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A Jolt of Coffee: Taipei's Riding the Third Wave for Coffee! TexT: KenneTh DicKson images: KenneTh DicKson & web


t's 7 am… you're up, and you're struggling to make a cup of coffee. Fortunately, Taipei is packed with good coffee shops, meaning you can rediscover your love of the drink, take part in the dynamic coffee environment in Taipei, and enjoy a great local brew without having to make it yourself!

Coffee ShopS in TAipei The arrival of coffee shops like Cama Coffee, Louisa Coffee, Willbeck, and Zhanlu Coffee has brought good coffee even closer to homes and workplaces. For coffee lovers, better drinks, better prices, better products, and better locations are only a short trip away. Let’s take a look at some of the roasters who are blending and brewing the Third Wave of Coffee in Taipei. Most of the stores described below also sell coffee beans and coffee-making equipment as well as brewed coffee. Prices: $ = affordable $$ = expensive $$$ = premium


february 2017 www.communitycenter.org.tw

CAmA Coffee (CAmA現烘咖啡) Cama Coffee has made a real impact on Taipei's coffee scene. You may recognize its distinctive cream yellow color and cute cartoon statue. Their relentless pursuit of quality roasting and brewing has brought them awards and recognition for their Italian and Pomona blends by coffee Review, and for their drinks. When you visit their stores, you'll see the coffee roaster churning, and a barista noting details of the roast, or sorting by hand each and every coffee bean. The divine aroma of their signature roast wafts through the air. You'll be able to buy a consistently excellent drink whichever branch you go to. And you'll also find coffee beans, coffee making equipment, and a source of great advice. Locations: All over Taipei Prices: $