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Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


TIME FOR A CHANGE? VILLAS & VACATIONS Excellent rates on all of the following: Ÿ Property Management Ÿ Property Rentals Ÿ Garden Maintenance Ÿ Pool Maintenance Ÿ Maid & Laundry Service Ÿ Fiscal Representation Guaranteed to beat any

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Our Property Management service is unique and tailor-made for each of our owners. Deciding on someone to look after your investment or holiday home is something that should not be taken lightly. Equally, you don’t want to pay for services that you do not find beneficial. To ensure you’re getting the level of service you require for the right price, we can bespoke our service for your specific needs. Whether it’s a small ‘lock up and leave apartment’ or a large villa on a huge plot, we have the solution for you. Prices start from as little as €15 per month...

CALL TODAY: +351 289 390 500 Villas & Vacations Sociedade de Mediação Lda (Licença No.715AMI)

Properties for Rent Consumer Protection: book through ABTA-protected UK agents Villa Club Ltd UK (ABTA No. Y3285). Use Club Facilities: benefit from access to Algarve Tennis & Fitness Club located at Villas & Vacations.

2 Bedroom Apartment, Vale do Lobo. Modern first floor duplex apartment with sea views. Pleasantly furnished, situated in a prime location.

From €132 per day

AL 24493

4 Bedroom Villa with swimming pool, Loulé. Superb family four bedroom Villa with swimming pool and astonishing sea & country views, decorated to a very high standard.

From €238 per day

Tel: +351 289 390 501 22

AL 59095

3 Bedroom Tonwhouse with Pool.

From €140 per day

Modern townhouse with private pool located in the famous Vale do Lobo resort close to sandy beach and famous championship golf courses. AL 20584

4 Bedroom Villa, Varandas do Lago with pool. A spacious property furnished to a high standard. Fully fitted and well equipped kitchen. Situated close to all amenities.

From €228 per day


AL 30784

www.algarvevillaclub.co.uk Central Central Algarve Algarve Issue 73,Spring Spring 2018 2018 Issue 73,

The Property Round-up

Popular Portugal - Growing Stronger With Portugal making good progress with its economy, and real estate and tourism looking good, David Harrison thinks that 2018 should be another great year...


fter a bumper year in 2017, analysts expect prices in Portugal to continue rising with more modest increases of around 6% p.a. over the next couple of years. The driving force behind the whole Portuguese market seems to be from overseas investors. It turns out that around 25% of buyers in Portugal in 2017 were foreigners. Of course this is not unusual for the Almancil area, but this was for the whole country, which is extraordinary! This has increased demand but there is little new supply available, thus creating the upward pressure on prices. In the medium to long term, this will of course reignite the new build market. Developers love to sell properties into rising markets. LoulĂŠ Camara have finally employed

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

more planning architects, so hopefully a quicker turn-around on planning applications may encourage builders to propose some imaginative new projects, but this will still take a couple of years to filter through. In the meantime, the market will remain tight. While we still have some availability, it remains a buy; but it is an even better time to sell! We are urging any interested sellers to take advantage of this and speak to us about marketing their properties. The properties that we particularly like at the moment are the townhouses in Vilar do Golf which offer very good value for money and the ideally-located large 4 bedroom villa in Valverde. Please see the back pages of this issue for further information and please do not hesitate to contact us for details of our up to date listings.


Um modo autêntico de experimentar um lugar An Authentic Way to Experience a Place

arte Art artesanato Handicraft gastronomia Gastronomy património Heritage ritmo Rhythm

Loulé Criativo Turismo é um programa diversificado com Workshops, cursos e fins de semana temáticos. Loulé Creative tourism is a diverse programme with Workshops, courses, theme weekends.

para mais informações consulte: for more information visit:



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Taking care of litter — one piece at a time When we jog, walk or cycle on our normal routes, it sometimes makes us sad to see discarded litter around the pathways. Is there a solution?


renchman, Nicolas Lemonnier, decided to try and do something about it. He started picking up trash on his runs and posting the photos on Facebook. He soon discovered through the likes and comments of his friends, that lots of others shared his sentiments. This led to Nicolas starting the group Run Eco Team which has inspired thousands of other people to support the main goal a cleaner environment. His message is simple and compelling: on each outing, have the goal of picking up one item of rubbish. Now, it may not seem much at the time, especially if you only have enough remaining strength to carry one bottletop! However, if everyone did it, just think of the transformation that could happen. The Run Eco Team movement gained a lot of useful publicity from Mark Zuckerberg who, being a keen jogger himself, posted his own messages of encouragement. This has led to the movement spreading internationally and these days there is Portuguese Facebook group too. However, you don't need to join any group to support the principle, simply remember to collect one piece of litter - big or small, whenever you do your outdoor activities.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Villas & Vacations Eco Team In the true Eco Team spirit, Villas & Vacations fielded their own team recently and managed to collect several bags of litter, flip-flops and even an old inner tube from the Ria Formosa park. Team member David said "We really support this campaign, so it was great to put the idea into action and get some exercise at the same time. We just hope others will follow!".


Te n n i s T i p

Keeping your eye on that ball! The Three Common Mistakes

Soren Hojbjerg is Tennis Director at Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club. See full page advertisement opposite.

I believe that many people think this is such a basic piece of advice that they hardly think it deserves much thought. But what if I told you that this is one of the main differences between professionals and recreational players? Federer concentrates so hard on keeping his head still to focus on the ball that, even after the ball has left his racket, he can still be found staring at the empty spot where it had been! Of course, this laser-beam focus does not happen by accident. Federer knows that he has to do much better than just hitting the ball, he has to hit the sweet-spot in the centre of his racket. That is the only way he can maximise his power and tip the balance in his favour.

So why do we move our heads and not focus on the ball? Here are the three main faults and what you should do to avoid them:

1 2


Watching the target Don't look at where you are aiming. Simply choose big safe targets at least 1.5 metres away from the lines. Learn to line yourself up and trust your aim without looking. Watching your opponent In singles, you don't need to keep a careful eye on your opponent. Once he has made his own shot, you know he will be moving back to the middle, or moving towards the open court. Don't be distracted. Make your own shot selection, get into position, and then concentrate on that ball! Rotating your head with your body This is a common fault because you head moves naturally with your body. You have to consciously hold it still, independently from what your body is doing. It's just another skill we have to learn! Fortunately, it is easy to practise this every time you play. Read about the three common mistakes in the next column and simply avoid making them! On every shot you make, concentrate on setting up your feet and making your swing towards the big safe target you have chosen. Keep your head still, even after you have struck the ball. Then look up and see how accurate you have been. Take a look at Federer’s forehand shot on the left. It tells its own story!

The focus of a champion. Even after the ball has gone, his head and eyes are very still.


Focusing on the ball is a skill that is often neglected. Once it becomes a habit, it will make a big difference to your game. Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Corporate Property Ownership

OFFSHORE VS BLACKLISTED The introduction of Portugal’s Beneficial Ownership Central Register has been the subject of numerous articles and differences of opinion. Diarmuid Gahan FCA of Cambridge Trust helps to clear some of the confusion about offshore and onshore.


hat doesn’t appear to be fully understood by owners of property held through offshore companies is that the real issue is not Offshore vs Onshore, but more a case of Whitelisted vs Blacklisted. There is currently no net advantage in bringing an offshore company onshore, but there is, however, a very real risk in being connected to a blacklisted jurisdiction. And if your company is deemed by the Portuguese tax authorities to be resident in a blacklisted jurisdiction, you will be liable for the penal annual IMI tax rates. So how is corporate tax residence decided? In Portugal and most European countries, where the central management and control of a company is exercised is a key factor in determining residence and, therefore, whether that company should pay the higher rate of IMI; where the company’s directors are located is one, but not the only, criterion used in establishing where central management and control is exercised. Portugal’s new Central Register will reveal the residence of offshore company directors to the tax authorities and those companies with blacklisted directors could be caught for the penal IMI as a result. This is why so many advisors have urged property owners, as a matter of urgency, to review the location of their offshore directors. But changing the location of your directors may not fully eliminate your exposure to significantly higher tax. In a recent UK Tax case, the court concluded that an offshore company’s directors were in effect puppet directors and not exercising the central management and control themselves. The Court therefore determined the residence of the company was in fact the UK where the real shots were being called. If the principles in this case were upheld in Portugal, simply changing where your directors are located may not be enough to avoid being liable for penal IMI tax.

PT: +351 707 502 518 MOB: +353 87 191 3327 8

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Meet Portugal's Blue Dragon! The curious story of how the Odeleite River was mistaken for a lucky Dragon!


magine that as you are flying over Portugal, you suddenly awake from a slumber to see a blue dragon out of the aircraft window! This is apparently what happened to one passenger. He shared the picture on the internet and after it reached Chinese social media, it went 'viral'. Many thousands of users were eager to share the picture of a lucky dragon, which is known as a symbol of power, strength and good fortune. Many users speculated the river was in China, but it was later identified as the Odeleite River. The unique shape is formed from a reservoir created by a dam which was finished in 1998 and which now provides water for the Eastern Algarve. The river eventually empties into the Guadiana river which forms the border with Spain. The 'head' of the dragon lies at the edge of the small parish of Odeleite which has several attractions such as its Main Church, built in 1534, some archaeological remains from Roman times, and various watermills and windmills typical of the area. The council plans to enhance the lucky dragon with two inland river beaches which, it is hoped, will also bring more visitors to the area.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Equestrian Lisbon (contd...)

Let the Train take the Strain If you take the Alfa Pendular train you can visit Lisbon for the day. Loulé is our nearest station (see map 3B) but you do need to book and buy your ticket in advance. It can be done on-line, or go to the station and meet a real person. There is first and second class, the later being perfectly acceptable (€40 return). There are discounts for students, seniors and sometimes for advance bookings. Don´t forget to always take your ID with you in Portugal! You can leave your car at Loulé station. The train leaves a little after 07.00 and arriving around 10.00, get out at Entre Campos station to be nearer to the centre. Taxis are relatively cheap or try the metro. Some of the stations are decorated with interesting art work. If you are going straight to see the Equestrian School performance take a taxi and it will get you there well in time. Aim to get back to the station at 18.00 so there is no panic. There is a curious little Chinese shop to keep you occupied whilst you wait. Go to platform 4. Trains are announced and there is a screen. The first trains are local, usually dirty, and can be double-deckers. Remember what the train looked like in the morning as if you miss this one you will have to spend the night in Lisbon (done that!).

Let’s Play Padel! ü ü ü ü

Easy to Learn Fun to Play Keeps you Fit Very Social

Algarve Tennis & Fitness Club T: 289 385028 See advert on page 7

Hope you enjoy your trip!

About Pinetree Riding Centre The centre provides expert classical tuition for riders from 4 years old to 70, and all abilities, from riding lessons for novices on quiet horses and ponies to the more advanced rider training on beautiful well schooled Lusitanos. Riding clothes are supplied

Bev Gibbons

For more information call +351 919 363 190 Email: riding@pinetrees.pt Web: www.pinetrees.pt Facebook: Pinetrees Riding Tripadvisor: Centre of Excellence Classification Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Are you blessed with a...

Milk Mutation? With many more people suffering allergies and having some degree of lactose intolerance, shoppers are trying alternatives to good old cows’ milk. Is this a good idea?


ith milk consumption down by over 30% since 2010, the Portuguese milk cooperatives are wondering what to do. It wasn't long ago that milk was considered an indispensable super-food. But these days more people are turning to alternatives. The evidence is to be seen in every supermarket, where stocks of five or six substitutes can easily be found. However, before we look at these alternatives, it's interesting to know that north-western Europe is the origin of the only large milk-tolerant population on Earth. Most of the rest of the world would simply not have been able to digest it. Indeed why should we automatically think that milk designed for calves would be good for human adults. It is a little strange when you think about it. However, there's an interesting reason why we Europeans can stomach it – we're mutants! To process the lactose (milk sugar) we need the enzyme


lactase. This was originally only present during an infant's breast-feeding period. However, when humans started to become farmers around 10,000 years ago, a mutation led to lactase persistency into adulthood. In north-west European, the great majority ended up with this mutation, but elsewhere in the world people were not so lucky. Even in southern Portugal, intolerance is still thought to affect around 30% of people, but in the rest of the world, intolerances of 90% are common! Individuals without the mutation are not able to ingest the lactose in the small intestine which leaves it to ferment in the large intestine giving all kinds of digestive issues. Naturally, those with lactose intolerance should switch to alternatives and never look back. Are the Milk Alternatives an healthy option? But, assuming you are a lucky 'mutant', are there any other health reasons to switch to the milk alternatives? The health evidence is not compelling either way. However, there are a few things we should bear in mind. Firstly, whole milk is more nutritious than the alternatives. Indeed, it is perhaps surprising that largescale studies have found that those drinking whole-milk are less likely to become obese or diabetic and even live longer than those drinking skimmed milk! With regards plant-based milks, unless they have been fortified, they will only have a fraction of the vitamins and nutrients of whole milk. The Dutch government actively promoted the consumption of dairy products for many years and they are now the tallest people on the planet. Is that just a coincidence? At the end of the day, it is also down to taste and preference, but bear in mind that the alternatives are rather more expensive too!

