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"To strive,to seek, to find, and not to yield"

February 2014| CCVHS|

Our Commitment to Save Lives by Melissa Montalvan

CCVHS Celebrates Mr.Doyle by Justin Loew

Happy Birthday Mr. Doyle! On Thursday, February 20th, Mr. Doyle celebrated his… well, letʼs just say…he had a wonderful birthday! On behalf of all of the students, alumni, and faculty, we wanted to give Mr. Doyle a birthday celebration he would never forget. With talks from Justin Loew, Denny Chavez, Ms. Navarro, and Jennifer Godinez, the entire CCVHS community gathered and presented Mr. Doyle with his very first Nails Award and a tie bar with the number 30 engraved on it to represent his 30th year in education. A big thank you to Johnny Romero, Marvin Orozco, and Bryan Aguilar for rocking the stage and playing “With a Little Help From My Friends.” Lastly, Leadership Council presented Mr. Doyle with an amazing card in which they symbolized their appreciation for his constant leadership and motivation. Thank you Mr. Doyle for being an amazing principal, but most of all, an amazing role model for us all to look up to. We love you! Fashion Week And More Global News

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Sports Team Makes History

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This January, we had our first blood drive of the year! Thank you to all the students who donated blood to help save the lives of those in need. Donating blood is an excellent way to live value five and give back to the greater community. We donated a total of eighty-two bags of blood. Additionally, our first bone marrow drive was a success. Twenty-six students participated in the bone marrow drive as potential donors. Thank you for everyoneʼs support and participation. Together we can continue making a difference!

Yearbook Staff Preparing to Showcase Their Hardwork by Ms. Zanine

I was very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working staff this year. So far it looks as though we are on track for finishing the yearbook by the end of April, and we are looking forward to seeing all their hard work printed in our yearbook. My staff will start selling the yearbook next month, and it will be on sale until the end of April. The students will have three options for the yearbook: they may buy a hard cover book for 40 dollars, a soft cover book for 30 dollars, or they may download a free version.

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Global News What We All Do Not See In the News by Bryant Miranda

What would you do if it was freezing cold outside and while you were waiting for the bus, you noticed a boy, alone and shivering from the cold, standing next to you? Your gut reaction may be to leave the boy alone, to ignore him. However, as you start to second-guess yourself, you may realize that you need to do something to help this boy out. This is exactly what a childrenʼs charity in Norway did as an experiment. The charity wanted to see what the people of

February 2014

Norway would do if they saw a boy in the cold, alone and freezing. The outcome was astounding and heartwarming. Men and women, young and old, gave the boy their sweaters, gloves, and scarves to keep him warm. The good Samaritans sacrificed their own warmth so that the boy would be warm. Another purpose of this experiment was to raise awareness about the refugee children in Syria. We can conclude that regardless of age, gender, and race, when individuals see someone in the cold with nothing but their own body warmth, they show compassion and concern. If youʼre interested in watching the video itʼs called “Hade du jakken din til Johannes,” Which translates to “Did you give your jacket to John?”

Fashion Week Around the World by Ana Hernandez

The New York Fashion Week officially ended, and as one of the four major fashion shows worldwide, this fashion event illustrated international collections from various designers to the public and the press. The New York Fashion Week was held in Lincoln Center from February 6 to February 1 3th and consisted of prestigious events, including the MADE Fashion week and Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week, which showed the collections for spring, fall, and winter 201 4. Designers like Alexander Wang, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Calvin Klein introduced their collections and new styles for 201 4. However, the New York Fashion Week is more than runway shows; this event celebrates the diversity and the creativity of designers.

Edward Snowden, the Nobel Peace Prize Candidate?

by Jeremy Santiago Two Norwegian Politicians nominated the NSA leaker, Edward Snowden, for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to people who have promoted peace between countries or in many other aspects. Edward Snowden leaked USA classified information from the National Security Agency. The Norwegian officials claim that he has “contributed to a more stable and peaceful world order.” Snowden exposed the surveillance programs that have the potential to eliminate terrorist actions towards our nation.

