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Friday, April 6th, 2007 - VOLUME 28, Issue 6

Graduation requirements change for 2007 samanthaMALONE

opinion editor

In 2006, the Florida legislature passed a series of new curriculum requirements for all incoming freshmen in 2007. Among the changes made are HOPE, the new performing arts requirement, and the majors and minors legislation. H O P E , or health opportunities through physical education are the combination of the current health, physical education, and personal fitness classes into one semester long class. Incoming freshmen will be required to take HOPE in the tenth grade. Marching band and athletics physical education waivers will no longer be accepted as equal to the personal fitness class. All current high school students will stay with the current physical education graduation requirements. “I like it [HOPE] because you don’t have to take different classes; you can take it all at once,” said freshman Nicole Platt. Currently students must earn one-half credit of either vocational, performing or fine arts. In 2007 incoming freshmen must take one full credit of performing arts in order to graduate. This change will inevitably disrupt the distribution of students within these classes. Some students say performing arts classes will become over-crowded with

students who have no interest in participating while practical arts and vocational classes will dwindle in numbers. “That’s horrible, I’d hate it. Some people don’t have an interest in performing arts,” said freshman Katy Ann Brosseau. With the start of the 2007-2008 school years, all students will have to choose a major, excluding all current students. The major that a student chooses will depict what electives they take throughout their high school years. A student may change his or her major when it comes time to choose their classes for the following school year. Four out of the eight available elective spaces must be focused on the student’s major. The student’s remaining four electives will be used for required classes like HOPE, and economics. “I think the majors are good, I don’t know what I want to do, so it’s a good way to prepare yourself for the future,” said freshman Kelly Montoya.

High school has been referred to as the student’s gateway into the real world. The entrance to this gateway will be prolonged for all incoming freshman next school year with the creation of a ninth grade “house” to be modeled after the grade separations of middle schools. Ninth grade core curriculum classes will be housed in specific wings of the school building. All freshmen will have the same teachers throughout the school year. Students will leave the ninth grade house for electives and return for mathematics, science, English, and social studies. Any students that enter high school with credits significantly above or below average will take upper or lower level core curriculum classes outside the “house.” Freshman Experience will continue to be considered an elective and be taught by teachers outside the ninth grade house. Whether the new graduation requirements for next year’s freshman are effective or prove to be useless, they are inevitable. “I’m glad I don’t have to deal with the changes, I have enough to worry about as it is,” said sophomore Rachel Burns.

Graduation Requirement Changes Old


•Three mathematics credits needed to graduate •One full credit in either fine arts or practical arts or a half credit of each •One credit of physical education or a half credit of personal fitness and a half credit of physical education •One-half credit in Life Management skills to satisfy the health education requirement

•Four mathematics credits needed to graduate •One full credit needed in fine arts •One credit of health and physical education to be satisfied by the required HOPE class •Choose a major that affects four of the eight possible electives •All ninth grade core curriculum classes held in the ninth grade “house”

Human papillomavirus breakthrough vaccine alexHARRIS

staff writer

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common cause of cervical cancer. With the unsurpassed media coverage which HPV and the vaccine (Gardasil) has received, there should be a supreme understanding of the risks of HPV to the consumer. “Well they’re coming out with new technology and medicine to prevent such a horrible cancer. And it runs in my family; my grandma died from it in 2000. If I know that it runs in my family, I’m going to do everything I can to prevent it,” said senior Allison Langraf. There are more than 100 different strands of this particular virus, most of which are harmless and cause no apparent signs or symptoms. Other strands including type 16, 18, 6, and 11 can cause life threatening cervical cancer or genital warts. Roughly 70% of all cervical cancer is caused by type 16 and 18; types 6 and 11, according to WebMD, cause around 90 % of all cases of genital warts. The World Health Organization estimates that annually 500,000 women around the world contract cervical cancer and close to half of those will die from the preventable sickness. The American Cancer Society claims in America over 9,700 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year alone and 3,700 of these women won’t live through the ailment. It isn’t solely women who are affected by HPV; men can also acquire the virus. The human papilloma virus is a major cause of penile cancers and is also responsible for oropharyngeal cancers. Unfortunately the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve a vaccine for men. “The HPV shot didn’t hurt, the risks were pretty low, so I was for it. I decided to get the shot just to protect my-

