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Year in Review 2019 50 mission movements  ∕  50 countries

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A Bird’s Eye View God has surrounded the least

the global church to the unreached. Together

reached peoples of the world

we are mobilizing families, students, and

with hundreds of millions of

leaders to take personal responsibility for

Christ followers.

spreading the gospel to the unevangelized

We invite you to survey this map with us, taking not just a bird’s eye,

within their reach. Our faith goal is to see 50 mission movements launched from 50 countries across the globe.

but a God’s eye view of

→ Through large group trainings using

the world. The red areas

Perspectives, Kairos, our Big Story

are home to billions of

Training, and SRS Bootcamps, believers are

unreached people, and the

seeing their role in the Great Commission

green areas are the 50

come to life.

countries with more than 1 million believers. It’s breathtaking to see how God has surrounded the remaining unreached peoples of the world with strong and

→ Through small groups using our Xplore and Go Mobilize studies, Christians are challenged to live out God’s purposes today, putting into practice a lifestyle that includes unreached peoples.

vibrant churches who have

→ Through one-on-one discipleship in

beautiful expressions of

cross-cultural ministry, we are helping

faith. These communities of

break down common fears associated with

believers are the future of

sharing our faith in Jesus with others.

missions to the unreached.

→ Through short-term missions, global

As Western missionaries

Christians are learning just how close they

are systematically getting

are to completely unreached peoples. They

kicked out of countries like

are seeing with their own eyes people who

Morocco, India, Russia, and

have never met a Christian who could share

China, we see these challenges

the gospel with them.

as the perfect setting to mobilize the global church to own their role in advancing the gospel. Today 80% of believers live in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but churches in these areas send only 20% of the world’s

God is using your prayers and support to advance the gospel to the unreached. It’s an honor to serve and steward this organization knowing that you are praying for and supporting our staff across the world. Thank you for your partnership.

missionaries. With your help and by God’s

Dave Rofkahr

grace, we’re seeing great

Executive Director Center for Mission Mobilization

movement across the world in advancing the gospel from


countries poised to send 

God has planted believers next door to those unreached with the gospel. We are sending teams to the 50 countries with more than 1 million believers strategically placed to reach the unreached.

Fayetteville, AR Headquarters & field team


CMM Team Locations

Support Raising Solutions Resource & training team

Weave Resource & training team

College Station, TX A&M team and Texas regional team

Center for Mission Mobilization

Lima, Peru Latin America regional team

Ethiopia East Africa regional team

Nairobi, Kenya Local mobilization team

Data from Operation World 2010 and Joshua Project

Frankfurt, Germany Local & Europe regional team

Map Key CMM Team CMM Global Affiliate

1 Million+ Believers 1M+ Believers & 5M+ Unreached 5 Million+ Unreached People

For instance… South Korea 8,367,000 believers China 106,917,000 believers 148,137,000 unreached people Laos 5,587,000 unreached people

Russia Local & regional team

Southeast Asia  Regional team

Year in Review 2019



Local mobilization team

Regional team


CMM Team Locations

Families of China bringing light into the darkness China  → In the midst of intense persecution, the Chinese church has seen explosive growth in the past 50 years. → China is home to more Christians than any other country in the world. → 445 unreached people groups live within China’s borders.

When people think of the church in China, oppression, persecution, heightened security, and extradition may come to mind. But if you step below the surface, walk the streets, and enter homes, you will find a light for Christ shining far brighter than the dark impressions that often paint our thoughts. While the hardships are real and persecution abounds for Chinese believers, God continues to patiently build His church one family at a time. It’s estimated that the current evangelical house church movement is 100 million strong. To put this into context, there are approximately 90 million evangelical Christians in the United States. As you can see from the map on the previous page, the families of China are poised to bring the gospel to unreached peoples. But you can’t choose to take the gospel to the unreached if you aren’t aware they are there! One of the ways we’ve seen believers’ eyes opened to missions is through the Big Story Training. Developed by Weave, our family mobilization ministry, this training focuses on God’s plan to redeem every tribe, tongue, and nation — and specifically the role He invites families and children to play. It has helped parents around the world see God’s plan for their families to be involved in spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, and has given them tangible ways to participate. Please pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters who are following God’s calling to spread the gospel despite the consequences they face. Pray that our CMM team can multiply themselves with Chinese mobilizers who will continue to raise up and equip more and more indigenous missionaries.



