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Please Note - The articles in this magazine represent the opinions of the person submitting the article and are not necessarily representative of the opinions of the editors or the churches


THE MINISTER Dear friends, I am writing this having just returned from the Central Church meeting which had been advertised as being an important one that would consider issues about the future of our church. I came away reflecting on what had happened but encouraged that the meeting had been a lively one with lots of conversation. We had to consider some difficult questions at the meeting and face the fact that we are facing a financial crisis and are fewer in number than we used to be in an expensive building that is costly to maintain. Perhaps not the easiest starting point for a conversation that is about the development of mission and work at the church. And yet, the spirit of the meeting was positive as we gathered round tables and talked about our fears and hopes and ideas and what we could do to change our fortunes. It is so often the way that it is when faced with a crisis that people have the choice to choose between despair and determination as the culture we seek to build on. I am reminded that there are Biblical commentators who say that it was the imprisonment of John the Baptist that created the crisis and space for Jesus to start his public ministry. So too we can choose the road of determination and encouragement as we face up to the work that is to be done. We talked too at the meeting of the need to grow capacity to build on the ideas that we are developing and this of course means we need our people to come together and shape what is to happen. That means we will need our people to catch the excitement of the opportunities we face and be part of the solution. There are many tasks for us to undertake and roles to fulfil and I urge you to think and pray about what you can offer to become involved with as only then will we be a community of kingdom builders.


“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:11) And of course as Paul reminded the church in Corinth, we all have a part to play but we are living out our calling to follow and play our part in the work God would have us undertake; “What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe – as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.” (1 Corinthians 3:5-6) I look forward to working with you to encourage and motivate each other to rise to the tasks ahead of us in the knowledge that we are called to be a resurrection people grounded in the Gospel of love, reconciliation, justice and hope. Peace and blessings, Jon

EDITORS’ APPEAL You’ll notice a new page in this edition entitled “The Young Ones.” On it is a report from someone who took part in the Nativity play at Central. The Editors’ would love to see a regular page with contributions from the young people themselves, and from each church. So come along ………….we all know you’ve lots to say – why not write it down for us! Parents, Grandparents, friends, why not bring your powers of persuasion to bear, and let’s hear from our Young Ones. 4

FAMILY & FRIENDS Family News & Other Bits & Pieces CONGRATULATIONS ·

Happy Birthday to Iris Keay & Rob Hawes on the 6th

· ·

Happy Birthday to Audrey Avery on the 10th Happy Birthday to Pam Cloke on the 17th

THANKS · Sincere thanks from John Lawrence to all who turned out on Christmas Eve to sing Carols around the Hotels in aid of Action for Children. The total sum collected was £338 . 19p. · From John Lawrence - my grateful “Thanks” to the many friends at Central who through their Prayers have helped me on the road to recovery from my recent bout of Illness. CHANGE OF ADDRESS · Paul Ellis has moved to 10, Cory Drive, Hutton, BRENTWOOD, CM13 2PT. He sends good wishes to all at Central who remember him. · Revd Dr Harry Johnson has moved to The Grange Nursing Home, 72, Upper Northam Road, Hedge End, Southampton. SO30 4EB.

Off to the vet In his younger days our golden retriever Catcher often ran away when he had the chance. The vet’s surgery was about a mile down the road, and Catcher would usually go there. The nursing staff knew him and would call me to come pick him up. One day I called the vet to make an appointment for Catcher's yearly vaccine. "Will you bring him," asked the receptionist, "or will he come on his own?"


