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THE MINISTER Dear Friends, Lent is almost upon us and with it the beginning of our preparations for Easter. I don’t think I shall ever forget our New Testament lecturer in the first year of our Biblical Studies course making this statement: ‘The Church can get by without Christmas but it can’t do without Easter.’ Once I got over my initial shock it began to dawn on me that in fact, his was a view obviously shared by half the Gospel writers! Whilst John at least alludes to the birth of Christ, Mark makes no reference to it whatever. When we come to the two accounts we do have they create more questions than give us answers trying to reconcile them to each other so maybe we’d be better off without Christmas! Easter, however, is central to all four Gospel accounts. Whatever the beginning of the story the climactic ending is shared in great detail and when we engage with it openly and honestly, even as we observe Jesus dying on the cross we begin to arrive at the same conclusion as the Centurion in Mark 15:39 – ‘Surely this man was the Son of God.’ I know we do it every year and perhaps that’s what makes it even more imperative that we give ourselves to the period even more intentionally this time around. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and as we gather in worship at Furrough Cross let us start our journey to Jerusalem with Jesus. Our Wednesday morning Bible Study will be following the York Course Build on the Rock as we explore who Jesus is to us. Come and join us. Come on Sundays with an increased anticipation of experiencing the God who shows us his love in this amazing act of selflessness. Begin Holy Week with the choir as they share the cantata Olivet to Calvary and draw us into the mystery and drama of it all in music and song. Join us on Maundy Thursday as we enter the final moments of that dramatic night with our friends at Upton Vale. As we enter the final darkness and drama of the cross on Good Friday let us wait in expectant anticipation to meet the risen Christ on Easter Day and as we do may our faith, hope and love be renewed and reinvigorated so that we might be ready to burst forth on the world today proclaiming ‘He is risen! He is risen indeed! Gavin 3

FAMILY & FRIENDS Family News & other Bits & Pieces THANKS · From Diana & Alan Murray-Smith who say: "Thank you all - those that said a simple prayer for Alan; all those that sent Get Well cards; and those that came and visited either at home or in the hospital during the last four months while Alan has been ill. It is at times like these that we learn the real value and meaning of friendship and we are grateful to you all" · From May Grace to all those who sent cards and good wishes on the occasion of her 95�� birthday on 16�� January. · From Barbara Lawton, who says: “What can I say – a sincere thank you to all who came to my celebratory Coffee Morning for my 80�� birthday. The friendship and fellowship from you all made my day so special and something I will always remember.” · To Sue Norman’s friend who has donated an organ to Sunday Club! A PRAYER REQUEST · Dorothy Walker asks for prayers for her granddaughter Victoria who is taking a medical degree, and is speaking to a National Conference on 9�� March in Oxford, on the subject ‘Anorexia.’ This is a daunting experience for her. CHANGE OF EMAIL ADDRESS · Mike & Marion Farley’s



CONGRATULATIONS · To Iris Kaey with a birthday on 6�� March · To Rob Hawe with a birthday on 6�� March · To Christine Birchall with a birthday on 12�� March · To Muriel Colefax with a birthday on 15�� March · To Margaret Dustan who was 80 on 18�� February. · To Barbara Gissinger who was 70 on 21�� February 4



TIM CLARKE Tim was one of the young people when his family were at Central. Tim trained as a URC Minister and for the last five years he has been working in Islington, North London. In April he and his wife Sue move to Wallington where he will also be working in ecumenical circles for the Southern Synod across London. Sue will be working at the Royal Marsden Hospital. We wish them well in their new sphere of service. Monica Lansley. AROUND THE FAMILY AT ST ANDREWS We rejoice in the arrival of Isaac James, a second son to Gill and Tim Porter and a third grandchild to Geoff and Barbara Dunbar. Congratulations to all. Strange to think of young Saul as a Big Brother! Please remember Sue Jarvis and Hugh George and their families in your prayers. The invalids are suffering prolonged discomfort and immobility and their families are experiencing much stress and disappointment. Prayers are also asked for Margaret Freemantle who will shortly be having hospital treatment for a condition recently diagnosed and for Bill and the family as they support her during this time. We also think of Sheila Denham at this time. ST ANDREWS JUNIOR CHURCH NEWS Over the past month here at St Andrews our Junior church members have enjoyed finding out the good news from the Bible. Things looked at include the Beatitudes when among other things we enjoyed making posters, and also the baptism of Jesus when we wrote prayers, turned them into paper aeroplanes and sent our prayers to God through the air.


150�� ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORIA PARK Now 2014 has begun, we would like you to book the date in your diaries – May 8�� – 11��. Plans are now being finalised for our 150th Anniversary and I am sure no one would want to miss the occasion! We look forward to seeing you. Details later on.


