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Pursuing the heart of God David Welsh senior pastor

C.S. Lewis, the wonderful Christian author

of the Chronicles of Narnia, claimed that three things take place in the name of Christmas. A religious celebration, an occasion for merry-making and hospitality, and finally a commercial racket, a modern invention to boost retail sales. Lewis died in 1963. Can you imagine what he would think of Christmas today? He made a valid point. Christmas is becoming more a secular, cultural celebration than a religious one. The focus has changed from a celebration of Jesus’ birth to an occasion focused on visiting family and exchanging gifts. An excuse to party and indulge. It is estimated that of the approximate four hundred hours in the Christmas season, few of us spend more than eighteen hours in “religious observance.” Maybe that is why Christmas is more bother than blessing. Be a good example to your children, grandchildren neighbors and friends. If we really believe Christmas is all about Jesus, display that faith with your actions. In the craziness and stress of this season, pause and reflect on His birth, His reason for coming, and His promise to return. I’m speaking at all three services on Christmas Eve and at our combined Sunday service on Christmas Day. I know both days are filled with parties, family get-togethers and presents, but be an example for your circle; take time to celebrate His birthday in His house.

PeterABOOD worship arts


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas It seemed like just another night, but this would be a night like no other. Did you ever just stare into the night sky? In the darkness, your pupils open wide to let in all of the light? Observing God’s amazing handiwork, your mind wanders as you get lost in thought? Each of us might see the same starlit sky, but our imaginations run in very different directions. All of us have shared that experience. Light pollution and the pace of our culture distract us from the breathtaking experience of gazing into the spectacular cosmos. Try to imagine how you would have observed the night sky in the days of old. In the first century, there was a king who ruled the great Roman Empire. He would often look proudly into the sky and recount the high position he had earned through his many military conquests. Jerusalem was a few thousand miles to the east. The king of Israel might have looked into the same night sky as he contemplated devious thoughts. He lived in fear knowing he was not truly worthy of his appointed title. And there was another King. This Newborn came into the world on this God-ordained night. As He opened His eyes for the first time, He looked into the heavens and saw a bright, wondrous star. This infant would change everyone’s life forever. Oh, to imagine the amazing thoughts of this Child born in Bethlehem, the King of kings! “And you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21b)

You are warmly invited to attend this enchanting musical event in celebration of Christmas. It will be presented two times—December 11th & 12th at 7pm in the Central Christian Worship Center. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors. It will be a night like no other.

6 PaulDOHM

his helping hands

“She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21

Christmas with Jesus

Saturday, December 10 • 8:00 am – Noon The ministry of His Helping Hands celebrates the birth of Christ by blessing many families in our community with toys for their children. This toy distribution is unique for our community because the majority of the toys that we distribute are used toys that are being repurposed from one family to another. The used toys are collected throughout the year, cleaned, organized and stored. In addition to the used toys, over 200 families have preregistered their children and will receive new toys in conjunction with the Tree of Angels at CCC. This year, the HHH Christmas With Jesus toy distribution will be held on Saturday, December 10th, from 8:00 am to Noon. Each year, approximately 2,000 children are given around 10 toys, which means the number of toys distributed comes to over 20,000! Thank you for your help in sharing the love of Jesus with our clients. The new and used toy donations, cash donations and your volunteer help for the “Christmas With Jesus” event is very much appreciated. May God bless you with a Spirit-filled Christmas celebration with your family and friends!

Tree of Angels Would you like to sponsor an “angel” for Christmas? Contact Barb in the church office TODAY! If you already have an “angel,” bring your wrapped gift to the church office by December 4th.

Heavenly Treasures Open House Heavenly Treasures Gift Shop is a unique gift boutique offering many beautiful items for the home.

Join us at our Open House December 3rd 1:00 to 5:00 pm We will be open throughout the Christmas season 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Daily Located at His Helping Hands, 1441 E. 37th St. N.


You are invited to be our special guest at Central Christian Academy’s annual Christmas program. “The Light Has Come” will be an evening when Christ’s name will be exalted by our K-2nd grade students. Please join us Tuesday, December 13th @ 7pm in the Worship Center.

Our 5th–8th grade students in Central Christian Academy’s Band, Strings & Honor’s Choir will share the joys of the holiday by filling the evening with beautiful instrumental & vocal music under the direction of Cheryl Knocke, Jackie Langhofer, Craig Barney & Ryan Royle. Please join us Tuesday, December 15th @ 7pm in Central Court.