SHEILA DENHAM We were saddened to learn of the passing of Sheila, on Christmas Eve in Derriford Hospital. Until she had become ill last May she had rarely been missing from St. Andrew’s . She became a Local Preacher in 1950 and preached for more than 40 years, earning great respect in this demanding role. Having been in Torquay during the week since 1946 she had met Irene, (later to become Mrs Irene Denham, her sister-in-law,) at the ‘Zion Group’, adhered to the Zion Methodist Church which was then in Torre. She went to live with Irene and her mother in 1951. After Zion closed, Irene moved to worship at St. Andrew’s. Sheila, then still spending weekends at her home in Chagford and worshipping there, would go with Irene to the Wesley Guild meetings at St. Andrew’s on Thursday evenings. It was then that she began helping with a Junior Guild. In 1958 Sheila and her parents moved to Torquay and became members of St. Andrew’s. So from then she – and her parents and later her brother John, after he also moved to Torquay, - took an active part. Over the years she filled most offices in the church – in the Sunday School, Junior Youth Club, as a Trustee, Guild Secretary, Property Secretary , Pastoral Visitor, Organist, Church Steward 3 times, and Secretary or Treasurer of World Mission, Mission in Britain and Methodist Homes. In her professional life she taught in Torquay, ending her career in 1984 as Head Teacher of Upton St. James Primary School. The thought and discipline that informed her Christian life may be glimpsed in this extract from something she wrote about Lent for the church magazine a few years ago:


The popular question asked at this time of year used to be “What are you giving up for Lent? I believe we should turn that round and ask ‘What are you taking on for Lent?’ ………..Start with ourselves. How about more discipline in our devotional lives? Do we spend sufficient time in prayer and intercession?” So we bid a sad farewell to Sheila Denham, good and faithful servant.


ANODE A letter from Nigel Williams, Founding Director & Manager following our Harvest Festival. I am writing to give our heartfelt thanks to you and your fellowship for once again showing the Anode Food Bank such generosity at this time of Harvest. The lovely goods you collected for us will not only feed many desperate families, but also radiate warmth and love into their lives during these cold autumn days. Please find enclosed a Certificate of Thanks to share with your church just as a small gesture towards the great act of support you have shown our cause. Our food parcel referrals alone this year made to Anode have already hit a 2,000 high (along with the many other areas of need that we also reach out to) and with three months still to go until the year end, your efforts will make such a positive impact. May I once again take this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of all our staff, volunteers and the families whose lives will be touched by your kindness.

Do what we can to help... Several women in the church prayer group were visiting an elderly friend who was ill. After awhile, they rose to leave and told her; "We'll do what we can to help. We promise to keep you in our prayers." "Thank you,” she said. “But, really, I can do my own praying. The thing I can’t do is the dishes in the sink in the kitchen....”


A REFLECTION FROM CENTRAL As I write this, my word, it’s cold! The roofs are white, and the bird bath is frozen. Jack Frost has been about. Has he been “nipping at your fingers and toes”? I can remember, and so can most of you, I expect, when Jack Frost came and ‘drew pictures’ on our bedroom window. With central heating we do not have his patterns there any more -- thank goodness!! Yes, as the old pop song says, “Baby, it’s cold outside”. This weather brings out our hats, scarves and gloves. Another saying which we often quote is ‘cold hands, warm heart’. What is a warm heart? The owner of a warm heart is kind, loving and generous. So, although our hands are cold in this weather, are our hearts warm? In Chapter 4 of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians verse 32 says “Be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you”. Those words are found in the Authorised Version of our Bible, which we do not use much these days. In the New International Version which we use in Church (which, by the way is not all that ‘New’ as it came out in 1973!!) puts that verse this way -- “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you”. Whether it is Winter or Summer, cold or hot, have we got warm hearts? Are our words to each other always kind? And do we forgive each other when we feel they have not treated us as we think they should have? At this time of the year, and at all times, we need to have warm hearts. I’ll try to warm mine up -- will you? Spring begins next month, but let’s all be tender-hearted, and forgive each other as God, for Christ’s sake has forgiven us. Margaret Newman


