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Work & Wellness Classes @ The Nicholas Center

FALL 2015 Are you interested in leading a healthier and productive lifestyle? The Nicholas Center classes are designed to help individuals achieve personalized goals. We promote productivity and enrichment in a small ratio, with highly trained instructors, with a strong focus on giving back to our communities! We are open to the public. We allow for those who need assistance in a group setting, participate with a support person. Person should be able to work independently in a 3:1 ratio.

FALL SCHEDULE 2015 – 8 WEEK SESSIONS CLASSES BEGIN AFTER LABOR DAY! Tuesday, September 8th 2015 - Friday, October 30th 2015 (Week Days ONLY & Closed Oct. 12th 2015) HOURS OF OPERATION 10AM to 5PM Week One 9/8 – 9/11 Week Five 10/5-10/9

Week Two 9/14-9/18 Week Six 10/13-10/16

Week Three 9/21-9/25 Week Four 9/28-10/2 Week Seven 10/19-10/23 Week Eight 10/26-10/30

CHOOSE BETWEEN 2, 3 or 5 FULL DAY OF CLASSES 10-5 2, 3 or 5 HALF DAY of CLASSES 10-2 2, 3 or 5 MINI DAY CLASSES 3-5 2 Day Classes are Tues & Thur (16Days) FULL $2240 HALF $1280 MINI $640

3 Day Classes are Mon, Wed and Fri (22Days) FULL $3080 HALF $1760 MINI $880

5 Day Classes are Mon – Fri (38days) FULL $5320 HALF $3040 MINI $1520


The Nicholas Center for Autism 382 Main Street, Suite 205, Port Washington, NY 11050 | | 516.767.7177


CLASS DESCRIPTIONS Vocational Classes Culinary & Greenhouse – Participants will be introduced to growing nutritional edible greens, vegetables, and herbs through traditional growing methods and a hydroponics growing system. Tasks within the greenhouse will include planting, pruning, watering, harvesting, cleaning, and checking the water pH balance. Utilizing the produce grown in the greenhouse, participants will clean, process, and package herbs, tomatoes, and kale for local restaurants, while learning proper kitchen skills. Granola Creations – This is a culinary food processing and packaging class, where participants will be mass producing granola bars, a healthy snack alternative, which will be made for special events and donated to local food pantries. The goals are to develop basic kitchen and cooking skills, and promote healthy eating and independence in the kitchen. Attention will be given to reading and understanding recipes, and learning vocabulary of kitchen tools and gadgets. MORE BEING ADDED!

The Nicholas Center for Autism 382 Main Street, Suite 205, Port Washington, NY 11050 | | 516.767.7177

Movement Classes Dance Cardio – Ditch the workout and join the party! Our fun and easy to follow dance cardio class combines highenergy and motivating musicwith unique moves and combinations, as well as opportunities for individuality and free expression.

Calisthenics – This is a no equipment workout that utilizes exercises that are done in a rhythmic, systematic way using the body weight for resistance. Typical exercises will include pushups, jumping jacks, high knees, squats, and crunches, and focus on building strength, endurance and flexibility. Yoga & Stretching – Yoga movements promote balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and an overall state of well-being through various postures, breathing andrelaxing techniques. Participants will learn simple meditation, specific body postures and how to control their breathing through the movements.

Fitness Classes Cardio Hour – This hour will focus on interval training utilizing the cardio equipment in our gym, such as an elliptical, a rower, and a stationary bike, and running/walking along Port Washington Harbor. Participants learn proper use of these machines and will be led through workouts that increase their heart and breathing rate thus burning calories while having fun!

Cardio BOSU Hour – The BOSU is an inflated rubber dome on a flat, round platform. BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up,” meaning that the dome itself can be placed on the ground with either the flat or rounded side up. Our cardio hour will include aerobic routines, flexibility exercises and balance training. Because the surface is unstable and constantly changing, it forces the participant to maintain their center of gravity thus making the exercises more difficult. Strength Training – The basics of weight training, safe and proper technique, and a variety of free weight and resistance band exercises will be taught during this hour. Participants will learn how to warm up and cool down, what reps and sets are, how many reps and sets to do, and how long to rest in between in a safe and structured environment. MORE BEING ADDED!

Socialization Classes Socialization & Recreation – For an hour, participants can socialize with their peers through structured activities led by instructors, with access to an Xbox Kinect, board and card games, iPads and computers. Appropriate social interactions with peers and staff will be emphasized. Social Skills Instruction – Good social skills are critical to successful functioning in life; these skills enable individuals to know what to say, how to make good choices, and how to behave in diverse situations. Through a variety of tools and methods, participants in the class will practice social skills such as recognition of emotions and facial expressions, engaging in social interactions, and effectively communicating needs and wants. CONTACT US FOR AVAILABILITY & REGISTRATION! 516.767.7177 The Nicholas Center for Autism 382 Main Street, Suite 205, Port Washington, NY 11050 | | 516.767.7177

Fall Offerings 2015  

Classes in Session. Call for availability.