self. It’s something you can protect yourself against so why not?” said senior Savannah Madley. Cervical cancer is caused almost exclusively from HPV. This may have been an irrelevant fact some years ago, but as of June 2006, the FDA approved a vaccine which would completely alter this. The vaccine, Gardasil, prevents the high-risk strands of HPV including type 16, 18, 6, and 11, nearly alleviating the threat of cervical cancer to all women who receive the shot. Although women can still develop cervical cancer without ever acquiring HPV. “The shot is kind of expensive if you don’t have insurance, but it’s worth it, because if you end up with cervical cancer or something like that it’s going to be a lot more in doctors bills,” said senior Ashley King. This dangerous cancer is preventable and the shot helps diminish virtually all cases of cervical cancer and most infections of genital warts. A study, funded by the manufacturer of Gardasil, found that the vaccine reduced persistent HPV infections by 90%. Merck’s study also found Gardasil to be 100% effective three years later in preventing precancerous cervical lesions and genital warts. The vaccine is most affective when given to girls before they become sexually active because it is not a method of treatment for HPV or genital warts. The HPV shot can also be given to girls as young as nine years old. The human papillomavirus can spread from sex with any infected person and is highly contagious. Approximately two-thirds of people who have sexual contact with someone who has genital warts will contract the STD within three months. In addition to the protection the HPV shot offers,

women can also protect themselves by having routine screening with pap smears, which can detect cell abnormalities. If the HPV shot is undesirable, another option is to use a condom during intercourse. According to the Mayo Clinic, in a recent study, condoms were shown to reduce the risk of contracting HPV by up to 70% when women used a condom every time they had sex. “[I would] absolutely [recommend getting the shot]. It might be a bit pricey, but what is a couple hundred dollars compared to your life?” said Langraf. The vaccine for HPV comes in a divided three shots, at a price of $360 according to The Gardasil shot has been controversially proposed as a serious contender to be added to the mandatory vaccines required for school children. Opposition to this proposal claims the HPV shot sends a message that underage sex is okay as well as violating parent’s rights of their children. Proponents against this shot argue it will undo all efforts currently in place to reduce teen pregnancy. The federal government’s Vaccines for Children program would also guarantee the shot to those who are uninsured, thus granting all girls access to the shot.

Did You Know? The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005, passed by the U.S. Congress July, 2005, extended Daylight Saving Time (DST) in the U.S. by approximately four weeks. DST began on March 11, 2007 and ends on November 4th, 2007.



Volume 28

Not the average trekkie fest beccaMORALES

culture editor

The sensation may have started in a galaxy far, far away with the debut of the epic trilogy known as Star Wars, but those “trekkie” fans are being driven out by the anime and comic book fans. Hundreds of people dressed in their best customized outfits come near and far to big cities such as Tampa, Orlando, and Miami for the experience of being surrounded by others with similar interests. They bargain with one another for the latest movie, figurine, or book to complete their collections. “I am ecstatic about going to Jacon,” said freshman Cassandra Valdez. Conventions, or better known as “cons” are mass gatherings that allow fans of these subcultures to indulge in their guilty pleasures; many bring out thousands in attendance. Cons such as Jacon ( Japanese Anime Convention) in Orlando have more than a thousand in attendance each year. Megacon, like all other conventions, lasts three days starting on a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and provides special panels and exhibitions to target specific interests. This year at the Jacon there will be new events such as the Royal Flush Club and the Tennis

Tournament. These events are adaptations of the popular Japanese anime The Host Club and Prince of Tennis. The Royal Flush Club will have people dressed up as the flamboyant characters from the Host Club and offer guests the chance to enter their world and enjoy eating delectable desserts in a café style atmosphere. The new twist to last year’s popular event is a mock casino night. The tennis tournament is open for all attendees to participate in. The only true requirement for this event is that all players are required to “cosplay” (people dress like characters from anime, manga, and games). The cosplay for the event is more demanding than other event. Participants have to dress like characters from Prince of Tennis or any game where a character is known for their tennis skills. “Of all of the events and stuff I really can’t wait for the rave. I just love the music, dancing, and the lights,” said Valdez. Anime conventions however, are not the only ones coming up for this convention season. gaming conventions and comic conventions such as Megacon which was held from February 16-19 and Metrocon which will be held in July are equally as popular. “My favorite convention is Jacon. They have the most video games. It has a whole building with three levels full of them. They even had Dance Dance Revolution in the dealer’s room last year ,” said senior Andrew Lieneck.