A MEMBER OF THE SUNDAY CLUB VISITS THE CONTACT CENTRE. On Saturday 25�� January I paid a visit to the Torquay Child Contact Centre. I wanted to share my experience with the readers of Cornerstone. My Mum, Sue, and lots of kind volunteers from Central Church (and outside Central) attend the Centre on Saturdays to enable many children to spend time with their parents. I saw lots of activities for children to do with their parents such as, painting, craft, lego, board games a wii, a brand new pool and air hockey table, plus a great outdoor area with scooters and basketball net. Whilst I was there, the children at the Centre who attended, were aged between 0 and 10 years. There is a room upstairs for children under the age of 4. Finally, the thing I noticed most was how everyone was happy and having fun at the Contact Centre, and what a fantastic place it is!. Faye Julyan (aged 10)

IS OUR SUGAR IN A JAM? Did you know there is such a thing as a jam directive? It comes from the European Union and the latest wants there to be less sugar in British jam. But plans to reduce our jam's sugar level from 60 to 50 per cent is worrying some MPs. Tessa Munt, Lib Dem MP for Wells, warns: “by reducing the percentage of total sugar, the characteristic gel-like consistency of jams and marmalade will be lost. The result will be an homogenised spreadable sludge... I'm quite worried because I think this is going to be the end of the British breakfast as we know it."


THE DIFFERERENCE I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day; I had so much to accomplish, that I didn’t have time to pray. Problems just tumbled upon me, and heavier came each task, Why doesn’t God help me, I wondered; He answered “You didn’t ask” I wanted to see joy and beauty, but the day toiled on grey and bleak, I wondered why God didn’t show me; He said “You didn’t seek” I tried to come into God’s presence; I used all my keys at the lock, God gently and lovingly chided, “My child, you didn’t knock” I woke this morning early, and paused before entering the day; I had so much to accomplish, that I had to take time to pray.


ST ANDREWS’ 60�� ANNIVERSARY A special “Thank you” to all who organised our Anniversary Tea Party in January. To Nicola and Rachel for the exhibition of photos of events from previous years, to the ladies who prepared our tea and served us so willingly, and to those who moved all the furniture – twice! To Jim Gill for his filmed remembrances of past events and former members, to friends – local and from circuit churches who joined us, to all who gave of their time and expertise in so many ways reminding us that St Andrew’s needs our continued fellowship and thought and service “to serve the present age”. February saw us holding a Songs of Praise service one Sunday morning, where our own members were able to choose their favourite hymns. We still have 5 events left to run and the dates are listed below as some of these have altered slightly. It would be lovely to see some of our friends from the other churches join us in our celebrations. Saturday 15�� March – Beetle drive 3.00pm £2.50 or £6.00 per family Sunday 20�� April – Easter Egg Hunt, tea and praise service 4.00pm onwards Saturday 26�� April – Dance Extravaganza, 3.00pm – 5.00pm TO BE HELD AT CENTRAL Saturday 21�� June – Strawberry Tea, 3.00pm Sunday 13�� July – Picnic, games and outdoor service at Decoy Park, 3.00pm


WOMEN'S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER 7�� MARCH 2014. CENTRAL CHURCH AT 10.30am SPEAKER: Revd Valerie Price Do come and join us at this annual service which this year has been prepared by the women of Egypt. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FURROUGH CROSS AT 2.30pm SPEAKER: Revd Lythan Nevard.

WHAT PENSIONERS REALLY WANT With Spring on the way, here is good news: pottering around the garden is a pensioner’s favourite past time, according to a recent poll. Gardening is the hobby which gives 38 per cent of over 65s the most pleasure in life. This is followed by going for walks, reading a newspaper, talking to friends and listening to the radio, according to the charity Age UK. “Having a positive attitude and being able to enjoy the little pleasures of life is really important for our well-being,” says Age UK. ‘The cheerful of heart has a continual feast,’ observes Proverbs (15:15).


OPEN DOORS IT’S TIME to stand with the church in North Korea The border of North Korea is a perilous place. Barbed wire, electric fences, and trigger-happy guards. In winter people freeze to death. In summer the river’s current sweeps all but the most determined away. Yet despite this, many people make the dangerous journey. They bring many needs across the river: the need for hope, the need for friendship, the need for food and shelter. The need for freedom. Open Doors works with people like this on both sides of the border. “When I started my ministry among illegal North Korean refugee women in China, I knew it was going to be hard” says an Open Doors worker. “And it is sometimes. But the fruit is incredible, they embrace the Gospel so quickly.” These people are ready to suffer for their faith. Are you ready to stand with them, speak up for them and lift them up in prayer? It’s time to pray. A six week prayer guide will be available shortly It’s time to give. Just £11 delivers a bible to a believer in N Korea. Its time to speak up. Could you raise your voice to ask those in power to address the issue of Christian persecution around the world? For more information speak to Sue Coatham Taken from Open Doors magazine Jan 2014




