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Fall 2013

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Central Life | Fall 2013


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4 Timeless: Interview with Wilma Stone 8 Send North America: Partnering with a Seattle Church 10 The Rising: Upcoming College Events 16 Meet the Russells: Interview With Brent and Caroline 18 Art of Marriage: Testimonies from the Marriage Retreat 20 Be My Witness: Upcoming Mission Opportunities 22 Dear Church: Letter from Senior Pastor, Dr. Archie Mason 24 One Student Ministry: Letter to Parents 32 Survey Says: A Biblical World View 36 The Light Has Dawned: A look at Prison to Purpose



Central Life | May 2013

Stacey was born in a troubled family, became a rebellious teenager, had multiple abortions before the age of 29, and wound up with a $500 per day drug habit. She attempted suicide three times, sleeping with a gun in her mouth, hoping the gun would go off. In May 1993 she was arrested with 11 lbs. of cocaine with the intent to sell. The judge, in God’s mercy to the Arkansas citizens, gave Stacey 60 years on this drug charge. Volunteers invested in Stacey’s spiritual life for years. On March 12, 1998, Stacey realized she could do nothing to earn or deserve salvation. She found herself in NAMB Chaplain Ken Dewitt’s office, and put her faith and trust into the finished work of Christ. From that day forward she was given the gift of righteousness and prison was not prison to her any more. It was a mission field. “I love prison!” Stacey says. Hear the story now from Stacey’s words… “Ten of the 12 years I was incarcerated and working in the Chaplain’s office. I was privileged to work with my Chaplain as the Lord put She put her in place what is called the PAL (Principles & Application faith and for Life) program. It is a program with 54 beds where trust into the we are bathed and taught from God’s Word. It has a finished work return rate of 1.28% three years out and 3.2% seven of Christ, years out verses the 47% general population. This program is now in all Arkansas prisons; many prisons in realizing the southern part of the U.S., the Ukraine, and Romania she could do did a blueprint on it.” “In 2002, volunteers from CBC would come into the PAL program and share about missions. Those reports began

to earn or deserve salvation.


to stir our hearts as inmates, and we for that people group, the missionary began By beingaa prayer Campus ministry where: for teams left behind and the country as a that traveled. notand know how far has been phenomenal what  l The Bible isI did taught preached in a whole. clear andIt applicable manner.
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 ladies pray  l People theaffect Lord andGod others true discipleship my heart, and but outreach in 2004 Governor three times a member.
 day for these teams  lown Evangelism is the responsibility of every Huckabee methe clemency when they are BUT, the story  l Ministry granted is done with love of Christ, excellence, andgone.” excitement.
 where I was released fivewhile yearsthose early.seeking doesn’t there; biblical are youprinciples ready for  l Social needs are met, helpend are taught of living. I was paroled to Oklahoma City where this?  l Community involvement down barriers and opens doors for ministry. I began to sense the Lordbreaks wanting me to connect with other released God put the Haitian prisons on Stacey’s The usedifHis Word to confirm call, will you states. join us as we pray? PAL Lord girls has to see they would like totheheart! She “Finally, I found “Finally, brethren, pray for us that the word of the Lord will spread andthe be come together to be reinforced with myself being stirred ‘torapidly go’ into glorified, as ithad did learned also withinyou; and that we will rescued from perverse and the truthsjust they prison. prisons in be Haiti. It looked impossible evil men; for not all have faith. But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and Many desired this. In May 2005 Prison because I am still on parole and have protect you from the evil one. We have confidence in the Lord concerning you, that to Purpose was birthed and we began to get permission to leave the county you are doing do what we command. the Lord your training girls and on will thecontinue outsidetoand I much less the May country. In direct May 2012 hearts the love God and into the steadfastness of Christ.” 2 Thessalonians began into returning toofArkansas. Then I was approved to travel to Haiti. We 3:1-5 (NASB) in 2006 I was asked to come back have been in the prisons six times in to prison and I am now a Chaplain the past 14 months and more trips at the same prison where I was an are scheduled.” inmate. Since then we have added more prayer support for the nations “The Haitian Director of Prisons SOFT LAUNCH 
January - March 2013 and the missionaries and teams opened her heart to us, shared l Worship service in the Family Life traveling abroad. We are given prayer personal struggles and offered for Center requests, the women in prison pray, the Department of Prisons to train l Outreach on Sunday evenings
 the team gets back with the report our Haitian volunteers. Prison to l Connect individuals to ministry areas and brings a flag. We put that flag Purpose will train the volunteers from l Prepare facility
 in the barracks as abase
 reminder to pray the states. One of our prayers was l Increase volunteer


l ”Stay Here” Spring Break Mission Trip Focusing on North Jonesboro LAUNCH
 March 2013 l Launch with 120 people
 l Life Groups during 2nd service l Offer summer programs
 l Offer Wednesday nights (Fall)



