February 2016

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TRENDY TAIPEI: Cafe Hopping with Taipei foodie TexT & images: LesLie Liu


hen it comes to cafés in Taipei, the options can be overwhelming. Despite the hours spent on narrowing down my options, Taipei’s impressively diverse café culture is what I love the most about the city. In recent years, there has been a real boom in Taipei’s obsession with trendy cafes, bringing many new and exciting things. Taipei is now jam-packed with all types of cafes. From cute, girly themed ones to the hipster, industrial or even quirky spots, they are everywhere! Each and every one has its own unique characteristic and distinctive style, and you never know what awaits you around the next corner. I began my foodie adventures here in early 2014, and they have become a weekly routine for me. Taipei offers a wide variety of places to go, both day and night, with its convenient metro system, making it a perfect hub for café hopping. The most interesting cafés are often tucked away in quiet alleys. Coffee Megane is one of those places. The smart niche interior, with a unique old-town Japanese touch and a warm


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and subtle wooden palette, is an escape from the buzz of Taipei city life. Megane is Japanese for “eyeglasses,” and inside there is a glass cabinet filled with vintage glasses, and other random curiosities are on display. Don’t miss the matcha latte and the delicious waffles. It’s the ideal place to go if you are looking for some quiet alone time. Another similar but more modern place is Café De Riz, near Liuzhangli MRT station. Café De Riz combines coffee and sushi bar, and also serves various tasty sweets such as hojicha crème brûlée and lemon cake, served in a clean and sophisticated interior. A great place to swing by for a little afternoon pick-me-up! Speaking of a nice interior, I’m always drawn to cafés with good natural lighting, white marble tables,

and outdoor seating. The first café off my trendy interior list is One Fifteen. It won my heart after just one glance. In Taipei’s buzzing East District, One Fifteen offers a fresh and elegant Mediterranean taste, rarely seen