Center for Mission Mobilization

someone who began to understand their part in God’s mission as an adult, was her. She recognized that though she still had time to shine God’s light to the nations, she did not have as much time as the taller candle. The taller candle represented someone who began to understand their role in God’s mission as a child. Yazhu saw that her children had their whole lives ahead of them to join God in blessing the nations. They too could be a light to the darkness, and they did not have to wait until they were older to do so.

Young Chinese mother says “Yes!” to God’s call to be a missionary As Yazhu sat through the Big Story Training, she wrestled with God’s call on her life to go to the unreached. She and her husband were making plans to move to a remote part of China where few had ever heard the gospel, but with two young boys under the age of five, she was apprehensive about uprooting their family to move to a totally new culture.

Yazhu finally understood that the call to go to the unreached was not just for her and her husband, but her children had a part to play in God’s story as well. The call to share with the nations was also for them. Being a parent did not have to extinguish the fire God had placed in her heart for the unreached, but intentional parenting could fan that desire into a flame to fuel the love of God for others in the hearts of her children as well. Please pray for Yazhu, her husband, and her children as they shine their light among the unreached in China. As our family mobilization training continues to grow across East Asia, we pray for more families like Yazhu’s, parents and children who will see that God wants to use them to shine His light in the darkness.

As Yazhu contemplated their calling, the trainers held up two candles that would change Yazhu’s perspective — two candles that would reveal to Yazhu exactly why God had called her family to the unreached in this particular season of life. As the trainers held up a short, partially used candle and a tall, unused candle, they asked the group of Chinese parents and leaders which one they would buy if the electricity were to go out. Without hesitation, the audience chose the taller candle. They knew that, even though it would cost more, the tall, unused candle would burn longer in the darkness. They then explained that both candles represented people who understood God’s mission and can be a light burning in the darkness.

↑ Yazhu and other Big Story Training participants raise their candles, committing themselves to lead their families in reaching the unreached. ← Our Big Story Series is being translated into Chinese. These booklets will lead families into intentional missional living as a follow-up tool for the Big Story Training events.

Yazhu realized that the shorter candle, which represented

Year in Review 2019



Russian Christians will not be silenced Russia  → Recent laws limit religious freedoms such as evangelism, missions, and church assembly.  → There are over 17 million Muslims living in Russia.  → There is great potential to further mobilize the Russian church to reach the 117 unreached people groups within its borders.

With anti-conversion laws, limitations of religious speech, and Muslim hostility, how will the 117 unreached people groups within Russia — 15 million people — hear the Gospel? Since the time of Christ, wherever persecution arises, the Church multiplies! With 1.6 million evangelicals, we believe the mobilizing of the Russian church is the key to furthering the advancement of the gospel within Russia as well as launching a mission movement from Russia to the many Muslim countries Russian citizens can easily access. Just as in other places of the world, the presence of American missionaries is being limited by governments antagonistic towards Christianity who are getting more sophisticated in rooting out foreign missionaries. Thus, the time is now to indigenize the Russian missions effort, helping to raising up a sustainable and nationally led mission movement. The CMM’s story in Russia had a shaky beginning. An American missionary family with decades of evangelistic ministry in Russia joined the CMM in 2013 to mobilize the growing Christian population to send out Russian missionaries to the unreached. But following Russia’s controversial entrance into Ukraine, they systematically expelled most American and Western missionaries from Russia, including our new team leader. Thankfully, one of our younger mobilizers was Russian, so Yaroslav and Jennifer became the foundation of our mobilization efforts in Russia. Yaroslav and Jennifer have found evangelism training and short-term missions to be an effective strategy in helping the Russian church grow bold in their faith, raise awareness of the Buddhist and Muslims within neighboring provinces, and send out Russian missionaries to take the gospel where it is not. Please continue to pray for boldness, favor with local officials, and for openness to Jesus in these Buddhist and Muslim communities.



