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g{x VxÇàÜtÄ VÉÇÇxvà|ÉÇ Connecting Central Baptist Church and Panama City Christian School, Panama City, Florida wi t h p a s t o r s , f a m i l i e s a n d f r i e n d s March 1, 2009

Volume 2, Issue 2


Dr. Bruce Barton, Senior Pastor

ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Rev. Ken Rhoads, Executive Pastor René Zukerberg, Chief of Staff Bill Crittenden, Worship Ministries James Bruhn, Student Ministries Jeff Robb, Children Ministries Debbie Jones, PCCS Principal Sherry LeBouef, CBC Accounting Ed Jones, PCCS Accounting Craig Marcum, Campus Superintendent Kevin Lebouef, Maintenance John Barton, Custodial Care Nikki Marcum, Food Services

Inside this issue: Missions Conference 2 Dates to Remember


Scenes from Central


Jubilee at PCCS


New Youth Pastor


Encounter Children


We move from the “He is Greater” theme of 2008 to “By Faith” in 2009. Pastor and Mrs. Barton are leading us to live our lives with dynamic faith in the promises of God’s Word. This year’s theme has a four-fold purpose: Connecting as a church family through fellowship, Worshipping God through meaningful services, Providing for ministry through Biblical stewardship, and Envisioning the future with a strategic plan. Pastor is preaching in themes throughout the year, “40 Days of Transformation—Praying, Fasting, Giving,” began the year. Our membership was challenged to fast at least one day during the forty days. Pastor will move next to “Spiritual Gifts Discovered” as we launch into effective service in the body of Christ with the gifts that have been given by God. Our worship experience is being enhanced through better use of technology and lighting along with drama and banner ministries. Coming to church should be an experience! As we are being developed for our ministry we look forward to using B.I.G Day (Believe in God), Super Summer Sunday, Homecoming, and Spirit of Christmas to draw thousands to our campus. We hope to break the 1,000 barrier in 2009 on one of these evangelistic days. By faith we will knock on 10,000 doors and see hundreds come to Christ. We hope to have over 300 saved in our services again this year, baptizing many of them, growing in fellowship, and more. We’ve come this far…let’s continue to do the Lord’s work effectively…BY FAITH.

GIBBS, WADE, HOGUE LEAD 2009 Our Pastor has several godly men into the pulpit annually that will lead us to accomplish the goals we have set and the will of God for Central Baptist Church. David Gibbs, founder of the Christian Law Association, was a blessing on February 1, when he challenged our church to “win the prize.” He and our Pastor are working closely for further ministry development in the days and months ahead. Gibbs is not only an effective speaker, but an advocate for ministries who need legal representation. Tom Wallace is a missionary statesmen, who has helped countless churches in North America continue with an aggressive foreign missions program. By following the burden of our Pastor and Dr. Wallace, we anticipate another 10% increase in our Faith Promise Commitment and will see our missions program increase to 75 missionary families in 2009. Randy Hogue is one of America’s dynamic evangelists, speaking in 45 crusades a year and to over 750,000 public school students annually. Hogue is partnering with our Panama City Crusade, where we are trusting God for over 100 conversions during the 6 days he is with us. Randy’s message “Elevator Trip To Hell” has recorded over one-half million decisions to trust Christ as Savior. In 2009 let’s follow our Christian leadership…BY FAITH.

Dr. David Gibbs, Jr.

Dr. Tom Wallace

Randy Hogue

The Central Connection

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DATES TO REMEMBER Faith Promise Commitment Sunday March 22

2009 Spring Training March 22—May 17 Training Godly Homes

PCCS Spring Break March 30—April 3 Central Baptist Church holds a series of meetings annually for the purpose of emphasizing personal responsibility for world evangelization. We look forward to beautiful music each service, along with a missionary presentation, a “Hoy Story,” and a revival message. Dr. Tom Wallace has pastored three of America’s largest churches in Maryland, Kentucky, and Tennessee. During those pastorates he served as President of Baptist International Missions, in Chattanooga, TN. His preaching, missions stories and zeal will encourage the believer to have a deeper relationship with God and to have a greater burden for the mission field. He will speak each service Sunday through Wednesday. Dennis Doughman, a dramatist and preacher, represents Baptist MidMissions, and will open our conference on Saturday evening with a one-man play depicting the life of Hudson Taylor. He will speak on Sunday Morning during the LifeStages Class Hour on “The Partnership of the Local Church and the Missions Agency,” and will g iv e a secon d dram at ic presentation of Jim Elliot on Monday at Panama City Christian School.

