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PLAYWRIGHT'S AGREEMENT (must be completed and signed for entry): I agree to all of the following: Submission of an entry will authorize The Center of the World Festival (hereinafter COWFEST) to reprint my script at no cost for the purpose of production needs for readers, staff, and directors. COWFEST will keep one copy in its private archives to validate non-profit mission fulfillment. I WILL NOT SEND MY ORIGINAL COPY! I give authorization to COWFEST to reproduce and perform my script with no royalties (for the purpose of furthering COWFEST's Mission and substantiate existence as a Not-For-Profit entity). I agree to permit the use of my name, biography and titles of my play(s) in promotional materials and on the websites of COWFEST. I agree to forward copies of articles or newspaper stories regarding the COWFEST competition and/or production of my entered play. Any other publicity uses of scripts will be detailed in other separate agreements made between myself and COWFEST. A suggested minimal donation of $10 may be enclosed with this script. Check is made payable to: Center of the World Festival, Inc. There are no donation refunds once a play is submitted. I have read and understand the information presented in the entry guidelines (Submission Rules, Theme Rules, Selection Process, and Readers Theatre). I agree to these guidelines and requirements. I certify that my submission abides by these guidelines. I understand that, if my script is chosen for finalist and production, that casting is subject to performer availability with regard to gender, ethnicity, and age. I hereby vouch for the copyright ownership of the submitted play. I take full responsibility for all content in the play. I certify that this play is entirely my own work. I certify that this play has never been performed or published in any form (professional, community, or student theatre) as of the date of submission. I certify that this play never has won an award or been named for an honor in any other playwrighting competitions. I agree to notify COWFEST if this play is subsequently produced, performed, or published prior to selection as a finalist. If selected as a finalist, I agree to withhold other production, performances, or publication until the Festival is concluded on August 19, 2012. I understand and acknowledge that my script will be read and heard by several people connected to the Festival, some of whom may already have scripts, treatments or ideas that contain similarities to those in my script. I also understand that it is common for similar ideas to be created independently by different parties. Accordingly, I understand and agree that to the extent any plays produced by COWFEST (in this year or in subsequent years) contains similarities to my script (whether in the characters, storylines, or otherwise), such similarities are coincidental in nature. I agree that I will not bring any legal action asserting prior rights with respect to those similarities.

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Printed Name: __________________________________________________________________ Relationship to Playwright: _______________________________________________________ If playwright is a minor, a custodial parent must sign the above Agreement and give: Minor's name and age: ___________________________________________________________ ___ YES. I certify I am a U.S. citizen. ___ YES. I certify I am non-citizen who has legal status to participate in this playwright competition. This agreement applies to the following script(s): Title:___________________________________________________________________________ Title:___________________________________________________________________________ Title:___________________________________________________________________________

Playwright Agreement