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Center Stage Issue #1

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In this issue... 3 The Social Network does David Fincher's latest deliver?

4 Arrietty and Sucker Punch Studio Ghibli's next instalment and the CGI heavy-ass girls.

6 Bloc Party The return of one of Britain's finest bands.

Cover story... 7 Marina & The Diamonds The Welsh beauty ready to take it to the next level.

1 Center Stage Issue 1

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on our radar


The Social Network

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Zuckerberg goes from spoilt brat to rich spoilt brat.

With David Fincher‟ thought provoking serial killer thriller Se7en, his „fight for your life‟ prison drama Fight Club and after the success of drama/mystery of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, many wandered what Fincher‟ next move would be. When the announcement of a movie based on the creation of this generations most influence youthful social addiction Facebook came along, many were debating whether this was in the best interest of cinema or a way for Mark Zuckerberg to add to his millions. However once Fincher was discovered to be at the helms of the project, it soon become a movie audiences were waiting for in a degree of excitement. And they weren‟t disappointed. In this full portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg‟ (Jesse Eisenberg) creation of Facebook and how it went from a college project to one of the worlds most visited websites, The Social Network tells the story of how one kid changed the face of social networking forever. As a university of Harvard student serving six-months of academic probation

3 Center Stage Issue 1

for hacking into the database of various residents halls, Zuckerberg and his friend Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) establish the idea of social networking and the up and down rollercoaster ride of the successes and complications Facebook forced their lives through. From court hearings, being sued to the attraction of life on the millionaires list, there is a surprisingly realistic feel to the events that unfold in The Social Network. To miss-leading go into this film thinking it glorifies Zuckerberg as a genius and a hero to mankind isn‟t uncommon, however whilst his genius is un-doubtful screenwriter Aaron Sorkin doesn‟t portray Zuckerberg to be a perfect saint. There is something realistic about Jesse Eisenberg‟ portrayal of Zuckerberg, whilst the acting ability of Eisenberg is undeniably proves his is Hollywood star on the rise. Throughout the film the audience shares a love hate relationship with Zuckerberg, through every bad action he takes we can‟t help but feel he will soon redeem his actions. This is due to the brilliant writing of Sorkin and the emotional connection

Eisenberg shares with his audience. With brilliant support from soon-to-be Spider-man Aaron Garfield and singersongwriter turned actor Justin Timberlake, The Social Network isn‟t just a film about the rise of a revolutionary modern day concept. It is a brilliant piece of cinema and a director who continue to churn out great film after great film. Matthew Rathbone

Out NOW on DVD and Blu-Ray

Director: David Fincher Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Rooney Mara, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Bryan Barter Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin Duration: 1hr 55mins Production Company: Columbia Pictures

Trailer: v=ZHkYEC

Mania Reported to be R-rated during production, but end up editing down to PG-13 to make it accessible for a wider audience. The opening breakup scene with Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara ran eight script pages and took 99 takes. Justin Timberlake lost 15-17 pounds for his role in this movie. He felt that making himself look skinnier would make him look younger.

1 star = AVOID 2 star = Fair 3 Star = Good 4Star = Impressive 5 Star = MUST SEE!!



Studio Ghibli meets The Borrowers

Before John Lasseter came along with Pixar, one man in Japan rules the animation screen. This man was Hayao Miyazaki, co-founder of Japanese animation film company, Studio Ghibli has eighteen feature films under its belt, arguably the most world renown project Spirited Away claiming an Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. Studio Ghibli's latest release Arrietty is the first Ghibli film that takes its inspiration from another existing project, Mary Norton's The Borrowers. However much like other Ghibli film, Arrietty contains several underlining messages and issues that reflect on human behaviour in modern day society. Arrietty is a story about a 14-year-old girl who lives with her equally tiny parents, living under the floorboards of a house occupied by a mother, her son and their maid. They are completely unaware of thier miniature tenants, until one day the 12-year-old son Sho discovers

Arrietty, who has been warned not to let humans see her. Hayao Miyazaki has built Studio Ghibli (along with its other cocreator Isao Takahata) a reputation where its films not only consist of breath-taking animation. fantasy worlds and characters that can only come from a mind of such a genius. but stories that have its audiences question the behaviour of ourselves in the modern age. The mix of a gripping story and a sweet innocent child -like character is what makes Arrietty the perfect watch for someone who is 10-years of age or 50-years-of-age. Whilst it is a little way off from the standard of its award winning Spirited Away and How's Moving Castle, Arrietty still proves how there is no other animation studio that can connect to an audience and entertain them as they do. Matthew Rathbone Out NOW on DVD and Blu Ray


