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Our STEP mentoring program also plays an instrumental role in helping children to thrive and succeed. STEP places Camden City teens in a supportive internship with a caring professional who encourages and prepares them for success in the workplace while providing the opportunity to learn based on practical experience. STEP assisted Leekah with writing her resume, preparing for the job interview, and dressing for success. Since beginning her supportive internship at Millennium Skate Zone, Leekah’s parents noticed a positive change in her attitude. She is now more responsible, has better relationships with family members, and maintains good grades in school. She was also recently nominated as Junior Class President at Woodrow Wilson High School.

With the help of STEP staff, Taijmere learned the importance of researching a company before an interview and practiced interview questions and answers. After successfully completing the interview skills training, Taijmere received a brand new suit, an important part of any successful job interview. At first Taijmere struggled with balancing his work and school schedule but with guidance from his workplace mentor at Millenium Skate Zone, he learned how to juggle both. He also learned the importance of being on time and what it feels like to have people rely on him. “Working here…it makes me feel like someone needs me. It feels good.”

We connected 79 young people with a mentor increasing their chances for success in school and life. A special thank you to each of these dedicated mentors. Thank you for making a difference – one child at a time!

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Center For Family Services 2014 Annual Report  

Center For Family Services 2014 Annual Report