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Countryside High School’s Volleyball team works their way to victory. photo credit: Hali Kudler

Spike to Victory

Can you Carry the Weight? haliKUDLER

staff writer

Backpacks have become an efficient and reliable way to carry a student’s supplies to each of their classes. It’s convenient way to store books, folders, pens, pencils, and binders instead of having to take constant trips to a locker that could be inconveniently out of the way. Although the backpacks are an efficient way to carry materials, questions still haunt parent’s minds: when does this essential sack become a major health risk for students, are the budget cuts affecting more than just the lack of classroom supplies, is there enough time for students to go to their lockers and make it to class on time with only five minutes between the bells? With seven classes, the amount of weight in a student’s bag adds up quickly and major health risks are associated with a backpack that is more than twenty percent of a student’s body weight. This weight can have dramatic effects on their health such as injury to joints,severe pain to the spinal cord, compression of the spinal disk, and posture

problems. According to American Academy of Pediatric News Medical Journal, about six thousand kids were treated in emergency rooms for back strain or sprains from carrying heavy backpacks. APP News conducted a research study on the average weight of backpacks in a group of Missouri High School students; the results showed that the average female backpack weighted about 8.25 pounds while boys were carrying around seven pounds. Have the budget cuts added more weight to these already bulky bags? Since the budget cuts, most classes don’t have enough books for a class set meaning that students have to carry all their books to and from class. Without a class set, students are responsible for bringing their books into class each day which adds to the weighty bags. Some schools, like Clearwater High School, are already testing the waters with new electronic books. Is switching to electronic books a more savvy way to cut classroom costs and health risks on students? “Last year was really bad. I had to plan the times I could

go to my locker and if I really needed to bring those books to my classes,” said junior Ada Kafexhiu. For some unfortunate students, their lockers aren’t anywhere near their classes making it impossible for them to be on time and go to their lockers within the five minutes between bells. Heavy backpacks have been a medical worry for parents across the country. Doctor Kay Hanley, a respected local pediatrician, was awarded the American Medical Association Pediatrician of the year and the president of the Florida Chapter of the AMA. She agrees with the long term medical effects caused by heavy backpacks on students. While backpacks may be a convenient way to carry school supplies, are they really worth the risk? Although backpacks put an unnecessary strain on student’s bodies, they are currently the only option available for weary pupils. Pinellas County Schools are currently looking into cost-efficient options, but at the moment students are forced to carry the load.



A fallen cougar honors his country meganMASON


On the web just six days after Nathaniel Schultz, 19, sacrificed his life fighting for our freedom, there were thousands of messages thanking the fallen Marine. On a former serviceman himself wrote, "Freedom isn't free and sometimes the bill must be paid to maintain our freedom. Blood is the currency to keep that bill up to date." A statement like this only comes across once in a blue moon; because we often take freedom as a right, rather than a privilege. A privilege many of us will never have to fight for, to sacrifice ourselves or a loved one for that right. But for just as many others, freedom is something we, or our family has paid for in one [unfair] way or another. One of whom was 2009 Countryside High School graduate, Nathaniel Schultz, at the young age of 19. As an honor student, and a man with great hopes for himself and his country, Schultz lived out his junior and senior year at the Florida Sheriff 's Youth Ranch. It was here that he concentrated on prepar-

ing himself for his upcoming years as a Marine. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Ranch Program Director Scott Halbach remembers Schultz as a tenacious young man who "was always very focused and whatever he set his mind to he would accomplish." Immediately upon graduating in June 2009, Schultz enlisted in the Marine Corps. Just a short year later, he would be promoted to Lance Corporal and deployed to Afghanistan. Schultz was ultimately assigned assistant gunner, out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, although he often told his family of his dreams of helping the Afghan children. Just a few days before he passed, he called home to tell his mother about feeding the local kids. On August 21, 2010 Schultz was stationed in the war-stricken province of Helmand, Afghanistan. During

The Iraq war: then and now katWILLIAMS


Breaking news flashed on the screens of the news channels. The whole of the United States held their breath. Families sat silently at the dinner table, watching the shaky news coverage stream from that far away place. It seemed as if that day could be a new beginning. The date was Thursday August 19th, 2010 and the last brigade of soldiers crossed the dividing line, leaving Iraq and moving into Kuwait. This symbolic and historic moment commemorates the end of combat in the war with Iraq. For many adults, though it was an important day, it was another war ended in their lifetime. For the students in high school, it has been our liftime, or at

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dit cre

least early enough in our lives that the details are hazy. After seven years, what do students think and how does this compare to students opinions when we first went in? How have things changed? September 11th, 2001 marks the horrific day when four planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists. Two planes destroyed the iconic Twin Towers in New York, one damaged the Pentagon, and the last, though the passengers made a courageous stand, crashed near Shanksville Pennsylvania. Two years later, on March 20th, 2003 the war in Iraq had officially started. Recounting their vague memories of before the war, Countryside students felt various emotions from the start. “I was scared. I felt anxious,” said junior Madison Cousin. On the other hand, sophomore Nermina Brljak had a different, more personal experience. “I felt offended because I’m a Muslim myself. It was good we were helping the country out though,” she said. Now the last of the combat troops have left Iraq. Seven years, just about half of their lives, have been spent during war time. Between broadcasts on television and the everupdating Internet, teens have seen up close and personal what this war has caused this country. Do students still feel the same way about the war now that it’s over?

combat operations, the Marine's life was taken. A week later, Schultz's body arrived at MacDill Air Force Base where his family, and fiance awaited solemnly. That Friday, Schultz and his family were escorted with full honors to Serenity Meadows Funeral Home in Riverview. Dozens of people lined Bayshore Boulevard, flags in hand, and hands over hearts, as the fallen hero's body pass by. Sister Deanna Maguire told the Tampa Tribune, "[Nate] was an American boy. He died an American hero. I'm so proud of him." A sense of pride in this incredible Marine was instilled in not only his family, but in our country as well. While in service Schultz was awarded with The Purple Heart, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. These amazing decorations seem but a spoonful of the gratitude he deserves in comparison to the sacrifice he made for us all. While the memory of this American boy with a passion for skateboarding, and guitar-playing lives on in those closest to him, Countryside will forever remember him as the dedicated Marine who honored our school and our great country.

photo credit:

“I felt like it could have been handled better. We are still experiencing stuff from it. It put a damper on our country,” said Cousin. Freshman Jadee Barber agreed. “I was kind of pointless, but it help out a bit.” Though the combat troops have left, 50,000 troops remain in Iraq for Operation New Dawn to establish stability. So in truth, it would be wrong to say we are truly out of the war zone, even if combat has ceased. “My step dad's over there right now. We should get them out, but on the other hand, I understand why they keep them in,” said Brljak. The end result is that finally, after seven years, the people of the United States can say the war in Iraq is over. The war in Afghanistan is still ongoing and until that time, we will still be a country at war, but there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. It may be the start of something good. photo credit: nathaniel:



Experience of a Lifetime Students taking the College Freeway kellyPETTIT


staff writer

The school year has just begun, but students are already longing for those carefree summer days. This year, while looking ahead, they might consider the “Europe Grand Tour”. This is an idea that began in the 17th century, among aristocratic families from Britan.They would send their children photo credit to Western Europe so that they could travel, become more worldly and progress into becoming an adult. Now, fast forwarding into the 21st century we have a similar trip for teens, hosted by Countrysides very own, Mr. Straub. It is a non school affiliated tour that takes place during the summer and lasts 17 days. On the Grand Tour, these young travelers will visit Rome, Florence, Paris, the Alps, and the newly added London. The main focus of the trip is art, so there will be time devoted to exploring the many treasures Europe has to offer, like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Colosseum. I interviewed Whitney Mastrangelo, a junior at Countryside High that went on the trip last summer. Q: What did your days in Europe consist of? A: Waking up at 6, eating at 7 and going out with Mr.Straub at 9. Until 12 he would show us museums or whatever the main highlight in that city was. Then we were free to do whatever we wanted, until 7 at night when we had dinner. Q: Did you enjoy this freedom? What sort of stuff did you do during that time? A: Yeah it was nice to see all the cities your own way and see the stuff you were interested in. Well, the group of people I was with actually jumped in the Tiber river once but we also went shopping and just explored, getting lost in the cities. Q: So is there anything you think people should know about the trip? Do you recommend this trip to most students? Why? A: It was a great once in a life time experience, and I do recommend it a lot if you can go just to be at some of the most famous places in the world. It feels like a dream and is cool to be like “Hey I’ve been there. It’s just one of those experiences you might not get again.” This amazing trip, unfortunately, is pretty costly coming up at $4,995. Though initially this may be overwhelming, the program is set up with the ability to gradually make payments through out the year. Then, this money is put toward a more enriching trip. Students will stay in nice hotels in the cities, as apposed to youth hostiles or staying in the suburbs. As for transportation while in Europe, the young travelers will also be taking the train, like the local Europeans do, providing for a more submersed and realistic experience than a bus would allow. Not to mention that Mr. Straub, the teacher guiding the students, has been to Europe many times and used to be a professional tour guide there. So, despite the hefty total cost of this adventure, you should also take into consideration that the “Europe Grand Tour” may be worth more in unforgettable memories and cherishable experiences.

Masters of Technology


features editor

Through a careful cross examination I have come to realize that there is no such thing as a generation gap. What interests us teenagers, interests our parents as well. As youngsters, we are the masters of technology. First, we learned how to control the television and had to teach our parents how to use something that had been in their lives since they were born. Then computers started to be the cool new thing, and when we learned how to run them, our parents asked us to teach them also. Now finally they are trying to take over our cell phones. There are many statistics I could quote here about how teenagers have horrible accidents while driving, but that is not the real issue. The real issue pertains to our parents. The issue is do parents text more than their children? My parents tells me not to be on the phone while driving, as I’m sure all parents do, but think it acceptable for them. Why do parents think they are so wise? Psychologists say teenagers have the superman complex, which basically means that teenagers think his is one of the many icons they are invincible, but they haven’t met my mother. used while texting, oftenly She tells me to drive safely then turns around and thought to be overused by parents. drives down the road, a cell phone in hand. photo credit “Since it’s email it’s not texting” Yeah, mom and that makes it okay. The best way of learning is through example and when your parents are texting champions guess who is next in line. Biologically you inherit your parents genetics and that includes ignorance and a willingness to break the law. As many parents say, they are just “checking on their children” which keeps us safe but puts our dear parents in danger. One of the best excuses for texting or emailing parents have is work. Even though they need to finish their projects on time, it is no excuse to do it on the road. I don’t drive down the interstate with my pre-calc book and a pencil in hand. Facebook has been a growing popularity within the last decade. The invention of sending friends updates to a mobile device was basically what did us in. Think about it, while driving down the road you feel compelled to check your phone if it keeps going off. For parents it could be their child in the hospital and for children it could be their parents calling because they are lost. But after you risk your life to look at your phone you find howBecky just commented on Heathers photo and you get in a crash and everything is ruined. Verdict: Patents do not text/email more than there children, they just think themselves superior with the capability to do it.


opinion/grub editor

Ring! ring! ring! School is over, time to go home... not! Every year high school students, mostly incoming juniors, get a chance to receive college credits with no price. Seems interesting? Well always remember, every advantage is supported by many disadvantages. “Sometimes it’s hard to get a ride,” said junior Sara Gomez. She is taking one class at St. Petersburg College at the Clearwater Campus. That is just one of the many inconveniences you will encounter. So what drives a student to this kind of additional work? As if high school isn’t crazy enough, with homework assigned to you in a heartbeat and those distressing tests teachers praise, this extra any students are responsibility will add on to your workload. A prime examstill trying to get From her job to her sports, she ple would be Sara Gomez. has done an outstanding job their high school and balancing them. Her advice is to keep a planner and use it. college classes in balIn the end, she knows that all that hard work is worth it. ance. photocredit A.J. Caberto Sara also gets the opportunity to be able to come to school later. “Now, I have less hours at work,” said senior Shane Mabee. This is Mabee’s first year in dual enrollment. He does not really have any problems with this program. Everything fits in his schedule. Unfortunately, the only way to make it fit is for him to take on shorter hours at his job. His advice is to make sure you have time. In other words, do not take this program if you know you are really busy. Dual Enrollment might seem scary and hard but its advantages can really help you in the future. Just make sure that you really want to do it, not because someone else want you to do it. Always remember to be confident.



