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THE MINISTER. As we enter this Advent and Christmas MINISTER’S LETTER season we do so amidst all the travail and uncertainty of the time in which we live. The financial woes of the world, and in particular the Euro Zone, continue to dominate the headlines along with the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and the Middle East. At home, the debate is ongoing about the steps the government is taking in order to address our own circumstances and situation, and ordinary people are wondering just where this will leave them, indeed, we are no doubt wondering where it will leave us. Our fears and struggles are not too dissimilar to those of the 1st Century Palestine. In the midst of all that marked the cauldron of the socio, economic and political maelstrom of that time the angels announced to the shepherds that first Christmas Eve ‘Today in the town of David, a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.’ Luke 2:11. I wonder what those shepherds made of that announcement? What were the hopes and dreams and fears and aspirations ruminating in their spirits as they heard that declaration? More to the point, what are the hopes and dreams, fears and aspirations ruminating in yours and my spirits this Christmas as we hear that same announcement again, maybe even as if for the first time? I pray that as we do, we can allow God to invade our lives afresh with hope and peace as we bring ourselves to Him, and worship at the crèche of the Christ Child. As Angela and I prepare to celebrate our first Christmas with you, we want to wish you all a truly blessed and Christ- filled Christmas. May the good news of His coming fill us all afresh with joy, peace and hope this Christmas, but most of all with hope. Gavin 3

CENTRAL’S FAMILY & FRIENDS Family News and other Bits & Pieces THANKS ·

From Venna Milsom to all her friends at Central for their ‘phone calls, good wishes, prayers and Get Well cards whilst I was ill. Also for the lovely flowers which Monica so kindly delivered to me. It is good to be back with you.


From Rita and Neil Price who would like to sincerely thank Gavin and Angela for their visits, care and prayers. Also Monica Lansley for her visit with the flowers from the Church, and to those who have telephoned and sent cards to Rita during her recovery from her recent surgery.


From Doreen Blackler for all the cards and good wishes she received on her 80th Birthday.


To Christine & Paul Sherriff for painting (almost ‘single­handedly’) the white edges to our outside steps.


From Messy Church to Jean Baker for offering once again to cook our Christmas Turkey!


From John Lawrence to those volunteers who turned out to sing carols to a party visiting the Livermead House Hotel on a ‘Tinsel & Turkey’ weekend. £108.91 was raised for Action for Children.



To Jessica Eyre. Those of you who remember her, will be pleased to know that she celebrated her 90th birthday recently.


To John & Janet Margetts’ grandson Steven and his wife Sarah on the birth of their triplets at the end of September. Alice, Hannah and Lucy are still in hospital, but beginning to gain weight. Their brother Henry, aged two, is looking forward to the time when they will be able to come home.


LYNETTE BROWN Those of us who knew Lynette were saddened to hear that she had died in Torbay hospital, for she had been at Central only a short time before. Lynette always seemed to have a smile for those around her. Born in Torquay in 1932 she spent most of her life in Torquay, moving to Trowbridge on her marriage. Lynette had six children and now has a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. There were lots of happy family gatherings when Lynette said it was as easy to do a meal for twenty as for one! Lynette had lived a very full and busy life enjoying dancing and loving the company of friends and neighbours who she helped whenever she could. For 21years she was an auxiliary nurse at Torbay hospital. Since the Busy Bees began at Central Lynette has been a regular member where her talent for embroidery was evident. Some of her lovely work can be seen in her home and many of her friends and family have pieces of her work. Lynette joined the Women’s Fellowship at Central and was a regular member on a Monday afternoon where she enjoyed meeting friends and sharing news. Lynette will be missed by Busy Bees and Women’s Fellowship but more so by her large and loving family to whom we offer our sympathy at this time.