Type of Milk Calories 61 Cows' Milk 45 Soya 50 Rice Oat 54 25 Almond 33 Coconut 25 Cashew Flaxseed 21

Fat* 3.3 2.1 1.0 1.0 1.0 2.1 1.0 1.0

Protein* Carbs* 3.3 5.4 2.9 3.3 0.4 9.6 1.7 10.0 0.4 3.3 0.0 2.9 0.4 3.8 0.0 2.9

Note: all values per 100ml * in grams

Summary Ÿ Non-diary options are more eco-friendly than cows’ milk, they are also less nutritious. See the table for details. Ÿ Try to avoid anything which contains added sugar. Note that lactose, the sugar in cows’ milk, is not considered as harmful to teeth. Ÿ Soya milk, while comparable in terms of protein, has around a sixth of the calcium of cows' milk, so you should choose one that is fortified. Ÿ Rice milk, though it is lower in calories than cows’ milk, is naturally higher in sugars, so is not the best option for diabetics. Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



Vegetation without Intervention 14


1 4



Range of Protection 50m



Range of Protection 50m Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


The sport for our times...

PADEL This sport seems easy enough to learn — but will David Harrison ever get to grips with it?


hat a game! It seems like a cross between tennis, squash and, dare I say it, ping pong! Indeed, most of the rules seem to come from tennis, but you can hit the ball off the walls, and the rackets are solid, stringless bats.

the only tricky bit is how to master hitting rebounds off the glass walls, but even I managed it without knocking myself unconscious, so it must be fairly easy too! Once you get up to speed, you soon find that the rallies are longer and hence more aerobic than tennis. And, in comparison, there is less ground to cover, so it suits all ages including the young and the old, and believe me, some of those dodderers are no push-overs! It is said to be a game where brute force can easily be overcome with cunning, guile and finesse. Sadly, those are not my strong points, so brute force it was. I noted however that my opponents wait for my ball to ricochet around a couple of walls, and then calmly pick their spot to win the point. But I'm getting wise to this, so they’ll have to watch out!! Erm, not that this tactic irritates me or anything.

However, once you realise how easy it is to play, you're hooked! Unlike more difficult sports like golf and tennis, you can start enjoying the game almost as fast as you've learnt the rules. And, happily for those who know tennis, you know most of them already. The scoring is the same; there is love-15-30-40, deuce, advantage, game and set, and you get two under-arm serves — yes, all that's easy enough. In fact,


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

How to write good well


The good news is that this marvellous sport is spreading fast! In Spain it has already overtaken tennis; in Portugal there are 111 clubs; and in the UK there are now 15 clubs (with 44 courts) dotted around. With the size of padel courts being so compact, it is much easier to find the space to build them, resulting in more indoor courts. This is a big advantage in the UK where, tennis tends to be a fair-weather sport, where most people only grace the court during the week after Wimbledon, and then only if Andy Murray has won. Anyhow, suffice it to say, that if you have any mobility at all, padel is the game for you — it is great fun and very social, and you should probably give it a try. I’ll see you on a court somewhere soon!

he Central Algarve Magazine is often asked whether there are any guidelines for aspiring writers. We love to receive wellwritten articles, so please try to follow these house rules! 1. Avoid all alliterations almost always! 2. Prepositions are not words to end sentences with. 3. Avoid clichés like the plague - they're old hat! 4. Comparisons are as bad as clichés. 5. Be more or less specific. 6. All writers should never generalise. vii). Be consistent! 8.. Don't use any more redundant, extra, superfluous words than necessary. 9. Who needs rhetorical questions?

Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club is a great place to learn padel and find some suitable playing partners. They have 3 padel courts in addition to tennis, footgolf and many other activities. See advert on page 7.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

10. Exaggeration is a million times worse than understatement.



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018





Solutions on www.central-algarve.com/quiz 22

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



he first thing most people say when they begin their treatment is ‘I’ve got horrible feet’. I am yet to be convinced. Our feet are amazing and not least because there are some 16,000 nerves running around our anatomy that end in the feet. Reflexology is most definitely a full-body treatment. What is Reflexology? Reflexology has been around for 5,000 years and is based on the belief that if there is an imbalance anywhere in the body there will be a corresponding 'reflex' in the feet. By applying a specific massage the imbalance can be released; the purpose of this ‘unblocking’ is to support the body in regulating and healing itself. This release will often be felt in the body. Benefits of Reflexology Reflexology foot massages are mainly used to release tension and stress. Stress can be a huge factor in creating and worsening many health issues and it is well documented that some 80% of all visits to the doctor are now stress-related. Longer term, not dealing with this build up can significantly impact the body. On top of releasing stress, a reflexology foot massage also helps increase blood circulation, release toxins, reduces and diminishes pain, and can induce a deep state of relaxation. With regard to pain management, modern reflexology began in the early 1900s and resulted in the book Relieving Pain at Home (1917) written by Drs William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers. Eunice Ingham, the 'mother of modern reflexology', subsequently introduced reflexology into her hospital physiotherapy department and noted a marked decrease in pain as well an increase in patient mobility and an overall speeding up of the healing process. This is borne out by much anecdotal evidence as well as a recent published study which showed an average decrease in pain of 40% amongst participants. Studies have shown reflexology foot massage to assist in conditions such as: arthritis, back pain, migraine headaches, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, sports injuries, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and stress-related issues. Perfect Peace Mobile Reflexology Website: www.ppreflexology.com or Email: john@ppreflexology.com or Tel: +351 924 211 618 Mention this article and receive 10 euros toward first treatment 24

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

When Alfred met Luna... The shaggy dog story, that'll never make the big screen!


t was on a chilly December day at the ACCA Charity Christmas Market when they first met.

Naturally, we all have a happy feeling when first laying eyes on the likes of Alfred. He's a 1950's Classic Volkswagen Type 2 Bus/Camper. An icon which is still so fondly thought of by surfers and campervan enthusiasts everywhere. Not to mention, a valuable collectors' item these days. Alfred, with those classic lines in two-tone white and mauve, and carefully preserved white interior, is indeed a sight to behold! Luna on the other hand, is erm, just Luna! We know she's a cover-girl, having already graced the front cover of the Central Algarve Magazine (spring 2015). And we cannot help fall for her cheery face and the devil-may-care look in her eye! For the few that still haven't guessed from the photo, Luna is indeed our very own celebrity ZEN SUP dog. Anyhow, we must get to the point: when Luna saw Alfred, she ran straight on board and made herself at home on the cozy back seat. Love at first sight! With Alfred beginning his career here as a Photo Booth and Luna advancing in hers as the ZEN SUP dog, who knows how many more adventures, and snoozes, these two kindred souls will share! For more information on ZEN SUP or information on Stand Up Paddle, please see our advert in this edition or contact us through our Social Media or Website.

Central Algarve Central Algarve Issue 73, 2018 Issue 73,Spring Spring 2018

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A well-insulated room will always keep a more even temperature and, it almost goes without saying, that draughty windows or open doors will force the system to work overtime and should avoided. In bedrooms, something else comes into play – noise. Happily, today's quality systems are virtually inaudible. Gone are the days when the outside fan units would clatter on-andoff throughout the night. Now there is merely a consistent, whisper-level hum – to the relief of insomniacs everywhere! Ensuring top performance

Keep Your Cool… Whatever The Weather

It's best to have your systems serviced every year or two (depending on frequency of use), and the most logical time is in the spring or autumn when your service company can easily schedule the work. For rental properties this is especially recommended as clients are often the most rigorous users, and no one wants maintenance work during their holidays. A professional service would involve a technician to verify refrigerant gas pressures, thermostats, connections and inspect accessible pipework, as well as cleaning filters.

Today's energy-efficient air conditioning technology can deliver superb temperature control all year round, providing you look after it. Penguin, with over 10 years' experience, share their expertise...


ver the years we have witnessed almost every kind of air conditioning problem imaginable. However, the most common day-to-day mistake we see is the thermostats being set to extreme temperatures. Turning the thermostat to 16ºC or 28ºC is not only setting an uncomfortable temperature, but it can run the units non-stop, putting a lot of strain on the system.

Is there anything that an owner can do themselves? Yes, our top tip is cleaning the filters! Simply unclick the casing and remove the plastic filters, clean them in warm water and, once dry, replace them. It can work wonders for the efficiency of the units between services.

Whether it is baking hot or freezing cold outside, a room temperature of around 21-23ºC will still feel pleasant. This temperature is far more attainable and consumes far less power. Once the right ambient temperature has been achieved, the building's thermal mass will help to keep it there. This means that the walls themselves will help stabilise the temperature, and the system runs ever more efficiently. Another important setting is the fan speed, and this may differ for each room. A little experimentation with the air direction fins can fine-tune the air-flow too. Ideally you should try to obtain an nice even temperature whilst keeping the fan speed as low as possible. 26

Penguin offers an inexpensive maintenance service. For expert servicing, repairs, new installations and the latest in airconditioning technology, see the advertisement in this issue. Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN IN THE ALGARVE The Reexões collection of exclusive designer furniture and lighting includes world famous names such as Poliform, Flexform, Casamilano, Gervasoni, Riva, Vitra, Lambert, Linteloo, Piet Boon, Roda, Royal Botania, Manutti, Paola Lenti, Kettal, Varenna Kitchens and Agape bathrooms. We offer a comprehensive choice to decorate your home with quality and style. Please feel free to visit our showroom or contact Willemien van der Burg. She will be delighted to discuss any decoration project and provide experienced advice and suggestions. Our website will give you further detailed information on our product range and interior design projects. REFLEXÕES CONTEMPORARY DESIGN Centro O Tradicional - Rua do Comércio - 8135 Almancil T (+351) 289 393 500 - info@reexoes.com - www.reexoes.com Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


FACTS Theft that left a Sour Taste

The Spanish Police were more than a little surprised to pull over this car. The occupants said they'd simply 'picked a few oranges' along their journey. Unluckily for them, a stolen shipment of oranges had just been reported!

Test: Is it holiday time?

Fifteen strange facts to enlighten you! 1. Aubergines contain nicotine. But you'll need to consume 8 kg to replace one ciggie! 2. Blood contains gold. Most bodies contain only 0.2 milligrams of it. So don't quit your day job! 3. Silver and gold are edible. But don't eat your jewelry — it's cut with lots of inedible metals. 4. Monkeys sometimes floss. They'll use anything from bird feathers to grasses. 5. McDonald's does weddings receptions. Well, only in Hong Kong, so far. 6. Saturn rains diamonds. Scientists estimate about a thousand tons per annum. 7. Swearing relaxes people. That's right, studies indicate that yelling a swearword calms you down. 8. Mangoes get sunburn. It ruins a lot of crops! 9. Horses can't vomit. Sadly, sometimes they die as a result! 10. Avocados are berries. While strawberries and raspberries are not! 11. Lighters pre-date matches. Matches may seem more primitive, but lighters were invented 3 years earlier. 12. Sharks pre-date trees. For about 50 million years, the world had sharks but no trees. 13. Birds don't pee. It all goes out with the no. 2s! 14. Wombats poop cubes. Great for marking territory - they don’t roll away! 15. "Killer whales" are really dolphins. Orcas, their real name, aren't even whales.

Portugal has the longest bridge in Europe

Those who start to imagine their favourite beverages in the scenery are either on holiday, or need one!

The Vasco da Gama Bridge spans the Tagus River in Lisbon. Including viaducts, it has a total length of 12.3 kilometres (7.6 mi)

Portuguese is the language of 9 countries Over 236 million people world-wide are native Portuguese speakers. Portuguese is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Principe, Sao Tome, and Equatorial Guinea. Portuguese is also spoken in Goa (India), Macao, and East Timor. 28

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

1986 2011

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Decked-out for Spring With the arrival of spring and another long, hot summer ahead, decking is becoming de rigeur for homeowners who want their outdoor space to look the business. Whether your taste is for the contemporary or you prefer classic good looks, it is time to talk to the experts, Decking Dave Many of our lawns, no matter how lovingly tended, suffered miserably through the months of scorchers that put 2017 in the Algarve record books… another reason – and a very good one – to consider the alternatives.