Recently my church membership was transferred to St Andrews. I met with Gavin, Naomi and Jill a few days before the welcome service and we had a discussion about membership. We discussed responsibilities and how each of us thought we could add to our church community. We all felt that we wanted to help and to make a difference, but with various commitments, we were all worried about adversely ‘tipping the balance’ at home, or work, or somewhere in-between. I know I’m guilty of living life at 100mph and although I do love it (and in one sense, wouldn’t have it any other way!), I sometimes worry that I didn’t give a particular person or situation enough attention and time . Now I’ll let you into my secret – I have a head full of ideas and wishes and dreams for St Andrews. The first time our family walked to worship at St Andrews, there was a brilliant rainbow over the church! I really believe that we are sitting on a spiritual goldmine! Maybe I need to share my rose-tinted spectacles with you all. In my world (maybe), we rent our upstairs room to provide income. We decorate unused rooms to create lounges – with a big table for scrabble (just like home!). Then, we get a wii console so that Toby, Bradley and Charlie can play bowling with Jean, Beryl and Doris! Maybe we can even sort out the internet so that we can play games with other church groups across the country and the world! In my world, the door is open all the time (or most of it) and there are certainly no barriers! But in this real world of Facebook etc, but where so often all I see are lonely people, I want to create a space where folk can gather to sing, dance, eat, play, garden, create and most importantly, chat! St Andrews really could be where it’s all at! Now, whether any of my ideas (and there’s still more I haven’t told you yet) are any good need to be debated and considered. Even I know I need a reality check! But I just don’t have time to sit on committees and do all the sensible bits.


At the Anniversary Tea Party, I congratulated Nicola on her wonderful display work in the hall. I loved seeing the pictures of everyone and was interested to note that in 1953 our number was only 40ish. Why is it then that the good old days were somewhere in the past? I want them now! Yes, it’s great to reflect on the great things gone by, but let’s use this as an inspiration for our future. Let’s reflect on what has or hasn’t worked and use it to shape our ‘good new days!’ So, that’s when it hit me, at the tea party, chatting with Jean – what I can do, how I can do the fun bit and leave the reality to the committees. I want to start an ideas factory! What I’d like to do is to communicate with people individually, preferably in person and over a cuppa! I’d like people to share their ideas so that I can pool them and direct them to the right forums for consideration. I’d also like people to share their feelings, hopes, fears for the future so that we can consider how St Andres can be relevant to our community and use our pot of gold to best advantage. So, anyone for a cuppa? Anyone want to help in my crazy quest? I’ll make some notes, if that’s ok? (I have the memory of a goldfish – twice round the tank and I’ve completely forgotten!) I promise not to sell the information to 3�� parties for profit, but ask you to trust me to use it to best advantage! I intend to pass the ideas we generate for consideration by sensible folk, and it will be in the hope that St Andrews can capture at least the essence of the ideas. I work as a ‘trainee commercial manager’ and am use to looking for best value, low and even no-cost solutions. I know my dreams will need shaping, but please help me dream up a big dream first! Excellent, let’s get the kettle on!


TRY PRAYING THIS EASTER. (USE IT AND LOSE IT!) ‘I bumped into one of my ex-colleagues and in our conversation he explained that life was difficult for him. I asked if he still went to church… he didn’t. I asked if he tried praying to God. He said he didn’t know how to pray any more. I replied, “I have the very booklet for you, called try praying.” A few weeks later he said he had found the booklet very helpful and that he had recommitted his life to Christ and that his life was getting back on track.’ This is just one of many stories coming out of the try praying project which has been running in Edinburgh for several years. This year HOPE is working in partnership with try praying to encourage Christians to use the try praying booklet themselves for a week – then to lose it; to give away the booklet to a neighbour, friend, relative or colleague with a simple suggestion: try praying. One in three people believes that God answers prayers - and try praying relies on God to respond to those who reach out to him in prayer. The try praying booklet is a seven-day prayer guide written in accessible language for people who don’t do church. There’s a simple challenge to try praying for seven days and see what happens. It has short articles and stories of answers to prayer. There are things to do each day as well as a short prayer to pray. Roy Crowne, HOPE’s director says: ‘We are always looking for innovative ways to develop a rhythm of mission through the church calendar. This Easter, why not try praying!’ There’s a discount of 50% on all try praying booklets from January to the end of April 2014. Churches can find out more and order through the HOPE website at HOPE 2014 is a national initiative backed by all the mainline churches.