JIMMY SAVILLE Jimmy Saville raised over £40million for charities and changed the lives of countless people. It was said “He’s the last of his kind. Modern celebrities are all about themselves - Jimmy was about everyone else.” Jimmy spent quite a lot of time in Torquay and was often seen running – preparing for some of his marathons. 5

ELAINE MARGARET BROOKS. 29.09.1929 – 09.11.2011 Elaine was born in Bristol on 20.09.1929 and lived there until 1971 when she moved to Ipswich. Then several more moves, all due to Clive’s work. 1974 Orpington; 1976 Bury St Edmunds; 1982 Hemel Hempstead and finally to Torquay in 1993. On leaving Grammar School, Elaine commenced working at Rowe Bros in Bristol. After her daughter – Lesley – was born she spent a few years at home to look after her. Going back to work she was employed by Kleeneze as a statistical analysist and secretary to the MD. On moving to Ipswich, employed by Bull Motors, where she checked orders for new electric motor manufacture, ensuring they were wired correctly to specification before despatch to customers. In Orpington – employment in sales management; at Leeway Prams, in charge of sales of prams and toys and production control. Finally she worked for ICI in Bury St Edmunds in charge of the animal and vaccine sales department, responsible to the MD. Her time in Hemel Hempstead was to support Clive, who was Director of Engineering for the Mirror Group of Companies. Elaine enjoyed the moves around the country, as she was able to meet new people, be involved with new church activities, especially with choirs, and expand her commercial experience. Elaine was a strong willed person where black was black and white was white. She didn’t suffer fools gladly, and her assessment of a person at first meeting usually proved right. She enjoyed driving her car, reading maps and finding her way to a new destination. Holidays featured in her life, driving through different countries, visiting mountains a must, together with churches where her spiritual sense could appreciate the atmosphere, especially where prayers and meditation were prevalent.

Her calling in life was ‘Hands on Healing’ which she performed for some 40 years. One such major healing was a newborn baby with 6

part of her brain missing, which was restored. (The hospital said it was one of those things that cured itself!) Many were helped and cured of various ailments. She had a sense of fun, a talent for telling jokes, took part in pantomimes, and Church stage shows. For over 40 years Clive was her soul mate, and they did practically everything together. Supporting him, and attending functions to which wives were invited, until the last 2 or 3 years, when pain restricted her.

OUR ELAINE For a Lady who was in such pain, She struggled to Church did our Elaine. Singing in the Choir, she would often say Gave her the chance to worship, and also to pray. She served the Lord through her healing ministry, Offering to help others in the wider community. Giving of herself in such an unselfish way, Enabled Elaine to enjoy life, in her work and play. Her love for her family, was evident too, Proud of her grandchildren, through and through. Clive and Elaine made a matching pair, Working for each other, which today is rare. We say farewell to a gracious lady, who now sleeps without pain, Thankfully for Clive and her family, fond memories remain. JHD Lawrence


DAVID BYRON BLACKLER. 22.08.1931 - 12.11.2011 David was the first child of Olive & Sydney Blackler. His sister Barbara, was born four years later. He was educated at Ellacombe Primary School and Westhill School. During his childhood he attended Union Street Methodist Church and was a choirboy at Ellacombe Parish Church, as well as being a member of the 5th Ellacombe Sea Scouts at Market Street Methodist Church. Due to the war, a London school was billeted at Westhill, and all the pupils transferred to join Audley Park, where David stayed until he was 14. His mother Olive was Manageress of Devonshire Dairies, and his father Syd, worked at Hardings in Torquay. David worked with an accountant until March 1948 when he joined the Royal Navy in the Writer branch. For the next 23 years he went off ‘to see the world!’ David always played a full part in all the aspects of the Church, and has been involved with the Minstrels and 25 years of Pantomime. He was a life long member of Guild where he met his wife Doreen and married her 1953. They have 3 daughters, Susan, Elizabeth and Jennifer. At Central he has been Assistant Caretaker, and Chairman of Special Events for many years. He left the Navy in 1970, joining the Ministry of Defence at the Britannia Royal Naval College, then the Inland Revenue, and finally the Local Authority, retiring in 1990 at the age of 65. Whilst in the Navy, David became the 39th person to walk around Hong Kong Island (and has a certificate to prove it!), and has medals for swimming and cross country running. At the age of 51 he began running marathons locally, and 8

numerous 10 mile runs. He was an active classic car enthusiast. Above all, he was a great family man. David will always be remembered for his unwavering faith, his generous spirit towards everybody - he was never critical of others’ actions – and his enduring sense of mischievous fun. There is a great sense of loss at his going. Mary Nankivell.