Center for Mission Mobilization

Muslim people group with only New Testament in their language In April, Yaroslav took a small team of Russian Christians to the Muslim republic of Kabardino-Balkaria. Out of 600,000 Kabardians, only 2% are Christian, and the New Testament is the only part of Scripture they have translated into their language. Vision trips to groups like this just a few hours away add names and faces to the need, bringing urgency to the opportunity for Russian churches to focus their outreach efforts to neighboring areas.

Sending Russians to Nepal Our CMM team in Russia travels frequently to Nepal, home to 25 million unreached people. One of Yaroslav’s mobilizers, Koyla, has spoken at multiple Russian churches, challenging them to send missionaries into Nepal. Koyla, as well as another key leader, Svyatoslav, have been ministering in orphanages and doing evangelism amongst unreached Himalayan peoples in Nepal. While it is getting harder for Americans to get access to closed countries, Russia and China have friendly relations with many countries at odds with the US. This makes mobilizing Russian and Chinese missionaries incredibly strategic in global missions! Year in Review 2019

Buddhist stronghold in Russia As we entered the city, we immediately began to see different architecture with winged roofs, temples, and statues of Buddha. We felt we had been transported from Russia to China, yet this Buddhist enclave is only a few hours drive from our home.

↑ Yaroslav and Jenny took a group of Russians to a neighboring city that is primarily Buddhist. Here, they stand in front of the Buddhist-styled city gate. ↓ Yaroslav and Jenny with new friends in the Buddhist town.

“Through a local connection, we visited an elderly Buddhist woman who invited us into her home. Crossing the threshold into her apartment, we were met with the huge statue hanging right in the entryway of the false god she worships. We began to clean her apartment and help with some small repairs. Every member of our team who was there tried to have at least a small conversation with the woman. “After we finished working, she poured us some hot tea. We told her that we are Christians and that Christ teaches us to love people, to serve others, and that salvation is only found in Jesus. This grandma was shocked that young people came from hundreds of kilometers away to her city, to her people, to share goodness and love. After we left, the local Christians told us that before our visit, this woman was staunchly resistant to the gospel and the few local Christians, but the Lord softened her heart. She has now told the local Christians they may visit her in her apartment, and her doors will be open to them. “Since then, a Russian missionary was launched full-time to this people group, and we are planning another trip in January.” Join us in praying that more Russians will be able to experience meeting the unreached face to face. Pray God would stir their hearts and call them into the harvest, and they would mobilize others to go with them.



Ethiopians mobilized to their unreached neighbors Ethiopia  → Ethiopian evangelicals have linked arms through suffering as opposition from Islamic extremists has united Christian denominations. → The Bible is more widely available, now translated into many of the local languages. → A vision for church planting and evangelizing the unreached is growing among Ethiopian believers.

Despite continued social and political instability and opposition from resistance groups, the Word of God continues to grow and multiply throughout Ethiopia and beyond its borders. For the past 11 years, our partnership with Horn of Africa Mission Engagers (HOAME) has continued to grow strong as we mobilize the Ethiopian church to advance the gospel to unreached people groups (UPGs). Home to 20 million evangelicals with access to hundreds of UPGs, Ethiopia is quickly becoming globally recognized as a major missions force. Not only are the people of Ethiopia geographically near to UPGs, but most Ethiopians speak at least four languages common throughout their region. HOAME’s executive director, Tariku Gebre, also serves as our CMM East Africa Regional Director. Together with Tariku, we are mobilizing families, students, and leaders through large groups with Perspectives, Kairos, and our Big Story Trainings, small groups with our Xplore and Go Mobilize studies, and one-on-one discipleship in cross cultural ministry. With the experience gained from evangelism and disciple-making among UPGs within their borders, HOAME is now engaging the Muslims of Somalia and Sudan with Ethiopian and Somali missionaries.