Christmas with Central Kids!



Christmas Weekend Volunteers Needed

This year we are offering Central Kids programming on Christmas Eve for the Infant thru Preschool-aged children for the Noon and 5:00pm service, and on Christmas Day at 10:00am. In order to make this as successful as possible we could use some help. If you would be willing to volunteer to serve these kids and their families for an hour during one of these services, please let us know. You can contact us at 688-4400, or

Break out your Bunny Slippers, put on your favorite PJ’s and join us for...

Pajama Jam!

This fun event is for all children age 2 – grade 5 the weekend of December 31st & January 1st during each worship service. The kids will enjoy games, snacks and movies! Please make sure PJ’s are appropriate. Girls wearing nightgowns should wear shorts underneath. Children must wear shoes.

Holiday Childcare Schedule

Each year around Christmas, along with many of the normal church functions, the nursery closes for a couple of weeks. We do this so our Facilities team can do some much needed deep cleaning in the nursery, and to allow our workers to spend some quality time with their own families. If you are part of a group that meets from December 19–January 2, please take note that there will not be child care offered during these dates. We will continue our excellent weekend worship service programming during the 5:33, 8:45, 10:00 and 11:30 services. We will only be closed for events outside of our regular worship services.

Check-In Volunteers Needed

One of the first interactions we have with new families at Central Christian is at the Central Kids CheckIn Counter in the lobby. This counter gives us the opportunity to get important information from these families and to get to know them. Our goal is to make their experience in our “big” church feel as personal and welcoming as possible. We are in need of volunteers at each service to help us make all our families feel like they have a home here at Central. If you would be willing to volunteer to serve these families for at least one service each month we could really use your help. Find out more by contacting us at 688-4400, or

This Month in AWANA •

December 14 — Backwards Night Everything will be a little backwards on this night!

• •

December 21 — Jesus’ Birthday Party December 28 — No AWANA / Christmas Break

Save The Date for “Bingo Blast”! Our yearly volunteer appreciation event is just around the corner and with the craziness of the holidays we want to make sure that you get this date on your calendar. Be sure to reserve Friday, January 13th for you and your family. This event is for anyone who volunteers in any aspect of Central Kids. There will be more details to come, and we promise this is one event you will not want to miss!!



LynnEBY women

Women’s Fellowship

Join us for food, fellowship, music and guest speakers. This is a FREE event for ALL women, ages 18 – 100+. Reservations are required, as space is limited. Please RSVP to or 688-4400.

Women’s Bible Studies

We will begin a new semester of women’s bible studies the week of January 10th. Please check our website at and our weekly bulletin where we will list the details for each study.

I F:




Be Anxious for Nothing by Rosie Wuthrich, LCMFT

“Do not be anxious about anything…” Hmmm… Did God really say that? The answer is yes; anxiety is mentioned in various ways throughout the Bible. In Philippians chapter 4, Paul writes this in a letter to the Philippian Christians who were facing the threat of persecution. Several Bible commentaries mentioned there is of course an appropriate initial reaction of anxiety to the threat of persecution. The suggestion is made, however, that the admonition was really referring to not being “unduly concerned” to the point that worry distracts one from the task God had given them to continue the work of the Lord. So how does this translate into something useful for today? Let me offer two contrasting scenarios. Picture a mother who arrives home later than she had planned only to discover that her 10 year old son was not anywhere to be found. He should have been home from school over an hour ago. The mother is instantly concerned. Her mind is filled with thoughts such as, “Where is my son? Why isn’t he home? Where can he be?” She grows more and more frightened and the anxious thoughts continue to change as her fear increases. Now she is thinking, “What if someone took him? What if he is hurt? What if I never see my son again?” She becomes paralyzed by these fear-based thoughts, perhaps crying, finding it hard to breathe, and saying, “I can’t think. What should I do?” For the second scenario, picture a mother

entering her home facing the same set of circumstances. She too asks the initial questions, “Where is my son? Why isn’t he home? Where can he be?” But in this case, the mother says to herself, “Calm down. Take a deep breath. Think.” Perhaps she prays, “Lord, show me what to do.” She decides more information is needed, so she contacts the next door neighbor to see if her son is playing there, and if not, enlists the neighbor’s help with the search. She calls her husband who is still at work and asks him to help her think of places to look. She also decides to call the school to see if there might be a reason her son’s bus was delayed. In the first scenario, the anxiety grew to the point it became a distraction that delayed the search. In the second scenario, the anxiety propelled the mother into action. God designed our bodies with a built-in alarm system that alerts us to various forms of continued on next page