DAVID BLACKLER In all walks of life there comes a time to say “Goodbye.” When it is a friend of long standing it is hard not to cry. David Blackler, gifted by God to promote a smile to all, Especially in Central Church Pantomimes, held in the hall. He loved to “tread the boards;” his aim was to make people happy, Always played the part of the funny man, a really cheeky chappie. He was able to size up a situation, come out with an amusing quip, Enlightening many a dull meeting, with a simple aside from his lip. Never ashamed of letting people know his sincere love for The Lord, Even in the Navy, he found time to read his Bible, whilst on board. His zest for life, his infectious humour, endeared him to all, A Christian Gentleman, who has now answered God’s call. JHD Lawrence.

REFLECTIONS “Christmas is for children”. Have you heard that said? Well I disagree! Why do some people think it is anyway? Perhaps it is because, as we get older, we lose the magic of Father Christmas. If we do, I think that is a shame. Father Christmas still brings presents to our house. Under the tree on 25th December, if he thinks we have been good all the year, we will still find gifts signed from Father Christmas. A few days ago, I needed to query something which Father Christmas is going to give our daughter, and when she answered the phone call, she heard a voice saying “it’s Father Christmas here!” BUT, however magical the visit of Father Christmas is, Christmas celebrates a far MORE wonderful visit. Christmas celebrates the time when Jesus laid aside His majesty, and came to earth in the form of a tiny Baby -- for EVERYONE. -- NOT just for children, but for every man, woman, boy and girl. That means that Jesus came for YOU. God wanted us to have a real relationship with Him, and He gave us His Son to show us how we could. And that happened at Christmas. So, Christmas is not just for children. Christmas is for everyone. I don’t know where you will be on 25th December -- with family, with friends, in hospital, in a Nursing Home, in a Residential Home, or maybe, all on your own. But, wherever it is, remember Jesus came to earth for you. And when you take your last Christmas card down on 6th January, and all the last carols are sung, Jesus will still be with you to see you into 2012. 10

So, however you spend Christmas, may you feel Jesus surrounding you, and as we go into the New Year may we all sense His presence guiding us as the Year unfolds. Let me close with another saying, and this one I DO agree with -- “Jesus is the Reason for the Season”. Speak to you next year! Margaret Newman Christmas presents Catching her in the act, I confronted our 3-year-old granddaughter. "Are you opening your little sister’s presents?” I demanded. "No," she innocently replied, "I'm just helping her share."

SU FIELD First an apology for taking so long to get this to you. I would like to thank all those at Central who contributed towards my leaving gift and for all your good wishes. Many thanks for all the support, encouragement, love and prayers you have given me over the years I spent as Family Worker at Central - and for those who have known me longer for the 11 years I worked for the Torbay Circuit. I have been very happy in my role here and consider it a great privilege to have been able to get to know so many lovely people. It’s been such a joy to have been able to share the good news of Jesus with the children, and to see our toddler group grow. I am now settled in my new job at Burrow Down, supporting young adults with learning disabilities and enjoying it very much. I was ready for a new challenge - as the hymn goes “One more step along the world I go”. God bless you all, Su Field



The Contact Centre would like to thank everyone who contributed to the recent Bag Drop. The collecting van turned up on schedule on 7th November – and we almost filled it! There was a lady driver who weighed everything as it went on, and she indicated that we could well be receiving just over £400. This will be confirmed in a few weeks time. Now that wasn’t too painful was it? And what a wonderful amount to receive.

CENTRAL’S 2012 CALENDAR We want to give a great big ‘thank you’ to Hazel, Barbara G and John Head for putting together our own calendar for next year, and to John and Tony for printing them. The pictures are of the various groups within the Church (and pretty fine they look too), and contact people in each case. Very useful – buy them for your friends, it may make them think about joining us. They were first seen at the Table Top Sale on 12th November, priced at £2.50 each, and they are now readily available. All receipts will go to Church funds. 12

BAY SERVICES (SOUTH DEVON) For Household and Garden Rubbish Clearance - Houses and Flats - Sheds and garages - Gardens - Builders’ Waste - 7 day Service - Fully Licensed Secure Document Shredding Contact: Paul for a free quotation on 01803 843276 or Mobile 07973 226580

PETER GAYTON (EST 1956) SALES AND SERVICE CENTRE 16, Walnut Road, Chelston, Torquay TQ2 6HR Tel: 01803 605658 We stock lamps, torches, telephones, hard disc recorders, toasters, irons, kettles, Braun Shavers, radios, DVD players, Hi-Fi, Casio Keyboards, & a large range of televisions from 14”/37” including satellites. Good range of LCD CTV. Short term TV rental. Prompt TV repairs Aerial installation.