Decking is the modern approach to outdoor spaces, adding not only character and personality but also, in our climate in particular, practicality. A skilfully-designed deck area introduces another dimension to exterior design offering a fresh new style perspective – perhaps as a setting for al-fresco dining, or for gatherings of friends and family, as a play-space, or just as somewhere to relax in a natural ambience. Decking Dave builds all kinds of bespoke areas, created expressly for you, and your particular likes and lifestyle. From terraces to poolsides, verandas to patios, the possibilities are almost never-ending for decks of all kinds, as well as all manner of bespoke constructions in wood – pergolas, gazebos, car ports, cabanas, garden summerhouses and studios. An off-shoot of wooden home builders Project Casa, the company uses highlyskilled carpenters with over 20 years' experience. 30

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

All decks are mounted on a sturdy wooden sub-frame construction, which either rests on concrete blocks set in the ground, or wooden pillars set into concrete. The latter method is used for raised or platform-type decks, perhaps to extend out over sloping ground. Wooden balustrade fencing is common as a simple matching surround, while panels of toughened glass will lend a stylish modern effect.

A choice of materials Decking today can either be made in natural wood or several manufactured materials, for different practical needs, aesthetics and budgets. Softwood Usually pressure-treated Nordic pine, this is the cheapest and most often-used decking material. Pine wood has natural imperfections and knots and, after a year or two, fades to silver-gray, also drying over time, so an annual treatment helps protect the surface, maintaining the wood's colour and moisture content (a simple DIY job or one for a handyman). Hardwood Commonly teak was used, but this is now in short supply and superceded by other exotic hardwoods such as IpĂŠ, Garrapa or Iroko. Hardwood is more expensive but lasts virtually a lifetime. It too will fade over time unless treated every year or two to maintain it and retain its dark lustre. Composite This is made of compressed wood and plastic material. Its major advantages are that it comes in a range of contemporary colours, requires no maintenance and is usually warrantied for 25 years. Complete with its own subframe railing system, everything clicks neatly into place to look immaculate. Bamboo An innovative decking material, high-compressed bamboo is used to produce boards that are proven as strong and enduring as hardwood. Being a natural material, it requires similar treatment and maintenance as wood but, because manufactured, all boards are uniform, resulting in a consistent stylish finish. Want to find out more? Contact Decking Dave on 289 391 389 / 916 526 363 or email info@deckingdave.com. Visit www.deckingdave.com for inspiration. Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Online Languages

There's also a section at named Stories that's perfect for testing your comprehension by reading small articles. It is more interesting and fun. And, for those that get stuck, there is a great message board where you can communicate with other students and tutors to discuss the lessons and course material. Does Duolingo have any Disadvantages? As the course is free, it is hard to criticise. However, it should be noted that the course is in Brasilian Portuguese. This is perhaps similar to an English course being taught in American rather than the Queen's English. Clearly, it doesn't stop the course from being useful and, at times, even addictive.

Learning the Lingo For social, cultural and even medical reasons, we should all give Portuguese a try! Online apps can give you a flying start.


earning a language grants you access to another world. You can experience a different culture, make new friends and even get better service in bars and restaurants. In addition, we now know that learning a language can have a similar effect as learning a musical instrument: it creates lots of new connections in your brain — and we could all benefit from that! Happily, we now have access to some free online apps which are, not only effective in teaching you the language, but can also make it fun.

Duolingo - the world's favourite online course The world's most popular way to learn a language is an online app named Duolingo. There are lots of languages available, so it is amazing that there are almost 11 million students signed up to learn Portuguese alone, which is more than the entire population of Portugal! There are dozens of sets of lessons which Duolingo call skills. These include: Phrases, Food, Present Tense, Adjectives, Plurals, Family, Questions, Numbers, Household, Colors, Comparison, Qualifiers, Measure, Clothing, Animals, Prepositions, Dates & Time, Nature and Medical. The lessons include images, text, and audio. You can listen to the languages at two speeds (normal and slow). You take each lesson one after the other to gradually learn more advanced concepts as the course continues. The more advanced can skip over the separate lessons by taking a combined test. This is useful for those who need to brush up on their language skills and are finding the basic lessons a little too easy. 32

Other Free Courses There are two other free online courses worth mentioning: Busuu and Memrise. Both of these have the advantage of offering a pure Portuguese option and have their own structured systems of tracking your progression. You can practise any of these online apps on your phone or computer whenever you have a few minutes to spare. All the systems award points for each stage that you complete, so you can track your progress. Naturally, none of the courses would be a complete substitute to completely immersing yourself in the language. What’s Next? After getting a flying start with online tuition, you still need to practise with people. There are local Algarve language schools which will take you to a good conversational level. Have an assessment at Faust Language school near the AquaShow. (info@faust.com) Now, repeat after me, "Um copo de água, se faz favor!"

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Is Happening At FOUR SEASONS


Four Seasons Fairways big new €2m clubhouse refurbishment is opening in May! The innovative interior concept is stunning and combines contemporary design with Portuguese style inspired by the natural beauty of the resort’s surroundings. The brand-new clubhouse includes two different dining styles, with the addition of a contemporary restaurant with a Portuguese influence. Other features are a glass walled wine cellar, an indoor-outdoor bar and the outdoor pool will be heated for year-round swimming. All this plus a brand new kids club “upside down world” among much more. The villa refurbishment programme is running in parallel and now has 42 completed units. Four Seasons Fairways are offering amazing membership deals until this May, with savings of up to €1600 - what better time to become a member! Visit us at the information centre (just after the 4th roundabout in Quinta do Lago) and find out more about the new facilities and how you can benefit from these fabulous pre-completion offers.

FairwaysDirect.com Official Resale & Rental Representatives

Four Seasons Fairways Information Centre: Avenida André Jordan | Quinta do Lago | GPS: 37º 2' 38" N, 8º 0' 50" W Tel: +351 289 357 667 | info@fairwaysdirect.com | www.fairwaysdirect.com

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Almancil | Map Ref E4 Tel: 289 356 138 / Sr. Frango 917 506 829 Email: geral@srfrango.com Villa Da Vinci - Ristorante Italiano, 34 Pizzeria & Lounge Bar

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Getting smoothly and calmly to your destination can be challenge - but it doesn't always have to be that way!

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Savthee Date 13rd & 15th of March - Peiers Lane - Piano Santa Bárbara de Nexe “Amigos de Música” concerts at Os Agostos begin at 7.00pm, doors open at 6.00pm. 22nd of March - Bob Dylan Lisbon One of the greatest singers, songwriters of all time, 10 years after his last performance in Portugal will return to Altice Arena in Lisbon. 24th of March until 8th of April - Easter Entertainment 2018 Vale do Lobo Daily children’s entertainment at the Praça or Parque do Golfe from 15:00h until 18:00h. Children can play on the bouncy castle, enjoy balloon modelling or take part in especially theme workshops including an Egg Decorating sessions on Saturday.

the world’s best.

30th of March - Rui Veloso, Teatro das Figuras Faro Rui Veloso is one of the country’s most important musicians and a guitar master who has played with

2nd until 6th of April - Easter 2018 Junior Golf Academy Vale do Lobo Nurture the talent of young golfers at the Junior Golf Academy taking place daily fabulous opportunity for children who already have some golfing experience but want to hone their skills to a new level and to perhaps challenge their parents by the end of the week. 36

4th of April Dançarte 2018 – XV Algarve International Danc, Teatro das Figuras Faro competition for contemporary choreographers and young dancers from national and foreign schools, aged between 8 and 25 years old, competing in classical dance, contemporary dance, character dance, jazz dance, hip -hop and tap dance. 17th & 19 of April - Héléne Tysman – Piano Santa Bárbara de Nexe “Amigos de Música” concerts at Os Agostos begin at 7.00pm, doors open at 6.00pm. 28th of April Ballet Story, Teatro das Figuras Faro Is based on David Chesky's Zephyrtine ballet. However, it is not the theatrical representation or the illustration of the original story the exercise was of abstraction and started from the movement of the bodies in the space in articulation with the music. 18th of May - Let’s Go Run Vale do Lobo Take part for free and join hundreds of participants during this exciting event taking place over a unique trail around the resort, including sections on the beach, over the golf courses and through the woodland and there is a special accessible route for those who require assistance. 2nd of June - Wolf Valley Charity Day 2018 Vale do Lobo Golf Tournament and Family Day In aid of local charities

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Central Algarve Magazine


If you’d like to advertise in the Central Algarve Magazine, simply call, we have a friendly and efficient service. Extremely competitive rates from 85€ and an extensive distribution.

916 134 215

Air Conditioning



PENGUIN are experts in air conditioning, solar heating, pool heating, under floor heating, and renewable energy. Open 9.30am - 6pm Monday to Friday. Email: info@penguinalgarve.com

289 092 595 910 700 777


BBQ’S Algarve


Visit our showroom in Almancil to see over 25 different bbqs on display both mobile and built-in. Over 15 years experience in sales and service of all the major brands. www.bbqs-algarve.com

289 356 233 917 866 779

Bike Hire

Martin’s E-Bike


Rental and sales of all types of bikes, E-bikes, trekking, mountain, folding and kids. The E-bike (electric bicycle) specialist in the Algarve. High quality service with deliveries throughout the Algarve. www.martinsebike.com

289 098 603 926 890 243

Car Hire



For all your car hire needs including delivery to your accommodation. Prices include unlimited mileage, insurance (CDW), road tax and VAT. Minimum rental period 3 days. Online quotations: www.algarvevillaclub.com

289 390 500

Chimney Sweep

Nuno Ribeiro


Professional chimney sweep. We clean your chimney using the rotary power sweeping system. Very efficient. No mess. We work with clients all over Portugal. Email: geral@limpezadechamines.com www.limpezadechamines.com

967 191 278




Algarve Shopping, Guia, Albufeira Forum Algarve Shopping Centre, Faro Mar Shopping

289 561 575 289 038 591 929 029 668


Cine-Teatro Louletano


Cine-Teatro Louletano http://cineteatro.cm-loule.pt cinereservas@cm-loule.pt

289 414 604

Cleaning Solutions

Deep Cleaning Solutions


A professional deep cleaning service for carpets/rugs, upholstery, beds and mattresses, hard floor stripping and treating. All Algarve covered. Hotel and agency discounts available. Email: deepcleaningsolutions.pt@gmail.com

927 726 282


Decking Dave


Quality construction in wood – decking, pergolas, gazebos, car ports, gates and fencing; garden offices, studios and saunas; kids’ dens and playhouses; pet kennels and paddocks. Email: info@deckingdave.com

916 526 363


Melissa Jane I7 Design

Melissa Jane provides extensive advice and coordination to renovation, rebuild and new build projects in Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo and the surrounding areas. See our details on Page 37. www.melissajaneinteriors.com

289 397 194 911 112 602


Paulo Gomes


Do you speak French, Dutch, English, Spanish and Portuguese? We do too! Our first priority is to meet your personal requirements for renovations, pools, bathrooms, shops, electrical works, ceilings, painting, plumbing... Email:polgome@gmail.com

965 576 251


Real Construct


Renovations and maintenance undertaken by reputable company. Bricklaying, exotic carpentry, roofing, painting, stonework, minor repairs, gardens and pools. Nothing is impossible! Email: realconstructilies@yahoo.com

917 316 552


TJ Projects


Quality General builders specialising in refurbishments and modernising Algarve's properties Call Tim Parker 00351 918 348 898 Email : tim@tj-projects.com

+351 918 348 898

Curtains, Carpets, Soft Furnishings

The Curtain E4 Centre

Our showroom has one of the largest selection of fabrics in the Algarve, with a wide range of curtain, blind, outdoor and upholstery fabrics. Also available, complementary carpets & rugs. Email: thecurtaincentre@gmail.com www.curtaincentrealgarve.com

289 355 442


Map Description


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Map Description

Estate Agents

Villas & Vacations

Faro Airport

Faro Airport -

General Contact / Flight Information - www.faro-airport.com General Information Service Lost and Found

289 800 800 289 800 617 289 800 688

Fire Brigade



Loulé Faro Albufeira

289 400 560 289 888 000 289 586 333

Forest Protection



Forest Protection





Dutch Price Busting Specialist offers wholesale interior/exterior furnishings and accessories; particularly, real solid wood at an honest price. We appreciate your business & are willing to earn it. www.curiosaportugal.com

289 391 373


Finney’s Leisure


Finney’s Leisure is a manufacturer of the finest quality solid Teak Furniture. We strive to ensure the best materials for comfort, style and durability are used, quality is paramount. Email:marshallfinney@hotmail.co.uk

+44 7588774494


Maquedones Decor

1500m² showroom. A superb selection of furniture, bedding, linens, upholstery, towels, cushions, rugs, chandeliers, ceiling fans, decorative lamps, bathroom & kitchen lighting... www.maquedones.com

289 417 270

Garden Centre



The Garden Centre where you get your plants from professionals, who can advise and help you. Open over 10 years, offering quality plants, pots and decor. Open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm. Email: algarvegarden@viplant.pt

289 300 220

Gardening & Pool Maintenance

Villas & Vacations


Competitive pool and garden maintenance. No job too small. Reduced rates on pool cleaning. Email: maintenance@villasvacations.com Further discounts with full properties management service.