ANXIOUS continued from page 12

threat. For example, you may feel anxious when your boss announces impending layoffs (a threat to financial security). You may feel anxious when you start having chest pains (a threat to your physical health). You may feel anxious when your child is late arriving home (a threat of loss). You may feel anxious that something you said to a friend might have offended them (a threat to the security of the relationship). With each of these examples there is reason for concern. There is a supporting FACT or actual threat that is driving the anxious thoughts.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, Whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable —if anything is excellent or praiseworthy— think about such things.

about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God,  which transcends all understanding,  will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”

So, when you feel anxious, be propelled into ACTION. Being thankful that we have a For some, however, there is an God who is in control of every abundance of FALSE alarms. situation, CHOOSE to pray, These anxious thoughts often choose to petition, and choose start with the phrase, “What to present your requests to if…” For example, you hear that God. Then be determined to a close friend has been laid Philippians 4:8 stop worrying thoughts by off from his job. You begin to choosing to focus on things think, “What if that happened that are true, noble, right, pure, to me? What would I do? How lovely, admirable, excellent or would I provide for my family?” In this case, praiseworthy. It takes practice­—lots and lots the threat is not based on actual events in of practice. It won’t be easy at first. In fact, your own life but the possibility that one day you may have to fake it until you make it for something similar might happen to you. “What a while. It takes time to break the habit of or if” thinking soon becomes a consuming type addiction to worry. Some of you may have of worry. Worry is paralyzing. Worry has rarely struggled with the issue of worrying for many ever helped anyone take effective action. In years, or may have grown up around a parent fact, it distracts us from thinking of possible who was prone to worry. This may make the solutions to our problem. challenge a little more difficult. You may find it helpful to enlist the help of a professional. I have often had clients say, “I can’t stop It might also be beneficial to share your battle worrying.” One of my favorite quotes (but I with anxiety with a trusted friend who can help have no idea who said it) is, “Don’t believe support and encourage you through prayer and everything you think.” God made our minds accountability. with an amazing ability to change our thoughts, habits, and thinking patterns. However, we have to do the difficult task of CHOOSING to change our thoughts. One way to do this is to practice the things Paul suggested in his letter to the Philippian Christians. In Philippians 4:6-8 (NIV) Paul wrote, “Do not be anxious

Let me close by saying this: To have an anxious thought is not wrong or sinful. It is how we choose to respond to what causes us anxiety that matters. May God help all of us come to know His peace which transcends all understanding.


SatURDAY, december 17





WWW.CCC.ORG/PASSION Passion: an amazing Jesus experience for 18–25 year olds january 2–4. 2017 | atlanta |

Faith not only moves mountains, it grows them!

ROSSLAMP Each December, it is an awesome benevolence sight to see the “Mountain of Food” grow to new heights! The food and personal care items you bring may only add a dollar or two to your shopping budget, but to a family in need, it can mean there will be a night a hearty dinner is on the table, or soap to wash the dishes afterward. A comb, a razor, shampoo, a toothbrush...these small items can bring dignity to the downtrodden. The purchase of a box of kleenex may not seem like much, but it can wipe away the tears of someone who is desperately trying to hold on to their last hope. We, as Christians, know who their last hope is...and by your gifts you are sharing the love Jesus has for them. The items on the shopping list at-right are some of the most common items needed. Please take it with you on your next trip to the grocery store and see if there aren’t a few things you can “check off.” I’d like to encourage you to engage your children in this activity. Children love to give! Let them pick out some of their favorite foods and then let them place it on the “Mountain of Food” display. That small teaching moment can plant a seed that will grow a giving heart in them. The “Mountain of Food” will be in the lobby through December 18th. The food and personal items we collect through this drive will go a long way to replenish our pantry for the coming year. Thank you in advance for all of your generous donations and thus the blessing of many in need! And may God richly bless you and your family this Christmas season!!


