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Friday, April 7, 2014

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Budgeting for the big night alexMILLER

page editor

Over the years, prom has become a night appropriate for splurging and indulging in the royal treatment. The most glamorous dresses are presented on the highest pedestals, flaunting their “$300 - On sale!” price tags. Meanwhile, the finest tuxedos are advertised in every size, cut, and color next to their tags claiming “$500 - Half off !” According to a national survey taken by Visa in 2013, the average household spent approximately $1140 on prom.

Although several students look forward to smashing their piggy banks and scavenging through their cars for every last penny to spend on their enchanted evening, several families are taken aback by these seemingly outrageous statistics. As a result, several teens are deprived of what many have claimed to be the best night of their lives. Of course it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of prom. However, it is not that difficult to actually create a cheaper plan of attack to keep from completely breaking the bank. For all assets, set a budget. Mapping out what is

personally affordable to spend before venturing into the boutiques and florists will aid in keeping expenses on track and prevent overspending. Namely, within this budget, dresses and tuxedos are typically the initial concern. Finding the perfect style is one issue. Once purchased, though, they also must be uniquely trimmed and hemmed to ideally fit someone’s unique figure. These increasing costs only add to one’s increasing stress, but there are alternative options.

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April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper


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Doctor Who: 50 Years of Timey Wimey Adventures and More to Come Soon



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According to Google Trends, the overall popularity of Doctor Who has been rising since 2005, with interest peaking as new seasons and specials premiere. The highest popularity level yet was November 2013, when Doctor Who celebrated its pentegenarian birthday with a bang. The 50th anniversary special episode, “The Day of the Doctor”, was aired in 94 countries at once and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama. Christmas 2013 brought a change to the series, with actor Peter Capaldi taking over the role of the Doctor. This has brought much excitement and anticipation for the next season. Capaldi, however, has received criticism in public and social media for being “too old for the role of the Doctor”. At 55, he is the same age as was William Hartnell, the first actor to play the Doctor in 1963. Nonetheless, true fans of the show are accepting of the new Doctor and have shown excitement and anticipation for the show. Mia Bury, a high schooler in St. Petersburg, said she is “looking forward to seeing how well Peter Capaldi plays the Doctor.” Likewise, Countryside freshman Darion Burke shared that he is excited for “the new Doctor” and “hopefully new companions and enemies.” Nobody knows exactly what to expect from Capaldi or his travelling companions quite yet, but it is certain that the Doctor will be a hero. Steven Moffat has said about the Doctor, “When they made this particular hero, they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. They didn’t give him a tank or a warship or an x-wing fighter, they gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray, they gave him an extra heart. They gave him two hearts. And that’s an extraordinary thing; there will never come a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.” The Doctor has been both a hero and an inspiration to many people, preaching nonviolence, creativity, tolerance, and love, and proving the point that anyone and everyone can be important; from a temp in Chiswick to an English teacher that cannot bake a soufflé. Doctor Who returns to the BBC with its eighth season in autumn 2014.

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On November 23, 1963, a British sci-fi television show began its legacy on the BBC, 10 minutes late due to coverage of the JFK assassination the previous day. It opened with a confused pair of school teachers discussing a curiously bright young student named Susan Foreman, who resided in a junkyard with her mysterious grandfather called the Doctor - just the Doctor. The Doctor and Susan both just so happened to be alien Time Lords from the planet Gallifrey with the ability to travel throughout space and time in a stolen machine called a TARDIS which got stuck looking like a phone box. Not to mention, these Time Lords have two hearts, psychic abilities, and can regenerate into a new body upon their death. After 50 years, a cancellation, a television movie, a groundbreaking revival series and a genius way to renew the show periodically, Doctor Who has become one of the longest surviving shows on television. To date, there have been 13 actors to man the TARDIS as the main character, the Doctor, as well as numerous companions that travel with him, ranging from humanoids to robotic dogs, who have aided the Doctor in saving the universe from evil. The Doctor’s adventures in space and time have reached millions of people both young and old. “[Doctor Who] is both a children’s show for adults and an adult show for children,” said current show runner and head writer Steven Moffat in an interview with the BBC. Moffat took over writing this show in 2009. “It has to be complicated enough to hold the attention of the children, but simple enough for an adult to understand,” said Moffat; however, some people - particularly those who have never seen it before - may argue that the complicated plot of the series is a bit much to handle. Actor David Tennant who portrayed the Doctor from 2005 to 2009 stated, “The thing about Doctor Who is that it is very hard to explain and not sound like a lunatic.” Tennant, who grew up watching the classic show, made

the helpful suggestion to simply sit down and watch one episode. “When you see it, it just makes perfect and beautiful sense,” he said. Starting with one episode seems to be how it started for many Doctor Who fans today. With its popularity spreading like wildfire, it is no wonder so many people have gotten hooked in the past few years. High school freshman Jared Freed explained that he was at a friend’s house when he was introduced to the series in 2013 and liked it right off the bat. Eighth grader Matthew Deale had seen advertisements online about it and decided to watch it one night in late 2012. “[It was] possibly the best decision I’ve ever made,” said Matthew. Many other Doctor Who devotees have gotten into the show since 2005 with the revival series, though not all of the fans of the show are new. The series has also fed the fancy of many veteran fans as well. Paralegal and life-long fan Aly Perry recalls watching when she was a young girl in the early 80s. “It was one of my favorite TV shows, and I loved the Doctor, he’s still my favorite.” Tom Baker was the iconic Doctor during this era. Nowadays, Perry occasionally watches it with her daughter, but admits that she prefers the classic series with ‘her’ Doctor. Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor, and David Tennant, the tenth Doctor, have both proven to be favorite Doctors among both old and new fans. Toting around their sonic screwdrivers that do much more than drive in screws and boasting their distinct dress sense, it is hard not to think of these two when picturing the Doctor. The actor behind the eleventh incarnation, Matt Smith, is also very popular, and he has even lead to a rise in the sales of bow ties in recent years. As every Whovian knows, “bow ties are - and always will be - cool.” Not only this, but the show has been culturally influential enough to land the term “Whovian” in the Oxford English Dictionary, added in 2012 as a term to refer to a fan of Doctor Who. by pe rm

guest writer

Repro duced



April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper

Spring break: expectation vs. reality meghanMOREY

features editor

As the end of March rolls around, students anxiously await their upcoming spring break. In Florida, it is common to see hordes of people fill the beach, travel to theme parks, and enjoy their vacation in the sun. There is a preconceived idea that most students, especially ones who live in popular vacationing spots, spend their vacations wandering the sandy beach shores. Is this reality or just a Reproduced by permission of grayline. com frequent expectation? “I had to work almost every day, but I still got a chance to see some friends,” said junior Marah Dutra. Many students were be busy with other priorities, such as work, watching younger siblings, and early college classes. Luckily for us, living in Pinellas County offers many nearby adventures. Approximately 20 minutes from Countryside High School is Clearwater Beach, two and a half miles of grainy white sand and refreshing waves. A little farther, about 30 minutes away, is the Salvador Dalí Museum, the largest collection of Dalí’s work in the United States. It is an extraordinary experience for surrealism art lovers found in Downtown St. Petersburg. If you are in the mood Reproduced by permission of phaidon. for a thrillful adventure and com want to get your adrenaline rushing, head just outside of Pinellas County to Hillsborough County, where Busch Gardens was established 55 years ago.