Central Life | Fall 2013

that the volunteers would not have future prison teams. This is quite an to get authorization each time they accomplishment that we know could enter the prisons. She informed us only have happened through many that P2P will handle the background prayers and the hand of God. Our checks here and then their P2P added blessing is the Haitian pastor badges will be their authorization and his church that God has given into the prison. We are so excited us to help. In 13 months P2P has because the volunteers will be able to provided over 600 lbs. of soap, over teach, pray and encourage a forgotten 1,000 hygiene bags with toothpaste, society in Haiti prisons. The Director toothbrushes, lotion and dental also offered existing volunteers for us floss. We served the 350 female to train, which would inmates and officers “the people living in cover the needs of with a Christmas darkness have seen a dinner on Christmas one whole prison. ; on those day. The ladies at “This week Jennifer great living in the land of the McPherson and and I have rehearsed what all God has done the shadow of death a Hawkins women’s in the past 13 months light has .” unit in the U.S. took through Prison to out of their own Matthew 4:16 Purpose. We have monies to purchase been in Haiti a total of five weeks, soap and toothbrushes. Wow! What and God has allowed us to visit six of all has happened is unbelievable!! the 19 prisons, train two prison teams, This does not even include the goat send dental, medical and optometry project where ladies and officers in teams into two prisons and there have the U.S. prisons are buying at least been over 300 salvations. Presently, 20 goats for families in Haiti. Haiti funds are being raised for a medical/ is definitely near to our hearts and dental customized mobile unit for obviously near to God’s heart. Love Continues on page 40



Central Life | Fall 2013

Wilma Stone

The Holy Spirit began drawing Wilma to Jesus as a child. She was raised in another church denomination, married Lero, started a family, and began attending Central Baptist Church. Over time, she met Willie Merle Toone, an older woman in the church. As their relationship developed, Wilma opened up to Willie Merle about her struggle to understand her own salvation. She wondered if there were certain things she had to do to remain saved, and she had questions about baptism. Willie Merle spent precious time with Wilma discipling her in the Truth and pointing her to Scripture. The Spirit was stirring inside Wilma, showing her the need to trust Christ with all of her life. A short time later, her two sons came to know Christ at a VBS. She knew it was also time for her to surrender to Christ and follow Him from that point forward. As a result, on June 24, 1956, she and her two sons were baptized at Central Baptist Church. With tears in her eyes, Wilma speaks about her “spiritual mom”, Mrs. Toone. She recalls how Willie Merle always gently pointed her to Scripture and showed her how to raise Godly children. What a beautiful display of Titus 2, older women training younger women. Wilma experienced the power of having a godly woman pour into her life. Consequently, she continues this very same ministry. As a member of Central Baptist Church for over 55 years, she has served and ministered to many through the Women’s Missionary Union, Vacation Bible School, teaching a preschool class and persistently praying for the Central family. Most recently, she invited a young woman into her home to care for her as the young woman recovered from an illness. After hearing Wilma’s story, may we all remember that our lives reveal what we truly believe and who we follow. Just as Wilma learned from Mrs. Toone, our lives should both declare and demonstrate the gospel. We too should share and show the world that God Himself has come to rescue and renew sinful people in, and through, the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.



Central Life | Fall 2013

It is time to take back America! Statistics tell us that we are losing the war in the U.S. The church-to-population ratio in the United States peaked at one church for every 430 in World War I, but today there is only one church for every 6,194 people. In Canada the ratio is 1:115,040. It is further determined that new church plants are seeing more souls saved than existing churches. Established churches baptize 3.4 people per 100 residences and new churches baptize 11.7 people per 100 residences. Therefore, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of Southern Baptists has challenged existing churches to plant new churches. Fewer than 4% of SBC churches are engaged in church planting as a primary sponsor. NAMB’s goal is to see an increase to 10 percent. Central has had a history of planting churches, but Central has been asked by NAMB to be a Multiplying Church and target one of the 30