Food fight: the wing wars Hooters



opinion/grub editor

Ten years ago a rival company tried to steal the thunder that Hooter’s have been keeping for many years. Luckily, they have failed. Hooters is still at the top! Walking in this fine establishment, I felt like I was in heaven. Every sniff you take is filled with the scent of the wings that everyone is craving for: from their mild wings to 911style wings to flavored wings, their creativity is unstoppable. I was ravenous to taste all of them. Of course, they have a lot more to offer than those incomparable wings of theirs, like their “Hooterstizers”. I had the Hooters Burger, a burger that gives you the choice of ingredients to put in it. This meal did not disappoint! I really recommend it. According to the Hooters mission, they strive to provide customers with an entertaining dinner. They will also give us a fun and casual time that will be delivered by their attractive and vivacious waitresses, known as the “Hooters Girls”. Did they achieve this? Definitel y! The minute you walk in, you are greeted by dozens of smiling faces from the hostess and waitresses of this restaurant. Now, that is hospitality. These girls are not just attractive but also very lively and nice. This restaurant is like a party, you will have fun a time. Their slogan is “Hooters make you happy!”This is very true, walking out of Hooters gave me an experience I will never forget. So if I were you, I’d go to Hooters now! Right now!


features editor

Taking territory and business, WingHouse (within the last year) has moved down the street from the original Hooters. While most people had a mega breakdown about WingHouse being on sacred turf, I am ecstatic. Is WingHouse a better wing house? Obviously, it is right in their name. But not only does WingHouse offer succulent, sultry wings; they offer a lively atmosphere. The second you walk into WingHouse you are ambushed by incredible music and beautiful girls. The mood is straight from the Nirvana song “come as you are,” whether it is from work or a day with the family. WingHouse is the perfect place to unwind and relax. There is no judgment, no pretension, just peace. With luscious appetiz- ers, delicious entrees and scrumptious deserts, WingHouse is the perfect place to cure your munchies. Whether it’s sweet, spicy or anything in between, you can find it at WingHouse. From their World Famous Chicken Wings to their Fish ‘N’ Chips, W ingHouse has got it all. This business is like none other, made from pure ambition and love. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for every sing l e person who works there. From the line cooks to the servers, everyone works in perfect h a r m o n y. So, go to WingHouse...


ountryside senior Courtney Mcardle is a hostess at the original Hooters in Clearwater photo credits: A.J. Quenell/

Competing for a healthier success kelleyBUTTERFIELD

23 grams of fat. Instead, try their equally yummy Chicken McNuggets meal with Apple Dippers and Caramel Dip Chick-Fil-A, McDonald’s, Arby’s, and Starbucks are with only 355 calories and 15.5 grams of fat. Many students think that Arby’s Melt is extremely unjust a few of high school students typical lunch stops. healthy for you and is full of fat and grease. Actually, the What they do not know is that some of these fast Arby’s Melt has 303 calories (less than a McDonalds food restaurants have nutritious choices. kids meal) and 12 grams of fat. You may think that Chick-Fil-A is famous for their delicious the Roasted Turkey and Swiss Sandwich is betchicken nuggets. It is the ter, but don’t be fooled. It contains 405 more healthiest item on their menu calories than the Arby’s Melt and 18 more with only 305 calories and 13 grams of fat. grams of fat. It is much healthier At Starbucks, everybody loves the than their Chicken Caesar Black&White mini cookies that comes Cool Wrap with 480 in packages of two. Most cookies in calories and 16 grams stores and on the shelves have 400 calof fat. With a calorie ories, these only have 240 calories. difference of 210 caloTo go with your Black&White ries and 21 grams of fat cookies, ditch the Grande it can really impact how White Hot Chocolate for the you feel the rest of the day. Grande Tazo Green Shaken McDonald’s has by far the Iced Tea Lemonade. With most calories and grams of fat a difference of 630 calories, than any other fast food restaurant ast food restaurants are working their it is much better for you and your inaccording to “Eat this Not That” by way to the healthy side of the Food sides. There are many healthy choices David Zinczenko and Matt GouldPyramid. photo credits www.mypyramid.go, at all of your favorite restaurants. So ing. Their Chicken Selects Premium next time, think before you order! Breast Strips have 400 calories and staff writer


The fight for freedom calebCARNEY


staff writer

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” Wait a minute, are we missing something here? Since 1892, when Francis Bellamy created the “Pledge of Allegiance”, this valiant oath has been altered four times. The pledge we say today sounds exactly like the above paragraph, but with the words “under God” added after “one nation.” The reason for adding this phrase could not have been said more eloquently by anyone but Dwight D. Eisenhower, “In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America’s heritage and future…”. From the time Eisenhower made this statement in 1954, our country has become exponentially diversified by acts such as the Civil Rights Movement of 1964. As our country continues to grow, public high school students are immersed in an atmosphere of diversity. Not only do students see diversity but they experience a variety of languages, culture, and religion every day. In the U.S.A, all public school students are required to stand and recite the national oath daily, or weekly. Failure to comply with reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” has resulted in disciplinary action against the students who choose to opt out. In this way, students are being stripped of their first amendment rights: the freedom of speech and religion. It seems that this monotheistic piece of literature, “under God”, has been silencing many public school students across the nation. To the faculty in charge of these students, the silence is not unnoticed. Many teachers with conflicting views are angered by this silence and demand reparation for not conforming. Disciplinary actions have been issued to students who do not follow suit. Disciplinary actions include but are not limited to: referrals, detention, and in some cases, suspension. One Countryside High School student said, “I do see a reason to pledge to our country that has given us so much, but I don’t see a reason to have to stand up every day to pledge to something I don’t necessarily believe in”. So the question is, as students and citizens of this free nation, shouldn’t we able to show our patriotism in the way we see fit? According to the first amendment of the constitution, we have the freedoms of speech and religion. Therefore the answer is a plain and simple ‘no’ we do not have to stand for what we do not believe in. The Supreme Court has also ruled numerous times that public school students have the right to stay quietly seated while others recite the pledge. To the contrary of this ruling, Florida state law requires written permission from a parent or legal guardian stating that their child does not have to stand for the “Pledge of Allegiance”. What most students are fighting for is not to have the Pledge of Allegiance removed altogether, but rather to show tolerance of all religious views. In other words, if America is a free nation then that fact should shine through not only our diversity but also our national oath. If our great nation cannot show acceptance in this area, then who can? quote taken from


ophomore Madeline Huck is shown here pledging to the flag. photo credit AJ Caberto



Summer book review G a m e r s ‘ r e a c h ’ f o r g a m i n g g o l d staff writer