A future with the stars and stripes paigeRENNER

staff writer

There are hundreds of career opportunities in the military and around 180,000 men and women enlist every year, many of which are high school students. To pursue a career in the military, a student has to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), pass a physical examination, meet with a recruiter, determine a career based on their ASVAB scores,and take the Oath of Enlistment. From there, the student can do either one of two things: he/she can report to basic training from two days to two months after completing the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) test requirements, or he/she can go into the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and commit to go to basic training at another time in the future, usually within a year. Media design, business administration, combat operations, healthcare, construction, law enforcement, and engi-

neering are all examples of careers in the military. Enlisted personnel normally engage in or support combat and other military operations, operate and repair equipment, supervise junior enlisted personnel, and perform technical and support activities. Military Officers normally manage enlisted personnel, organize and lead troops in operations, provide personnel with professional services in a number of different fields, and operate and command armored vehicles, aircrafts, and ships. There are many different reasons to enlist in the military after high school. To protect and serve our country, for the experience, for a free way into college, or to gain self-discipline. For student Sabrina Marshall, her reason for joining the military is for the assets that come with enlisting. “It pays the bills and you get great benefits and your children are set for life.”

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Anxiety is a transparent disease jackWALKER

staff writer

Students talk about their anxiety as if it is commonplace today, but many do not realize the gravity of the age-old mental disorder. Stress is healthy and needed to perform in everyday life but too much can lead to distress, the fundamental cause of anxiety. Anxiety can develop in anyone, and that is especially the case for students who face stress at every corner. It could stem from various school work, extracurricular activities or peer pressure, for example. Webster’s Dictionary defines anxiety as “a fear or nervousness about what might happen”, and it is exactly that. Anxiety is classified

as a mood and has various side effects ranging from several nervous tendencies, like nail biting and foot-tapping to full blown panic attacks. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is the most troubling of anxiety-related disorders and characterized by uncontrollable and life-altering worry. Its effects are generally more severe and symptoms must persist for several months before one is diagnosed with GAD. The disease is rampant, with the National Institute of Health (NIH) reporting over 6.8 million Americans currently suffer from GAD. Students are constantly under attack from the transparent disease, and it often can affect school work.


April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper


Accidents in Florida are getting harder to believe

President Vladmir Putin sends troops to Crimea



staff writer

Everyday on the news, it is not rare to see thousands of stories hour after hour of murders, kidnappings, shootings, and many other stories. Even though all of these events are tragic, they happen too often. At some points, however, there is a strange and irregular story that initiates a double-take! On March 3, 34 year old Makeda Hyde tried to pass another car in a no-passing zone. The car, being persistant, would not let her pass because of the fact that it was a nopassing zone. This resistance caused her to swerve off the road, ending up in a New Port Richey home’s living room. This home was owned by a family, and, luckily, the family was not present in their house at the time that Hyde’s car sped into their living room. Both children in the family were supposed to be home at the time but it ended up that the children were caught up at different things instead of being in the house. Due to the damage to this family’s house, both Hyde and the other driver were charged with reckless driving and a misdemeanor charge. This crash case is still under investigation. Between May 1, 2012 and December 5, 2013, 43 year old Keith Lukas called a non-emergency line a total of 2,297 times. He called the Hillsborough Police Station numerous times to tell them that they had been disrespectful to him. He was also complaining about the current sheriff at the station. Cursing and screaming at them, the non-emergency line told him to stop calling. He continued to call them multiple times until he was told that if he did not stop, he would be charged for harassment. Disregarding this precaution, he called again and is now on probation. Lukas pleaded guilty and said he would never call the police station again unless it was a total emergency.

Not putting the toilet down may be a woman’s biggest pet peeve, but one pair of siblings took this fight to an extreme. Thaddeus Morgan, 24, was charged with battery and interference in an emergency call. Morgan hit his sister because of her anger toward him when he neglected to put the toilet seat down. Morgan ended up breaking his sisters glasses and knocking the phone out of her hand when she called 9-1-1. Morgan pleaded guilty and will return to court on April 2. A 79 year old woman was backing out of church parking lot on February 4 when she lost control of her car. There was a large crowd of people standing in a cluster when she drove straight through them. Out of this group, the Bradenton woman killed three people and four others were sent to the hospital with very severe injuries, one has been released from the hospital. The group said it was a extremely scary moment for them all and they did not know how to react. This was a mere act of irresponsibility that could have been a lot worse but ended sadly. The driver and her husband had no harm to them, still hoping for the other three victims to safely leave the hospital. On February 26th, a man strolled into a puppy store. Seeming suspicious, the employees of the store kept a close watch on him. For a moment, the store employees were not watching, but a few customers witnessed this so called “puppy snatcher” grab a 10 week old chihuahua puppy and put it into his backpack. The man loitered around the store for 15 minutes or so, then walked out. Surveillance cameras caught the whole act on tape, and they are still searching for this chihuahua crook Along side these stories, there are other incoherent Floridians with unintelligent decisions. These five stories seem ridiculous but there are numerous more that are even more ridiculous. Common sense is human nature but for some, that human trait is not present.

staff writer

Only days after a new government was established in Kiev, Ukraine, Russian troops systematically and pacifistically have proceeded to occupy a region of southern Ukraine known as Crimea. Crimea, a peninsula jutting into the Black Sea, holds a significant Russian population, Russian being the dominant language. The region is strategically significant for Russia as well, as it holds the only year-long warm water accessible port of Sevastopol which the Russian Black Sea fleet has been previously stationed since the collapse of the Soviet Union almost 25 years ago. Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced that 2000 Russian troops have landed in Crimea only to protect their citizens from the unstable, new, and supposedly fascist government, of which Putin and the Russian government has refused to recognize. At a press conference held on March 4 to answer questions on the hailed “foreign occupation”, after unmarked Russian soldiers seized control of airports and other strategic positions, Putin justified his intervention. “Our major concern is the orgy of nationalists, and extremists and anti-semites on the streets of Kiev.” Preceding the occupation, months of protests, dubbed “Euro-Maiden” by Ukrainians, demanded the resignation of Viktor Yanukovych, who had effectively suspended trade agreements with the European Union in order to maintain closer economic ties with Russia. The protests would last for three months and transfer Kievs city center into an icy-hot warzone of molotov cocktails and police batons. The clashes have claimed the lives of dozens of protesters and police units alike.