metropolitan cities of North America. While the work won’t be limited to these metropolitan areas, cities are “the mouthpiece of any nation and the place where culture is created,” – Aaron Coe, NAMB A Multiplying Church is one that will be a lead church in one of these cities and develop partnerships with other churches to come alongside of it to accomplish the church plant. The church will further develop strategies that will multiply other churches being started through those partnerships. God began putting this together for CBC when Stephen and Karis Ward and a team from CBC began work in Spokane, Washington. Since then, this church planting team started Pinnacle Church, which now averages 110, and began multiplying to another church plant in the Spokane metroplex in Cheney, The Edge Church, which is in pre-launch stage and averaging 120. But Spokane was not one of the metropolitan cities that was being targeted. Another move of God became evident when we learned of a Church Planter, Andy Brown from Arkansas, that was going to start a church in one of these 30 metropolitan areas in Seattle. As our Mission Strategy Team, the Spokane Team, and our staff prayed, God opened our eyes to see that Andy Brown was the man and the city was Seattle! Already Andy and his family have around 20 adults that are seeking the Lord and coming to pre-launch services. Meanwhile the Lord was teaching the


Central Life | Fall 2013

Wards and his team some systems, church planting strategies, and mentoring that would be key to planting churches in the state of Washington. NAMB Strategist, Gary Irby, believes that Central has access to a church planting team in both these cities that can lead many partnering churches to be a part of a church planting movement in the Northwest. Central, let’s welcome Andy & Trang Brown and their three children Jordan, Julionna, and Jasmine to the Church Planting Team in the State of Washington, where only 4% of the population even name the name of Jesus. Of that percentage a fewer number are born again. Oh! Let’s take back America a soul and a church at a time! Andy will be coached by our own Stephen Ward. We are further helping Pinnacle and The Edge develop their Acts 1:8 strategies by partnering with us in planting the church with Andy in Seattle. Pastor Archie and Larry Bailey will lead a team of pastors on a vision trip on August 27 – 30 to Seattle and Spokane to further develop this unfolding vision. During our annual mission emphasis October 6-13, Central will host a church planting conference with the Wards, Browns, and Irbys to educate and develop other churches in how we can accomplish the task together.

Beginning Wednesday, August 21, 6:15 – 7:30 PM


Coming this Fall


Central Life | Fall 2013

A Date Night with a Purpose | Friday, Sept 27 | 6:30PM | The Loft 15


Central Life | Fall 2013

The Rising is the college ministry of Central Baptist

Church. Each semester we meet in The Loft on the Central Campus, Wednesday nights at 8:30. Our mission is to Love God, Love Others. We feel the best way to implement that is to reach college students who do not know Christ and lead them into a growing relationship with Christ. God has already blessed our ministry over the past couple of months and we are excited to see what He has in store for us this up-coming semester. We are in dire need of adult leaders to come and love on these students and really help bridge the generational gap between college students and adults. Whatever you want to do to help these students out we can work with. You can help lead a Life Group, or disciple a student, maybe open your house for a Life Group, or even open your house one night for a small group of students to just come eat and fellowship with you. We will be thankful for your help and support. If you desire to be a part of the college ministry, please contact me 870-336-0441. If you save the campus you can save the World. Please partner with us this fall as we seek to reach students the church has not yet reached and lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ! College Pastor UPCOMING EVENTS WELCOME BRUNCH August 18






BARN BASH October 4







Central Life | Fall 2013

Where did you grow up?

B: Yukon, OK, Burkburnett, TX, and Woodward, OK. (Preacher’s kid) C: Plano, TX

What did you want to be when you grew up? B: Navy Seal C: Of course a pastor’s wife! :) I wanted to be a professional singer.

Where did you go to school?

B: In 2008, I graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University with a degree in Pastoral Ministry. In 2012, I graduated from Southwestern Seminary with my Masters in Theology. C: I graduated with a Bachelors of Business degree from Liberty University.

How did you meet?

B: I walked into her Sunday School class and knew she was something special. A couple of months later, I heard her sing How Great Thou Art and I was sold on the fact that she was going to be my wife. C: We met at church in Dallas. I introduced myself to him, and then again three weeks later since he didn’t remember me!

What are a few of your favorite things?

B: Fishing, golfing, eating, ping pong, and sharing the Gospel. C: Online shopping, working out, sweets, movies, and my puppy and husband!

