Pink Ribbon Day to aid breast cancer research. 4 in 1 Fitness supplied the sausage sizzle. Students enjoyed the hot chocolate, tea, chai latte… A significant proportion of the $300 raised was as a result of our students giving more than the usual coin donations. Ironbark House Captains

Drawing attention to men’s health issues were Messrs Berczelly, Dewhurst, Falls, Gross, Hunt, Kensey and Worthing, known as the ‘Mo Bros’ who made an untidy appearance in ‘Movember’. The staff members grew a moustache to raise awareness of prostate cancer and male depression, collecting $1,661.30 in donations from staff and students.

Headmaster’s Sport Report Coach of the Year Award

Sport Awards On Speech Night, the Sportsperson of the Year Award recipients, Alyce Donoghue, Mikaela News-O’Neil and Christopher Peebles, were on hand to receive their trophies in recognition of their outstanding achievements in Sport in 2008.

Junior Netball Coach, Mrs Lisa Wagland is congratulated on receiving the much coveted Gosford Netball Association Netta Coach of the Year Award.

Particular mention goes to Mikaela for her Triple Crown victory in taking out the Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming trophies for 2008. She also received the award of School Colours for Sport. Nicholii House celebrated their “Year of the Green” having won the House Cup for 2008. CCGS was well represented amongst the list of 100 athletes who received recognition at the 2008 Central Coast Academy of Sport Awards Evening held in November. In Snowsport, top freestyle skier David Graham received the overall Athlete of the Year Award, a fine achievement from a rising star. Gordon Reid’s hard work as a Forward was recognised when he picked up the major Rugby Union Athlete of the Year Award. Matthew Bobby received a Mayoral Certificate. Other CCGS athletes received recognition for their achievements in Basketball, Surfing, Surf Lifesaving, Golf and Future Stars.

Pacific School Games 2008 Pacific School Games swimmer Keelan Bridge Y8 won Gold in the 200m backstroke and Bronze in the 50m and 100m backstroke. Robert Dredge Y8 placed 12th overall in the 800m track and Renata Hercok Y10 made it to the Finals in hockey.

Top left: HM Richard Lornie, Mikaela News-O’Neil and acting HM William Low Bottom left: Nicholii Captains Sarah Knox and Ashley Hutchinson, and 2008 Captain, Jennifer Johnson Left: Gordon Reid and Matthew Bobby

Endless winter brings joy for some Many families live on the Central Coast because of the beautiful beaches and mild weather. However, a couple of families at the School spend most of their time chasing the never-ending winter. During our winter they will be in the alpine region of Australia, and then as we head for the beaches they will be off to the northern hemisphere continuing their development that one day might see them represent Australia at the Winter Olympics. The Graham family (Heidi Year 11 and Matt Year 9) and the Melville family (Sarah Year 10 and Cameron Year 8) have won numerous best “performer awards” in their divisions along with a host of National Championship awards representing CCGS in freestyle mogul. Our most successful skier in 2008 has been Matt Graham who competed in Division 3 and claimed his 4th consecutive “best performer” medal at the Australian Interschools

Championship. Older brother David (Y12 08), following on from Eliza, 2007 Captain of the CCGS Ski Team, competed in Div. 1 finishing runner up for the 3rd time, while Heidi claimed a podium in Div. 2 finishing 3rd. In the team awards Heidi and Sarah placed 2nd and Matt and Cameron finished 3rd. Both David and Matt have been selected into the Australian Development Freestyle Mogul Team currently touring North America and Europe from December till February. For David this will be the 3rd time he has been a member of this elite squad. Matt will return to Australia in February while David will remain in Europe linking up with the National Team and make his World Cup debut. This will be the first step toward preparing David for what could be his selection into the Australian team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Heidi and Sarah have been competing with a group of similar aged girls that one day could follow in the footsteps of Australia’s Flying Kangaroos’ Women’s Aerial Ski Team.

South African Winter Sports Tour On 19 September, 49 Hockey, Netball, Rugby Union and Tennis students departed on the Winter Sports Tour to South Africa. The tour began in Perth where they played against Freemantle Christian Boys College and Santa Maria Catholic College. Their next port of call was Cape Town where they visited places of interest, with a Cheetah sanctuary being a highlight. Games were arranged with Elsie’s River Secondary School following which the party travelled the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth to play against Newell High School and Woodridge College.



They visited Pilansburg National Park with sightings of the ‘Big 5’ prominent. They hiked in Drakensburg National Park, visited the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg and toured the township of Soweto. Games were played against Bekker School with the final host being Noordheuwell High School in Krugersdorp. On the final day, the group visited a lion park where everyone could get ‘up close and personal’ with the lion cubs. This was a terrific way to round off a memorable South African experience.