289 390 500

Golf Academy

Golf Integrated Academy


The Algarve’s premium golf coaching environment, where you are assured of a warm welcome and friendly instruction. Our state of the art technology ensures you will play better for longer. Email: info@golfintegrated.com

912 263 555

Golf Shop Store Golf & Leisure


Visit or telephone us for great discounts on all Algarve green fees, hire of clubs, electric/pull trolleys, PGA golf tuition, Aquashow tickets, boat trips and more... E: info@golfleisurestore.com www.golfleisurestore.com

289 358 491

Golf Shop Store Golfers Paradise


At Golfers Paradise you will receive top service and a big selection of quality brands and products. Clubs, shoes, apparel, bags, trolleys, accessories & clothings - everything you need for your game.

+351 289 393 006


Professional mobile hair and beauty service. Talented Marisa will come to your villa or hotel any day of the week just call to book and find out all the treatments and prices.

911 149 863 +44 7713462012


Hair&Beauty Mobil

Bella Mani


Perfect Peace Reflexology

Horse Riding

Pinetrees Riding Centre

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Property sales agent, valuers, planning and development consultants. To see full 289 390 500 range of properties, see last pages of this issue, or visit: www.villasvacations.com sales@villasvacations.com

Perfect Peace Mobile Reflexology providing quiet, relaxing and restorative reflexology +351 treatments throughout the Central and Eastern Algarve. Visit www.ppreflexology.com 924 211 616 or email john@ppreflexology.com or call (WhatsApp available) Qualified English instructors, equipment supplied, other languages spoken. A.B.R.S. approved. Pop in and let Bev and her team see how they can help you achieve your goals. E:riding@pinetrees.pt www.pinetrees.pt

289 394 369






Public Hospitals

Map Description



Faro Public Hospital Loulé Hospital Portimão Hospital

289 891 100 289 249 750 289 420 130

Quinta Jacintina


We offer an exquisite blend of five-star luxury with home from home comfort. The perfect venue for a private retreat, a golfing holiday, a weekend break, or a special occasion. www.facebook.com/quintajacintinahotel E: info@algarvehotel.co.uk

289 350 090

Immigration Services



Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras de Faro. Rua Luís de Camões n.º 5 8000-388 Faro dir.algarve@sef.pt www.sef.pt

289 805 822


Jim Player


Almancil´s longest established Insurance Agency. All staff speak English. We provide a full range of services to individuals and companies. Protecting people from risks of everyday life! ISP Nº. 407167558 dated 03.09.2007 www.jimplayer.pt

289 395 662


One of the first and most prestigious Interior Design & Lifestyle shops in the Algarve, Alquatro continues to be the ultimate reference of timeless good taste in the region. Interior design projects, small or full refurbishment, furniture, fashion & lifestyle. www.alquatro.pt

289 395 732

Interior Design Melissa Jane I7 Design

Melissa Jane creates outstanding contemporary Interiors using beautiful materials, fabrics and furnishings from a large number of designers and manufacturers across Europe. Visit us in Quinta Shopping. See Pg37 www.melissajaneinteriors.com

289 397 194 911 112 602

Interior Design Reflexões


A fabulous showroom (400m2) displaying contemporary furniture and lighting from exclusive designer brands such as Poliform, Flexform, Vitra, Linteloo, Manutti, Royal Botania, Paola Lenti and a wide range of beautiful fabrics. www.reflexoes.com

289 393 500

Kitchens & Equipments



Make your kitchen the ideal place in your home for certain memories with friends and family. At Austral we design in 3D your kitchen, so that you have the perception of how you will be, even before you acquire it.

289 399 230




Large commercial laundry located in Almancil. No amount too small. Bespoke service for villa owners. Linen embroidered, washed and ironed. Call today for a quote and let us wash your worries away. www.central-algarve.com/advert/view/1040

289 390 500


Drª Élia Apolo


Drª Élia Apolo (Lawyer)

289 395 570


Justin Ryan E7

Irish and English solicitors and Portuguese lawyers (Justin Ryan, Dora Moleiro)

289 390 080 289 399 946 919 873 075

Interior Design Alquatro

Contemporary Design

Local Removals DLS Removals


DLS are an Algarve based removals company, specialised in door-to-door removals to and from the UK. Need moving? Give us a call ! E:david@dlsremovals.com www.dlsremovals.com


At Home Massage


Professional massage in the comfort of your own home: Swedish, sport, deep 966 117 392 tissue, therapeutic, anti-cellulite, foot massage. Prices starting from 25 euros. Contact Natalia. Email: natalia@algarveathomemassage.com


Massage-me -

Enjoy the benefits of a professional massage therapy service in the comfort and privacy of +351 your own home.All year round. Group discounts available. Qualified professional therapists. 961 297 167 www.massage-me.eu Tel. +351 961 297 167 Enquire Now!



Faro - museu.municipal@cm-faro.pt Loulé - dcp@cm-loule.pt São Brás Alportel - geral@museu-sbras.com


See www.centralalgarve.com for more information.

289 870 827 289 400 885 289 840 100

You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol

Almancil - Map Ref E8 info@martinsebike.com www-martinsebike.com

E-Bike Trekking Mountain bikes Road bikes Folding bikes

Tel: +351 289 098 603 40

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Map Description



Medical Centres

L8 I3

Medical Centre, Quinta do Lago Medical Centre, Vale do Lobo

Medical Aesthetic

Enhance Quinta Do Lago


We are excited to announce the arrival of Enhance Quinta do Lago, a specialist medical aesthetic clinic offering non- surgical anti- ageing treatments. For more information contact info@enhancebanbury.com or www.enhancebanbury.com

+44 012 952 738 49

Mobile Hair&Beauty

Bella Mani


Professional mobile hair and beauty service. Talented Marisa will come to your villa or hotel any day of the week just call to book and find out all the treatments and prices.

911 149 863 +44 7713462012


Optica Joia E5

If you want good vision, visit Optica Joia for a friendly, efficient and professional service. Glasses, contact lenses and eye examinations. Now with a shop in Montenegro. Email: geral@opticajoia.pt

289 399 104

Painting & Decorating

Algarve Quality Painters


Professional painting/decorating, waterproofing of terraces & roofs and much more. We have the best correlation between price, quality materials and quality work; all for the satisfaction of our clients. E: nick@nickcucalan.com www.nickcucalan.com

916 962 777

Painting & Decorating



Professional painting and decorating, wallpapering & special paint effects. We also treat metalwork, woodwork and re-spray kitchen units. All work guaranteed. www.propaintpt.com

918 885 395


Ria Siertsema


Sport injuries, chronic musculo-skeletal problems, pre and post operative rehabilitation, personal training, massage, house visits. Treatments from €30. E: riasiertsema@gmail.com www.physioalgarve.com

933 887 980

Police Station



- Almancil - Loulé - Vilamoura

289 351 530 289 410 490 289 381 780




Aqualux is a professional company that specialises in construction, maintenance, technical assistance and the commercialisation of equipment for swimming pools, gardens and spas. www.aqualux.com.pt

289 422 336 965 741 484

Property Management

ProQuinta: Algarve Property Services


A personal and professional service to property owners. We provide a bilingual service for any maintenance, management or admin requirements. E:info@proquinta.com www.proquinta.com

916 287 054

Post Office



- Almancil - Loulé -Vilamoura

289 390 490 289 400 500 289 300 620


Algarve Removals


Algarveremovals.com have weekly departures to and from the UK and the Algarve offering you a personal service for full or part load removals. E:sales@algarveremovals.com www.algarveremovals.com

289 513 851 +44 1245468888

24hr service: (Out of hours 917 214 326)

289 398 411 289 398 009

To advert in Central Algarve ... Tel: 916 134 215 or Email:info@centralalgarve.com www.facebook.com/centralalgarvemagazine

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Map Description


DLS Removals & Storage

Local removals, packing and storage in Almancil, worldwide shipping service. Weekly service to and from UK, references readily available. For free quotation contact.

289 399 946 919 873 075


Four Seasons K8 Country Club

Luxury accommodation set in mature landscape gardens on the Quinta do Lago estate. Wide range of sports and leisure activities. Rentals and club membership available. E: sales@fsccqdl.com www.fsccqdl.com

289 357 158


Four Seasons L8 Fairways

Luxury villas in secluded resort enjoying golf, pool, gym, beauty salon, restaurant and bar. The perfect location for creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. www.fourseasonsfairways.com

289 357 667


Quinta do N7 Lago Country Club

Luxury apartments with lake and ocean view, fully equipped and with large terraces that provide to all a fascinating and unforgettable sunset. The resort offers 24h reception service, Daily Maid Service, large outdoor & indoor

+351 289 352 352



Fast Physical Security Response to alarm/CCTV activations and personal emergency calls. When you are ready to take your security as seriously as we do - contact IBC Security. www.ibcsecurity.com

289 093 344

Shopping / Gifts

Sesil Home E5

Traditional handpainted pottery, ceramics, tiles and terracotta items for home & garden. Beautiful embroidery, tapestry works, paintings, sculpture, tableware, handcrafted jewellery, photo frames, Portuguese cork products. wwwsesilhome.com

289 393 726

Specialists in the design and construction of superior quality synthetic putting greens, lawns, sports and leisure areas. We strive for perfection and only deliver the best. www.grasshoppergreens.com

289 093 387 910 365 071


Grasshopper Synthetic / Artificial Grass Greens Solutions



Algar Taxis, D6 Viagens e Turismo

Luxury and normal taxi service. Estate and eight-seater cars available too.

289 399 000 289 394 238


Algarve H4 Tennis & Fitness Club

ATF offers expert coaching for all levels & ages, weekly tennis & fitness programmes and game arranging tailored to you. We have Yoga, Spinning, Pilates, Boot Camp and plenty more for you to enjoy (see Pg 7). www.algarvetennisandfitness.com

289 385 028

Tennis Court Contractor

Algarvtennis -

Algarvtennis is a company specialized in sport and leisure areas construction. The main services are: tennis courts and padel-tennis constructions, from simple installation of synthetic turf to complicated golf courses.

289 393 386




Auditório de Pedro Ruivo, Faro Teatro das Figuras, Faro Teatro Lethes, Faro

289 873 115 289 888 100 289 820 300

Town Hall

Câmara Municipal


Loulé - http://www.cm-loule.pt

289 400 600

Tourist Office



Almancil - turismo.almancil@cm-loule.pt Loulé - turismo.loule@turismodoalgarve.pt Quarteira - turismo.quarteira@turismodoalgarve.pt

289 400 860 289 463 900 289 389 209

You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol

Central Algarve Magazine The Central Algarve magazine is now in its 26th year, and here’s why: - Interesting and durable content. - Businesses are located on the large centre map. - Great distribution; free magazines are available at 300+ distribution points. - Comprehensive restaurant listings indispensable to visitors and residents.

For more information Tel: 916 134 215 or Email:info@central-algarve.com


Central Algarve have a new Facebook... Stay up dated with all events around Algarve

www.facebook.com/centralalgarvemagazine Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



Travel Agent

Solseta (Est. 1984)


Cambridge Trust and Company Trust Administration


Low-cost Delaware company administration - better price, better service don’t overpay. Call Andrea Horan or Diarmuid Gahan. www.ctrustllc.com Email:info@ctrustllc.com Mobile: +353 871 913 327

+351 707 502 518


Villas & Vacations

Map Description


Luxury transfers company locals at Almancil. Airport Transfers, Private chauffers for tours & events. Transfers for golf, shops & restaurants. Booking by phone All flights: short/long haul; economy/business/first class, car hire, hotels, packages, excursions, cruises. Check for latest offers/discounts. Visit our new website: www.solseta.com Seabourn and Silversea Cruises Main Agent.


289 390 500 289 396 677


Luís Pires


Well-established, quality upholsterer and curtain maker. Dedicated to the field of complete interior design since 1996. Located in Almancil, next to restaurant A Quinta. www.luispiresdecor.com

919 328 203




Experience the power of Paddle Boarding. Group or individual classes for beginners and experienced paddlers. Instruction, rental, tours, SUP yoga. Licensed, qualified, insured. A superb holiday experience. www.zen-sup.com

936 735 778 916 428 148

Wedding Planners

Quinta Occasions


Our team of professional wedding planners, suppliers, services and venues, including our own 918 024 113 boutique hotel, Quinta Jacintina, are on hand to provide a personal and detailed approach to ensure a perfect wedding day. www.quintaoccasions.com E: events@quintaoccasions.com

Emergency / S.O.S - Telephone 112 If you require emergency assistance, from the hospital, police (GNR) or fire brigade,call 112 for the national emergency service. This call is free of charge(unless using a foreign mobile), it is accessible from anywhere in the country at any time of the day or night. The call will be answered in three languages: Portuguese, English and French. If you require non-emergency medical assistance, you should go to the local Health Care Centre (Centro de Saúde). Please note: The Hospital Emergency Services are only to be used in serious cases.