The typical gaming convention consist of just that, games, including everything from table top (Dungeons and Dragon), cards, computer, and console games. They offer all game lovers a hands on approach to all the upcoming games. Yet, these grand events are eclipsed by all the people cosplaying. Jacon and Metro-con are famous for throwing the best costume contest and holding the highest grand prizes. If awarded with the best cosplay costume the winner will win over $1,500 in prizes. The 2006 grand prize winner for best costume won a new Sony camera and portable picture printer as well as a gift card to popular fabric store. “The best part of conventions is the cosplay. I think it was last year they had the coolest contest. Oh my god I saw Link (the protagonist in the poular Zelda games) there too,” said f reshm a n Melissa Kronen.


Issue 6


Organics gaining ground in produce anetaKOZUB

staff writer

Paw Print photo by Me

gan Hays

With stores like Winn Dixie going out of business and Sweetbay springing up in the Tampa Bay Area, the supermarket chains across Florida are searching for a new competitive edge to keep their current customers and reel new ones in. The latest craze, among grocery stores has been organic food and with the weight and diet issues currently facing the nation, this new trend appears to be catching on. However, at what cost? In recent years Publix introduced its first GreenWise organic produce. Soon after, Target followed with Archer Farm, and not to mention the all time low-priced WalMart which has also been working on expanding its Organics brand to include meat. “Right now I would say [eating organic food] is constantly gaining popularity. I think its becoming mainstream, more and more people are becoming aware. It makes sense to them,” said Christy Meyers, the Education Coordinator at all-organic supermarket, Nature’s Food Patch. According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food sales in the U.S. grossed roughly $14 billion in 2005, and yet that only amounts to 2.5 percent of that year’s food sales. The high prices of organic foods are a repercussion of the great costs involved in the production process. Some of the extra costs include the removal of toxins from the soil and additional labor. Smaller harvests are a result of the absence of pesticides. Many organic dairy and meat products have been reported to cost as much as double the price of conventional foods. “I buy some organic food. I feel like it’s a lot more expensive and they need to still have more controls on it to

make sure that you’re actually getting what you pay for,” animals eat are sprayed with any kind of chemicals. It’s all said Nutrition and Wellness teacher Ann Blazer. the same processes as the stuff we’re sold like the produce, The short-lived expiration dates also play a role in the its all regulated by the FDA, there’s strict standards on it cost of organic produce. In a study administered by MSN- all; it’s a very integral process to be considered certified BC New Correspondent Janice Lieberman, Ron Schnitzer organic,” said Meyers. of Sani Pure Labs found a considerable difference in orDespite the controversy over the value of organic food, ganic and conventional produce. Discovered was the fact that the organic food had higher levels of bacteria. Though the bacteria was in no way unhealthy or unsafe, it was found to have spoiled the food sooner than conventional foods. As the demand for organic food increases, farmers are searching for new ways to advance the production process. This requires an immense amount of produce to be developed in a short amount of time. Farmers would still feed the animals organic grains but eliminate the free range aspect of raising the animals. Instead, confined feeding operations would be used. Paw Print photo by Aneta Kozub “Today, I think probably ature’s Food Patch, a local organic supermarket in Palm Harbor offers 14,000 square one of our biggest concerns feet of all-organic produce which includes food as well as beauty products. are the vegetables because we’ve had so many outbreaks there has been a steady increase in sales. Since 1997, conin vegetables that did carry the ecoli bacteria. I also think sumer sales have jumped by more than $10 million. the meat [is also a concern] many times because of the “They’re definitely worth the cost; organic food is a growth hormones they use in them,” said Blazer. very nice alternative to regularly prepared food because it While the higher prices of organic foods are evident, doesn’t use preservatives that are harmful to the human the quality of the produce is still being debated. Should body,” said sophomore Shellie Harris. consumers sacrifice a couple of extra dollars for “supposThe consumer’s choice is always an individual choice. edly” healthier and more environmentally safe products? The focus tends to shift to personal taste and one’s own “I love it. It’s a lot better for the environment. I always health awareness. In the end, it more often than not comes feel more energized when I eat it,” said junior Matt Ar- down to the willingness of consumers to pay those higher doin. prices in order to incorporate yet another booming trend “When it’s a meat product, none of the foods that the into their lifestyle.


The Ultimate Prom Destination The Melting Pot is the most unique and interactive dining experience that is perfect for creating lasting memories. Accepting your prom reservations now.