Artech Artech Showcase On Friday 28 November, despite the inclement weather, over 400 people attended an inaugural showcase of Kindergarten to Year 12 work on view in the Artech Building. The display included art – painting, sculpture, ceramics, printing and photographs – textile projects, wood work, graphics and multimedia displays. The event was a huge success and is set to be ear marked as an annual event.

P&F Farewell the Headmaster Parents, students, teachers and friends of the School attended a Cocktail Party in the Richard Lornie Centre to bid farewell to the Headmaster who had been at the helm for 20 years. Kristine Riley, P&F President said the Headmaster had been a pillar in the school community. “Or perhaps I should say a rock since it was he who helped build the very foundations that have made this school such a success.” Top: Bill Diebert, Kristine Riley, Anthony Doukakis and Richard Lornie Bottom Left: Graham and Robyn Mooney, Brian and Carol Bailey, Lyndall and Robert Kemp and Lesley and Michael Hunter Bottom Right: Cathy and John Taylor and Damien and Robyn Dwyer



Past Students’ Association

Surprise announcement at PSA ‘farewell’ dinner PSA Committee members, Justine Matthews (87) and Kate BeresfordBanks (89) along with Heather IrvineRundle (92) arranged a special PSA dinner to farewell retiring Headmaster Richard Lornie. The event, held at the Ocean Restaurant at the Entrance on 17 October, saw over 50 former Head Prefects and House Captains from the very early years of the School through to the recent past come together to honour Mr Lornie. Many recounted amusing tales of their­life at the School but the overall sentiments expressed were gratitude for the strength and

confidence they had gained as a result of being educated in a caring, supportive environment. Others spoke of the culture of the School and the strength and fairness of its Headmaster and how these factors played a role in their lives during their time at school and in the world beyond. Present at the event was Chairman of the Board Mr John Taylor and incoming Headmaster Mr Bill Low. Both spoke of the Association’s future, the need for it to remain vibrant and the vital role it plays within the School Community. The announcement that Mr Lornie

Top: Courtney Radford, Elizabeth Crossman (02), Mr Peter Foley, Roxanne Hecker (01) | Middle: John Healey (87), Richard Lornie and his fiancée Lindy Bracey, Justin Beeton (96) | Bottom: Julie Fill (nee Bailey 91), Kate Beresford-Banks (89), Katie Stokes (98), Michael Bridge (04), Marnie Bunning, Jody Johnston (92)

had agreed to become Patron of the PSA was met with great applause. However, Mr Lornie, quick-witted as ever, pointed out this announcement was no surprise to him. In fact with 24 years of papers to sift through, he had uncovered the documentation inviting him, as Headmaster, to be the PSA Patron. “I’ve always had the job and am delighted to continue in the role”, said Mr Lornie. “So this is not farewell, though I thank each of you for coming here tonight and for the interest you continue to show in your school.”



PSA News Nathan Reilly 04

David Barrow 03

Nathan is currently studying a combined Business/ Law Degree at the University of Newcastle. He completed his Bachelor of Business with a High Distinction Average and has gained acceptance into the Professional Program at the University of Newcastle Law School. Nathan is congratulated on being awarded the Law Society Prize for First Place in 2nd Year Law.

David Barrow was a member of the team the last time the School won the local competition of MUNA. He went on to become the President of the UTS Union and is currently President of the National Union of Students. David is studying Film and International Studies in addition to working part time at State Parliament for Peter Primrose, President of the Upper House (2 days per week) and working as an usher at Sydney Theatre. “MUNA was a lot of fun,” David recalls.  “In the political world I keep running into people I competed with and against. Our team represented Iran, China and Israel and when I meet people from those countries today I’ve got good background knowledge of the political context, within which they operate.”

John Chambers 96 Congratulations to John and Julie Chambers on the arrival of their daughter Katie. Katie was born on 29 August 2008. John is the son of the School’s founding Headmaster Dr Ron Chambers and has recently acquired the business, Sign-a-Rama in West Gosford. Julie is a member of CCGS staff, teaching Year 3 in the Junior School.

Jeremy Burke 02 We were delighted to welcome Jeremy to Kindergarten. Jeremy, who was completing his final prac teaching session, quickly became a popular and valuable personality in the Infant school. We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Allison Ferry 92

Clare McDonough 06 Clare plays the harp and appeared in the Express Advocate in December following her selection for the second time in the Australian Youth Orchestra national music camp to be held in Adelaide. Clare is currently studying performance at the Sydney Conservatorium and said the camp offered a priceless opportunity to play as part of a Symphony Orchestra.

James Macneil 01 In a final farewell to Year 12, James piped in the students to their Leavers’ Service. James set the tone for a memorable Service, playing a selection of pieces including “Scotland the Brave”.