Mockingjay, the highly anticipated finale to The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, was released on August 24. Katniss is a teenager living in a fascist and futuristic government. There, teens are randomly selected to compete in “annual games”. These are no ordinary games, though; they are highly controversial survival tests. Purely for the entertainment of the elite members of the society, kids must resort to killing each other until only one is left alive. In the beginning of the story, Katniss’ younger sister, Prim is chosen, but she volunteers to take her sisters place. Then the photo credit: story unfolds, sending Katniss and Peta (the male player chosen from their village) to the Capitol so they may be entered into the games, an almost sure death sentence. As serious as this sounds, the series is captivating and filled with amazingly realistic characters that readers are sure to enjoy. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, previous novels in the series, both made the desired #1 position of New York Times and USA Today’s Bestsellers List’s. With this tough act to follow, a lot of great expectation were riding on Collins. Thankfully, she delivered! This captivating novel was described by Publishers Weekly to be “the best in the series”. Congratulations Collins, what a beautiful way to wrap up the series. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson, is one of the sweetest summer stories. The basic plot is that both Amy and Roger, two teens, need to get from California to the East Coast. These old childhood playmates reunite when their mothers ask the two to drive on a cross country road trip together. What starts out as an awkward car ride, soon develops into an interesting adventure, and the photo credit: start of a romance, with some bumps along the way! Matson also created her novel uniquely by adding a varied assortment of photos, receipts, and a playlist for each chapter featuring modern bands and songs, all of which enhance the reading experience by making the story more realistic. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is a wonderful coming of age story that belongs on every teens bookshelf.


entertainment editor

in the works. With around three years and the production team growing from a small group of designers to a full team of Bungie’s best employees, Reach’s graphics began looking better and better. As expected, this is the best looking game in the Halo series. In Reach, the developers wanted to give the main characters “a more intimate, character driven story.” (Scott Shepherd, Lead 3D artist) In doing so, they made the game tell a story that really makes the player interested and feel as if they are actually contributing to the storyline. In addition to the classic Halo game types, Reach adds more customization to your character, Firefight customization, easy forge mode with more game types, and matchmaking for every game mode, this gives Halo: Reach a massive amount of replay value.

Halo: Reach is a prequel to the Halo series and takes place before Halo: Combat Evolved, which was released in 2001. Instead of playing as Master Chief, you play as Noble Six; he is the new member on Noble team. The overall objective of Halo: Reach is to defend the planet Reach, which is the planet where the Spartan project originated. The gameplay for the sixth and final installment of the Halo series is about the same as Halos 1,2, and 3. With only a few changes in the button layout and the addition of armor abilities, this game still feels like the same experience that the majority of Halo players had felt in the past. The button layout is not a very big deal; as it can be changed back to the Halo 3 layout, with the exception of the equipment which has been replaced with armor abilities. If you are a fan of the Halo series, the default button layout may take a little getting used to. Halo: Reach production started around the same time as Halo: ODST was Noble Team

Gameplay- 9/10 Graphics- 9.5/10 Replay Value-10/10 Total- 9.5/10

Photo credit:

Summer of music draws to an end haleyPETERS

staff writer

CD title- The Suburbs Artist- Arcade Fire Ladies and gentlemen, Arcade Fire has returned. This Canada-based group has been producing indie-rock hits since 2003, and their latest album did not disappoint. It contains songs like “Wasted Hours” and “The Suburbs” that seem to ooze with disdain for suburban boredom, all with a slightly peppier beat than previous albums. They have kept photo credit: the same woeful lyrics and melancholy sound, but combined it with a happier tune that somehow seems to go beautifully together. 4 out of 5 stars

The A.J. Awards


Countryside’s Official Poll run by the Center for New Media With the resignations of Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi American I d o l has brought in a few new recruits with familiar faces.

CD title-Teenage Dream Artist-Katy Perry Female vocalist, Katy Perry, is notorious for doing everything over the top. From her wacky and revealing stage-wear to her song lyrics that mother would disapprove of, this chick knows how to wow a crowd. Her CD is the perfect description of her; vibrant, showy, and a little inappropriate. Does her CD contain meaningful lyrics? No. Does it show the real, possibly softer side of Katy? No again. But photo credit: “California Gurls” is great for blasting on the way to a beach. With the next season beginning January 12 of 2011 many are looking forward to how these new judges will face the challenge, we want to know your opinion of which you are looking forward to the most, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame, J-LO a.k.a Jenny from the block, or Randy “Yo Dawg” Jackson? Please go to www.CNMcountryside. com now to vote on you’re favorite to be announced on UPC November 1st photo credit



Portal to student-teacher communication Student-Teacher Language Barriers ariesaBRYANT

staff writer

With the new school year there have been several changes with the policies and regulations at Countryside High School in conjunction with the Pinellas County School Board. Some students believe that there are negative and positive effects of these rules. However, this school year Pinellas County School Board has enhanced the grading system which will benefit all high school students. PCS Portal is an online site that allows teachers, parents, and students to stay connected with one another. This year students have their own access on this site which allows them to be knowledgeable of their grades in a class; day in and day out. On behalf of several students, this ability sounds much like Parent Connect. Although Portal for students shares the same concept it differs. Not only is the student site simply for students, as parent connect was intended for parents; students are given the privilege to see their current grade in a class, and also view upcoming and past assignments. This diffuses all blind communication between the teacher and student concerning a student’s grade and/or assignments given. If he or she wishes to get in contact with their teacher at anytime they can do so easily on the main interface displaying their grades. Alongside these features there are countless others such as additional useful educational student programs and the capability to keep up with absences, graduation requirements, final grades, cumulative GPA, and personal information that is on file. How does a student receive access to this site? It’s a lot easier then a number of students assume for it to be. First and foremost, in order for a successful log-in a student MUST be aware of their R2.D2 (student Pinellas Domain/Network Credentials) as their user name, and also their Student Identification number (excluding the first two numbers; namely, the five and the two) as their password. A student can obtain this log-in information by inquiring with a teacher or requesting it from the Countryside High School’s Guidance Department. Following the awareness of both the user name and password for this site, students will be able to log in successfully and familiarize themselves with the PCS Portal for students by visiting


staff writer

As I sat in my first period class on the first day of school two years ago I was frozen in confusion. Just minutes earlier my teacher had uttered the six baffling words that had enabled me to follow through with the initial instruction, already sifting through my scrambled mind. The words spoken by my teacher were not any type of technical jargon or even moderately advanced English. It was a phrase as simple as “Don't try and reinvent the wheel”. According to the results of multiple interviews, three out of ten students still do not know what the phrase means. As you can see, this has become an issue not only for students, but also for the teachers as the scenario could be easily reversed. Like Ms. Wilson's, an English teacher at countryside, experience when she first started teaching. As a perky, sparkly eyed, eager to teach teacher, Ms. Wilson asked one student a question and their reply was, “Why you all up in my bid-ness?” Afterwards, Ms. Wilson and the student sat in silence. The student awaiting an answer and Ms. Wilson unable to give her one. Although, I know many teachers now know what this phrase means, it is still important to take note that there are many other similar phrases in which most teachers do not know the meaning of. With the result of the interview mentioned above, a situation just like mine or Ms. Wilson's has likely happened to you or is bound to happen to you somet i m e soon. So, in om ad.c squ order to erase the k e e :g edit bulk of language barriers to cr pho stuck between the two generations, here are a few definitions of words and phrases popularized by students and teachers: Words used often by students Creeper (adj.): A person who exhibits odd behavior; an insult. Tanorexia: (not an actual disease) A person with Tanorexia is constantly tanning but no matter how tan they are they never think they are tan enough. Bragplaining: When you complain about something for the sole purpose of bringing it up in conversation. Words used often by teachers Horse Hockey- excitement or nonsense Carry a torch- To have a crush on someone. High Hat- To snub someone.