JESUS If I could package faith into one parcel And collect all hope into a single can – If I could roll all love into one heart-ball And commoditise it in a living man I’d already have a fully detailed label Prepared before the world itself began And it would have one name And that name – JESUS At the centre of God’s universal plan To take the world along the course God’s surge of love provoked Till wholeness flows through everything With God’s Spirit of life unyoked. Sam Doubtfire


ST ANDREWS MISSIONS Sunday 9�� February was our annual Mission in Britain Service at St Andrews when we were encouraged to think about ‘transforming Britain one life at a time’. Over the past 60 years St Andrews has served the local community endeavouring to transform Shiphay one life at a time. Our Toddler Group held on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings provides a witness and has helped many children, parents and other adults. Our Ladies’ Club on Wednesday evenings is enjoyed by many. It is especially helpful to those who live alone, - a great social time. Gifts for the Mission in Britain fund help support things like the West London Day centre which every month assists 20 – 30 homeless people off the streets and back into accommodation, and also The Crown Centre Community Outreach Project where among other things they have a food bank giving food parcels to people in need in the Stonehouse area of Plymouth. More details on how much we at St Andrews have raised for the fund will be in the next newsletter. Rachel George


The Leprosy Mission (TLM)

Thank you to all those who have placed their used postage stamps in the box in the Hall. These are sent to TLM who use them as a source of funding which, to date, has raised around £750,000. It is not ‘p.c.’ nowadays to talk of ‘lepers’ being confined to ‘colonies’ but although we now refer to ‘communities of leprosy affected people’, in 31 countries the situation is little better than in Biblical times. For instance, people still have to crawl through animal and human waste to beg for a living. TLM is committed to providing long term quality care and support in the name of Jesus Christ. Every day, Leprosy Mission teams in more than 30 countries along with their thousands of supporters pray for the people and the work of the Mission. Please join with us and ask that God will bless and guide this work that is done in His name. Thank you for your prayers – and don’t forget to keep collecting your stamps! New and used postcards are also needed as are old/foreign coins, bank notes and medals. The vision of TLM is “Leprosy defeated and lives transformed”. Linda Duckworth


Home and Garden Repairs

Want a builder or gardener? Call HOWARD POKE Mobile: 07835 756380 Call anytime! Or E mail:

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Let HOWARD do it!â&#x20AC;?

GO! A teenager was always asking his father if he could borrow the family car. Pushed to the limit, the father asked his son why he thought that God had given him two feet. Without hesitation, the son replied, "That's easy, one for the clutch and one for the accelerator."


REFLECTION FROM VICTORIA PARK Dear Friends, One of the most beautiful prayers we have is also the prayer we say regularly. It is also the prayer that most people know off by heart. I am, of course talking about The Lords Prayer. We say it every Sunday during the service. Let me ask though. Do we pay attention to the words we say in unison every week? Or do the words spoken just roll over the tongue without thought to the meaning. After reflecting on this prayer I would like to look closely at the words we so readily say. Matthew 6:9 tells us, " This is how you should pray." When we pray "Our Father in Heaven" it establishes our relationship with God, He's not just Creator, He's our Father. You can create something and not be related to it, but if you father it, it will always be yours. Today we can come to God with the assurance that we're His. We can call Him Abba, a loving word which means Daddy (Romans 8:15). â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Hallowed be your name' means He's more than just our Father, He's our God. He's worthy of our love but He demands our respect. How should we approach God? With our complaints, our demands and our wish list? No.' Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise, give thanks to Him' (Psalm 100:4) Gratitude gets God's attention every time! 'Your kingdom come' releases God's power. 'Your will be done', releases His purpose.' Give us our daily bread', releases His provisions. The things we lack and long for begin to flow into our life because now we have accessed His power, discovered His purpose for us and we're walking in it. 'Forgive us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors'. It's easier to forgive when we recall the things God has forgiven us for, and realise that our enemies can't stop Him from blessing us. Remembering God's goodness to us will give us the grace to forgive others, and even understand them! 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one' means we enter each day prepared for battle, promised victory, and protected against all Satan's attacks. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why Jesus said, 'This is how you should pray'. God Bless Irene 19

SUNDAY SERVICES FOR FEBRUARY 2014. (HC) = Sacrament of Holy Communion (WG) = Worship Group CENTRAL Date

Morning 10.30am

Evening 6.30pm

2ⁿ� 9�� 16�� 23�� 30��

Revd Gavin Hancocks (HC) Revd Gavin Hancocks Mr David Welsh Mr Michael Mann Mrs Val Elms

Mr I Hills Revd Gavin Hancocks(WG) Revd Dr Tom Bush (HC) Revd Gavin Hancocks(WG) Revd Jerry Cook


Morning 10.30am

Evening 6.00pm

2ⁿ� 9�� 16�� 23�� 30��

Mr David Welsh Mr Michael Mann Revd Gavin Hancocks(HC) Mrs Wendy Hugonnet Revd Gavin Hancocks(UA)

