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Jay  Greene  

Admission &  Program     Due  to  the  rigorous  nature  of   the  program,  applicants  should   have  combined  GRE  scores  of   1100,  writing  scores  of  5.0,  and   a  minimum  GPA  of  3.0   undergraduate  or  3.5  in  a   ƒ•–‡”ǯ•’”‘‰”ƒǤ†‹••‹‘ ‹•„ƒ•‡†‘–Š‡‹†‹˜‹†—ƒŽǯ• total  profile,  with  special   attention  given  to  those  with   professional  experience   relevant  to  education  policy.   Those  students  who  have   completed  calculus  and   statistics  courses  prior  to   arriving  on  campus  will  more   readily  satisfy  the  prerequisites   ˆ‘”–Š‡’”‘‰”ƒǯ•”‡•‡ƒ”…Š methods  sequence.       Course  of  Study  Includes:     Economics  of  Education     Politics  of  Education     Finance  and  Education  Policy    Econometrics  I   Econometrics  II     Program  Evaluation        Seminars    School  Choice  Policy   Education  Accountability   Education  Leadership   Teacher  Quality  

Department Head  and  Endowed   Chair  in  Education  Reform   PhD,  Harvard  University       Robert  Costrell   Endowed  Chair  in  Accountability   PhD,  Harvard  University  

Reed Greenwood   Professor   PhD,  University  of  Arkansas  

Robert Maranto   Endowed  Chair  in  Leadership   PhD,  University  of  Minnesota  

Gary Ritter   Endowed  Chair  in  Education  Policy   PhD,  University  of  Pennsylvania  

Sandra Stotsky   Endowed  Chair  in  Teacher  Quality      EdD,  Harvard  University  

Department of   Education  Reform         PhD  In  Education   Policy    

Patrick Wolf   Endowed  Chair  in  School  Choice   PhD,  Harvard  University  

For more  information:     Dirk  van  Raemdonck   Graduate  Coordinator    (479)  575-­‐3172  

  For  more  information  including  a  program   application  and  access  to  research  by  Department  of   Education  Reform  faculty,  visit:  

Department of  Education  Reform  


The Ph.D.  in  Education  Policy  prepares  scholars  for  careers  in  academia,  think  tanks,  and  public   service  in  the  field  of  K-­‐12  education  policy.  The  program  of  study  is  based  on  empirical  and   theoretical  research  in  the  social  sciences  and  other  academic  disciplines.  This  program  is   distinguished  by  its  exceptional  rigor  and  reform  themes.  Department  faculty  members   have  secured  significant  research  grants,  providing  unique  research  opportunities  for   graduate  students.  

Dz‘—”ˆƒ…—Ž–›Šƒ•ƒ••‡„Ž‡†ƒƒ„•‘Ž—–‡Ž› –‡””‹ˆ‹…Š’”‘‰”ƒǥ–Šƒ–™‹ŽŽǥbe rated   ‹–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ǯ•–‘’͜͝dz   -­‐James  Guthrie,  Vanderbilt   The  Department  of  Education  Reform   produces  and  disseminates  high  quality   research  that  informs  policy  makers,   scholars,  parents,  teachers,   administrators,  and  the  general  public   about  policies  that  improve  the   performance  of  schools  nationwide.       Dz ǯ˜‡„‡‡ƒ„Ž‡–‘‡‰ƒ‰‡•‘‡  of  the   leading  thinkers  and  writers  on   education  policy  and  have  been   invited  to  participate  in  research  that   will  inform  policy  makers  about  how   to  improve  the  education  system  for   ƒŽŽ…Š‹Ž†”‡‹‡”‹…ƒǤdz   -­‐Michael  McShane,   Distinguished  Doctoral  Fellow          

Department of  Education  Reform  attracts   a  distinguished  group  of  PhD  students  by   offering  competitive  merit-­‐based   fellowship  awards  which  include:     A  stipend  of  up  to  $32,000/year   Full  tuition   Subsidized  health  insurance   Faculty  members  are  actively  involved  in   their  fields  and  maintain  connections   with  leading  thinkers,  policy  makers,  and   scholars  in  the  field  of  education  policy.   Doctoral  students  benefit  from  these   connections,  leading  to  impressive  job   placement  of  Ed  Reform  graduates.  The   collaborative  and  interactive  environment   deliberately  created  inside  the   department  amplifies  these  benefits.          

Dz‘—Šƒ˜‡ƒƒ‰‡†–‘Š‹”‡ƒ •–ƒ”–Ž‹‰‰”‘—’‘ˆ”‡•‡ƒ”…Š‡”•ǥŠ‡ other current  producers-­‐-­‐Stanford,   Harvard,  MichiganȄwill   immediately  see  that  they  have   …‘’‡–‹–‹‘Ǥdz     -­‐Eric  Hanushek   Hoover  Institute,  Stanford  


Reed  Greenwood   Endowed  Chair  in  School  Choice   PhD,  Harvard  University   Robert  Maranto   Endowed  Chair  in  Accountability   Ph...