Countryside clearifies its absence and tardy policies jennaFENDER

opinion editor

This is the Absence and Tardy policy from the 20132014 Pinellas County Student Code of Conduct. ABSENCE DEFINED: A student who is not present in class at least one half of the class period shall be counted absent from that class. To be counted present for the school day, a student must be in attendance for at least one half of the class periods during the school day. EXCUSED ABSENCES: Students must be in school unless the absence has been permitted or excused for one of the reasons listed in paragraph V below. UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: Any absence which does not meet the criteria of an excused absence is an unexcused absence. The following are examples of unexcused absences: 1. out-of-school suspensions

2. family vacations 3. Students without a completed Certificate of Immunization indicating compliance with the current required schedule of immunizations will not be allowed to attend classes until this document is provided or a waiver is obtained. Absences due to non-compliance with immunization requirements shall be considered unexcused. However, students transferring into Pinellas County, including foster care students, or homeless students, a temporary 30-day waiver of both health examination documents and certificates of immunization will be granted. TARDIES: A student is tardy when the student is not in his or her assigned seat or station when the bell rings. EXCUSED TARDY: A tardy is excused only if the student is late for one of the reasons described in section V. UNEXCUSED TARDY:

A tardy is not excused unless it is caused by reasons set forth in section V. Examples of unexcused tardies include: 1. oversleeping 2. missing the school bus 3. shopping trips 4. pleasure trips 5. car problems (ex: flat tire, no gas, car won’t start, student getting a parking decal) 6. heavy traffic 7. returned for forgotten items Habitual tardiness is unacceptable and unfair to other students because instruction is interrupted every time a late student arrives. Every three (3) unexcused tardies within a grading period count as one unexcused absence. Additionally, individual schools may develop schoolbased consequences for tardy students.


April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper


Behind the senes The Band of Pride toots its way to the top at Countryside annGUARRACI


staff writer

Beginning another school day, walking onto campus is a typical venture for a Countryside High School student. About 2100 students roam the halls each day, meandering from class to class. The school works like an engine in a car, in which the students are the component that powers it. However, every engine needs its oil changed and finetuning to keep it functioning. In other words, who keeps these crowded and busy halls clean? Many do not realize the hard work that is put into the sanitation and functioning of the school. Countless hours are spent restoring and cleaning the school as if it were a plaque-infested mouth being cleaned by a dentist. The men and women behind this valuable operation invest their own time and energy to make student’s lives easier. Some may be hired, and some may volunteer, but their motivation is the same; they believe their actions can positively impact a student’s day. Although sanitation is a major part of the school’s functioning, so are the other countless duties many workers uphold such as delivery, field and building maintenance, and even lunch staff. From bus drivers to delivery men and lunch staff, a big thank you is in order to these heroes behind the scenes at Countryside High.

staff writer

On Saturday, March 22, 13 band students from Countryside High School performed at the state solo and ensemble music performance assessment at Seminole High School in Sanford, Florida. Ten of these participating students were in the percussion ensemble and the other three performed solos on various instruments. One soloist received an excellent rating. The percussion ensemble and one performer earned a superior. Another earned a superior with distinction for the memorization

• • • • • • • • •

Nicholas Cousineau - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Sam Foerke - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Ross Hussong - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Dylan Joyner - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Haley Larsen - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Kristin Marvin - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Jordan Mattheus - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Matt Minardi - Percussion Choir (Glitzville)

of their piece. They all were judged based on the achievements in performance fundamentals, technical accuracy and musical effect. These performers put many hours of practice time and rehearsals into the works performed. “I personally worked on the piece off and on since the summer,” said Haley Larsen, junior. Earning herself a superior rating in previous performances will work in her favor if she decides to continue with this as a career, but for now she will start working on a new solo for next year.

• • • • • •

Veronica Simko - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Michael Tucker - Percussion Choir (Glitzville) Rebecca York - Euphonium Solo (Andante and Rondo” from Concerto For Double Bass”) Haley Larsen - Clarinet solo (Solo De Concours) Charlotte Jensen - Oboe Solo (Concerto In C Min “mvt #1”) Jordan Mattheus - Mallet Solo (Furioso & Valse in D minor “from challenge 1”)

New technology is welcomed on campus rylanFRITZ

staff writer

As the days, weeks, and months go by, the school filters in new items and equipment to further benefit a student’s life and increase efficiency as a whole. Throughout the campus - within the hallways and the concourse - changes have been made that could positively and negatively impact a Countryside student. Students and teachers alike flow in and out of school and might wonder, “what is new at school?” One improvement is the newly installed marquee outside. Located on the corner of State Road 580 and McMullen Booth Road. This piece of equipment displays school events, announcements, and much more to drivers passing by. The marquee was put into place around Thanksgiving and will prove to serve its purpose for the years to come. Another helpful addition to the school, in particular

to the lunch program, includes two brand new flat screen TVs. “The purpose of the new TV sets are to display nutrition facts about what students are eating for breakfast and lunch. They are also used to provide information about what will be served to eat as well,” said Principal Secretary, Chris Vroman. Although this is the ideal use of the TVs, students have reported they are not being used just for nutritional purposes. In fact, they are also being used for recreational purposes such as playing music and TV shows. Surely as time goes by, new additions will be added to the school that may or may not be used on a regular basis. The intention of any new equipment added is to make the students life easier. Leaving students with the same question every day, “what is new at school?”

A closed-campus opens a safer learning environment jessicaHALL

staff writer

Countryside High School is built like a mall. With only one building, zero windows and no real need to go outside during school hours, students have compared the school to a prison. Now, it is the new fences surrounding the perimeter of the school that have sparked a debate among students. Originally, Countryside was built to be a shelter in case of severe weather and living in the stormy state of Florida, that much is understandable. The new fences; however, are questionable. With the strict closed-campus policies this

school year, students are beginning to wonder if they are being locked in. What other purpose would there be? The popular opinion of the students seems to be that they do not see a purpose behind them when there are a dozen other ways to access the school besides the new fences, which are - in fact - left unlocked. The recurring debate is whether they are there to keep something in or keep something out. “If they really are there to keep students from leaving I feel like they’re kind of unnecessary because if people want to skip or leave they’ll find a way regardless of fences. They

are just a waste of money,” junior Quan Nguyen said. Mr.John Yongue countered that statement by claiming “they are making it like every other school in Pinellas County and just trying to make it safe for the students and to theoretically keep people off campus that aren’t otherwise supposed to be here.” Despite the sudden controversy, the real reason behind the fences is to further enforce CHS’ policy of keeping a closed-campus, for the safety of the school’s students and faculty is the top priority.



