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NutriSPINE™ Disc Distraction CSP"s NutriSPINE™ NutriSPINETM works


without surgery or injections to relieve the pain and disability caused by herniated discs, neck and arm pain, degenerating discs and sciatica. Strict patient selection ensures long lasting relief for the majority of patients. NutriSPINETM is a specialized blend of treatments accompanying Intervertebral Disc Distraction #including DRX 9000, MRS 2000, Chiropractic Manual Therapy, and adjunctive modalities$ developed by Drs. Joel P. Carmichael, DC, Dr. Hang Nguyen, DC and our team of spine experts. It combines the world"s best research knowledge with leading edge technologies from the United States and Europe to produce superior results for our patients.

Choosing the Right Doctor Can Mean Faster, Fu!er Recovery

Eighty percent of all Americans know the fear and frustration of severe back and neck pain. Most episodes self! resolve in a few days. When they don"t, a visit to The Center for Spine Pain® #CSP$ should be high on your list. Do you need Intervertebral Disc Distraction #IDD$? Unfortunately many people are being o%ered treatments for back pain and neck pain they really don"t need, and that aren"t likely to work for them. Choosing the right Doctor can mean the di%erence between months of frustration and &nding a lasting solution that helps you

get your life back. You need solid, non!nonsense answers. You need someone who will o%er trustworthy counsel without selling you anything. The Doctors of Chiropractic at The Center for Spine Pain® will take the time to get to know you and the speci&cs of your condition. We"ll provide a precise diagnosis and an e%ective treatment plan. Your plan wi! only include treatment appropriate for your condition. We"ll refer you to a medical colleague when necessary, and communicate knowledgeably with them about your care. We"ll design the best solution to your pain, whether you need a

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NutriSPINETM has given many, many patients a new lease on life, and the ability to recover from herniated and degenerated disc conditions WITHOUT SURGERY! #Rhonda H., Care Coordinator

comprehensive multidisciplinary approach or a simple exercise prescription. The Center for Spine Pain® is the most trusted name in Colorado for non!surgical spine care. We can be reached at 303.290.8342 or on the web:


THE CENTER FOR SPINE PAIN速 ' (INTERVERTEBRAL DISC DISTRACTION) VS. Terminology is important, especially in disciplines that demand precision. Your back or neck treatment program is no exception. In the world of herniated discs two terms have come to the fore in the last several years that describe the same thing. One is $Intervertebral Disc Distraction %IDD$) and the other is (Non#surgical Spinal Decompression.) Both terms refer to the same treatment approach: applying distractive force to the disc to relieve pain. However, our experiences in the medical community have shown that one of these terms !! decompression !! is confusing to members of the surgical community.

ISSUE NUMBER ONE (SPINAL DECOMPRESSION) 9000速 and our NutriSPINETM treatment system on disc pressure. By avoiding the word (decompression) we also eliminate confusion with surgical (decompression) procedures #e.g., laminectomy, foraminotomy, etc.$ used by the spine surgeons, anethesiologists and physiatrists with whom we work.

In presenting our NutriSPINETM research &ndings to surgeons at the 17th Annual Colorado Spine Symposium and at the Denver Spine Institute"s National Spine Conference we became convinced of the need to eliminate confusion about the non! surgical disc treatment that is the core of our NutriSPINETM disc treatment program. IDD is the non!surgical way for people to recover from the persistent or severe back pain, sciatica, or neck and arm pain from disc herniations. We prefer (IDD) because it describes the proven action of the DRX

C ASE REPORT: NUTRISPINETM REDUCTION OF HUGE DISC HERNIATION The 3/27/2007 MRI image shown on The Center for Spine Pain速 is in the sometime next year and, to our &nal stages of preparation of a Case Report for submission to The Spine Journal, the indexed medical pub! lication of The North American Spine Soci! ety #NASS$. NASS is the most learned society of spine surgeons, physicians and specialists in the United States and Canada. If accepted for publication, our arti! cle, entitled: (Reduction of Disc Herniation Through Intervertebral Disc Distraction,) will be published

knowledge, will be the &rst of its kind.. Doctors at The Center for Spine Pain速 are among the few chiropractors in the nation who contribute to medical science through the publication of case reports and original research. The 1/4/2007 MRI image shown to the left demonstrates a very large 13 mm disc herniation in a 36 yr!old fe! male patient. She presented to our clinic with severe back pain and right sciatica. The patient had tried ultra! sound, stretching and exercise in physical therapy without bene&t. She consulted our clinic and began our NutriSPINETM program in Decem! ber, 2006.

the right was obtained 90 days after beginning our NutriSPINETM pro! gram. This image demonstrates a sig! ni&cant reduction in the size of the disc herniation after 30 sessions of Intervertebral Disc Distraction using our NutriSPINETM protocol. Today the patient is about 95* improved and fully func! tional. She avoided an al! most certain surgery due to the power and e%ectiveness of our Nutri! SPINETM system!