Revd Gavin Hancocks

VICTORIA PARK Date 2ⁿ� 9�� 16�� 23�� 30��

Morning 10.30am Deacon Jane Verrall Revd Gerald Morris Mrs Irene Cochran Sisterhood Sunday Revd Gavin Hancocks (HC) Mrs Irene Cochran (AA)



Sunday       Monday


 2ⁿ� 3��









9.30 Contact Centre 10.00 Pop in for a Coffee 2.30 Tea Dance See separate page for Services – all Churches 10.30 Rosemary Gardens Housegroup 2.30 Women's Fellowship – Australia with David Manley 6.00 Brownies 6.30 Flexercise Fun 7.30 Guides 7.30 Lydwell Park Housegroup 7.30 Southfield Housegroup at Celia & David's 9.30 Midweek Prayers 9.30 Toddler Group 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 2.30 Sisterhood: Revd Lytham Nevard 7.00 New Life Housegroup 7.30 Guild – Pancakes & Quiz 9.30 Toddler Group 10.00 Ashing Service followed by Bible Study 12.30 Church Lunch 7.30 Ash Wednesday Service at Furrough Cross.Rev Dr. Tom Bush 7.30 Ladies Club: Val – “Dart Sailability” 9.30 Central Tots 7.30 Mission Group with Jo Simpson 10.30 Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at Central 2.30 Women’s World Day of Prayer Service at Furrough Cross 6.00 Messy Church Meeting 21





Sunday Monday

9�� 10��











Sunday Monday

16�� 17��

7.00 Choir Practice 7.30 Festival Choir Practice 9.30 Contact Centre 10.00 Special Coffee Morning See separate page for Services – all Churches 10.30 Rosemary Gardens Housegroup 2.30 Women's Fellowship: – Music with Jonathan Oliverio 6.00 Brownies 6.30 Flexercise Fun 7.30 Guides 9.30 Midweek Communion – Rev Dr. Tom Bush 9.30 Toddler Group 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 10.30 Flower Committee Meeting 2.30 Sisterhood: Mrs Smith. WI 7.30 Guild: Reminiscences Mrs Margaret Newman 9.30 Toddler Group 10.30 Bible Study 7.30 Mission Group with Jo Simpson 7.30 Ladies Club: Yellow Quiz 9.30 Central Tots 7.30 Circuit Meeting 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 11.00 Belleplates 7.00 Choir Practice 7.30 Festival Choir Practice 9.30 Contact Centre 10.00 Pop in for a Coffee 3.00 Beetle Drive See separate page for Services – all Churches 10.30 Rosemary Gardens Housegroup 22











Saturday       22ⁿ�

Sunday Monday

23�� 24��

2.30 Women's Fellowship: Flowers for the Day - Marion Farley 6.00 Brownies 6.30 Flexercise Fun 7.30 Lydwell Park Housegroup 7.30 Southfield Housegroup at David & Sally's 9.30 Midweek Prayers 9.30 Toddler Group 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 2.30 Sisterhood Rally – Speaker Dcn Jane Verrall 7.00 New Life Housegroup 7.30 Guild – Fun in the 50's, Brenda Loosemore 7.30 Mission Group with Jo Simpson 9.30 Toddler Group 10.30 Bible Study 7.30 Ladies Club: Quicks Cheese 9.30 Central Tots 10.00 Church Council 7.30 Moors Housegroup 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 11.00 Belleplates 7.00 Choir Practice 7.30 Festival Choir Practice 9.30 Contact Centre 10.00 Pop in for a Coffee 10.00 Guides Coffee Morning See separate page for Services – all Churches 10.30 Rosemary Gardens Housegroup 2.30 Women's Fellowship – Music with Philip Kay 6.00 Brownies 6.30 Flexercise Fun 23

Monday Tuesday

24�� 25��









Sunday Monday

30�� 31��

7.30 Guides 9.30 Midweek Communion 9.30 Toddler Group 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 2.30 Sisterhood: Mrs Isabel Taggart 7.30 Guild – Evening with Barbara Zaple 7.30 Special Events Meeting 9.30 Toddler Group 10.30 Bible Study 7.30 Ladies Club: Youth Genesis Trust 9.30 Central Tots 7.30 Mission Group with Jo Simpson 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 11.00 Belleplates 4.00 Messy Church 7.00 Choir Practice 7.30 Festival Choir Practice 9.00 Table Top Sale 9.30 Contact Centre 10.00 Pop in for a Coffee See separate page for Services – all Churches 10.30 Rosemary Gardens Housegroup 2.30 Women's Fellowship:– Afternoon with Rev Jerry Cook 6.00 Brownies 6.30 Flexercise Fun 7.30 Guides 7.30 Southfield Housegroup at Jean's


VP MARCH ROTAS. DATE 2ⁿ� 9�� 16�� 23�� 30��

VESTRY STEWARDS Roz Payne & May Royale Pat Hawes & Maureen Rippin Mavis Paul & Margaret Russell Pat Hawes & Roz Payne Maureen Rippin & Mavis Paul