April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper


staff writer

Once prom night starts getting closer and closer, most teenagers are bursting with excitement. But for some, prom night is a dreadful nightmare. Prom anxiety is common for some people who are over-stressed about the preparation for the “big night”: finding a date, the perfect dress or tuxedo, getting hair and makeup perfect, and in the end having expectations unfulfilled. These are all worries that are circling around a teenagers mind while preparing for prom.This event can be even more overwhelming for those who wish to take their prom planning to the extreme, fitting their ideal vision of “perfect” for one night. In all reality, these are just minor speed bumps that lead up to the big night that can all be handled in a stress-free way. While interviewing various girls here at Countryside High School, four out of five girls are worried about what people will think of them after prom night. Marah Dutra, a junior at Countryside, said “I don’t think I’ll go to prom. I don’t have a date and it’s a lot of work to go through just to go single”, when asked if she was going to the prom several girls had a similar response. So ladies, here are some tips to help reassure teenagers that prom night will be more pleasant than cruciating: 1. If someone has not asked you to prom yet, ask someone yourself. Find someone you are comfortable enough to go with and feel comfortable talking to. Although there is a chance you might not get the answer you were hoping for, you will never know unless you try. Even if it is just a friend you are asking, at least you have someone to enjoy the night with. No one ever said you had to go with someone that is more than a friend to have a good time. 2. Although this night is very important to most teenagers, it will not be the most important night in their whole life. Do not stress the perfect dress. Wear something that feels good but something that is also comfortable. 3. When choosing how to do your makeup for prom night, remember that teenagers are young, and they are already naturally beautiful. The less make-up worn, the more natural beauty will show, and the better it will look. 4. Lastly, make sure to have fun. One night is not worth stressing so much that it is not pleasurable at all.


page editor

As ticket flyers are posted and ballots for prom court are distributed, every bit of pre-prom stress finally begins to sink in. Although obtaining the most ravishing attire may be at the top of some attendees’ to-do list, finding a date becomes priority for several others. With this in mind, the manner in which someone is asked to prom becomes a friendly competition on its own. The days of cliche bodypaint and handmade posters plastered with “PROM?” are now over. Thanks to the creative minds behind different modes of social media, it is now easier to step up the


April 7th, 2014 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper



(continued from pg. 1) page editor

Hunt for last year’s hand-me-downs. Older siblings and post-graduate friends may store last year’s apparel within the dark depths of their closets, just begging to taste the magic of prom night once more. These dresses and tuxedos will already be broken in and tastefully altered, which now becomes one less hassle to tackle. Consignment and thrift shops are other viable choices. Here, hardly-worn, designer clothing is donated and resold at prices up to 10 times cheaper than those in the original stores. Countryside High School’s A-Wing Boutique is a prime example of such consignment shops. In places like these, renting is an available option. It could offer new or used attire and often costs about the same - if not more - as purchasing from resale. Shoes and accessories can be snatched up as hand-me-downs and resale items. Customarily, pumps and stilettos will line the walls of the venue halfway through the dance, so bundles of cash should not be blown on brand new footwear. For guys and girls, the best shoes are those previously worn, again, found from old friends or in thrift stores. They will already be broken in and can easily be tossed after a long night on the dance floor. After finally choosing the most dashing apparel, it is finally time to conquer hair, nails, and makeup. Although a girls’-day-out makeover party downtown may sound like the most delightful cliché, it will certainly rack up the bills which may cause some to reconsider their extravagant rides and dinner plans. Instead, turn this pre-prom activity into a girls’-day-in by searching Pinterest and Polyvore for easy DIY styles. Take turns painting nails and doing makeup. If the fear of an updo disaster is brewing, beauty schools have become quite creditable for elegantly styling any type of hair in any fashion for much cheaper than a top salon. As for flowers and corsages to please the prom date, Lynn O’Shaughnessy from CBS News advises to “skip the florist”. The grocery store is stocked with a wide and cheaper variety of flowers, and corsages can be made by hand if a simple tutorial is followed. Now, as a part of tradition, prom groups often pitch in enough money to rent either a town car or limousine to chauffeur them around for the evening. Carpooling with friends cuts back on expenses to quite a degree. Party buses are another option, and these can usually accommodate up to 10 people - like limousines - and will still only cost a fraction of what it would for all couples to ride separately to the venue. Before the dance, though, pictures are crucial to capturing a most marvelous night. Photo booths will be present at the dance, but having mothers and other friends snap their own formal and silly, spontaneous shots before heading out is never a terrible idea. Not only will money be saved from avoiding the pricey professional photographers, but these images typically turn out to be worth more sentimentally. Prom night will leave many attendees with perhaps some of the most cherishable memories. Spending over hundreds of dollars in order to attain this ideal is quite unnecessary, for the same exquisite event can be experienced through the help of just a few facile tips like those listed precedently.

promposal game and charm a date today. Asking someone to the school formal, whether in a relationship or not, can be rather nerveracking. The best way to gauge how elaborate to plan is based on the relationship between partners; the more familiar you are, the more fanciful one should get. Now, for all those who are competing for “best promposal”, here are some creative ways to pop the question: • Write a note and fill in blanks with their favorite candies. Everybody loves a few good puns. • Spell out “PROM?” with food. Whether it be in crackers or sushi, this ingenious idea will without a doubt satisfy their appetite in means of hunger and romance. • Order a pizza and request that the employees write “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to prom with me?” and have it delivered to their house. • Before they come home from after-school rehearsal or working overtime, ask the question in chalk, drawn large enough to fill her entire driveway. Once they finally arrive home, the biggest and most special surprise will be waiting for them practically on their doorstep. • Make a puzzle. This will require effort from both partners, but the pieces will eventually fall into place. • Write a fake parking ticket with the question on it and stick it on her windshield before school lets out. At first sight there will be a hint of panic, but they will quickly see the plot twist and it will surely brighten up her day. • With a little help from friends, write “[insert name here], will you go to prom with me?” across the bathroom mirrors in lipstick. Then, have their friends casually escort them to the bathroom to help her find the surprise. • Make test day a more romantic one by bubbling in a scantron to say “PROM?” when rotated horizontally. With permission from the teacher, volunteer to help distribute the class’s scantrons - saving theirs for last - and wait for her awed response after receiving her sheet. • Big or small, soft or slimy, most people’s hearts will warm to the sight of any pet they can get their hands on. Even if it is simply a goldfish, bring your partner a fish in a bowl with a note that says, “Of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me?” • For the most outgoing parties, use tape to outline your body in either the center of a room or next to their car in the parking lot. If handy, why not decorate the area best you can with yellow barricade tape? Within the boundaries of the crime scene, prop up a sign that reads, “[insert name here], I am dying to take you to prom!” May 2, 2014 will be one of the most memorable nights for hundreds of Countryside High School students. Asking a date can be seen as a sort of “pre-game” before the big event, so arranging for a noteworthy promposal should be made just as grand.