Center for Mission Mobilization

Somalis Reached with the Gospel Mobilized mission teams sent from our Ethiopian global partners across the border to Somalia have seen 19 people come to Christ. These new Somali Christians represent 10% of the known believers within this people group.

Muslim shaman freed to be witness of the Messiah

“I am raising my kids to reach my people.” While her husband was overseas, Sacdiyo Abdulaahi, a young Somali mother, was at home in Ethiopia with her four kids. As is common with many Muslims, Sacdiyo encountered Jesus though a dream. One day, she could no longer hide her dream about the Lord and shared her experience with her husband and mother. Even though she hoped for a positive response, persecution and alienation was what she received. Both her husband, who used to support her, and her mom and other siblings disowned her. It was during this time that one of HOAME’s missionaries who was Somali like Sacdiyo found her. Through the coordinated effort of a partner church at Jigjiga and another mission team, Sacdiyo has been cared for, baptized, and discipled. Sacdiyo continues to grow in her faith. She is discipling her children to follow Christ and has said, “I am raising my kids to reach my people.” Pray for Sacdiyo and that many more Somali people would open their hearts to the gospel.

Sheik Mohamed Abdi, a shaman once venerated in his village as a medium between the divine and the human, is among the new disciples baptized within an Ethiopian UPG. Common to many Muslims choosing the way of the Messiah, this man was also influenced by a dream about Jesus. In his dream he was approached by a Christian in his village who was formerly Muslim who told the sheik he had been sent to introduce him to the way of Jesus. Sheik Mohamed was resistant in his dream, firmly believing he could not choose the way of a leader whom he did not know. As the dream continued, the Christian led him to a beautiful house where he told Sheik Mohamed to enter so he could be healed. The sheik’s life had been consumed for 45 years by an addiction to khat, a local drug which enslaves many among his people. Used widely by young and old among the Hararge Oromo Muslims for entertainment and religious purposes, the drug kills the work ethic of many people and can even lead to insanity. The day following the dream, the sheik could not stop wondering about it, and just as the dream predicted, he encountered a Christ follower in his village who told him about the salvation of Jesus the Messiah. He immediately received Jesus as the Lord and Savior of his life! As he was being prayed over following his salvation, he vomited khat, signaling his deliverance both spiritually and physically. Sheik Mohamed Abdi is now freed from his shaman engagement and drug addiction. He testifies that he is now breathing relief and is used by God as a living witness of Jesus Christ among his people. Pray for Sheik Mohamed Abdi along with HOAME missionaries who are reaching hard places for the sake of the gospel.

Year in Review 2019



New HQ expands CMM capabilities Thanks for your prayers and investment in helping us purchase and renovate the new CMM International Headquarters.

Over the past year, CMM partnering families, churches, and businesses have provided $847,000 towards the $1,400,000 cost for the purchase and renovation of our new CMM International Headquarters, training center, and missionary guest house, so we only have $553,000 to go! In 2018 the CMM faced a tripling of our rent after a decade of God’s provision through a below-market lease. The Lord answered our prayers for help by providing a church property about to be bulldozed for apartments, which we’ve completely renovated to suit our growing needs at the international headquarters for the CMM. We are already saving money as owners instead of renters, saving $146,000 annually from what a rental office space would have been. We now have a modern, efficient office space for our 30+ staff who support our global work, plus we have the added bonus of the training center and guest house. Over 700 college students grace our doors each week, as we have been able to offer the CMM training center to other Great Commission ministries in our area.