THE YOUNG ONES Central Nativity 2016 “Superman….Spiderman….Batman….Hulk….Wonder Woman! Wow you are my heroes! Can I have your autographs pleeeeeese?” This is what one of our shepherds said in the script – and it felt like some of the congregation were saying it to us after watching our version of the Nativity on Sunday 18th December which made us feel incredibly proud. These may not be the characters that you expect to find in a Christmas Nativity but at Central anything can happen! A group of superheroes were in fear that their jobs were going to be stolen by a new super being and went in search of him to warn him off (or crush him as Hulk may have intended!). They met Elizabeth, Gabriel, some shepherds and wise men along the way, who gradually gave them more information about Jesus until they eventually found Him in the stable and realized they had nothing to fear. We loved performing our version of the Nativity and showing the rest of the congregation how we can relate our interests to the Christmas story. All of the children who wanted to take part had a role and enjoyed telling the story using a modern script whilst still getting across the message of the importance of Jesus’ birth. We spent many Sundays after the Rise and Shine service rehearsing and spent time at home learning our lines so that we could produce a performance for everyone to enjoy. We would like to thank Jenny Price and Sue Julyan for spending time after the Rise and Shine service to help us devise and direct the performance. Thank you also to the people operating the sound system so the lines that we had spent time preparing could be heard and to Jan Newman for all of the effects on the multimedia - it all went really smoothly. We hope that you enjoyed watching our nativity as much as we enjoyed performing it.


If you liked the song “Jesus is my Superhero” then come along to the 9:15 Rise and Shine service at Central where you can learn more like it. It is not just a service for children, but an all-age worship in a more relaxed, informal style.

Stephanie Price

And if love should die.... While we were working at a men's clothing store, a customer asked my colleague to help her pick out a tie that would make her husband's blue eyes stand out. "Ma'am," he explained, "any tie will make blue eyes stand out if you tie it tight enough."

WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP Our first speaker this month is Sam Pardey, a Podiatrist in and around South Devon. Maybe we shall hear how we should look after our feet! Watch this space for our second meeting on 13th February, a Musical Afternoon chiefly organised by our own members. On the 20th we visit the theatre with Jill Farrant, and a warm welcome to the Revd Valerie Price on the 27th with her message for Lent. Sadly since our last publication, June Powell has passed away. June was a regular member of our Women’s Fellowship until infirmity moved her into Residential Care and made it impossible for her to attend Monday afternoon meetings. She will be sadly missed by her many friends around the Bay Barbara Lawton. 11

SUNDAY SERVICES FOR FEBRUARY 2017. (HC) = Sacrament of Holy Communion (WG) = Worship Group CENTRAL Date FEB

Morning 10.30am

Evening 6.30pm

5th** Revd Jon Doble (HC)

Revd Jon Doble

12th** Revd John Haley

Revd Jon Doble


Mr Brian Hart

Mrs Margaret Newman

26th** Revd Mike Newell

(WG) (HC)

Revd Jon Doble

Dates marked ** indicate contemporary worship at 9.15am. ST ANDREWS Date FEB

Morning 10.30am


Mrs Barbara Vond


Revd Mike Newell


Revd Jon Doble (HC)



Date FEB

Morning 10.30am


Revd Valerie Price


Revd Peter Williamson


Mrs Barbara Vond


Revd Jon Doble (HC)


FEBRUARY CALENDAR – Central – Wednesday








Sunday Monday

5th 6th



10.00 Bible Study 6.00 Beavers


9.30 6.00 10.00 11.00 7.00 9.30


Central Tots Cubs Coffee & Fellowship Belleplates Choir Practice Contact Centre

10.00 Pop in for Coffee

10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 2.30 Sisterhood – Revd Doug Rix. B&B Stall

7.00 New Life House Group 7.00 Finance & Property Extraordinary meeting 7.30 Guild - With John Lawrence Wednesday


See separate pages for services - all churches 2.30 Women's Fellowship Podiatrist Sam Pardey C 6.00 Brownies C 6.30 Flexercise Fun C 7.30 Guides C 7.30 Lydwell Park House Group C 9.30 Midweek Prayers - Revd Jon Doble C C C VP


8th 10.00 Bible Study 6.00 Beavers





9.30 Central Tots 2.30 Meeting to discuss new ladies club





6.00 10.00 11.00 7.00 9.30

Cubs Coffee & Fellowship Belleplates Choir Practice Contact Centre

10.00 Pop in for Coffee

Sunday Monday

12th 13th






7.30 Guild - An evening with Organ & Piano - Clive Bastin 10.00 Bible Study 7.30 Quiz Evening at Furrough Cross





2.30 Church Council

7.30 10.00 7.00 9.30

Church Council meeting Coffee & Fellowship Choir Practice Contact Centre

10.00 Pop in for Coffee

Sunday Monday

19th 20th



6.00 ToWNS C See separate pages for services - all churches 2.30 Women's Fellowship - Musical Afternoon - Chiefly ourselves C 6.30 Flexercise Fun C 9.30 Midweek Service - Rev Jon Doble C 10.00 Coffee & Fellowship C 10.00 Busy Bees C 2.30 Sisterhood – David & Audrey Taylor: Musical Afternoon