Interesting fact about yourself? B: I have noodled a 35 pound catfish. C: I haven’t! Brent’s passion is to reach the lost and disciple fellow brothers in Christ. He believes College Ministry is vital because it is the foundational time to build our future leaders. Our college ministry’s aim at Central is to bring light in the dark places of this world, and we feel the best way to do that is to reach college students who are from all over the world. When the Holy Spirit calls college students out of the darkness on ASU campus you will save the world, for the world is right there. Caroline and Brent were married in February at her home church, Prestonwood, Plano, TX. He has been here since January and Caroline joined in late February.

Q&A with our College Pastor & his wife 19

Is an excellent opportunity for couples to get away and invest in their relationship.


Central Life | Fall 2013

Testimony from Brian !

After being married for 13 years we had drifted apart. Living separate lives in the same house. We did not have a Christ-centered marriage. Around year 13, we decided that our way wasn’t working. Divorce was not an option, but something had to be done. I was not the spiritual leader in my home that God wanted me to be. I was not sacrificing my life to my wife. The first weekend in April of 2013 we attended “The Art of Marriage” Retreat and by the grace of God, my (our) eyes were opened and our hearts were convicted. We heard and learned things that were new to us, but made perfect sense. We learned the way to have a Biblical marriage. We learned what it meant to truly love someone unconditionally. I learned what it meant to be a true spiritual leader in my home. My wife learned that being submissive did not mean being a doormat. We are by no means perfect, but we are perfect for each other. Today the struggles in our marriage are few and far between. However, when they do come up, they are resolved quickly and with a resilience that was almost nonexistent before. There isn’t a day that goes by that he forgets to thank God for His Word and the lessons we learned on that beautiful weekend in April. I truly believe that weekend was the best thing that either of us has ever done for the other. I wouldn’t trade the life lessons learned.

Hosts: Randy & Leith Hoggard and Don & Barbara Blackmore Cost: $125 per couple | October 25 – 27 | Camp Paron, Arkansas Register at

Testimony from Heidi !

The marriage retreat weekend was a blast! Robby and I loved it. The location was beautiful, peaceful, and the facility was very relaxing. We weren’t really sure what to expect out of the weekend, but it turned out to be very beneficial. It was a great inexpensive little getaway and being somewhat new to the church, it also allowed us to meet some very awesome couples and have some great fellowship with them. Robby and I have always felt like we had a great marriage, but going into the retreat, we actually learned a lot about ourselves and how important a strong marriage really is. We have been married 10 years and we never knew what it meant to have a Biblical marriage. It also allowed us to have some time away from Ryder which allowed us to refocus and reflect on what God was doing in our lives. No matter how long you have been married, I would recommend any couple to attend. We definitely plan to attend more in the future!



Central Life | Fall 2013

God is doing great things through missions !

This year so far we have been blessed to witness 2,748 salvations, 5 churches and 1 Bible group started, many baptisms and rededications, and 132 people from Central Baptist Church go on mission trips for the first time! McPherson Prison, 65 salvations since the start of the year. Ivory Coast, Koro people, 100 salvations, many baptisms, & 2 new churches started. Dufort, Haiti, 60 salvations, 14 baptisms, and 1 home Bible group started. Hawkins Prison, 20 salvations, many more rededications. Minagua, Nicaragua, 1,500 salvations. Olstzynek, Poland, 3 salvations and 3 baptisms. Malawi, Gospel shared with 1,340 people, 1,000 salvations & 3 churches planted. Arlington, Texas, 30 saved, including 3 of our own students! 5 people baptized. Montana, 2 cabins have been built to receive children & volunteers.

upcoming mission opportunities September 1 – McPherson Prison, Newport, AR: Evangelism Team sharing testimonies, music, and the Gospel in the ladies correctional facility.

October 18-20 – AB Children’s Home, Monticello, AR: Karate and craft weekend sharing various activities and the Gospel with children at the home.

September 7 – ASU Prayer Walk, ASU Campus: Prayer walk strategic areas of the Arkansas State University Campus.

October 5 – One Day Mission, Harrison, AR: Baptists from all over the state will be coming together for food, games, random acts of kindness and sharing the Gospel.

September 13-20 – Community Building Construction, Hays, Montana: Construction team finishing a multipurpose building for Native American ministries. September 25-30 – Block Party Team, Spokane/Cheney, WA: Work with Pinnacle Church promoting their new Cheney Campus, flyer distribution and block parties.