DOOR STEWARDS Verna Stuckey &Sylvia Penny Betty Peachey & Margaret Collins Verna Stuckey & Sylvia Penny Betty Peachey & Margaret Collins Verna Stuckey & Sylvia Penny

VP FEBRUARY FLOWERS DATE 2ⁿ� 9�� 16�� 23�� 30��

DONATED BY Violet Sage Vacant Sisterhood Christine Birchall Vacant

IN MEMORY OF Husband Jack

Mother Gladys Mayne

VP PRAYER BOARD This is where we remember in prayer those not well. It is available to all and is used in every Sunday service and at Bible Studies. Audrey Avery, Amy Bartrip, Jean Barrett, Emma Coombes, Sylvia Diamond, Olive Frost, Rob Hawes, Don & Barbara Pugh, Julie Pugh, & Edith Wells.



MOTHERING SUNDAY - 4�� SUNDAY IN LENT There is an old Jewish saying: God could not be everywhere, and therefore He made mothers. Mother Church, Mother Earth, Mother of the Gods - our human mothers - all of them have been part of the celebration of ‘Mothering Sunday’ as the fourth Sunday in Lent is affectionately known. It has been celebrated in the UK since at least the 16th century. In Roman times, great festivals were held every Spring to honour Cybele, Mother of all the Gods. Other pagan festivals in honour of Mother Earth were also celebrated. With the arrival of Christianity, the festival became one honouring Mother Church. During the Middle Ages, young people apprenticed to craftsmen or working as ‘live-in’ servants were allowed only one holiday a year on which to visit their families - which is how ‘Mothering Sunday’ got its name. This special day became a day of family rejoicing, and the Lenten fast was broken. In some places the day was called Simnel Day, because of the sweet cakes called simnel cakes traditionally eaten on that day. In recent years the holiday has changed and in many ways now resembles the American Mothers’ Day, with families going out to Sunday lunch and generally making a fuss of their mother on the day.



CENTRAL’S OFFERTORY ENVELOPE SCHEME The new envelopes for the year beginning 1�� April will soon be available in the Foyer. This method of giving ensures that you regularly support the work of the Ministry, and the upkeep of the property, because there is an envelope for each week of the year. If you are unable to attend worship any Sunday you can place your contribution in the appropriate envelope and bring it the next time you are able to attend. A further benefit is that if you are a taxpayer and complete a Gift Aid Declaration, Central can claim a tax refund of 25p for every £1 you give (£2.50 for every £10.00). Please speak to me if you wish to join the scheme, or link a Gift Aid Declaration with your existing giving. My telephone number is 01803/607984. If, for your Tax Return purposes, you require a certificate to verify the amount on which Central is claiming a tax refund for the year ended 5th April 2014, just ask me. So that Income Tax can be reclaimed as early as possible, it would be appreciated if friends making contributions under the Gift Aid scheme could try to ensure that all the current envelopes are placed in the collection before 6�� April. Harold Newman,


Envelope and Gift Aid Secretary.

VP’s PUZZLE PAGE. Answers to last month’s puzzle - Old & New £.s.d or £p 1. Fourteen pounds 2. Penny farthing 3. Tenner/ Tenor 4. Halfpenny / ape nee 5. Bob. 6. Guinea 7. Three farthings 8. Tanner 9. Half a knicker 10. Crown 11. Pound 12. Six quid/ sick squid 13. Pound 14. Half a crown 15. penny 16. Score 17. Grand 18. Tonne. 19. Tuppence 20.pound This month’s puzzle – Rocky Road. Listed here are several rock stars who started with bands as well known as the stars are now. See if you can match the artist with the band. That's all there is to it! 1) Eric Clapton. a) E-Street Band 2) Rod Stewart. b) Jefferson Airplane 3) Bruce Springsteen. c) Faces 4) Grace Slick. d) The Yardbirds Answers next time!


CENTRALâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S SUNDAY CLUB NEWS We have been very busy in Sunday Club finding out about our faith. We have been finding out all about how we can stay faithful for Jesus, and how He can help us in whatever we do. We enjoyed learning about Saul and how he changed to Paul. Those of us who attended Messy Church in January also had the opportunity to find out why Saul changed, by doing lots of fun, art and craft activities. We have just begun to find out about following Jesus and to learn about His disciples. We played some fun games to help us to think about how we can follow Jesus. We are very much looking forward to beginning our preparations for Mothering Sunday. Thanks as always to our helpers.