Donate Change to Make Change in the World

Starting March 1st you can donate to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Advisory that fundraises the most money will win a pizza party!

Let's Raise $1000 to help the cause!


Sports Another Olympics in banner for Sochi the Boys by Jeovane Galicia Winter has come Basketball and the games Team have already by Christian Monterroza

Congratulations to the 201 3-201 4 Central City Value Boys Basketball team! Once again, our mighty Jaguars are triumphant, going undefeated in the Los Angeles Freeway League! The team is league champion for two years in a row! Last year, coach Poyer led the team to their first banner, and now taking the mantel are coach Harden and coach Green. Now the boys are in the CIF playoffs. We wish them luck so they may be the first team to move on to the second round!

Lady Jaguars Are on Fire! by Christian Monterroza Congratulations to the girlsʼ volleyball and girlsʼ cross country teams! The volleyball girls are Freeway League Champions once again. Congratulations to Ms.

Adolphe on another fantastic season. The girlsʼ cross country team has won their first ever Freeway League championship! The team's hard work and effort paid off. Mr. Nguidjol did an excellent job training the girlsʼ team to compete against other difficult teams.

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February 2014

begun. The Winter Olympics is about competition. It is perceived as the stage where winter athletes give their most outstanding performance of their career because they have worked for many years to compete and dominate. The fact that they flew to a country that has opposite views demonstrates their commitment and dedication to their respected sport. The athletes set politics aside and put their ambition first. Team Russia won the most medals with 33, Team USA won 28 medals, and Team Norway won 26 medals!

Athlete of the Month: Vanessa Garcia by Camille Hiwatig

Most great athletes prove they are the best by having fun and appreciating the sport they play. Athletes have to be driven to improve and develop every day. It takes discipline and self-confidence. They must believe that they are a winner, and they must be determined to never give up. Junior Vanessa Garcia has proven that she has these requirements as a basketball player. Vanessa is grateful to be the athlete of the month. Vanessa has been playing at Shatto Park since she was 4 years old, and she plans to continue playing in college. Her mother inspired her to play a sport that was considered safe and active. Vanessaʼs most memorable game was when she scored the final point that took her team into overtime, which ultimately ended in a win. She now plays with the Jaguars as one of the captains for the girlsʼ team, and as their point guard and shooting guard. Vanessa was once a beginner, and now she is a very skilled player. She states, “If you want to accomplish anything, come practice and have fun.”


Entertainment February 2014 Movie Review: Metal vs. Post Hardcore "Instructions Not by Raymond Vasquez Many people have come to the conclusion Included "

that the genre of Metal is the same thing as This movie is about a man from another genre called Post-Hardcore. However, Mexico who has to take care of they are not the same, but rather, they share similar characteristics. Metal is known for its his daughter for six years, but when the mother comes back to fast tempo, aggressive rhythm, and grandiose lyrics. Popular metal bands include Judas take her daughter back, Priest, Megadeth, and Metallica. These bands everything goes into deep shambles. It is also a bit illogical resent messages within their music that often because when the father was at involve political matters, death, and life. Postthe border holding an American Hardcore, also known as “screamo,â€? closely baby, the patrol didnĘźt even take the baby away, which resembles Metal at times by the sound of the is not logical. What I like about this movie is the comedy guitars. The main difference between these genres lies within the vocals. Post-Hardcore in it. I found this movie to be funny because the dad does not know how to raise a child, so the way he took will use two different types of vocals within their care of his daughter was amusing.The ending of this music. One singer will sing in his/her regular or movie was sad; it could make anyone cry.I consider the stylized voice while another will scream words vigorously into the microphone, changing ending to be the best part of the movie. Despite its flaws, I would recommend this movie to many people his/her voice to sound more demonic and lower for the laughs and the ending. I would rate this movie... pitched. Post-Hardcore bands will usually sing songs about love or hope, and will romanticize death.Post-Hardcore has become recently popularized by bands like Falling in Reverse, Pierce the Veil, and Sleeping with Sirens as they gain more fans and critics who are against screaming. by Stephen Garcia

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