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Dear Class of 2014 susanCOVA

This is what every middle school student has been looking forward to... high school! Countryside is a fairly easy school to find your way around considering the fact that it is shaped like a mall. It may be a crowded school , but at Countryside we have plenty of space to fulfill the needs of every student. Countryside has a wide variety of class choices to choose from such as, Holocaust, wood shop, newspaper, drama, TV production, and much more. Make sure to remember the classes that interest you for second semester and your following years. Failing classes now that you are in high school does not necessarily mean you fail that grade level. Although when you do not pass classes you do have to retake them or other classes that satisfy the same requirements; this usually puts you behind. Some students get to high school and become more focused on their social life that they do not realize they are behind on grades. Being behind during your freshman year digs you a hole that is hard to get out of and hurts you in the long run. In following years there will be;more homework, online classes, stress, and less time with friends. Is your social life worth all of the stress? Some of your fellow peers may answer “yes” to this, but sit back and think about it. Everyone knows that when March and April rolls around it is time for the FCAT. During this time of the year the teachers spend a bulk of the time preparing students for the FCAT. Making sure you know everything there is to know to ensure you to have a passing FCAT score is their top priority. If you pass you the FACT this year then you will not have to be placed in remedial classes. Then if you take the FCAT and pass it your sophomore year then you are done with FCAT for good. Is that exciting or what? School is obviously not what everyone makes it out to be; fun filled and laid back. While everyone might be able to put some fun into their school years, school work and grades are most important. Other then all of that your high school years could be a blast for you. Have fun!

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h School, a big change

The Worst of the Wings alexANDERSEN

news editor/tech director

Everyday over 2,000 students walk through Countryside High School’s doors and are packed in like sardines. Walking through the halls is a daunting task for most students because everyone just shoves their way through the crowd and pushes people out of their way to get where they are trying to go. There is no order or set of rules in the concourse so students walk every which way trying to get to class during the ridiculously short five minute passing period. Countryside High School has the largest student body in Pinellas County with 2,343 students, compared to East Lake with 2,284 and Palm Harbor with 2,228. This year there were 900 new freshman added to the school and now the hallways are more crowded than ever. Wings like B and K are the worst halls to try to get in and out of during the short passing period because there are just too many students in the way! It is nearly impossible to get from A to H on time every day. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why are some wings more crowded than others?” Well K wing is 8 feet wide, compared to M wing which is 10 feet. Why would the designers of Countryside High School change the widths of the different hallways? With two extra feet of room, the hallways would not be as congested and students would get to class faster. After asking student, Elona Pupuleku, what she thought of the crowded hallways she responded, “It is very hard to get into K-wing everyday because a lot of students have classes there.” If the passing periods were two minutes longer we could all get to class in time without running through the halls. We especially need to be on time now because of the new tardy policy, which turns four tardies into an unexcused absence. With our layout and time schedule, being the way it is, we will just have to make due with what we have.

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Countryside goes mobile Avid students take on Cornell for cell phone policy Notes for Countryside kaitlinGLOGOWSKI

staff writer


staff writer

This school year’s new big deal is the new and imThe new style of note taking called Cornell notes are proved cell phone policy. It allows you to use your cell making their mark at Countryside. They are not a new phone in the hallways; in between classes, before and af- idea itself, but rather a new concept here at C-side. Only ter school, and even at 15 minute break! This new policy a few teachers in previous years had their students use that the disciplinary committee, lead by Ms. Bruner and them, but now the idea has caught on. They were popular her committee with Ms. Luther, Mr. Amstutz, Ms. Diba, in the 1950’s when Walter Pauk was a professor at Cornell Ms. Mathews, Mr. Parrulli and many more supporting University, hence the name of the notes. The idea behind and committed teachers. They met multiple times over them is to increase the retention of students while taking the summer, and many meetings were brought up, in- the notes rather than studying and cramming the night cluding the cell phone policy that has been around for before. Cornell notes are comprised of two columns, one years. When the committee brought up the new idea, Ms. for questions and the other for answers and notes, with a Bruner had already been a part of a team that had tried summary at the bottom. the new policy at Saint Petersburg High School, witch It has been proven that the more times someone is had a positive effect over the whole school. Saint Pete and introduced to an idea, and the more they go over it, the Countryside are the only two high schools around that better it sticks in their mind. The Cornell note taking syshave the privilege to use your cell phones in the hallways. tem does just that. By reading over them to develop posEven though the process of changing this new rule would sible test questions, and skimming through to gather the take a great deal of work, the committee was ready for the highlights for the summary, students are enhancing their challenge. remembrance and lessening their study time. “Taking First, the policy had to be brought up in good notes is the first part of the equamany meetings by the committee. Then tion, and some students stop there. If once they came to an agreement, all of we can get students to review these the staff members had to be informed good notes they have taken, they will of the new idea. Once the staff agreed be able to retain more information,” that this would be a great improvement said Mrs. Luther. The notes require to the school, they brought the policy students to go back and review them, up to Mr. Schlereth. He agreed with which clearly is the motivation some the teachers and had the final word to students need to look them over and pass the new rule. review. “We wanted to make positive The AVID program, or Advancechanges because discipline does not ment Via Individual Determination, always work,” explained Ms. Bruner. at Countryside is a large supporter Last year when students used an of the Cornell note system. The proelectronic device in the hallways, the gram requires the students involved administrators would confiscate it to use the notes in all of their classand a parent or guardian had to get es. AVID’s goal with the Cornell it from the office. If any student renotes is to get students understandfused to give up the electronic device, ing and remembering more in their then they were either put in school classes and preforming better on suspension, commonly referred to tests. AVID, new to Countryside as IC, or had a two day suspension, this year, has been helping students which would reduce the time spent all over the US reach their full poin the classroom or reduce the time tential with simple ideas such as spent learning new material. Cornell notes for the last 30 years. “I feel like the teachers actually The Cornell notes are certainty photo credit: megan mason have a reason to take our phones away popular with the teachers, but not every now, its not that hard to keep it away for 47 minutes at student agrees that they are the best note taking system. a time.” Said senior Lizzie Rush, who makes an excellent In fact, there are some students completely opposed to the point. If teachers give you the privilege to use your cell idea. The Cornell notes do require more effort and are alphones in the halls, you should be able to control your ways structured the same. This tends to be a problem when texting urge for 47 minutes of learning time. students are used to their old ways of note taking, then However, “Two out of three times I had my phone taken told to change to a new way. Many students have been away last year. I was on the phone with my mom or a asking themselves, is it even worth the time to change friend trying to figure out how I was getting home or and apply the new concept, or just continue on with their getting to work after school, I love this new privilege!” previous strategies and hope it all works out. said Alisha Koch. Last year Ms. Saginario and all of the The Cornell note taking system has taken root in administrator could of easily taken over a hundred and Countryside. Even though not everyone is in full support, twenty five phones a week but they only took the phones the tests show that this plan is worth putting into motion. of repeat offenders! Ms. Saginario went on to say how the So now only time will tell if the concept catches on and excuse said by over 75% of students was, I’m talking to my boosts students grades. Maybe, just maybe, with the help parents look! of Professor Pauk and his notes, we can raise the countryThis new change is one for the better; with more kids side school “D” grade. in class, happy administrators and students not trying to hide there phones have made Countryside a cell phone friendly school zone!