You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol

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s a & l li

© V


To A22 (Loulé)

Faro & Airport

c a a V

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

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Published by Villas & Vacations Specialists in the Sale and Rental of Properties Apartado 3498, 8135-906 Almancil, Algarve, Portugal Tel: +351 289 390 500

Map of Almancil Area




Vale da Quinta - Village


Villas & Vacations











Description (provided by restaurant owners)




289 393 438 913 254 322

Michelin * Restaurants

Restaurants with an internationally-recognised award.

Henrique Leis


French/International cuisine from one of the most talented chefs in the region. High standards in a comfortable setting. Beautiful terrace with ocean view. One Michelin star.

São Gabriel


Fine dining in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. The famous São Gabriel is the address for your Mon 289 394 521 unforgettable dinner experience. Mediterranean & International cuisine prepared by Leonel Pereira, one of Portugal's best chefs.

Willie’s Restaurant Vilamoura


Excellent international-influenced gourmet cuisine from Willie, recognised as one of the Wed Algarve’s top chefs. Relaxed, cosy atmosphere. One Michelin star. www.willies-restaurante.com

289 380 849

Fine Dining

Restaurants which provide excellent cuisine in a special ambience.

Amore Praça, K2 Vale do Lobo

Enjoy pizza & pasta dishes on a large outside terrace. Perfect for families to watch the nightly entertainment in the Praça Vale do Lobo. Closed during winter months. www.amore-algarve.com


289 396 035 289 353 426



Enjoy a friendly atmosphere dining inside or out on the terrace. Portuguese/International cuisine. Fish specialities. Air conditioned. Ample parking. Wi-Fi. Open 7 days a week. Email: paulodagua@sapo.pt www.restaurantalambique.com


289 394 579 911 098 971

A Quinta


Enjoy great hospitality and excellent food at this stylish, local eatery. Cocktail bar and beautiful, Sun Reservations: outdoor dining terrace with sea views. Open Tuesday - Saturday (except Bank Holiday Monday’s). Mon 289 393 357 Dinner from 7pm. Booking is essential. Visit www.aqintarestaurant.com or twitter @aquintaalgarve.

As Velas


Though the renowned Four Seasons Country Club is membership-only, the restaurant is open to the public for dinner with a prior reservation. There’s an extensive choice of international cuisine: for menu see www.asvelas.com

Casa da Quinta


A family-run restaurant offering excellent Portuguese/International cuisine in an inviting Sat 289 394 097 atmosphere. Fabulous, newly-renovated outdoor terrace for Al fresco dining. Dinner only. Email: info@casadaquinta.net www.casadaquinta.net

Casa do Campo


Superb farmhouse restaurant serving fresh fish, giant tiger prawns, oysters, steaks, all with homegrown veg from our own farm. Seasonal menus, many vegetarian & glutenfree options. Dinner only. www.casadocampo-restaurante.com



International cuisine renowned, with a new name and location, the Pig&Whistle has moved to the romantic boutique hotel Quinta Jacintina. Both received a 5-star rating from Trip-Advisor for excellent service and attention to detail. Open for Dinner from 18:30. www.casanova-restaurant.pt

Casa Pituxa



289 357 000

Sun 289 399 109 919 858 118 -

289 395 216

Family restaurant. Superb traditional Portuguese food and international dishes. Extensive Sun 289 396 238 menu. Vegetarian options. Kids menu. Top 5 on Trip Advisor. Great value. Perfect for groups/birthday parties. Two minutes from Vale do Lobo.

You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Fine Dining (Cont’d...) Restaurant


Chez Antoinne I6 (since 1984)

Description (provided by restaurant owners)



Superb cuisine in an intimate atmosphere. Open for dinner only. See menu on Facebook. Sat 289 394 428 Friendly, professional service. Children welcome. Wi-Fi. Large car park. Michelin Guide recommended. Booking advisable.



A family restaurant for over 30 years renowned for the excellence of their meat and freshness of the Sun 289 395 558 fish. Enjoy a drink in our bar & have a memorable experience. Dinner only. Reservations 919 291 733 recommended. GPS 37º 5'164"N.8º 1'55.58"W. www.facebook.com/RestauranteFigueiral



Probably one of the nicest culinary discoveries in the Algarve. International kitchen based on French cuisine. Hosted by Karin and chef Pieter from Holland. www.florianrestaurant.com

Green Valley Restaurant


Fine quality Portuguese cuisine with an International twist. Great dining experience in Sun 289 396 638 comfortable and friendly atmosphere surrounded by new, fresh décor. Fish and meat specialities, homemade desserts. Booking recommended. Children welcome.

La Terrazza: K2 Praça, Vale do Lobo K2 Monty’s: Praça,

Thur 289 396 674

This hidden Italian gem at Praça Vale do Lobo serves authentic Italian cuisine. Its outside terrace is perfect for alfresco dining whilst enjoying the nightly entertainment.


289 356 019 289 353 435

Modern style, international restaurant with outside terrace. Perfect for large groups and family dining with a great view of the nightly entertainment in the Praça. Open for dinner


289 356 079 289 353 436


Mr. Freddie’s F4

Enjoy a new concept on Mr Freddie’s Restaurant "Flambé cooking"with wonderful filet steak or Sun 289 393 651 fresh fish on the great romantic terrace. Children’s welcome. Open from 7pm, reservation by 914 267 359 telephone. Email mdamas@outlook.pt or facebook.com/mrfreddies

O Arco

For over 35 years O Arco has been offering superb traditional cuisine, prepared for you with Mon 289 314 375 handpicked ingredients sourced daily from the Quarteira Market. Excellent wines cellar. João 965 525 355 is an exceptional host who welcomes everyone as if they are family. Open for dinner only.


O Malveiro


New, fresh décor. Experience our fresh prawn or chicken curry, delicious Mozambique prawns, fish moqueca or oven baked stone bass in our special house sauce. Take-away service. Menu on www.ondebiz.com. See Trip Advisor.



A new concept of dining; enjoy simple lunches at reasonable prices or tapas-style dinners. Choice of 40 dishes & 200 mix 'n' match wines. Open 11am-11pm. www.paixarestaurante.com

Pequeno Mundo


One of the Algarve's finest restaurants offering French Cuisine in a tranquil setting. Dine in a wonderfully romantic environment or al fresco in our beautiful courtyard. Private parking. www.restaurantepequenomundo.com

Pimenta & Pasta


Mediterranean food and service at its best. Specialized in Steaks, Lamb, Duck, Fresh fish and Pastas. Great value wine selection and set menu. Excellent service. Only two minutes from Vale do Lobo. Open for Lunch and Dinner.



Grissno is awarded one of the best Italian Restaurants in Portugal by the Italian Ambassador Sun 289 356 562 in Lisbon. "Welcome to Italy"main objective of chef Andrea is tradition and evolution feel it for happy moments with family and friends. Open only for Dinner 7pm.


K2 Sandbanks Praça, Vale do Lobo Thai Bistro


Sun 917 824 131

Sun 289 394 699 Lunch Sun 289 399 866


Newly refurbished, now with an inside restaurant which allows for both summer and winter dining with an amazing sea views. Open for breakfast, lunch & dinner, specialising in fish & seafood. www.sandbanks-algarve.com Thai/Mediterranean cuisine in a peaceful setting. Lunch available from Monday to Friday Sat & 2-course: €12. Dinner every night. Takeaway & vegetarian available. Kids menu. Sun Lunch Cocktails. The tastes and flavours from each dish will leave you wanting more!

289 398 901

289 398 429 289 353 424 963 396 045 960 072 502 289 391 347

*LIVE MUSIC FRIDAY NIGHTS* Come and enjoy our new terrace! Traditional Portuguese Cuisine Suckling Pig Fresh Fish & Seafood daily Various Salads Various Cataplanas Vegetarian Menu Black Pork Lunchtime Dish of the Day

Tel: 289 398 291 or 919 364 809

Since 1988 Open for Lunch & Dinner Closed on Sunday Nr Repsol Petrol Station (Map Ref H5) www.restauranteotanque.pt

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Fine Dining (Cont’d...) Closed




Thai Garden


Enjoy delicious, real authentic Thai cuisine and warm hospitality in a most enchanting atmosphere - a memorable holiday treat !



Excellent Mediterranean cuisine in a charming environment overlooking the resort pool. Sun 289 359 665 Open every day July and August. Email: tucanos@encostadolago.com www.restaurante-tucanos.com

Description (provided by restaurant owners)


289 394 521

Smart Casual

Here the restaurant has a good, informal ambience and table service. Prices would be more moderate.

K2 Beach Bar Praça, Vale do Lobo

The original beach bar in Vale do Lobo, located right on the beach. The perfect place for a snack, light lunch, cocktails. www.thebeachbar-algarve.com


289 398 429



BellaRosa Pizzeria is located in a warm and elegant space. Our concept is traditional Italian cuisine and pizzas cooked in our wood oven.We also have a takeaway and pizza delivery service. www.bellarosa.pt


289 356 372

Bj’s Oceanside


Top beach bar/restaurant. Stunning beach location. Friendly, lovely atmosphere. Regular live music, gorgeous backdrop. Always a top time to be had. Fresh seafood and daily specials. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Email: bookings@bjsoceanside.com


910 698 479

Cervejaria Borges


Portuguese flavours from sea to table. Seafood Cataplana, Ria Formosa clams and oysters. Charcoal grilled fresh fish, Steaks and Skewers are some of our specialities. Open from 12pm until 12am."


910 900 473

Churrasqueira D7 de Almancil Don Camillo


Family-run restaurant. Fresh fish, grilled meats, special chicken piri-piri & Argentinian Mon 289 393 324 917 812 460 meats. Superb cataplanas - fish and black pork meat, prawns and clams. Open Kitchen / 919 977 061 Grill. Takeaway service. Open for lunch and dinner. Lunch & dinner. Portuguese/Italian cuisine. Great terrace. New on the menu: Picanha. Sun 289 397 784 967 732 340 Homemade chicken pies and veal pies; to eat in or take away. Economic lunches. (Come and enjoy a game of lawn bowls or petanque.)

Don Giovanni F4

Don Giovanni - A landmark restaurant in Almancil. Genuine Italian Cuisine since 1989. Steaks, Pastas, Pizzas and other specialties, directly from the wood-fired oven to the table.


911 001 940

Eduardo’s Paradise


Relaxed atmosphere with seaside view where you can enjoy a meal made with the best fish and local seafood.


289 355 508

Ichiban Japanese


Experience the diverse flavours of Japanese cuisine. Serving all types of grilled or steamed seafood/meat/chicken/duck. Multi-choice sushi or sushi & teppanyaki specials available at lunch and dinner. A take-away service is also available.


289 391 918 967 782 815



Located on the popular “Praia do Garrão” beach. Open for lunches throughout the winter period or maybe just a drink in our lounge area. Live music every Sunday lunchtime.


+351 289 396 984



The Algarve’s most famous beachside restaurant with spectacular views and excellent food. Lunch and dinner all year. Specialising in group bookings. Regular live music. www.julias-algarve.com


289 396 512

You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Smart Casual

Here the restaurant has a good, informal ambience and table service. Prices would be more moderate. Closed Restaurant Map Description (provided by restaurant owners)

Kaya’s Restaurant


Marias’s Pizzaria


Casavostra O Tanque (Est 1988)


Retiro dos Indios


Simply Tapas G4 & Vinho Bar-Restaurant Solar do Poeta E9 Vila DaVinci


Portuguese and international Family Restaurant. A must for Steak on the sizzling stone, Fridays Fish&Chips and the Best Chocolate Cake ever. Reservation recommended. No Credit Cards. Lunch only Friday 12-14.00h.