MESSY CHURCH Yes it still goes on, and the team enthusiasm thankfully continues! A great witness to many families outside our walls. But we are looking for one more person to help us. Since Su Field left, we’ve lost our ‘co-ordinator’ for want of a better description. Each month we have one short planning meeting, and the actual day of Messy Church. We want someone to take the minutes, keep any necessary records, contact, usually by letter, any family who hasn’t been recently, and generally keep us ‘neat and tidy.’ PLEASE give this some thought, - we’d really like to hear from you. Contact Philip


THINK OF MEDICAL STAFF Planning a relaxing Christmas? Then spare a thought for the doctors and nurses who are often under intense pressure at this time of year. Last Christmas, John Heyworth, the president of the College of Emergency Medicine, said: “We have seen A&Es absolutely overwhelmed, with people queuing on trolleys and long delays even for those being admitted to intensive care. The hospitals are gridlocked.” At Christmas we focus on Jesus’ birth, the incarnation. When John, the Gospel writer described Jesus’ incarnation he said: ‘The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood.’ (John 1:14, The Message). The Christian doctors and nurses in our neighbourhoods are often the most tangible embodiment of Jesus that people ever meet. Even if you don’t work in healthcare yourself, you will know someone who does -- in your church, your family or your community. The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) works to unite and equip Christian doctors, students and healthcare professionals. The Fellowship brings together more than 4,000 doctors and 1,000 medical students, and links with around 70 similar bodies worldwide. International links mean that when there’s a crisis, CMF members can help. For example, when the cholera epidemic in Haiti followed the earthquake last year, ten CMF doctors travelled there to provide treatment. CMF members come from all Christian denominations and meet regularly for teaching, encouragement, fellowship and support in almost every medical school and in most UK regions. The majority are working in hospitals, clinics and in the community seeking to follow Jesus’ example of service, caring for the whole person: body, mind and spirit. Pray for them. Find out more about CMF or become a Friend of CMF online at 15

ONCE IN.......KINGS COLLEGE CAMBRIDGE. Christmas Eve, and somewhere in Cambridge there will be a boy aged between nine and 13 who is about to sing before an audience of 10 million people worldwide. Shortly before 3pm, the 16 boy choristers of King’s College Chapel will line up in front of the adult section of the choir. They will all watch as a red light near them starts flashing, warning that the BBC announcer is telling listeners that the programme is moving to the chapel in Cambridge. When the flashing red light stops for about 10 seconds and then come on again solid, the director of music will beckon his chosen soloist forward. The boy will then step forward to perform the first verse of ‘Once in Royal David’s City’, the traditional start to Christmas Eve Nine Lessons and Carols, broadcast each year by the BBC. The boy will have ten seconds warning to give the performance of his life. The lack of warning is to prevent the boys having to worry about it ahead of time.... 16

SUNDAY CLUB The Sunday Club continues to flourish, and we are delighted to have so many children coming along. There has been a concern about the spread of ages, and a special once-amonth Sunday has been arranged for the older ones. With Reka and Su Field leaving, Jenny took over the Leadership of the Sunday Club, and we are indeed grateful for that – she’s gradually getting over the shock of what’s to be done, and ‘settling in.’ But their leaving also has meant that the staff has been reduced, and at the moment this is a real concern. Please, if you think you have a calling to help, do talk to Jenny – this would let us share the load. Make sure you’re at church on Sunday 11th December for the children’s Nativity – that’s something to look forward to! And afterwards, everyone is looking forward to going to see the Nativity at Pennywell Farm. If you want to come along with children, do talk to us. We want to give a big thank you to Jean Baker for running the JMA over recent years, it’s been much appreciated. Julie Smith has taken over this role. We were delighted that Lucy Clark went to a Linx weekend, and you can read her thoughts on this elsewhere in the magazine.