6.00 ToWNS C See separate pages for services - all churches 2.30 Women's Fellowship - At the Theatre Jill Farrant C 6.00 Brownies C 14





6.30 7.30 7.30 9.30

Flexercise Fun Guides Lydwell Park House Group Midweek Prayers - Revd Jon Doble

10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 2.30 Sisterhood – to be announced


7.00 New Life House Group C 7.30 Guild - A Musical Tour of Britain with Rev Gerald Morris C Wednesday

22nd 10.00 Bible Study 6.00 Beavers



9.30 Central Tots 2.30 Meeting to be announced





6.00 7.30 10.00 11.00 6.45 7.30 9.30

Cubs Moors House Group Coffee & Fellowship Belleplates Choir practice Festival Choir Rehearsal Contact Centre

10.00 Pop in for Coffee

Sunday Monday

26th 27th





6.00 ToWNS C See separate pages for services - all churches 2.30 Women's Fellowship - Lent Revd Val Price C 6.00 Brownies C 6.30 Flexercise Fun C 7.30 Guides C 9.30 Midweek Communion Service Revd Val Price C




10.00 Coffee & Fellowship 10.00 Busy Bees 10.15 Leadership Team Meeting 2.30 Sisterhood – Barbara Vond



Guild - Shrove Tuesday - A quiz with David Welsh C

Definition of old Grandchildren don't make a man feel old; it's the knowledge that he's married to a grandmother. Muddy woof What do you get if you cross a jeep with a dog? A Land Rover.


6.30 PM

Monica Lansley & Philip Kay

Hazel Nightingale Paul Sherriff


Heather Bellingham &Barbara Gissinger

Monica Lansley & Philip Kay


Sheila & John Lawrence

Celia & David Bolt


Jacky Little & Sue Mason

Monica Lansley & Philip Kay




Stephanie Withers & Sylvia Penny


Betty Peachey & Margaret Collings


Connie & John Sims


Pam Cloke and Pat Hawes



5th 12th

Ann Williams

Her Husband John


Pam Cloke

Her Husband


Mavis Paul

Her Dad & Clive

VP PRAYER BOARD This is where we remember in prayer those friends who are not well, and those friends who are not able to attend Church. Mary Jakes and Irene Cochran. Amy Bartrip in Cary Court, Audrey Avery in Walmer House, Don Pugh and Iris Kaey in Jubilee House. Sylvia Diamond in Lorna House. Muriel Colefax has recently moved to Ipplepen. Sadly we have to report the passing of Barbara Pugh, and we are also sorry to learn that Sheila Denham of St Andrews has passed away.


ST ANDREWS JUNIOR CHURCH NEWS. Happy birthday to Benjamin Keay who will be 2 on 2nd February and Billy Wilcox who turns 8 on 26th February. In Junior Church we have started exploring passages from Matthew’s Gospel. On New Year’s Day the children who came enjoyed playing a game of pass the parcel before hearing the story of the wise men’s visit to the baby Jesus. Glitter and glue were then involved when they decorated stars. The next Sunday the bible passages from Matthew told of John baptising Jesus in the river Jordan. We talked about baptism that day, showing the children the font used at St Andrew’s. We also showed them a baptism candle that is given out and Rachel’s baptism certificate from when she was baptised at St Andrew’s as teenager. We talked about other baptisms and heard that some people prefer to be baptised in the sea. Jean talked about some of her family who have been baptised in the sea in Torbay. That day we also made doves, remembering that when John baptised Jesus the Holy Spirit came down like a dove. Rachel George