October 13 – McPherson Prison, Newport, AR: Evangelism Team sharing testimonies, music, and the Gospel in the ladies correctional facility. October 18-21 – Global Maritime, New Orleans, LA: Cargo and cruise ship workers ministry, building relationships and sharing the Gospel. (Cont Pg 27)


F i r s t , let me say thank you for allowing me to serve alongside of you here at Central Baptist Church. Angie and I are having the time of our lives in ministry. We love Central and we love seeing GOD work in HIS Church. We, members of Central, are living in a truly unique era of time in the history of Central, the Community of Jonesboro, our nation, and the world. I believe GOD has strategically placed Central to be a witness for Christ locally and abroad. I am so excited about the future as we continue to launch additional Central campuses, plant churches, and play a role in revitalizing plateaued and dying churches! Our mission at Central is to make disciples‌to make as many disciples as possible before Jesus comes back. We are on a mission from GOD, with a command from GOD, and we must be obedient to GOD! Each Sunday, Central Baptist Church is offering the City of Jonesboro and the surrounding communities nine worship service opportunities at


Central Life | Fall 2013

three different Central Baptist locations to worship, fellowship, and be discipled. If you are reading this Central Life News and are not attending a Sunday Worship Service, you are missing out on God’s purpose and plan for your life. God reveals HIMSELF through HIS written Word and has commanded that HIS church come together, Hebrews 10:25. Check out one of our three campuses; let GOD grow you for HIS Glory. Our newest corporate worship service opportunity is called “ReFuge.” This 11:00 a.m. worship service meets in the Family Life Center at the Central Campus. The live worship music is contemporary, and the preaching is simulcast out of the Worship Center into the FLC, with HD camera and big screen. This service is a great opportunity for you to invite unchurched friends, family members, and co-workers to attend. Dress is casual, the worship is vibrant, and the preaching is relevant. No excuses – come on! Join the fun and join in reaching our community. Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are tools that can be used positively for the spread of the Gospel. People will attend one of our campuses for a weekend worship service if you will invite them. Social media is most likely the number one instrument for reaching out to people and inviting them to be a part of what God is doing at Central Baptist. The CBC App is available for download and is a great vehicle for keeping up with events, listening to the podcast of messages, and giving. Please use the avenues of influence that God has given you to make an impact in our community and surrounding region by inviting your family, friends, and co-workers to experience all that God is doing through one of our campuses. Construction is underway at the Central Children’s wing expansion and at the Journey Campus facility. I believe that over time we will see thousands of people come to Christ in these two facilities and countless

GOD has strategically placed us to be a witness for Christ locally & abroad.


numbers of believers will be discipled. I love seeing people saved and discipled. Thank you to all of you who made a commitment over and above your tithe to “Take the Next Step.” If you haven’t committed to this special project yet, please consider giving! The faster we get it totally completed, the faster we start seeing people come to Jesus! Give online at, use the CBC App, contact matroxel@, or mail your gift to Central Baptist Church. I believe we are on the verge of seeing GOD do some great things in Central Baptist this August through December. Please invest and invite your family, friends, and co-workers to attend one of our three campuses. Use social media, use the invite cards, go pick them up – just get them to one of the nine worship services offered, and watch GOD change their lives for HIS Glory! Again, thank you for allowing Angie and me to serve here at Central during these unprecedented days of ministry!


Central Life | Fall 2013

November 3 – Hawkins Prison, Wrightsville, AR: Evangelism Team sharing testimonies, music, and the Gospel in the ladies correctional facility. November 28-December 6 – Discipleship Team, Dufort, Haiti: Sharing the Gospel and discipling new believers. November 30 - ASU Prayer Walk, ASU Campus: Prayer walk strategic areas of the Arkansas State University Campus. December 17 – McPherson Prison, Newport, AR: Sock drop team bringing Christmas cheer and a Gospel message to the ladies of McPherson Prison. December 14-21 – Children’s Home of the Mountains, Saltillo, Mexico: Minor repairs and ministering to the abandoned and orphaned children of the children’s home. Questions? CONTACT LESLIE (870) 336.1281 Register online