April 7th, 2013 | Issue 4 | Paw Print Newspaper


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Reliving the 2014 Olympic Winter Games The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games commenced on February 7 and lasted until February 23. It had been four years since the last Winter Games, and athletes around the world were anxious to showcase their talents to the billions of spectators both in the stands and at home. There were 230 athletes representing team USA in all 15 events available this year. At the Vancouver Games in 2010 the United States of America managed to return proudly with 37 medals, setting a record of total medals won. The athletes this year

hoped to do the same, if not better. While there were threats of violence leading up to the games, most disappeared overnight. The mood in Sochi shifted, from “grumbling fatalism” to “bursts of national pride.” The long awaited Games were not about to be diminished. The Winter Games were underway as the opening ceremony began with approximately 40,000 people attending the tribute to Russian splendor. The event opened in the dream sequence of a little Russian girl, imagining the letters of the Russian alphabet with each letter representing a Russian writer, artist, or

national landmark. The girl, followed by the olympic athletes, then flew into the air, hovering over a parade of floats depicting Russian landscapes. Classical music star, Anna Netrebko, performed the Olympic national anthem, as “most of the ceremony [focused] heavily on Russian classical music,” said Konstantin, the head creative producer of the ceremony. Once the unforgettable show ended, it was time for the athletes to perform their talents. The 15 events would take place over the next couple weeks with a Victory Ceremony held after each event honoring the winners with either a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

Figure Skating



The US figure skating team planned to send a strong team to the Olympic Winter games. Expecting to lead Team USA were previous champion ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White, and that they did. They brought home the gold medal from the same venus where they claimed their fourth-consecutive Grand Prix Final title in 2012, Iceberg Skat- Reproduced by permission of detroit. ing Palace. Team USA managed to come in second overall with one gold and one bronze medal. Russia came in first place, returning home with five medals, three of them gold along with one silver and one bronze.

The Olympic bobsled competition is composed of four runs held over a two-day period, with two runs completed each day. Medals are awarded based on the athlete’s total time over the four runs. The athletes with the lowest overall time are the winners. The track was meant to be one of the most difficult ones in Olympic history with state-of-the-art ice technology ensuring that the temperature was controled along the entire length of the track. Team USA’s roster looked stronger and faster by permission of bleacherthan ever, which paid off Reproduced once they came home with four Olympic medals, finishing in third place overall to Russia and Canada.

There are eight snowboarding sub-events in the Winter games, including the men’s and women’s halfpipe, parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom, and slopestyle. Of these eight, Team USA medaled gold in three this year. Since the halfpipe and slopestyle events were added to the Olympic program in 1998 and 2006, Unites States athletes have continually succeeded in the snowboarding event. Notorious halfpipe star Shaun White, who may be the most talked about snowboarder among Americans came in fourth place this year on the halfpipe, leaving the gold medal up for grabs. Nevertheless, the women’s slopestyle event was secured as Kaitlyn Farrington brought home the gold, as did Jamie Anderson- a consistent force in the women’s slopestyle- with seven X Game medals on her record. Sage Kotsenburg- who raced in the men’s slopestyle- was another American athlete who won gold.

Freestyle Skating



Overall there are ten sets of medals awarded for freestyle skating that are divided into five additional events for men and women: aerials, moguls, halfpipe, slopestyle, and skicross. The American team skated exceptionally at the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park where the events were held, for they came in second to Canada with seven total medals, three of them gold. The Olympians who were awarded gold were Maddie Bowman for the women’s halfpipe, David Wise for the men’s halfpipe, and Joss Christensen for the men’s slopestyle. Their ambitions were to just qualify for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, but they each achieved much more.

The US luge team brought a blend of youth and experience to the Sochi 2014 Winter Games. Athletes steered their small one- to two-person sleds down the state-ofthe-art track at the Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort. While flexing their calves and exerting shoulder pressure, they hoped to cross the finish line with the shortest amount of time elapsed. Erin Hamlin, 2009 world champion, brought home the bronze medal, making her the first American to ever earn a medal in the Luge event. It was this victory that landed the United States the fifth place rank alongside Italy.

After the 2010 Vancouver Games several athletes retired, leaving head coach Tuffy Latour the tough task of developing the next generation of athletes to qualify. The Sanki Sliding Center in Sochi was expected to favor Team USA, and that it did. Latour’s new team came in third place overall with two medals- one silver and one bronze. The new tracks were said to be the most challenging ever designed. Low start times were vital for a fast finish, and the tricky curve combinations required much skill. Russia and Great Britain mastered the new track,each with at least one gold medal.

Alpine Skiing

Ice Hockey

Short Track Speed Skating

There are five sub-events that coincide with Alpine Skiing: the downhill, the slalom, the giant slalom, the super-g, and the super combined. Team USA is said to be one of the best rising teams world wide thanks to our strong coaching and training partners. The team did not disappoint coming in second overall to Austria, and scoring a total of five medals- two of them gold. Reproduced by permission of Ted Ligety was the American to win gold in the men’s giant slalom, and Mikaela Shiffrin won gold in the women’s slalom as well. These two Olympians were not phased by the 20 kilometer slopes developed by Bernard Russi at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center, and were proud to represent the American team.

The US men’s ice hockey team won the silver medal at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games and was hoping to carry their momentum into the 2014 Sochi Winter games; however, the women brought the silver home this year, as they have every Winter Games since Reproduced by permission of news. the sport was introduced women at the 1998 Nagano Games. Team USA was led by a new head coach this year, Katey Stone, who was the first female head coach to lead the US women’s hockey team at an Olympic Games. She will go down in U. S. Olympic history, because not only did she lead the team, but she also prepared them in order to tie with Sweden for second place with one silver medal.

This was the first year the United States would be competing in the Olympic Short Track event with two-time Olympian Guy Thibault guiding the team. The Iceberg Skating Palace was no match for Team USA with two-time bronze medalist J.R. Celski leading the team. Celski set the world record in the 500-meter race at the 2012 ISU Short Track World Cup, and with two up-in-coming athletes, Chris Creveling and Eddy Alvarez, by his side. The silver medal was theirs for the Reproduced by permission of taking. It will still take a few years of training before Celski’s team is ready to surpass the Russians, who came in first place overall with five medals this year.