CENTRAL GUILD. On the 7th of this month, we have an evening with John Lawrence, and on the 14th Clive Bastin will be entertaining us on the Organ and Piano. The 21st sees Gerald Morris once again taking the lead with a Musical Tour of Britain. Finally, the 28th is Shrove Tuesday and there will be a Quiz with David Welsh. Tuesday’s – 7.30pm – Room 1. That’s the place to be! All are welcome. 18



MANNLY THOUGHTS Queen Victoria was out one Sunday with her faithful servant John Brown. She noticed someone fishing from a boat on the loch. “Fancy people doing that on the Sabbath” she remarked. “But Ma’am, the Lord Jesus was in a boat on the Sabbath.” The Queen turned and replied sharply “Two wrongs don’t make a right! Oh dear, I would not like to have been in John Brown’s shoes. No, I do not think it was the same J.B. as in John Brown’s Body lies a moulding in the grave. It just goes to show that we have to mind our P’s & Q’s at all times. We are all prone to speak before we think and that includes me. So I wonder at the trouble this may cause. Who knows, as the saying goes, Actions speak louder than Words. Our reaction to the spoken word is so important. Jesus had to encounter all kinds of words from those who were against him. But he never gave anyone a put down, or sharp rebuke. He took all that was thrown at him and just returned love. The world has always tried to trap those who would do good. We as Christians have to bear many setbacks but they help us grow in grace in his Love. We must try to always be the person Jesus wants us to be. What a fantastic example of Christian love we have the opportunity to display. What a great difference we can make to so many lives in our church and in our daily lives. We hold that gift that only Jesus affords us. So let’s get on and do that. I pray that Central will grow stronger and be much more effective in its mission in the community. Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God needs you. Michael Mann



AROUND THE FAMILY AT ST ANDREWS. Here as I write we are still “standing at the portal of the opening year.” We have already worshipped at two splendid services and look forward to our Covenant Service with our Minister next Sunday. This will remind us of “God’s readiness to enfold us in generous love, not dependent on our deserving.” So this will now, as you read it, have become part of our 2017 Church history. As we step forward into the year friends here have had various experiences, some to restrict daily routine to a degree and others to enhance lives; some of course may do both! On January 3rd, 2017 to Naomi Dunbar and Wayne Batham a son, Leon Mark, a brother for Joshua and Faith. Congratulations to you all and to Geoff and Barbara Dunbar, two of the proud grandparents. Nicola Lindsay, our Secretary, has had her awaited hip operation and was heard to say this very day that she is getting better day by day. She may be able to dispense with crutches during February, all being well. Sue Jarvis is now in hospital awaiting treatment for a chest infection. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Sue. To any of our friends troubled by any problem, health or otherwise, we do care about you and we wish you well. Happy Birthday Wishes go to February 5th Leila (Lee) Weeks, February 7th Maria Hart, Dorothy Tallentine, February 15th Sue Masheder. Congratulations to Lizzie Masheder and Jonathan Goddard who have become engaged. Best Wishes to Lizzie and Jon for a very happy future together. Diana George



Sky Fright An airliner flew into a violent thunderstorm and was soon bumping around in the sky. One very nervous lady was sitting next to a clergyman and turned to him. “Can’t you do something?” she demanded forcefully. “I’m sorry” he replied gently. “I’m in Sales, not Management.”


A PROFILE OF CLIVE BROOKS. This is a difficult profile to write because Clive has had such an amazing life and worked in so many areas of business. Clive was born in New Brimington, Chesterfield into a Christian family. His parents and grandparents all attended a Methodist Church and so he was brought up in the atmosphere of Christian Living. Clive’s father was a Local Preacher – but as we know he did not follow his father’s footsteps! Clive has lived in many places – from Chesterfield, to Sheffield, to Bristol and other places until he came to Torquay. All these moves were due to family and business commitments, and they broadened his outlook on life, and gave him the ability to mix with all sections of the community. He attended a council run school and after that, while working, he studied for an HND and an inter BSc. He worked for the Coal Board and moving from that he concentrated on Engineering qualifications. He says that the work he has been involved in has given him satisfaction and enjoyment from being an apprentice to his retirement as an Engineering Director of the Mirror Group Company. He worked in collieries and then became a heating and ventilation engineers, and so he became very experienced in many areas of engineering. While working for Unilever he went to Russia – his first visit was with Robert Maxwell. He went with him to the Kremlin where he was introduced to President Michail Gorbachev as Robert Maxwell’s Engineer. There is so much more that could be written about the things that Clive has achieved during his working years. But how blessed we are to have had Clive with us at Central. He said whatever he tackled had to be done to the best of his ability, and when he had to learn new things he looked forward to putting them into 24

