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A Letter from Pastor Ross Lamp

Is God Calling You?

On April 27th I was awakened at 3:30 in the morning and stayed somewhat awake for the next two hours processing many things going through my mind during that time. At 5:30 I got out of bed with the very clear awareness that it was time for me to retire from ministry at Central Christian and sensed some special timing and direction from the Lord.

If you are reading this then you already know about the super fun activities planned for the kids at CCC this summer. Do you know what kids do every weekend during each of the worship services? There are about 300 kids every weekend that claim Central as their home. It takes a lot of people to keep those 300 bright minds and active energetic little people engaged in a discipleship effort to partner with the outstanding parents of each of these families. Our kids, and the many others that will join us as our church continues to grow, need adults who are committed to building relationships, teaching, loving and having fun (all part of discipling kids)!

Things that support my decision are the following: 3 My wife Linda’s continuing health issues 3 The reality that I will be 75 years old in July 3 At the end of June, I will complete 29 years at Central (7 at CCA and 22 at CCC) 3 The Benevolence Ministry is in a good position and is ready to be transferred now 3 Summer is a good transition time for most ministries if a change is planned 3 That the Lord has continuing opportunities in which I can serve Him 3 More availability for being with our children and grandchildren 3 Many more projects to do at our new home 3 Adjustment to a new season of life July 1st is my hiring anniversary date, but I am comfortable as to that being adjusted according to the decision of how the ministry would be structured in the future and how it would be staffed and any transition/training time that is needed. I am flexible on this date, but sometime during the summer would be best. My plan for now would be to continue teaching the Carriers of the Spirit Class on Sunday mornings and continue to be actively involved in the fellowship at Central. It has been a wonderful privilege and blessing to serve on the staff at Central for 29 years. I am thankful for the Elders leadership and encouragement over those years. I have immensely appreciated those I have served with over that time and praise our Lord for His Grace and Goodness! I will truly miss the daily fellowship with our staff, but look forward to the great things ahead that the Lord has for the ministry at Central! In the Love of Jesus Christ,

Now you might think there are lots of people, especially parents, who sign up to be part of the children’s worship experience. Truth is, parents are often serving on one of our other teams or attending equipping classes. The Central Kids Serve Team needs MANY volunteers to serve during each worship service in every age group. There are kids who may challenge you, kids who may stretch you, and kids who may love you. Won’t you please get in on the blessing and become one who answers God’s call? Sign up at or call Vicki Ejibe at 316-688-4400.

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June 2018 cc:journal  

June 2018 cc:journal