By Any Means Necessary: Volume 3, Issue 3

Page 45

Independence Movement its mass character. The agitation, education, organization, and mobilization aspects of the People’s Unification Movement also apply here. O - ORGANIZED MILITARY CAMPAIGN This involves the building of security forces by revolutionary organizations in the public Movement. This also involves the work of clandestine organizations. P - PAN-AFRICANISM This involves the development of reciprocal support for struggle on the Afrikan Continent and for Afrikan Nations everywhere. L - LINK UP WITH OTHER LIBERATION MOVEMENTS This involves the establishment of relationships of other liberation movements worldwide. E - ECONOMIC ACTION The economic development of people’s institutions, a New Afrikan People’s Organization land site, and basic fundraising and business activities designed to support NAPO and its work are the subject of this area of focus. S - SOCIALISM This concerns the development and implementation of socialist theory and principles. W - WOMEN’S FULL AND EQUAL PARTICIPATION The development and equal participation of New Afrikan Women in our organization, our movement, and in the Nation at large is the subject of this area of focus. Our mission is to eradicate sexist practices in our ranks and to ensure that each sister realizes her full potential. A - ANTI-IMPERIALIST ALLIANCE IN THE UNITED STATES This concerns the development of a strong anti-imperialist alliance with the Red Nations, The Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Hawaiians, and others. The Caribbean Community Nations perhaps should be a part of this Alliance, as should anti-imperialist whites. R - REVOLUTIONARY NEW AFRIKAN NATIONALISM The subject matter of this area of focus is on clearly explaining and continuously We are New Afrikan nationalists dedicated to the full and total liberation of our nation, and all its population. Our resolve to liberate our total population demands that We be anti-sexist. We are absolutely opposed to the oppression of women. We struggle for the full and equal participation of [everyone] in the revolution and a full and equal share of the fruits of the revolution for all our people. Our resolve to liberate and to ensure equal benefits from the National liberation struggle for all our population renders us pro-socialist. Such an objective demands that We fight for and build an economic system that empowers all the people regardless of sex and gender. We are revolutionaries both because We understand that true New Afrikan national liberation will require no less than a revolution, and because We understand that the liberation of


By Any Means Necessary