Russia’s national pride was again depicted through the Closing Ceremony on Sunday February 23. The event was elegant, loud, flashy, and bewildering. Russian culture and heritage flooded the stage in the forms of musicians, dancers, artists and famous authors throughout the centuries. The celebration is always worthwhile event to attend, and

Sochi, Russia raised the bar. Concluding the games with only nine medals gold, this Winter Games was somewhat of a disappointment. Team USA had not ranked this low since the Nagano Games of 1998. Within the next four years the athletes will vigorously

train, hoping to improve enough to obtain the gold medal. Surprisingly, the seven of the nine gold medals were won from first-time Olympians. Maybe next year the athletes will beat their overall 37 medal record at the next Olympic Winter Games in 2018, which will take place in Pyeongchang, Korea.


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Sliding to home is now in season emmaMOSCARDINI

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On February 14, the Cougar baseball team played and won their first game of the season against Palm Harbor 10-0. Their first game was originally against Clearwater Central Catholic on February 12, but rainy weather hindered them from playing. Last year, the team went to districts and won. This year, they are hoping to do even better and go all the way to the State Championship. Coach Kevin O’Sullivan will lead them. He has coached baseball for seven years, the longest run for a tenure baseball coach in Pinellas County. He re-

ports that he is confident about the season. “We have six or seven pitchers than can beat most teams...but [the team] needs to win a playoff or two for further advancement,” O’Sullivan said. Of those pitchers, Charlie Skantze was recently recruited by Iowa Lakes Community College where he plans on continuing his baseball career. Many of the players anticipate East Lake being a difficult team to beat, and the coach thinks “Jesuit will be a handful.” Catcher, Sergi Torres said that “after working hard in the off seasons and pre-season, [the team] is eager to get

the seasons started...and get another district title.” Pitcher and first baseman Christian Townsend said that “everyone is really close and everyone knows each other really well...[our] playing styles come together.” The team started the season strong beating Palm Harbor, Largo, Tarpon, Boca Ciega and Pinellas Park consecutively. The run was discontinued with a loss against Northeast, but they can back with a win against Seminole. So far, the team has had nine wins and six losses with several more games to go.

The softball team steps up to the plate lauraPETTIT

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The new softball season started with the Preseason Classic at Pinellas Park from January 27-31, 2014. Last year, the girls were named District Champions, and this year they are hoping to make it to States and prove themselves worthy. Their first official game was Thursday, February 6 against Dixie Hollins. The Cougars did not let their school down, and with a winning record thus far, the season was off to a promising start. The Cougars were worried about the game against Palm Harbor on February 18, according to Sommer Pollard; however, since the girls practice every week, they were

expected to hold their own against the team. In the end, they did not. In order to make their State Championship goal, the team needs to “maintain [their] focus throughout the entire season,” said Pollard. “[Softball] takes up most of my time, but it’s worth it!” said senior third baseman Erin Jankiewicz, and she believes most of the team would agree. For Jankiewicz, “softball keeps [her] organized mentally and physically”, and she prefers the action on the field to sitting at home with not a thing to do. Coach Kaylyn Bayly, Countryside’s softball coach for the past 12 seasons, believes that the team “is in better shape this season. The hard work they put in throughout the year definitely makes them better players.” As a team,

the girls‘ goal is always to make it to the State Championships, and “[their] senior leadership is a real asset”. They just have to remember “it takes a great deal of hard work, consistent play and even a little luck,” said Coach Bayly. They did not disappoint again, the team managed to pull off another win on March 20 against East Lake High School. The Cougars conquered another rival after all, for “the best games include good competition,” said Pollard, and in the eyes of Countryside fans, this was a good game. Currently, the Cougars are 15 in four, and they are holding their own, and it seems that they have the potential. “It’s a long road, but I think we can do it!” said Jankiewicz.

A new match for a Where there is a football, there is a flag new tennis season emmaMOSCARDINI


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Tennis is a sport of running, coordination and skill. There is a boys team, consisting of 15 players, and a girls team, containing 10 players. The Cougar tennis team brings a good attitude to the courts and works hard at every practice. Their goal is to make it to the top of the charts and win every match that the can. The team stays after school from around 2:15 pm to 4:00 pm on Countryside High School’s tennis courts almost everyday. The first tennis match was February 5, and the last will be on March 13. After these matches, the teams will go to the championships, which start March 18 and last until April 16. The head coach for the boy‘s team is Scott Hernon, a first year coach. The head coach for the girl‘s team is Jennis Nance, and she is also a first year coach. This year brings in new matches and old competitors. A new season brings in new people and new chances to make it to the top. The star player for the girl‘s team is Shannon Wagner, and for the boys, it is Tommy Kelly. Photo credit Rylan Fritz With the new players and teammates; however, who knows what’s going to happen, and who will rise to the top of the charts. Tennis matches are scored by different numbers. If the opposing team makes a mistake or the team scores, it goes from zero or “love” to 15 and 30 and 40 and once at 40, the point is the winning point. If the teams are tied at 40, it is called “deuce”. Once a team scores, it goes to an advantage. After this happens, the team with the advantage must score again to win that match; thus, ending that match and a new one begins. Even though not all of the players get to play in all of the matches, everyone goes to practice and puts in the effort just in case they are needed in any match. To support the Cougars, be sure to attend their home matches and cheer them on.

news editor

Football, Baseball and Soccer are constant headliners in sports. Often neglected is Flag Football. Coached by Anthony Klemmer, Countryside’s team began practice February 17. Their first game was scheduled for March 12. Last year, “[the team] struggled early, but finished strong,” according to Klemmer who called the previous year a “building year.” Although the team has few juniors and seniors, Coach Klemmers said he is coaching “a core group of very dedicated players. We need to improve our speed and precision, and every player needs to understand their individual responsibilities.” At their first game, Junior Varsity won 10 to 0 and Varsity won 13 to 6 against Tarpon Springs. Their second game was not quite as successful for Varsity. They lost to Seminole High School 26 to 12 and Junior Varsity won 12 to 0. Both teams did well at their third game which was against Palm Harbor University. Varsity won 14 to 12 and

Junior Varsity won 14 to 12. After Varsity’s third game, the team was 2-0 in the district. Coach Klemmer is optimistic about the team’s future. One notable player is Lily Troung. Even though she is a freshman, she plays on the Varsity Flag Football Photo credit Emma Moscardini team. “Lily Troung is leading the team to wins. She’s a very good player.” “The team has improved every week,” says Coach Klemmer. “To win districts we will have to capitalize on some big plays.” The district 17 tournament is in May. The Flag Football team is playing strong and are hopeful that they can go all the way. “We really need support out there. I urge people to come watch the games,” said Coach Klemmer.