practice. How many hours he has spent caring for the property that is Central. Climbing ladders, using scaffolding, inspecting the 17 (?) areas of flat roofing, and making improvements in various parts of the building. Wherever Clive has lived, the Church and Choir have always been uppermost in his leisure time. He also enjoyed playing table tennis, bowls, skittles and cricket – these associated with the various churches where he worshipped. We do say a big thank you to Clive for all he has done in the life of Central – I think it would be easy to write a book about Clive – and if you want to know more – talk to him! Thank you again Clive and may you continue to be blessed in your life at Central. MML

CENTRAL FLOWER ARRANGERS The Flower Arrangers would like to thank all who gave generous donations towards the Christmas arrangements. The new rota for 2017 is now on the notice board outside room 2, if anyone would like to request a date to have an arrangement in memory of a relative or friend. Lastly, unfortunately , "A cry for help." Our list of arrangers is rapidly decreasing - from 20 to 10. If anyone would like to join us - don't be shy, help will always be on hand. Please give me a ring on 01803 557679. Thank you.

Marion Farley 25

ST ANDREWS MISSIONS. It is time once again to think about Mission in our own country when St Andrews has its annual Mission in Britain Sunday on Sunday 5th February. Gifts to the Mission in Britain Fund enable them to support missionorientated church projects through grant giving across the following categories: Mission Action on Poverty and Justice · Ministering opportunities at Methodist Heritage sites · Chaplaincy · The use of church properties to serve local communities · Sharing the gospel with all ages Ogof Adullam is a Methodist drop-in centre in the middle of Swansea. Named after the cave where David took refuge in 1 Samuel 22, it provides its own place of refuge to the vulnerable in society – the homeless, asylum seekers and those shunned due to their addictions and criminal behaviour. Based at Brunswick Methodist Church, Ogof Adullam opens its doors for three evenings a week, when most other agencies are closed. It provides a safe place free of external influences where people can develop safe, secure and loving relationships in a Christian environment. Gifts to the Mission in Britain Fund have recently helped to fund two new staff members to administer the work at Ogof Adullam. Together, they are bringing the kingdom of God closer to the people of Swansea. You can help support work like that done at Ogof Adullam by donating money to the Mission in Britain Fund. Envelopes for your gifts to this fund will be given out, please give as generously as you can, every penny helps. Rachel George. Sunday Coffee money for November for Flowers £21. December Coffee money for Action for Children £12. Jean Jarvis 26

NEW YEAR 2017. 2017. A New Year beckons, what will it hold? We can only wait to see how the Year will unfold. 2016: the Christmas Lights have disappeared from view, Sales have started, eager people have begun to queue. For the many bargains which cover a whole range of wares, Roughly they will push and shove without any cares. As we recall and reflect upon the Syrian war torn years, Our ‘TV’s portray in the eyes and faces the children’s fears . To end the carnage and enable people to stay alive, We all hope and pray that the recent ‘Cease Fire’ will survive. To live in the knowledge that their lives are full and free . They will be able once more, to rebuild their Country, J.H.D. Lawrence SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. CUF’s Big Pancake Party and Food for Thought Lent Course Church Urban Fund (CUF) is calling on churches, schools, families and individuals across the country to help people in ‘food poverty’ by holding a Big Pancake Party on Shrove Tuesday. The money raised will go to support the Together Network – ‘so that no one has to go hungry this Spring.’ CUF has also launched a Lent Course for 2017. The course focuses on how we relate to food in our world today and asks us to re-evaluate our attitudes towards food. Free to download, this course takes the Common Lectionary Sunday Readings as a starting point, and then moves to other scriptures.



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