Central Life | May 2013


Let us gather in prayer as one church , petitioning for the Spirit to empower us to be His “witnesses both in Jerusalem (Jonesboro), and in all Judea (Arkansas) and Samaria (United States), and even to the remotest part of the earth (the world),� AS WE APPROACH OUR ANNUAL MISSION EMPHASIS PRAY ... n Central members be empowered with the Holy Spirit as we seek personal and corporate revival. n Central be effective in sharing Christ locally and around the world. n Singles, students, college students, and families commit to go on missions. n For smooth planning and implementation between all campuses before and during Empowered 1:8. n For the Strategy & Empowered 1:8 Teams as they seek guidance in planning. n Pastors Archie, Dan, and Jamar preaching in services October 6 & 13. n For Dr. Vance Pittman as he preaches the message on Wednesday, October 9. n For surrendered commitments to pray, give, and go. n That our Faith Commitment Offering goal of $380,000 be reached. n People to be broken over the lostness of those around us and across the globe. n Each volunteer and career missionary who will speak to Life Groups, be filled with the Holy Spirit, communicate the vision of their mission, and give practical ways of how we can be involved in their mission. n Life Groups to be willing to host our missionaries. n For the missionaries that will be with us during Empowered 1:8 and for safe travel, effectiveness, and protection from evil.

Missionaries Joining Us Bruce Plummer, Montana Indian Ministries Stephen & Karis Ward, NAMB missionaries, Pinnacle & Edge Churches, Spokane, WA Andy & Trang Brown, NAMB missionaries, The Landing, Seattle, WA Randy Murray, IMB missionary, India Bailey Hughes, IMB missionary, Poland Stacey Smith, Jennifer Smith, Diana Moore, NAMB missionaries, Prison 2 Purpose Richard & Connie Cummins, IMB Missionaries, Thailand

Questions? CONTACT LESLIE (870) 336.1281

The new Journey Campus Building and Central Expansion are underway! The Journey Campus bids came in under budget with an additional cost savings totaling $200,000. This is the amount of money that is needed to complete the steel erection and pouring of the 2nd floor of the Central campus expansion. The Building Team unanimously approved moving forward with the steel erection and pouring the 2nd floor on the Central Campus. At this time, the steel is being detailed and will be ready for installation in late August. Visit to watch a live feed of both constructions.


Central Life | May 2013

Central would like to welcome Mandy Zipfel to our ministry staff! Mandy started August 1 as our Director of Preschool Ministries. She will serve on the Discipleship Team helping disciple and minister to preschoolers and their parents. Mandy will be serving alongside Pam Little until her retirement in October. Mandy will also help coordinate the Women’s Ministry for Central. Mandy and BJ married in 2000. They have three children: Zoe (9), Carter and Bennett (6). Mandy worked at Valley View Elementary for 4 years and Nettleton Intermediate for 7 years. She has a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Arkansas State.



Central Life | Fall 2013

The Lord has done great things in and through ONE STUDENT MINISTRY this summer! We took 70 students on two mission trips to Arlington, Texas, and Nicaragua. We were able to see nearly 1,575 people give their lives to Christ this summer! We also took nearly 200 Jr. High and Sr. High students to camp! It has been an awesome summer! I am confident as we move into the fall that the Lord will continue to move among us! With that in mind, I want to lay out a few things that are happening with ONE Student Ministry.


LUAU is August 21 for students from Central, Journey, and Word Campuses. This event will be at the Central Campus.


As a student ministry, we will be walking through the Bible this year! Parents be looking for the ONE books coming soon. They will be an invaluable tool to use as you take the lead role in discipling your student.


We are launching multiple Collides this semester at the Word and Journey campuses. This is a huge step of faith for us as we seek to reach students the church has not yet reached.


If you want to get plugged in or help in any way with student ministry, please contact me,, or Katie, Please partner with us this fall as we seek to reach students the church has not yet reached and lead them into a growing relationship with Christ! One Student Ministry Pastor



Central Life | Fall 2013


Questions Contact: Mandy, mzipfel@

upcoming events


Central Life | Fall 2013

The Barna Group, a

leading research organization whose focus is on the relationship of faith and culture, published eye-opening survey results in 2009. Their study investigated the prevalence or absence of a biblical worldview in the United States. A “worldview” is a person’s belief system that serves as a filter in the decision making process in life. This “worldview” helps a person make sense of received information, experiences, relationships, opportunities, etc. – it is the lens through which a person sees his or her “world.” The Barna Group identified six belief statements that are characteristic of a “biblical worldview”: • Absolute moral truth exists • The Bible is totally accurate in all of the principles it teaches • Satan is a real being, not symbolic