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4 Center Stage Issue 1

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Sucker Punch Don't mess with these girls

When it comes to green screens, no one has ever invested so much of their filmmaking into this technique than Zack Snyder. With the ever impressive battle-fest 300 and the less so impressive, but equally digitally reliant Watchmen under his belt Snyder tackled his next green screen project, Sucker Punch. We open with 13-year-old Baby Doll (Emily Browning) discovering her mother has passed. Her selfloathing stepfather (Gerard Plunkett) threatens Baby Doll and her younger sister, almost killing them in his attempt to claim the inheritance for himself. In her attempt to stop him, Baby Doll reaches for a gun, accidentally killing her sister, which gives her stepfather the perfect reason to claim Baby Doll insane, committing her into a mental home. This beautifully shot opening sixminute montage, only sets us up to be disappointed with what‟s to follow. It throws us in a false sense of

anticipation of wanting to see more of this dark world in which the characters occupy, a slight experimental style of these worlds that perhaps Snyder would like to dish-up with an unlimited potential through his CGI gadgets. However what we get is a continuation of the same montage used throughout the film that soon becomes expected and a tad bit boring. The CGI once again is impressive from Snyder, but the story falls way too short of this. The film itself feels as though it is on repeat, girl thinks of plan, dances, 10 minute green screen world, back to reality…now from the top! The acting doesn‟t exactly give this film any more credit either, whilst the beautiful Emily Browning plays her part well, she doesn‟t get much support from her fellow cast. Matthew Rathbone Out NOW on DVD and Blu Ray

1 star = AVOID 2 star = Fair 3 Star = Good 4Star = Impressive 5 Star = MUST SEE!!

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bloc party are back for 2012!

Kele Okereke has confirmed that Bloc Party will release a new album later this year. Speaking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 today (January 3), the frontman said that a follow up to their third album, 2008's 'Intimacy', will be out at some point in 2012. The band have been working on their fourth album in New York. Last year Kele courted controversy by claiming that while he was busy with his solo career, the remaining members of Bloc Party would be auditioning new singers to allow them to continue playing together. Bloc Party soon backtracked on the admission, which had been made to NME. Zane Lowe went on to contact the band's management, who denied the developments. Lowe then took to Twitter to claim: "Bloc Party thing is nonsense. Management confirm it. Solid... solid as a rrrrock." As management officially denied there was anything going on, the band distanced themselves from the claims. It was then suggested that the four members had been in cahoots to whip up publicity for the band and 'get one over' on the media.

6 Center Stage Issue 1

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In The Spotlight


If I become normal in the head, I'm probably over as an artist


Marina Diamandis dazzled fans with her cooky debut album The Family Jewels in 2010 and now she is back this time as a new persona known as Elektra Heart. The welsh have a remarkable track record of producing young female vocalists who know how to belt out a classic opera-style piece that would have green house owners shaking of fear through their vulnerable windows. Their not exactly a soar sight for eyes either (the image of Katherine Jenkins coming to mind with that being said) and with that mix of beauty and an undeniable talent it is to no surprise why artists such as Charlotte Church and Dame Shirley


Center Stage

Issue 1

Bassey enjoyed great popularity in their hay-day. With Charlotte Church falling off the radar from the public eye after her failed marriage to fellow Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson and her disappearance from the music industry due to an attempt at her own show (which seemed to have lasted as short as her marriage), it had the public wandering who would be the next big thing out Wales. Enter Marina Lambrini Diamandis.