Angels, explained by children I only know the names of two angels, Hark and Harold. Gregory, age 5


Everybody's got it all wrong. Angels don't wear halos anymore. I forget why, but scientists are working on it. - Olive, age 9


S>K>W S.K.W. Stuart Walker

PAINTER & DECORATOR Property Maintenance Quality work at reasonable prices.





Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Morton & Lawrence



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Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Wells



Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Heather & Venna



Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Morton & Lawrence




Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Bolt



Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Wells



Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Heather & Venna



Hymns & Book Stewards – Front Door – Morton & Lawrence








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Paying for it By the time we pay off this year’s Christmas presents, it will be time to pay for next summer’s holiday.


SUNDAY WELCOME ROTA FOR DECEMBER/JANUARY Date Morning 10.30am Dec 4th Celia & David Bolt

Evening 6.30pm Margaret Newman & Paul Sherriff

11th Tessa Goodwin & Hazel Nightingale

Marion Powell & Doreen Head


Sheila & John Lawrence

Celia & David Bolt


Sue & John Coatham

Jan 1st


Barbara Gissinger & Leone Tyas

Celia & David Bolt

Marjorie West & Paula Bastin

Christine Sherriff & Philip Kay

15th Marion Powell & Hye-Ok-Wells

Monica Lansley & Mike Griffiths


Barbara Gissinger & Jean Baker

Jacky Little & Rachel Evans

29th Doreen & John Head

Margaret Newman & Paul Sherriff


SUNDAY SERVICES FOR DECEMBER/JANUARY (S) = Sacrament of Holy Communion (WG) = Worship Group

Date Dec 4th 11th 18th 25th Jan 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th

Morning 10.30am Evening 6.30pm Revd G Hancocks (S) Revd G Hancocks Revd J Lusty Revd G Hancocks

Revd G Hancocks Revd C Haines. WG Revd G Hancocks ------------------

Revd P Williamson Revd G Hancocks (CV) Mrs Barbara Vond Revd G Hancocks Mrs M Newman

Revd D Thornberry Revd G Hancocks (WG) Revd G Hancocks (S) C T T at Upton Vale Revd G Hancocks


MISSING THE GUEST OF HONOUR. "Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?" (Matthew2:2) There's a story that runs like this: there was a mayor of a small town who had brought in so many improvements to local life that over several years he had transformed the town. And so the community decided it was high time to pay him tribute. The party was held at the local town hall, and all agreed it was a great celebration. The decorations were superb, the music was loud, the room crowded and noisy. The food was delicious, and the wine flowed. It was the best party the town had ever had. Over coffee the next morning in the local cafe, someone wondered aloud if the mayor had enjoyed it. No one knew. In fact, as the day wore on, people began to realise that actually, no one had even seen the mayor there that night. Later they discovered that the mayor had been waiting at home all evening, waiting for the lift that he had been promised into town. But people were so busy preparing for the party, that no one had remembered him. And so he had missed the party in his honour. Apparently no one had even noticed his absence. It sounds a lot like Christmas. People get together to celebrate, the food is great, the music warms the heart - but has anyone seen the guest of honour? We sing about him, we act out nativity plays about him, but in reality, the season has become about US. Our menus, our travel plans, our presents, our decorations. At what point in the proceedings do we give ourselves time to notice whether he is among us, or not? (Editorial – ParishPump)


LINX Hi – my name is Lucy Clark and I am 12 years old. I am writing to tell you about my experience when I went to Elevate. Elevate is a joint project between Linx Christian Youth Trust and the churches of Torbay. When I arrived we had our tea which was a pasty, and then we met all the staff. We then travelled down to Plymouth where we went ice skating. This was really fun. After that we went to a firework display on Plymouth Hoe, which was really good. While we were there we went to the fair and had lots of fun! As the night was drawing in, we went back to the church for chips and hot chocolate! Then games followed afterwards. I eventually fell asleep at 12.30am with all my new friends beside me. As morning came we said our goodbyes and have arranged to meet up soon. Wipedout. Just got home and found all the windows and doors open and everything has gone. What kind of sick twisted person does that to someone’s advent calendar?