• People cannot earn their way into heaven by doing good works • Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth • God is the all-knowing, allpowerful creator of the world who still rules the universe today. Using the above criteria, the research found that only 9% of American adults hold to a biblical worldview. Only 19% of adults who claimed to be “born-again” believers claim to hold to a biblical worldview. Even more startling, the data shows that less than one half of one percent of Christians (1 in 200 adults) between the ages of 18 and 23 has a biblical worldview. This research has huge implications for parents of our elementary school-aged kids and for our families at Central Baptist Church. Why? A person’s worldview is usually shaped and firmly established by age 13. This worldview will undergo redefining and reshaping through


personal experiences during the teenage and early adult years. Then these individuals will focus on passing their worldviews to others – primarily their own kids. Whatever they pass on to their kids will most likely become the worldview of these kids – creating a perpetuating life cycle of belief that will lead our families further away from the Lord. So this is why Explore Kids Ministry exists here at Central Baptist Church. Our desire is to partner with families and fuel faith in the next generation as taught in Deuteronomy 6:6-9. We provide an environment where every child has the opportunity to know God’s love and enter into a relationship with Jesus. Our gospel-centered, biblically-based teaching lays the foundation for a vibrant walk with God and for a biblical worldview that desires to make Him known among the nations. We provide great opportunities to learn God’s Word each Sunday morning in Life Groups on all three campuses. On Wednesday nights at the Central Campus, our AWANA program helps kids learn how to memorize and study the Bible. We hope to see your kids at both these venues of biblical learning!


Central Life | Fall 2013

Singles Life Group new time & location, Sundays at 9:30am (formerly 11am) in the annex building - west entrance. weekly activities Mondays: 7:30pm, Nirvana Night Tuesdays: 5:30pm, Trim Gym Night Wednesdays: 12pm, Lunch BA Burrito Thursdays: 5:30pm, Trim Gym Night Sundays: 12:15pm, Lunch


Special events: August 21: New Growth Group begins for single moms August 30: Party On The Pontoon, Labor Day Weekend Retreat/Norfork September 19-27: Mission Trip to Haiti October 18-20: Mission Trip, Children’s Home, Monticello October 26: Color Run 5k/Memphis

Questions? Contact Pastor Bobby,

s t a r t i ng

aug ust4



God! Love Haiti!!” P2P reports in the McPherson unit 74 salvations with 38 baptisms, in Hawkins 20 salvations with 11 baptisms, and in Haiti 312 saved. Each of those new believers are in the process of intense discipleship training. Some of them have even become church planters. Where is this movement of God taking place? The Arkansas Prison System! Since its inception in 1998, God has had His fingerprints all over the Prison to Purpose program. Stacey is truly a missionary in prison and from prison.

Upcoming Mission Opportunities to the Prisons September 1 | October 13 | December 17 – McPherson Prison, Newport, AR: Evangelism Team sharing testimonies, music, and the Gospel in the ladies correctional facility.

Upcoming Events • Explore Parent Orientation – August 14 (AC) • AWANA Kick Off – August 21 (CC) • Emerge Preteen Ministry Kick Off – August 21 (CC) • Fall Back! Emerge Preteen Retreat – September 20-22 (AC) • Man Up! Father/Son Camp Out – October 4-5 (AC) • Fall Festival – October 30 (CC, JC) & 31 (WC) • Mother-Son Date Night – November 9 (AC) • AWANA Christmas Party – December 18 (CC) (CC) Central Campus (WC) Word Campus


(JC) Journey Campus (AC) All Campuses

Central Life | Fall 2013

Upcoming dates *September 29 January 26, 2014 May 4, 2014 *Deadline to signup is September 16. Questions? Contact: Pam,

9:30 - 2:30pm Tuesdays & Thursdays,

Parents Day Out is for 3 months – 3 years of age and PreK program is for 4 year old children who have not yet attended kindergarten. In both programs teachers provide activities that are hands-on, engage the senses, and are driven by the child’s God-given interest and desire to explore, using the biblically based WEE Learn curriculum. Our learning centers provide child-initiated exploration in writing, reading, science, block, dramatic play, games, manipulatives, music and art. The Arkansas Benchmarks for PreK are taught and integrated with the biblically based WEE Learn Curriculum for PreK. Questions/Sign-up? Contact: Yvonne 870.935.1950




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