Mountain of Food Shopping List Please bring donations to the Mountain of Food in the lobby by December 18 q Peanut Butter & Jelly q Canned Fruit & Vegetables q Canned Tuna, Chicken & Salmon q Breakfast Cereal & Oatmeal q Cornbread Mix & Biscuit Mix q Spaghetti & Sauce q Rice & Pasta q Ramen Noodles q “Hearty” Soups q Cake Mix & Icing q Brownie Mix q Flour & Sugar q Spices q Baking Soda & Baking Powder q Macaroni & Cheese q Gravy Mix q Pancake Mix & Syrup q Jell-O & Pudding Mix q Cooking Oil & Shortening q Crackers q Canned Juices q Pickles q Ketchup & Mustard q Mayonnaise q Toothpaste & Toothbrushes q Combs & Brushes q Shampoo & Cream Rinse q Lotion q Bar & Liquid Soaps q Dish Soaps & Laundry Detergent q Shaving Cream & Razors q Kleenex & Toilet Paper q Deodorant q Diapers & Wipes q Sanitary Napkins q Other personal items

7 9 15


Dr. Paul Goddard Missions Pastor

Field notes

from north africa bible translation project As a follow-up to Missions Month, our church is partnering with Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) and Wichita area churches to reach a Bible-less, unreached peoples group in North Africa. The project focus is to produce a Bible in the heart language of the Caning people there. The translation will start with the book of Luke, telling the Gospel story, and possibly allow for a new language version of the “Jesus Film.” Of course, translating an entire Bible is a long-term project, but the Caning Bible Translation team is already being formed by PBT. Melinda Velasquez, who has worked for several years with our church on a literacy project, will be the project manager. There are at least five other churches in Wichita currently committed to supporting this project. Greg Pruett, the President of PBT has met with representatives of these local churches to encourage them and report on project plans and budget. The project not only includes the translation of the Bible, but eventually evangelistic outreach and a church planting effort among the Caning People. A short project video

is available on our website (www.ccc. org). a note from melinda:

Funny how I tend to end up in situations or places where I really didn’t intend to be, yet good things tend to happen unexpectedly. Two and a half weeks ago, I flew into the refugee camp on the same airplane as a team who was coming in to conduct a two-week trauma healing workshop. Somehow, the team leader talked me into “helping” with the workshop. Although I don’t know a thing about trauma healing (but now I know a bit!), one of the aims of the workshop was to have the stories translated into ten of the 60+ languages that are here in the camp. So that was the angle that pulled me in to the workshop. Admittedly, I also wanted to come to the workshop so I could begin developing relationships with local people. Most of these people are not Christian, but are from another prominent world religion. I want to know these people, my neighbors. continued next page

MELINDA continued from page 16

I barely had time to semi-settle into my home before the intensity began. The workshop wa s e ye-opening and heartbreaking. You can know the facts behind what is happening to people up north (where these refugees come from) by reading the news, but until you hear someone saying, “Seven of my eight children died in the government bombing”, or, “I ran for three days with my child on my shoulders”, you really don’t know. One of our exercises was to draw a picture and explain it in small groups. A man in my group sketched a picture of a small boy. He told us, “This is something that is still in my heart.” He then haltingly told us about his young son, whom they took to the hospital up North because he was sick. The Northern doctors saw that this boy was from a Mountain tribe, and they introduced something into the boy’s IV drip that quickly killed this man’s son. So much pain was aired in this workshop. But God was moving, comforting and healing. Nearly every participant voiced his or her encouragement that the principles in the workshop can be used to bring healing among their people. They expressed relief that their own hearts have begun to heal.

Melinda’s home is tucked on the back, nestled among offices and storage buildings.

to help them publish a songbook for use in their small local church, as well as recording the songs for distribution on micro SD cards. At the first of the year, we will begin Bible translation in the Mountain People language! I am excited to start building a strong team with these gifted men. Praise God for raising them up for this work. Future newsletters will bring more stories about these men and our project.

mission trips 2017

But something more important came out of these two weeks. On the last day of the workshop, one of the local Christian leaders asked if anyone would like to come to a weekly Bible study to learn more about Jesus. Most of the participants eagerly raised their hands! I can’t wait for these dear, suffering people to meet the true Healer. It will be a true privilege to witness God nudging their hearts to Him, and them experiencing His love.

Would you like to have the life-altering experience of serving on a short-term mission trip?We encourage you to pray about one of these opportunities to serve and share your faith.