Tom Ebert, is planting a new ministry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, partnering with The International Board of Jewish Missions, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. David Gates, missionary to Egypt, is with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. He and his wife, Beth, sent by Maranatha Baptist Church in Yorktown, VA, are new missionary appointees on deputation raising support for their first term in Egypt. Charles Hoy, long-time missionary with Mexico for Christ, is a favorite guest at Central Baptist Church. Even though Brother Hoy is getting older, he is still making many trips each year to different parts of Mexico with humanitarian aid and support for local Baptist Churches. “Hoy Stories” will be featured in each service. Kevin Worley, are newly appointed missionaries in Amsterdam, Netherlands, representing Baptist Bible Fellowship International. They will be partnering with veteran missionaries in their first term. They look to leave for the field in the summer of 2009. Make your plans to attend each service. Begin praying about your Faith Promise Missions commitment for the new year.

Easter Sunday April 12

Mother’s Day May 10

B.I.G. Day May 17 Goal of 650

PCCS Graduation May 23

Graduates Sunday May 24 Dr. Max Barton, pm

Father and Son Weekend Cookout, Campfire, Church June 20, 21

Volume 2, Issue 2

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SCENES FROM CENTRAL by René Zukerberg, Chief of Staff Thanksgiving


Super Summer Sunday

Men’s Basketball Christmas Festival


Dinner on the Grounds

NEW YOUTH PASTOR James and Rebecca Bruhn accepted the call to become directors of our Student Ministries on February 8, 2009. James grew up 60 miles away in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. He graduated from Calvary Christian School and attended Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL, where he met his roommate’s sister, Becca. Becca is from Michigan where she attended Heritage Baptist Church and School led by Pastor Bo Moore. She continued her education at Trinity Baptist College, where she met James. They were married in 2007 and returned to minister at his home church and school in Ft. Walton Beach until presently. They are looking forward to making plans for our Student Ministries, teaching and coaching in our Christian School, and becoming an active part of the Pastoral Staff.

GOLDEN YEAR BEGINS Panama City Christian School, founded in 1960, begins her Golden Anniversary Year this fall. We are thrilled that all 38 full-time staff members are returning for next year. Enrollment began on February 16 for returning students and will be opened to the community on March 1, 2009. We are excited about this golden year, and about what God is going to do at PCCS. If you can make the $4,000 sacrifice, please send your child this year. Scholarships are available. McKay Scholarships and Florida Choice Scholarships are accepted. Information can be obtained by calling the school office, 850.769.6000 or by viewing our website:


CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH Panama City Christian School 1104 Balboa Avenue Panama City, Florida 32401


Phone: 850-769-6000 Fax: 850-785-5212 Web:

By Faith Missions Revival, March 14-18! ENCOUNTER CHILDREN’S MINSTRIES by Jeff Robb, Children Ministries Picture of submarine staging

“Into the Depths” is the current theme for our Super Church Services. Our leaders, all dressed as submarine tour guides, use the giant submarine built on our stage, complete with periscope and sonar! We want to teach the children that God has a wonderful life planned for them after salvation that includes knowing His Bible, serving His church, and shining our lights into the world. Our ministry team has dedicated themselves to doing our program in a first-class manner! It is our joy to memorize the scripts, do the dramas, sing the songs, and preach the sermons in a way that reaches the heart of a child. We want to see our Pastor’s vision fulfilled as we desire to run our buses a second time in four new

areas of Bay County. That will mean we will not have to buy four more buses, but will only need about 20 more workers. We can use the same program, skits, and messages to reach another 100 people. Pray that God will allow us to see this dream realized. We are anticipating a great Spring with the Helicopter Easter Egg Drop, Roller Skating, and making our plans for our 2009 Vacation Bible Schools. Our first worker meeting is scheduled on March 29. Our goal is to have two Vacation Bible Schools this year, one in the day hours for our Summer Campers and Day Care, and one for our church families and bus ministry. I look forward to being full-time on the Pastoral Staff by that time to help accomplish our goals...BY FAITH.

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