24 HR AMBER LOCKSMITHS 24 Hour Locksmiths. Security Products Mobile Key Cutting Domestic and Commercial UPVC Specialist Contact: Jamie Burrows Lower Yalberton Farm Long Road Paignton, TQ4 7PQ

Telephone 01803 664418 Mobile: 07881 870390 Credit/Debit cards accepted


THE 1 CORINTHIANS 13 OF CHRISTMAS If I decorate my house with beautiful bows, strands of twinkling lights and shiny baubles, but do not show love to my family, I’m just another decorator. If I slave away in the kitchen, baking dozens of mince pies, roasting a perfect turkey, and lay a magnificent table, but have no love for my guests, I am just another cook. If I work at the soup kitchen, carol in the nursing home, and give all that I have to charity, but do not have compassion in my heart for those in need, I am just another social service; it profits me nothing. If I decorate the tree with shimmering angels and crocheted snowflakes and attend a myriad of holiday parties but do not focus on Christ, I have missed the point. Love stops the cooking to hug the child. Love sets aside the decorating to help one’s wife with boring housework. Love puts the Christmas present shopping on hold in order to run the elderly neighbour to the doctor. Love is kind, though harried and tired. Love doesn’t envy another’s home that has more expensive presents, or even coordinated Christmas china and table linen. Love doesn’t yell at the children to get out of the way; love is glad that they are there to be in the way. Love doesn’t give only to those who are able to give in return, but rejoices in giving to those who can’t. Love bears all things, even irritating relatives. It believes all things, and encourages teenagers to aim high for their future. It hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails other people. Computer games will crash, even cashmere jumpers will wear out, and golf clubs will get lost. But the gift of love will endure forever. Happy Christmas! (Editorial – ParishPump)


Helping you ………….. Helping your business. Home and Hospital visits can be arranged 12, Tor Hill Road TORQUAY TQ2 5RB Tel: 01803 403403 Fax: 01803 214876 E mail:

WALMER HOUSE Christian Care Home 6, Ash Hill Road, Torquay. TQ1 3HZ Walmer House is a Christian Care Home, providing first class care for the elderly in a family-like environment. There are 17 residents in a tastefully decorated, elegant building with peaceful gardens. For more details, or a brochure, please contact………. The Manager, Mrs Ena Bell. Tel: 01803 292734


26TH DECEMBER. ST STEPHEN (DIED 35AD) Have you ever stopped to consider that the very first martyr of the Christian Church was a deacon? (But no, he wasn’t worked to death by his church.) It was Stephen, one of the first seven deacons of the Christian Church. He’d been appointed by the apostles to look after the distribution of alms to the faithful poor, and to help in the ministry of preaching. Acts 6 and 7 tells us all that we know of his life, and the passages seem to suggest that he was an educated Hellenistic Jew. Certainly Stephen’s famous challenge to the Jews reveals him to have been learned in the Scriptures and the history of Judaism, besides being eloquent and forceful. Stephen's proclamation on the day of his martyrdom pulled no punches. He told the Jews that God did not depend on the Temple. The Temple was but a temporary institution destined to be fulfilled and superseded by Christ, who was the prophet foreseen by Moses as the Messiah for whom the Jewish race had so long awaited. Stephen then challenged his hearers for resisting the Spirit and for killing the Christ, as their fathers before them had killed the prophets. The Jews were so outraged by this that they stoned Stephen on the spot for blasphemy. As he died, Stephen saw a vision of Christ on God's right hand. The men who were witness to the stoning placed their clothes at the feet of Saul (afterwards Paul), who (to his deep regret later) consented to Stephen's death. By the fourth century Stephen had his own feast day in both East and West Churches. When his supposed tomb was discovered in 415, his popularity soared. His (supposed) relics were taken to Constantinople and then Rome, along with some stones (allegedly) used at his martyrdom. 32

Early on the Church made Stephen the patron saint of deacons. In the late Middle Ages he was also invoked against headaches ! In England, 46 ancient churches are dedicated to him, most of them built after the Norman Conquest. In art Stephen is usually given a book of the Gospels and a stone, and sometimes the palm of martyrdom.

Camels In Jane’s Christmas drawing, two of the camels were approaching the inn, over which was pictured a huge star. The third camel and its rider were going directly away from it. “Why is the third man going in a different direction?” her mother asked. Jane replied, “Oh, he’s looking for a place to park.”