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Fashion springs foward jennaFENDER Reproduced by permission of

Not so PERT-fect test rezartaMALCI

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As if Florida did not have enough standardized tests, there had to be one more... the PERT: postsecondary education readiness test. The PERT was first put into effect in 1992 by the Florida Legislature and the process finally began in September, 2008. It was established in November 8, 2010 and its main subjects are mathematics, reading and writing. McCann Associates and the Florida Department of Educations announced, “today we have successfully implemented the nation’s first and only state assessment to incorporate common core standards.” If the State Board of “Education” were doing their job correctly, they would not have to worry about creating a standardized test to do the job for them. The ironic thing is Countryside High School cannot do its job until the Board of Education does theirs. The juniors that were expected to be taking the PERT on Thursday, March 13 got through one portion of their test and suddenly, they were booted out of the session causing them to have to take the rest on Friday; the school did not pay for enough tests. Each sub-test takes up to 30 minutes, minimum. Students have already been missing class- four classes at the most- and probably many of them are in AP courses or honors in which they have to take a very important exam in almost a month. Now they have to miss yet another day of classes to go make up a mistake that the school made. It is a mandatory test to take, it does not go on transcripts, and SAT scores can omit the scores from the PERT. What really is the purpose of it, since it is for college classes and juniors have one more year? So close to becoming senior, students are expected to make huge choices, as to pick a college or university they will attend and choose the job they want to do for the rest of their lives. Yet they can not make a small choice on whether they want to take a test that will most likely be a waste of time when they can be attending precious classes that will help them with their future.

opinion editor

Sunglasses and sundresses and sandals....oh my! Spring is officially here, and with the change in season comes a change in fashion. With winter coming to an end, spring clothes make their annual debut, so hang up your coats and scarves and put away your boots, because Florida is turning up the temperature. When the weather gets warmer, the colors get lighter. Bright colors are always a hit for spring time, along with floral prints and trendy shorts. Although spring fashion has evolved over time, the basics remain the same.

When in doubt, cute spaghetti straps and flip flops are always a safe choice. Some of the favored stores amongst Countryside High School students include Charlotte Rouse, TJ-Maxx and Target. Some other popular stores are Plato’s Closet, Urban Exchange, Marshalls and Ross. Along with the flowers, new fashion attire blooms during spring time, and every year Countryside’s hallways become flooded with new dresses, skirts and sandals. While the styles may vary, one thing remains constant, just as the bell changes the classes, the weather changes the fashion.

Photo credits Shelby Tavares and Savannah Leduc

This season, (from left to right) Savannah Philips, Alex Nash, Alexis Glasgow and Avery Vela show off their spring looks with skirts, floral prints, and spring colors.

Low points of high school rezartaMALCI

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Ever heard an adult saying, “High school was the happiest time of my life”? And have you just stared at them thinking, this person is nuts? High school is the most dreadful four years of our lives. We wake up so early, we do not even see the sun rising. Then, we have the joy to come to this merry little place we call school to only be surrounded by immature classmates, and I am not talking about freshmen or sophomores; they are young, so they do not know better. I am talking about the juniors and seniors- the students that are supposed to have enough experience to be on a higher level than everyone else, but…are not. Now, add those kids in a class - any class - and watch as madness is created. I mean, I can handle some stupid

people; however, I cannot handle the clueless teachers that do not even acknowledge them! Why do the hardworking students have to deal with those kids? Then, you have the horrible school system that can get funds to buy TVs to put in the lunchroom to show the menu - to something no one even looks at- but they cannot get funds to give to the teachers for more copies to use for their students. Yet, they wonder why students are failing. Perhaps it is because we do not have enough supplies to learn? It is frustrating and annoying. Let us be honest, we all hate each other, and that is what stinks! No, not the fact that we hate each other, but the fact that we cannot be open about it. Until we begin to be truthful, there will always be the fake smiles, fake hugs and basically, high school.

Are Americans below average? rezartaMALCI

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Americans tend to score poorly in comparison to the other countries when tested on worldwide exams, given for research on education. Richard Rothstein, Professor of Education at Stanford, believes that the reason the scores are so low is because of a “disproportionately greater share of U.S. students comes from disadvantaged social class groups, whose performance is relatively low in every country.” In 2012, a dozen countries, including America, participated in the Program for International Student

Assessment (PISA). “American teens scored below the international average in math and roughly average in science and reading,” said NBC News. In this case, many would argue that kids are just kids and they still do not know everything, the tests were hard, other countries move in a faster pace, and maybe some of the kids selected are not serious about education. Yes, there is some form of logic in that; however, it is not only the teenage students scoring “below average”. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released the results in which

thousands of working adults from 23 counties were tested on literacy, mathematics and science. According to Associated Press, “American adults scored below the international average on a global test.” What exactly is the “average”? The average score in those three fields were from 250 to 296, and the US average score was 270. Not bad if it is looked at it by itself; but next to 12 counties that were higher than the US, it does not look good. In conclusion, Americans are not the brightest crayon in the box.


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Students respond to Blackfish jessicaHALL

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On July 19, 2013, the documentary “Blackfish” was released and has been stirring big waves of debate among people worldwide regarding the treatment of whales kept in captivity, specifically those that are held in SeaWorld. The amusement park located in Orlando, Florida has been home to more than 18 thousand animals through the past 40 years. “Blackfish” follows the story of Tilikum, a 12 thousand pound bull orca whale who is responsible for the deaths of three people in the last three decades, two of which were previous trainers. Tilikum was captured off the coast of Iceland at only two years of age where he was then taken to Sealand in Victoria, Canada. It was there that he first started to develop aggressive behaviors towards people. He originally lived with two other female whales that acted belligerently towards him. When Tilikum did not perform a trick correctly, food was withheld from both him and his fellow tankmates as a form of reinforcement, which caused a great deal of tension among the whales. As a result, Haida and Nootka would bite Tilikum and rake the skin along his entire body with their teeth causing him to be moved to a much smaller tank for his own safety. The first accident occurred on February 20, 1991 and resulted in the death of Keltie Byrne, a 20 year old part-

time trainer. The death occurred after she slipped into the pool and Tilikum as well as two other whales submerged her completely underwater as a horrified crowd watched. Sealand closed permanently, and shortly after Tilikum was put up for sale. Being the largest whale known in captivity, SeaWorld purchased him in hopes of bettering his reputation as well as using him as using him as a breeder. He was also purchased with the intention of him never entering the pool for show. The second death occurred on July 6, 1999 when Daniel P. Dukes was found dead, draped over Tilikum’s back. Dukes, who suffered from a mental illness, had visited Seaworld the previous day and stayed after the park closed to sneak into the orca tank in just his underwear. His death was caused by both drowning and hypothermia. The third and most recent incident which ignited the spark to the production of the Blackfish documentary revolves around Dawn Brancheau. The 40 year old trainer was killed on February 24, 2010 after allegedly being pulled into the water by her arm. Brancheau had dreamed of being a killer whale trainer since she had first seen the “Shamu Show” at a young age. As previously mentioned, “Blackfish” revolves around Tilikum as well as the general treatment of orca whales in captivity. “Blackfish” famously targeted SeaWorld with accusations of harsh and unfair treatment of the animals and the response - or “lack thereof ” - to the deaths surrounding