$1.4m total

$847k given Take a closer look at the headquarters project.  Watch the video at

Our new space also provides the opportunity to host ministry trainings. The CMM’s SRS Bootcamp (pictured right) equips missionaries in biblical, relational support raising. We also will be hosting the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course in the spring. The Perspectives course is a key part of our global strategy for mobilizing believers to the unreached. Feel free to stop by the next time you’re in the area! 2070 N Garland Ave, Fayetteville, AR


Headquarters Update

Center for Mission Mobilization

Andy & Kim P and their three daughters have been staying in the guest house for four months while they get medical care for their youngest.

CMM Guest House provides haven for missionary families Caring for our staff who live and minister across the world is a duty the CMM is passionate about fulfilling well. Family and medical crises, as well as scheduled stateside assignments for our staff living overseas, mean frequent needs for temporary housing. The church property the CMM renovated for the headquarters came with a dilapidated parsonage. With a vision for helping our missionary families and a passion for hospitality, we turned the abandoned space into a beautiful haven to bless our families. The past year has brought stress during the midst of joy for Andy and Kim (pictured above with their girls) who serve as team leaders for the CMM in Kenya. Their third daughter, Abbey, was born 14 weeks premature in Nairobi, which led to months of intensive care in a Kenyan hospital. As their family returned to the US for a short time to seek greater medical care, the CMM was able to provide them with housing free of charge, which is a blessing as they are still paying rent on their home in Kenya. Abbey and her sisters enjoy the playset in the backyard and their own rooms. Many families using the guest house are grateful to have a peaceful and private space to rest, as much of their time in the US can be living out of suitcases in friends’ or families’ extra bedrooms. Since the renovation, we have been able to welcome families serving in India, Dubai, Peru, China, and Russia, as well as hosting some CMM recruits. We are still praying for a minivan and another small vehicle for families to use when they are in the US temporarily.

Year in Review 2019

Before and after of the guest house facade


Headquarters Update

CMM Family Gathering Retreat brings together 160 staff families and global partners from 12 countries

CMM staff from around the globe came together in July for our biennial CMM Family Gathering, hosted in our new International HQ and Training Center. Over 160 staff and families spent the week celebrating God’s work through our ministry, encouraging one another, equipping for the future, and praying for our teams and partners. We were excited to have a few of our international partners from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, and India join us as we planned together to mobilize further mission sending movements to the unreached. One of these is Mike Adegbile, our newest CMM Global Affiliate from Nigeria. Our global affiliates are

Our staff families, along with partners from six nations, gathered in Fayetteville this summer.


Family Gathering 2019

our partners who have national influence in strategic countries. These leaders are well versed in our resources and strategies in order to mobilize through ministry networks within their regions. Mike has been involved in ministry since 1985, with his Masters in Missiology from All Nations Christian College in the U.K. He has most recently led the Nigerian Evangelical Missions Association, with other leadership roles with the Nigerian Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Nigeria 4/14 Window Global Initiative, Lausanne Global Diaspora Network (GDN), and the Global Church Planting Network.

Our founder, Steve Shadrach, literally passes the baton to Dave Rofkahr, our new Executive Director. Steve continues to serve as CMM Global Ambassador, focusing on training, writing, and mobilizing financial resources for the CMM.

Center for Mission Mobilization

Support Raising Leaders Conference equips 360 leaders from 130 ministries Anyone involved in mission mobilization soon realizes the greatest shortage is willing and capable laborers (Matthew 9:37), but the greatest obstacle to entering missions is fundraising. Ministries worldwide are funded primarily by staff raising personal financial support from their relational networks and home churches.

Chinese staff fully funded from Chinese partners At first I was very nervous [about raising financial support], and I didn’t know if I could do it. But you gave me the book called The God Ask. It really transformed my mindset—asking support is not about asking for money from people, it is inviting them to get involved in God’s work.

While we have trained 17,000 Great Commission workers through the SRS Bootcamp, and published resources in multiple languages, our greatest impact is equipping the equippers. The Support Raising Leaders Conference brings the global community of support raising leaders together for training, networking and encouragement. In October, we hosted our third Support Raising Leaders Conference which has grown to 360 leaders from 16 countries. The 130 ministries represented there provide leadership to over 100,000 ministry workers in every corner of the globe.