THE GUILD The last meeting of 2011 will be on Tuesday December 6th when we have an evening with Barbara Gissinger. We start the New Year on January 10th when our speaker will be the Revd David Luce. January 17th – we have a “Venetian Rhapsody” with Julia Broadbridge and Valerie Price; January 24th - Revd Roy Richards will talk about his time in college, and on January 31st Brenda Loosemore will speak on “Life on the Wicked Stage.” Come and join us in room 1 at 7.30pm on a Tuesday, and enjoy the various speakers and topics. We wish you a Happy Christmas and God’s Blessings in the New Year. 33

THE SILENT GIFT The gift of God came silently, With surreptitious grace, To a dark, concealed, stable block In an unfamiliar place. No ceremonial pomp was there, No fanfare in the street, When the sacred gift from God was given,And creation made complete. To no rich men were tidings given, But to shepherds in the fields. The angel-song, so clear for them, Was from other men concealed. The nobles of the neighbourhood Saw nothing of a star; The heavenly sign of divine love Came to Wise Men from afar! When the Son of God came down from Heaven To give his life for all, A rough-hewn cross of wood was his Outside Jerusalem’s wall. The greatest gift that ever was, That freed us all from blame, Was thus wrapped up in pain and blood And ignominious shame. So, how shall we, this Christmas time Our varied gifts present? How shall we be mindful, then Of what they represent? No matter what we buy, or give Or what we can afford, However well we wrap them up, We can’t outgive the Lord. By Nigel Beeton 34

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP We are always pleased to welcome Eric Walkam with his illustrated postcard talks. His visit in October took us back to early days with pictures of Torbay when the harbour was full of ships and royalty came to Torquay to inspect the Fleet. Our Harvest was well attended when we thought about the women of Chile. We used material from this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer booklet. £63 was raised on our stall. Revd Gavin Hancocks, our new Minister, and his wife Angela, visited the Fellowship for the first time when Gavin gave an interesting talk, illustrated with pictures, telling us of life in South Africa. Mike and Shirley Griffiths gave us a musical afternoon with a difference, educating us on some of the brass instruments you can find in bands and orchestras. Along the way we enjoyed a laugh at some of the anecdotes they told! Our Rally in November was supported by our own ladies and visitors from five other churches in the Bay. This year we welcomed the Revd Valerie Price as our speaker, and she spoke about the lives of four women from the Bible. Through the collection taken at the service and contributions from our Harvest stall we have been able to send to the BBC Devon Air Ambulance Appeal £170.00 It is with sadness that we have to record the passing of Lynette Brown, a faithful member of our Fellowship, and we remember her family and friends at this sad time. We now look forward to our Christmas lunch and tea and remember those of our ladies who have been experiencing health problems and cannot be with us at our meetings. Christmas blessings to you all and good wishes for the coming year. Barbara Lawton.

Turkey It was Christmas Eve in a supermarket and a woman was anxiously picking over the last few remaining turkeys in the hope of finding a large one. In desperation she called over a shop assistant and said "Excuse me. Do these turkeys get any bigger?" He replied: “No, sorry, they’re all dead." 35

CROSSWORD SOLUTION from November Enquire Within


SUDOKU Complete the grids with the numbers 1 to 9 so that each row, column and 3x3 block contains the numbers 1 to 9 used only once

Solution in February Enquire Within

Warning A local priest and a pastor stood by the side of the road holding up a sign that said, ‘The End is Near! Turn yourself around now - before it's too late!’ They held up the sign as a car approached. "Leave us alone, you religious nuts!" yelled the driver as he sped by. A moment later, from around the curve, they heard a big splash. "Do you think," said the priest, "we should just put up a sign that says 'bridge down' instead?"



Solution in Fenruary Enquire Within 38

NEW YEAR (Gal 3:29, Mt 28:20) Jesus, Heir of the promise, Hope of the years, You are here. Help us Lord, To know that you are there, too, Before us As you are behind us, Already in the new moment, The new day, The new year. Help us Lord To delight in your company, To walk your safe way, To shine your clear light Of hope for the year.