ALL IN THE MONTH OF was.... 175 years ago:- on 23rd March 1839 that the first recorded use of the word 'OK' was found - in the 'Boston Morning Post', Massachusetts. 150 years ago:- on 5th March 1864 that the first recorded intercollegiate track and field competition took place in the UK. Teams from Oxford and Cambridge Universities competed at Oxford. 125 years ago:- on 31st March 1889 that the Eiffel Tower in Paris was officially opened. 100 years ago:- on 14th March 1914 that Bill Owen, British actor best known for his role as Compo in 'Last of the Summer Wine' was born. 80 years ago:- on 26th March 1934 that driving tests were introduced in Britain (voluntary until June 1935) 75 years ago:- on 2nd March 1939 that Howard Carter, British archaeologist and Egyptologist died. He discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. 50 years ago:- on 19th March 1964 that proposals for three new cities in south-east England were announced, due to an expected population boom. These became the new town of Milton Keynes and an expansion of Havant and Basingstoke. 20 years ago:- on 12th March 1994 that the first women priests in the Church of England were ordained in London. 10 years ago:- on 30th March 2004 that Alistair Cooke, BBC broadcaster of 'Letter from America' died.




A BUSY SUNDAY MORNING AT ST ANDREWS. We celebrated our Covenant Service on 19�� January in a variety of ways. Firstly there was a presentation to Rev. John and Mrs Ruby Lusty who were leaving us to move nearer to their families. Colin Powell thanked them for their 17 years at St Andrew’s and for all they had meant to us in their “working retirement”. Our Minister led us to think of Covenant and its meaning. The Bible readings further explained the promises of God and how they are still relevant today. We then welcomed Naomi Dunbar, Jessica Harbor and Gillian Porter as new confirmed members of the church. The Covenant Service followed the usual form and the Communion service concluded our time of worship.

THE GUILD AT CENTRAL On 4�� March, it being Shrove Tuesday, we will be having pancakes and a quiz. On the 11��, Raymond Bray is coming back to talk to us about the Boys Brigade. The 18�� sees the return of Brenda Loosemore, with a talk entitled Fun in the Fifties – by a recycled teenager! Finally, on the 25�� our own Barbara Zaple will be entertaining us. Come and join us for friendly fellowship, interesting information, laughter of course, and topped off with a ‘cuppa.’ Enia Dunn 34

A REFLECTION FROM CENTRAL When you read this I, hopefully, shall have had a cataract removed from my right eye, having had one removed from my left eye at the end of last year. I know that many of you have had the same eye surgery. What a wonderful operation it is -- and all done while you are still awake too! Sight is a very precious gift, and we are very fortunate that if it gets a bit dim with age, or, as in my case the sun or bright lights impair our sight, we are given another chance to see more clearly again. It is good to get a second chance. Bartimaeus was totally blind, but Jesus restored his sight completely. You can read about him and how he wanted to be able to see again in St. Mark’s Gospel Chapter 10 verses 46 – 52. Of course Jesus is always giving us a second chance -- and a third, or fourth, and even more. It might not be the chance of physical sight, but He certainly gives us that chance to see where we fail in our discipleship. We only need to ask for forgiveness, and Jesus puts us on the right road again. Bartimaeus asked for his sight, and when he regained his sight, the Scriptures tell us that he ‘followed Jesus’. When we are given the sight to see where we have gone wrong, do we follow Jesus, or do we just carry on as we did before? When we ARE given a second chance let us grab it, and use it to the full. Jesus needs us, and wants us to follow Him, whatever our past has been. He wants us to see a better way of life with Him. With Jesus, the way ahead is easier, and life is much clearer. The removal of a cataract might be wonderful, but the removal of any blockage between us and Jesus is even better than that. So let us all accept that second or third chance that Jesus is offering us.


Oh, and by the way, if you are dithering as to whether you can be brave enough to have a cataract removed, ‘go for it’. There is nothing to it, and the results are magnificent. And when the second eye is ‘done’ you will realise why we are given “Two little eyes to look to God”. Speak to you next month.

Margaret Newman

TEAR FUND One big Mountain but you can move it! Doreen & Jouvllet are just 13 and 11 years old, yet every day they must each carry 20 litres of water up a 3km mountain, just to meet their family’s basic needs. If there is no water, there’s no means of drinking, washing, cleaning or even preparing food to eat. The girl’s daily trek to collect water puts their personal safety in danger and means they miss the equivalent of three months schooling a year. This jeopardises their chance of a good future. But Tear fund is making a difference through our partner Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation programme. It is bringing communities together, through the church, educating them on water and sanitation and coming alongside them to install rainwater tanks. £7 can give one person access to clean water. £42 can provide a family of six with a water tank. £100 can help provide a protected spring that 200 people can use to access clean water. Is this something we as churches could get involved with? Tear Times Spring 2014 36

