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National Panel Launches Review Process Fbr Private School Accrediting Groups By MilUcent Lawton A national panel that will re­ view the standards and proce­ dures of associations that accred­ i t p r i v a t e e l e m e n t a r y and secondary schools has launched its inaugural accrcditation-review process. Since its inception about two years ago aa a "working group," the Waahington-based National Coun­ cilfor Private School Accreditation has aimed to create or IXXXMXMS an entity that could bestow a "seal of approval" on accreditation pro* grams thai merited it. (See Educa­ tion Week, Nov. 4,2992 J Bbrmal recognition by the council is meant to be comparable to that given by the six regional associ­ ations that certify etliools and col­ l e t s John Sloops, the executive di­ rector of the elementary school commission o f tive Middle States Association o f Colleges and Schools, is one of the new council's fouratrbrge members.


The oUiers are TVurrel H. Bell, a Christian Accrediting Association, former U.S. Secretary of Educa­ tike Lutheram Church-Missouri tion; Marie Delia Bella, anledu- Synod, and thf National indepen­ cation consultant to the Connec­ dent S*rivote Schools Association. While evaluating charter num­ ticut Department of Education; and Thomas Read, the president. bers could be problematic, "no­ emeritus o f the Independent • body's going Uhyet in because that Schools Association of the Ceii; organ nation is a charter member," said ChariesJ. "^Malley, tiie execu­ tral States. tive director of he council. Charter Members Apply Ihe council, thich state oftvdula The accreditation process got un» and otfiers Itavd praised, soenw to der way this month as several pri­ All a need. Rabbi Noch«w Kaplan, an ed­ vate school associations that are among the council's duuter mem­ ucation consul <ant to the Nutionbers appliedfor full metnberthip. a i Society f»r Hebrew Day ! As it would with any future ap­ Schools, saic his 500-schoo) plicants, thecouncil'sCommission group recentlyfonned its first ac­ on Standards and Review will creditation commission because make a recommendation after of the recogniion now possible $ evaluating each program's stan- > through the ccuncil. dards and conducting site visits. "Once peopU recognise the de­ Hiefirst applicants are the Asso­ gree to wliich -}iey*re going to be ciation. of Christian Schools Inter* honest and tiuMOugh," It&bbi Kap­ national, the Association of Inde­ lan said, "theirutamp of approval, pendent Schools of Florida, the so to apeak, wil. be as sought-after General Conference ofSuvenlh-day as an approval of an agency like Adventists, the International Middle States.*



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