Teamwork proves itself Do you have what it takes? nicoleHARRIS

gave the the Cougars a 14-7 lead at halftime. Johnson also sports editor made an 80 yard touchdown in the third quarter scoring The Countryside High School football team is starting Countryside yet another 7 points. At the end of the game, out fresh this year with not only a new coach, but essen- the scoreboard flashed 21-20, Cougars won. Starting the stat of 1-0. tially a whole new team after losing 32 seniors this year. season off right with a October 1st was an important The boys kicked it into gear on Friday, August 27th in a for the Cougars, game against Tampa Jesuit. The game really proved that game against the team can work together, and play well when they Laketied Jesuit 7-7. photo credit: Scott Beck wood. The new coach, Jared T h e Davis, attended Count w o tryside High School in teams 2002. He also played w e r e on the football team, rivals from as an offensive linethe year before, man. Davis worked as when the Sparan assistant coach here tans beat the at Countryside from Cougars. This 2002-2004, and now he game was huge hopes to help the team to Countryside. to win a district or even “We had to beat state title. them, not only He takes over a for moral, but so team that made it all the we could prove way to the 5A regional ourselves.” said finals last year. Curenior Paul Flory waits on the bench, exhausted, at the game on Fri- A.J. Sattinger, rently, there are some day, September third against the Boca Ciega Pirates. photo credit: Nicole the teams tight strong returning players end. that Davis is hoping will Harris When sophhelp pull the team to a victory including: offensive tackles Tyler Pierson and Tyler omore Diomi Roberts, scored Countryside’s fifth touchMoore, defensive back Alex Dixon, and linebacker Terry down on a 40-yard catch, they knew they had won. At th e score flashed 51-22, Cougars win. Johnson. The Countryside Cougars are 5-0, undefeated. The There are a few new players that have hit the spot light and are starting on first string this season. Some of these new coach, Davis has really proved he can take the team player are: sophomores tight end A.J. Sattinger, defensive to a victory. He has shown that knows how to make the back Tyler Serpo, and wide receiver Marrieo Taylor. All team work together and put their skills to the test. If they three show that they have what it takes to start on this can keep it together, they have an amazing chance at making it to the 5A regional finals again. Possibly even to the Varsity team. In the game against the Boca Ciega Pirates, on Septem- state championships. It will definitely be an interesting ber 3rd, Terry Johnson really showed what he was made of season. when he intercepted a pass, and returned it 40 yards. This




Varsity Football Schedule Tarpon Springs



Palm Harbor



East Lake






-- Open Week --


First Round Play Off

14 22

East Lake

staff writer

“We are the modern day Romans, the Gladiators.” Says Coach Hood in reference to his team. We all see the Varsity and Junior Varsity football players in their white and garnet jerseys on game day and know there’s a game tonight. White for away games, and garnet for home. What does it take to be able to represent the Countryside High School football team? Do you have a lot of pride, power, weight, and determination? “We have anywhere from thirty to one hundred new players try out each year,” says Cody Chmelick, Zach Koenn, Troy Olmo and Coach Hood. There are only 32 spots are available for new players, the expectations for them are high. “They should play just as good as the seniors.” said junior Cody Chmelick. The written expectations are to try their hardest and do their job. Coach Hood says they should be willing to learn and listen to directions. They must also give 100% all the time and be a team player. Coach Hood (CHS), JV Coach King (PHUHS) and Varsity Coach Haye (PHUHS) all say that football is popular because it is a team sport, and creates a bond between players. Coach Haye also said it is popular because “You can legally hit and hurt someone.” All three agree though, that everybody has a part and if you can make it through the first couple days of practice, you can make the team. It is intense out there and everybody is watching every player whether you know it or not. Veteran player, Chmelick says football is fun “Because it’s the funnest sport to watch.” For example, getting together, tailgating, partying, eating, etc. “Even girls who don’t really like football will go to games to cheer, and look at guys.” said Head JV Coach Hood.He often hears girls at football games saying, “Doesn’t his butt look good in those tight pants?” There are a few unofficial requirements to be a CHS football player. According to the players you have to be “Mentally tough because fter a the coaches will titches a me s s t e g ga artin rip you apart” says ootball unter M at a JV f redit: Kelley le k c Troy Olmo.Coach a t c hard e. photo Haye of PHUHS untr ysid o C t s ain says,“Nobody gets agutterfield c u t B and you have to be physically and emotionally capable to get hit and to hit. You must also have a strong heart.” It is recommended by Head Coach Hood to try at least one year of football just to see if you like it. Joe Carr and Hunter Martin of PHUHS are proud that they have “A strong team and strong players.” Football is not for everyone though. “There are some big guys that just don’t like it or don’t like hitting. And on the flip side, there are little guys that will just stick it to you.” said Coach Hood. Do you have the pride, power, weight, determination, and attitude to be a CHS football player?