Great location, buzzy atmosphere & good food. Enjoy long lunches and cosy dinners with 180° ocean views or visit for drinks on our comfortable roof terrace. Open daily from 12:30pm. Booking advised. Sunbeds and beach shack available from March. Live music Saturday and Sunday afternoons. With its unique contemporary design and stunning terrace, Casavostra continues to be the essential venue for lunch and dinner. Serving thin crust pizzas and Mediterranean food from 12h to 23h. Open daily, reservations recommended, takeaway available. www.pizzeriacasavostra.com


Sun 289 394 630 -

289 358 675


289 397 565

Traditional Portuguese cuisine. Fresh fish/seafood daily. Various cataplanas, black pork, Sun 289 398 291 suckling pig, various salads, vegetarian menu. Lunchtime dish of the day. Selection of 919 364 809 national wines. Enjoy our new terrace. Live music Fridays. www.restauranteotanque.pt 913 520 879 Family-run Portuguese restaurant. Specialities include fish cataplana and large sole. Sat 289 394 306 Grilled fish and meat. Children’s menu. Open every day for dinner. A pleasant welcome awaits you. Renovated restaurant and outdoor eating area. Close December for holidays. - 289 391 145 Open 12 noon till late. Curry Club Wednesday night. Yours to book: “The Chef’s Table” in our adega. Great packages for groups. Seasonal lunch menu deal: Cover + 3 tapas + dessert €12.95. Chill with a glass of wine and a few tapas on our sunny terrace. Serving Great Home-cooked food from our Daily Blackboard Menu. Lunch Menu €10 and Mon 289 355 094 Evening Dishes from €10.95.Sunday Carvery and Fresh Salads served 12:30 to 17:00. & Great Party/Group Venue. Outside Sunny Terrace. E:algarvelil@hotmail.com Sat We take pride in cooking delicious traditional Italian dishes to serve all and our friendly staff are keen to help you enjoy your dinner experience. Perfect for a business lunch or a leisurely evening meal. Large Car park. Fantastic terrace.


289 356 138 965 116 673

Wild Chicken H4 Restaurante & Bar

Wild Chicken Restaurante & Bar It’s a brand new project in the previous space of Casa dos Sun 289 394 832 . Pinheiros, how the name indicates the specialty is chicken piri- piri. Open for lunch and 965 232 669 dinner.


Poolside TV and bar serving snacks and drinks daily from 1st April. A la carte restaurant dining from 7pm. Sunday carvery lunch until end April. Curry night every Tuesday. For details of Music Nights and Events. www.restaurantxenia.com



289 396 347 918 700 064


These restaurants place emphasis on good portions and value for money. Families are welcome.

+351 289 355 434


New modern café/restaurant/juice bar with young chef & team, serving meat & vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, salads & juices. Daily dishes of the day available from 7.50€, juices from 3.00€. Also serving Take-aways Open from 12.00h to 20.00h Mon-Sat. Situated oppositeApolónia inAlmancil.



O Xafariz


Sun 289 048 733 Open lunch and dinner . Lunch time dish of the day. Fresh fish, prawns and meat daily. House specialities: Picanha, Lamb Chops, Uruguayan Rib-Eye Steak. Lively ambience. Rui and his team look forward to welcoming you. Our unique selling point is the authentic taste of traditional Portuguese cuisine. TakeSat 919 160 021 away. showing all major sporting events. Popular specials are Chilli Wednesday and night Curry Thursday. See “o Xafariz” on FB for Dish of the Day. & Sun

Piri Piri d’Almancil


Piri Piri d’Almancil offers you the genuine and unique flavour of the famous charcoal grilled chicken piri piri. Fish & chips, burgers and other specialities also available. Open for lunch and dinner. Nice Terrace. Takeaway service.


914 420 004

Restaurant Oriental


Asian food. Dinner only from 6.30pm-10.30pm. Specialities: Delicious Dumplings, Crispy Aromatic Duck, Cantonese Prawns. Home delivery. E: cindy.oriental@gmail.com


289 395 668

Bloom by Cantina dos Sabores


You can obtain discount by using your Villa Club bonus card at all establishments highlighted with the yellow symbol

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Description (provided by restaurant owners)



San Marco Pizzeria


Sr. Frango (Est.1992)


Visited by 1,000's of satisfied customers. Family-owned and run. Awarded the “GOLDEN DIPLOMA” for the best piri-piri chicken ever. Open lunch and dinner.

Irish Pub, Marina Vilamoura


Melting Pot Pub Monty’s Bar




289 392 384


289 393 756

The original & the best Irish pub in Vilamoura for live sports & live bands every night that will make you want to dance on the tables. Open everyday from 17:00 – late. www.irishpub@mail.telepac.pt @irishpubvilamoura


289 308 074


Located in Quinta Shopping. European & International beers. Cocktails. Open daily from 10am serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Occasional, quality live music. Showing all sporting events. www.meltingpotpub.com www.facebook.com/meltingpotpub


289 392 424


Modern style, international restaurant with outside terrace. Perfect for large groups and family dining with a great view of the nightly entertainment in the Praça. Open for dinner 18:30/23.00


289 356 079 289 353 436

Bars & Clubs


The Cheeky Pup


The Cheeky Pup is a Irish owned and operated gastropub in Quinta Shopping. Offering; delicious food and a great drinks menu all day . To be enjoyed in our newly refurbished gastropub or on our unrivaled outdoor terrace with a great atmosphere and live music.


+351 289 358 205

The Deck


Introducing “The Deck” a newly refurbished Deck bar & Cocktail lounge located at the Praça Vale do lobo. Its stunning location makes The Deck the perfect place to have a cocktail with “friends & family”. Open from 18:30 – late. info@thedeckbar-algarve.com



Jamaican Me Crazy Bee Boyd mixes it with the best. The warmth of any spring break will surely be enhanced by a little indulgence in this truly magnificent rum based cocktail. The Caribbean concoction is guaranteed to bring out the daredevil in even the most cautious consumer! So, if you’re happy to let your hair down on holiday, it’s time to get mixing! 2 parts Bacardi or other white rum 1 part Malibu or other coconut rum liqueur. 2 parts freshly squeezed orange juice 1 part freshly squeezed lime juice 1.5 part passion fruit juice 1.5 part cranberry juice 0.5 part Grenadine syrup (optional) Add plenty of ice - it can be shaken or stirred... All these equally shakable ingredients are packed with vitamin C and easily obtainable in the Algarve.


Quinta do Lago (Map Ref I8)

Tel: 289 391 347 50

Nuno & Pedro invite you to sample their Thai and Mediterranean menu Lunch Mon-Fri, 2-course menu €12 | Dinner daily from 19h00 | Kids Menu Cocktails | Excellent service | Friendly atmosphere | Takeaway | Vegetarian Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Restaurant Recommendations Online Reviews Raman K says about Casavostra in Almancil... This restaurant had very humble beginnings where the food was served at picknic tables. It has since moved into a fabulous modern farmhouse style building with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The entrance is a store selling various items from sandals to clothes to Jewellery. You then pass into the restaurant which has 25 foot ceilings and is mostly glass all around. The atmosphere is casual chic filled with wealthy Portuguese and tourists alike. Almost all the ingredients are imported from Italy. The pizzas and appetizers are simple but the quality of ingredients is without reproach making this one of the trendiest and busiest restaurant in the Algarve all year round. Reservations are essential in the busy summer months often needing to be booked a week or more in advance. It's worth the wait. Prices are extremely reasonable given the quality and atmosphere. If you are vacationing in the Algarve then this is the place to go with a family. You'll feel like the atmosphere is worth 3 times the price while maintaining a reasonable family budget. I highly recommend this restaurant even if you have a big budget. David R says about BJ’S Oceanside... Just back from this amazing beach restaurant! No frills, just great food, stunning location and pleasant staff. Run and owned by the charming Beks and her husband Jonathan they really seem to have it sorted. They have been running it for 9 years since they left London for the Algarve. We had pre-booked the day before and our table was waiting for us with a lovely view of the beach. I strongly

recommend booking so as not to be disappointed as this is a busy venue and righly so. We chose the smoked salmon plate and a portion of quails' eggs for starters. For the main course we had a sea bream and a sea bass, both grilled to perfection, with a small salad and French fries. My wife had the gingerbread cake with ice-cream and I had an afogado for dessert. An ice cold beer, some soft drinks and a bottle of water completed the order. The fish were super fresh, butterfly grilled and to say they were perfect is to understate it. The staff were attentive and Beks was constantly circling the deck and engaging the clientele, who all seemed to be satisfied. For sure it is not the cheapest restaurant in the area but you get what you pay for and, at least in my opinion, BJ's is worth it. Another great restaurant to go back to. ToptravellerLondon says about Piri Piri Almancil ... We have been here a couple of times now and this restaurant is brilliant. We always wanted to visit an authentic Piri Piri place in the Algarve and this ticks every box. Firstly, the restaurant is lovely and great to visit in the afternoon and evening. I can imagine in the summer months up to September it gets very busy so perhaps book ahead. The service was very warm and attentive and its clear to see the staff take pride in the restaurant which was nice to see. As for the food, well it is just great! The chicken is fab as is the chips, rice, beans and salad that come with every meal. The garlic prawns were also nice as were the calamari to start. No doubt this is a must if staying in the Almancil area.

Send your favourite restaurant recommendation to info@central-algarve.com


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Recipes From Portugal

Ingredients: Ÿ 500 grams cockles Ÿ 6 cloves of garlic Ÿ 150 ml olive oil Ÿ Juice of one lemon Ÿ Pepper Ÿ Coriander Ÿ A pinch of salt

Cockles with lemon juice

Instructions: Step 1:

Put the cockles in salted water about one hour to help remove the sand.

Step 2:


ne of the most popular bivalves in the region, inhabitants of sandy bottoms and mud in the Algarve’s coastal lagoons, are a reference of Portuguese cuisine and delight locals and tourists. Prepare this simple and very tasty recipe of cockles drizzled with lemon juice.


Wash the cockles in running water and put them in a saucepan with chopped garlics, pepper and some salt. Drizzle with olive oil and stir with a wooden spoon. Cover the pan and cook over low heat until the cockles open completely. Occasionally shake the pan.

Step 3:

Turn off the heat, sprinkle with chopped coriander and let stand about 5 minutes. Put the cockles on a platter, drizzle with lemon juice and serve with toasted bread.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Save the trees — get an eReader! Everyone should read more! Luckily ebook readers and audio books make it super-easy. Read on for the inside track... Which Kindle? Although you love reading, you probably still hate wading through pages of technical info. Don't worry, we've got you — just look for your profile below! Basic model €80 Profile: I'm a bit skint and I don't mind using my own separate light. Paperwhite €130 Profile: I read in the evenings or in bed and want a built-in light.


ost of the people reading this magazine are regular travellers, so they probably already have an ereader. I mean, who wants to be carrying all their books onto the plane. For those on a budget, it's bad enough trying to cram all your stuff into the carry-on bag as it is! However, there's probably still a few people out there unconvinced. Some people love physically turning the pages, and using their bookmarks or even scribbling in the margins. But those guys are in a minority. The rest of us have moved with the times!

Which make and model should you buy? Unless you object to being tied into one company's eco-system, it's an easy choice: buy a Kindle. It's crucial to have access to a massive library and Amazon's is great, so the majority need look no further.

Voyage €190 Profile: I'm posh. Oh, and I want a light that auto-adjusts the brightness. Oasis €250 Profile: I read everywhere, and I'm a bit clumsy in the bath. Keep an eye out for the sales, Amazon often gives worthwhile discounts. You can then upgrade! But I don't want a Kindle! Some people want native access to the more open ePub file format. In that case, investigate Kobo.com who also have a similar range to Kindle with more diverse access to content. This isn't such a big advantage though as you can easily convert and email ePub files to Kindles too, e.g. using free Calibri software. Audio Books If you've never tried it, audio books are great too. Some of the narrators can really bring the story to life. It's also brilliant being able to read with your eyes closed. Well, it is a downer when you wake up at the end and have to retrace your steps; but that's a small price to pay. Anyhow, even those that aren't lazy should give it a try! You don't necessarily need an e-reader for this as free apps for other devices are available. Visit: audible.com


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Golf Tip

Tempo Training


Keep to the beat!

f you watch the swings of your fellow golfers, you will notice that the clubhead of a driver seems to swing faster than a short iron. And, so it does — but that’s simply because it is longer.

Open every evening


It seems that some golfers must think they ought to be swinging at different speeds depending on which club they are using. But that would be a mistake! A good golfer should have a good consistency of tempo, which should apply to all his swings. Tempo is the total amount of time it takes to execute a golf swing from beginning to end. Some players have a relatively fast tempo, while others are slower. All are fine, as long as it is consistent for all shots. Golfers get into trouble as soon as they start to vary it. If the tempo changes from club to club, it really interferes with your timing. This is one reason why we sometimes hear a golfer say how well they are hitting irons, but not woods. Then when you meet on the next occasion, it might be the opposite! Practice Drill Tip Discover your own ideal tempo by making three continuous practice swings, without a ball, using a 5-iron. Make the swings in a pendulum fashion, back and through, while maintaining good poise and balance. Then hit a teed golf ball, focussing on repeating that same tempo. Do this practice drill with various irons and woods to see if you can maintain a good, constant tempo. A tip you can Count On! One extra tip that seems to help is to count. Simply say ‘one’ at the top of the swing, and then ‘two’ as the ball is struck. If you do this on every shot, you will soon develop a better feel for your tempo. If you need a more precise version of this, get yourself an ear-piece metronome to give a regular beat. Either way, this can really help your game! Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


England Rugby Team

After a training week in the Algarve, the team are now ready to take on Europe's best!


n January, the England rugby squad returned once more to Browns Sports Club, Vilamoura, to prepare for this year's Six Nations Rugby Championship. The entire 34-man squad was fit to take a full part in training, a real boon for England’s prospects as they prepare for the defence of their title and a shot at an unprecedented three championships in a row. Under the stewardship of their incredibly successful head-coach, Eddie Jones, the team are injury-free and in top form. Jones confirms, “We ha d a really good training week out in Portugal. It was probably the best training week we have had as a team. I felt a real resurgence in energy and focus, we have got everyone fit to train and are now ready to go”.