By Daphne Kitching

Prompting The boy forgot his lines in the Christmas Sunday School drama presentation. His mother, sitting in the front row tried to prompt him, gesturing and forming the words silently with her lips, but it didn't help. Her son's memory was blank. Finally she leaned forward and whispered the cue, "I am the angel Gabriel!� The child beamed with acknowledgment and in a loud, clear voice so that everyone in the congregation could hear said, "My Mummy is the angel Gabriel!�


OPEN DOORS Serving persecuted Christians worldwide. Persecuted Christians need all kinds of support to help them stand strong. By offering these believers biblical resources and training, livelihood support and practical help, and whatever is needed to help the church, in some of the most challenging places on earth, Open Doors and bodies like them are a God sent lifeline. Those of us who attended the Bible Celebration at Chelston, will have learnt of yet more organisations sharing this work. Since the Arab uprising began in Tunisia in January, efforts have increased to strengthen the church across the Middle East. More than 80,000 Bibles, New Testaments and other pieces of Christian literature were distributed across the region. Practical help too, was included. “I loaded the truck with Bibles but also with clothes. These clothes will be sold by Arab Christians to support their families. I like to fill the space in the truck with things that I feel will be of use to them. We have already delivered to schools and hospitals.� These are the words of our Open Door worker involved in the distribution. Sewing machines and carpentry machines have also been sent to Christian communities. Pray that the Christians in the Middle East will be served by these goods and used in the right way. Do pick up one of the new letter writing guides and send a few lines of encouragement and love to those suffering for their faith. Source: Open Doors with Brother Andrew, PO Box 6, Witney, Oxon OX29 75P Tel: 01865 301033. e-mail: Reg. Charity no: 260600


WORLD MISSIONS. O Lord you’d remind us when we visit others in prison, we serve you. Help us to show your love by reaching out to both the victims and the perpetrators of crime. We pray for prison chaplains, who try to encourage men and women to find purpose in their lives, by offering support to all, whether they have faith or not. Help us to show Christian love in action, providing Christian education to both young and old. Amen. May Grace. Wise Men? I was telling my three boys the story of the Nativity and how the Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the infant Jesus. Clearly giving it a lot of thought, my six-year-old observed, "Mum, a Wise Woman would have brought nappies." No confidence. I still say a church steeple with a lightning rod on top, shows a lack of confidence.


High Class Family and Catering Butcher


THE MONTH OF DECEMBER December heralds the Advent of Saviour’s Day, The day when people always went to Church to pray. To give “Thanks to God” for the birth of His Son. Jesus the ‘Light of the World’ sent to save everyone. Sadly commercial interests have replaced Him now, With ‘X’ replacing Christ, on the Christmas bough. Forgetting the anniversary of the Birth of our Saviour Frenetic supermarket shopping spree, is now in full favour. Why! Isn’t the good news of Christ’s birth fully displayed? Why! Has the meaning of Christmas been blurred and frayed? Do we shrug our shoulders, saying “it is a price to be paid” Not because we’ve forgotten, maybe, just simply afraid. With so many rules and regulations now governing our lives, Creating Red Tape in abundance so the bureaucrat survives . Preventing freedom from expression for Christians everywhere, There is one thing they cannot stifle, the simple word of prayer. From the Babe in the Manger to the Cross on the Hill, Christ followed a pattern of doing God’s will. He will never desert you, what ’ere may befall, So remember Him this Christmas, and give Jesus a call. JHD Lawrence The Honest Giver. A little boy was about to go to church with his mother. His father, who did not normally accompany them, but hoping to develop his son’s moral character, gave him a ten pence and a fifty pence piece. He told the lad to think carefully, put one of the coins in the collection, and keep the other for himself. When he came back, the father asked him which coin he had given. The young lad said “Well just before the man came round, the Minister said “The Lord loves a cheerful giver” and I knew I would be a lot more cheerful if I kept the fifty pence and put the ten pence in the collection!” 42

The Nightingales Furzehill Road, Torquay. TQ1 3JG

Specialist Residential Dementia Care Person centred care delivered respectfully in a friendly warm atmosphere by fully trained and caring staff. We provide a range of daily activities tailored to suit individual needs and preferences. We offer……. Permanent, Respite, and Day Care services For Private and Social Service funded residents Come and visit us, pop in for a cup of tea, and meet the friendly staff team, or Contact… Daimon Festorazzi Registered Manager Tel: 01803 294674 E mail: Website: Part of the Margaret Rose Care group


The Editors would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Joyous Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.



Monthly newsletter of Central Church, Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom. Joint Methodist and United Reformed

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