Now, my attention is turning to a single language. I will be desktop publishing a folk tales book in the Mountain People language with whom I developed a literacy primer when I was here last. Then, I am going

Applications are available on our website at Watch your weekly bulletin for informational meetings being held this month.

Honduras | June 24–July 1 Guatemala | July 1–8 Canada | July 7–18 El Salvador | July 22–29 Mexico | July 29–August 5

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What was it really like the night before the birth of Christ? That depends on where you lived. Would the Romans even care? Would fear fill Herod's palace? Why would the Jewish king worry about the birth of another peasant? Bethlehem is a tiny village now filled with travelers forced to cooperate in a census. A young pregnant woman is no concern to them. But this child would change the fabric of history for all time. Join us each weekend in December to discover what it was really like The Night Before Christmas! Christmas 2016 Sermon Series beginning December 3rd & 4th

Want to know more about Central? This class is designed to help you determine your “next step.” It focuses on the vision and mission of Central Christian and what it means to be a follower of Jesus. If you are interested in membership, or would like to know more about Central, sign up today by calling Silvia at 688-4400 or visiting our website. Our next classes will be held in the Choir Room

Sunday, January 15th @ 11:30am–3:00pm • Our Vision: To be a church after God’s own heart. • Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

our church family

financial stats

Comforting those whose loved ones have passed on Curtis & Suzanne Cole on the passing of Curtis’ brother David & Rhonda Mann & Family on the passing of Rhonda’s brother Freya Pico & Family on the passing of her husband, our Larry Brianna, Dave & Leslie Snodgrass & Family on the passing of Steven Ken Springer on the passing of his wife, Angie Larry & Kathi Staton & Family on the passing of Kathi’s parents, our Marvin & Lorna Ives Celebrating the union of husband & wife Benjamin Force & Emily Davenport married October 15 Celebrating the birth of each new life Carter Haus Lewis born September 6 @ 6 lbs, 6 oz to Ray & Stephanie Raelynn Grace Lewis born September 6 @ 6 lbs, 2 oz to Ray & Stephanie


Attendance: (Casa de Luz; Retreats) ”...and the people came...” (acts 2:46-47) October 15-16........................................... 2,816 (114; 53) October 22-23....................................................2,739 (95) October 29-30................................................. 2,823 (205) Central Christian has added 113 new members in 2016. General Budget Income: ”...and the people gave...” (malachi 3:10-12; ii corinthians 9:6-15) Weekly budgeted goal for fiscal year 2016-17.........$134,231.00 October 15-16................................................$109,747.84 October 22-23.................................................. $98,560.36 October 29-30................................................$124,000.55 His Helping Hands Donations: October 15-16.................................................... $5,250.00 October 22-23.................................................... $2,371.00 October 29-30.................................................... $2,250.70

Celebrating the baptisms into new life in Christ Danielle Baskerville

We are LIVE-STREAMING our worship services over the internet! Visit our website at and follow the link.

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cc:calendar december 2016 3

Women’s Christmas Fellowship, 9:00am, YC


Heavenly Treasures Open House, 1:00–5:00pm, HHH Campus


“‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” sermon series begins


High School Fall Retreat, Westminster Woods


HHH’s “Christmas with Jesus,” 8:00am–Noon, HHH Campus

11–12 “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” musical, 7:00pm, WC 13

“The Light Has Come” CCA’s K-2 Christmas program, 7:00pm, WC


CCA’s Band, Strings & Honor’s Choir Christmas program, 7:00pm, CT


Glory Babies, 7:00pm, PLR


Man Challenge, 7:00am, CT


Christmas Eve Worship Services, 12:00, 5:00 & 11:00pm, WC


Christmas Day Worship Service, 10:00am, WC

31-Jan 1 Pajama Jam, for 2 yrs-Gr 5

january 2017 1–4

Passion, OC


Winter Women’s Bible Studies begin this week


Bingo Blast Central Kids Volunteer Appreciation Night


Next Step, 11:30am, Choir Rm

J Afebruary N U A R Y 2017

3–4 IF: Wichita 01-04 WWW.CCC.ORG/PASSION march 2017


Daylight Savings Time begins, Spring ahead one hour

april 2017 15-16

Resurrection Weekend Our Mission: To lead people to think like Jesus, live like Jesus.

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