“I was so surprised that Chinese churches and brothers are so willing to give! It was amazing to see how God provides as I take a step of faith. After 4 weeks I reached 100% of my ministry support!

[This conference] provides a unique opportunity for executive leaders from a wide array of gospel centered organizations to come together and discuss what may be the main obstacle holding back thousands of Great Commission workers from engaging the unreached.”

“Fundraising is not just for Western cultures. It’s for God’s kingdom.” —Li Hua, CMM Field Staff

—Jeremy Henderson, Go To Nations

New resource equips Christians in welcoming internationals Xplore: Welcoming the Nations Among Us is our newest resource, sharing God’s heart for the foreigner throughout the Bible and equipping Christians to share the love of Christ with immigrants and refugees living near them. Written largely by our team in Germany, who are mobilizing German Christians to welcome thousands of Muslim refugees in their country. Ministry amongst the diaspora (people living away from their homeland) can be incredibly strategic. Many immigrants and refugees are from Islamic countries such as Syria, Iran, and Libya which are very difficult for missionaries to access. This resource is in its final testing and will be available in multiple languages soon.

Year in Review 2019



God’s faithfulness this year Our field teams engage with local believers and cast vision for them to become World Christians, joining God in His mission to reach all nations. Some of those World Christians will go as missionaries to unreached people. Some will stay, continuing to share God’s global mission within their families and churches, mobilizing others to join them as World Christians. Spreading the message


people exposed to God’s global purposes Through large group trainings and small group studies like Xplore, our teams and partners introduce Christians to God’s heart for all nations.



  World Christians

Establishing World Christians


new World Christians Out of the 30,645 exposed to God’s mission, 7,070 now live strategically so that wherever they are, they give time, talent, and resources to see Jesus glorified among all nations.

Raising up mobilizers

Mobilizing missionaries


1,626 new indigenous missionaries

new mobilizers

We must multiply ourselves through nationals. These mobilizers establish World Christians, then develop some of these World Christians further into missionaries or mobilizers, who can repeat the process again.


Ministry Year Statistics

These Asian, African, and Latino missionaries were cultivated by our staff or partners and include both short- and long-term workers sent to the unreached.

Center for Mission Mobilization

Distributing mobilization resources

40,000 resources sold or downloaded across the world

Our teams and international partners print and distribute our resources locally to aid their mobilization efforts.

Now many of our resources are available for download in Chinese! Our China team just launched a new website offering our primary mobilization resources for free download. They’ve been distributing these resources in person for years, but making them available online will multiply their ministry opportunities. Many of these resources are available for download in English, Spanish, and other languages as well.

The same mobilization resources we use on the field may be perfect for your family or community group.

Xplore Our flagship resource. Use this seven week study in a small group and see their eyes opened to God’s global purposes! Download or buy at

Go Mobilize Part of the Xplore family of resources. Use this study to train others to mobilize.

The Big Story Series

The God Ask

Our first comprehensive book series on family mobilization. One Big Story, One Big Vision, and One Big Adventure help families see God’s heart for the nations in His Word, learn about the religions and people of His world, and join Him in His work.

This biblical and practical guide to personal support raising is an invaluable tool for new ministry workers as well as veterans. Learn more at thegodask

Learn more at big-story-series

Download or buy at gomobilize

Year in Review 2019


Mobilization Resources

PO Box 3556 Fayetteville, AR 72702 multiplying mission movements

Thank you for partnering with us as we work to launch 50 mission movements from 50 countries.

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Center for Mission Mobilization 2019 Year in Review  

It’s breathtaking to see how God has surrounded the remaining unreached peoples of the world with strong and vibrant churches who have beaut...

Center for Mission Mobilization 2019 Year in Review  

It’s breathtaking to see how God has surrounded the remaining unreached peoples of the world with strong and vibrant churches who have beaut...