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PAIN FROM DISC DEGENERATION RESOLVES WITH IDD To the left is the MRI of Lahonya Ortega #LO$ who, in her mid!30"s, came to The Center for Spine Pain速 having su%ered for 14 months with spine pain from a disc herniation AND with degenerative disc disease following trauma and spinal injury from a car accident. She was unable to work, and as a single mother of two children she was getting desperate. She was scheduled for surgery at Sky Ridge Hospital in 15 days. Injections and medications had failed. Chiropractic and physical therapy had failed. A discogram revealed that she had painful discs at all 3 levels shown in the MRI on the left. She was facing a 3 level lumbar spine fusion and a 3!6 month post!surgical recovery period with no ability to return to full time work for at least 90 days following surgery. She decided to pursue non!surgical NutriSPINETM intervertebral disc distraction with supportive rehabilitative procedures at The Center for Spine Pain速. Following her very &rst treatment she was able to sleep through the night for the &rst time in 14 months. Within 10 days of starting treatment she was able to discontinue all pain medication, which included Percoset. All leg pain and calf pain were resolved by 2 weeks, and she returned to full time work at that time. Jean Smith #JS$ was 68 years old when she came from a spine surgeon"s o+ce to consider non!surgical care at The Center for Spine Pain速. She was recommended for a 5!level spine fusion which would have been a tough recovery at the age of 68. She opted to enter our NutriSPINETM program for a couple of reasons. First, like most people she did not want surgery unless it was the absolute, last resort. Second, her co!pay for surgery was 20* of the ,100,000 cost of the procedure. Jean completed her treatment 1/2 inch taller and 95* improved overall. She was able to bend and reach to the -oor (without grimacing) and without pain, and she was delighted with her results. With intermittent care in the coming years we expect that JS will never require the surgery that had been o%ered to her. Then there"s Travis Kirschke #TK$, a 9 year Pro Football player with one Super Bowl victory to his credit. A herniated disc with impending surgery threatened to end his career. Under the gun to get back to training camp he chose NutriSPINETM as his main strategy to get well and get back to work in the NFL. It worked. TK had a successful season with the Pittsburgh Steelers without a recurrence of back pain, and is now looking forward to his 11th Pro season. Tom Carlson #TC$ herniated a disc in his low back in high school. Over time he became progressively worse to the point where he had to give up running !! something he enjoyed doing very much. Chiropractic treatment had failed, and surgery was o%ered to him several times, but always declined. TC, at the age of 29 and newly married, decided to become a NutriSPINETM patient at our clinic. He was very skeptical, but by the midway point through his treatment he was experiencing the positive changes that our unique approach provides. The ultimate result? TC took up running again. In fact, just 2 months after completing treatment he competed in the Denver Marathon. He successfully completed the race and has kept running ever since. He has had no recurrence of pain and has had no need for further treatment. LO, JS, TK and many others like them all had one thing in common. They believed that all treatment options had been expended and only surgery remained. They were wrong. Each remains surgery free today!

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Top: The MRS 2000 Control Uni& Bottom: The entire MRS syste'


Our clinical research has shown that while many people respond well to intervertebral disc distraction #IDD$ using our DRX 9000速 technology alone we"ve been able to maximize recovery by treating the muscle spasm and nerve in-ammation that accompanies severe disc herniations and degenerative disc disease. One of the important distinctives of our NutriSPINETM System is our innovative use of e%ective supplementary therapies. Some of our therapies represent major advancements in spine medicine. The MRS 2000 is a perfect example. The Center for Spine Pain速 was the &rst health center in the United States to use powerful MRS 2000 technology in any capacity, and the &rst to combine it with the DRX 9000速

to neutralize muscle spasm, myofascial trigger points, and nerve in-ammation while the disc distraction therapy is producing an intradiscal healing response. The MRS 2000 is Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, a form of pulsed magnetic &eld therapy that has been used in Europe for over 20 years. Therapeutic use of the MRS 2000 produces increased circulation and oxygen delivery to the tissues that need it most. Relaxed paraspinal muscles mean less compression across the injured disc segments with accelerated healing for discs. While devices using pulsed magnetic fields have been cleared by the FDA for fracture healing, sports injuries, and accelerated spine fusion rates, the FDA has not evaluated the MRS 2000. It is medically approved throughout Europe.

***HOW NUTRISPINETM INTERVERTEBRAL DISC DISTRACTION #IDD$ WORKS*** The normal disc (green) has lots of collagen and water. It is able to absorb the compression forces of lifting and bending. Its only weakness is a very poor blood supply.

The bone marrow in the vertebral body is highly vascular, providing the disc with its primary source of nutrition. Oxygen, proteins and other nutrients from the bone marrow percolate across the vertebral end plate by diffusion (purple spots). NutriSPINE disc distraction creates a powerful vacuum in the disc -- like your lungs as you take a deep breath in. The vacuum causes nutrients to flow in to your damaged disc.

With normal wear and tear the disc starts to lose fluid, becoming darker on MRI, and often thinner.

The darkened disc has decreased water content, making it susceptible to painful annular tears, disc bulges and herniations.


Using computerized sampling of your muscles IDD creates a vacuum inside your disc under gentle distraction.

Post-IDD MRI studies have shown that the inflow of nutrients repairs the disc. We have seen significant reduction of herniations and repair of annular tears of the disc -- all WITHOUT surgery or injections.



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