SEVERE STORMS BATTER THE UK. Hurricane winds, gigantic waves from cauldron seas, with rains pouring from the sky, Sea defences ravaged: railway lines collapsing: homes becoming flooded, making people cry. Unrelenting daily storms, lash the coasts of Britain, thus causing torment and despair, Rains turning fields into lakes: battered towns and villages: destruction everywhere. Builders building foolishly on flood plains, gambling continuous rains would not fall, Now they are refusing to except the blame by saying these rains are exceptional ! â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Neglect at your perilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is an adage of old, but to which those in authority failed to adhere The consequences of recent weeks storms makes this abundantly clear J.H.D. Lawrence


SAINT OF THE MONTH. JOHN CLIMACUS (and his ladder to Paradise) Is there something down at, say, B&Q, which reminds your friends of you? John Climacus (d 649) had a thing about ladders. He was a monk in Palestine who was only seen out at the weekends (at church, not B&Q); during the week he prayed and wrote in solitude. He wrote The Ladder to Paradise, a treatise of spiritual encouragement to other monks. This gave him his name ‘Climacus’ (= ladder), and also led to him being chosen as abbot of Sinai when he was 70. John Climacus had a helpful picture of the spiritual life: he saw it as a ladder up which the believer slowly climbed to heaven, with God’s help. Breakdown Yesterday I broke down on the M1. One of those emergency trucks charged me £200 to pull me off. I think it was the abominable towman!

WOMENS’ FELLOWSHIP AT CENTRAL Since the beginning of 2014 we have enjoyed afternoons with Jim Gill and his visual presentation of Torquay 'Now and Then', a musical time with Clive Bastin, experiences from Brenda Loosemore as a National Trust volunteer at Coleton Fishacre and Greenway and Rev Tom Bush's account of research into the story of Noah's Ark. We now look forward to John Tucker's visit with his talk on the 'Sky by Day', an afternoon with Paul Zaple, Trevor Badcott with his Magic Lantern and David Manley's visit to Australia. Barbara Lawton 38

Present For the elderly minister’s 70th birthday , the congregation at St Mary’s decided to give him a present of a new suit. He was so moved by the gift that the following Sunday he stood before everyone and began his homily with a tear in his eye, and said: ‘Today I am preaching to you in my birthday suit.’

DON’T JUST SIT THERE – DO SOMETHING! Half of all seven year olds do not manage even an hour of exercise a day, according to recent research. Instead, sedentary lifestyles have become the norm for many, according to University College London’s Institute of Child Health. Meanwhile, nearly a quarter of the population walks less than five miles a month, and nearly one in four adults rarely go for walks at all; 17 per cent of us never even venture more than 500 yards from our car! The research was done by the National Trust, who is encouraging people to get out and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Britain that can only be seen on foot.

How high? Winging his way to America from Ireland, Father O'Leary asked a stewardess, "How high is this plane, Miss?" The stewardess replied, "About thirty-two thousand feet, Father." The Father's jaw dropped in amazement. "Who'd have believed it? And could ye tell me how wide it is?"


A FEW OBSERVATIONS. The shortest distance between a problem and its solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. anon The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything. anon People are like tea bags - you have to put them in hot water before you know how strong they are. anon When down in the mouth, remember Jonah. He came out all right. anon Adversity does not make us frail; it only shows us how frail we are. anon Treasures in heaven are laid up only as treasures on earth are laid down. anon The man who does not like self-examination may be pretty certain that things need examining. C H Spurgeon God only asks you to do your best. Robert H Benson Fight truth decay - study the Bible daily. anon If you're headed in the wrong direction, God allows U-turns." anon Look at it this wayâ&#x20AC;Ś. A cashew is a peanut with back trouble. There must be something to acupuncture - after all, you never see any sick hedgehogs. A gesticulation is any movement made by a foreigner. The English winter - ends in July. Recommences in August.




Helping you ………….. Helping your business. Home and Hospital visits can be arranged 12, Tor Hill Road TORQUAY TQ2 5RB Tel: 01803 403403 Fax: 01803 214876 E mail:

WALMER HOUSE Christian Care Home 6, Ash Hill Road, Torquay. TQ1 3HZ Walmer House is a Christian Care Home, providing first class care for the elderly in a family-like environment. There are 17 residents in a tastefully decorated, elegant building with peaceful gardens. For more details, or a brochure, please contact………. The Manager, Mrs Ena Bell. Tel: 01803 292734



Flower count in the South West An annual Valentine's flower count in south west England has revealed that this winter's extra stormy weather has not stopped the onset of spring. The count, undertaken on Feb 13 by gardeners and volunteers in 23 National Trust gardens found a rare rhododendron in flower for the second time in 30 years. This year 1,464 plants were recorded in gardens across the whole region compared to 1,455 in 2013. In 2008 3,335 plants in bloom were recorded, marking that the earliest spring so far recorded. As part of the flower count, the National Trust asked supporters what their favourite spring flower is. The snowdrop came out top, followed by daffodils and primroses. 44

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