Who is Eddie Jones?

Australian Eddie Jones (58) has had a stellar career as a national coach for Australia, Japan and now England. With England (from Nov 2015), he has only lost 1 game out of 25 and was named World Rugby Coach of the year for 2017


Local England rugby fans are over-the-moon that the national team enjoys coming to the Algarve so much. It is now their fourth visit to Browns and judging from their successes on the field, these training weeks are working wonders. It is hoped that they will return again next year for their preparation for the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Family Restaurant Specialising in Chicken Piri-Piri Argentinian Ribeye Fresh Fish


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

The Flower Torch Parade

Every Easter Sunday, the people of São Brás de Alportel mark their day of religious celebration in a very special way with a vividly colourful Flower Torch Parade.


t is a real community effort with the local townspeople getting together to carpet their streets with flowers, and lead a vibrant procession of groups through the town, calling out in honour of the resurrection and raising their torches to the sky. He has risen, as He said! Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! is the cry that fills the streets, as the procession passes through the crowds of enthusiastic spectators, with everyone welcome to join in the happy event. It's a day of celebration! In the past, the Easter procession was organised more by the churches. The clergy would invite choirs and groups of brotherhoods to don surplices (gowns) and carry large torches and lanterns. In more modern times, with the numbers of clergy dwindling, choirs unavailable, and a shortage of wax, it was feared that the tradition may fail. However, with the grassroots support of the community, locals took over the original torches and decorated them with flowers, and made use of the surplices to add some reverence to those

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

charged with carrying the processional canopy. Peoplepower led to flower-power, and in its new form, the event has flourished ever since. If you are around at Easter, do come along to São Brás to participate and support the locals to continue their colourful festival. Carpet of Flowers From daybreak around 100 volunteers use 3 tonnes of flowers to lay the carpet over 1 km of the route. It is a work of art which is usually ready to be seen from 09:30 onwards. The Procession The Resurrection Procession with the Flower Torches starts at 11:00. This is preceded and followed by services outside the main church at 10:00 and 13:00. Afternoon Cultural Events During the afternoon, a "sounds and flavours" event takes place in the churchyard of the Igreja Matriz (Main Church). You will have the chance to see performances of popular music and buy regional sweets and delicacies. There are delicious sweets made from figs, almonds and carobs -- we recommend the tender almonds, a traditional São Brás treat!



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Quality Mediterranean Quinta do Lago/ Vale do Lobo Lunch and Dinner

+351 289 398 901 info@pimentaepasta.com


r e s t a u r a n t e

%VE 0 0 1 GAR AL


Almancil Centre - +351 910 900 473 @borgescervejaria


forno a lenha italian steakhouse & pizzeria

sĂ­tio das escanxinas almancil +351 911 001 940

Algarve Craft Beer is Here month and there is an automated bottling line and cold filtration to maintain consistent quality. All this results in easy-drinking, refreshing and greattasting, craft beers.

The Algarve is almost perfect. There's miles of golden sands, wall-to-wall sunshine, mouth-watering seafood. But the choice of beers... hmm, maybe that's not so good? That’s right, until now!


lgarve Rock Brewery has been created locally by two Brits who are passionate about drinking real beer. Situated off the EN125 behind the Sumol factory, (on the way to Faro), their mission is to bring their fabulous range of craft beers to the market. Their enthusiasm for quality beers, together with the knowhow of a team of experienced brewers, is now creating a line-up of beers that is unrivalled in the Algarve for quality, freshness and taste. And their first beers are already in production!

Co-founder, Neil Conchie explains, "To meet market expectations we created our customised high-tech brewery to produce proper craft beer with minimal secondary fermentation. This creates the clear appearance and taste. Whereas wine has 80 identifiable flavours, aromas and textures, beer has over 200! We certainly need our 50 years of industry experience to combine the complex mixture of flavours into the finished products. We feel it's our labour of love!". These hoppy conquistadors are now leading their craft beer revolution from the Algarve to the rest of Portugal and the world beyond. "Our aim is to make the Algarve Rock beers known and respected amongst beer drinkers everywhere!", says Neil. A bold mission, but after sampling the beers, you may be inclined to agree. Look out for Algarve Rock beer on tap in local bars and restaurants or feel free to swing by the brewery for a sample or two while watching the miracle of craft beer-making for yourself.

Algarve Rock Session Portuguese Session IPA. An easy drinking, hoppy IPA

Algarve Rock Solid Portuguese Red Ale. A fruity, toasty traditional bitter

The Algarve Rock range does not use preservatives or chemical additives but only pure water, hops, malt and yeast. The brewery has the capacity to produce up to 80,000 litres per 66

Algarve Rock Sharp Portuguese Pilsner. A nutty lager with a citrus kick

Algarve Rock Steady Portuguese Pale Ale. Full on hops with a bitter finish.

Algarve Rock Stout Portuguese Porter. Think coffee, chocolate and honeycomb.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Solar do Poeta Relaxed Restaurant serving Traditional British Fare Home-made Pies, Fish & Chips, Calves Liver, Curries and many more favourites ... Sunday Carvery 12:30 - 16:30

Great Venue for Parties Open Lunch & Evenings Follow signs to Sรฃo Lourenรงo Church Call:289 355 094 Email:algarvelil@hotmail.com

RESTAURANT RESTAURANT 35 Years of Excellent Food and Wines Consistency has been our secret

Rua Eng. Duarte Pacheco,nยบ13 8125-212 Quarteira Telef: 289314375 Mobile: 965525355 www.oarco.com oarco@oarco.com Closed Mondays 68

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Exploring the Countryside... Do you enjoy walking? Join Linda and Liz on their favourite walks!

Just imagine... fresh air, exercise and good company — plus the opportunity to see beautiful parts of the Algarve, offthe-beaten track, surrounded by the glorious wild flowers and birdlife. If that doesn't tempt you, then nothing would!

Algarve Weekend Walkers organise professionally guided walks exploring the scenic Algarve countryside and coastal paths. All walks are graded — easy, moderate or challenging — and front and back markers employed to ensure that everyone can walk at a suitable pace. Linda and Liz have over 40 years' combined experience of walking in Portugal and love sharing their favourite routes and views with residents and visitors. Dogs are welcome (Meg the back-marker beagle is always in attendance!). A €5 donation per person entitles you to a small water and essential gummybears for energy. To join one of Linda and Liz's Sunday walks email algarveweekendwalkers@gmail.com or text 968 906 279 for details of upcoming walks. Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Karin Holmstrom Forster is a Dog Behaviourist at Pawsitive Dogs, Loulé and discusses here how to train your dog to come when called.

Calling All Dogs!


e call this skill recall. To the owner it seems simple enough: call the dog and it returns. The dog on the other hand goes through an entire thought process in deciding what to do. The dog identifies the call from its owner and wonders: is the voice angry, urgent or playful? How will I be treated on my return? We can only imagine the details of his fleeting thoughts: I’ll pretend not to hear for a while because this is an interesting scent! On my return will I get a happy smile and a yummy treat, or will I be put straight on the dreaded lead! Fortunately, there is a proven recipe for great recall. Firstly, you have to build a trustful, happy relationship with your dog. Try and be a good buddy who instigates great games and activities and make it fun and rewarding to come when called. Secondly, be understanding when your dog is in a red zone (eg chasing a rabbit) - your dog might not hear you, no matter how you call. Finally, never punish your dog when he finally arrives. Don’t shout and look angry. After all, if your dog is not responsive to you, it is you that has failed, not the dog!

Training Tips ü Use a whistle. Encourage your dog to associate

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the sound with a treat, e.g. whistle every time you give your dog its dinner . Use a single word for the recall. Multiple words are confusing. When your dog’s approaching you by itself, use the recall whistle/word. It reinforces the training. During walks, practise the recall at the end of a long leash. Build on your success and experiment by dropping the leash and trying from further away. Ping-pong between family members: taking turns to call him. Play hide and seek. When he’s not looking, hide behind something and let him find you. If necessary, call him. Always reward and praise the dog’s success!

If you need help with your dog, or want to support Pawsitive Guide or Assistance Dogs, contact... Karin Holstrom Tel: 917 076 040 Email: karin.pawsitivedogs@gmail.com Website: www.pawsitivedogsalgarve.com

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Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


There are so many herbs and spices cultivated locally, or even found growing wild in the Algarve. Linda Taylor Gonçalves details some of the most common, and essential ingredients for Portuguese cuisine. Rosemary (alecrim) grows wild and needs very little or no irrigation. Rosemary is delicious with lamb or tomato dishes – either use the whole branch when roasting, or chop the leaves finely and add to sauces, stews or roast potatoes. Sage (salva) also grows wild and is very easy to cultivate. The earthy flavour of sage combines beautifully with pork or chicken – use the whole leaves scattered over a roast joint, shallow fry them whole in oil to add as a garnish or shred finely and add to sauces and stews. Thyme (tomilho) is a delightfully fragrant herb that is widely available dried but fresh is much more delicious. Wonderful with beef dishes or anything that includies onions, especially onion marmalade or soup. Scatter the leaves over roast beef half-way through cooking, add to ragu or sauces or sprinkle over turkey steaks.

Paprika or Smoked Paprika (pimento doce) comes from dried and ground sweet red peppers and gives an tang to sauces and dry rubs. Smoked paprika originates in the Extremadura region of Spain where they dry and smoke it. Ground into a powder, this can be used in paella, chourizo sausage and other dishes that require a smoky flavour. Paprika is available in all supermarkets but smoked (fumado) paprika is a little harder to find. Chilli (piri piri or malagueta). Originally from South America, it is thought that the Portuguese are responsible for introducing this around the world during the Age of Discovery. This fiery little pepper adds heat and flavour to a multitude of dishes and is available in many forms - dried and ground, dried whole, fresh and in pre-made sauces and oils - all with differing degrees of heat! Piri Piri normally refers to the African Birdseye chilli which is small, red and hot! Locally-grown fresh chillies are only available in season (July to October).

Oregano (oregao) has a pungent flavour that often welcomes you in Portuguese restaurants where it is used on salads, pizzas, crostini and with fresh or cooked tomatoes. It grows easily needing very little water and can be dried quickly. Bay Leaf (louro) and its earthy-tasting leaf gives a familiar Mediterranean flavour to any dish. Lots of gardens in Portugal have a bay tree and the leaves can be picked when needed. Bay is sold everywhere in the dried form, which is almost as flavour-packed as the fresh. An essential herb for meat ragu (discarded before serving) it is also used to make stock or to add flavour to stews. Parsley (salsa) in flat leaf form is common and used as a garnish or added to fresh fish with a slice of lemon and sea salt. You can easily buy it fresh. Add to salads, cooked carrots with butter or mix with olives, chilli and garlic to serve with drinks. It grows like a weed and needs little water.


Chillidelicious is a Portuguese success story. In 2012, Linda, long time Algarve resident, and her Portuguese husband, José, turned their lifelong passion for good food into a range of quality sauces, chutneys, jams and seasonings incorporating home-grown chillies, herbs and spices (they grow the World's hottest chillies) Visit their large Chillidelicious stand within the delightful Loule indoor Food Market. Open between 09:30 and 13:30 each day (closed on Sundays). Email: chillidelicious@gmail.com Website: www.chillidelicious.com

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Central Algarve Issue 7274 , Winter 2017 & 2018

Central Algarve 69 2018 Issue 73, Spring

Shops Galore! Shopping in this area of the Algarve has never been better. Let’s take a fresh look at what’s new!


wenty years ago it would have be quite common for expats to travel to Seville, or even Gibraltar for Christmas presents!