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Prom 2007 morganSWIM


Retro, regal rebels: It’s what’s in this year. While you’re going through your preprom rounds you may want to consider more than a few hip changes to this year’s do’s, don’ts and nevers. Getting the perfect dress is just not enough for the chic and vogue socialites of prom. Make over your makeup and accelerate your accessories – it’s the difference between looking desperately desolate and deliciously debutant. Themes are more than decorations and atmosphere; they can be applied tastefully to your entire ensemble. To avoid being tacky, stay away from stereotypical accessories for themes and be innovative in your overall look. Current trends center around a retro look, these range from the 20’s to the 70’s, so raid mom and grandma’s dressers and closets for some retro relics. If you’re feeling more sophisticated go for the Victorian theme. Classic lockets, vintages metals, and old style portrait pendants will add flare and fluency to your look. Classy clothes not your thing? Go rebel. With current trends of tight pants and studded-everything, this theme may seem overdone but don’t discount it. Forget punk princess - instead go for a rock influence or gothic charm. Keep the rebellion from breaking out by simply hinting at its presence. Once you’ve got a few ideas in mind, it’s time to move on to the main event – your dress. This will obviously be the biggest purchase and decision for your prom attire so shop early, whether in stores or online. Look for dresses that fit you as a person as well as your body. Short dresses are becoming a more popular option over the traditional floor length ball gown. Princess tops, v-necks, and one strap designs are all good bets for this year. As for color choices, a royal purple or metallics are popular palettes but as long as you’re tasteful it’s okay to be bold with any color scheme. If you’re into celebrity style it’s more than acceptable to take a few notes from the stars. Look to the Oscars, fashion magazines and T.V. for inspiration. Try not to copy all aspects of a design, if only because it will be impossible to do so. Online shopping offers inspiration as well as a larger market. Things can get pricey as shipping can cost a significant chunk of cash and time restraints may up costs as well, so keep these factors in mind. Also, remember to shop with all your accessories in mind so that you won’t end up with mismatching shoes or overlapping necklines and necklaces. Quite possibly the most important accessory a girl can have is her hair. Your hairstyle should at first be based on your overall outfit and second on your neckline. As a general rule, high necklines are accented well by pinned or upturned hair, while low necklines look best with free flowing locks. Most girls opt for an up-do, so be daring with some fashionable curls or spice up flat, straight hair with a high volume look. Shoes can be a nightmare, so don’t overstress their importance. They will play a part in your look, but remember that long nights and high heels aren’t the best of friends. Try to find a manageable and comfortable open-toe sandal. Not only is it in, it’ll let your feet breathe and allow for easy removal if you need a break from dancing the night away. So now you’ve got your outfit from head to toe, so what about your makeup? Go all or none at all. Flashy eye shadow and ruby lips can really add noise to a safer outfit - as long as you don’t overdo it. If your dress has a lot of detail or is a printed fabric, go more natural so that you won’t be overwhelming to the eye. No matter what look you end up choosing remember to keep it tasteful and coordinated, and when in doubt consult your favorite celebrity for tips. Just don’t forget about the person under all the glam and have fun – It’s only prom.





staff writer

To accompany the retro, regal style that many girls are dressing in for prom this year, feel free to tap into James Bond styles. Straight lines, crisp and fresh shirts and single pleated pants are the way to dress. The blazer. Subtle understatements, buttons, pin stripes, or a double-breasted jacket, are perfect. Use light or dark basic colors, but nothing funky such as baby blue, or orange. Sorry Dumb and Dumber, the class of 2007 is “shaken, not stirred.” Complete with straight lines, and this blazer will never go out of style.

The shirt. Depending on the jacket, a bright white or jet black shirt will do the trick. Skip the cummerbund, keep the crisp, ironed shirt. Always use a button down and not a pull over shirt. A tailored shirt won’t smother, like the typical dress shirt. To spice life up a little bit, muted patterns add a retro look. But never mix patterns and stripes. It’s one or the other. The pants. Straight lines and matching design or pattern on the jacket are essential for the Bond look. Go for a slim-fitting pant, but not as tight as your girlfriend’s jeans. A slanted pocket makes holding items much easier and it’s still sophisticated enough for James Bond. The accessories. Belts and shoes can make or break the look. Black, leather belts with a silver buckle work for any outfit. Only if the suit can handle it, wear a gold buckle. And the shoes. Color coordinate them with the suit. For the best bet, ask your mom for help. Moms know more than you about what looks good.

