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Room to Grow Five years and counting…

TexT: AyeshA MehTA, Red RooM Co-foundeR

iMAges: Red RooM

he all-encompassing entity now known as the Red Room began as a single event with a single, simple desire: to create a space where sharing ourselves and our inspirations would be celebrated, and where we could practice listening to others with openness and warmth. It began as a surprise, as a livingroom-soiree exercise that almost a hundred people attended in its first night, having heard rumors of an occasion they felt compelled to participate in. The first Stage Time and Wine event was filled with laughter, raucousness, honesty and a room full of strangers entering into a state of intimacy and giving towards each other. It won us all, and has continued every month to this November 2014, its fifth year anniversary. Stage Time & Wine @ The Red Room is a build-your-own event where each

participant is invited to contribute to the creation of the evening. We create the bar together by sharing what we have; the food by each adding to the stew; the performances by volunteering our thoughts and talents and ideas and stories; and ultimately our ears, our hearts and our minds, by opening them to absorbing and respecting each and every one of those stories that is shared. As the months passed so the Red Room evolved, with people developing relationships and forming communities that led to more and more events under the Red Room banner. Along with a number of recurring events such as Aside @ the Red Room, Stage Time & Juice, Red Room Radio Redux, Stage Time & Wine, and Drew’s Drama’s S e ssi on s, there have been m ajo r celebrations for various causes and community interests such as Artists Beat the Flood and Playing for Change. Joining the global movement, Red Room played for change this past September, encouraging members and participants of both the Stage Time & Juice and Stage Time & Wine events to celebrate our love of music. It was a dynamic day of crackling guitarists and booming vocalists. Andrew Quirks p l aye d a few ro c k s o n g s to j u i c e




the crowd, the soulful Arman Torus serenaded the room into an encore, and Daniel Black returned with more ink and heavy verse in the name of summer love. A new Red Roomer, Coco, sang with two groups of friends sharing their pop chart favorites. So many new faces and enthusiastic participants took the stage to express their passions, and we thank Playing for Change for allowing us to participate from our corner of the world here in Taipei. Earlier this year we also hosted an all-day live art and music event dedicated to pulling together artists and musicians from across the island – Artists Beat the Flood II. This was the second installment of the event, from its original manifestation as a fundraiser for community aid after Typhoon Morakot in 2009. Artists were set up with materials to paint or draw throughout the day on site, while live music was performed, and a silent auction of the artworks was held throughout. Ea ch event at th e Red Ro o m i s created and run by its participants and volunteers. We welcome everyone in the community to volunteer to help and join the community. Here are descriptions of some of our recurring events:

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