Congratulations to Lachlan Walker 07 and Samuel Nosworthy 06 on receiving their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. Pictured at Government House with DOE organiser Mr David Simpson in August 2008.



Get connected on the PSA web

Congratulation to Allison, an avid triathlete, on gaining a spot in the Ford Ironman World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii in October. The organisers of the event say tens-ofthousands of triathletes try for one of the coveted Ironman spaces every year. Only 1,700 succeeded. Allison has been competing in triathlons for 10 years and juggles training twice a day with working as a Police Officer in the Tuggerah Lakes Area Command.

Erica Lovell 02 Erica’s dream of landing a part in a major theatrical production was realised when she secured the role of Amy in the musical of Louisa May Alcott’s novel, “Little Women”. Erica had moved to Sydney to study communications. She told the press the role was the result of four years of waiting. The show played at Sydney’s Seymour Centre from November 5 until December 7.

James Bracey 02 and Gemma Coates 98 did a brilliant job as MCs at the Evening with the Stars IV event. (Story page 5).

Michelle Florimo (nee Ferry 98) visited the archives, accompanied by daughter Emma (3), to source photos for the 1998 10-year reunion.

PSA Reunions 1988 The 20 year reunion of the Class of 88, organised by Nicole Bailey, was held on 30 August 2008 in the PAC. The event was very well attended by both past students and their teachers. Mr Peter Chudleigh had organised a brilliant collection of photographs which were shown on the night and which provided a string of reminiscences and amusing anecdotes. Mr Lornie said, “It was wonderful to catch up with former students from the very early days of CCGS. Congratulations to Nicole Bailey on her wonderful organisation and enthusiasm.” Nicole is pictured at Mr Lornie’s farewell gathering.

1998 Seventy five students from the Class of 98 attended their 10 year reunion on 13 September at the PAC. Organiser Carly Jelfs writes: There was a wonderful turnout for the Class of 98 Reunion and a great time was had by all. It was a night

Sunil Badami 92

Above: Sunil is pictured with John Horsley (Deputy Head of Senior College), Denise McDonough (Head of Senior College) and Janine Noy, (Head of the IB Programme).

Wedding Bells Stuart Fletcher 98 and and Maree Hewett 99 were married in January 2008 and own a home in Toukley. The couple are currently in Holland where Stuart has an 8-month contract to play Hockey. Stuart has played in the NSW Open Mens Team for 5 years and the Australian Champions in 2005.



Above: Class of 98 reunion in the PAC. Right: Nicole Bailey 88

of shared memories, laughs, photos and life stories. A number of teachers attended too which added to the success of the night. A special thank you must go to Mr Richard Lornie for attending, and given that it was his last reunion during his official role at CCGS I’m sure it will be remembered fondly. The Class of 98 has come a long way in 10 years. There are now many doctors, lawyers, teachers, business managers, IT specialists, accountants, financial

Students gave a warm welcome to Sunil when he spoke about his career at Assembly in Term 3. At school Sunil was a strong academic student undertaking 3 Unit Art and English, achieving a UAI of 98.9. He was an outstanding Public Speaker and Debater representing the school in both areas. Despite not having acted before he successfully took on the challenge of the role of Oberon in the CCGS production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. On leaving school Sunil completed an Honours degree in Communications at UTS and obtained a Masters with Distinction in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths College, the University of London. After working as a financial planner for five years, he quit to

advisors, nurses, mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles. It was wonderful to hear about everyone’s achievements during the last 10 years. Many friendships were reunited and maybe even some romantic interests... All in all a great night and a big thank you to the teachers for attending as they are and always will be a very important part of the memories we have from school. Here’s to the next 10 years.

pursue his dream of being a writer. To support his writing, he’s had a number of different occupations, including: waiter, advertising copywriter, TESOL teacher, arts administrator, circus clown and manager of a pub on an island in the middle of the Irish Sea! He has been a book reviewer, a movie critic and ghost-writer, as well as writing for magazines, newspapers and the prestigious literary journal, Meanjin. Sunil’s short story, “Collective Silences”, was included in Best Australian Short Stories (2007). Also in 2007, he became one of six people to win Channel 9’s long-running quiz show “Temptation”, winning cash and prizes worth $638 096. Sunil is completing a novel he has been writing for over 15 years.

Dad and Daughter celebrate milestones For teacher Peter Foley both the 20 and 10 year reunions held special significance as 1988 was his first class at CCGS and 1998 was his daughter’s Y12 group. Peter is pictured here with his daughter Summer. Summer has degrees in Media and Law and is a lawyer with Sparke Helmore in Newcastle. BUNDARA SUMMER 09


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