Artwork by Morgan Swim Paw Print photos by Megan Hays


Volume 28


High school college 101? tamikaMARTINEZ

copy editor

So, you’re a senior in high school and you’re applying to colleges and contemplating the harrowing decision you are expected to make within the next few months– your intended major, your field of study for what you are to supposedly base your entire career and life around. This task is all but simple as students scurry to find where exactly their interests lie. These are the 17 and 18 year old high school students who are just discovering who they are and where it is they excel – their identity. With the alleged ingenious idea of the “Majors and Minors” program, incoming freshmen must declare a major in their eighth grade year. Allow me to reiterate. Pre-pubescent boys and girls are asked to consider their intended career and must declare what career path and line of study they wish to delve into, far before they are granted the opportunity of discovering where their interests even lie. So when a pupil spends an entire year working towards some obscure, randomly chosen “major” of which they have no real knowledge, only to find that that career path is all but enjoyable, and decides to veer off in a completely different direction, an entire year of major-required courses is mentally disposed of as their interests divert elsewhere. Sure, while a minority of incoming freshmen have predetermined career goals for life, from which they will not diverge, the majors and minors program will be a beneficial attribute only towards these students’ career paths. However, where does this leave the majority of freshmen, who have absolutely no clue what they want to do quite yet?

For these students, the majors and minors program is but a trial-and-error game from year to year -- new year, new major. While students are allowed to change majors from year to year, the fact remains for that year, that student was enrolled in classes they will never expound on, merely because they were major/minor-required. Let’s suppose a student chooses the General Communications major and their course load is full of courses with a journalism influence, and by the end of the year, that student is left with nothing but assurance that they will never go into communications and never again want to see a tape recorder and press pass. That entire year of otherwise desired electives was wasted because electives would be limited to only those classes that are geared towards that major. High school is the time to pick and choose a variety of different subjects to help students decide what subjects they enjoy, and which ones they positively hate. Locating a subject major of interest might not even be accomplished in high school. Therefore, instead students should take a vast assortment of classes in possible fields of study such as a Psychology I class, an Ecology course, a class in Creative Writing, or a painting class. If a student does not like a certain course, they need not further education in that subject as opposed to having an entire year of a specific major-geared curriculum they discover they don’t even wish to be in. Just ask any college sophomore if they know exactly what it is they want to study. Chances are they won’t, and they’re way past 13.

Speak Your Mind What do you think about the graduation requirements for next year’s incoming freshman? “I think this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in my life because not everybody is interested in drawing. Plus we don’t know what we’re going to be doing in college, some of us won’t even make it to college.” Evan Miller Freshmen

“I don’t think it’s a good idea because as freshmen, they might not hold the same thoughts and wants as they would later in life, or as seniors.” Chelsea Stanley Sophomore

Share your Opinions If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please bring your completed letter to A-3. Letters should include the writer’s name and grade. They may be edited for taste, clarity and length.

“I think freshmen are too young to decide what they want. Their electives shouldn’t be limited to what they pick as a major.” Brooke Hettig Junior

“I think it’s kind of ridiculous because there are people in college for two years that still don’t know what they want to do.” Eric Sarlo Senior

Thank you to our Sponsors:

From early on, Mr. Harris, the agriculture teacher, knew that the Majors & Minors program was a big mistake.


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Paw Print phot

o by Alex Har



e ecoming, th dance at hom to er . th a ed g g Students the undera to a club for closest thing


staff writer

Way back in the 1970’s, when an adolescent turned 18 years old they could legally drink. While that law was changed in the early 1980’s there are still mass amounts of activities and merchandise that become available when teens become legal adults. In the eyes of the law turning 18 means becoming a full fledged adult. The future of the country is in the hands of the young voters. For most older and experienced voters that is a scary thought. Just because the law states 18 year old are adults does not mean they behave as such. Teenagers today are bombarded by the truth about tobacco ads everywhere they go. (Get statistics like from truth ads) Yet when anyone reaches the age of 18 it seems as if one of the rights of passage is to go to the corner Hess or Mobil and purchase a pack of Camels or Marlboro Lights. Watch out folks we’re cool, we’re out of school and we are slowly filling our lungs with tar. Then of course, the purchasing items and literature that require photo identification and the use of a dark black bag. Whether it is for personal use or not, now these photo magazines can be purchased from stores with bright neon lights instead of stealing them from under a brother’s mattress. Minors are required to receive a break at their place of employment. Once the age of 18 is reached, kiss those sweet McDonald’s snack wrap breaks good bye. Employers do not have to give adults rest breaks. One perk, however is 18 year olds can work full time, and apply to receive benefits from their employers. Turning 18 is a milestone for any adolescent. It opens up a whole new world of ways to get into trouble. Adults have to take care of themselves.