JV Football Schedule





Volleyball Schedule

Cross Country Schedule

15 Palm Harbor Invite Wall Springs 4:00

22 Dunedin Invite Hammock Pk. 4:00

29 PCAC Champ Taylor Park 4:00


Northside Christian




Clearwater JV & Var




Bayshore Christian





Home 7:00

Nov 5-7



East Lake

Home 7:00


PCAC Champ (qualifiers)




13-14 REGION 21


Kicking off the new season zachSTEELE

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It is going to be another exciting year of college football in Florida. The national championship picture is wide open, and anybody could make a run. Last year, the Florida Gators were just one win away from going to the title game, losing to eventual champion, Alabama. However, that was with all-time great, Tim Tebow. With Tebow’s departure, it will be up to new quarterback, John Brantley to lead the #4 Gators. Brantley will have also have help from some of the fastest players in the nation, Chris Rainey, Emmanuel Moody, and Jeffrey Demps. With many new starters on offense and defense, the Gators have many questions but lots of talent. Florida’s rival Florida State also lost an all-time great, legendary coach, Bobby Bowden. Bowden was somewhat forced out as head coach, after a string of average seasons. His replacement, Jimbo Fisher, will inherit the #20 Seminoles, led by Heisman candidate Christian Ponder. Ponder had a great season last year, until he was injured in a collision with Clemson safety DeAndre McDaniel. The running game was on and off last year, led by talented tailback, Jermaine Thomas. The defense is what killed FSU last year,

and they might be in even deeper trouble after losing many talented players to the NFL draft. The defense will need to improve if they want to be a serious contender this year. The Miami Hurricanes seem to finally be returning to the powerhouse they once were. With returning players Jacory Harris, Graig Cooper, and Leonard Hankerson, added to a hard hitting defense, the Hurricanes seem poised to make a run this season. However, they have one of the hardest out of conference schedules in the nation. The #13 Hurricanes go to #2 Ohio State and #15 Pittsburgh in weeks 2 and 3. The match up with Ohio State is especially interesting, because it’s a rematch of the thrilling 2002 BCS National Title Game. With tough games this early, it will be easy to tell if “the U” is for real this season. South Florida comes into this season with the most questions and changes. After a controversial departure of Jim Leavitt (founder of USF football), new coach Skip Holtz will take over. Holtz will inherit a team with many new starters, especially on defense. The bright spot for the Bulls is definitely B.J. Daniels, the Bulls dual threat quarterback. There are little expectations for the unranked Bulls this season, so it will be interesting to see if they surprise a few teams.

Spike to victory nicoleHARRIS

hung on the Countryside side, and East Lake won 3 out of 3 set The volleyball team has bumped their way into the “I think we just weren’t as focused as we should have middle of their season. In the game against, Mitchell on been. We were more worried about what the big crowd Friday, September 10th, the girls blew the Mustangs away was thinking of us, than playing well,” said 5’9” senior Sawhen they scored 25-12 in the first match. Winning the vannah Stona. overall game, the The girls played in team went home the Springstead tourhappy with their nament the weekend first win. of September 11th. The game There were eight against East Lake teams competing was definitely the for the championtoughest of the ship. The team pulled season. It was an through and were deintense game with termined to get a win roughly 200 atafter their defeat the tending the game, week before. 2/3 of them beThey hope to keep ing East Lake this streak going and fans. The crowd making it to a district was going wild. or state title. If the Chanting from he Countryside High School volleyball team hesitantly waits for the girls keep working as both sides broke ball to come back down to score on the other team, the East Lake a team, they are in for out, Countryside Eagles on September 10, 2010. photo credit: Nicole Harris a great season. They fans were trying to are going to work as get the girls to pick up their game. The Eagle girls were hard as possible. The Countryside High volleyball team at the top of their game. At the end of the game, heads will try their best to win what they can for their school. sports editor


Swim team splashes into season katieGLOGOWSKI

staff writer

As the new swim team of 2010-2011 takes the first dive into the pool, they’re hoping to keep their streak swimming. Last year, the varsity boys swam their way to the championships were they placed second, only losing one meet against Palm Harbor University High School, with the girls finishing right behind the boys in 6th place. Both the guys and girls varsity teams won their first swim meet against St. Pete High School on September 1, 2010. The following weekend was the spirit meet. This is when all the schools from Pinellas county get together, dress up as different things and compete for the title. Our team dressed up as football players. The girls won third place with the boys finishing right in front of them in second; the boys also had broke a new record in the 400 free style relay by barely 5 seconds. With this award winning team and their four captains, Courtney Grace, Izzy Kobit-

ter, Stephan lahm, and Hunter Krug, their hoping to fulfill their goals of making it to the championships again this year! “With this new recruit, we have a better chance of winning,” said Junior Gary Lush as he referred to his new team mate Matt Ellis. Matt Ellis is a junior that just moved here from Austin, Texas to follow his favorite coach Randy Reese. He is the new addition to the Clearwater Aquatic Team, also known as C.A.T. He can swim the 100 free style in 44 seconds and the 100 butterfly in 49 seconds. There are also very many promising new addition to the team this year, such as Tommy Kelly, Hunter Uline, Ryan Peters, Sarah Hughes, Matt Ellis, and Megan Kearns. With an amazing team to back them up with seniors Jon Witkowski, John Kelly, Hunter Krug, and Steven Lahm for the guys team, Izzy Kobitter, and Courtney Grace for the girls this season should be one to remember!


It’salluptoyou ariesaBRYANT

staff writer

When is it time to start becoming all you can be in a sport you have a passion for? The time is now, in high school. This is what former students at Countryside High School have done; realized their passion and made it happen. Their faces are now recognized on the Countryside High School’s Wall of Fame because of this. Countryside High School’s Wall of Fame was introduced fifteen years ago. The wall highlights past students who have had achievements athletically. As the years go by, the accomplishments of graduates who contributed greatly to the success of the athletic department of Countryside High will be remembered not only by a name or record, but by a portrait on this wall. What does it take to get on this wall? Don’t just play; play to be the best. The wall identifies all students who have won first place in an All-State team or individually in

the d of nt n e orth orta the n ases imp it: n o c red ed in oto c how locat ym,. It s 1981. ph , e in eg Fam ll of nt of th ened up sports a H o op he l n fr i o o l such as, wrestling, o ch scho the s e c football, basketball, soccer, in tes sris e l h t baseball, softball, volleyball, swima le Har Nico ming, golf, tennis, and lacrosse. If it is a sport at Countryside High School there is an equal opportunity. The athlete is the one who has to put forth the effort. Athletic success does not stop after high school. It is the beginning of opportunities to set off to college with full athletic scholarships or the chance of becoming a professional athlete. Matt Geiger, a former Countryside High student, who is on the Wall of Fame, was a part of the Countryside Cougars basketball team. Following high school, he played for the Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, and Philadelphia 76’rs NBA Teams. Another prospect on the Wall of Fame who attended Countryside High is Jeff Mitchell. During his years on the Cougars football team, he made a total of seventeen quarterback sacks, setting the school record.