Reasonably priced furniture was particularly difficult to find and, if you saw something you liked, you would probably have to buy it there and then, as the next day it may have gone. Mar Shopping Now, with the opening of the new mega-sized Mar Shopping complex in LoulĂŠ, in addition to the existing Forum Algarve in Faro, we have more square metres of retail space per resident than almost anywhere in Europe! The huge anchor store, Ikea, is offering a superb range of furnishings and this is complemented by a separate major Leroy Merlin household fittings and DIY store. It is thought that the continuing development of touristic projects and investments in holiday homes from the increasing numbers of European buyers will provide them both with good business growth, The accompanying 200 shops, restaurants and cinema will have to be competitive, especially in these days of online shopping. However, the entire project is now at a scale which has already become

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

listed as a top-ten tourist attraction on Tripadvisor for this area. Children are well catered for with well-designed play areas and there are toy shops and even a new Lego store. Clothes for the younger end of the market are in real abundance, with a huge Primark store setting an amazingly competitive benchmark for fashion at low prices. But there are great opportunities for everyone, whatever their price-point and taste. Designer Outlet Village For fashionistas of all ages, up to 70% savings are available in the adjoining Designer Outlet Village (see pic top right) with dozens of shops selling some of the best known brands including: Timberland, Adidas, Desigual, Michael Kors and Lacoste. In addition to clothes, these is jewellery, luggage, pottery, crystal and perfumes. Shoppers will definitely be impressed and holidaymakers well-advised to leave a little room in their suitcases! Restaurants and Cinema See over the page for further information regarding the new cinema and food-hall at Mar Shopping.


Come and play today.

Foot Golf is great fun for all the family, young & old.

The "Desert Pines" footgolf course is a 9 hole purpose-built footgolf course. Located on the road between Almancil and Vale do Lobo, next to the Estate Agent oďŹƒces of Villas & Vacations. 76

Email:info@algarvetennisandďŹ tness.com Tel:289 385028 Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Fine quality Portuguese cuisine with an International twist. Comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy and explore texture, colour and of course the ultimate tastes with a carefully selected menu at reasonable prices. Fish and meat specialities, check out our Chef’s suggestions, homemade desserts. Available for business and group dinners on request. Booking recommended. Children welcome. Closed on Sundays.


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Golden Tringle What's the impact of Brexit so far?


e often hear that Brexit continues to be of some concern for British buyers. However, we have also noticed, it doesn't seem to be influencing their behaviour. A recent survey in the UK said that a similar number of people aspired to own abroad (55%) and, perhaps surprisingly, a minority (10%) said that Brexit made them 'more likely' to consider moving to Europe. Our agency hasn't had any indication that Brexit was pushing people away. Furthermore, with negotiations between the EU and UK now discussing a 'transition period' well beyond 2019, it seems to feel like the can has been safely kicked down the road. But what about longer-term practical matters pensions, healthcare and residency rights are still a concern, aren't they? Well, it seems, not so much! Last October, Spain’s Foreign Minister declared that British expats living in Spain will face “no disruption”

post-Brexit, and there has also been satisfactory progress on the transfer of pension rights overseas. Health-wise, a deal has been made, in principle, allowing pensioners to retain the usage of their European Health Insurance benefits (EHIC) once Britain has left. Let's face it, the EU also wish to look after their own citizens, given that 3 million EU nationals live in the UK. Existing property rights will be unchanged and are protected under international law. In any case, most of the EU countries are falling over themselves to encourage investment from outside the EU. Yes, Golden Visa, I'm looking at you. However, the Brexit road is longer than anyone thought and there will, no doubt, be some twists and turns to come. Even so, all is looking good and stable for now. Indeed, considering how low Sterling is at the moment, the market is in great shape! Now, let's get back to looking at these properties!

QUINTA DAS SALINAS 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment Ref. 1496 Why you should buy: Well maintained apartment with roof terrace. Located in the heart of the nature reserve in a mature resort within walking distance to the beach of Ancão and Quinta do Lago.

€250,000 QUINTA DAS SALINAS 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment Ref. 3605 Why you should buy: Modernised duplex apartment with its own private pool. South Facing and set in quiet cul-de-sac. Close to the beach, great family holiday property with good rental income.

€295,000 MARTINHAL, QUINTA DO LAGO 2 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms Townhouse Ref. 5983 Why you should buy: Gated condominium with reception, pool, restaurants and excellent rental programme. Private pool, south facing modern townhouse. Sold furnished.

€375,000 Co Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Golden Tringle DUNAS DOURADAS 2 Bedroom Townhouse Ref. 1287 Why you should buy: Popular rental property benefits from the popular resort of Dunas Douradas. Plunge pool, large roof terrace and fully airconditioned. Sold furnished.

€415,000 Co

VALE DA QUINTA 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse Ref. 383 Why you should buy: Well maintained, very spacious and semidetached. Modern bathrooms, pool, roof terrace and set in a quiet location. Sold fully furnished.


VALE DO LOBO 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse Ref. 6251 Why you should buy: Traditional semi-detached villa close to the beach. The location offers sea views. Bright, spacious living room, pool & large kitchen. Perfect holiday home right by the beach.


VALE DO GARRÃO 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Villa Ref. 5244 Why you should buy: This spacious villa offers excellent value for money. Front-line and only a short walk to the beach through pine woods. Bedrooms are large, and all have ensuite bathrooms.

€695,000 We are in need of more properties for sale and rent. If you are interested, please contact us on T: +351 289 390 500


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Golden Tringle QUINTA DA MADEIRA, ALMANCIL 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa with pool Ref. 544 Why you should buy: Large plot in a quiet cul de sac. Only a short drive to beaches and walking distance to the centre of Almancil. Well designed 4 bedroom villa with double garage and mature gardens. Can be purchased out of company.

€595,000 Co

QUINTA JACINTINA 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa Ref. 909 Why you should buy: Well presented, spacious villa with heated pool. Good size plot and garden which catches the sun all day. Close to the beach, sold fully furnished.


Why you should buy: Well maintained villa with pool located within close walking distance to the beach. Many modern features with good rental income. Sold furnished

€745,000 Co

VALE VERDE 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Villa Ref. 6239 Why you should buy: Detached single storey villa set on a sizable front-line plot with large swimming pool, located in a quiet location within the resort of Valverde. On the doorstep of Quinta do Lago and only a short walk to the shops and local restaurants.

€1.050,000 Co We are in need of more properties for sale and rent. If you are interested, please contact us on T: +351 289 390 500 Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Golden Tringle DUNAS DOURADAS 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa Ref. 828 Why you should buy: Single storey property situated on a spacious plot in a very sort after cul-desac within Dunas Douradas. Detached single-storey three bedroom villa with pool and an approved project for a 4th bedroom.



QUINTA DO LAGO ATLANTICO 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Villa Ref. 5045 Why you should buy: Superb property finished to a very high standard. Located in the luxury resort of Quinta do Lago perfect for a family home or holiday home for rental income.

€2.100,000 Co

QUINTA DO LAGO 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Villa Ref. 4056 Why you should buy: Very spacious detached villa located in the heart of Quinta do Lago. Conveniently situated looking over the golf range. The property is pleasantly furnished.

€2.750,000 Co We are in need of more properties for sale and rent. If you are interested, please contact us on T: +351 289 390 500


Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Vilar do Golf Vilar do Golf in the heart of Quinta do Lago is the perfect example of a lock-up and leave holiday venue situated within an ideal environment offering all the amenities you would wish.

Central reception

Kid´s club

Communal pool

Indoor heated pool



1 Bedroom Apartment (ref. 3347)

Why you should buy: Excellent condition and tranquil golf location, this is an ideal option as a holiday home or even a rental investment alike.

2 Bedroom Townhouse (ref. 3687)


Why you should buy: This pretty linked villa is ideal for relaxing in the sun, being in secure and quiet resort.

3 Bedroom Townhouse (ref. 6248)


Why you should buy: Semi-detached villa with golf views, well-kept private garden. Ground floor terrace and terrace on the first floor, accessed via an outside staircase.

Quinta Formosa 2 TOWNHOUSE QUINTA DO LAGO 2/3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 15 linked townhouse located in a private, quiet cal de sac. Quinta Formosa properties are modern with private communal pool and excellent views looking over the golf course and Ria Formosa.

Ref. 4682 Townhouse €690,000 Ref. 4590 Semi-detached €850,000

We are in need of more properties for sale and rent. If you are interested, please contact us on T: +351 289 390 500 Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Villas & Vacations

Our Sales Team’s Selection - Vilamoura Vilamoura Moves Forward


Exciting times ahead! Some new developments are in the pipeline...

ilamoura World, the master developers of the resort, are already said to be working on the commercial launch of their next planned developments: Uptown (near to the Equestrian Centre) and Central (near to the tennis). This will place another 200 new properties onto the market in 2018.

We have also now heard that the ultimate owners, Lone Star, have announced their intention to sell off the rest of the resort, so we are still waiting to see whether this will bring in even more ambitious plans! The resort is really moving ahead and it seems there are new residents arriving every week!

Meanwhile, the master plan of the Vilamoura Lakes Project is still being finalised. This will offer “boutique hotels, unmatched gastronomic experiences and a stunning residential development set in an environment of natural lakes, fauna and flora”.

Happily for buyers, the additional supply of properties onto the market should keep prices at affordable levels. It is a great time to invest here, and if you would like to know the inside track, do not hesitate to give me call.

Joaquim Hipólito

T: (+351) 916 134 219

VILAMOURA NORTH WEST 2 Bedroom Apartment Ref. 6249 Why you should buy: Impressive apartment, with excellent views from the gardens and pool area. Potential for all year rental income. There is an abundance of on-site facilities including an indoor swimming pool.

€225,000 VILAMOURA CENTRAL 3 Bedroom Duplex Apartment Ref. 6247 Why you should buy: Modernised duplex apartment with its own private terrace. Set within the well established resort of Barca do Lago and within walking distance. Great value.

€230,000 VILAMOURA NORTH WEST 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Apartment Ref. 5574 Why you should buy: This beautiful five star luxury condominium is perfectly situated in heart of Vilamoura. Great rental schemes available.


84 84

Central Algarve Central Algarve 73, Spring 2018 IssueIssue 73, Spring 2018

Vilamoura Sales Team’s Selection

VILAMOURA SOUTH EAST 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa Ref. 6200 Why you should buy: Exceptional luxury villa under construction high standard with beautiful mature garden & large pool. Excellent finishes throughout.

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018


Loulé Area Sales Team’s Selection SÃO BRÁS DE ALPORTEL 4 Bedroom Villa Almost Completed Ref. 6257 Why you should buy: The buyer benefits from the privilege of being able to choose some of the finishing materials and can give a personal touch to your future home. 12,000m plot. 2

€1.300,000 SANTA BÁRBARA DE NEXE 3 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Villa Ref. 6260 Why you should buy: Well present and spacious villa with a huge plot area. Saltwater and heated pool with electric cover. Garden equipped with automatic irrigation, with trees of tropical and regional fruits.


Few Properties that we sold since our last magazine! DUNAS DOURADAS 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Townhouse Ref. 957

DUNAS DOURADAS 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Townhouse Ref. 1171

Why you should buy: Heated pool, large terrace and recently modernized both internally and externally.

Fully furnished 2 storey village house designed by Scandinavian architect.

JARDIM DO GOLF 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Apartment Ref. 6214

DUNAS DOURADAS 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Villa Ref.833

Why you should buy:

Within walking distance of the beach in the well-established, luxury resort of Dunas Douradas.

Renovated and well maintained 2 bedroom ground floor apartment with private terrace.

QUINTA DAS SALINAS 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse Ref. 1135 Why you should buy: Recently refurbished with a very high standard.

Why you should buy:

Why you should buy:

These are just few properties that we have sold since our last magazine! We are in need of more villas set in well-stablished resorts, so please contact us on:

Tel: +351 289 390 500

We are in need of more properties for sale and rent. If you are interested, please contact us on T: +351 289 390 500 86

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018




« To Olhos De Agua



Falesia Beach


can a


Rest. Willie’s Golf Pinhal



Tennis Club





Villas & Vacations

Old Village

Fishing Habour


96 N3 S



O Arco


Loulé Stati


» ancil

To Vale do Lobo Beach »

Cavalo Preto Beach

Fonte Santa

lm To A

Gypsy Market (Wednesdays)

-2 527 M E


Aqua Show Waterslides

396 N E

Airport » To Faro &


EN Hair & Beauty


Vila Sol

H Pestana


Fish/Veg Market




Integrated Golf Academy


Hilton H

Old Course

Browns Sports



Vale Judeu

GNR Police Post Office

Golf Garden





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Golf Victoria

Encosta Oliveira

Golf Millennium Golf Laguna

Pinhal Velho Terraços Pinhal



International School




Map of Vilamoura

Equestrian Centre

«A lb « P ufeir a ort ima o



Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018

Why you should buy: Exceptionally well-kept luxury villa. Built to the highest of standards, the villa sits within a well enclosed and private plot, walking distance to one of the most pristine beaches in Europe.

Why you should buy: Superb 4/5 bedroom detached villa with swimming pool and sea views, decorated to a very high standard. Located 10 minutes walk from the sea.

Selling Villas for over 26 years! (Map Ref H4) 88

Central Algarve Issue 73, Spring 2018