Top 1 0 leg perm al activiti e itted at 18 s 10. C h 9. G ange your et n 8. F a tattoo ame ile a l or pie aw r 7. C all a “ suit/ be s cing 900” ued 6. B ec n 5. G ome a flig umber et h 4. St into a ni t attendan ght c art a t lu 4 3. G et a b 01k plan b arten 2. Su di b 1. R scribe to ng license ent a P port- layboy/P laygir a-pot l ty

John D ABC D oe r Clear ive North water, Fl










olly Hays

hoto by M

p Paw Print

le at y acceptab ll a g le is smoking e’s health. Although ental to on m ri et d y er it can be v


5/1/06 4




Backstage Pass: Say Anything

Volume 28

Music At a Glance Huey: Pop Lock and Drop It

Interview and Photos: Molly Hays Editor-In-Chief

Most bands don’t survive multiple lineup changes, let alone a mental breakdown, but Say Anything isn’t like most bands. Since lead singer, Max Bemis’s, need for hospitalization last year for bipolar disorder, the band has regrouped, coped and grown. Guitarist Jake Turner explains. ***** Max has said that every creative person has a sick ambition to affect some sort of change in society with their art, do you agree with that and what kind of change would you like to create? I do, I feel the same. Everyone has their own way of changing art in some way. I feel like Say Anything is going to change it in a like ‘‘do what you want to’’way.You don’t have to be a certain person or look a certain way to do what you want to do....I’d change the fact that a lot of bands in the music industry do, if for the money or they do it for the fame. I know for a fact our band is not in it for the money, our band is not in it for the fame. We could care less about that. We want to have fun. W hy would you do this if you weren’t having fun?...Personally, I would love to talk to our fans on a one to one basis - like one hundred, two hundred people every night and lose my voice talking to them other than sitting on the bus and being like, “I’m just too cool to go out and talk to them.” Some people get attacked, but at the same time if I could do that, that would be an achievement for myself. Since Max has a bipolar disorder and you live and work around his disease, what advice would you give to other people with similar disorders? Meds. Take your meds if you have it. If your around it encourage taking their meds. Max got to a level where he knew he had a problem, he knew he had to cope with it and he knew he had to grow up and take care of himself. He knew that. It was affecting not only his life but other people’s lives as well.… Its one of those disorders that so many people have but so many people don’t know they have it until they really realize it. It’s a really intense disorder and if you don’t deal with it correctly then it can cause a lot of problems.…Just be encouraging as a friend and just take care of yourself if you have it. Has it been really taxing on you? No, I experienced Max in full, full effect while he wasn’t on his meds and it was really exhausting. It was really hard to be around him even for 30 minutes. He wore me out. But I knew he needed help and I did my best to get him help as quickly as possible....He’s been really amazing about taking his meds (since the hospitilazation), about taking care of himself. It’s been great. That part of his life has grown so



much. I know he wrote a song on the CD called “My Bad Dudes.” The song is like a sorry to all of us in the band like about canceling the set list, the shows and tours. He’s grown in so many ways it’s amazing.It’s like watching a brother grow pretty much. It’s really awesome. It can be [taxing] but at the same time it hasn’t been. This whole year he’s been really awesome about it. Everyone has their ups and downs, his are just sometimes extreme. Do you have any regrets of choosing this lifestyle? Absolutely not. I went to college for a year and I tried it out and my grandmom, she gave me a hard time, but she didn’t get to see any of what’s going on right now. I feel like she’d be really happy for us. She passed away the ninth of December last year. It was her time to go. She had so many problems, like rheumatoid arthritis and was slowly crippling. She was hurting really bad. She gave me a really hard time when I dropped out of school but I feel like she would be really proud of me and really excited for my brother and I. I would never want to do anything else other than this. I love everyone in my band they’re all my best friends. I have so much fun playing to people and being an entertainer, it’s just so much fun. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Name an embarrassing CD in your collection. In my collection an embarrassing CD that I listen to pretty often I would have to say definitely Saosin. I really enjoy that band but I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do. It’s a great album. As a musician it’s pretty generic like looking from my point of view I’d look for stuff that will still be there in time, like really amazing albums....I feel it’s kind of embarrassing at times because a lot of musicians probably give me a hard time for listening to that because there all like, “Beatles,” and all that old stuff. Whatever, I don’t care. I still really enjoy the album. I still think they’re a great band. It has been said that Say Anything could be the next Blink 182. How do you feel about this? That’s amazing. That’d be really awesome. We’re all huge fans of them; we all grew up listening to them. If that did happen our minds would all be blown, like that’d be great. I feel like were better live than them. That’d be a level we’d all want to get to and we’d love and enjoy every moment of it.