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"I feel numb most of the time, the lower I get the higher I'll climb" Numb

Twitter Feed (our survey says)

Marina Diamandis was born in a town called Abergavenny, found in the county of Monmouthshire, southeast Wales. However if you were thinking she looks slightly Greek you wouldn‟t be wrong. Born to a Greek father and a Welsh mother, Diamandis attended the Haberdashers‟ Monmouth School for Girls, one of the UK‟s leading girls school for musical achievements where she states, “I sort of found my talent there” in an interview with the Daily Mail. Her surname Diamandis is the Greek word for diamonds, which she adopts as her stage name releasing all her material under the name of Marina and the Diamonds. Her stage name often leads to misunderstandings of Marina and the Diamonds being a band, much like Florence and the Machine. However although Florence has her machine of other members to lend her a hand in writing the music, Marina‟s diamonds are all of her own making. Marina and the Diamonds rose to fame after finishing runner up to Ellie Goulding on the BBC Sound

9 Center Stage Issue 1

of 2010 poll list, after the release of her first EP The Crown Jewels. Her debut single Mowgli’s Road received critical acclaim with comparisons to the ever original and experimental Kate Bush, not bad for an artist looking to make a name for her self. The Crown Jewels was followed by the release of Diamandis‟ debut album The Family Jewels, which didn‟t disappoint fans of her previous EP, scoring an impressive nine out of ten from NME. The extravagant singer/ songwriter demonstrates her ability to write catchy compositions featuring a wide range of vocals that make every track as enjoyable as the next. Arguably one of the best tracks on the album was her lead single during release entitled Hollywood, but it isn‟t quite the celebration of American pop culture the name might suggest. In their review of the album NME describe the song as “an explosion of sonic confetti, it boasts a chorus so killer it should probably be investigated by the police” by highlighting the

fact that it has been “twiddled to perfection by 5ive/kylie/Spice Girls supremo Biff Stannard”. This was followed by the release of I Am Not A Robot and Oh No! which received just as positive feedback as Hollywood earning Diamandis the award for Best UK and Ireland Act at the 2010 MTV EMA awards. The musical style of Marina and the Diamonds has been described as an up-tempo new wave type of sound with BBC music claiming that she “appears to have based her entire singing style on the odd rhythms and insane lurches of Sparks‟ This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both Of Us”. Her style has often been compared to the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Nash, but if you ask Marina herself she states in an interview for, >>>

“I hate it when people sing better than me. I’m talking to you, Marina and the Diamonds” -Citinlady “Going to have a Marina and the Diamonds music fest. And pray that some day a new single or album will come to me” -JimmyBlow12 “Oh No! Marina and the Diamonds. Good song” -mynamesrosalind

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“artists like Lilly Allen did kind of spring out of the like mockney scene and its really hard to shake that kind of thing off”. She adds, “I would love people to think my music is timeless or classic in some sense”. So after the success of her first album, what does Marina and the Diamonds have in store for the future? In October 2011, Marina and the Diamonds released Radioactive, her first single from her new album Electra Heart due to be released spring 2011. The unpredictability of what to expect from each track on The Family Jewels carries on with Diamandis‟ new single, as it serves up a sound unfamiliar from her previous work. The dance -like beat ridden with euro-synths gives you a sense that your listening to a radio friendly type of song, much like you would expect from an artist such as Lady Gaga. Who is the producer of this song? Well its none other than Stargate, a collaborator of Rihanna and Katy Perry. Has Marina and the

Diamonds „sold out‟? Not quite. The substance behind the style is a lot more meaningful than your average top 20 hit, mostly due to the lyrical content. The opening lyric “lying on a fake beach you‟ll never get a tan/baby I‟m gonna leave you drowning until you reach for my hand”, feels like a personal feeling of Diamandis that could easily be found on her previous work. After all the title of the new album, Elektra Heart, is a new persona of hers where she describes it as “the antithesis of everything I stand for”. She created Elektra to be a visual portrayal of the American dream and we will have a greater understanding of whether Marina and the Diamonds have adopted a more mainstream sound once the album is released. Prior to the release of Radioactive, the Max Factor model uploaded another song that was later established to also be on the new album. The enigma that is Diamandis, once again toys with our expectations and dishes up yet


11 Center Stage Issue 1

another piece of work that is evidentially different to the previous. The track was entitled Fear and Loathing, which consisted her sitting in front of the mirror singing a power ballad based around the theme of „change‟ and the realisation of the American Dream never materialising. The video yet again features the character Electra Heart, as the storytelling album begins to take its shape. So will Marina and the Diamonds sophomore album prove to be as successful as its predecessor? Only time will time once the album is released, but one thing is for sure. Marina Diamandis continues to keep us guessing of what is to come next. Matthew Rathbone

Marina & The Diamonds new album Electra Heart is expected early 2012. The Family Jewels is available NOW

CLASSIC SONG "Oh No! " http:// watch?v=CrSqRWImmI

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