Halloween Word Scramble: 1. Halloween 2. Goblins 3. Trick 4. Treat 5. Candy 6. Monsters 7. Costumes 8. Witches 9. Vampires Name That Course Crossword Puzzle: (across) 4. Art 6. Spanish 8. Chemistry 12. American Government 14. History 15. Physics (down) 1. English 2. Drama 3. Biology 5. Psychology 7. Economics 9. H.O.P.E 10. Statistics 11. Geometry 13. Algebra


summer Break

R. I. P PAMVSIER- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ THWSICS- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ UCESOMTS- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ TOMNSRES- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ YNCAD- _ _ _ _ _ ATERT- _ _ _ _ _ KIRTC- _ _ _ _ _ IGLONBS- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ENLOHWALE- _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Live it Dreams really do come true haliKUDLER

staff writer

Once the beginning of school starts, it seems students go into a frenzy trying to decide what after school activities to become involved in. When it comes crunch time, most people tend to overlook the low profile sport of cross country for more glorious sports such as football or soccer. To many people, the general idea of cross country is that people are forced to go run until their legs collapse from under them. However, this common mindset of the average person isn’t really what the sport comes down too. This sport is much more than just running long distances. In fact, many athletes use this sport as a photo credit gateway for their season training to other sports. This conditioning prepares an athlete for any tryout or season by giving them more endurance and stamina – which could mean the difference between making the team or falling short. “You have to have determination, endurance, and motivation. You really have to work hard, ” senior Caileigh Mills said. Cross country is just like any other sport – it isn’t going to come naturally. While some people can be used to running six miles on a treadmill, it is a lot different when you are forced to push yourself through the heat, humidity and mental strength that graces these devoted athletes. “It’s a love-hate relationship. You dread it before you run but once you get going it is a release from stress,” confessed junior Nicole Kenyon. She isn’t the only runner on the girls cross country team to have this kind of attitude toward her sport. Many cross country runners hate running, but couldn’t imagine their lives without the strenuous activity. It is this mental toughness that transends to other parts of their busy lives. “People on the team are so supportive and friendly in everything you do. They understand busy schedules. So if you miss a practice, it’s fine,” Mills said. Practices are an important part of any team but when life conflicts with a cross country practice, it isn’t the end of the world. Many runners decide to go out on their own when they have free time during the day instead of having to figure out a way to include practice and other after-school activities. This universal sport aids athletes by creating discipline that can drive competitor to the top. Cross country builds mental toughness, enhances cardiovascular endurance and develops flexibile muscles. It gives any athlete an additional physical and mental edge over the competition. This may mean the difference between being in the winner’s circle or suffering a crushing defeat.



Homecoming season is a major milestone in the life of a high school student. For the teenage girl, finding the right dress is essential. Unfortunately, in hard economic times, the amount that the average homecoming outfit may cost is astronomical. Dresses are usually between $100.00$200.00 and shoes are about $30.00. This number does not even include jewelry, hair, makeup, and your ticket! Prom dresses are even more expensive ranging from $100.00$1000.00 and sometimes even more. What low income or economically affected families needed was a Fairy God Mother. Finally, one has been found. Susan Schwartz created the “Belle of the Ball/Dream a Dress” for girls of low income, or financial difficulties, that cannot afford dresses and only asks for a $1.00 donation. Now the girl that may have been questioning her attendance to the annual bash, can feel like Cinderella at the ball. The

Belle of the Ball show room houses dresses for every girl, every shape, every style, and for both homecoming and prom. Shoes and jewelry are also out for girls to try on. Mrs. Schwartz started the program after realizing that teenage girls and women have dresses just sitting in their closet gathering dust. What if every unused dress was donated to a girl in need? The response was phenomenal and she often has more dresses than she can give away. “Our motto is that no girl should be denied the opportunity to attend her high school dance because of financial difficulties,” Susan Schwartz. “It’s truly a humbling experience.” Belle of the Ball truly has started something amazing. Giving back can warm your heart. Even many of the girls that receive dresses from the program donate them back so another girl in need can share her experience. The program started on September 25th and will continue on October 2nd, 9th, and 16th for any girl that needs a dress and a fairy godmother to help her get there.

Halloween is growing on us


staff writer

“Aren’t you a little old to be trick-or-treating?” says a wrinkled face peeping from a decorated door. This happens to countless costume-clad high schoolers every year. Most of us reply with a shaky, “I’m in high school!” and the candy is placed in our pillowcase with a disapproving grunt. Why does this happen? Why can’t we just get some free candy even though we’re over the height limit? Well, it just so happens that the rules seem to be changing. The tradition of Halloween is being outgrown by more and more teens, leaving those of us who still enjoy the celebration to be looked down upon by adults. “I definitely don’t think adults should be doing it, but if you go trick-or-treating with a group of friends, that’s okay,” says Jenna Luther (‘13)

who approves of going out to enjoy the spooky holiday. Junior William Philpott disagrees, “If you stand taller than the people opening the probably shouldn’t still be trick-ortreating. I’d rather just hand out candy.” How old is too old to trick-or-treat? That question will probably remain unanswered. Why not celebrate Halloween with the rest of the neighbors? The candy, fun, and socialization is completely free. However the possibility that you’ll be socializing with kids half your age is likely. And being mistaken for a “hoodlum-upto-no-good” on Halloween night is also a given. Maybe the fact that teens are beginning to feel out of place in the trick-or-treating world is a sign that we’ve outgrown it... but what will we tell to the adults that still dress up?

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Front Row: Kathryn “Kit-Kat” Williams- Editor-in-Chief , Mrs. Trautwein “Momma-T” - Advisor, Megan “M&M” Mason- Editor-in-Chief Second Row: Parker “Deyo ” Andersen- Entertainment Editor, Alex “AA7” Andersen- News Editor, Susan “Smalls” Cova- Business Manager, Josee Hawk- Features Editor, A.J “Mouse” Caberto- Opinion/Grub Editor, Nicole “Newy” Harris- Sports Editor Staff Writers Third Row: Kelly “Li’l Kel” Pettit, Caleb “Mop” Carney, Dana “The Puzzler” Harris, Katelyn “Madame” Wabnum, Hali “The Cuddler” Kudler Back Row: Katie Glogowski, Kelley “Butters” Butterfield, Zach “Navy” Steele, Haley Peters, Abby “Magik” Mills, Ariesa Bryant

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