The Bottom Line Haven’t heard of the artist Huey? Don’t expect that to change when his new CD comes out.

The Elms: The Chess Hotel If you’re a fan of The Elms emo-melodic sound, this CD is not quite what you're expecting. This album has an old-school, southern style, classic rock feel to it. The blues-influenced guitar riffs will keep listeners hooked from song to song with just enough screaming guitar Reviewed by Kaitlin Montgomery solos to make any true rock and roller happy. Lead voThe Bottom Line calist Owen Thomas delivers Definitely not elevator music. the positive and catchy lyrThe Elms deliver a quality rock ics with a great passion that feel that every music fan will can be heard through his love listening to. small town rocker boy voice.

Fall Out Boy: Infinity On High

Reviewed by Samantha Malone

The Bottom Line Panic! Fueled by Ramen is producing clones!

Catch Say Anything the next time they come to St. Petersburg’s Jannus Landing on May 13th with Saves The Day and Manchester Orchestra.



11 The Blood Clearwater 10 Threshers vs. Tampa Brothers, Celebra@ Brighthouse Net- tion, The Dead Science @ The State works Field 18 In 1973 Federal 17 The Killers, Howling Express delivered Bells @ USF Sunthe companie’s fist dome package In 1184 BC 24 25 the Greeks ented School Improvement Troy with the Trojan Day, school out at 11:24 Horse Clearwater Type O 1 2 Threshers vs. Ft. Negative, Celtic Myers @ Bright- Frost, Brand New Sin house Networks @ Jannus Landing

Fall Out Boy’s new album, “Infinity on high” is fantastic, just sit back and listen to the lovely sounds of Panic! At the... oh wait this is supposed to be a Fall Out Boy review, right, got it. If no one minds their turn toward the crazy-catchy pop songs of Panic! At the Disco this new cd should be an amazing hit, and for everyone who enjoyed Fall Out Boy’s indie – rock – pop sound of past good luck learning to love their “new sound.”

CD covers courtesy of



Grace - a 8 In 1667 the 9 play by David first public art Smith @ Studio exhibition opened in 620 in St. Pete Paris 16 Clearwater 15 Threshers vs. Lake- Brand New, Manland @ Brighthouse chester Orchestra @ Jannus Landing Networks Field In 2000 22 In 2003 Beijing 23 Elian Gonzalez was closed schools for taken by Feds from two weeks due to SARS virus threat family in Miami Hinder, Three 29 30 Amber Pacific, Days Grace, DropMonty Are I, Melee ping Daylight @ @ The Orpheum Raymond James

Reviewed by Anthony Antonelli

Everyone claims to be the “next breakout artist,” and with talent and luck they are, but don’t be surprised when it’s not hip-hop rapper Huey. His new single “Pop, Lock & Drop It” was horrifying, unoriginal and sounds like all the other unimaginative rap songs where the bass line drowns out the lyrics. Huey claims this song to be the next “trend setter,” but if that’s true anyone who writes a song that repeats only three words can too can become an artist.



Plain White T’s, 6 Boy’s Night Out, Lovedrug @ The State Theatre



In 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office “Honda Civic 20 My Chemical 19 Tour” feat. Fall Out Romance, Muse @ Boy, +44 @ The The Ford AmphiFord Amphitheatre theatre In 2006 27 26 construction for the Diana Ross @ Ruth Freedom Tower in Eckerd Hall the WTC ruins began Christina 4 3 World Press Aguilera, Danity Freedom Day Kane, Pussycat Dolls @ St. Pete Times


Tampa Bay 7 Storm vs. New Orleans


Jack’s Mannequin, Head Automatica @ USF Tampa Campus Paramore, 21 The Almost, This Providence @ The State Theatre


In 2003 the iTunes music store launched

5 Cinco de Mayo

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