Remembering the 90’s meghanMOREY

features editor

Tillikum. Following the release of this documentary many debates have arisen surrounding SeaWorld. In the past seven months the amusement park has undergone accusations of splitting mother and calves, confining the animals to unfair conditions, and not caring for trainers safety and though there is no specific evidence to much of it people have continued to picket, petition and boycott the amusement park. SeaWorld has also recently reported a slight drop in admissions income despite this year reportedly being their most profitable one yet. After researching the varying responses to the film, it was obvious that there is a healthy amount of support on both sides of the spectrum. With the story blooming as rapidly as it has, the faculty, staff and students of Countryside High School have not been shy to share their opinions. Senior Haley Hannons’ response to seeing Blackfish was that “It felt like a veil had been lifted from my eyes. It was both shocking and horrible to hear about the things going on. I don’t think that I’ll go back to seaworld now because I don’t want to support a company that lies to their own employees and treats the animals like that.” This seems to be the popular opinion lately among those that have seen “Blackfish”. Based on a poll of 100 students 68% said that they will no longer support Seaworld by visiting the amusement park.


Smartphone apps are taking over francesGUARRACI

There used to be a time when students raced home after school to catch the new episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or to play their favorite Crash Bandicoot video game on their PlayStation. Those were the days of the memorable 90s. A favorite topic of discussion among current teenagers and young adults is the best aspects of the 90s generation. Most students think of themselves and their friends as the “90s generation”. However, as of the 2014-2015 school year, students entering their freshman year of high school will likely have been born in 2000 or later. The days of Wonder Balls, jelly bracelets, and music looped on MTV were once part of daily life, but are now a thing of the past.

pawparazzi editor

From Flappy Birds to Candy Crush, students obsess over some of the latest smartphone apps. A survey has been conducted among 112 students regarding their favorite games as to determine which apps are the most popular.

Angry Birds Clash of the Clans 2% 17%

Minion Rush 4%

Plants Vs. Zombies 2%

Temple Run 3%

Candy Crush 31%

Fruit Ninja 1%

Flappy Birds 30%

Farm Heros 9%%

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Welcoming a new staff member stephanieCLARK

staff writer

The new school year of 2013-2014 has not only brought in new students at Countryside, but also a new staff. Kristen Clausen, the new tenth grade assistant principal, started her career here at Countryside High School at the beginning of this school year. Clausen doesn’t only work with tenth graders but as well as ISTEM program, CCT program, Extended Learning Program, and AVID. Although Clausen is new to CHS, she is definitely experienced in education. Clausen was a teacher for eight years prior to starting at CHS. She has taught at Clearwater Intermediate School, Clearwater High School, Dunedin High School, Safety Harbor Middle School, and even in Brooklyn, New York. When asked what her teaching philosophy consisted of, Clausen responded with “Every student is capable of success; however, success for every student looks different. For one, success is straight As…for another, success is reading a novel for the first time ever. I’ve always made it my mission to help every student try and achieve success, no matter what it looks like.” The 32-year old educator believes in a fun environment as well. Clausen has not only brought experience and great guidance to CHS, but also spunk and charisma. Some days in between classes students can catch Clausen sporting a fake mustache or beard. She enjoys joking with the other staff members and having a relaxed, laid-back attitude. Clausen has two young children: Maddy, who is four years old and attends the Little Cougars Preschool here on campus: and Emerson, who is two years old. Her husband is a teacher as well, teaching math at Osceola Middle School. Clausen has an open-door policy, wanting to make her students feel comfortable enough coming to her for anything. Clausen said she tries to have positive interactions with all the students so that if they ever need anything they will not be afraid to go to her.

Countryside welcomes well-known author Eliot Schrefer paigeRENNER

staff writer

Recently, Countryside High School had the honor of hosting a book reading from Eliot Schrefer, a popular author who graduated from CHS himself During this book reading, one of Countryside’s English class got the opportunity to Skype with Dixie Hollins High School in St. Petersburg to compete in a friendly quiz game from across the county. After the game with Dixie Hollins, students were allowed to gather in the Media Center and ask Schefer more questions. Schrefer is the author of many books including The School for Dangerous Girls, Hack the SAT, and, his most recent book,Endangered, which is about a young girl Reproduced by permission of eliand her bonobo struggling to survive in Democratic Republic of Congo during a war. After graduating from Countryside, Schrefer moved on to Harvard as a Comparative Literature major. After graduating from Harvard, he moved to New York as a tutor to pay off his college debts. “I was living in Harlem, in New York, in a really cheap apartment and commuting down to the Upper East Side where I was tutoring these really, really rich kids, like the ‘Gossip Girl’ style kids,” said Schrefer. Schrefer’s first book reflected his early career in writing and tutoring - Glamorous Disasters - is about a young man at Princeton tutoring the rich and famous. “Sometimes your job can lead you great places.” he said while describing his trip to Congo to research for his book Endangered.

Photo credits Brianna Brown

The Cougar Career Center announces 2014’s scholarship winner emmaMOSCARDINI

news editor

Every year, the Cougar Career Center awards scholarships to one high-achieving student. This year, Jessica Butler was granted the money. This high-achieving senior applied for the Pinellas Education Foundation and wrote an essay describing a hardship in her life. “When my parents got divorced, I had to work to help out my family with finances,” said Butler, winner of the $1000 Cou- gar Career Center Scholarship. Of all of the applicants, only a select nine were chosen to be interviewed. Among them, one was awarded the scholarship. “When faced with a hardship, I feel one has two options,” said Butler. “They can be destroyed or strengthened, and I chose to

grow stronger.” Despite adversity, Butler is the secretary of the National Honors Society, editor of the Countryside High School yearbook, member of the Marine Biology Club and Juniorettes, and an avid volunteer. She provides valuable community service to the Safety Harbor Public Library and the Moccasin Lake Nature Park. The money she was awarded through hard work and dedication will be put forth to help pay for her college education. Jessica plans on going to Stetson University in the fall. “I love it; it’s a small, prestigious school and it is close enough to come home when I want, but far enough to be independent.”

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